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Master P - the Urge for Self- Loving


 In a remarkably short time, even with my spells to help out, we’d managed to set up shop in our condo. Everything was in a place that was either aesthetically pleasing or convenient, and Peter’s ability to reshape our packing trash into other shapes had eliminated our debris. I’d set up shop in one of the spare bedrooms (there were 4 in the condo), and we’d converted another of them into a fabrication shop for anything technical we’d need. Soundproofing and the like was assured by more spells, and we’d even thought ahead, and the entire space was filled with defensive spells to keep attention away from us. Anyone coming in through the door or any of the windows would only see furnishings appropriate to two bachelors, and they would completely ignore the teak floors, leather and metal furniture, and the tapestries on the walls.

 Peter had managed to get the job as café manager, so we had some income. I’d started playing the stock market by using my intellect (and a lot of scrying with my new crystal ball) to make some smart calls and buys. Mostly, though, I was getting antsy to do something else. On an impulse, I started up the Control Console, and started running through the names of the local stock brokers in the Yellow Pages. On my fifth try, I found what I was looking for. A more honest than most broker, usually managing to make a decent living, with only a few setbacks. The Control Console remarks were that this Madeline Phesant was of above-average intelligence, 35 years old, and financially struggling. Her ex-husband had apparently married her for her money, run her into debt to the tune of over 200 thousand dollars, and then skipped town. I shook my head, and made a note to look him up later.

 With a few keystrokes, I’d increased our Ms. Phesant’s intelligence to genius level, and removed the ulcers that had been troubling her lately. I planned out what I’d need to say, and picked up the phone.

 “Phesant Market Brokers, this is Madeline.”

 “Ms. Phesant, my name is Jason *****” I began. “I’ve been looking at your track record, and I’ve been impressed. Not only have you managed to be ethical in your dealings with clients, you’ve actually managed to turn a profit.”

 “Well, Mr. *****, I do try. I can’t stomach screwing people out of their money. Besides which,” she laughed in self-derision, “my ulcer would keep me up at nights if I didn’t.” I smiled, but of course she couldn’t see it. “So what can I do for you?” I outlined my plans, and she was impressed. Then, with only a momentary hesitation, asked the real question. “How much were you looking to work with, Jason?” I’d already asked her to call me by my first name, but I insisted on calling her Ms. Phesant.  I smiled even wider. My initial forays into the market had been VERY lucrative.

 “Well, I was looking to ‘work’ with 350 thousand, to be honest.” I said into the shocked silence on the other end. I had her image up on the Control Console, and I saw her mouth working silently on the Picture Display. “Ms. Phesant? Are you still there?”

 “Ye..Yes!” Her thoughts, according to the Control Console, told me that she didn’t have that much money coming from all of her other accounts combined. “Jason, I have to tell you, that’s quite a bit more money than I’m used to handling.” I had to give her points for her honesty.

 “Well, I wouldn’t mind increasing your percentage if you needed to hire someone else to work for you.” Not only would that free her up to work full time on my portfolio, it would take a good deal of stress off of her. “Do we have a deal, Ms. Phesant?”

 “Yes, we do. Could I get you to come down to the office, so we can fill out some paperwork?” Bother. MORE time taken away. Oh well, I guess it couldn’t be avoided. I agreed to come down to her office after lunchtime. We finished our conversation, and I hung up the phone. Peter was still at work, so I had time to do some puttering about. I went back to my workroom, and started pulling books off the shelf. I still hadn’t managed to put together my index, but it was a work in progress. With my crystal ball, I’d discovered that Xanthos’ virus hadn’t managed to knock out all of the Master PC’s still out in the world. At best guess, there were something like 10000 users of the program on the earth. These others bothered me. Some of them, like Xanthos, and Dan, the high school teacher, didn’t particularly bother me, but the majority of the others were seriously scary fellows. Even worse, some of them were in the process of making themselves gods on earth.  My current project was to start cataloging and tagging the bastards so that I could keep easier tabs on them.

