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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


 I was on the verge of answering Jackie’s unspoken question when I noticed that there was a hissing sound coming from the wall of the bedroom. I turned towards it, and my eyes widened. There was a red light the diameter of a beer can shining through the wall, vaporizing the material as it moved in a circular path, cutting a doorway for something. Either another User of Master PC had deduced that there was competition in this building, or we were under attack by a rogue superhuman, or even a UFO.

 “Shit!” I muttered. Without any preparations aside from the passive defenses I’d woven into the walls and floors of the condo, I was limited to what wizardry I could recall from my books of spells. Most of those I could remember, however, were gender bending and body-alteration workings, not fireballs and lightning magics. Fast thinking was required, and I was doing my damnedest. However, Jackie was ahead of me once again. She hit me with another gender-change spell, making me into her twin again. I looked at her as I felt the changes wash over me, but I didn’t have any time to ask questions, since a section of the wall collapsed inwards almost at my feet.

 Outside, hovering in mid-air was a muscle-bound hulk of a man, who seemed to radiate menace. I fought a sudden urge to go “Eeep!”.

 “Where is your Master, bitches?” I reached out to Jackie with my mind, advising her to play a dumb mind-enslaved victim of the Control Console.

 “Gone, sir. Shall we tell him that you called?” My voice was quizzical, as if I were unsure of the correct response.

 “No need, bitch, I’ll just leave him a note.” He levitated himself in through the entrance he’d made, and hovered a few inches over the carpet, neatly avoiding the trap-spells I’d laid into the boards. Shit! I was either going to have to lure this son of a bitch into touching one of the walls or something if I wanted to activate my defense magics. “Come here, slut, and suck your new Master!” Jesus, did every single one of these geeks start thinking with their tools when they became Gods?

 “Huh?” I said, stalling for time. “ I can’t suck Master, he’s not here,” I added, making it seem an obvious observation.  The intruder’s mouth worked for a moment in silence. “He’ll be back soon , though, if you’d like to wait in the living room?”

 “Aaargh! He’s made this bitch dumb as a stump! She don’t even know an order when she hears one!” I could almost feel the little shit’s frustration mount. “YOU!” he bellowed at Jackie. “Come here!” She meekly shuffled forwards, and I could see her breasts swelling as she walked, but I couldn’t pinpoint the cause. “Good slut. You know what an order is, don’t you?” Jackie nodded rapidly. “Then I order you to suck my cock!” His idiotic face swelled up with pride. His hand went to his zipper, and he fumbled with it a moment, until he’d freed his dick, all 36 inches of it. “Dear god” I thought, “what kind of sicko IS this guy? There’s no way ANYone could fit all that in their mouth!” I had a momentary thought of how he could even HAVE a hard on, much less have sex, but I banished it as I realized what kind of trouble we were in. Unless I could trip my prepared spells, he could take this building apart around us. I was at a loss, so I did the only thing I could think of; Yell for Help!

 I felt Peter’s response to my terrified call, but I knew it would take him a little while to get here. While I was stewing and trying to solve this crisis, Jackie had taken matters into her own hands, or in this case, her mouth. I saw her open up and start to take in the monster penis floating in front of her, but instead of tears, I saw the quirky beginning of a smile as she started to move her mouth over it. I was in anguish, there was no way I could help her avoid this rape! Yet again, however, Jackie’s quick thinking saved us both. Instead of giving in and sucking on this little pervert’s cock, she did what every man knows is possible in the back of his mind, even if he doesn’t consciously think about it; she BIT off his dick, or in this case, the leading 5 inches of it!

 With a scream and a spurt of blood, the intruder dropped to the floor, where my protective magic took control of him. A web of blue-green lightning snapped out of nowhere and immobilized the bastard, taking him out of time. Jackie’d immediately spit out the offensive bit of flesh, and raced over to me. Through the tears that clouded my eyes, I saw that her control had broken. Tough she might be, but even Jackie had her limits. We sank to the floor, holding onto each other, cries of grief and rage echoing off the walls. When Peter barged into the condo a little while later, not even bothering to use a key, just dissolving the door in his rage, he found us like that.

His first question, “Are you two alright?” was followed by him dropping down next to us and holding both of us, making sympathetic noises, which set the two of us girls off again. When we’d regained our composure, all three of us stood and went over to the immobilized creep on the floor. “How’d he get.. Oh.” Pete’s question was answered by seeing the hole in the wall. “First things first, let’s stop the draft.” With a little lifting from Jackie’s spells, Peter remade the wall back into it’s pristine shape. He then turned around and kicked savagely at the intruder. “Who in hell is this guy?”

