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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


The next day, Jackie and I puttered around the house and saw a movie with Daphne after she got out school while Peter was flying to Portland. We avoided problems by telling Daph that we’d be taking a later flight.

 “Good, then we can all have dinner together.” I didn’t have the heart to disappoint her, so we stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get some stuff for a big dinner. We decided on having some broiled salmon, asparagus with béarnaise sauce, and some garlic potatoes. When we got home, the women threw themselves into making the food while I checked a few spells I’d been working on. I had a few contingency spells set up now, ones that would make sure that Daphne and Suzanne were taken care of if something should happen to me and my twins. They wouldn’t remember us, and so wouldn’t grieve for us. They’d have enough money to take care of them for the rest of their lives, but these were set to take effect only if all three of us bit the dust. I didn’t want my twins cut off from anyone they loved, but I felt that I owed it to Suzanne, Daph, and Daph’s unborn child to distance them from any aftermath of our demise. I hadn’t said anything to Jackie about these spells, since I hoped that they’d never be used. I finished the last bit of said spells, and laid them into a few sheets of paper that I sealed into an envelope to be opened by Daphne or Suzanne only if we died. I inserted a command into Suzanne’s mind to let her find the envelope only when we died, and then submerged it into her subconscious. I felt a little better when it was done, and I went back downstairs to see if the girls were finished cooking yet.

 They’d finished, and man, it smelled heavenly. One of the greatest benefits to using magic is that you can eat damn near anything you want and it’ll get used by your body without making you fat. I helped them lay it out on the dining room table, and we’d just gotten the last bit of it out when Suzanne came home.

 “Oh, lawsy, that smells wonderful!” Suzanne dumped her purse and business bag on the coffee table and came to the table. She kissed all of us in appreciation before sitting down. We were about halfway done with the meal when Daphne pushed her plate away from her, and looked me straight in the eye.

 “Jay, I..WE want to say something.” From the tone of her voice, I knew she wasn’t playing around, so I swallowed my mouthful of fish and pushed back from the table a bit. I scraped back the errant hair off of my face.

 “What’s on your mind, cutie?” I smiled to lighten the tension I was feeling pour off all of my dinner companions. “Have I done something that concerns you?”

 “Only that you haven’t been with Suzanne, but I understand that part.” A quick glance at Jackie and Suzanne told me that neither of them did, but they weren’t saying anything about it at the moment. “I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and Suzanne for the last six months. It’s not often girls meet a white knight, you know.” She smiled warmly. “That was all.” She turned to the others. “Anything either of you wants to say?”

 “I second everything you said, lover.” Suzanne’s voice was even, but there were tears in her eyes. I got up and went over to her and knelt in front of her.

 “What’s the matter, Suzie?” I thought Daphne’s comment about me not having sex with Suzanne was a bit out of character for her, but I chalked it up to idiosyncrasy. I crossed my arms across her legs and rested my chin on them, looking up at her. Her teary green gaze touched my heart.

 “Like Daph, I appreciate everything you’ve done for us, but I still feel rejected. Ever since I moved in here, all I’ve been thinking about was that I’d found heaven. I mean, I’ve got a beautiful woman that loves me, a baby on the way, and neighbors that not only care for us, they include us in their lives, even in their bedrooms.” She sniffled, and I handed her a Kleenex. “But neither you or Peter wants me. I can’t help feeling like I’m not good enough for you.” My heart broke when she said that. I had been acting on the unspoken presumption that my and Peter’s polite refusal to share her bed had been shucked off. Problem was, that was a male perspective. Suzanne had never been a man. When I had turned her down, I’d hurt her in a way that a man would have instinctively understood but that a woman never would. I stood up and motioned her out of her chair for a moment, then I sat down in it and pulled her down into my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and thought for a moment before I opened my mouth.

 “I’m sorry, Suzie. I had a bad case of not seeing something that was right in front of me. A man that’s turned down for sex might be offended or hurt for a little bit, but we get past it in a hurry. Since you have a penis, I made the mistake of thinking that you’d react like I would. But you’re not a man, you’re a beautiful woman that just happens to have a dick. Somewhere down the line, I forgot that.” I kissed her cheek in apology. The two times that Peter and I have been in the same bed, we got a little uncomfortable with each other, so we knew that neither of us swung that way, but I’d never thought about a woman that had a dick in that fashion. “Forgive me?”

 She turned her face to mine and gave me a throat-clearing kiss. Involuntarily, I felt myself respond. I’d always had this kind of response to a crying woman, and I thought I saw Jackie’s subtle hand in this whole affair. She’d never been very understanding of mine and Peter’s reluctance to share the same bed even if she was in it with us, and this was probably her attempt to rectify matters to her satisfaction. I swear, if I live to be a million, I’ll never understand that woman.