 90 percent of the little fools had already made themselves immune to manipulation via the Master, so I ruled that out as a way to solve the problem. However, most of them seemed to suffer from limited imaginations. All of them had built themselves harems, and were constantly on the move trying to accumulate more. I shuddered to think about what state the world would be like if Xan hadn’t put his virus in place. I shelved the problem for a while, and decided to do something about my watcher problem. I still hadn’t taken the time to construct a female clone, mostly because I kept forgetting about it until it was too late at night to start. I opened up one of the spellbooks and started browsing. An hour or so later, I ran across a Splitter spell, one that operated similarly to that of the Clone spell, but it had a drawback; it didn’t furnish the body with a will of it’s own. No good. The Clone spell required some hours to work, and it all had to be done after sunset. Not good, since I usually was preoccupied these days with trying to finish my index. “Ah, screw it! I’ll just have to do the Clone spell.” I burned myself a message onto the workroom’s door, just to remind me. I shelved the books, and turned my mind back to the problem of the other Master PC users.

 How was I to get these idiots away from the power of the Master PC? Magic only seemed able to modify the effects created by the computer, not reverse them. They’d made their minds immune to influence with the Master, and thus they’d locked me out as well. Shit! There had to be SOME way of doing it, I just had to find it! To be honest, I could have set a spell onto the Master PC program itself, but I was leery of doing so.  I could lose my own copy, not to mention my magic, since I’d gotten it via the Master’s influence. The image of a DO loop made me shudder. Save that as a last resort. Assassination? Far too risky, particularly since most of them had some form of paranormal senses, not to mention being tougher and/or regenerative. Thievery? For some of them, that would work, but not for all of them. Add it to the list of possible solutions. I could free some of their victims with the Control Console, but I had a limited range to work with, and not all of them could be freed. Shelve it till later. It wouldn’t do me any good to fix the victims, only to have them snatched back up by the controller. Christ! An entire lifetime, even one as long as mine was likely to be, may not be enough to stop all these bastards! Maybe Peter would have some ideas. I looked over at the clock, and realized I had to get moving if I wanted to meet up with Madeline. I shut down and packed up my laptop, got dressed, and headed out to the meeting.

 I’d gotten dressed in some of my better clothes to meet with Ms. Phesant, since appearance counts in these things. Much to my dismay, I’ll hasten to add. Ms. Phesant’s office was run out of a small run-down office building in downtown Lexington that had seen better days. I went inside, and waited out in reception. The secretary told me that Ms. Phesant had just come back from lunch and would see me shortly. I smiled and sat down, pulling out the laptop to indulge in some recreation while I waited. However, something about the secretary made my suspicion itch. When I’d moved to Lexington, I’d noticed that there was a copy of Master PC in use in that area, so I’d made my moves and adjustments very subtle. I loaded up the Control Console, and entered in a few commands. ‘Make everyone who has been altered with a version of Master PC glow green in my glasses.’ Enter. I pulled my now-useless glasses out of my pocket, and put them on. Surely enough, the secretary glowed green. Shit! What had been done here? First off, the secretary didn’t seem to have been adjusted into some walking wet-dream, and she seemed to behave normally. OK, plan A doesn’t seem to be working, try plan B! I scanned the secretary’s purse with a quick spell, and got her name. Suzanne Anson.  The Control Console obliged with the usual information. However, instead of the usual dumbing down and bimbo-ing up stats, it registered normal intelligence, slightly-above-average breast size, and the like. Also, she had a dick! She’d been altered into a shemale, but she came up as a woman in all of the files I was able to find. With a little exploration of the Master’s options, I’d found one that would allow any user to see the commands entered on a subject with Master PC. I used this macro, and found that she’d been a normal woman until approximately six weeks ago. Apparently, she’d been altered mentally to accept her shemale status, and to follow certain commands when certain stimuli were applied. Holy hell, whoever’d done this was more than a little deranged! I saved Suzanne’s name in my local subject files, and decided to see if anyone had tinkered with her boss.  Mercifully, Madeline was free of commands except for the ones I’d put in place myself. I was DEFINITELY going to have to start checking anyone I altered to see if they’d been in another User’s power, particularly if I was going to avoid notice. Of course, in following with the Perversity Principle of the Universe, Suzanne’s buzzer went off, and she sent me into Madeline’s office. I went in, promising myself that I’d try and solve Suzanne’s problem when I had the time.

