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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving

CHAPTER 013 - The Conclusion

The next morning, I woke up in a pile of flesh. All of my wives and my co-husband had crawled into bed with me, having pushed the other one over to make one big enough. I managed to extricate myself and went into the bathroom, where I relieved myself and took a marathon shower. I chuckled at my own idiocy, not to mention luck. I heard the door open, peeked out the shower curtain and saw Suzanne standing there. I gestured for her to make free with the toilet and turned back to my shower. I was surprised when I felt a breeze blowing across my ass, and when I rinsed the soap from my face, I saw my wife in the shower with me. She plastered herself against me, her stiff cock nodding against my own, which responded quickly.

 “Morning, Suzie. Sleep well?” I stepped forwards, letting her get hit with the spray. I was entranced by the water sliding down her form, and dazed out for a moment or two, not hearing her reply. Finally, she snapped her fingers in my face, breaking my reverie.

 “I just said that I wanted you to go fuck the dog, and you’re just staring at my tits. Haven’t you had enough?” she smiled at me.

 “Never enough of my wives, baby.” Her dick stiffened even more at that, her nipples getting into the act too. “Besides which, it’s been way too long since I’ve had anyone but Pam.” I took her into my embrace, wrapping my arms around her back. She started kissing the side of my neck, while I cupped her ass with my hands. She moaned in heat when I slipped my finger past her anal ring, rubbing herself against me. I let my finger pulse in and out of her ass for a few minutes, while she did her damnedest to hang on against the stimulation. David’s alterations to her body had apparently split the nerve connections from her woman’s genitals into her ass and her cock, making her more sensitive to stimulation there than any man would have been. I played this up, teasing her with my fingers on her anal bud and on her cock. Finally, I sank to my knees in front of her, pushing her against the back wall of the shower and did the one thing I’d not done with this one of my wives. I took her cock into my mouth, sucking it to full mast. She lasted only a minute or two before she came in my mouth, but instead of the semen that I’d expected, it tasted like pussy-juice, only a little stronger. She stared down at me if I was a stranger before she sank down to the floor’s bottom, sliding forwards so that I could get behind her. I soaped her up as we sat there, her not saying anything.

 “Jay?” she said as I brought the soap bar down to lather her groin.

 “Hmm? Yes, love?” I stopped lathering, and let the shower spray rinse away the bubbles.

 “I’ve been thinking. There’s nowhere on this earth that we can go and be accepted for who and what we are. There’ll always be someone wanting to make fun of the woman with a penis.” I set the bar of soap back down on the soapdish, saying nothing. “Is there any spell you or Jackie can do that will take us away from here, like into another dimension or something?”

 “No, baby, there isn’t. At least, not one I know of. But does it really matter to you what people think? You have wives and husbands that love you for who and what you are, you have a son that will grow up to be a fine man, and you’ll be physically beautiful until you die. Is all of that insufficient?” She spun around in my grasp, laying her head against my shoulder.

 “No, it’s more than I could have ever hoped for. It’s just that sometimes I feel lonely; there’s noone else like me here. The closest you get is a transsexual, and they couldn’t get a hard on with a bottle of Viagra.” I thought about what she said; there really weren’t many women like her, at least none that we’d found. The stares and whispers would be hellish. I squeezed my wife closer to me. “If we went somewhere else, I wouldn’t feel like I was robbing you and the others of something.”

 “You’ve never taken anything we didn’t offer you, dear. If we thought you were taking something that we wouldn’t give, I’d have said something before now. But your idea has merit. I’ve no intention of letting these bastards run us out of our home again. I was going to talk to the Wizard about it anyway, but now I’ll make it a priority, if it’ll make you feel better.” She kissed my shoulder. When I looked in her eyes, I saw a woman that would level a mountain with a hammer, if I wanted it. She took hold of my cock, which had hardened against her stomach. She sat up a little higher, and with a whimper, she sat down on it. I felt her muscle-ring tighten convulsively around it, filling her ass. I stared into her eyes as she wrapped her arms around me again, pulling us back together. She rocked up and down on me, driving my dick as far as it would go. I held her head in my hands, and I kissed her again, pushing my soul out and into hers. I felt the connection snap taut, and we each felt the other’s reactions and our own. I slammed into her, drawing out a whimper of need, and slowly pulled back before repeating it over and over again. I slipped one hand down, and I pulled on her cock until it shot all over my chest, marking me. She whined in need, and with a final thrust, I marked her as well. I stood carefully, lifting the two of us, still connected, into the spray of water. I kissed her, feeling the water rushing down her face and my own. We stood like that for a while, until the water suddenly ran cold, causing us both to yelp. I set her down carefully, as she pulled my dick from her, caressing it with her hand as she did. She laid a kiss on it before turning off the shower. She pulled back the curtain, and I stepped out, increasing the fluffiness of the towel when I grabbed it. I dried her off first, and then myself.  I swatter her on the butt, playfully, before driving her out of the room in front of me.

