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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


After our initial dustup with David (now Daphne) Breenan, life settled into a comfortable routine around our home. Daphne moved into her own condo, and we even got her a roommate; Suzanne, the secretary for my stockbroker, who David had altered into a shemale with his version of the Master PC.  David’s father and stepmother were still locked away in a spare bedroom of our condo, even though Peter’s idea about the nanites worked.

 Jackie’s contacts in the Social Services department came in handy, and with a little sorcery and the judicious use of the Control Console, I was able to reduce the damage done by abusive families and the like in our area of Kentucky. Jackie was offered a position as Section Lead for her department, but she turned it down in favor of continuing to work with people.

 Peter, inasmuch as the ‘real’ world was concerned, was still just a manager in a bookstore café, but he’d gotten a degree in engineering from a telecommuting college, and had started to patent a few useful inventions in his spare time.

 As for myself, I continued to tinker with magic, using my contacts and growing friendliness with the Wizard to make a name for myself. My policy of staying relatively invisible, though, continued to color all of my associations. After all these months, I was no closer to finding out who’d originally sent out the Master. exe program, and the slowness of moving in the mundane world had conspired to keep me from my goal of taking down the most abusive of Users. I took my frustration out in various ways, mostly by throwing myself into my work, rarely remembering to eat or sleep except when absolutely necessary. As I should have expected, Jackie was willing to let me sink myself only so far before she took action.

  One January morning while I was pondering what I should do next, she came barging into my lab. I started violently since I hadn’t been paying attention to my surroundings. Without so much as a word, she grabbed me by my sleeve and dragged me off to the living room, where she made me sit down on the couch and sat down on my lap.

 “What’s up, Jac?”

 “You, you idiot. What are you doing?” My puzzled expression apparently infuriated her. “How long has it been since I’ve been in your bed, or you in mine?” I actually had to think about this for a minute or two, which told me that it had been too long. I told her so, which finally got me a smile. “My dear, beloved, stupid man.” She ran her fingers through my hair while she said it, so I wasn’t offended. “You seem to have forgotten a few things lately, Jay. I might be you as a girl, but I still know how you think and act. You’ve been beating your head against a wall for six months now, and you’re getting into a rut.”

 “True, but I think I may have…” She shut me up with a finger across my lips.

 “You’re a good man, Jason, but sometimes you can be awfully dense. Come on, we’re going to have a little brainstorming.” Her smile was wicked and wanton, all at once. I meekly followed her as she dragged me back to her bedroom. I felt a little ashamed of myself, since my memory finally coughed up the last time I’d been with Jackie as having been more than 3 months prior.

 When she’d shut the door behind us, Jackie turned to me with a peculiar little twinkle in her eye.

 “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been experimenting with some spells, and I’d like to try them out, since Peter’s immune to them.” I acquiesced and started to undress. “No, wait. Let me….there!” I looked at her, but I couldn’t see any difference. Then I looked at myself. Nothing obviously changed, but I felt a strange sensation in my groin.

 “What’ve you done?” I was curious, not angered, so I let her pull off my pants. My underwear was a little more full than usual, and when she pulled them down as well, I nearly fainted. My dick was now adorned with a spiraling twist of what looked like engorged blood vessels. “What in hell are those for?”

 “Oh, you’ll see soon enough.” She smiled wickedly and grabbed my cock. As she masturbated me, I became erect, but as it came up, what I had taken to be veins revealed themselves to be otherwise. The mini-tentacles separated from the head of my dick with a scratchy feeling, and began waving in a disconcerting fashion. Jackie took advantage of my surprise to take my dick into her mouth and started sucking me off.

 “Holy shit…” I breathed. The sensations from those tentacles was easily twice that from my cock, and I had to control myself stringently to keep from cumming. The tendrils had woven themselves around my cock and each other in a strange pattern, so they were stroking me and each other as their free ends explored the interior of Jackie’s mouth. The sheer sensory pleasure from their stroking was driving me wild, and I was squirming where I stood. Jackie pulled me out of her mouth, trailing saliva as she stood up. “Where’d you get this spell?”

 “I made it up myself, silly.” Her hand was still teasing me, and my cock was surging in her grip. Finally, I could stand it no longer and started to pull her clothes off, while she returned the favor. When she was naked, I saw what she’d done to herself; all around her slit were these other little openings, apparently the female counterpart to my tendrils. “You like?”

