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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


After I’d finished my rematch with Daphne (and had a high calorie breakfast to recharge afterwards), I was left with a small moral dilemma; how was I going to explain away some of the weird stuff going on in this home without reawakening the memories she had of being David? Should I tell her the whole story, and hope that her implanted personality would hold under the pressure, or just keep it to myself? Both plans had a certain appeal; it would be nice to have an outside opinion (Peter and Jackie didn’t really count as outsiders, being altered clones) on what I was doing, but inborn caution made me hesitate. The last thing I needed was someone even hinting that I was up to something unusual. Certainly, I’d covered my tracks pretty well when I’d given Jackie her “official” identity, but since Peter was using my name and social security number, that left me unaccounted for. How was a man that had no social security records going to form a corporation? Even if I used my original number, how could we explain away Peter’s working for a living for less than 10 dollars an hour with our multi-million dollar holdings?

 I hauled my carcass off the couch, and went to check on my roommates. A quick mental probe told me that neither of them was in a conversational state, so I opened the door and stuck my head in. Sure enough, they were still screwing like weasels. Dammit, the pheromones must not have worn off! I almost regretted having suppressed David’s memories, since I had no idea what he’d done to his stepmother to make her body chemistry so infectious. Worse yet, since his version of  the Control Console had gone bang, I didn’t even have enough references to work it out. Shit! I was going to have to try some magic and hope for the best. I started off by overloading both of their neural systems, basically giving them the king of all orgasms, then knocking them out. Good thing Peter was off today, since I had no idea how long this was going to take. I swept the room with a spell, showing that the only virulent sectors were them and the sheets they were lying on. Good, that would make it simpler. I restricted the airflow out of the room, not wanting a rematch with Daphne so soon. I knew she was in the shower, so I had some time for a preliminary investigation. With the Master running, I scanned my person for the pheromones, but there were none present. A similar scan on Daphne revealed rapidly reducing levels. So what had happened? I got a flash of inspiration; Peter’s matter-rearrangement! While he was touching Jackie, who was exuding the pheromones, he must have had an idle thought about making the sensations last longer, and his power obliged by making more of them! They’d been stewing in those juices all night long! It was a fucking miracle they were still in one piece! I interfaced with the housekeeping spells I’d laid on the bedroom, and included the pheromone compounds into the descriptions of the ‘garbage’ that had to be removed. A few seconds later, it was done. Now I had to get rid of whatever was still floating in their bodies. Time would probably work, but that wasn’t an option. Finally, I resorted to the Control Console. I re-entered the password for Peter, and reset his body to the default settings, wiping out whatever else was present. A scan showed him free of the pheromones, so I repeated this with Jackie. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and cancelled the spells keeping them asleep.

 “Ohhhh…” Peter groaned as he rolled into a sitting position. “What in hell…” Jackie followed suit, with much the same dialogue. I filled them in on what I’d deduced and what had happened to all of us last night.

 “You slept with her?” Jackie’s incredulous expression melted into one of tenderness. “ I guess we’re not quite as selfish as we thought, huh?”

 “Jesus, Jay, that was brave. Or monumentally stupid. She’s seventeen, you dork!” Peter’s response was less enthusiastic. “What if you’ve knocked her up? The last thing we need is more complication in our lives, you know!” I smirked at him, knowing it would aggravate him.

 “First off, I’ll only take the blame for this morning. I didn’t know about the pheromones spreading until I got knocked upside the head with ‘em. Secondly, I couldn’t have knocked her up, she’s already pregnant.” That seemed to knock them both for a loop. “ I-forgot- to mention that when I reshaped her yesterday, I made her pregnant with David.” I filled them in on my master plan for Daphne/David. After an obligatory castigation for not telling them sooner, they applauded my decision.

 “Pretty smart. If, at some level, she regrets the loss of her maleness, it should be cancelled out by motherhood. Good work, bro.” Peter gave me his highest accolade, and I bowed in thanks.

 “ I think so too, you big softie.” Jackie gave me a hug, which was as big a show stopper as ever, considering that she was naked, and smelled like a cathouse. “ But why  were we screwing all night? Apparently it stopped for you two after the initial contact. Why not us?” I filled her in on my assumptions, which made Peter look sheepish.

 “I don’t remember thinking it, but it’s possible. I’m sorry, Jackie.”