 “About fucking time,” Peter growled at us as he waited for us to clear it. He rushed in immediately afterwards, shutting the door behind him. I looked at Suzie and blushed. She shook her head in silence, but her eyes were dancing with happiness. Back in the bedroom, the others were mercifully still asleep. Suzanne started dressing, while I kiped some of Peter’s things to wear till I could get some out of storage. I kissed her when I went by, grabbing the keys to the moving van as I passed them. Outside, I opened the back of the van and dug through the crates till I found the ones marked with my name and “Lab”. I reached inside that one, and pictured my scrying crystal, which I felt beneath my fingers. Nice work on these storage boxes, I thought. I set it to hover above my shoulder while I repacked the van, and when I was done, I went in search of a little solitude. Around the back of the hotel was a small stand of trees, where I finally plunked down. I pulled the ball down in front of me, and cleared my mind. I pictured the Wizard, visualizing his crystalnet address. I got an automated message, telling me that he was in consultation with a client. I asked him if we could have a face to face meeting at his earliest possible convenience, checked the rest of my own crystalmail, and closed the connection. I was walking back to the front of the hotel when the sphere flashed with an incoming message. I reestablished the connection, and found the new mail. It was from the Wizard. It read; “I’ve been waiting for you to make contact. My shop will be in the Wenchiko Mall, approximately 30 miles east of you in three hours.  The door will be downstairs next to the Cold Corpse, a Goth store. See you soon, Wiz.”

 Excellent! I’d be able to make Suzie happy, and at the same time, we could do a little shopping, since we didn’t get out very often. I got around the hotel and went back inside, rousing my wives. I chivvied them through the shower, promising to tell them what was up after they were ready to go. While they paired up to bathe, the others and I packed up our stuff.

 “You’d better be planning on breakfast, bro. I’m starving.” Peter smiled at me as we hauled bags out to the Suburban.

 “Me too. I’ve not eaten in a week.” I clapped him on the shoulder. “Hey, where’s Cassandra?” I’d completely forgotten her till now.

 “She asked us to put her in suspension till you had a chance to brief us, chief. She’s in your lab boxes.”

 “Shit.” I dug around and pulled her out, yawning. “Sorry for taking so long, Cass. I just woke up last night.” She nodded in understanding. She shook Peter’s hand. Peter whipped up a simple dress (Well, simple for a four-breasted sex goddess) and I put a spell on it so noone would notice her abnormality. “Peter, if you’d go get our wives, I’m going to try and fix Cass, if I can.” He nodded and went back upstairs. I sat Cass down on the seat of the Suburban, pulling out the Master PC. I tried using Cassandra as the subject, but it didn’t work. I tried a few spells to dredge her name out of her memories, but it failed as well. Shit. I pulled out my glasses to verify what had happened to her, but she hadn’t been altered by the Master!

 “Cassandra, do you remember when this happened to you?” I asked.

 “This guy threw this liquid on me when I walked into my house, and when I was writhing around in lust, he shoved a dildo up my ass.” She frowned at the memories. “I never saw him again, and when I woke up, I was like this.”

 “Okay, sounds like magic. I’ll try a few things, but it might hurt a bit.” She nodded, and I began my investigation. What came up was revolting; I got the remnants of a dream-body potion, presumably the liquid this asshole had thrown on her, and there was a mergence of her body with a major magical artifact. I probed deeper, and I saw what had gone wrong. The two devices weren’t meant to be used together, and her natural psychic talents interfered with the mind-altering potion. All I could really do was counter the potion, untangling her precognition from her sex drive. She had a reduced (but still inhuman) sex drive, but that was all I could do. “Fuck. I’m sorry, Cass.” She was crying , so I held her. “I have a friend that’s even better than I am with magic. He might be able to help you. We’re going to see him later today, but even if he can’t help you, we’d be happy to have you with us.” She bawled harder. My wives and Peter came down the stairs, and the women-folk took turns saying hello. I told them of my offer to let Cassandra stay with us, and they all ratified it. She sniffed and hugged all of us. I smiled. It looked like my family had just gotten a little bigger. She was even ecstatic over David; she liked children. I bustled them into the Suburban with Suzie driving while Peter and I took the van.

 “Pete, would you be willing to give up a few things to make our wives happy?” I asked as we drove. It wasn’t an idle question, since if the Wizard was willing to send us somewhere else, we’d be giving up a great deal.