 “Of course I do, you charming old goat. Doesn’t mean I’m likely to forget it, but I’ll forgive it.” I squeezed her in thanks, and my dick was rubbing against her shapely ass, which she noticed. “But if you’re so uncomfortable with it, what’s this?” She grabbed the object in question. I blushed and started to stammer something about a physiological response. “Don’t teach your gramma to suck eggs, sonny. What do you see when you look at these?” She shook her large breasts in my face. “They aren’t silicone, and they’re not from some damn pills. I’m a woman, and women have tits.” She took her hand off my dick, much to my relief, and pulled open her business jacket. Her tits were pressed against the thin shirt she was wearing, her nipples tenting the fabric out and into my face. She put my hand against her chest, and I felt her nipple tightening under my touch. “The only way I’m different from most of the other women on Earth is that I have this.” She took my other hand and put it up under her skirt, pressing it against her own erection. “Is that so bad? Do I make you cringe? Does this one thing make me so unlovable to you?”

 “You’ve never been unlovable, baby.” My voice was husky with emotion. “I just never saw past it when I thought about you sexually.” Her fingers tightened around mine, which pushed harder into her stiffness.

 “Then maybe it’s time you did, Jason.” She pulled me by my neck closer to her, and kissed me again. This time, instead of just lust, I thought about the woman on the other side of it. So what if she had a dick? She was still a good woman, who made Daphne very happy. She’d not only taken Lamaze classes, she’d been worried sick about the couple of scares Daphne’d been through. She was a friend to me and Jackie and Peter, never intruding into our private things. All she’d ever wanted from me or Peter, aside from the friendliness we already had with her, was to share herself with us in that most intimate of ways. I felt like an idiot. How many times had I sneered at society’s mores and rules about sexual conduct, even in silence? Now I was proven to be as big a hypocrite as the rest of them.  A cough from the other end of the table caused Suzanne to break our kiss. We both turned to our erstwhile audience, who were both sitting there with huge grins on their faces.

 “If you two are finished with the appetizers, why not move on to the main course?” Daphne’s flushed face and protruding nipples announced her own arousal at the impromptu floor show. She stood up from the table and took Jackie’s hand. “I think we’d all be more comfortable in the living room, don’t you?”  Jackie’s cat-in-the-cream grin confirmed my earlier guess as to her complicity. I coughed and nodded my head, and picked Suzanne up. She giggled at being carried, and the four of  us moved into the living room.
Jackie moved the coffee table over to the wall, giving us some more floor space. Jackie and Daphne sat down on the couch, with Daphne’s head in Jackie’s lap, while I set Suzie down in front of the recliner which I sat down in. Mercifully for my erection’s sake, Jackie and Daph kept silent. If they’d made any comments, I think my willy would have gone into hibernation. I was still on shaky ground inside my own head, mostly running on emotion at this point.

 I was sitting on the very edge of the seat, and I pulled Suzie towards me by the waist. I held her tightly while I rubbed my face against her stomach, her own erection straining her skirt upwards. I looked up into her eyes while I started unbuttoning her shirt, never breaking contact. When I’d finished, she started to unhook her bra, but I shook my head in negation. Silently I reached up under her skirt and pulled down her underwear, freeing her cock to stand at it’s normal attitude, pointing directly at my face. I unsnapped the button holding her skirt in place, and I let it drop to the floor. Only then did I nod, and Suzanne smiled, leaned forwards and put her tits right in my face while she unhooked her bra. For the first time in my life, I saw Suzanne naked, and I saw how beautiful she really was. Her breasts may not have been the biggest in the world, but they were just slightly larger than was normal for a woman her size. I let my gaze drop lower, and I saw her dick, as hairless as her legs, and of a size that matched my own.

I heard a moan from the couch, but a glance showed me that it wasn’t one of distress. Our audience was simply too worked up to resist, and they were touching each other while watching me undress Suzanne. I laughed softly, and pulled Suzanne down to sit in my lap again. This wasn’t going like it had been when I’d first been with Peter or Jackie. With them, I already loved them and knew it before we started down this road. Daphne’s case, however, was similar. We were like first-time lovers, and Suzanne’s case was the same thing, just a little more complicated.

 “I’m not really sure how to go about this, baby.” I whispered into her ear. She ran her fingers down my still-covered chest and started to gather the fabric into her grip. She pulled it up over my head, and threw it behind the chair.

 “Don’t worry, lover. I’ll let you know.” With grin, she undid my jeans, and I let her get off my lap long enough to pull them off. She gasped when she saw my cock, as if it was some kind of treasure, and it swayed in the open for a moment before she grabbed it. She gave it a decent stroke, not too soft, not too hard. As was the case when I’d been a girl and had had sex with Jackie, the intimate knowledge of how best to please someone with the same hardware was working in our behalf. Hesitantly, I returned the favor, and got a low moan in response.  I was unsure of what to do next, but Suzanne was assertive enough for both of us. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stood next to me. I touched her dick again, and the feeling of a cock twitching in my grasp was unusual, but not really frightening. I stroked her back and forth, making her squirm in place. Finally, she’d had enough of this, and she sat down on my lap again, just a little higher than my cock.

