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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


 I was confused when Past-Jackie and Jason appeared during Jackie’s labor, but I knew them well enough to know that they’d explain later. After I’d finished checking both of them out (both ‘mother’ and infant being perfectly fine), Jackie explained to me what was going on.

 “Jay’s selves at 5 points in time were all focused on making us know what would happen down the line. The Jay that was with them is from about 4 months or so in our future. Now, are we going to age this fella to his right age, or are we going to debate time-travel?”

 Needless to say, I went with Option No. 1. The Master PC returned Jay to his prime, and we spent the next week in an orgy of celebration. His magics were even stronger than before, if you can believe that. Something about having spent a normal gestational period in another human being had strengthened his will, not to mention having been born with magic this time.

 Jackie organized the orgy/ritual that would power their little temporal jaunt, and a good time was had by all. She never went back to Social Work, but instead spent increasingly greater amounts of time practicing her own magical skills.

 Suzanne, Daphne, Pam, and Rebecca all settled into a routine, almost like a commune. Little David had four mothers instead of the standard one, and seemed to be fine with it. Daphne opted to be a stay at home mother, with Rebecca helping her out, in between continuing her web-based Amazon Fetish-wear sales. The four of them regularly joined us for games, dinners, and just hanging out.

As for me, I patented a cheaper Liquid Crystal Television that cost about half as much to make. I raked in a pile on that one. My siblings and I spent the other fifty % of our time tracking and eliminating malignant Users. The few we found that weren’t abusing other people we left alone, but they were few and far between.

Unfortunately, one of the nastiest bastards we took down, a Robert Parkham, had set a rather nasty booby-trap. His Master PC had been set to mail itself out as a piece of junk e-mail. Most people that got it deleted it, since it sounded like the usual bullshit. Anyone that opened it, however, was rewarded with their very own spawned-copy.

“Dammit, how many times are we going to have to go through this? Trying to contain these assholes is taking every erg of power we can muster between the three of us!” I complained while we were dealing with the ripples from a user in North Dakota. If this son of a bitch had gotten more ambitious, he could have gotten someone to set off the nukes in Minot!

“Just be thankful Xanthos decimated the one on the Newsgroups, Pete.” Jackie was leveling the bastard’s house with a crush-spell and a large warhammer. “Think how bad it’d be if he hadn’t. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t pay him a visit.”

“No way in hell, sis. Xan’s a good man, but he’s at least as smart as we are. I’m not about to make him paranoid. Besides which, he’s got his own fish to fry.” Jay’s declaration was punctuated by a transformation of a victim back to her normal state. Jay sent her home, under an amnesia spell. “He’s taking your route, Pete, and he’s done enough to handle this whole fucking mess.” I was still a little antsy, Jay having caught a serious energy blast in our little conflict. The tattoo I’d given him was all that had saved him, his magical shield having collapsed.

“Yeah, but from what I read, he’s just like you, bro. Even if he wasn’t slick enough to give himself magic powers.” My exoskeleton crunched through the reinforced concrete floor. “This bastard, however, was. Need I remind you of the ‘demon’ he conjured up?” This one had been a real nasty customer; he’d been kidnapping women and breeding up a sacrificial pool. Every time he’d crushed one of their heads on his altar, his pet demon got stronger and stronger, which reinforced his power. We’d had to call in the Wizard for a consultation, since neither Jay nor Jackie had any experience with Demons. Jackie had had to lure said Demon into a spirit trap the Wizard had provided, and Jay had to trigger it. All the Wizard had taken in trade for it was the Demon itself. He didn’t really trust anyone with that thing in their arsenal, and I concurred. Hell, we’d even managed to earn the old man’s trust with that one. The User himself, Jackie toasted with her bracelet when his link with the demon was cut off.

 The sensors in my exo-skel’s hand’s gave me a ping. “Hey, I’ve got it!” I pulled the rubble aside, uncovering our goal. “Little shit had it buried in the concrete!” We’d demolished his main terminal, but he’d had the Master running on a supercomputer. No wonder he’d had such a fast processing time and an extended range. Jackie levitated me a case with my diagnostic tools. I attached a probe to the frame, and took my readings. “Holy fuck, he upgraded this thing himself!” God, I was glad we’d gotten him. Bad as he was with his pet Demon, if he’d had a chance to get to his terminal, we’d all have been toast. There were more onboard parallel logic processors than an entire computer lab at MIT. “I think we oughtta take this home, I’m not about to stay around here and play with it.”

“Works for me, but is it gonna fit back through the Doorway?”

“… Fuck no. I’ll have to rent a U-Haul. I don’t even know enough about it to shrink it down.”

“I’ll go, I’ve got the cash,” Jay volunteered.

“No, I’d better go. There might be more magic traps around here, and I’m useless for that shit.” I hauled the supercomputer out of it’s niche and set it down in the now-scorched living room. We’d set off a series of trip-wire spells when we’d gone after Arnie, and I wasn’t about to volunteer to find more of ‘em with my klutzing about. I disengaged the armor’s control system and it released me, folding itself back down to steamer-trunk size. I hauled my ass back outside, hopped into the rental truck and went hunting a U-Haul.

While I drove, I did some heavy thinking. We were living in a constant state of readiness; Jackie hadn’t removed her blasting-jewelry for months, Jay had enough scanning spells around himself to fill an entire spellbook, and I was sleeping with an infrasonic gun under my pillow. We’d armor-reinforced the condo and the rest of the building to withstand anything short of a fusion bomb, and noone in our little clique left the building without one of us three along for the ride. The girls were understanding, but getting a little jumpy, and I wasn’t much better. However, being married to all of them was nice.

The recently-passed legislation legalizing multiple marriages, gay marriages, and the like had swept most of the country, including Kentucky. We’d taken the opportunity to marry the girls, making us a family in every last way. Jay’s parents, however, weren’t understanding of it, and had disinherited him for it. He’d written them off with a “fuck you too” letter, but he still felt guilty about it. Afterwards, he’d gone into overtime making sure all of us were as magically protected as he could manage. None of us slept alone anymore, not feeling real safe with one of our loved ones outside our umbrella.

“Ah, screw it. What’re we gonna do, challenge every User in the world to fight it out?” I said to myself. The more I thought about it, however, the better that idea sounded. We could set up in some desolate area, terraform it into livable conditions, and challenge every User we could reach to come fight us! Shit, we could have a majority of ‘em under our thumb, ripe for the crushing!

I finally found a rental location for U-Haul and got the biggest van they had. We were raiding Arnie’s place for anything we could use, since we weren’t going to let anyone else mess around with it. I got one of the sales reps to drive me back from the truck rental place, and drove off with the van. Back at Arnie’s, I told Jay and Jackie about my idea. Both of them saw the merits in it, but what about the risks?

“One of those buttheads could get lucky, Peter. We could end up dead. Even worse, we could end up with the same kind of complex.” Jay argued.