 “Of course I would, Jay. Why do you ask?” His eyes were sharp. “Have you got something in mind?” I gave him a brief synopsis of what Suzanne and I had talked about in the shower. He sighed, but it was a relieved sigh. “I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a while now. We’re good, Jay, but I have no taste for living in a war zone, changing homes every three months. If the Wizard opens a gate for us, I’ll throw everything we’ve got aside like trash.” I squeezed his leg in thanks.

 “You’re a good man, Peter.” I smiled warmly.

 “I should be, I’m your clone.” He groused, but I could tell he was flattered. We pulled up to a Denny’s and had our breakfast, resisting the wives’ inquiries. All I ‘let slip’ was that we were going to the mall. Jackie gave me a sidelong glance from the other side of the table, but let the matter lie. After breakfast, we hit the road again.

 At Wenchiko Mall, we parked out in the far lot. We broke up into 2 triples and a pair. Peter and Suzanne were going to go hunting for goodies in the electronics stores, while Pam, Daphne, and Rebecca went clothes shopping. They were going to meet up in an hour or so in the food court, and if Jackie, Cassandra and I were done with our hunting, we’d join them as well. I knew, however, that eventually if all went well, we’d all be in the Spells-R-Us later on. I watched my spouses head off, while Jackie twined her fingers with mind and I looped my arm over Cassandra’s shoulder.

 “Cass, your gifts might twitch when you meet this friend of ours, but trust me, he’s the best.” I tightened my hand against her shoulder. She said nothing, but asked a question of Jackie as we walked.

 “Jackie, why did you all ratify Jason’s offer of a place to stay? I mean, none of you know me very well, and I’m the one that nearly got him shot.” She was looking Jackie in the eye when she asked, trusting me to steer us all down the hallway.

 “Because we may not know you, but we DO know how Jay thinks. Once he found out that you were being held against your will, and particularly that you’d been messed with by someone, he was bound to cure you or take you in. It’s how we got our 4 other wives, you see.” She smiled at the kid (she’d admitted to being only 19) gently. “He’s the world’s biggest soft-touch.” She kissed me on the cheek. Cassandra didn’t really know what to do with this, so she stared at the stores we were passing. Finally, we got to where we were going. I watched Jackie’s expression as we came up to the door of the Spells-R-Us.

 “What kind of shop has a door?” Cass asked.

 “Only the strangest store you’ll ever see, Cassandra.” Jackie let go of my hand and I stepped up to get the door, only to have it open on it’s own, smashing my fingers. I cursed and howled as the other person, a teenage girl wearing a fairly ugly dress and combat boots dashed past us. “I’ve seen some ugly transvestites, but that kid was the king.” Jackie’s voice held it’s mocking tone. “She’ll be all better in a few days, I’m sure.” I was still cradling my fingers under my arm, hoping none of them had been broken. “Did he break anything, Jay?”

 “Hell if I know, but that door’s heavy!” Jackie prised my hand free, and examined it. With a kiss across the knuckles, she banished the pain.

 “Be careful, I just fixed two broken knuckles, baby.” She took my uninjured hand and we gestured Cass inside. She preceded us, and I heard her gasps of surprise at the Wizard’s wares. Jackie and I poked around for a moment or two as well, before we heard the familiar voice address us.

 “Jason! Jacqueline! Come on in the back, I was just hunting something up.” We looked at each other and shrugged. The back part of the store was where the Wizard kept the more unusual of his items, things like broken Morphic Adaptation Units, busted costumes and the like. We found him digging through a ceiling-high chest of drawers, seeking something elusive. When he heard our steps, he pushed the drawer in and turned around. Instead of his mocking smile, he gave us a genuine one. “How’ve you been? Your wives? Peter?” We made some small talk before he turned slightly away and stared through the wall.
“Oh my. I’ve not seen one of those in a thousand years. Your young friend Cassandra has been the victim of a Lust-Refraction Dildo.” He gestured for us to follow him back out front, and we did so, where he called out for Cassandra to come up front. She did so, cautiously until she saw us standing there.

 “Hello, sir.” She inclined her head politely, her eyes wide as saucers.

 “You’re not going to ask how I knew your name?” his ancient eyes were twinkling with amusement.

 “There’s a sign saying “Yes, a real Wizard” on your counter. After knowing Jason and Jackie, it doesn’t take much to inference a mind-reader.” The Wizard’s bushy eyebrows leapt nearly off his head, and he laughed heartily.