 Much Later

 I finally got home, much to my relief. My brush with another User’s influence had made me jumpy and paranoid. If I were going to take on another demi-god, I definitely needed to beef up my responses and capacities. Pete yelled out that he was home, and how it had gone with Madeline, since I’d left him a message to that effect when I’d left.

 “It went okay, but we need to talk, dude.” I slumped down on the couch while I collated my thoughts. Pete came out of his workshop, and we started to talk. He was as alarmed as I at the evidence of another User operating out here, since I’d never told him about it.

 “Dammit, you fool, how are you gonna respond if you don’t tell your backup what the hells going on?” He ranted at me for a good while over the matter. I responded in a lackluster way, knowing that I had indeed almost shot myself in the foot on this one. “Well, what’re we going to do? Obviously this little fucker’s more twisted than most.”

 “Not necessarily. I only had time to do a cursory scan. For all we know, she ASKED to be made the way she is, Pete! Besides which, I’m not that anxious to start a full-out war with someone that could very well have the power to cause an atomic explosion, if he were so inclined!” I shouted back. “Not to mention, there’s no telling how many people he’s fucked with, so I have no idea how to get started!” I looked out the window, and saw that it was finally dark. I calmed down as I recalled the message I’d left to myself on the workroom door. “Besides which, I need your help right now. Remember what we talked about right before we signed the lease on this place?” I smiled gently. “I’ve finally made it a priority. This situation calls for the best we can do, and a female version of us will hopefully have some ideas we’d never have.” The look on his face was priceless.

 “We’re gonna make a woman? Finally?” His mouth worked itself into a wry smile. “Took you long enough to get around to it, you jerk!”

 “ I know, I know, I promised you I would, but we’ve both been busy. And it looks like we’ve got some more ahead of us.” I got up off the couch and went into the lab, trailed by my twin. “I think, though, that we ought to make a few adjustments in our lifestyle. Once Madeline’s made us a nice little bundle, I’ll have a corporation we’ll start buy out this complex. That and a few more investments and such should keep us in gravy for a good long while, and we can always work something out later if we need to.”

 “Sounds good to me. I’ve been wondering what you’re going to do with yourself while some of us are working for a living,” he gibed. “Guess you’ve decided to become a warrior, huh?”

 “Looks that way, at least until I figure out who made the Master in the first place. What better to do with my copious spare time than to try to fix what someone’s screwed up?” I’d been gathering together some junk while we’d been talking, mostly just some of my spare clothing, and had Pete alter it into women’s clothing. The other items were a vial of my semen and another of blood, all items I’d collected earlier in the day. We retired to the bathroom, and silently we began the ritual to Clone me, again. A few of the frozen roasts and some fresh vegetables from the fridge we dumped into the tub, and filled it with water. I flipped the vials of seed and blood into the water, tingeing it slightly with a coppery color, and I added a hair, freshly pulled from my head. I started speaking the spell’s words aloud, while Peter sat down behind me. Once again, I watched the magic take hold of the materials, and begin their work. The hair, blood and semen churned into the micro-maelstrom in the bathtub, and dissolved into a pearlescent silver liquid. I finished the guide words, still fueling the reaction with the energy of the moon and the stars.

 While the materials were subsumed into a body, I was doing some thinking. I wondered what my/our new self would be like, particularly after he’d been turned into a woman. Would she be aggressive or shy? Demure or exhibitionist? I couldn’t wait to find out, so I willed more of myself into the spell, wanting the waiting to be over. Peter, having thought along other lines, had slipped out of the toilet and I could hear him puttering around in the kitchen. I listened to him for a moment or two, then began speaking the next section of spell language.

 A few hours later

 At my laughter, Pete came back into the bathroom, and joined me in greeting our new brother. Now THIS was my idea of fun. How much effort does it take to punch a few keys on a board? Now, however, I’d done something even Master PC couldn’t. I’d taken some meat and veggies and turned them into a living human being! “Hiya Jason.” I said, echoed by Peter.