 “He’s another User,” I sniffed back congestion from my crying fit. “He cut himself a hole in the wall, demanded to know where our Master was, then demanded a blow from me, then Jackie. She got her mouth on part of it and bit it off,” I finished, waving to indicate the direction of the body part in question.

“Yuck. I can’t believe I touched that.” Jackie tried to say lightly. She stomped over, picked up the severed member from the floor, and with a harsh grip, she ignited it in her fist, reducing it to ash in a moment. My housekeeping spells swiped away the ashes, depositing them into the air outside. Her rage was momentary, however, and she broke down crying again. I’d managed to put myself back together sufficiently that all I felt was rage, however, and I felt like taking it out on this would-be rapist. I left Jackie in Peter’s embrace, and stalked out to the lab. I gathered up the ceremonial sword I kept around for a stage prop, and went back to my bedroom. I knelt next to my twins on the floor, and asked Jackie to return my form to normal, which she did with a squeeze of my hand. Then I asked Peter to give me a monomolecular edge to the sword, which he did with a quizzical expression that turned to vindictiveness. Under their scrutinizing eyes,  I walked slowly over to our assailant, and prepared to deal with the matter. When I’d designed the defense spells, I’d arranged them so that Peter and I could get our hands or anything else we wanted into it without getting caught up. With a shriek of rage, I swung the sword, decapitating my victim.

I mentally directed the defenses to hold on to the head, but to allow me to move it wherever I wished. A further thought made the head float behind me at shoulder height while I stalked over to the corner of the room and started drawing a circle onto the floor with the heat from a fingertip. I scrawled various words in ancient languages around the perimeter, and directed the head to float into the middle of the circle. I then rotated the head so that it was facing me. A shouted word, and the spells came alive. The eyes of the intruder blinked momentarily, and the mouth started forming words. I gestured, and the words became audible. This was a spell I’d hoped never to use, but I felt little compassion for it’s current subject.

“What in hell…” the head spoke. “What happened to me…” His eyes widened as he saw past me to the crying woman in the arms of my twin, and his own body still laying there on the floor, covered with the electric webs of my temporal suspension. He tried to speak again, but I silenced him with a wave of my sword.

“You’ll answer my questions, you little shit, or I’ll start pruning off what little you’ve got left.” I let the sword rest on his cheek, drawing a thin streamer of blood. “Who are you? What’s your name?”

“D..David. David Breenan.”

“Well, David Breenan, you’re not having a very good day, are you?” I let my most malicious smile curve my lips. “Looks like you picked the wrong house to crash. How did you find this place?” He licked his lips, sweat beading on his forehead.

“I looked through the current databases of stockbrokers in the area. I thought it would be easier to take your money than to get my own.” Dammit, I was going to have to do something about that. I couldn’t have my monetary movements traced, it was almost as good as an address in today’s world of interconnected systems. “ I got your address off of a client list, and when I got in, I figured that  you had the Program, but  I figured I could get your money and your women before you noticed.” I shook my head.

“You’re really not that bright, are you? What if I’d been gay? Would you have stolen my boyfriend, if I’d had one?” He had no response except to get red in the face. “Never mind that. Now I’ve got something I’d like to show you, Mr. David Breenan.” I summoned my laptop over, and brought up the image file of  Suzanne, Madeline Phesant’s secretary. “Do you recognize this woman?” He didn’t reply. “ I said, do you recognize this woman?” He muttered an affirmative. “Were you the one that made her a shemale?” Again a positive response. I put on my best fake-sympathetic expression. “David, David, David. What AM I to do with you? I can’t let you go as you are, you’d just make my life a living hell. I can’t just erase your memories, you might eventually get them back. So what…” I snapped my fingers dramatically in his face, making him flinch, or try to flinch, since he had no body from the neck down. “ I know JUST what I’m going to do with you, Davey my boy. You don’t have to thank me, sooner or later someone’ll do it for you.” With a muttered spell, I made David’s headless body sit up, and I removed the spell immobilizing it, but not allowing it to die. I went over to it, and pulled it into a standing position. “I hope you enjoy your second childhood better than your first, David.” I rummaged through the pockets of the clothes he’d been wearing, and found his wallet. “Don’t worry, though, noone will miss you. As far as anyone knows, you were never even born.” I stuffed the wallet into my pocket, and used my blade to slice off his clothes. When I looked directly at his head, his eyes were closed and he was crying. “Come on, David, buck up! It’s not every day you get a second chance at youth.” When I’d stripped his frame of clothes, I began spinning more spells.