 “You’re the first person to ever see that sign without my indicating it, except for Bill Hart. I’m impressed, miss Cassandra. I was just talking to your friends about you, but I thought you should hear it yourself. Please, come closer.” He stalked around his counter, digging for something. The stools we’d used last time reappeared, and we sat down. “Aha! Here it is.” He spun around with a huge open book in his hands. He let it rest on the counter in front of us. “Is this,” he pointed to one of the illustrations, “the ,ahem, device that was used on you?” When she paled and nodded, I took a closer look at the picture. It had to be the tackiest and most expensive dildo on the planet. Made of solid silver with an emerald and a ruby capping each end, the entire thing was carved to show writhing figures in a variety of sexual positions. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but they’d all been painted in lurid colors, looking like a Disney Dildo. “I dislike having to ask, but I have to know if I’m to help you, Cassandra, but which of your orifices was used for the introduction of this device?” His delicacy and tact were impeccable. When he’d gotten his answer, he sighed. “Damn. I’m sorry, Cassandra. If a Lust-Refraction Dildo” he indicated the picture “is used introduced in the anal sphincter without having been used on the other two first, the effects become permanent.” He hung his head. “The potion used on you only complicates matters, as does your own psychic power. They’ve shorted out the device, so you are now, for all intents and purposes, the repository of those spells.”

 “Isn’t there some way to get rid of the spells? Jay tried, but surely you’ve got something stronger…” Jackie’s voice trailed off as the Wizard shook his head slowly.

 “I wasn’t going to tell you this, but you two are my equals in sheer magical power. If you are unable to remove the enchantments from Cassandra, I’m not able to either. I’m sorry.” He hung his head. Cassandra reached across the counter and held his hand in her own.

 “Thank you for being honest, sir. I’d rather have the truth than have false hope.” He patted her hand gently before looking me dead in the eye. “How long will the enchantments last?” she asked.

 “More than a thousand years. Your life will be extended, Cassandra, and that’s not a frequent occurrence.” Her head snapped up, and her eyes widened in shock. His fingers tightened on hers, bringing her attention back. “I’m sorry, I can’t even undo that part of it. The device’s magic is older than I am, and noone alive knows how, who, or even when they were made.” He looked distinctly uncomfortable.

 “Ladies, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to have a private word or two with the Wizard.” I kissed Cass’ forehead and squeezed Jackie’s hand. The Wizard handed Jackie a pack of tissues and told them to make free with the chairs and tea in the back room if they needed it. He turned back to me. “I’m sure you know what I was coming in for..” I began, but he shook his head.

 “When you became a Wizard, I lost all ability to see into your mind, my apprentice. You’ll have to lay it out for me.” I did so, and he nodded his head once or twice. “I see. You and your spouses have been doing some serious grappling with the issue. I can easily arrange passage for you to another world,” I smiled brightly. “However, I must tell you that other worlds have their own problems. In a world where women have the penises, you, your brother, and your wives would all be freaks, while Suzanne would be the norm.” I frowned, trying to think up another solution. I spread my hands in helplessness. “You’re far too impatient.” He chuckled. “I would like to offer you a job, Jason.” I was flabbergasted. Didn’t I already have a big enough job? I asked him that very question, and he nodded. “That is in effect the job I am offering to you. However, I will make it possible for you to do so with much greater ease than you currently have. It won’t be easy, and it will take you many years to finish, as you already know.”

 “But why offer me this job again? Didn’t I already agree to it the first time we met?” I was still confused.

 “You did indeed. However, later events have complicated matters. I’ve watched you, and I know how you think and how you react. If anything happened to your wives or to Peter or David, you would never recover from it. You would become a raving lunatic, unstoppable by me or any other magician. The cost to taking you down would more likely than not be prohibitive.” I was shaken by this accounting. Was I really that bad? Something in my demeanor put the wind up him, because he kept talking. “I don’t mean to imply that you’re a danger as you are. However, in your grief and rage, you are a irresistible force; you have magic, which is dangerous enough, but you also have that damned Program. Between the two, if you ever put your full mind behind it, you could break apart everything that exists.”

 “You’re being rather nonchalant about the whole thing, if you don’t mind me saying so. If I’m so dangerous, why hasn’t anyone really tried to kill me except idiots?”

 “Because anyone that looks at you and your family sees how greatly you care for them all. If you are left alone, you are much less likely to exercise your power. Therefore, I see this as a chance to decrease the chances even further.” He reached under the counter and plucked out what looked like a cheap wine bottle. “This bottle, which only recently came into my possession, is the single most indestructible item in all the universes I have ever been to. There are gods that used their full strength on it, and failed to break it. The interior of this bottle is a pocket dimension, completely unreachable except through the gate of the bottle’s mouth. Any being that the bottle’s owner allows may lay a hand on it and travel through the gate to the other side, where they are protected from anything that exists. It has infinite storage capacity, and you may even transport material items into it.”

 “What’s the catch?” I asked.

 “The bottle’s cursed. The owner will forever be made a woman by the bottle’s curse, but only outside of the pocket dimension. Within it’s confines, you may be male or female as you choose.”

 “If I become the bottle’s owner, will I still be able to do magic?”