 “Hi Jay, Peter.” (According to my researches, the Clone would be created with all the memories up to the time of the last source material being gathered, so it wasn’t surprising to hear him correctly name us.)
“If you guys wouldn’t mind?…..” He gestured out the door. Pete and I grabbed my stuff and went back out to the kitchen.

 “Geez, he’s a lot more like you than I am.” Pete’s voice was somewhat mournful.

 “Hell, Peter, he’s just started his branch! You’ve got six more weeks of experience he doesn’t and I don’t have either.” I was drained from my efforts, and I sank bonelessly down into the dining room chair. “You and I have an established routine, and separate identities. He doesn’t, not yet.”

 “ I know, it’s just that sometimes I miss it. And you do too, so don’t deny it.” Not only was I in agreement with him, I didn’t have the energy to argue. “Was it like this for you when we first met?”

 “Not really. You and I are identical as to six weeks ago. He and I are identical to 4 hours ago. You and he, however, are still six weeks different. Does that make any sense?”

 “Kind of.” He smiled. “It’ll be good to have someone else around, particularly if he agrees with what we’ve got in mind.” His grin got lustful. “I still maintain, however, that we would have been gorgeous if we’d been born a girl.”

 “I agree, dude.” The voice of our new brother came from right behind us, surprising Pete into jumping visibly. “Whatsa  matter, you look like you’ve just run over someone’s cat.” He smiled, and pulled up a chair. “And before you ask, Jay, the answer is Yes. I’ll become a woman.”

 “ So I guess I was thinking hard about it, wasn’t I? Enough that you came to a decision just in a few minutes?”

 “Damn straight, cutie.” He smirked, knowing that Peter was less comfortable with that aspect of our personalities. “Besides which, I’ll admit to some desire to be female again.”

 “I see.” Pete’s voice was rough. “What’s your preference for a name?”

 “Jackie.” All three of us smiled at the memory that name prodded. Jackie was the nickname of the woman I’d loved from the time I was a child. “So, do you wanna do the honors, Jay, or should I?” I said that I’d do it, I wanted to have the onus of such a doing fall squarely on my own head. “Okey dokey. So, what’s for dinner, Peter?”

 “Just some Chicken Paprikash.”

 “Sounds good. Let’s eat!” The pair of them wandered into the kitchen, leaving me sitting there alone. I smirked as I watched the two of them bickering over portions and such like. It wasn’t often that you get to see two twins of yourself, and I admit it was cute. I decided that the sooner it was over, the better, though. If I got used to seeing this, it would be harder to do, even if Jack(ie) agreed to it. I managed to dredge up the energy to move and snagged my laptop case from where it had been on the couch. I shouted for one of them to grab me a plateful while I waited for the Control Console to boot up. When it did, I commanded it to rename my new Clone Jack and set him to slowly change into a female form over the next hour. I smiled, and executed the command.

 While we ate, I slowly watched Jack become Jackie. First, his barely-noticeable beard stubble vanished, and his face slowly assumed more female characteristics. I’d remained silent while (s)he and Pete finished eating, but when I saw the hair grow from mid-back down to his ankles, I started laughing. The pair of them snapped around to look at me, then Peter’s eyes shot back to Jackie. “Holy shit.” He breathed. “He’s already started the process, Jackie.” Jackie’s eyes widened, and she shot up from the table and ran over to the mirror in the living room.