His body sprouted a twin to the head now floating in my circle of power. Then, I began to make a few editorial changes. I shrank his 7 foot frame down to 5 feet. Then I changed his gender. His grotesquely enlarged penis withered and shrank away, leaving him with a dainty feminine cleft. His replacement head became softer featured, eyes becoming blue, and his hair becoming a waist-length blond color instead of the dark brown it had been. Although I was tempted to give his new body a taste for painful sex and the like, I wanted this to be a learning experience for him, not a fantasy fulfillment.  I left him pretty much as he would have been if he’d been born a girl. When I was satisfied with my labor, I turned to my lovers, who were staring at my work with a critical eye.

“I think you should give her bigger tits, Jay. How’s she ever going to get a man with such an average rack?” Jackie was working out her own aggressions on the helpless boy. (His ID had told me he was only 17.) “Besides which, her ass isn’t nearly cute enough.” Peter chimed right in.

“Don’t forget the sex drive, bro. Can’t have her becoming frigid, that’s no good.” I decided that we’d had enough of our mutual vengeance on him.

“Alright, you two, that’s enough. David,” I turned to look squarely at him. “You might not like this initially, but to be frank, I don’t care. You break into my home, try and rape my lover, not to mention myself, and god knows what you’ve done to anyone else your pointy little head desired. Think of this as retribution and rehabilitation. Enjoy, and have a good life.” The look on his face was priceless. His confusion and fear made him look like a little kid that has just shit themselves but was afraid to tell anyone. I laughed openly, and waved my hand, completing my spells. David’s disembodied head began to shrink, and to alter in shape. When it finally became what I was looking for, I broke the containing circle and directed the glowing shape toward the altered body. It zipped across the intervening space, striking it’s stomach with a sound like a splash. Her eyelids fluttered momentarily, and then opened.

She took in the scenery around her, and began to blush. Not only was there a nearly naked woman in the room, there was a naked man with a sword in the corner. “Oh God, I’m sorry, Mr. *****. I should have knocked, but I forgot you worked at home.”

“It’s okay, Daphne. Go on back out front, Peter can show you where the other bathroom is.” I gestured at Peter to show the young lady to where she needed to go. He raised his eyebrow and led Daphne from the room and down the hallway to the other bath. I dropped my sword and opened my arms, beckoning for a hug. Jackie sprinted across and grabbed me. “I’m sorry, baby. I couldn’t kill him, particularly not with magic.”
“ I know, I know.” She held me tightly, speaking in an understanding tone. “ Magic isn’t really meant to destroy anything. It’s supposed to make living easier, not killing.” I nodded wordlessly. “Although I have to say, I was worried when I saw you cut off his head.” She started chuckling. “You going to tell me what all you did to her?”

 “Wait till Peter gets back, I don’t want to tell this twice.” I picked her up and sat down on the end of the bed, waiting for my twin to come back. “Although I think we BOTH need a shower now,” I smiled at her. She only snorted and squeezed me again. When Peter came back in from his errand, his grin was pronounced. “She’s mortified, and scared. Not to mention turned on, just a little bit. What in the hell did you do to her, Jay?”

“Aside from a complete change of gender, I gave her some false memories. She might remember being David Breenan, but only in her dreams. As far as she’s concerned, she ran into Jackie at the bus station and Jackie offered her a place to stay while we get her home life straightened out. From what I got from his mind while I had him in the circle, he had  a rough life. His adoptive mother sexually abused him for years, and he was a closet homosexual from the damage. That’s why he changed Suzanne into her current shape; he wanted to be thought of as a super stud, but satisfy his urges at the same time.” I shook my head to clear away the sad memories I’d taken. “He got the Master almost six months ago, and has been living out some petty little revenge fantasies ever since. Luckily, he never had to bother with shielding his mind from a telepath, so I got into his mind pretty easily.”

“But what’re we going to do with her?” Peter’s practical streak was showing. “I don’t know about you, but the idea of having her staying her kind of creeps me out.”