 “Of course. I would hardly offer it as an option otherwise. You could use this bottle as your home, since noone but those you allow can transport through it, and I’ve already told you of it’s unbreakability.. Also, it isn’t stealable, not by magic nor by sleight of hand.”

 “The other half of the catch?” I was holding my breath for the really nasty part.

 “You would be cursed to immortality, and your loved ones with you. Until you either rid this plane of the Master PC, or cause humanity to evolve to a point where the Master’s power doesn’t tempt them so as to make them enslave others, you would be unable to die. You can spend as much time in or out of the bottle as you choose, but whenever you are outside of it, you will be female. The curse will give you a hyper-sexed appetite, and you would have to sate it before you could transport through it. I will give you the bottle as a gift. Choose wisely, apprentice. Eternity is a VERY long time. Now, if you are ready, I believe your wife and your friend would like to do some shopping.” He smiled warmly, and I knew that all the stories that indicated his perversity were exaggerated. “Before you leave the area, come back and see me. This universe is rare in magicians, and it would be good to talk with another practitioner.” I nodded, placed the bottle into the bag he proffered. I dug through my pocket and came up with a hundred bucks, which I pressed on him just to complete the bargain. He made grumbling noises and I knew I’d done the right thing.

 I walked to the back, and collected my wife and Cass. I linked arms with them both while Jackie took the bag from me.

 “What’s in this, Jay?” She tried to look into it, but I asked her not to until we were back with the group again.

 “I’d rather tell you all at once, love. Humor me.” I kissed her, and she subsided. We spent the next few hours shopping, acquiring bits of stuff and some clothes. While we walked to the Victoria’s Secret, I pondered what the Wizard had offered me. I would have my loved ones safe and sound, in our own little pocket dimension. I could keep them with me, and if they wanted to come out into the world, they could do so with no effect. We would have a very long time, if not an Eternity, to be together. The only drawback was that I would never be male again on this side of the bottle, unless I could work a spell that would change me, but I doubted it. I would have to satisfy my sexual urges as a woman before I could get inside the bottle, but that didn’t seem such a bad thing. I’d enjoyed being female well enough the half-dozen times I’d been one, but now I wouldn’t have the option of changing back at will.

 Jackie had talked Cassandra into getting some clothes, since we could afford it. They took turns modeling clothes for me, one of Jackie’s spells altering the clothes to fit Cass’ altered body structure. The image of her in a fire-engine red teddy with all four breasts barely covered by the fabric was enough to shake my mind from contemplation. Her altered sex drive made it’s mark clear as well, the smell of her arousal, cinnamon and citrus at once, wafting through the air. I sprouted a hard on instantly, which made her blush momentarily before looking  interested. I told them to buy all of the outfits, all 10,000 dollars worth. The clerk’s eyes widened when we hauled all the loot up to the counter, and stammered at me.

 “Mr. Smith, you’ve already been through here once today. Why not buy the whole store and be done with it!” Her disbelieving face put me in stitches.

 “Ma’am, you’re mistaking me for my brother Peter.” I managed to gasp out between laughs. “ Was he with a tall brunette in a green dress and a shorter blonde in blue?” She nodded, still with that offended look on her face. “That was definitely my brother.” I dug out my wallet, and showed her my ID. She had the grace to blush.

 “I’m sorry, sir, it’s just that you two look so much alike, I thought…” she trailed off.

 “It’s perfectly alright, it happens everywhere. Now, I’d like to outfit these two ladies, please.” The return to normal business procedure calmed her down, even if my continued laughter made her keep blushing. Hell, if I took the Wizard’s offer, I’d probably be back here later to get some stuff for myself!

 Having finished shopping at Vickie’s, I dragged the two women through the mall, buying whatever caught my fancy. Mostly, though, I bought books and toys. I knew Peter had either bought the electronics gear or could make better stuff. We managed to stagger out of the video store for under 3000 dollars, which was surprising. At that point, we had to borrow one store’s pallet jack just to haul the goods. We made quite a sight, a thin man dragging a pallet of women’s clothes, books, toys and videos through a suburban shopping mall.  Cass begged for a pit-stop, so we hauled the loot over to the restroom entrance. I cast a quick spell onto it, since I could use a refresher myself. I had just finished up when I heard the door open. Cass’ and Jackie’s voices drifted in.

 “Jay? Is anyone else in there?” I looked around before replying no.

 “Good, then we’re coming in.” Jackie’s voice was full of mischief. I smiled to myself as I leaned back against the stall. The two of them came in, carrying some of the boxes we’d gotten at Vickie’s. I raised my eyebrow in jest.

 “Is something wrong with the women’s bathroom?” I smirked.