“Yes, but we could get rid of a lot of ‘em that way, particularly if we enforce it with spells.”

“You wanna take the chance that someone’ll use the magic from the Master to scan for traps like that?” Jackie said.

“What about passive defenses, like the ones on the house?”

 Both of them thought it over. “Now that might work. They won’t even show up unless you try to cross them. Problem is, we can’t make them selectively permeable, not and keep the fuckers inside. We’d have to be inside when it triggers, then all bets are off. If we do it right, even the Door won’t work.” They were thinking in series, finishing each other’s thoughts. I was still amazed at how in tune we could be, sometimes.

 “And with my weaponry, we’d stand a fair chance of coming out alive, you know. Not to mention the Master PC itself. We could use it to pump ourselves up to the best we can think of. A simple clause at the end would reverse it when we were done.” It was a risky proposition. If we overextended ourselves, or even slept carelessly, we’d be fucked. Game over. “In any case, it’s something to think over, right?”
Jay clapped me on the shoulder, and Jackie hugged me. “Besides which, most of these idiots seem to think in terms of muscle or mental powers, all of which can be countered. Geeks tend to be sci-fi nuts, not fantasy oriented like you are, Jay. They think of guns and psychicism, rather than sheer magic. The novelty alone probably gives us an edge.”

 “True, but do you want to go up against someone with Seraphic powers, like Dan?” Now THAT was sobering. Dan, the highschool computer teacher, had given himself the powers of an Angel towards the end of his story, and the worst part is that it didn’t even give him an edge. “Not to mention, I doubt if we can scoop up all of the bastards. They’re cagey and paranoid, not to mention seriously anti-social.”

 I heard their arguments, but I wasn’t about to give over. Even if we didn’t get all of them, I was betting that enough of them WOULD show up to be worth the effort. While we packed out the stuff of Arnie’s that we didn’t want to chance throwing through the Doorway, I plotted out what I’d need to pull it off.

 Okay, logistics first; figure on a maximum of about 10,000 users total in the world. Of those, approximately half have either gone benign, gotten themselves killed, or blown into another plane of reality.

Of the remaining 5000 or so, assume they’ve all had the Master for 3 months or longer. They’d probably be getting bored with the same old routine. Make a slave, fuck slave, dispose of slave. Maybe they’d just acquired enough stuff and people to satisfy themselves. Still, the sheer power rush of exercising deific power was heady. A challenge would probably be welcome, and the last one standing would inherit the world, so to speak, in that most of their competition would be wasted.  However, what was I going to do if the challenge attracted some totally benign User like Jay? He’d never altered anyone without them agreeing to it, and although I didn’t think it likely, it could still happen that there were more like him in the world. Would we have to kill them? No, not if the ward-spells are done correctly.

Finally, where was I going to set it up? Nowhere inhabited, that’s for certain. Maybe there was an island or two in the Pacific where we could set it up. No, I was going to have to give the destructive powers a little more credit. We’d probably end up wasting an entire island, right down to the bedrock, and I wasn’t going to chance it on a volcanic landmass. Australia, maybe? The deep Outback was supposed to be desolate, and I knew  for certain that not many people lived out that way. I could set it up on a few hundred miles of sand, and get the area ward-spelled to drive people away. Workable solution!

However, I still had to convince my co-husband and all of my wives to throw in on it, which was liable to require an act from the Almighty himself. After Jay had sacrificed himself to help Daphne, all of the wives in my marriage had taken a cue from Jackie and had gotten into the habit of stomping on any plans Jay or I made that might tempt us into throwing ourselves into the line of fire. Of course, their habit of extracting a promise from us while we were having sex didn’t hurt the odds of their success.

Finally, we got all of the loot into the back of the van, even down to the supercomputer, even if we’d crammed it so tight it’d take us twice as long to unpack it. I sighed in disappointment. You’d think that with all of the seemingly impossible things sorcery is capable of, a little teleportation would be easy, but noo, all we’ve got is a doorway that opens up into any place we’ve seen into. Now I was stuck driving this damn truck halfway across the country with enough demonology gear in the back to give a Satanist the hives. Mercifully, Jackie was going to ride with me while Jay went home through said Doorway. We said our good-byes, and Jay vanished.

“Well, how long do you think we’ll be, doll?” I asked Jackie.

“Probably going to be a day or two. We’ll probably end up sleeping in cheap motels between here and home. Probably don’t even have Cable.” She smirked. “Nothing to do but have sex or read. Think you can stand it?”

“Oh, I imagine I could. I’m just worried about what that goofball Wizard we married is going to be doing while we can’t stop him.” Ever since he’d been resurrected, Jackie and I had been watching Jay like a hawk. Understandable, I hope, but it still made me nervous to have him running around on his own.

 “Be nice. You know the wives won’t let him get into anything without at least calling us.” Jackie smiled. “We’ve been all over him like stink on shit for the last year. Let the poor guy have a break. Besides which, we’ve not had any private time with each other in a while, and I intend to enjoy it.” I never could resist her whims, not when I could easily make her happy. We hopped into the van, and with a final spell from Jackie to make people leave the lot alone for at least a year, we started driving home.


 I shut the door behind me and sat down in my chair with an explosive sigh. Finally, some privacy! I love all my spouses, but they were starting to get under my skin. All of ‘em had been checking up on me for so long I was almost afraid to nick myself shaving for fear of causing a panic. I understood, it’s not every day someone comes back from the dead, but Goddamn, a guy needs some privacy! On that note, I locked my lab door, giving me a little solitude.

 The more I turned over Peter’s idea in my head, the better it sounded. My previous objections aside, if we could screw a few of these idiots out of their copies of the Program, I’d sleep easier at night. Hell, the UPS deliveryman almost got a face full of sword a week ago when I was practicing with it. Mercifully, I calmed down enough to set it down before I opened the door. A knock on the door jarred me back to the present, and I called out “Who is it?”

 “Daphne. You busy?” Something in her voice told me this was serious. I dissolved the spell on the door, and gestured it open. Daphne walked in like something out of my teenage dreams; beautiful blonde babe, wearing one of my shirts and a pair of cutoff jeans. She plopped down on the floor in front of me, resting her arms on her knees.

 “What’s up, doc?” I slid out of the chair and mirrored her on the floor.

 “I’m worried, Jay. You and Peter and Jackie are getting so jumpy lately the rest of us have been walking on eggshells.” She continued in a rush. “You’ve all been so busy that even making love has been rushed, not satisfying for any of you.” She thumbed her wedding ring nervously. “When’s the last time you had sex that took more than 15 minutes?” She had me there. I couldn’t think of a single incident. “You’ve been using your powers to satisfy our bodies, but not our hearts. You in particular are worrying us.”
I heard the door open, and when I turned around, my three other wives came in. I gestured them to sit down, and they joined us on the floor. “This whole war you’re waging has become personal. That last guy you took down before this North Dakota trip wasn’t just turned, you ass-fucked his life. You gave him such a complex against technology he’s a Luddite.”