“Go ahead, Jay. I’ve been wanting you to do this to me for months.” With some fumbling around, I got myself lined up, and I found her anus. She hissed as my head went past the muscle ring, and I made doubly sure to go slow as I penetrated her. I’d never done anal sex before, but everything I’d ever read indicated that I should go slow so as not to hurt her. When she was full of my cock, she groaned in pleasure, and kissed me again, hard. With some gyrations, we managed to get some motion up and down, although not without some laughs on both sides for our clumsiness. Finally, when we’d realized that it was pleasant enough to do it like this, but not as stimulating as it could be, she grabbed me and pulled her ass off of my cock. Then she got off my lap and got onto her hands and knees on the floor, inviting me to join her with a look over her shoulder. I slid to the floor behind her and reentered her from behind, snaking my other hand down to stroke her dick. We continued like this for a few minutes before the both of us came with a blinding orgasm. When I’d softened enough to pull out, I rolled onto my back on the floor and Suzie curled up under my arm, draping hers across my chest. I looked over at the couch, and saw my other two lovers in a sixty nine with Jackie on top. Both of them smiled when they saw me on the floor with Suzanne curled up beside me, and they broke from their own pursuits to join us. I ended up that meal with Suzie on one side, Jackie and Daphne on the other. I dozed off for a bit, from the strenuous labor I’d been through with Suzie and from the emotional conflicts I’d been through.

An hour or so later, Suzie was shaking my shoulder, not knowing how I hate that. “Jay, you’d better wake up. You’re going to miss your flight.” Mercifully, I’d told the story that Jackie and I would be taking a red-eye flight, so we had some time before we went across the Doorway. I yawned, and kissed her in thanks while I wrapped my fingers into her crimson mane. She didn’t know that we were going to teleport, but I appreciated the thought, being that I hate to be late, and she knew it. She made a happy, satisfied noise in her throat while we kissed, and I was pleased with myself. I’d given her something she’d wanted for a long time, even if it took an ambush to do it. I turned to my left and said Daph’s name loud enough to wake her up. She did as I had, yawning and giving me a kiss before she woke Jackie up. It made quite a sight, I have to admit; one man, not the greatest looking in the world, waking up in a tangle of beautiful women. I grinned, and when I could do so, I stood up and got my clothes from where they’d been scattered earlier.

“C’mon Jackie, we need to get going. We’ll miss our flight.” I tossed her clothes to her, and while she dressed, I gave the other two a hug and kiss since we wouldn’t see them for a while. They told me that they loved me, and I managed to say the same, knowing it was true. I was treated to the sight of two beautiful female butts wiggling their way towards the bathroom. I shook my head in lecherous regret, took Jackie’s hand, and the two of us went back upstairs.

“Was I really being cruel, Jac?” I asked her.

“No, just typically male; oblivious.” She laid her head on my shoulder as we walked. “Anyone else would have seen it in a minute, but not you.” Her smile was infectious, and I caught her grin. “However, I doubt if Peter will ever give in.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s even more male than you. Also, he’s a lot more squirrelly. He’d have just turned her down gracefully.” She sighed in some regret.

“Don’t feel too bad, love, you managed me well enough.” I unlocked the door and we went inside to hear the ringing of the phone. Shit! I’d forgotten that Peter was going to call when he was set up! I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Damn, I thought I was going to have to let the thing ring all night. What have you two been doing?” I could almost hear the smile in his voice. I said nothing, letting him draw his own conclusions. “Well, I hope you’re ready to try this. Go turn on the monitor in my workshop.” I took the phone with me while I did so, Jackie trailing along behind me. When the monitor came up, Pete told me to open up the PhoneCam, and when I did, the screen filled with an image of a hotel room. “Okay, now it’s time for the acid test. Try the Doorway, see if it works or if I’m stuck here in Portland on my own.” I memorized the features of the room quickly then sprinted to the lab, where I tried the doorway. When I opened the door, the features of Peter’s hotel room were visible. I hung up the phone and said loudly, “It works, Pete!”

“Great, now come across, I’m bored shitless.” His bark of laughter filled the lab. I yelled out for Jackie to grab our gear and get in there. We threw our gear across the doorway, and stepped across. Wisely, Peter had given me a view from the most inconvenient and least-likely corner to go into, so we didn’t inadvertently step across the doorway. I pulled one of the chairs to cover the doorway, so I remembered where the threshold started. “Jay, did you bring your laptop?”

“No, I left it at home. Figured I wouldn’t need it. Besides which, I’m leery of taking it across the Doorway. God knows what’ll happen if that reality-altering vortex hits a space/time twister.” Not to mention that if I left it at home, I could access it in a matter of seconds instead of having it folded up in its case.

“Good point, but I think you might want to get those glasses you altered. I think there’re a few Users around here.”

“What makes you think so? Weird people wandering around or something?”