 “Yes, there’s not an audience!” Being exposed to Jackie was a good thing for Cass. She was becoming more a normal adult woman than an adolescent. “We hoped you don’t mind.” Her grin was as full of mischief as my wife’s.

 “I never turn down a chance to see beautiful ladies in lingerie.” The look of approval from Jackie told me I said the right thing, echoed by the relief from Cass’. I decided to head this one off too. “What’s the matter, Cass? You don’t like the stuff you got?” She looked at her feet, scuffing the left one over the right.

 “It’s, well, these,” she indicated her secondary pair of mammaries. “You don’t find them ugly or weird?” Her tone indicated that she thought I would. I shook my head negatively.

 “I know we’ve been kind of rushed for time, but still, you think that I’d find you repulsive? You’ve seen me having a bestial rut with a wife I put under a spell that gave her six constantly leaking breasts and you’d think I’d mind an extra pair of breasts?”

 “I know they were all part of a spell you put on her so you could break into the compound.” Her eyes came up, locking with mine. The anguish was clear. “You’re a relatively normal guy, magic powers notwithstanding. Why WOULDN’T you find extra tits weird?” I smiled and pulled out my wallet, flipping it open to some of the racier pictures my wives had decided I HAD to have. I flipped to the one of Suzanne, in all her glory. I held it out to her. Her eyes got round.

 “One of my wives has a penis that’s at least my size, if not bigger. Why should I bat an eye at extra tits?” She dropped the wallet and leaped at me, toppling the pair of us to the floor. Her four breasts were pinned tightly against me, which my cock mightily appreciated.

 “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s been so long since I’ve had sex…” I silenced her with a kiss, firing off a mental message to Jackie to block off the bathroom for a while.

 “There’s nothing to be sorry for, Cassandra. I’ve been on the end of sexual compulsion magic. I know how overpowering it can be.” I saw an idea spark through her eyes. “What’re you planning?” I asked worriedly. A blue-green glow from her eyes washed over me, filling me with a rush of hormones. “Oh hell. The Dildo’s magic, right?” I managed to grit out past my attempts to control my desire. The look in her eyes was stricken, but I held her hands. I nodded my head in acceptance, opening my mind to the beautiful woman in front of me, showing her my heart. Tears filled her eyes, and she reapplied herself to our liplock.

 “Jesus, Jason. That does it, you’re not going anywhere alone anymore.” Jackie’s voice made me chuckle past the fire searing my balls. “But I’m not getting left out of this one.” I heard her shoes hitting the floor and she started shucking her clothes. I managed to break off from Cass.

 “Wasn’t there supposed to be fashion show going on in here? If I’m going to get a present, I at least want to see the wrapping first.” Cass’ smile decreased the horniness raging in me to a simmer. She stood up, and she and Jackie stripped down to their underwear. “Nice, but I’ve seen these before.” I said with a smile. Jackie shook her head and made a pass with her hand. Instantly the pair of them were covered in two of the outfits they’d just bought. Jackie was wearing a fire-engine red bra and panty set that set off her pale coloring and dark hair to perfection.  Cass was in an outfit of dark green that had been altered by Jackie’s magic to encompass her different structure. The sides of the micro-bras thrust all of her massive breasts forwards, just tempting me to touch, which I did, to a whimper from their owner.

 “Cass, sweetheart, these aren’t an aberration. They’re a unique feature.” I dropped a soft kiss on her collarbone. She lunged into me again, pressing my head into her shoulder. I used my hands to titillate her further, dragging my fingers down her belly and dipping into the lowest part of her outfit. She whimpered with need and released my head. I looked her directly in the eyes, continuing to tease her tender flesh. “You’re unique, Seeress. I don’t know of much else that would convince me of a higher power than a Woman, and you’ve got more of the salient features of womanhood than anyone else I’ve ever seen.” I pulled one hand free, and licked it clean. “And you’re tasty, too.” Her eyes lit up with lust at that. My twin got into the act at this point, coming up behind Cass and laying her hands on Cass’ shoulders.