 “I’m trying to protect my family, Daph. You girls, David, Jackie, and Peter are all I have left in the world. I’m not risking you to these other bastards.” When I heard what spilled out of my mouth, I was taken aback. I’d become vindictive, just like Daphne said. Things said in emotion have a truth of their own, and I’d just said things I’d not even articulated to myself. My wives crowded closer to me, closing me into a circle of their bodies. Suzanne, who was sitting behind me, took hold of my shoulders and pulled me back against her breasts.

 “We know that, Jason. You’ve been cut off from your birth family, but you’re taking out your frustration on your enemies. That’s not who you are, my love.” Her hands wrapped around my chest. “You might worry about losing us to outside influences, but we’re afraid of losing you to your cause.” I started to speak, but Rebecca laid a finger across my lips.

 “To turn around something you said to me a long time ago, babe, the whole affair hasn’t been all bad. If it weren’t for Sherman, you and Jackie would never have met me or Pam. We wouldn’t have married you, and we’d probably still be screwed out of anything remotely resembling a normal life. You gave us back our humanity.” She took her finger away and laid her head down on my lap, staring into my eyes. I couldn’t take it, and looked away first. Pam took up the conversation.

 “You still can’t believe this is all real, can you?” I quirked my head at her. What was she getting at?
“Peter told me that sometimes he can’t believe the last couple of years have really happened. He still keeps expecting to wake up alone, back in the life you used to have. You still think enough like him to make the argument valid. Do you ever think that?” I thought about it, and realized she was right. I nodded, struck speechless. She took my hand, and held it between her own against her heart. “Well, lover, I hate to tell you, but you’re awake. This is all real, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re real women, and we love you more than you know, but you’re pulling away from us.” Tears filled her eyes. “It seems like you’re so afraid for us to be real that you’re distancing yourself to keep your dreams alive.” Tracks of moisture fell down her cheeks. “Your problem, however, is that we’re not dreams. We’re flesh and blood, but more than that, we’re your wives. You might not have claimed us as chattel with the Program, but you still claimed us with your heart.” I felt my throat closing up. “You left us once, and it almost killed Peter and Jackie. Now, after all this time, it feels like you’re going away again. This time, however, it’ll probably kill all of us.” She moved so close I was able to count her eyelashes, and the others followed suit, enclosing me on all four sides. “Don’t leave us, Jay.”

 Suzanne put her oar in. “You’ve taken us into your heart, and into your home. Ultimately, you married us, for better or worse. This is the worse part of that agreement.” My scrying crystal, which had been quiescent, flashed with an auditory message from the Wizard.

 “Listen to your wives, apprentice. You’ve done great things, and will do many more as time goes on. Do the greatest of them now.” The sphere went dark again. If the Wizard was taking a hand, matters must have been getting seriously grim. I took his advice, and pulled my wives to me. They cried on me while I thought  back over what I’d been doing.  They were right; I’d lost track of my humanity, somewhere along the way. I had become a war machine, focused only on maintaining my dreams of eliminating the ‘competition’. My God, I’d become a crusader. Even my magic, which I’d once thought of as a life-affirming tool, was becoming nothing but a weapon in my hands. I looked at my hands, seeing the metaphorical blood that covered them, and shivering. That wasn’t who I wanted to be, and I was bringing my twins down with me. Peter had made almost nothing but weaponry for the last year, instead of labor-saving devices. Even Jackie, who had loved me enough to carry me beneath her heart for nearly a year, was becoming aggressive.

 I shook my head in shame. “My beloved wives.” Their heads all turned to me. “You’re right. I’ve been blind.” I laughed weakly. “Jackie did the same thing you’ve done, more than two years ago.” I stood up. “I’m sorry. This is why I made Peter and Jackie, and I’ve outdone myself by marrying 4 other women that have enough sense to smack me when I’m being stupid.” I held my hands out. “Come on, I’ll make you all lunch.” They took my hands, and I pulled them up in pairs before leading the parade out to the kitchen.

 I used the opportunity to practice a little culinary magic of the prosaic sort, whipping up a lunch of gourmet standards. My wives were teasing me as I did, pulling off their clothes and teasing each other to a state of sexual excitement. Daphne and Suzanne pulled some things out of the fridge, vanishing into the next room with them. I shrugged,  finished with the meal preparation, and when I went to put it on the dining room table, I found Rebecca splayed out on it, covered with whipped cream, sauces, and fruit. I raised my eyebrow in a silent question.

 “I’ve always wanted to try this, ever since I read about it in a magazine.” Her smile was effective, and I threw caution to the wind. A simple levitation and suspension spell on the food kept our lunch ready while we played.

 I was leaned forwards, licking the strawberry jelly and whipped cream from over her right breast, Pam mirroring me on the opposite side. Our rasping tongues were driving Becca to distraction, and she was shuddering with anticipation. Daphne was taking care of the stuff on Rebecca’s stomach, leaving brown and white smears of chocolate syrup and whipped cream in her wake. Suzanne was watching the whole scene from the kitchen doorway, rubbing her cock through her sweatpants. I raised my hand and waved her over, switching places with her. Then it was my turn to stand back and admire the tableau. One of my wives was covered in delectable goodies and her co-spouses were all engaged in cleaning her off. Too bad Jackie and Peter weren’t here, they’d get into it. I stepped from the room long enough to snag one of Peter’s cameras to capture the moment for posterity. When they saw the flash, the women all turned from their play.

 “Now that’s more like you, my husband.” Becca sat up on the table, condiments running down her front. “Come to momma, baby.” She opened her arms to me after coming to the edge of the table. I gave a mental sigh for the state of my wardrobe when she was done, but I did it anyhow. She kissed me, infusing it with all of her emotions. The others took advantage of my distraction to strip me bare, and I jerked my head once in thanks. All of  a sudden, there was the sound of breaking glass behind me just as I felt something hit my back. I spun around, putting myself between my wives and whatever it was. I tracked the defense spells’ activation, and found something surprising waiting for me; a bullet, wrapped in the blue lightning of magic. I sprinted over to the window, but I couldn’t see anyone with a rifle. Shit! I’d forgotten to enchant the glass to resist impact from bullets! A look at the floor showed me the first bullet, the thing I’d felt hit my back. Peter’s tattoo had absorbed the kinetic energy and flattened it out.

 The women asked me what was going on, but I gestured for silence. I took hold of the second bullet, still sheathed in my power. I incanted a spell, and I got a linkage to the gun that had fired it. It had been fired by a dark-haired man in his early 30’s, wearing a brown business suit. I firmed my grip on the spell linking me to the gun before I let my attention swing back to the women.