 “ I dunno, let’s try ‘em out.” I grabbed her around the waist and sat down on the bed, pulling her on top of me. I always like having my lover on top, it’s much easier on my knees, not to mention more visually stimulating. Her head bobbed down to mine, and we kissed, deeply. My cock and tendrils were still hard as a rock, and I could feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs. Apparently, her secretions were increased when she’d changed herself, just as I had even more stamina than usual. Jackie’s hand went to my cock, which she guided into it’s accustomed place, right into her box. I gasped with need, and my tendrils got into the act. Each of them straightened out momentarily and sank home, one into each of Jackie’s new orifices. They also got longer as they went, thinning down, until they’d worked through her system. Her cries of pleasure were music to my ears, and when the tendrils reached their goal and wrapped themselves back around my cock, we both wailed. We just lay there for a while, getting used to the new sensations, and swapping spit hungrily. Jackie started moving slowly up and down, drawing more moans from us both.  I used my hands to pull her tight to me, so she was just moving her lower body against mine. When she was all the way down, I could feel my penile tentacles stretching to reach further inside of her body, all the way to her cervix.  When they’d reached this barrier, they made contact, and locked themselves in place. I wailed when this happened, and Jackie squeezed her cunt-muscles down on my cock in orgasm, only the first of many. And it didn’t stop there!

 My tendrils may have stopped growing when they’d reached her cervix, but their work didn’t stop. I got the impression of being in both places at once, filling my lover up with my cock, but also I felt myself being filled by it. “You can really say you’re in me now, lover”, she whispered into my ear. “How does it feel?”

 “As if you had to ask”, I replied. Our mutual amusement reverberated down our nerves. Each of us now felt the other’s sensations, and it was heavenly. We were inside each other, and surrounding each other, building towards a mutual climax of epic proportions. I/we pulled half of us to our other self, and rubbed ourself just as we knew would feel good. Finally, I/we could withstand the pleasure no more, and we screamed out in agony/ecstasy as we came. We both passed out from the pleasure of having driven ourself to this point. I imagine that each of us had a stupefied look of pleasure on our faces, or that’s what Peter told me when he came home and found us like that.

 “Jesus Christ! It smells like a whorehouse on payday!” Peter’s loud voice echoed into my feeble mind. “What in the hell have you two been doing?” His smile, however, was as curious as it was pleased.  “I’ve been wondering when she’d get fed up with your shit, Jay.”

 “Go fuck yourself, bro.” The echoing chuckle from Jackie drew my attention back to our situation. We were still locked together as we’d been when we passed out. “Dear, would you mind letting me go now?” I asked.

 “Hmmm, I don’t know, I kind of like you like this….” Her wicked grin made me laugh, not to mention wonder. With a muttered word, I felt my sensory systems return to normal, and I could even feel my tentacles retracting into my body. I slid my now-softening dick out of her sex, and kissed her hard.

 “Thank you, baby. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but whatever it is, I’d do it again.” I was really grateful for Jackie’s presence in my life. Peter was good enough, but with Jackie added in, my joy approached the infinite. “But right now, I imagine Peter’d like an explanation.” I looked back at my brother, who still had a shit-eating grin on his face. I sat up against the headboard and started telling Peter about what had happened. When I got to the part about our nervous systems connecting, the look on his face was priceless, then turned incensed.

 “You idiots! Don’t you realize what kind of danger you put yourselves in?” He snaked his hand across the intervening space and took my pulse, which he said was entirely too fast. “If I hadn’t broken you two apart, you could have killed each other!”

 “How? I don’t think anything we were doing was dangerous!” Jackie was angry with him, apparently she felt second-guessed.

 “Jackie, you’re a slightly smaller woman than Jay is. Not to mention, your nerves are on a different order of magnitude. What works for him, neurally speaking, won’t work for you. Same goes for you, Jay. It’s why your pulse rate is so screwy. Each of your bodies has been doing the work for the other. I want to get you into the workshop and look you over for damage.” Pete’s protective urges were in full swing, even if I thought he was overreacting. However, he turned out to be justified in his concerns. When we got to the workshop and he’d run a simple medical scan on us with some of his widgets, my heart muscle was seriously strained and overworked,  not to mention that some of my nerves seemed to have been fried. Jackie was in even worse shape, in that there was an dangerous cocktail of adrenalin, endorphins and other survival chemicals running in her bloodstream in addition to the damage.