 “Not really an issue, but I’m going to be sore for.. Wait a second, how come I’m not even feeling tired, much less like I’ve been entertaining an entire ship of Marines?” I told them how I’d fixed things with the Control Console. “Thanks, that would have been pretty uncomfortable.” The whole situation gave me some ideas, so I sat down at Peter’s desk and did some fast typing with the Master.

 “What ARE you doing, Jay?” Jackie asked.

 “You just gave me a great idea if the sort of shit that happened yesterday keeps happening,” I replied. I gave Peter the ability to use the Control Console if and when I was taken out of action. Jackie’s ability I removed as well, after asking her if it was okay. This way, if anyone got control of either of them, neither could use the Master against each other or me. She agreed, and so it was done. Then came the hard part. I listened for a moment, and realized that Daphne had finished her shower. I promised them that we’d take this up later, but for the moment, we needed to do something about our guest. Peter volunteered to call the management office to see about vacant units in the area. I asked Jackie to report to Social Services that Daphne’s parents had disappeared. “That way, we’ve got a quick out. I’ll vanish the two of them somewhere, and we’ll be half done with our problem.”

 Peter’s call to the office yielded some positive results; the condo a floor down from us was vacant, and available for rent. He told Ms. Cornwallis that we had some friends from out of town looking for a place to live, and we liked the complex so much that we’d recommended it. She was apparently so pleased to get some more business that she gave us a price break on the second condo. We’d be paying close to half the price we were on our own. Peter thanked her and told her that we’d be putting the lease in under our names since we were residents of Kentucky, and he’d be down at the office shortly to fill out the paperwork. He filled me and Jackie in on this when he hung up, then headed out.

 “Well, I’ll go tell our guest that she’s got a new home. I assume she’s to finish school?” I nodded.
“Good call. I’ll see about getting her re-enrolled, but what’re we going to do with the parents?”

 “Assuming that Daphne agrees to move in, I’ll seal off the bedroom she’s using now and we’ll keep ‘em there till we figure out something else.” I wasn’t too happy about this, but we couldn’t avoid it.

“Think you can distract her with a shopping trip or something while I get the dirty work done?”

 “Oh, I think I can manage.” She smiled at me, gave me a peck on the cheek, and put on some of Peter’s clothes. “Besides which, I could use a few things myself. You and Peter are sweet, but all either of you thought of when you made me was for sex-star clothes. A social worker needs something a little more conservative.” I was chagrined.

 “Hell, I’m sorry. All we could think about was,”

 “Sex. I know.” It was sooo convenient having a lover that knew how you thought. She shook her head, and after I gave her my check card and the petty cash we had, she went to see to our little ‘orphan’.
I watched her walk off (Damn, but if she didn’t have the cutest ass I’d ever seen.) and then got to work with my ‘relocation program’.


 “I swear, Jay can be such a little boy sometimes, and then turn around and surprise me by actually using the brains he’s got.” I told Daphne.

 “He seems like a sweet guy, though. Although what kind of guy plays around with skin extracts for fun?” She pulled a couple of tops off of the rack and added them to the pile in the shopping cart. “Has he always been like that?”

 “Pretty much. If he weren’t such a dreamer, he’d have been God’s gift to the Nerds.” I smiled, knowing that Daphne would never know how much I knew about him. Sometimes girls need to keep some things to themselves, no matter how much we talk to each other. Besides, how could I tell her that up until a few days ago, I’d never existed, and when I had, I’d briefly been a third twin to him and Peter? I was still amazed at how quickly I’d gotten past being a man. When I thought about it at all, it seemed almost like a dream. I could still remember being Jack, but I suppose the brevity of that existence adds to it’s apparent un-reality. I guess that my/our core personality hadn’t ever really been that locked into one gender or the other. Take me and Peter, for instance; it was only when we’d been ‘split off’ from Jason that we’d developed the strong individual personae that we had. Peter was much more aggressive than Jay, and firmly masculine. His skittishness after making love to Jay when Jay was in female form proved that out. It was only my prompting that allowed him to see how he was hurting our brother/Maker. Just like a boy, it takes a woman to solve all of their problems. I snorted at their antics, even after I’d come on the scene. Daphne’s next comment snapped me back to reality.

 “Uh, Jackie?”

 “Yes, dear?”