 “Girls, get dressed, now! Grab David and a set of clothes for me!” They scattered, taking off down the interior staircase we’d installed in the living room. I ran into the kitchen and used a little water and a paper towel to clean up. ‘Why does this shit always have to start right when I’m trying to be intimate with my wives? Is there an alarm somewhere that goes off whenever I get a hard-on?’ I groused to myself. Pam came running with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for me that I took with a  kiss en passant and pulled on with haste. I bellowed out for them to move their asses, and I availed myself of some of Peter’s weaponry while they finished up. Finally, I went to the lab and grabbed my laptop, threw it in it’s case, and I was ready to go. My wives were all waiting in the living room, little David in his armored carrier, overnight bags packed with gear. “This sort of shit is what makes me paranoid, girls.” They tittered nervously. “But we’re going to put an end to this little charade right now. Let’s get the car.” I encased us in a globe of force while I activated the nastier defenses on the condo. Mercifully, we’d gotten the last of the other tenants moved out months ago, so I didn’t have to worry about casualties. We trooped out to the Suburban, Peter’s wedding gift to us all. He’d given it the same makeover the Beater had, so I knew we’d be pretty safe inside it.

 Once ensconced inside the Suburban, we were all set. I pulled the bullet out of my pocket, and gave Suzanne directions. “North half a mile.” “West, mile and a half.” After twenty minutes or so, our quarry stopped moving, giving us time to catch up. When we finally had him in sight, a Murphy’s Law spell made his tires go flat. He pulled off on the side of the road, and we pulled up behind him. “Stay in the car, girls. Suzie, if anything goes sour, get out of here! The Wizard’ll give you sanctuary.” I reassured them all of my love with a mental caress. Then I opened my door and got out.

 “Having a little trouble, friend?” He was pulling the spare out of the trunk when I started talking, but when he laid eyes on me, he dropped the tire and started fumbling in his coat. A spell stopped that.
“Now now, I’m just trying to be helpful.” His eyes widened in shock. As far as he knew, I was toast. I pulled the tire off the ground where he’d dropped it, and pulled it over to replace the flat. I manipulated him like my puppet the while. I used the wrench and pulled off the nuts. “Now, why would you try and put a bullet between my eyes, hmm?” A simple lift of the wheel and it was off, quickly replaced by the spare.

 “Orders.” He ground out the word as if he’d like to spit it in my face. “You and the others of your kind are a threat to national security.” I got up, and he tightened the nuts down on the spare.

 “And what kind are you referring to, sir?” We’d both stood up straight, apparently having a normal conversation to any onlookers. “Black haired men with five wives and a co-husband, stay at home recluses, or science fiction fans?”

 “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Warlock.” I sneered sardonically at his remark.

 “I’m no Warlock, Mr. Whatever-your-name-is. Your information is in error. Now, why didn’t you just come up and knock on my door? I’m a recluse, not a reactionary rebel.” His face was stony. “Unless you thought you had some reason to fear me, that is.”

 “Our locator indicated that you had a device of incredible power in your home. My job was to eliminate the threat.” His self-righteousness was nauseating.

 “And what would you have done with my spouses? Killed them too?” I asked rhetorically. Damn black-operatives. This kind of operation isn’t supposed to leave witnesses. Well, this fucker was about to find the favor returned, with interest. “Just wait there for a minute, I’ll be right back.” I made him smile and nod while I went over to the Suburban’s driver side. I rapped on the window, and Suzie rolled down the window. “I’m alright, girls. But I’m going to get to the bottom of this, quickly. I’m going to have him take me to wherever it is he came from. I want you to follow behind.” Suzanne nodded, waving the others’ objections aside before grabbing my head and pulling it close.

 “Be careful, lover. You’re not immortal, you know.” She pecked me on the cheek. I patted hers in return.

 “Oh, I’m going to be damned careful, believe me.” I slapped a do-not-notice spell on the Suburban before turning back to my little puppet. “How far did you drive to get here, butthead?”

 “Three hours.” He had no choice but to respond, since I was twitching milliamps of electricity down his spine whenever he didn’t speak.

 “Then we’d better get moving, don’t you think?” I walked him over to the car’s driver side, and put him inside before he unlocked the passenger door. I slipped inside, and whistled softly at the gun I saw in the backseat. “You definitely weren’t playing around, were you? But you weren’t too bright, since I’m still alive to talk about it.” I laughed sardonically. “Start driving.”


 We’d pulled past the guarded gate at a small facility in the wilds of southwestern Virginia, encountering no problems at all. Mr. Franks, my driver, had filled me in on what they’d been doing. Apparently, the use of the Master PC had been noticed by a Government psychic, who had advised her superiors that I was a danger. Mercifully, I was the only User detected by this Psychic, which made me breathe easier. The thought of the Government getting their hands on the Program was nightmare-ish.
Also, it could have started a firestorm if they were go after the other Users. I had to put the brakes on this little fiasco before it got ugly.

My guide stopped his Lincoln town car outside an office building, where he and I both exited. I made a short detour to snag my laptop out of the Suburban, then proceeded to make some alterations to my erstwhile host with my spell. I gave him some simple memory alterations, forgetting having been ordered to assassinate me, and to begin purging my records from their files after making copies for me, making me seem an ordinary man that passed all of their inquiries. I got the name of his superior, and altered that person to do the same things. That should give me a little peace and quiet for a while. However, I had to find this ‘locator’. Whoever it was, they could start the whole ball rolling again if they detected me.

 “Where is the locator, Mr. Franks?” I asked my would-be-assassin.

 “Down in the bunker, end of the compound.”


 “Immense. R-Class clearance required.”

 “Who has that clearance?”

 “Noone on site. Whenever they needed someone to speak with or to the locator, they were flown in via private jet. All of the locator’s orders are issued by someone else down in the bunker.”

 “Very well, Mr. Franks. Execute the wipe.” I watched him go into the building, settling in for a bit of a wait. This was liable to get sticky, but I’d rather have my family near me.. Peter! Jackie! I panicked momentarily, pulling out my cell-phone and dialing frantically.


 “Jackie! Thank God!” I filled her in rapidly on what had happened and where we were.

 “Goddammit! Are the girls and David okay?”

 “Fine, baby, we’re all okay. I’m going to see what they’ve got, it should show where the holes in our cover are.” I felt her probing at my mind across the miles. “Don’t bother, baby. I’m locked down tighter’n a nun’s chastity belt. You and Peter get home quick. Oh, I pulled all the stops out, defenses are at maximum, so you might want to tone it down a touch.”

 “We’ll be there as quickly as we can, so get comfortable, hon.” Her tone was deadly, and I thought of what the girls had discussed with me earlier. “If you’ll activate the camera, we’ll open the Doorway right next to you.”

 “Okay, standby. How far are you from the house?”

 “About 100 miles, but we’re going to fly it there.” I smiled, knowing how much she hated flying. “At max speed, we’ll be home within 15 minutes.”