“No, just a feeling.” Now that was something. Peter wasn’t much of one to trust his intuition without a few facts. “I can’t put my finger on it, but something smells fishy.” Now I was REALLY worried. If there were Users about and Pete couldn’t track what made him so antsy, I wasn’t about to go around without some serious backup. The three of us looked at each other, and I opened my mind to them.

“Jay, I think one of us had better get some defenses up, quickly.” Jackie thought. I concurred, and told her to see to it. She was much more subtle than me, and her defenses wouldn’t be as easily detected.

“I’d like to get some of my tools over here. Can’t be too careful.” Peter nodded at us and walked across to the threshold, but instead of going across, he ended up in the corner.

“Shit, I didn’t think of that. Guess you have to come in through it, or go across with someone that has.” That was how we’d brought Daph’s parents through, I’d simply levitated them up and steered with my hands. I went over to the threshold and waited for Peter to step closer. I laid my hand on his shoulder and the pair of us went across the threshold. Pete bolted for his workshop, while I sat down in my chair to think.
What did I have suitable for a confrontation with another User? A few surprise spells and devices I’d made or acquired, whatever nasty stuff Peter was working with, and my ace in the hole, Jackie. Shit. I did some quick thinking, wishing I’d gotten around to indexing my spellbooks. Guess we’d have to play it by ear. I was leery of trying to put one spacewarp through another, so I called Jackie over and started passing though some of the tomes. If we couldn’t find something quickly, we’d just have to improvise.  When Peter came back in, I asked him if he’d dug up the mini EMP I’d made. He nodded and indicated the large traveling cases he was herding.

 “They’re inside, and I’ve even cooked up something along the same lines but a little more aggressive. Think of ‘em as EMP handgrenades. Throw, and they put out a severely localized pulse that only extends for  five feet.” I told him to go across while I did some things on this side. He herded his junk through and I asked Jackie to start reviewing the books while I cooked up some surprises. She agreed, and I watched her for a few minutes while I did some thinking. Finally, I turned away and pulled my crystal ball out of it’s cabinet. I hung it in the air while I calmed myself, then turned it on. Surprisingly, what came up wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I was looking into Daphne and Suzanne’s shower, where the two of them were playing kiss-n-wash. Arousing, but not what I really had in mind. I tried again, but all it would show me was the shower. Screw it. I decided to watch for a little while, since I seemed to have it on the brain.

 Daph was in the front, with Suzanne behind her. Suzie was applying the soapy washcloth with a will, soap bubbles running down Daphne’s chest and stomach. I set the ball to Project mode, and the scene enlarged to life-size, almost as if I was in the room with them. The nicest thing, though, was that the image wasn’t filled with steam. Even if I didn’t have sound capacity, I was imaginative enough that I could guess what they were saying, and I could read their lips. Suzanne’s cock was getting hard from Daphne’s insistence on rubbing her butt against it, and the two of them were laughing about it. After about five minutes of this, Daphne switched places and started washing Suzie. Her belly made it a little difficult for her to reach all the way around, but neither of them seemed to mind. Her tits were jiggling with mirth at some sally Suzanne made, only stopping when Suzie grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. She was kissing Daphne while her hands were roaming down Daph’s hips. She reached back momentarily and turned off the shower, and the two of them stepped out. The projection followed them out into the hallway, where Daphne was leading Suzie along by grabbing her dick. I really appreciated the view of Daphne’s jiggling tits, remembering the taste of her skin. When they made it to the living room, Daph laughingly pushed Suzie away and did a seductive little dance number that had Suzanne stroking her cock before it was half done. At that point, I was touching myself as well. I heard something behind me, and when I spun around in the chair, Jackie was standing in front of the doorway with her mouth hanging open. I started to say something, but she shushed me and came closer. The pair of us watched as Suzanne bent Daphne over on the floor and pushed her cock home. The more I watched, the more I was turned on by watching Suzanne’s hips grinding back and forth. I glanced at Jackie, and she had one hand down her pants like I did. I turned back around and we continued watching. I noticed how Suzie was making small movements, not pulling out very much, her mouth steadily working on the back of Daph’s neck. I saw how effective this was when Daphne’s hands reached around and pulled on Suzanne’s ass, keeping her close. This technique had the added benefit of dragging out the scene, letting them extend their playing for close to 45 minutes before Suzie pulled out and came all across Daphne’s creamy white ass.

 Damn, that was hot! I reached over and grabbed Jackie’s free hand, and squeezed. I got out of my chair, and tried my damndest to make as big an impression. “God, that was fantastic!” I muttered into her dark hair as I moved on top of her. I was imitating Suzanne’s technique by only moving my dick in and out an inch or so, and it was fantastic! Jackie was mewling with pleasure, and I was feeling on top of the world. I wrapped her legs around me so I had a better gauge of how far I was moving, and I felt so safe wrapped up between her limbs that I could have stayed there forever. My hands wrapped around her back, keeping her pressed to my chest, and the pair of us stayed like that for an hour or more. When we both had cum, I rolled us onto our sides, and we just lay there running our hands over each other. “Jackie, I love you.” I said.