 “He’s right, you know. I’ve got the biggest tits in this family, and you put me to shame, beautiful.” She kissed Cass’ cheek. “Now, why don’t you let us see you, and we’ll show you ourselves.” I nodded agreement and pulled my other hand out, regretfully. I skinned out of my own clothes in a few seconds, dropping it wherever, before I started undressing Jackie, who was undressing Cass. In a minute or less, we were all bare, and it was gorgeous. Cass’ skin, pale as ivory from her long confinement out of the sun, contrasted nicely with Jackie’s half-tan and half-pale complexion. Her tits, far from being monstrous, were beautiful. She just had more of them than most women. They all were showing their happiness at being here, pointing into the somewhat chilly air of the restroom.  Her legs, long and slim, were well turned, arching up into womanly hips. Hells, even her fingers were gorgeous, long and slim without being spidery. We were all touching each other, exploring the terrain. We continued in this vein for some time, contrasting their velvety softness with the hairy hardness of my own skin before Cass lost her restraint. As she said, it had been some time. Jackie settled her to the floor before sitting on her face, and I gently wrapped her legs around my waist. She was positively whimpering in need, but we held back long enough to make her appreciate the gifts she had. I slid my cock into her with exquisite slowness, until I’d filled her up. She made appreciative noises into Jackie’s pussy, and I started moving in and out, slowly. Jackie was moaning in lust too, and the sounds of our sexual escapade echoed around the tiled room. I felt a pulse of magic, and Jackie wailed loudly before sliding off of Cass’ face and curling up on the floor beside us. I looked a question at my newfound lover, and she replied, “The power of the Dildo. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to have it rough, and now!” She wrapped her hands into the hair over my ears and pulled my head down. “Now give it to me, lover!”  I complied happily, letting go of my usual constraints. I slammed into her box with all the power I had in me, roughly holding her still. She growled in thanks, and when I finally had had enough to cum, she came with me, screaming loud enough to break the glass of the mirrors. I laid down on top of her, her breasts cushioning me.

 “That was certainly athletic, Seeress.” I smiled into her breast.

 “I think it’s something to do with the dream-body potion. It’s made me unable to climax unless my partner does, too.” She smiled. “Certainly takes the onus off of you, doesn’t it?” I kissed her in reply before pulling our still-shuddering third into our embrace. “I guess I don’t know my own strength.” She concentrated for a moment, and Jackie’s eyelids stopped fluttering before they opened.

 “My god, how long WAS that?” Her breathless voice inquired.

 “About 15 minutes or so, beloved. Was it good for you?”

 “You have no idea what that’s like! I thought I was going to die!” She squeezed our partner in thanks. “That was beyond belief, Cass. Thank you.” Cass murmured back some endearment, causing Jackie to smile before giving her a lingering kiss. I hauled the three of us off the floor, and we proceeded to get dressed again.

 “Now that was an experience, my loves.” Both of them made a face at me. “We’ll have to tell the others. Peter’ll be jealous beyond belief.” I smirked.

 “Only a sexually-obsessed lunatic like you would turn that into a competition, Jay.” Jackie’s rebuke was accompanied by a pinch to my ass. I snickered, we collected our things, and left the bathroom. Outside, the cart was untouched, so I undid the spell, the ladies linked arms, and we went on our merry way.

 Finally, we got back down to the food court, where we easily found Peter and the other wives. They had not one, but two pallets of stuff. I busted out laughing again, as did everyone, including Cass. After a cheap lunch, we hauled the stuff outside, stacking it up next to the van while Peter and I returned the pallet jacks.  After we’d crammed everything we could into the storage boxes, we drove down to a fancy hotel and checked in for the evening into the Penthouse suite. Over a room-service dinner, I laid out the Wizard’s offer.

 “Are you serious, Jay? You… WE would all be immortal? Living in a bottle?” Daphne’s voice was disbelieving.

 “Yes, dear. The only catch, like I said, is that I have to be a woman on this side and I have to satisfy my sex drive before I go in. I was already planning on spending the next few hundred years doing this job, and this way I get to keep all of you with me, not just Peter and Jackie.”

 “But what about school, work, or whatever?” Suzanne asked.

 “If you really WANT to work, it shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t see why you’d have to.” Peter and Jackie’s silence was bothering me. Neither of them had said word one since I’d asked the question. “The only boundaries are on me, not on you. And I have to admit, knowing that you all were safe would make it easier for me to do this job.” Everyone fell silent, and after a minute or two, Peter spoke up.

 “I agree with Jay, girls.” I slid my eyes to him. “We talked this over earlier today, and we both agreed to back this play if it were offered. I urge that we take the Wizard’s offer.”

 “So do I.” Jackie’s support clinched the deal. The others weren’t about to let us go, nor us them. It would be all or nothing. We all made love that night, celebrating our good fortune.

 I woke up the next morning sated, and resolved to take this weight onto my shoulders. I stood there in front of the window, watching the sun come up. I heard someone come up behind me, two someones. Two heads laid down on my shoulders, and two arms wrapped around my waist. It was Peter and Jackie.

 “It’s still as gorgeous as ever, isn’t it?” I threw out. They both nodded, and I simply enjoyed the moment. “It’s been a long, strange trip, hasn’t it, my loves?”

 “That it has, bro, that it has.” Peter’s voice was unusually soft, as if he were afraid of something.
“And it’s only going to get stranger from here. We’re going to be immortal, and together for however long it takes.”