 “Alrighty, then. I’m going to make a few last-minute changes, and we’ll be set. I love you, baby. Give Peter a hug for me.” I hung up the phone and hopped into the Suburban. My spells would distract notice from accruing to the vehicle itself, but my wives weren’t what I’d call inconspicuous. They piled all over me, reassuring themselves as to my well-being. I kissed, hugged and fondled them into quiescence.

 “What are we going to do now, Jay?” Pam’s voice reverberated against my gut, that being where her head was. “If they’re tracking your spells, we’re as wide open as ever.”

 “They’re tracking the Master PC, baby. They have no idea what I’m really capable of. Probably just want to get their sleazy little hands on it.” I rubbed her head in soothing circles. “If this works, we’re safe.”

 “But what if there’s someone else that knows, Jay? Are you going to take on the entire Federal Government?” Daphne was worried, and she held her child to her breast in a protective gesture. “As strong as you are, could you really stop them all?” I thought about what she was suggesting. No way in hell could I stop an entire army unless I wanted to use the most destructive magics I knew. No way. I’d been down this road before. They could kiss my ass. I had to vanish from sight, but what about my family? How would I protect them? Hell with it, deal with the repercussions later. My cell-phone rang.


 “Jay? Why haven’t you given us the image yet?” Hells, I’d forgotten about it.

 “Give me a sec, babe.” I pulled a vidcam out of the pocket on the seat in front of me, connecting it to the camera. “Here comes the location.” I pressed the activation key, sending the image down the line.

 “Got it! Okay, we’re coming across now.” I looked out the window, seeing an MP go by in a jeep. I extended the reach of the spell to cover Peter and Jackie’s appearance. They popped in out of nowhere, Peter scoring the tarmac right in front of the threshold. They got into the Suburban as well, and we had  a little reunion. Afterwards, I filled everyone in on my plan.

 “Jackie, I want you and Pete to take the girls back across the threshold so we can all bail outta here if necessary. Suzie, you and Rebecca start throwing everything you can find into the storage bins from the lab.”

 “Why? You feeling the need for redecorating right before a confrontation?” Suzie’s sarcasm was biting. “If you are, let me just say it’s definitely not the right time. I have a headache, and it’s been a long day.” I chuckled, playfully squeezing her breast over the seat. A knock at the window interrupted my soliloquy, and I rolled it down. Mr. Franks had returned, and he handed over all of the original documentation. He and his superior would spend the rest of the night purging the electronic records. I nodded and thanked him for his efforts in my behalf before sending him back to work.

 “Not quite. We’re moving. I’m not taking the chance on catching another bullet in my ass. Jackie, I want you to start pulling all the junk from the lab, books and all. Stow ‘em in the cases.  After everything’s been packed, I want you to pull all the defensive magics, I’d rather not leave them anything to work with.  Peter, you do the same with your workshop and our bedrooms. Whoever finishes their task, go help someone else. I want everything packed within an hour. It shouldn’t take me much longer to get what I need from here. Pam, you’re with me, but I need to ask a huge favor.”

 “Ask, lover-boy.” She smiled weakly.

 “I want to cast a spell on you that’ll remove onlookers. It’s one of the instant multiple-orgasm types. Whoever looks at you, much less touches you, will be locked into the greatest mind-fuck of their lives. Problem is,” I smiled wolfishly, “you’ll have to be completely naked.”

 “That doesn’t sound too bad. What’s the catch?”

 “You’ll be caught up in the spell as well, but if you pass out or actually climax, the spell collapses.”

 “So you want me to run around naked, with a lust-spell on me, and if I cum, game over?”

 “Basically. If you don’t feel safe doing that, I understand. I’d just use invisibility, otherwise, but this way, that Psychic won’t be able to sense squat past the lust.”

 “Well, alright, but I want you to know, you’ll owe me two for this one.” Her arms squeezed around my middle. “Can I have some backup, just in case I can’t hold out?” I thought about it, rearranging my plans.

 “I’ll send Daphne with you. Daph, I’ll give you enhanced strength and durability, cause you’ll need it if you’re going to carry her with you. I’d like to send David back across with the others, so we won’t have to worry about him.” She nodded in agreement. “If you all get finished before you hear from me, come back across with whatever weapons you want, and get Jackie,” I looked at her, “ to put a cloak-spell on you.  Everyone agreed?”

  “What should I do about the Beater?” Peter asked.

 “Collapse it, and whatever else you can’t fit in the storage boxes, dissolve. Throw everything into the back of the Suburban and the moving truck. We’ll figure out where we need to go when we’re done here.” With that, everyone hugged everyone else, and we moved into position. Jackie and Peter accompanied everyone else back across the Doorway, and split into their task-groups. I hooked the Master PC’s carrying case to my back with a spell.

 Daphne, Pam and I were standing next to the Suburban, still covered by the do-not-notice spell’s umbrella. A simple spell gave Daph the strength to pull a tank apart like tissue paper, and the skill to use it. Her endurance, durability and stamina were all increased to proportionate levels. Finally, I made her completely immune to sexual suggestion, spells, or pheromones. Then came the hard part. I drew a pentacle on the ground with a flaming hand, charring the concrete some more. Pam pulled off her clothes, shivering in the chilly air. Daphne held her while I finished my preparations. Then I held Pam for a moment before directing her into the center of the Pentacle.

 “I’m sorry, baby.” She smiled and shook her head in negation. Then I started the ritual.


 In what would soon be a deserted building, my spouses and I were tossing everything we could find. My ability to rework matter was handy, as it let us cram everything down very efficiently. The ‘storage cases’, as Jay had called them, weren’t your average storage bins. I’d made them out of the most durable materials I could fabricate, and then Jackie had insulated them with her magic, focusing it on the inside of the cases. They would hold a great deal more than their volume would indicate, nearly half a ton of mass occupying less than 2 cubic feet and weighing less than 30 pounds. We’d finally gotten them to the point where we could even bring them back and forth across the Doorway with no ill effects, much to our mutual relief. I was in the midst of sweeping my workbench’s contents into one when I saw Suzanne walking past, tears streaming down her cheeks. I finished my sweep, clearing the last materials out. I’d gotten everything I valued in this room into a single case, wiping out the careful work I’d done over the last two and a half years away in less than twenty minutes. After I pushed the box out into the living room, I went in search of Suzie. She was downstairs in her bedroom, packing away her collection of metal statuettes. She was crying, as we all were at leaving our home, but something more disturbed me. I walked up behind her and hugged her around the middle.

 “What’s wrong, love? I know it’s sad leaving our home, but there’s something more eating at you.”

 “It’s just.. how many times are we going to have to do this? Leaving our home and our lives in the middle of the night, one step ahead of the jerks after us? I don’t know if I can live like this..” She sobbed, but kept tossing stuff. I stopped her, and turned her around to face me.