 “ I think we need to have a talk, if you don’t mind.” Uh-oh. I had a bad feeling about this one. I imagined that it had to do with the events of the last 12 hours or so. Mercifully, I wasn’t even feeling mildly jealous. How could I? If I’d been in Jay’s place, with this nubile little hottie after me, I’d have bowed to the inevitable too. Guess Jay’s changes to me with Master PC had included being open to other women. Not that I would have been averse otherwise, I suspect. I was Jason, at least up till 3 days ago, in terms of memories and experiences. I bit the bullet.

 “No, I don’t mind, but I think we ought to talk in someplace a little more private. Can it wait till we get back to your place?” I noted the gleam of pleasure/surprise that crossed her face at my mention of her newfound independence.

 “Sure.” We went back to our shopping. I still had Jason’s taste, apparently. My choices of clothing were the sort of things I’d want to see a gorgeous brunette wear, mostly black and green, with some light browns mixed in. I did, however, lean more towards softer fabrics than he would have chosen. I went mostly for silk and cotton, throwing a little leather in for fun. This mall was surprising, I’d never have suspected a rural mall in Kentucky to have such a good selection in clothes. I finished with my shopping in a third of the time that Daphne took, mostly because I knew that whatever I chose, if I got tired of it later, I could just have Peter reshape it for me.

 On the second floor, when we passed by the doorway that led out into the rest of the mall, I saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks. The shop across the way had a door in it’s doorway! I looked up, and sure enough, there was the Spells-R-Us sign. Oh, shit. My first instinct was to go plowing in like gangbusters, but if I was going to follow Jay’s prerogatives and avoid notice, I was going to have to be sneakier about it. So, I fidgeted through the rest of Daphne’s shopping. When I was finally able to chivvy her out of the department store, we had to detour out to the car to stash our haul. I knew we’d have to go to some of the other shops in the mall to pick out furnishings and the like for her new place, but I was dying inside to check out the Spells-R-Us, particularly since noone except it’s proprietor knew how long it would be here.

 “Hey, Daphne, let’s check out this one.” I pointed at the shop’s door.

 “What kind of shop in a mall has a door? Must be a strip club or something.” Her tone registered disapproval.

 “Oh, come on, you know that noone would put one of those in a mall, besides which, there are blue laws in Kentucky against it.” I resorted to an old schoolgirl’s trick, and just grabbed her hand and dragged her along behind me. I opened the door and stepped inside, into the dusty, barely-concealed chaos of the shop.

 “Oh, yuck! What a bunch of junk!” Daphne’s disgusted tone rang out.

 “Oh, that’s just window dressing, dearie.” The female voice surprised me for a moment, until I remembered that in some of the stories, the Wizard has an assistant. Apparently, those stories were accurate. “Why don’t you come with me, and we’ll see what we can find.” She stepped around the rack of costumes directly in front of us, and I laid my eyes on Danielle, the Wizard’s Apprentice. After looking me over perfunctorily, she turned the full force of that smile on Daphne. While she cajoled the teenager, I checked her out, and man, was it worthwhile! Not supermodel figure, Danielle was a real woman, pear-shaped, but not overly so. Platinum blonde hair down to her waist, doe-brown eyes, she was a real heartbreaker. She looked over her shoulder while indicating some of the wonders of the shop and gave me a wink. I blushed, thinking that she must have read my mind.

 “Hello, Jackie.” The resonant baritone voice came from behind me. There he was, bigger than life. The Wizard himself, prankster extraordinaire. I nodded deeply to him, which he seemed to take in stride. “Why don’t you let Danielle take charge of your young friend for a few minutes while we talk.” I looked over to Daphne, and she seemed to get the idea. I nodded at her, and she let Danielle take her in hand. The pair of them headed off into the back section of the store. “Won’t you sit down, Ms. *****?” he indicated the small stool on the front side of the cash register. I thanked him and sat down. “You’ve apparently had a very active life in your short time on this side, Ms. ******.”

 “Please, call me Jackie.”

 “Jackie it is, then. Now then, to the meat of the matter. I believe that up until three days ago, you didn’t exist, and that you were created by a young man named Jason?” I nodded affirmatively. “Were you changed against your will into your current form? My divinations do not tell me everything that’s happened to you, and I am unable to get very far into your mind.”