 “You sneaky little bastard!” she gasped out between laughs. “I’ve been forcing myself to eat, knowing what was coming afterwards, and you go ahead and start altering me while I’m eating!” His fingers flew to the knotted bathrobe belt and pulled it apart, dropping it to the floor, and his shorts followed suit. “ I thought you were going to use magic, not Master PC!” His tits chose that moment to start growing, and I blush to admit it, but I’d upped his bust size when I was changing him. Instead of the modest C cup she’d have had before, hers would grow to E, and his musculature would alter enough to let her carry them comfortably and they’d never sag. I watched in awe as Master PC’s ability to alter someone played out before me. Her breasts grew like an elapsed-time photo of a flower blooming, and the other changes played out. “Ohhhhhh” she moaned. Oh shit. I’d forgotten to tone down her nervous system! She’d have the same problem I had when I’d been in her shoes! A quick action with Master PC altered it so that she could tone down the feedback. Her moans dropped in volume, but they’d become much more throaty. Her penis shrank last of all, shrinking down to form her slit and clitoris, and her mound fur became much more localized. Peter and I looked at each other, and jumped up from our seats. When we’d reached the living room, we just stood in wonder, looking down at our former brother, now our sister.

 She was writhing on the floor, making just enough eye contact with both of us to give us an erection. She opened her eyes, now a brilliant emerald green, and eyed the two of us with lust. “Come on down, boys,” she said as she laughed.  She sat up so fast she seemed to have teleported, and latched onto one each of our legs. I looked at Pete, but he seemed lost in the glory that was Jackie. He was pulling off his clothes so quick you’d swear he was looking for body lice. Since I wasn’t quite as quick to respond, Jackie focused her attentions on Peter. She pulled him down on top of her, and started conducting a tonsillectomy inspection. Since they seemed the situation well in hand, I decided that I was extraneous. The pair of them were making out, running their hands around each other’s bodies, hitting all the spots that made them even hornier. I went back into the dining room and finished my dinner, only occasionally watching them as they continued their foreplay. Jackie rolled on top of him, running her fingernails lightly down his chest, eliciting a moan from Peter. I put my dinner plate and silverware into the sink, wanting to give the two lovers some privacy. Then I slipped out of the kitchen through the other doorway and headed for the lab for some work. When I was safely behind the door, I broke down in tears. Finally, I’d done something I’d wanted forever. I’d managed to find a woman just like me. What’s more, I had a brother, one that understood me more than anyone else on earth. Unfortunately, at least at the moment they found each other more fascinating than they did me. I hoped it was temporary, but I’d settle for whatever I could get. Peter, I thought, still felt odd about having made love to me when I was a woman, but I had no qualms. Jackie was a newborn, relatively speaking, and she remembered being me when first we’d been with Peter.  In my wallow in self-pity, I heard a knock on the door. I reached over, since I’d slumped down next to it when I’d come in, and opened the door. I looked up, and I saw Jackie, and behind her Peter.

 “Why’d you leave, Jay?” Her smoky voice asked softly. “We didn’t want you to leave, you know.”

 “You could’ve fooled me.” I sniffed pathetically. “So I thought I’d give you some privacy.”

 “Oh, get off that floor and come here, you big baby.” She smiled and held down her hand for me to take. “If we’d wanted that, either of us would have told you so.” She pulled me into her embrace, and my body reacted to the touch of her beautiful form. She kissed me, hard. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” She let go of my mouth after saying this, and led me into my bedroom. Peter followed behind, and laid his hand on my shoulder.

 “I’m sorry, Jay. Sorry that I made you feel bad about having sex with me.”

 “It hurt. But I understand.” Lying was impossible when we were talking mentally.