 “Would either of you two morons have it any other way?” We both looked at Jackie. “Honestly, it’s not that bad. If I know the Wizard, it won’t be nearly as bad as you’re both thinking. And if it is, we’ll just have to get the job done quicker.” She twirled a lock of her dark hair around her finger. I took it off her finger, and smelled it.

 “You’re right, as always, baby. But right now, why don’t you two go back to bed? I’d like to get some things done before the big event.” They looked askance at me momentarily before winding themselves back into each other on the bed. I’d always felt better having done the background work, so I decided to move all of our stuff into the bottle. According to the Wizard, I’d be male until the first time I went into the bottle and came back out. It worked, too, since I’d been the bottle’s owner since yesterday and I still had my manhood. I pulled on my sweats and hustled down to the van, where I started putting the storage boxes and everything else into the bottle’s pocket dimension. Hell, I even put the Suburban in there too, since size didn’t matter to the bottle’s opening. That task being done, I went back to our room, and watched my sleeping family. Last night, Cassandra had asked join us in bed, and we had agreed with a resounding “yes!” She was currently nestled in between Daphne and Suzanne, deep asleep. I hoped she would be happy with us. When I had been in her the previous night, she had invited me inside of her mind, and I experienced the world the way she had, and it was beautiful. Her gift had shown me the day she married us, and I nearly laughed aloud, spoiling the game. We treasured it as a secret between new lovers.

 We were going to be together for a long, long time. If I lived long enough, I might even figure out how I’d gotten so lucky in love. While I waited, I packed the rest of my things and had a shower. When I came out, all my spouses were awake, having coffee and the breakfast they’d ordered from room service.
I hugged every one of them, and asked if they were ready to start our new life. We sat down on one of the beds, all of us bunched together like a tangle of kittens. I touched the bottle and wished us inside. There was a black flash, and when I blinked, we were sitting in a sunny field, bare as the day we were born, all of our gear stacked up close by, right next to the Suburban.

 “Well, shall we get started on our house?” I smiled, knowing that our adventure had just begun. David was already toddling off, chasing the swarm of butterflies that had gone past us. Daphne snagged him and came back to the group.

 “Frankly, I’d rather see what kind of woman the bottle’s curse turns you into, hon.” Becca held me by the waist. I’d been somewhat dreading this moment. Would I be ugly? Attractive? Thin? Fat? Short? Tall? When she noticed my hesitation, Rebecca came around to face me and took my hands. “Come on now, it won’t be that bad, and it’s only part time.” I smiled and swallowed my nervousness. The others rejoined us, and we all held hands as we wished ourselves out of the bottle. Another black flash, and we were back in the hotel room. I looked down, and I saw breasts on my chest. I let go of the hands holding mine and I went over to the mirror and looked into it.

 I was tall, for a woman, about 5’11”. Thin without being bony, but with a set of tits that looked rather large on my frame. Long legs, cute toes. I studied my face. Very little like Jackie’s. I had a heart-shaped face, high cheekbones, and my eyes were as hazel as they ever were. My co-wives and husband came up behind me and assured me that I was beautiful in their eyes. I cried, and they took turns comforting me, and re-welcoming me to the family.

 A few hours later, I was alone in the hotel room. Everyone else was inside the bottle, building our house and the tower for mine and Jackie’s magical practices. I was alone, and I was female, and I was immortal. I laughed at the jest, and pulled on the clothes that Peter had made for me. I checked out of the hotel and turned in the rental van at the nearest facility, paying for the extra mileage. Finally, I got a taxi back to the mall, where I visited the Spells-R-Us again. The Wizard made me feel at home, being a gracious host.

 “You look well, apprentice. Enjoying your first day as a woman?”

 “Sort of. But now I’ve got to get some ID to make this life official.”

 “Allow me.” He did a stage magician’s trick, and produced a driver’s license, birth certificate, and credit cards, all made out in the name of Jessica Dane. “The cards have all of the converted funds from your old funds, and you’ve got a class A rating. There’s a Dodge Neon in the parking lot that matches these keys.” He handed me the ring. “There’s also an apartment leased in your name in a Phoenix, Arizona. You now have the wherewithal to do whatever you wish to do, as long as you continue to fix the problems caused by the Master PC. I hope this life is as happy for you as your old one.” I leaked a few tears, and kissed him on his whiskered cheek.

 “Why have you helped me so much, Master?” I used the title out of respect. He smiled and showed me to the door. I nodded and started walking into my new life, the bottle containing the best of my old one stowed in a brand new backpack (enchanted so that it couldn’t be stolen) over my shoulder, and I waved good-bye to the Wizard. As I got to the door that led outside, I heard his response. “Because I love happy endings, too, my daughter.” I smiled at his care, and went out into the world.

The end.


This is a happy story, and I make no excuses for it.

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