 “I love you too, Jay, even if you are a voyeuristic pervert.” We both chuckled. “Why were you watching that, anyway? Weren’t you supposed to be looking for someone using Master PC in Portland?”

 “I tried, but that’s all that showed, not that I’m sorry.” I grinned and kissed her again, putting all of my heart into it. “Guess my subconscious knew better than my ego did.” I stood up, watching her lay there on the floor. She was the most radiant thing I’d ever seen, stretched out on the floor, covered with sweat, her hair all mussed from our exertions. I could have tried to capture it on canvas for years without even getting half of it. I held out my hand, and when I pulled her to her feet, I just stood there and held her for a moment while I stared into her eyes. Gods, I must be a halfway decent man, for a woman this incredible to have that much love and lust swimming in her eyes. I kissed her again, and pinched her ass. She jumped and laughed into my mouth.

 “Now that we’ve had playtime, we’d better get to work. Peter’s probably fit to be tied by now.” I rolled my eyes in mock exasperation. After we dressed, we pulled equipment out of the cabinets. All of the gear we took out we threw into my own travel cases, mirror to Peter’s own. My combative magics were focused on defenses, things designed to keep me and my allies alive long enough to respond. However, I did have a small collection of offensive items, like rings of scattershot, designed to wound (but not kill) their target. All of that stuff and a few of my more portable tools like enchanted daggers, a unitard that mirrored the effects of Kevlar, and a mirror that would trap anyone that looked into it. I even took my sword, unused since I’d beheaded David with it, since a mundane weapon would work as well as any of my spells, and take less thought to use. We pushed all of it across the Doorway, and after a brief bitching session with Peter over the amount of time we’d taken, started to set up.

 First, I used a spell Jackie had found in the grimoire to try and find anyone that registered as being altered by Master PC. I sent the spell off, knowing it would take an hour or so to get results back. Meanwhile, Peter and I pulled out all of our gear and told each other what it would do. Since my defensive articles were better than his, we decided to use those, and we augmented them with his offensive weaponry.

 “What in hell are these things?” I held up a stack of rings that looked like those bangle-y bracelets women wear. “Looks like a stage magician’s prop.”

 “They’re weapons, goofball. The silver one is a power shunt. It lets you redirect all electrical activity in a quarter-mile radius as you choose, almost like a ring of lightning bolts. The copper one is a barometric reversal device. Amazing how many people stop what they’re doing ‘cause their guts explode” His grin was grim, belying his light tone. “Finally, the gold one is a last ditch defense; a mini supercollider. It takes oxygen atoms and slams em together, yielding a great deal of energy. When it’s fully charged, it implodes, leaving behind a smoking crater. Even comes with a radius of effect, from a three foot radius to just implode yourself all the way up to Hiroshima-class devastation.” I picked my jaw up off the floor and stared at him. “Hey, these idiots are playing for keeps, bro. We have to do the same.”  I agreed, even if it appalled all three of us.

 “What’s the triggering device?”

 “Mental attunement. It takes an act of will to set em off. Anyone besides Jackie puts em on, I get a little alarm on my master controller at home. They couldn’t set ‘em off if they let a train run over it.” He smiled, a craftsman pleased with his work. He took the rings from me and handed them to our lover. “For you, babe. Hope you like ‘em.”

 “Hey, anything for a steady customer.” Aside from their nasty offensive talents, the bracelets themselves were beautiful, incised with Celtic knotwork and inset with small pieces of amethyst. I was happy that Peter had decided to focus on protecting Jackie, it showed just how much he loved her. Even if he’d just given her enough power to decimate an entire city. For me, he’d cooked up something even nastier, however.

 “What in the hell am I supposed to do with these?” I held up the small jars of ink that he’d handed me. “Ask ‘em to stop while I write a nasty note to their mothers?” I needled him, knowing that he’d most likely come up with something even nastier than I’d ever thought up. He stuck his tongue out at me before responding.

 “They’re nanite-laden, goof. Just imagine what you’d like to have, and it’ll decorate you with tattoos that’ll absorb radiant energies, not to mention storing the energy for your own use. And before you ask, the nanites have a VERY limited lifespan. You have only five minutes to imagine what you want before they die off.” I grinned at him, liking the way he thought. At least I wouldn’t be leaking infectious machines all over the place. I held the image of the tattoos I wanted in my mind, and opened the bottle. I poured it on my back and forearms, imagining a knotwork shield on my back and some bands reminiscent of waves on my forearms. Five minutes later, most of the ink vanished into dust, leaving behind the artworks I’d imagined.

 “Neat stuff, bro. Got anything more offensive?” He gave me what looked like a wristwatch and explained that they’d shoot mini-flechettes capable of shredding through steel. “Groovy.” We played some more with his toys, grimly admiring their uses while we waited for my spell to report back in. When it arrived, I nearly had a heart attack. “I got back traces of no less than 23 separate signals that match to more than 50 % to the Master PC wavelength. We’re in the shit now, guys.”