 “I never meant to hurt you, I just couldn’t sort out my feelings.” We’d come into my bedroom, and the pair of them were undressing me. “But that’s not a problem anymore.” He smiled gently. “You’re my brother, and I love you dearly. Jackie’s our other self, you as well as me. The three of us aren’t twins, we aren’t genetically kin, we’re different persons who have the same memories up till a certain point.” The three of us stretched out on my bed, Jackie between me and Peter. We stopped talking, and just began a mutual exploration of each other. I reached out and palmed Jackie’s tit as I kissed her, running my other hand through her hair. When I felt Peter’s hand on my dick, I moaned into Jackie’s mouth. I removed my hand from her hair and ran my fingers down his cheek , stopping at his mouth. Then our hands moved back to the newcomer, and she smiled at our touch. Apparently, she and Peter hadn’t gotten any further than foreplay, because I only encounters normal lubrication when I slipped my hand into her dark curls. I caught her clit between my index and middle fingers as I stroked down her netherlips. She broke off our kiss, and with one in passing for Peter, she grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her slit, wrapped it around her breast, and rolled on top of me. She spread her legs, and used her free hand to slowly guide my cock inside of her. It took all of my self-control not to climax as soon as she touched me. Her touch was self-assured, as she remembered where I best liked to be touched. Aside from that, I’d not been with a woman in several years. When I hit her still-intact hymen, she slammed herself down hard, seating her hips against mine. I took her head in my hands and pulled it down to mine, as we waited for her pain to subside before continuing.  I saw past me Peter, with lust and love in equal measures in his eyes as he watched us. His hand was slowly stroking his cock, and his other was sliding slowly down Jackie’s back. I reached out with my mind and thanked him mentally, to which he nodded. Jackie had recovered enough by that time to start making circles with her hips, sliding my cock in and out of her warm, wet snatch. I moaned in pleasure, and pulled her face to mine and locked lips with her passionately. Her arms wrapped around me, pressing her huge boobs right to my chest. For some time, we were like that, Jackie controlling the motions we made, gently stoking her fires.

 Finally, though, I’d had enough of slow. I slid one hand behind her neck, keeping it in the crutch of my shoulder, while my other spread out across the back of her hips, pulling her to me even tighter. I let go of her head and shifted both hands to her waist to make her movements more rapid. I slammed her hips into mine, grinding my dick against her velvet moistness. When I felt another hand snake between us and start toying with Jackie’s clit, I saw Peter, who was apparently enjoying the show so much he’d already shot his load twice onto the sheets. Peter’s hand stirred her up further, and I felt her almost throwing herself onto my cock, squeezing me tight with her inner muscles as she went down. I gasped out, “I’m coming…” and she put her hands on my shoulders, moving her pussy against me. With my eyes rolling up in my head, I came, shooting my load all over her cunt. When I felt empty, she was still moving, milking me for all I was worth. I blinked twice, and saw her smiling face only inches from mine.

 “Feel better now, lover?” she chuckled softly. I smiled and kissed her again. Since I’d altered my bodily reactions, I was still hard as a rock, but now my cock was almost numb while it recovered. I’d planned this time wisely, not wanting to finish before my lover and just leave them hanging. I still filled her cunt up with my dick, even if it wasn’t doing much for me at the moment. I snaked my hand down to replace Peter’s at her lower mouth, and manipulated the still-needy flesh there. Peter had shifted himself behind her, and was using his hands and mouth to give her as good a cum as she’d given me. Between the two of us, we managed to drive her wild. With Peter nibbling on the back of her neck, and manipulating her breasts at the same time as I was teasing her clit and filling her, she came like gangbusters. Her pussy tightened down on my dick, which was back to normal by now. The sound of her scream as she came was like nothing I’d ever heard before, except from my own mouth when I’d been female. The sensory overload as all of her pleasure centers were being stimulated must have been immense, since she passed out. When I realized what had happened, I was mortified, but she started breathing on her own. With a laugh and a sticky “sloosh-slurp” sound, I pulled out of her cunt. I looked at her lovingly , goggling inwardly at what I’d just been through. I looked at Peter, who was smirking broadly. In a stage whisper he told me, “You looked exactly like that when we made love.” I shook my head and held a finger to my lips, mockingly signaling for silence.

 “Shhhh, she’s sleeping.” I smirked, and decided that I’d give Peter as good a time as I’d had. With a flash of green light, I reshaped myself into Jackie’s twin. Peter raised an eyebrow, and as I grabbed his dick, we began to play.

 Next Morning

 After Peter and I had finished each other to our mutual satisfaction, we’d cuddled together with Jackie, our warmth obviating the need for more than a sheet. Before he’d fallen asleep, he’d even taken care of the worst logistic problem of a menage a trois by eliminating the wet spots on the sheets with his power. I’d thanked him, then fallen asleep myself, still in female form. Much to my surprise, when I woke up, I was still a woman!

 “What the hell? That spell should have worn off hours ago!” I blurted in my surprise.