“Oh, Peter, she’s not David anymore. She’s Daphne.” Jackie stated with conviction. “Jay couldn’t kill David out of hand, particularly not with that kind of history. Could you have?”

“No,” he admitted, “but I don’t think I’d have let him get off that lightly either. What if David’s memories resurface in her?”

“I’ve done the best I can to avoid that. Daphne’s memories are suppressed, and with a little time, she’ll probably never remember. But that’s why I want to keep her close. I don’t want her running around spreading the word that some strange man decapitated her and turned her into a woman.” I shuddered. “She deserves a fair shake out of life, Pete.”

“OK, okay, I get it.” He sat down heavily on the floor. “ I just don’t think that I’d have been that generous.” I shook my head in the negative.

“You’d have done the same thing in my place. Hell, you DID!” I chuckled. “After all, I’m you, and you’re me.” He thought about it, and squared his shoulders.

“You’re probably right, the both of you. But won’t it be hard to keep up appearances with a non-involved person underfoot?”

“That’s why I’m going to put her in another apartment as soon as possible. We need to call the rental office and see if there are any other units open.” Jackie said, taking charge of the conversation. Peter and I just looked at her. “Hey, if any of us have a say in where she goes, I think I qualify. Neither of you big, strong men dealt with the problem, I did.” Her comment reminded me that I probably needed to alter a few memories with the Control Console to let Peter keep his job. I swung the computer in front of myself and altered the memories of his coworkers to make them remember an emergency phone call that took Pete home. I was finished with the work in a few minutes, and I closed the window with some relief. I could stomach using the Master for such little things as this just to keep life running smoothly for us since it didn’t impose on their free will too badly. “And now if you two wouldn’t mind, I think I want to be held for a while.” Jackie’s smile snapped me back out of my musing. I turned to my lover and my other self(ves) with a heartfelt grin. Peter and I laid her out on the bed and curled up around her, one of us on each side. We stroked her hair and face until she fell asleep. I heard the TV come on in the living room, and knew that our houseguest was taking care of herself. I swallowed my laughter as I remembered that I hadn’t told Jackie and Peter about the biggest surprise Daphne had coming.

I’d reshaped her body into a woman’s, and I’d decided on a unique rehabilitation for David, or whatever was left of him. Daphne was pregnant, about 2 weeks along. In 9 months, she’d give birth to her son, David. Hopefully, with a little help from the three of us, David and Daphne would get a much better life than they’d had the first time around. I’d never really felt comfortable with the idea of killing someone just because I disagreed with them, even if they had the power of a god like David had. However, I had to face the facts; if I ever saw that Daphne was starting to remember too much being David, I might have to kill her, and possibly her unborn child along with her. Oh well. Shelve it for another day, Wizard. Be satisfied that you’ve defused the situation, and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow, as Jackie would probably say.

Later that night

Daphne had availed herself of the kitchen, and made dinner for the four of us. For a brand-new woman, she didn’t do half bad. She’d made us breakfast at night, my favorite. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, the whole works. We thanked her profusely for volunteering, and sat down to eat. However, Daphne herself didn’t eat much, just picked at her plate.

“What’s wrong, Daph?” Jackie asked.

“I don’t know. I just don’t really feel like eating.” I smirked inwardly, knowing that soon she’d have a chemical reason for not eating eggs. “The whole thing with my parents is really starting to bother me. What if they come after you for taking me in?” I jumped into the conversation.

“Daphne, first off, I doubt they’ll say anything at all. Secondly, it’s not as if we could be charged with anything. I called the police,” and added when she looked panicked, “and I explained the whole situation. Since Jackie’s a licensed social worker,” (this was the cover persona we’d worked up for Jackie that afternoon, using the Control Console to make sure all the records were created and in order) “they agreed that in such an emergent case like this it was okay for her to provide temporary shelter.”

“Still…” her worry was evident. If what I’d gotten from David’s mind was any indication, her parents had been nightmares on wheels. I stalled for time.

“Jackie and I are going to go see them tomorrow, and we’ll try to work out something.”

“Well, okay. Do I need to come?” I had to give her credit, she was willing to put herself into a potentially dangerous situation if it was what was needed.  I assured her that it wasn’t needed, and she seemed relieved. While we finished our meal, I did a little more thinking on the subject. David’s memories indicated that he’d altered his father and step-mother into being little more than mindless automatons, and unless he’d left his copy of Master PC open for others to use, there was little hope I could change them back. Still, I owed it to myself to give it a good try. If I were really going to give Daphne and her child a new beginning, I should make sure that their past was a closed book. I finished off my eggs, and put the plate in the sink. I told the others that I was going out for a while, and not to wait up. I picked up my computer case and left the condo.