 “Jesus, you see why I was bitching?” Peter was really upset this time. I could understand it; if we had been connected together much longer, there was a good chance that one of us could have died. When I looked at the clock, I saw that we’d only been having sex for about an hour or so. That kind of damage in that short a time told me just how close we’d cut it. Luckily, Pete got off early today, so I thanked my lucky stars. On his advice, I went to my own lab and pulled up the Control Console. With a quick press of a function key, I was restored to my default physiology of perfect health, and I did the same for Jackie. I felt instantly better, and Jackie apologized to Peter.

 “Gods, I’m sorry, Pete. I thought it was a good idea.” She pulled him to her and gave him a heartfelt kiss. “I should have paid better attention to what I was doing. I forgot to keep us separated enough, I guess.”

 “It’s okay, sweetie. I’m sorry I yelled at you, but I was scared silly. If either of you had died, we’d have been up shit-creek in a hurry.” Now THAT was an understatement. If either of us had died, the survivors would have been heartbroken. I sat down next to Peter and gave him a hug in gratitude, and Jackie joined us in a group clinch. “Now, if you two are quite finished giving me white hair, we’ve got some planning to do.”

 “How so, bro?” Jackie only called him that when she’d been proven wrong on something, and Peter and I both grinned to hear it. It wasn’t often that we caught her out at something, so we had to enjoy it when it happened. “You win a vacation around the world or something?”

 “Something like that. The general manager at work was supposed to go to a conference in Portland, but his wife just had their first kid, so I’m being shipped out instead.”

 “But that’s great, Pete! We’ve never been that far west! How long is the trip?”

 “Three weeks. There’s all sorts of crap coming down from HQ at this one, so I’ll be tied up most of the time.  Bad news is, they’re only paying for me to go. If either of you wants to come, we’ll have to buy plane tickets. Worse news is that I have to leave tomorrow afternoon.” Here’s where we had a problem. Due to my procrastination, I still didn’t have any ID to work with. Peter had been using my identity just to make things easier, and Jackie had been taken care of long since. Either I had to get myself some identification made up in a hurry, or we had to work out something else.

 “What about the doorway Jay built?” Jackie asked. I’d nearly forgotten that old thing, ever since we’d used it to bring Daphne’s parents across from their trailer. “I don’t know about either of y’all, but ever since Sept. 11, I just hate flying. They go through every goddamn thing you own, and you waste even more time in the airport than ever.” Peter and I concurred with her statement, not that we were particularly fond of air travel even before that tragedy. Her idea about the doorway was a good one, but we had a small problem, since Peter was going to be unable to take said door with him. The magic I’d used to make it also made it impervious to Peter’s matter-rearrangement talents and to all shrinking spells that Jackie and I knew. The door itself wouldn’t function unless it’s operator knew where it was going, so we had to work out a viable alternative. We finally decided to use some of Peter’s technology to get past the hump. He had a micro-camera that was capable of transmitting images across a cell-phone, so we decided to use that. I’d not done such a thing before, but I was game to try it.

 We adjourned our council, and after a quick dinner, packed up the stuff Peter would need for his trip. I left the two of them for a while, since I needed to check on Daphne and Suzanne downstairs. I went down and knocked on their door, and Daphne answered. She’d blossomed beautifully in the last few months, her complexion having cleared up with her pregnancy. I had gotten into the habit of monitoring her condition since I was still antsy about her remembering her past as David. I could have snooped with Master PC or a quick spell, but I had too much concern for her privacy to do so, except when I was very busy.

 “Hiya, Jay.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and ushered me inside. I made a crack about her knocking me down with her stomach, and she slapped playfully at my butt in answer. “Suzanne’s out getting dinner, but you’re welcome to stick around if you want to.” Ever since she’d moved in with Suzanne, our lovemaking sessions had changed in frequency, and I suspected it was because Suzanne was keeping her hose-beast tendencies under control. I was still angry with myself that I couldn’t undo what had been done to Suzanne, but seeing as how she’d been adjusted mentally by David, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

 “Thanks, doll. I might just do that, since Jackie and Pete are a little busy at the moment.” When she lifted her eyebrow in query I told her about Peter’s emergency trip. “ I just wanted to check in on you two since Jackie and I’ll be going out there too.”