 “I don’t know that I want to live like this either, baby. I’m not fond of running, I’m more of a fighter. But I will tell you this; I’ll make sure that wherever we end up, no matter how long it takes us, we won’t split up our family. I won’t let ANY of you leave us.” I punctuated this declaration by crushing her to my chest. Jackie and Rebecca, having finished tossing the upstairs, passed through on the staircase. I let Suzanne sob for a moment or two before disengaging us. “Now, let’s finish up in here, the others are tossing Pam and Becca’s rooms.” She nodded bravely, and the two of us finished packing their gear in another 20 minutes. We hauled the boxes upstairs before heading down to help out our wives.

 Pam and Rebecca, both being bookworms on a scale to match me and my twins, were a little more difficult to pack away, since there were books everywhere in their place. With me and Suzie throwing books into boxes, we finished our packing just a little more than an hour after we’d gotten back. While we were carrying the boxes back upstairs, Jackie stiffened.

 “What’s wrong, Jac?” Becca asked. “Are we being invaded?”

 “No, I just felt Jay’s magic. They’ve started their assault.” We redoubled our efforts, lugging the last crates up the stairs. We piled them up with the rest, a total of about 50 cases, representing the sum material of 7 adults and one child for the last 2-plus years.

 “Okay, everyone, hop on.” Jackie had scratched a complicated diagram on the floor around the boxes, infusing it with a green-glowing spell. “Peter, if you could get rid of the wall, we’ll get underway.” I placed David’s baby carrier on the box nearest Suzanne, and sprinted over to the wall. A swipe of my fingers, and the wall dissolved into oxygen and nitrogen molecules. I took a seat on the lowest stack of boxes, and Jackie levitated everything out of our condo. I took a final look around, and I felt my throat close up on all the memories those walls held. We touched down right next to the moving van and the car, Jackie’s agitation making itself felt in the rapid flinging of boxes into the van, somehow fitting itself over, under, around, and beside the stuff we’d raided from Arnie’s house only two days ago.

 While they were occupied in shifting our stuff, I collapsed the car, watching three months of effort turn into a hunk of metal. I was in the lowermost of our apartments, dissolving anything I found, then I had a thought; the Doorway! We had to take it with us if we wanted the others to catch up with us! I sprinted upstairs, busting down the doors with my enhanced strength. In what had been Jay’s lab, the Door had been left open, still set to the scene next to the Suburban. I could see the still-smoking remnants of Jay’s ritual, and a pair of female forms, one naked, sprinting towards the far end of the compound. I slammed the door shut with misgiving, but I knew we had to get moving. I grabbed the doorway and manhandled it down the outside stairs, finally cramming it into the back of the moving van.

 “Holy shit, I almost forgot, what about that poor woman in the spare bedroom?” Jackie asked. Fuck! I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached! I knew that David’s original parents were effectively immortal, and besides which, Jackie and I had designed the storage cases to keep alive anything put into them. We did some rearranging, emptying out one and Jackie and I managed to cram the still-orgasming woman and her six foot dildo into it. “Are we just going to start driving, and hope they’ve got enough lead time to let us get wherever it is we’re going?” she asked me.

 “You and the girls get driving. Head  north. I’ll catch up with you shortly.” I replied.

 “What ARE you talking about, Peter? You’re coming with us, it’s not like you’ve got wings or..” she fell silent as she stared at the ‘cape’ I was wearing. “What in the hell is that thing?”

 “My latest invention.” I grabbed the edges and snapped them into out, where they straightened out. “Not exactly wings, but they work.”

 “You’re not going back there, Peter! I can’t handle this thing, you know I can’t drive for squat!” She grabbed my lapel. “Besides which, that thing might not work! And I don’t know how fast those things let you go, but you’re not going to be able to get there in time to do any good!” Before I could react, I felt the ‘cape’ catch fire, and I stripped it off with a curse.

 “Dammit, Jackie, what in hell would you like me to do? I can’t just leave them there!” I roared at her.

 “Take the Door back out, and open it back up. We’ll bring the Suburban back across, just like you used to do with the Beater!” Her snappy response reminded me of my powers over matter. I shut my idiot mouth before I caught flies with it.

 “You’re right, baby. I’m sorry.” I pulled the Doorway back down off the truck, and focused on the last thing I’d seen through it. When I opened the door, I could see the Suburban again. I went across, and with a touch, I reduced the Suburban to conveniently sized lumps of metal, glass and plastic. I lugged them back across the threshold, and sat down to reconstitute the vehicle. Suzanne watched silently as I did this, Jackie and Rebecca grabbing some of the weapons I’d set aside and running back across the Door. I turned to my wife. “We’d better get the cars started before they get back, babe. We should put as much distance between us and this place as we can get. Which reminds me, dig out one of the plasma bombs, would you?” I was currently weaving metal fibers back through the glass of the Suburban’s windscreen while keeping an eye on David, who was playing in his playpen.

 “You want to torch the building, right?” Suzie asked me.

 “Yup. Can’t take the risk, besides which, if they think we’re desperate to run, they’ll spend months going through the rubble.” I finished my restoration work, and patted the truck with pride before going over and playing with the baby.

 “Oh shit, what about the Master PC? Jay had it with him!” she burst out. I cursed and spent the next twenty minutes pulling one of the less-filled crates out of the van and hauling it across the threshold.
We’d tried this before on another copy of the Program, and the crates’ insulation had kept it safe. Then I turned to my spouse, who I’d never before gotten naked with, except in one of our orgies.  I laid my hand over her crotch and rubbed her dick through her skirt. She looked at me quizzically.

 “When everyone gets back and we stop for the night, would you spend the night with me, baby?”
Her eyes got very round, and her mouth opened. I stopped her with a finger. “We’ve been married for months, and we’ve never consummated our vows to love each other.” Tears of joy mixed with the sorrowful ones that had earlier been messing up her makeup. I held her while we waited for the others to get back.


 I finished the ritual, and my beloved Pam looked very little like she had before; her skin was a tawny golden color, and her eyes had become as green as emeralds, while her busty-yet-trim frame was replaced by that of a feature dancer from out of the fifth ring of Hell. She had not one but three pairs of breasts in the range of an S-Cup. Each of these breasts was dribbling a fluid that would increase the effects of the spell on anyone that it touched. She was standing there limply, not moving. Daphne tapped me on the shoulder.

 “Should she just be standing there like that?” she asked me emotionlessly.

 “At this point, yes. The spell is supposed to turn a woman into a sexual predator, fixated on whoever arouses her from her trance. When I touch her, she’ll wake up and begin chasing after me. Your job is to follow her, and prevent her from doing more than touching anyone. Remember, if she cums, the spell ends, and she’ll revert to her normal state.” I was running a risk; if she caught up with me before I finished with the Psychic, she would screw me into insensibility, all to complete the spell. I would be vulnerable to the touch of her skin, and all it would take would be a glancing blow. Unfortunately, only this Lecubi spell would give her the virulent sexual aura that would blank out any pursuers.