Peter’s pet projects lately had revolved around the beater car we’d bought a week or so back. He’d retooled it with his cutting-edge scientific know-how, and more than a little of his matter rearrangement talent. It still appeared to be a slightly older car in fairly good shape, but it was now almost a tank on wheels.
The body had been changed into a material more heat resistant than the tiles on the Space Shuttle, as bullet resistant as full tank armor, and the “glass” was actually a transparent metal. The fuel supply was the abundant hydrogen in the air, converted into pure energy in a controlled matter/anti-matter reaction, much like the Starship Enterprise. I still laughed to myself whenever I looked at it. Subtlety and overwhelming technology, all in one convenient package. I unlocked the door and got in, laying the laptop on the seat next to me and plugging it into the cigarette lighter. I pulled up the Control Console and started the car, heading towards David/Daphne’s former home.

 It turned out to be a trailer in a really nasty part of town. More than ever I was grateful for Peter’s tinkering. It would take something along the lines of a cruise missile to even chip the paint on the Beater. I slipped out, locking the door behind me, and went up to the trailer. It was locked, so I was forced to use a quick spell to unlock the door. I stepped inside, and my jaw hit the floor. It was filled with the usual squalor of trashy people, but it had the bonus of having been covered with various bodily fluids. There must have been a gallon or more of cum all over the couch, floor, walls and ceiling. Blood was mercifully less in evidence, but still there. Saliva and sweat stains marked EVERYTHING in sight. It looked like a three day orgy in a charnel house. Behind the ratty sofa I found the king of it all, though.

 There was a woman on the floor, stark naked. She looked like a Penthouse model reworked by a demented comic book artist; her tits were so huge she couldn’t walk, and were leaking a flowery-sweet smelling substance from the tips. Her face had been altered as well, with retractable teeth (probably for some kind of oral fixation) and lips that looked like inner tubes. Stuffed into her pussy was what had to be the largest dildo on the planet. I could see about 2 feet of it protruding past her ass, which was trying valiantly to grind those last couple of feet into her snatch. A closer look at the end of the dildo, however, proved just how vengeful David had been. There were vestigial toes, and if I looked closely, I could see a seam up the center-line. David had altered someone, presumably his father, into being a living dildo for this demented, sex-crazed fiend that I assumed was his stepmother.  I left the two of them there for the moment, since I couldn’t really do anything for them. A little poking and prodding around in the bedroom provided me with some identification for the two of them; she was Michelle Donaldson, 34, and he was Saul Breenan, 46. I stuck the ID in my pocket for later reference, and kept looking around. Aha! In the second bedroom, apparently David’s, I found what I was looking for; an almost-antiquated 386 processor desktop computer. I was surprised that Master PC could even run on that piece of junk, but I was relieved. If he’d been using a computer in another location, it would have made my search a great deal more difficult.

 I started it up, waiting an eternity while it loaded. Finally, I got the desktop to show. I opened up the My Computer icon, and found the Control Console. When it loaded, it asked me for a password. I tried a few times, the usual stuff. God, Sex, Love, etc, all to no avail. After my fifth try, it closed the program. Fuck! All I’d gotten from David had been the most emotionally charged memories, not the whole shebang. I couldn’t go prying into Daphne’s head without running a risk of destroying the new personality I’d given her. I tried again to guess the password, but I failed. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to try again. A pulse of energy shot out of the computer, flinging me across the room and completely destroying the PC. My magical defenses protected me from the electrical shock, and I wasn’t hurt when I hit the wall. I shook my head, and cursed up a blue streak. Without David’s copy of the Control Console, these two and any others he’d changed were stuck as they were for the rest of their lives. Fuck! Now what was I going to do with these two? I couldn’t leave them here, sooner or later someone was going to come looking, and I didn’t want to deal with the hassle if anyone connected them with Daphne. Well, until we’d sorted out something with the condominium complex, they’d just have to stay where they were. Apparently, David’s tinkering had removed all need to sleep, eat, or eliminate wastes, because I couldn’t find anything to eat that wasn’t three weeks rotten in the whole trailer, and there weren’t trails of bodily wastes across the living room. Okay, then, all I have to worry about is keeping people away from here for a few more days.