 “Calm down, chief. Take a deep breath, and we’ll figure out the best plan of attack.” Jackie’s fingers were on my shoulders, massaging out the stress that had sprung up. I sighed, took a couple of deep breaths, and got my panic attack under control. “Feel better?” she asked. I nodded and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Now, first things first. I doubt if we’re going to be able to do this in just three weeks, at least not without leaving this city as a smoking ruin, so we’re going to have to make some more arrangements.”

 “Such as finding a new transit point. We’ve only got this hotel room for three weeks, but at least with the Doorway, we don’t have to worry about another place. We just hop back and forth. Only problem is, what’re we going to do with the other Users and anyone we can’t fix?”

 “Well, we’ve still got a few tenants left in the complex, but they’re all on the bottom floors. If we have to, I’ll just seal off a few more apartments. Worst we’ll have to worry about is altering a few memories.”
I wasn’t too concerned, aside from those unfortunates that wouldn’t be able to lead semi-normal lives, like David’s parents. I also wasn’t sanguine about messing about with people’s heads, but if I was unable to get them back to normal, we had no other options, really. “And I don’t think we want to put the door’s exit point anywhere we’ve got other people tracking in and out. What if we rent a storage unit?”

 “Not bad, but what’re we gonna do about the people working in the complex?”

 “Magic, brother mine, magic.” Jackie was warming up to this challenge. “We’ll just cloak ourselves coming and going.” It was times like this that I regretted not having any teleportational spells. According to the grimoires I had, teleportation wasn’t possible. About the closest you could get was the Wizard’s multi-dimensional shop and the Doorway. Apparently, one end of the space warp had to be located in a non-animate thing, but I could have done worse, I guess. I sat down in one of the el Cheap-O chairs, and withdrew into a meditative trance for a while.


 While Jay went off into his own little space, I was busily rearranging some of the stuff I’d made over the past six months. I know how he thinks, and for the most part, I approve. He thinks of keeping people alive, no matter what. Killing, for him, is a last resort. I understood his motivations, but I was a little more concerned with taking down my opponents. Strange how big a difference seven months or so makes in one’s life. But then again, it wasn’t quite the same thing. Jay had made me damn near immune to magical manipulation, the Master PC (unless he was the one doing the alteration), and given me the ability to regenerate at an inhuman rate. However, he wasn’t able to do that to himself, and that scared the shit out of me. The thought of having to do without him or Jackie in my life was almost enough to send me into a panic attack of my own, so I’d spent my not-inconsiderable intellect in pursuit of the meanest, most efficient weaponry I could build. If anyone took a shot at either of them, (or myself for that matter,) I wanted the sons of bitches dead and steaming before they knew what’d hit ‘em. I wasn’t about to start a fight, but to keep my brother and Jackie alive, I’d damn sure finish one.

 Jay may have given the impression that I would sacrifice him to save Jackie, but let me assure you that’s the furthest thing on my mind. Sure, I’ve got the typical male urge to protect my mate, but if anyone lays a hand on Jason, they’d better count their fingers when they pull it back. Frankly, I was more worried about him than her, if that makes any sense; Jay’s brilliant, powerful, and slicker’n a greased eel, but he’ll throw his life away if he could save someone else by doing so. My job, as I saw it, was to make sure it never happened. Now that we were heading for a probable combat scenario, all of my protective instincts were on full alert.

 “Pete, put that down for a second, will ya?” Jackie asked. I put down the force-reflector and turned around. I saw tears running down her face, so I pulled her into my arms.

 “What’s wrong, love?”

 “I’m worried about that lunk.” Her chin jerked towards my twin, still off in La-La land. “You know how he is. He’s more gung-ho than a platoon of Marines.” Her attempt at laughter came out as a sob. “I can’t stand to think about it! He’s hell on wheels, but all he wants is to protect us.”

 “Baby, I know. Why do you think I built all this shit? At least you have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Hell, the idiot actually forgot the last time he’d made love with you!” I laughed at what his reaction had probably been like. “I won’t let him get killed if I can possibly prevent it, Jac.” She kissed me on the chin, all that she could reach at the moment. “Besides, if he thinks he can escape from us that easily, he’s got another think coming.” I tried to lighten the mood a bit. Ever since I’d had my bright little idea, Jackie had been working on him, wheedling his permission so she could trap his spirit if he died. Of course, she never told him what she’d had in mind. If he knew, it would either anger him or make him reckless. Since we hadn’t tested it out, I had no idea if it would even work, and I wasn’t eager to try.

 “True. He really got himself into the soup on that one.” I saw her put on her ‘brave’ smile, even though she was still worried, not to mention crying. “I just hope it works.”

 “Hey, it’ll work. Trust me. I don’t have fizzling ideas. I figure, worst that happens, you have to whip up a clone and we reimplant his soul in it. Although, the idea of seeing you as bulging as Daphne is kind of kinky.” I crushed her to me hard enough to make her squeak.