 “Jeez, I should be so lucky.” Daph pouted. “I get stuck here in school and you get to go on vacation.”

 “Hey, this isn’t entirely a vacation. Peter’s going to be stuck in conferences all day.” I smirked.
“Jackie and I are going to have to entertain ourselves in cold, rainy Portland while he’s in a nice warm convention hall with a bunch of pent up strangers.”

 “Aww, poor Jay.” She mocked. “ But at least it means that three of my mother hens won’t be driving me crazy for a while.” Daphne was putting up with me and my twins’ penchant for checking up on her and her baby with admirable tolerance. “Although I’ll miss Jackie’s exams. She’s not quite as rough as you are.” She looked at me hungrily. Uh-oh. Apparently, Suzanne hadn’t kept her as blunted as I’d thought. For the last three months, I’d not been with anyone, and now the women in my life were making their desires felt. I had a momentary  self-derogatory thought for letting both women go without, then snorted at my arrogance. If any other two women were as pampered and sexually spoiled as Daph or Jackie, I hadn’t seen them. I did, however, decide to tease Daphne for a bit.

 “Oh, am I too rough? I’m sorry, but you should have said something sooner.” I put a sorrowing look on my face. “If you’d like, I can see if Jackie would handle all of the exams from now on.” I started walking towards the door, only to be grabbed by my shirt collar. “Urk! Daph? Is something wrong?” She growled playfully in response, and let go of my collar long enough to get me to turn around.

 “Only that I’ve been feeling neglected, you goof!” She stepped closer to me, her augmented waistline and breasts pressing into me.

 “Funny, Jackie said something about that earlier. I guess I’ve just been working too hard.” I was still playing dumb, much to her annoyance. I blithered on about banalities for a moment or two more, before she finally shut me up by grabbing my ear and pulling my head down to hers.

 “Shut up and get naked, you silly man.” Her other hand was rubbing the my cock through my jeans while she was talking, but when she moved it, I happily complied with her request. When I’d doffed my clothes, she smiled hungrily again at my erect cock. She grabbed me by this salient feature, and led me back to her bedroom, which was decked out as befitted a teenager. I found the idea of making love in a teenager’s bower struck me as being kind of kinky, and I felt my dick get even stiffer, if that were possible. While I sat down on the bed, Daphne started to strip herself. As I watched the simple housedress she was wearing slide up to reveal her swollen belly, I found myself wondering again about her memories. I wrangled with my conscience for a moment or two before I gave in and used a quick spell to enter her mind. Inside, I found that the personality I’d given her was still solid, and had even merged with the less unhappy portions of David’s original mentality. I traced out these connections, and where I thought it was necessary, I reinforced the barriers between them. I couldn’t erase David’s memories completely, but I was happy to note the growing mergence. It was possible that sometime in the future, David’s subsumed personality would cease to worry me. The tiny portion of my awareness that I used to monitor my body while I was occupied alerted me that I needed to give my physical portion my full attention.

 While I’d been off in my explorations, Daphne had finished undressing, and was sitting on my lap, kissing me. I replayed the past few moments of elapsed real time, and my flagging erection returned full force. I kissed her more aggressively, drawing a mewl of appreciation. My left hand roamed down her swollen stomach, and down to her warm and moist sex. I teased her clit for a moment or two while I fed at her mouth, and her thighs spread to give me more room to work. She leaned into me, making me lose my balance momentarily and fall backwards onto her bed. I ‘whuff’-ed when her full weight slammed into me, but I didn’t lose track of what I was doing. Daphne pulled up one of her teats to my mouth, and I sucked on the nipple for a minute or two. She used this distraction to straddle me, and she reached behind her back to slip my dick into her. I mumbled wordlessly around her tit, trying to convey my appreciation.

 “Ohh, I can’t wait till I have the baby out. This thing” she indicated her swollen stomach with a rub, “makes it so hard to get close.” I pulled off of her nipple momentarily to respond.

 “Yeah, but it’s certainly sexy, baby. There’s just something about a breeding woman that pushes the buttons.” I smiled lecherously at her. “Besides which, it’ll take you a few weeks after giving birth before you can get back in the saddle, so to speak, so why worry about it now?”