 After I got back into the car, I prepared an Ignore-Me type spell, one that convince anyone that came around that they had something more important to do. I let the spell go, watching in my mind’s eye as it wrapped around the trailer and began working. I started the car back up and headed home, not feeling very good about myself. As I drove away, I made some notes to myself;

 -get Jackie on the ball about buying out the condo complexes
 -get the shell corporation started as a front to accomplish previous
 -what are we going to do with all of those we can’t fix? E.g. David’s parents? Suzanne?
 -Are there any other people out there with magic, or am I and Jackie the only ones?

 The last question was one I’d been trying to answer for the last 2 weeks or more. For all of my scrying, I’d been unable to find a single other magic-user in the entire United States. Soon I was going to have to start searching overseas, at this rate. If the Spells-R-Us Wizard and his shop existed in this world, I was unable to find either of them. I was getting antsy; if someone else was using magic, my life would get a lot more complicated. With super-science and Sorcery on my side, I was fairly certain that I’d have eliminated the malicious Users in time. Another magician, on the other hand, might throw a monkey-wrench into my plans. Shelve it till later, I guess. Finding a lawyer should be easy, since there were more lawyers than cockroaches. With them working for me, I could have my corporation up and running within a few months, and I could acquire the buildings I needed shortly thereafter. Jesus, no wonder there are so many criminals, doing things the legal way took too damn long! The temptation to just use the Control Console to alter reality was great, but I talked myself out of it. That way lies madness, and god knows what else.

 Back at the condo, I told everyone that I’d solved our problem with Daphne’s parents for the moment, but I needed a little time to work on a project. They wished me luck, and left me alone. In the lab, I pulled off the sheet from my latest project. It was a prehung door, bought from the local hardware store. I’d covered the jambs with various signs and diagrams of my desire. If my studies were correct, this doorway would have the ability to open up onto various other pocket dimensions. I moved the door to the middle of my insulating magic circle, just in case it decided to explode or go screwball on me. I activated the circle, and then started on the final spell to make the door work. Mercifully, the spells didn’t explode. However, it didn’t work the way I’d wanted it to. Instead of opening on another dimension, it went right into the living room. Apparently, it wasn’t visible from that end, so I shrugged and pulled the door out. It was handy, but unless I could find a way to make it open up onto other spaces…. With that thought, the view through the door changed; instead of going to my living room, I saw into the interior of David’s home! I lost control of my levitation spell at this, and the door crashed to the floor. Peter and Jackie burst into the lab moments after, asking what had happened.

 “Well, I think I’ve managed to outdo myself this time.” I explained to them what I’d been trying to do, and what I’d actually accomplished.

 “So, does it just show those two locations, or can it go anywhere else?” Peter asked.

 “I don’t know, I wasn’t even expecting it to do what it did. I don’t even know if we can cross it safely, much less come back through.”

 “Well, there’s nothing like an acid test.” Jackie opened the door and jumped through, nearly giving me a heart attack! She was standing in the middle of David’s living room. “Jesus, it smells like a whorehouse..” She turned at the sounds coming from behind the couch, and turned back. “Damn, that boy had some real issues, didn’t he?”

 “That’s putting it mildly. Are you going to come back across, or stay for a while?” I gibed.

 “I’m coming, I’m coming. Although not like those two..” she remarked as she came back across.

 “So, could you see back across the gate?”

 “No, but I could hear you.” Okay then, looks like we’ve got a pretty good magical doorway. “But I have to tell you, I think David was a closet misogynist.”


 “Well,…” she trailed off, then started to strip off her clothes. “ I think the pheromones being put off by those two are designed to make any woman that comes near them get seriously horny.”  She started teasing us and herself, tweaking her nipples, playing with her clit. “ Ah…I… I think…” Damn, those pheromones must be seriously quick acting, if only a few seconds in their presence was reducing her to this. I looked over at Peter, who was grinning. I shrugged, and gestured  helplessly.  He got the message, and bustled the two of them off to his bedroom. I made another note to do something about those pesky pheromones, and went back to work.

 A few hours later, and a knock at my door dragged my attention from the experiments I was doing with the doorway. Strange, since Peter and Jackie don’t usually knock. Must be Daphne. “Come in,” I called, shutting the door and pulling the dropcloth back over it. Too many questions to answer if she saw it. It was indeed Daphne, and she came in, hesitantly. “What’s up, Daphne?”