 “No, I agreed to the change. I knew that he and Peter needed me as I am now more than they needed another twin.”

 “I see.  I believe this ‘Peter’ you mention is also not born of woman? But how did your Maker manage to learn enough magic to possibly have created a clone of himself, not once but twice?” I began to smell a rat. This old codger was smart enough to have known when his own knowledge and powers were duplicated. He must be testing me, and through me, Jay.

 “If you know that much, sir, you know that he came into possession of the Master PC and used it to give himself an equivalent knowledge of magical power as yourself.” He nodded. “You also know he’s not been using his magic to control or hurt others. Why all the pussy-footing around?” He burst into laughter.

 “So, I’m becoming transparent in my old age, am I?”

 “Not really, sir, I’ve just read enough stories about you to guess how you’d react.” I heard Daphne’s laughter floating from the back of the shop. “You’ve done a lot of things to people for various reasons, but mostly you seem to like giving that treatment to those that want to use magic to abuse other people, usually women. Since neither Jason nor myself has done that, why should I be afraid of you?” His wrinkled face broke into a wide grin.

 “I like a forthright woman. But, to be just as honest, until you stepped across the doorway, I couldn’t be sure. For all I knew, he was just using you as some sort of sex toy and cleverly using spells to conceal it from my spying. Once you were under my aegis of protection, I could get honest answers.”
A knock on the door made me jump. “Oh, that will probably be your young man now.” A flicked hand unlocked the door, and it swung open. On the other side was Jason, and Peter as well! The two of them came into the shop.

 “Sir,” they said in unison. “we apologize for any convenience we might have caused you.” Each of them bowed to the older man in respect.

 “Definitely not the usual response I get. Come on in, boys, and have a seat.” I looked down, and surely enough, there were stools on either side of me. The boys came over and hugged me in passing before taking there seats, Jay to my left and Peter to my right. “So, what tipped you off?”

 “When she stepped over the threshold, Master PC alerted me that one of my subjects wasn’t in range any longer.” Jay replied. “I got worried, so we tracked down the car.” Peter was looking around in wonder. I agreed with the impulse, even if it was slightly rude. The Wizard made a disgusted noise.

 “Those damned computers. If I ever find out who sent the damn things out….”

 “So you don’t know where they came from either, sir?” Jay’s tone of voice was slightly worried.
“I was hoping that if I ever found you, I could figure out what to do about it.”

 “Son, as old as I am, the list of what I don’t know just gets longer and longer.” He waved his hand again, and three glasses of water appeared on the countertop in front of us. Peter hesitated only a second before taking one and drinking it down. He set the tumbler down and looked at the old man daringly.

 “I do hope that was just plain water, sir, or my girlfriend might get a little upset with you.” He smiled and squeezed my shoulder.

 “Regular water, Peter. If I thought you’d be better off as a girl, I’d try something a little more insidious.” I thought he sounded impressed with Peter’s challenge. “You’re still pretty ballsy, even though you know what I could do to you.”

 “What have I got to worry about? I don’t mess around with magic, I’m strictly the science guy. He’s” indicating Jay, “the Wizard. Besides which, at last count, I’ve not been trying to take unfair advantage of someone.” His smile became sincere, a small matter of letting more of his lips cover his teeth. The Wizard shook his head, and held out his hand to Jay.

 “Best use of Clone spells I’ve ever seen. Most people just use it to cause mischief. You’re the first one I’ve known to actually try to do some good with it.” Jay shook his hand, with some awe. “Not to mention, you’ve actually used them to limit yourself, haven’t you?”

 “Who better to trust than myself?”

 “True, even if one of yourselves is a very attractive young lady. As I understand it, you’re trying to sort out the nasty shit others have caused with that damn program, yes?” Jay nodded, sharply. “Well, I wish you luck. Xanthos Pendragon seems to have limited the time it was available, but that thing’s like a virus; one exposure just leads to an epidemic.”

 “I agree, sir. That’s why I’m trying to fix it. It’s dangerous enough out there without some demented godling playing around.”

 “But that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it?” The old man’s tone turned sharp. “Who gives you the right to decide what is right and what is wrong?”