 “Not to mention the extra weight, and having to pull nursing pads out of my bra.” She wrinkled her nose in distaste. “Sure to make any red-blooded man go wild, that is.” She shifted her weight slightly, rocking back and forth on top of me.  I decided that she’d gone on in this vein long enough, and I shut her up by running my thumb across her lips as I reached into her brain with my powers and tripped her pleasure center. She climaxed almost immediately afterwards, clinching her pussy muscles around my cock. Her screaming response made me cum as well, and I spent myself in a long drawn-out spasm. I took her shoulders and pulled her forwards onto my chest, where she snuggled close to me. I could still feel her vaginal muscles rhythmically throbbing on my dick, pulling out whatever cum I still had left. I rubbed her shoulders soothingly as her breathing fell into a somnolent rhythm, and she fell asleep. When my dick had softened enough, I slid out of her pussy, and rolled her to my right, leaving her in the middle of the bed. I spooned up behind her, and she mumbled something in her sleep.

Damn, but I was glad that I’d given her memories that said she’d been pregnant even before she’d met Jackie. If she thought she was pregnant by me, that would have caused some serious problems that I could do without. I pressed my nose into her hair, smelling the herbal shampoo she used, then I slowly rolled to the left and got out of the bed. I pulled my jeans back on, and went back out into the living room. If her past was any indication, after having sex she’d be starving, so hopefully Suzanne would be back soon. I sat down on the couch and just relaxed into a light trance state. I thought about what I’d been working on lately, and found myself finding answers much more easily. I’d been troubled about where the Master PC had come from, but what I was found myself turning to now was my real concern; If I continued down this path, I was bound to encounter someone else that had used the Control Console to make themselves a god in their own person. Master PC was a wonderful tool, but it had the drawback of being a dumb machine, unable to affect anything unless a User was inputting commands. This was where my own experience varied, I’d given myself a variety of powers that worked independent of the computer program. From what I’d read online, most of the other Users had given themselves instant hypnosis, incredible charisma and the like. They were stronger than average, perhaps a few had even gone so far as to have truly superhuman strength, and they’d most likely made themselves much more resistant to damage. The front door opened, and Suzanne came inside, one hand holding a bag from the Chinese restaurant downtown.

“Jay? How’re you doing? It’s been forever since you’ve been down here!” She put the bag on the dining room table and came across the room to hug me. It was always nice holding Suzie, since she was exactly my height, not to mention incredibly built.  “Are you staying for dinner? Where’s Daphne?” One of the things I loved best about Suzanne was that being given a cock hadn’t really changed her personality. She was just as bubbly and light-hearted as any other young woman. Her red hair smelled of wildflowers, and her oval face was as beautiful as Jackie’s, in it’s own way.

“Yes, Fine, Not really, Yes, and in the bedroom, to answer you all at once.” I felt her dick twitching as it was pressed against my leg, and had to damp down a self-recrimination. David’s tinkering hadn’t done anything to her sex drive, and he’d tuned her to being bisexual. However, since she was a shemale, most men would just have been repelled, even the gay ones. Peter and I had both turned her down for sex, since neither of us went that way. Jackie responded affirmatively, however, and enjoyed a hearty sex life with both of our problem children. She rubbed her cock against my leg almost unconsciously, but I wasn’t offended. If I hadn’t had a problem with it, I’d have jumped in a bed with her in a heartbeat.

“Smartass. Go wake her up, and I’ll set out the grub.” She pulled away, and I watched her swishing hips in regret. Too bad I was still inhibited. I wandered back to Daphne’s bedroom and woke her up. She pulled me down to her and kissed me a throat-swabbing tongue.

“Suzanne’s got the food, and I’m starving, so get up out of the bed, if you can.” I needled. She made a face, and extended a hand so I could help her up. I watched her get dressed, and my cock twitched in appreciation. We went back out to rejoin Suzanne, and the both of us wolfed down the food like we hadn’t eaten in days. “Thanks, Suzie. I should stop what I’m doing and eat more often.” She shook her head in reprisal for my absent-mindedness, and we finished our meal in relative quiet.

With the alterations I’d made to Madeline, Suzanne was now one of the most highly paid secretaries in the United States. Madeline had offered to start her as a broker, but Suzanne was happier being an arranger rather than a mover and shaker.