 “Um.. I…” she stuttered. I turned away from the doorway and sat down in my chair. Contrary to what you might have expected, I don’t keep my lab looking like your average Wizard’s workroom. I had some diagrams pinned to the walls, and aside from the cabinets built into one of the walls, there wasn’t a whole lot else there. “I couldn’t sleep, and I can’t just sit there and listen to…” she blushed. “To them.”
Guess they were making more noise than I thought. But what’s that smell…? Oh shit, the pheromones? Could they have come back across with Jackie?

 Daphne came across the room and sat down in my lap. “Uh, Daphne… I don’t think that’s such a good” she shut me up by pressing her mouth to mine. She moaned in need, her hands going to my shirt and ripping it off. Shit, I guess those pheromones increased strength, too. She broke from my mouth with an audible Pop! and started moving south. She devoured her way down my neck, and then to my nipples, which were still a big erogenous zone. I tried again to get her back to normal, but to no avail. Finally, I gave up, and gave in. It wasn’t as though she could get pregnant, and I couldn’t think straight enough to get a spell off. I pulled off her robe, leaving her still on my lap, wearing no more than a now-soaking wet pair of underwear. I growled in frustration, and ripped them off of her. She snarled in appreciation, and returned the favor, shredding the shorts I’d had on. With no more preliminaries, I stood up, carrying her to the floor. I grabbed her thighs and spread them apart, and fed my dick into her. She moaned, and writhed beneath me. I pounded her mercilessly, and howled in pleasure when she wrapped her hands around my shoulders and her legs around me, pulling me into her harder. I still slammed into her, feeling her pussy muscles clenching around my hardness. Finally, screeching, we came, one after the other. Apparently, this broke the power of the airborne chemicals, and we came out of our rutting haze.

 “What just happened here?” she managed to get out, still wrapped around me. “I’ve never done anything like that before…”

 “Me neither.” I held her to me, not wanting to hurt her feelings. “ I’m not really sorry this happened, but I think I should tell you some things, Daph.” I started telling her an edited version of the story.  I explained that I was working with some human skin extracts, the primary source of pheromone compounds used in some cutting-edge perfumes and the like. “Effects like what just happened have been recorded before in such cases.” Not a lie, either. Just not quite as extreme as this. “I’m sorry, the skin extracts aren’t a controlled substance, so I’d taken very few precautions.” I disengaged our legs so that I could stand up, and I picked her up again. “With those chemicals floating around the apartment, and with your emotional distress, it seems like a normal enough reaction, and neither of us seems hurt.” She blushed, and nodded. I walked back to her bedroom, and put her into her bed. “Would you like me to stay with you for a while?” She nodded, and scooted over to make room. I sighed inwardly and climbed into the bed, snuggling up next to her. I hoped this wouldn’t cause any problems in the morning, and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

 When I woke up, Daphne was wound up in the covers and lying across my chest. I smiled gently, and put a hand on her shoulder. “Daph? Wake up.” A gentle shake woke her, and she stretched, her breasts pressing into my chest. Nice way to wake up, I thought. “Feel better?” She yawned again, and said that she did. “Ready for some breakfast?”

 “Sure. I’m starving!” She unwound herself from the sheets, and crawled out of the bed. I watched her as she did, enjoying the sight. She was a beautiful young woman, trim and fit. My dick made it’s presence known, which I tried to conceal. She’d bent over to get her clothes from the floor, and the beautiful peach shape of her ass only made me harder. When she’d pulled on her panties and turned around, she couldn’t help but notice the outline of my hard on behind the sheet. “Jay, I…,” she stopped and stared for a second. An eyebrow raised, and she crawled back onto the bed, straddling me across my hips. She leaned in close. “I know that Jackie’s your girlfriend, and I don’t want to get between you. What happened last night..” I stopped her with a finger across her lips.

 “Jackie’s her own person. She and I love each other greatly, but neither of us owns the other. Or do I need to remind you that she and Peter are probably still in bed together?”

 “I’d forgotten, to be honest.” Her gaze went inwards momentarily, then a mischievous look crossed her face. She grabbed the finger I’d used to hush her, and kissed it. Then, she truly surprised me. She lay down across me again, making my cock twitch in anticipation. “Does that mean you’re up for a rematch?” I grinned lustfully at her, and answered her question.