 I reached out and touched her pussy, stimulating her into awareness. The part of the spell affecting me snapped into operation, filling my veins with fear and lust. Her eyes closed and opened, filling with an inhuman lust. With no further ado, I sprinted away towards the bunker, applying some spells to increase my speed and to make me invisible. I heard the howl of denied lust from Pam, and increased my racing. I leapt up above the bunker’s door, knowing that the Pam-Leccubus would go inside, trying to find me. Her magically-induced lust would drive her strength, making her nearly as strong as Daphne. I waited, and watched the wobbling tits of my shape-changed wife bounce down the street spraying onlookers, pursued by the iron-thewed form of Daphne. Pam stopped and looked, howling in need. She cried out my name, and it took everything in me not to respond. The spell was designed to work this way, but that comforted me very little.

 Daphne, after kicking aside the twitching forms of the MPs who’d fallen under Pam’s influence, managed to convince the Lecubi that I had gone inside the bunker. Pam’s head tracked over to the door with inhuman focus, and she shrieked with thwarted rage as she burst through the door, followed closely by Daphne. I gave them a few minutes to get ahead of me. A pair of footfalls jerked my attention back up, and I saw Rebecca and Jackie heading towards the bunker, armed for bear. Shit! I was counting on them still being occupied! I was going to have to work fast.

 I jumped back down to the ground and crossed the breached door. Pam’s rage had split the steel doors in halves, not to mention ripping it off the hinges. I saw, by virtue of the drooling men and women on the floor, that she’d gone left, so I headed to the right, praying that I could find the locator before Pam found me.


  Becca and I saw the still-twitching bodies laying around the place, and knew that Pam had been this way. These poor souls would be out for quite a while, knowing Jay’s proclivities as I did. I jerked my head towards the bunker, and chanted a short spell to immunize myself and Rebecca against whatever magic Jay had worked on Pam.

 We got inside the bunker through the smashed doors, and saw the people on the floor. “Jesus, what in the hell did Jay do to her?” Becca cursed under her breath.

 “Knowing Jay, something that worked better than he thought. We’d better split up and find them. You go that way, after Pam, and I’ll try this way. Unless Jay’s completely flipped out, he’ll have sent her away from him to provide distraction.” I cocked the stun-charge gun and prepped a few spells in my mind.
“If you run into Daph or Pam, don’t break the spell! We’ll worry about that later, after the Psychic’s toast!” She nodded, shifted the magnetic pulse rifle and the bandolier of smoke grenades into more comfortable positions and took off running. I headed left down the hallway, hoping to find Jay before his sins all came home to roost. I came across an opening in the wall that looked like it had been melted. Jay MUST have come this way. I stuck my head through the opening, and saw that there was a matching one extending through the other side of the room and out past it. “Shit, he’s taking the scenic route!” I saw something moving down the way, and reinforced my invisibility spell before continuing on.

 When I got to the end of the melted run, I saw more of the lust-victims and knew I was behind Pam’s stalking. Looking to my right, I saw no other bodies, so she must have turned back. Might be safe enough. I went right, hoping that Jay hadn’t gotten himself in trouble.


 “Fucking bastards! Couldn’t someone have used a LITTLE sense?” I muttered, and felt a wave of lust come over me. Shit, Pam was getting closer! The spell’s imperative drove me forwards, away from it. I bolted through the hallways of this underground mouse maze, and finally found myself near my goal. I was standing in front of a reinforced door that made the outer door look like cardboard. The MP was listening to the sounds of rage and lust echoing down the hallways, and was getting turned on by it. I balled up my fist, and struck him just under his ear, catching a nerve center and knocking him out. Okay, time to get past this door. The electronic keypad was no help, there were too many codes entered on it for me to be sure which one would work, even with magic. Fuck it!

I punched in codes that my magic fed me, one by one. Finally, I got lucky, and the door started swinging open. However, I probably wasn’t going to be able to open it on the other side without taking valuable time. How was I going to hold it open? The guard’s body wasn’t weighty enough…. Got it! Banishing my terror momentarily, I managed to ‘think’ myself aroused, and I stroked myself off into my hand. I smeared it across the doorway and the vault-like door itself. Pam’s senses were paranormally acute, and these markers would inflame her into following me. With her strength, she’d be able to rip the door off like tinfoil, if her lust didn’t melt it like an ice cube in Hell.  Oh shit! I could feel the Lecubi’s presence nearby! My spell-fueled terror reignited, and I ran inside the inner vault, pulling the door behind me. Just as it shut, I could hear the screech of the Pam-Leccubus.  I leaned against the inner door and sighed. I’d have a few minutes to get what I needed. I spun around, expecting to see another maze of corridors.

However, there was only a room, about the size of a racquetball court. The walls, which I assumed to be metal, were sheathed in a fluid-absorbing padding, as was the floor. What the hell? I looked around, and saw a distortion like a heat haze about half-way across the room. I dropped my invisibility spell, and went over to it. I passed my hand through the wave, and it vanished. “Fuckin’ holograms!” I took a step forward, hearing the pounding on the vault door behind me. I shuddered at what it portended.

When my head cleared the hologram, my eyes opened wide in shock. There were men and women, all undressed, sprawled out all over the room. One guy was atop a table in front of me, thrusting wildly into a woman with tits that made Pam’s look small. However, unlike Pam, this woman only had 4. I shook my head, hoping that I was hallucinating. The sight stayed the same, however. The woman came with a scream, the man with a moan of agony. He flopped over the side of the high table, unconscious when he hit the floor. The woman let go of the bar over her head, and sat up, her bottom pair of tits resting in her lap. Her eyes widened when she saw me standing there. She was an attractive brunette, with doe-brown eyes, 5’6”, and I’ve already mentioned the rack(s) she had.

“You! The Warlock!” She scrambled backwards on the table till her butt hit the bars, and she fell backwards off it. I couldn’t help it, it was so comical I laughed. I walked up to and around the table, still laughing. The woman was trying vainly to stand, but her tits weren’t getting into the act.

“Yes, I guess to you, I am. I take it you’re the Locator?” I offered my hand to her, and with trepidation, she took it. I pulled her to her feet and let her sit back down on the edge of the table. She nodded in answer to my question. “Why are all these men here?”

“I only get the visions when I’m having sex. The bastard that changed me didn’t know I was psychic, and when he did whatever he did, my precognition was tied up with my sex drive. I’ve been fucking these idiots and more like them for more than a year now.” She shifted uncomfortably, and I assumed it was because she was naked while I was clothed. I pulled off the trenchcoat I was wearing and handed it to her. She wrapped it around herself while I turned away. “Thank you, Warlock.”

“My name’s Jason, or Jay.” I turned back to face her. “What’s yours?”