 “It did, but mine still has some time left, Jay.” I looked up, and there was Jackie, standing in the doorway with a cup of coffee and wearing one of Pete’s few white button-down shirts. I looked her over appreciatively. Her legs were gorgeous, and even her toes were cute. I hadn’t taken much time the previous night to really examine her in depth, being more interested in rutting, but I couldn’t see anywhere I could have improved on her even if I’d tried.

 “Thanks, I think you’re pretty cute too.” She smiled and took a sip of her coffee. My mind stuttered for a moment, then I realized that she must be as telepathic with me as Peter was. “MMhmm.” She said around a mouthful of coffee, before handing me the cup, which was done to my own personal standards as regards milk and sugar. I raised it to her in thanks as I swallowed some of it. “Handy having a lover who knows what you like in the morning, ain’t it?” she asked with another smile. She sat down on the bed near my hip, and ran her eyes up and down me lasciviously. “Jesus, Peter was right. We DO make a gorgeous hunk of woman, even if I have bigger tits.” I looked down and realized she was right, I only had the C cup breasts I’d had when I’d been female previously. I had an impulse, and I decided to follow through on it, after blocking her from reading my intention.

 “Well, maybe you should put them to use, girlfriend.” I reached out and touched her chest while I envisioned a slight change in her hormonal balance to back up a spell I’d silently run through. Her breast got heavier in my hand, and it became slightly harder. I leaned forwards, and applied my lips to her nipple. I sucked on it, and was rewarded by a surge of chocolate milk. Jackie moaned in response, and I rewarded her by sucking harder. Her moans only became louder, and she surged forwards to dangle her tits in my face. Luckily for us, I’d set my coffee cup to hovering in the air, and it obliged my whim by floating across the room to settle on top of a bookcase. After assuring myself that it arrived safely, I concentrated my full attention on the nipple in my mouth. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Her milk was delicious, tinged as it was with the hormonal taste of Jackie. Gulp, gulp, gulp. She spread her legs and straddled my right leg, rubbing her slit against my thigh. The feel of her wetness on my bare leg got my own fires going, not to mention the mental stimulation from being breastfed.

 “Two.. can…play…at…that….game….” she got out between breaths. I heard her mutter the same spell I’d used on her, and I felt my own tits get heavier. I released her nipple, albeit reluctantly, and brought my hands up to caress my new enhancements. My nipples felt tight, almost as if someone had a grip on them just behind where they jutted from my breasts. With a tug/squeeze motion, I sprayed her with some of my own milk. To my surprise, it wasn’t the chocolate milk I’d given her, but instead it was an orange-ish tint.

 “You gave me O. J.?” I asked. “ Just to round out that full breakfast menu?” I punctuated this by spraying her with some more juice, which she licked off her lips. Then, suddenly, she jerked forwards and applied her lips. I felt her suckling, punctuated at first with a lick or two, which made it stand to attention. I felt lazily aroused, almost like I felt when my pussy and clit were being manipulated. I groaned softly, and pulled her head closer to my chest, then I pulled the rest of her to me, curling her up in my lap. She murmured her contentment, and continued her suckling. It felt even better than when Peter and I had done this. She seemed to know just how much to drain each one, paying them equal devotion. How long we stayed like that I don’t know, and don’t much care. My mind wandered in the semi-orgasmic haze I was floating through, and I had an idea. With a wave of my hand, I conjured my laptop into the bedroom, and set it to hover at a convenient height.

 When she heard my fingers (from one hand, mind you) clicking away on the keys, Jackie separated from her nipple, as reluctantly as I’d stopped nursing on her.

 “What ARE you doing, Jay?”

 “Tying up some loose ends, baby.” I smiled lopsidedly. “Peter and I have some stuff left over from a couple of months ago, and I need to check on something.” She backed off of my lap and sat up in the bed next to me. I dropped a kiss on her shoulder by way of thanks, and switched to two-handed typing.

 “You talking about that li’l chippie at the drive thru?”

 “Yeah, I still feel bad about that. I’ve never been one to stand up a lady. Even if I AM a lady, at the moment.”