However, let me backtrack and fill you in on how she’d come to live here in my building. I’d bought this building within 3 weeks of deciding to do so, and I’d slowly moved all of the tenants out into the new complex down the road. It helped that the new complex had a swimming pool and some amenities that this one didn’t, and I even dropped their rent payments in the bargain. With my and my clones’ talents, we didn’t have the usual worries with a new building. If something didn’t work, we didn’t have to pay to have it replaced, Peter or I just fixed it. I’d decided that I would take Suzanne, under our protection as the victim of a power-mad User, but I was clueless as to how to go about it. However, David’s changes had inadvertently made this job easy. Suzanne’s roommate was a single woman of about the same age as Suzanne herself. Within a few weeks, Suzanne’s flirting had creeped her roommate out, and Suzanne was left with an impossible rent payment. When I called up the Realtor’s office and heard her sniffling when she picked up, I got filled in on the whole affair. I offered to let her move in with Daphne, with the addendum that she had to become Daph’s Lamaze coach, she jumped at the chance. I doubted that once she actually saw Daphne that she ever had second thoughts about going anywhere else.

When the ladies were throwing out the garbage from dinner, I had an inspiration. “Hey, Suzanne?”

“Yes?” She called over her shoulder.

“Do you know if Madeline has any contacts in Texas?”

“Yeah, she knows a good number of brokers down that way, why?”

“Just a crazy idea.” My intuitive flash had told me that if I wanted to keep everyone in this complex safe, my best recourse was to have another base of operations set up somewhere else. The deserted areas in Texas would be perfect for my needs. I could acquire a bit of useless land out in the middle of nowhere and set up a secondary base.  I could work on more dangerous devices and suchlike, and if any of the other Users were tracking me, it would be better if they did so to this secondary location. “If I call the office tomorrow, could you give me a few phone numbers?”

“Well, I could give you mine right now..” She smiled lasciviously at me. She never got over teasing me and Peter.  “but, sure.” She swept her hair off her shoulder in a “Your loss” fashion.

“Thanks.” I helped with the few cleanup tasks they had, and went back upstairs. When I went in, I could smell the sex in the air. I found my clones in the kitchen, with Jackie bent over the counter and Peter behind her, pile-driving her with a cock that had to be at least 3 feet long. “Jesus Christ! Jackie, didn’t you learn your lesson this afternoon?”

“Yeah… I did…. But… I…. Wanted…. to .. try… something…else…” she gasped around her gasps for breath. From what I could tell, she’d apparently fixed the errors that had gotten into her attempt with me earlier. Neither of them registered as being in physical danger, so I shrugged and sat down to watch the show. Peter was lying on the floor behind Jackie with a stupefied look of arousal on his face, his hands twitching as if he wanted to touch her with them, but lacked the energy to move. His dick twitched and twisted as if it had a brain of it’s own, curving up so it was rubbing against Jackie’s clit as it thrust in and out of her snatch. The smell of female arousal was bewitching, and my body was appreciating it, since I was getting a hard on. Finally, after twenty minutes or so, Jackie wailed out in orgasm and fell on back on top of Peter. Her pussy was still filled with his writhing cock, and she jerked back awake in a heartbeat. They must have been going for over an hour before Peter groaned out that he was coming and his entire three foot erection straightened out. Jackie moaned in response, and with a grunt, she shot off of his cock towards the ceiling, propelled by the force of all the cum that erupted from Peter’s cock. I was stroking off in my chair all the while, but when I saw the sheer amount of fluids Peter was ejecting, my jaw dropped. I reached out instinctively and grabbed Jackie with a levitation spell and lowered her to the floor.

“Damn, that had to have been good.” I said, but neither of them responded. They’d both passed out from the pleasure. I shook my head in disbelief. You’d think that one of us would have some sense, but nooo, we’ve all three got more curiosity than sense. The housekeeping spells whisked away the cum that Peter had sprayed all over the place, so at least I wouldn’t have to worry about the crusty film on everything. I levitated Jackie over to the couch, and settled her down on it. I tried the same thing on Peter, but I couldn’t raise him and all of his cock at once, so I had to settle for dragging it across the floor, wincing the whole time. Him I set in the easy chair, and took a moment afterwards to pull up my pants. I left the two of them sleeping and went to do my own packing for our trip.