 “I’m not out to conquer the world, sir. I just wanted to be left alone with my brother and my lover. I only started to do cleanup when it decided to come knocking on my door.” Jay wasn’t playing around either. “Unfortunately, even the most optimistic outlook I can see is that sooner or later, one of these other jerks is going to screw things up so badly that we’ll end up in World War III. Barring that, I can see a future where women are deathly afraid of anyone male, fearing that we’re going to turn them into sex-slaves.” The Wizard seemed mollified by this response, delivered with passion.

 “Well, if you do as well with them as you have with Daphne there, I don’t think it’ll turn out too bad. Fair warning, though, if you screw people over with magic, I’ll make it my personal goal to make your life a living hell.” His eyes, normally mild enough, briefly glowed green. “Do you understand me? You’ve used one god-like power to give you more. Frankly, that scares me. Magic is bad enough, but you seem to have a knack for using it to work around the limits of the Master PC. Not to mention, you took your knowledge of magic from me, which puts some onus on me to ensure your behavior.”

 “Sir, I’m not given to making grandiose speeches about my intentions. I can tell you, however, that the power I already have is scary enough. That’s part of why I made Peter and Jackie, I need someone to help me remain human. Otherwise, I could easily delude myself into raving lunacy.”

 “Fair enough, young Wizard. You’ve satisfied me as to your sincerity, but I will be watching.” His manner shifted abruptly. “Your young friend seems to have found something that interests her.” Daphne was heading our way. I saw him slip Jay a business card, which he pocketed. “So, Daphne, did Danielle find you something you’d like?” Daphne said hi to the boys and put her purchase on the counter. Unlike most of the other wares I saw, this one was apparently a small purple velvet pouch. “That’ll be 3.24, young miss.” Daphne counted out the money and we took our leave of the shop. Jay looked back at the shop, his eyes widening as the storefront faded out of existence, leaving behind a blocked off store that had been closed for renovation. I held his hand and the four of us walked out of the mall.

 “What did he give you?” I asked Jay in a whisper. He pulled the card out of his pocket and showed it to me. It said ‘Spells-R-Us  Now available on the Crystalwide Web at SRUWIZDOTBALL.’  I took the card and flipped it over. There was a handwritten message on the back. ‘Jason/Jackie; keep in touch. It’s not often I meet well intentioned people in my line of work. Keep in touch. Wiz’

 “Is that some kind of Internet address or something?” I asked.

 “I think it’s something to do with the scrying crystal. I’ll play with it when we get home.”
I tossed the car keys to Peter so he could drive, and got into the back of the car with Jason. While we were going home, we were pretending like we were teenagers at a drive thru. We ended up back at the complex with half of my shirt unbuttoned and my bra on the floor and with his fly hanging open. We giggled at our appearance, and I saw Peter roll his eyes in mock-angst.

 “I swear, sometimes you two make me wish I was an only child.” He was smiling as he said it, though. We went inside, and I turned on the television while Peter and Jay went to their workshops. Boys!
All they could seem to do at the moment was keep fiddling with their little toys. Daphne sat down next to me.


 “I take it you’re ready to have a little chat? Let’s go into my room, the boys won’t come in without knocking.” A quick message to Jay and Peter ensured our privacy. Inside my bedroom, which I’d had Peter furnish in the same spare style of their own, I sat Daphne down on the end of the bed while I took the chair.
“So, what’s up, Daph?” She took a minute or so to steel herself.

 “Like you guessed, it’s about last night… Jason told me it was the skin extracts he’d been fooling around with, but I still thought I should tell you about it.” I admired her forthrightness. It’s not every girl that can admit to having a beast-fuck with the girlfriend of their erstwhile lover. “I hope you’re not mad with either of us. Jay tried to reason with me, but all I could think about was fucking him blind.” I smiled, gently.

 “Daphne, I don’t own Jay. He’s his own man, and one hell of one, at that. And what happened is partly my fault. I knocked over his sample and when I left his lab, it spread through the apartment.”

 “But still, I should have been able to control myself.” She really seemed to feel guilty about having had a good time with Jason. Oh well. I was just going to have to head this off before it became endemic. I got out of my chair and sat on the end of the bed next to her.