 “I’ve got no complaints, lover. Except maybe that you’re more interested in that thing than me or Peter.” I stopped typing and turned to stare at her.

 “Is that true?”

 “Only lately. You’ve gotten the crazy idea that you need to start hunting down the other Users.”

 “Who else would stand a chance? If I think faster than they do, and with a little preparation…” She cut me off.

 “You can’t know that you’ll always be able to outthink or out-program the other Users. You’ve done pretty well with this condo, but what happens if you get the bad end of a fireball or something? Peter can’t use the Master PC, and I don’t even exist, legally.”

 “So you think I should just leave those other assholes be? What about all those poor people?”

 “What about them? You know as well as I do that you can’t undo the changes that one person makes with the Control Console if they take half-way decent precautions. Not to mention that magic can’t erase the changes made, just alter ‘em slightly. So what’re you going to do with the ones that you can’t even approximate a recovery for?” I thought on what she said, and went over some more ‘assumptions’ I’d made. I dropped my head when I realized she was right. “Hey now, don’t get stupid on me now.” Her fingers grabbed my chin and lifted it back up, kissing me as she did. “You just didn’t think far enough outwards.”

 “I know, but what can I do?” I was clueless. Short of enslaving every other User I ran across and forcing them to undo the changes they’d made on their victims, I couldn’t see the way out. “ I can’t just let it keep happening. Sooner or later someone’s going to lose a copy of the program that doesn’t have Xan’s virus on it, and Gods know what’ll happen if even more power hungry geeks get it.”

 “Don’t worry about that right now. Let’s solve the problems we’ve already got instead of borrowing tomorrow’s.” She thought about something for a few moments. “Well, we could add on to your idea of buying this complex. But instead of just this property, let’s buy out a few hundred acres all around it.” It seemed like a good idea to me, since most of this area was undeveloped, not to mention unlikely to sell anytime soon in this recession. “We’ll get rid of anything we don’t really need, and we’ll use some magic to enforce our defenses.” I pushed away the computer and lay my head down in her lap, while I prodded at the spell she’d cast on me.  “Or maybe we could get some decent security put in place around the property. Since we’re all effectively immortal ‘till we decide to die, we don’t have to worry about inheritances and such like. We can also clean out this building of all the normal people, but we’ll buy another complex, I remember seeing one in development only 3 miles away, and we can move all of the occupants of this one into it.”

I’d undone the spell she’d cast on me, and resumed my normal male body while she’d been talking. A further bite from that spirit of impishness that had gotten me earlier drove me to pull the halves of her shirt apart and start exploring. I licked at her belly, making her squirm. “ Stop that, you little….” Her breath hitched, since I’d begun teasing at her sex with my lips and tongue. Her pussy was spicy smelling ( and tasting) thanks to my tinkering when I’d reshaped her. I ran my tongue down her trimmed hair, stopping to toy momentarily with her clit. A squeal muffled by her thighs told me I’d found my goal, to stop her pretty mouth to stop talking and start moaning. I smiled evilly, even though she couldn’t see it. Her cream dribbled all down my chin, soaking into the sheets, and the musk of her arousal began to fill my senses to capacity. I ‘drew’ with my tongue on her clit, her outer lips, and the insides of her thighs. I felt her muscles begin to shake, and I added to my oral manipulations a jolt of magical energies right to the pleasure center of her brain. She screamed in ecstasy, and climaxed, a further spill of her juices flooded out and onto my face.  I sat back on my haunches, and surveyed what I’d done. She was beautiful beyond belief, her gorgeous legs spread out before me, wearing one of my twin’s shirts, her hair mussed from her thrashings, sweat running down her neck and chest. I leaned forwards again, and French kissed my beloved.

When we unclenched from our lip-lock, she said with a smile, “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Really? Then why am I covered in….” I gestured at the trails of woman-juice still decorating  my stubbly chin. She sat up and licked some of it off of me.

 “ I have no idea.” She raised her brow at me, and slipped off her shirt, climbing off the bed as she did so. “Now I need to take another shower….” She looked back over her shoulder at me coquettishly. Unfortunately, fate decided to take another hand in my life at just that moment.