 “Really? Too bad none of us is the mommy type.” One of the benefits of being clones was that we all shared the same core belief; since we were effectively in a war of Gods on Earth, none of us was eager to bring children into it. Maybe some day, far in the future when we’d wiped the Master PC off the face of the Earth or mankind evolved enough to use it better we’d consider the prospect of parenthood. However, such thoughts were driven to the back of my brain when I felt Jackie’s hip rubbing into my groin. “Although if we had babies around, we’d have to cut back on the sex.” Her impish smile sent rivers of fire down my spine. I’d never gotten around to having Jay dial my nerve sensitivity back, but whenever Jackie got that look in her eye, I didn’t really regret it.

 Her fingers danced over my shoulders before they snaked up under my shirt to rub at my nipples. I growled lustily at the sensation, and pushed Jackie half a step away. “You’re playing with fire, little girl. Make sure you don’t get burned.” I leaned forwards and caught her earlobe between my teeth. She snorted at my threat, and started to unbutton my shirt. I groped her butt and she growled at me. With a thought, I dissolved her jeans into nothingness, and did the same with her shirt, leaving her standing there in her underwear. Her taste, as usual, was impeccable, the matching set being made of a dark green silk. She finished with my shirt, and leaned forwards to unhook her brassiere. While I watched, I got rid of my own clothes and sat down on the bed. She made a show of it, holding it to her chest with an arm and looking at me through the curtain of hair that had fallen over her face when she’d leaned forwards. She hooked a finger through the shoulder strap and circled it over her head like a lasso before letting it go flying across the room to land squarely in Jay’s lap. We both snorted at his complete lack of response. We could have done anything short of shooting him in this state, and he wouldn’t react. “He sure doesn’t know what he’s missing.” With a wink and a toss of her hair, she did something completely unexpected.

 “Jay, I need you.” She said in a carrying tone. With a jerk, he sat up straight in his chair and looked at her, standing there in that pose as old as womankind, one leg slightly forward and bent, one hand on her hip and the other beckoning to him. “Peter was just saying that you were missing a good show.” Her most inviting grin crossed her face. Jay got up and pulled his chair across the room to sit a few feet away from me.

 “Thanks for the thought, Pete.” His twinkling eyes were a relief from his so-serious demeanor of earlier. The pair of us sat back and enjoyed Jackie’s performance. “But I think we need some music.” Jay muttered under his breath, and suddenly some slinky music started playing softly in the background. Jackie bent her head forward in thanks, and did some muttering of her own. She raised up in the air about a foot or so, and we followed her with our eyes. She started bumping and grinding for a few minutes, while I had a devilish notion and manifested a small stack of play money out of one of the pillows. I changed one of my socks into a garter that matched her panties, and tossed it to her. She stopped dancing around long enough to pull it up her beautiful leg to mid-thigh and then picked up the tempo.

 She spun around slowly, making her hip-length hair swing behind her like a comet’s tail before slowly lowering herself down into a crouch, putting her on eyelevel with us. “Boys, if you want to keep watching the dancers, you need to tip them.” I handed Jay half of my stack, and waved a folded bill of my own, which I slipped into the garter she thoughtfully extended towards me. Her humor-filled gaze stayed on me, and she started dancing for just me, running her fingers up and down her legs, while she bent her upper half and watched me through the gap. Jay leaned forward and cleared his throat, drawing our gazes. He had a fistful of folded bills extended in his grip, so Jackie twirled away from me and toward him. He left the money in her garter and in the band of her panties, so she started dancing for him. ‘Two can play that game, bro!” I sent to him, and I melded my bills together into a continuous strip, which I used to snag our little dancer’s wrist. She turned towards me with a raised eyebrow and a wide smile, and I smirked at my brother while I reeled her in. I pulled until she was inches away from me, then I took her hands and guided her into my lap.

 “How much for a lap dance, sweet thang?” I asked.

 “How much you got, moneybags?” God, I loved this woman; she had not only initiated this game, she was playing it through.

 “Oh, I think I’ve got a few hundred. That enough?”

 “Oh yeah.” She wrapped her arms around my neck for a moment, grinding her ass into my crotch, giving me an instant erection. She released my head and spun around without lifting out of place, and started grinding into my dick, making it swell so much I thought I would hurt myself. I watched the gorgeous line of her back as she writhed, forgetting that we had an onlooker. All of a sudden, Jackie stopped and I heard her laughing. I looked up, and hanging in the air on the same invisible stage she’d been on was her twin! I glanced sideways and knew Jay was up to his tricks again.

 “Sugah,”(s)he said with a syrupy fake-southern accent, “How’d you feel about bein’ with twins?” Jaie (as I mentally labeled Jason in his female form) walked forwards to the edge of the invisible stage, stepped down and kissed her twin. “Ah know Jackie don’t mahnd if I step in.” She lifted her eyebrow.