 “Daphne Keenan, don’t sit there and try and tell me you regret what’s been done.” That certainly got her attention; her dropped head snapped up and she locked eyeballs with me. “You and Jay had, from his account, a wonderful time last night, and an even better one this morning.” She blushed hotly. “I don’t blame you, and I don’t hate you. You’re an attractive, healthy young lady. The initial reason may have been more chemical than romantic, but you worked past that handicap admirably. And you can’t tell me that the thought of doing it again hasn’t crossed your mind.” She nodded, speechless. I smiled and continued. “Trust me, girlfriend; Jason’s one of the best lovers I’ve ever had. He honestly cares, which says a great deal about him. He took you back to your own bed, didn’t he? Slept beside you all night? Hell, he even told me and Peter about it. And no, he didn’t get graphic.” I hugged her, briefly. “The only rule I have about sex outside of our little group is this; Don’t Hurt Anyone.” She cried, and I held her again. “Jay may not have been the one to initiate your little rendezvous, but he still took responsibility for his own actions, and you’ve done the same by ‘confessing’.”

 She cried herself out on my shoulder, and I have to admit, I was starting to get a little turned on. There’s just something about crying women that trips the switches for sex. I threw caution to the winds, and dropped a kiss on top of her head. She turned her face up to me, and pulled my head down. She kissed me with some fervor, and her hands started snaking up underneath my shirt. I briefly thought, Oh shit, and fired off a mental message to Jay, and I felt his magic respond. There’d have been no end to questions if she’d found that I could express chocolate milk. Daphne’s clever little fingers slipped out and unbuttoned my shirt, throwing it open. I laid back on the bed, pulling her down with me. I slid her pants down to her knees, and she broke our kiss long enough to pull them off. I stripped myself as quickly, knowing that I had to press my advantage before her more guilt-driven mind caught up. I caught her up in my embrace again, and slid my leg between hers. I massaged her quim with my upper thigh, while my hands roamed freely over her face and chest. I felt her hands massaging my back and ass, while we rolled around like children.

Her touch was remarkably assured for someone that hadn’t had sex with another woman, I noted in passing. I pinned her shoulders to the bed while I moved slowly southward, savoring her salty tasting skin as I went. When I arrived at her pussy, the smell of her drove my senses wild. I licked gently on her thighs, teasing her. I continued to lick and nibble all around her groin, leaving her sex alone, until I heard her whimper in need. Looking up at her with a smile, I dove into her crotch with abandon. I licked and sucked at her outer lips while my fingers toyed with her button, making her gasp and writhe. On impulse, I inserted three of my fingers into her snatch with a twisting motion, using my thumb to continue massaging her clit. I reclaimed her mouth with a moan, while her hands returned the favor, albeit less certainly. On impulse, I used a simple spell and softened the bones of my fingers into cartilage, and worked another finger into her pussy. She moaned louder at this, rattling my teeth with it. I wasn’t aiming to hurt her, so I moved my fingers less in a vertical pattern, shifting into a spiral. An errant thought about her being pregnant with herself made me stutter for a moment, and I vowed that I’d be careful and not get carried away. With a sticky feeling on my knuckles, I pulled my fingers from her slit and removed hers from mine. She looked at me with confusion for a second or two until I moved us into a 69. I reapplied my mouth to her pussy, savoring the taste of her arousal. She herself gripped my butt, pulling me closer to her face. I whimpered as she went to work, and I had to resort to some mental control to stop myself from climaxing too soon. I wanted dearly to make her cum first, and I concentrated on that goal. I sucked on her button some more, using my fingers to part her lips. This went on for some time, but I wasn’t finishing her off. Time for drastic measures, then. I used a combination of her juices and my spit to lubricate my finger, and I eased it into her asshole while I sucked hard on her clit. She screamed in ecstasy, and came all over my face with a gush of girl-juice. With the added stimulation to her ass, I quickly had her screaming again, and the sensation of her doing that into my pussy had me cumming as well. With a smile and a great deal of effort, I disengaged from her, wiping my fingers on the sheets, and spun around on the bed, holding her tightly to my breast. Her tongue licked over my face, collecting scraps of her own juices.

“That was wonderful, Jackie. Thank you.”

“The pleasure was mutual, baby.” I kissed her once, and pulled the sheets up over us, knowing that the boys would wake us when it was time for dinner. “But what was it that you got from the Spells-R-Us?” She blushed hotly before snagging the bag and showing me.

“It’s supposed to be some kind of aphrodisiac oil. Want to try it out?” I smiled and gestured for her to lay out on the bed while I cracked open the vial.