 “Far be it for me to refuse such a beautiful lady.” The marks he’d put on with my inks remained in this form, and were still as gorgeous as ever. The shield-like design extended from the nape of her neck down to her hips, almost like the back half of an armored breastplate. I pulled her over to stand next to me, and kissed her right over her heart. “Although we may need some clean sheets later,” I remarked, getting a sultry laugh out of them. Jackie pulled her warm backside out of my crotch and stood next to her twin, and the pair of them started groping each other, making my cock throb for release.

 “Please, sir, we’re so lonely without a big, strong man like you in our bed,” Jaie said to me as Jackie sucked on her neck. Her own leg was busy working on Jackie’s sex, and I could hear her faked moans.
“Please show us what it’s like to be with a real man?” She tipped them over into the bed, making them bounce and cut loose with more laughter. “Come on, big boy, we’re waiting for you.” I damn near levitated myself into that bed. I would kiss one of them while the other nibbled on my neck, or played with our bodies. I’d switch to get them to knock it off, and the other would pick it back up. I was on top of Jackie, finally pulling down her underwear while Jaie groped my ass, when I felt a twitching in my spine. “Just relax, Peter. This’ll be more than you ever dreamed.” I wasn’t in any state to argue, but I was surprised when I got a sensation of nerves and flesh flowing out of my back. I broke from my kiss with Jackie and looked back over my shoulder. Jaie had worked a spell on me, causing me to sprout another cock out of the base of my spine! I almost lost my focus, but I rallied quickly. Jaie wasn’t one for stupid tricks.

 “What’s that for, dear?” I thought I knew, but I wanted to hear her say it.

 “Well, the most common complaint about a threesome is that someone always gets left out, but I have no intention of THAT.” She leaned forwards and took my new addition into her mouth, eliciting a groan from me. Not only did it feel like my normal cock, but her action was stimulating me on the other side.

 “Well, finally, I get both of my lovers in bed with me, and noone has to wait their turn.” Jackie’s voice had a note of satisfaction and love in it that quashed any rebellious thoughts I might have had. If it made her and Jaie both happy, I’d do it gladly. Jaie sucked on my back-dick while Jackie mirrored her on my other side for a few minutes to let me get used to the simultaneous stimulation. I came with a hoarse cry, showering both of them with my seed before they were stroking me back to rigidity. The pair of them were amazing, moving in sync even though they weren’t saying anything. Each of them moved up their side, lining up with my dicks before they slipped them home. I nearly came again, just feeling their tight muscles working on me. Jaie leaned forwards, laying her head against my back so she could gnaw on my neck and ears, while Jackie pulled me forwards to lip-lock with her. If it hadn’t been for my increased strength and stamina, we’d never have gotten this far. Jaie helped by lowering her legs around my narrow waist and standing on the bed, but I was still going to have to move, so I did. I drove slowly home into Jackie’s cunt, using my arms to brace myself against the bed. Jaie followed suit, driving my cock even farther into herself, and when I withdrew from Jackie, she stood again. We did this several times, and I found that Jay’s spells hadn’t just altered my anatomy; he’d given us a neural linkage so we felt what the other two were. Each of us was thrilled at finally being with both of our lovers at once, but this particular position was wearing on my arms, no matter my strength. I followed Jaie’s urging, and rolled over onto my side, still staying inside of both women as I did so.

 “See, much more comfortable, isn’t it?” She breathed against my neck, one arm locking around my chest, the other tweaking her twin’s nipples. Both of us moaned in gratitude, and the two of them started doing most of the moving around. They started off in series, both rising and falling together, my hands reaching to manipulate their buttons. Then one would pull back and the other would drive forwards, driving me crazy with the contrasting sensations. Between the two of them, they worked me up to a fever pitch, and weren’t far from it themselves, from their labored breathing and increasingly voluble vocalizations. Finally, they’d had enough of teasing me, and they drove themselves home onto my cocks with a banshee’s wail, clenching me with their cunt muscles. As I felt them release, I rolled over the edge into orgasm, and I came with a roar before I blacked out. I came to a moment later, both of my lovers holding onto me, pressed up against both sides of me with my cocks still sheathed inside of them. Jaie kissed my cheek, that being as far as she could reach. “That was incredible, Peter.” I nodded, still feeling the reverberations of our mutual orgasm rippling down my spine. I felt my back-cock withering, shrinking back into nothingness, while she pressed her sweaty, sticky pussy against my back.

 “That was one of the best I’ve ever had, my loves.” Jackie’s exertion-reddened face drew our gazes. “If I’d known all it took was to make you twice the man you were, Pete, we’d have done this months ago.” I kissed her smiling mouth, and Jaie kissed us on both of our cheeks before she changed back to her male form and moving to lay behind Jackie. She kissed him as hard as she’d done me, and I felt more connected to them than I had in months. I squeezed Jay’s shoulder in gratitude while I told them both how much I loved them. I gathered my will and banished the fluids from our sheets when Jay pulled them up over us, and we fell asleep.