“The only one I remember is Cassandra.” Funny guy, whoever it was that gave it to her. The benefits of a classical education, I guess. Cassandra, for those of you that don’t recognize the name, was a Trojan seeress who spurned the advances of the God Apollo, and was cursed to be 100 % accurate in her predictions, but would never be believed. Troy fell as a result of this curse.

“How did these jerks get you?”

“They heard stories about a whore-prophet, and grabbed me. They denied me sex until I was about to go insane, then told me they’d provide enough people for me to fuck in exchange for my services as a seer.” Her anger at the unfairness of the situation echoed my own. “They’ll probably keep me here forever, fucking their toys and spouting prophecies until Hell freezes over. My ‘benefactor’,” the poison here was virulent, “did me the disfavor of making me immortal. I don’t age, I don’t get tired, and all I want is sex.” I heard another pounding and a sizzling sound from the other side of the hologram. Shit, Pam was REALLY pissed. I had to finish this up quick.

“Would you like to get out of here? I don’t really have time to explain, but I might have the resources to change you back to whatever you were before this. I have some friends coming to get me.” the sizzling sound was getting louder. “In fact, that’s probably her right now. Like I said, I don’t have the time right now to get into details, but we’ll take you with us, if you’d like to come.”  She thought it over for a minute.

“You’ll try and turn me back? You promise?” The tears in her eyes broke my heart. I impulsively hugged her, and she stiffened in my embrace before returning it, rubbing her foot against the back of my leg in a suggestive fashion.

“I promise that I’ll do whatever I can to make you normal again, Cassandra.” Her four breasts rubbed into me above and below my belt, getting a reaction. “But I don’t think I should indulge right now. Pam, my energetic wife out there, is liable to be a little upset. Just tell Daphne, my other wife, that Jay said you’re coming with us. Tell her I gave a Wizard’s Oath.”

“Why don’t you tell her yourself?” Boy howdy, she wasn’t going to need to ask when Pam got through that door.

“I’ll probably be indisposed.” I opened my mental door enough to fire a message across to Jackie. She responded, and told me that I was in trouble when she caught up with me. I sallied back ‘You’ll have to get in line behind Pam, love. Also, there’s a rather nice lady that I’m with at the moment, she’ll be coming with us. Daphne’ll have her hands full with me and Pam, so you’ll have to help her out.’

‘What, you’ve found another woman? I’m starting to think you shouldn’t be allowed out in public, lover.” Her mental chuckle ended our communion.

“I’ve just told my wife that you’re coming with us. She’ll be here momentarily, so don’t get too comfortable.” A hissing thump and the smell of burning fibers told me Pam was here. “As a matter of fact, I’d be across the room, if I were you.” The spell-born arousal and terror flooded through me again, and I ran to the farthest corner of the room away from where Pam was coming through the hologram.

“Loooover?” the smoky-honey tone escaping from her throat was one that a porn star would envy. All six of her breasts, shiny with sweat and the milk she’d been loosing, were thumping up and down as she panted. “Jaaaaaason…. Where arrrrrrree you?” Finally, her eyes lit on me. I felt my cock burst through my jeans, but all I wanted was to melt into the floor, HAD TO GET AWAY FROM HER! One of her blood-red nails came up to her chin, rubbing it like a little girl. “There you are, lover…” the green fires of her eyes were locked on mine, draining me of all ability to move. “You can’t run anymore, handsome,” she said as her other hand slipped into her shaven cunt, increasing the smell of lust in the room. She paused in her stalking to kick aside the unconscious men and women in her way. When her eyes weren’t on me, I managed to look away, and saw Daphne taking in the room in a careless way. I indicated Cassandra with my eyes, and the two of them started talking.

A sharp-nailed hand grabbed my chin, nearly making my heart leap out of my chest. “You’ve been a bad boy, Jason. Running away like that, making Pammie chase after you.” She was standing right in front of me, dragging my eyes downwards. “It’s time for you to take your punishment, Jason.” I was too much under the spell’s influence to do more than nod. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it down to hers, locking lips with me in an iron kiss. She moaned throatily, rattling my composure. Her hands slipped to my shoulders, driving me to my knees. Her bottom pair of breasts were right in my face, jiggling obscenely. She pulled me into them with a giggle. “You’d better drink up, lover. You’ll need the stamina Mommy Pam can give.” I was too terrified to resist, so I stuck one of the still dripping nipples into my mouth and was rewarded with a gush of honeyed milk. I moaned as it slid down my throat, feeling my terror recede.

I sucked for all I was worth, draining the contents of her tit with a couple of gulps. I switched breasts while she wailed in satisfaction, draining it as fast as I had it’s mate. I stood slightly, bringing me up to the next pair of delicious nipples. The first one I drained on this pair filled me with orgasmic fire, causing my cock to erupt with a river of semen, soaking my jeans and her lower pair of breasts. Pam-Leccubi’s hands started massaging it into her skin, making the golden sheen turn pearlescent.  I growled in lust, having marked her as my mate. I bit down on the nipple I had captured, making more of the delicious fluid flow down my throat. I heard a familiar voice speak, but I couldn’t really care about what it said.

“Oh, shit, he used the Leccubi spell? Fuck, this is gonna be messy!” I heard some nonsense syllables, and I saw the world go purple around me. I saw that my mate and I were encased in a purple sphere, but aside from making sure noone had dared touch my mate, I didn’t trouble with it any further.

I was on the last, highest pair of breasts now, and I felt like a god should; powerful, horny, and unstoppable. I finished off the last breast, milk now flowing down my face, soaking my shirt. I looked down, and the intruding fabric burst into flame, vanishing away into ash. My mate growled in happiness, grabbing my cock hard enough to hurt. I drove two of my taloned fingers into her cunt with a cry of anger/lust, making her howl. I crushed her to me, feeling her six tits covering us both with a renewed burst of fluid. I kissed her, running my tongue in and out of her mouth. Her arms pushed me away, and she spun away from me, kneeling on the bottom of the sphere, wiggling her lush ass at me. I dropped to my knees behind her, driving my cock into her with all of my strength. We howled together, a mating cry of joy. I grabbed her around her middle pair of breasts, using them to remain attached as I rammed in and out of her tight pussy. We mated for an eternity, until she came on me, her muscles tightening around my pulsing cock. Having finally made her mine, I came, spreading my seed into her. As I panted, the weaker, human part of me awakened from the lust-haze.

I watched as my mate, my wife Pam, came back to her normal appearance. Her top two tits returned to their normal size, the other four shrinking away to nothingness. Her golden hide became the tanned and pale mixture it had been before. I sank away from her, feeling the shame of what I had done to her. My mind was back to normal, and I was myself again. The bottom of the purple sphere we were in was covered in a large volume of milk, cum, and other secretions. I picked her up and laid her across my lap, rocking her back and forth as she slept. Her hand came up to my face, cupping my cheek.

“What are the tears for, lover-boy? That was the best fuck we’ve ever had.” She snuggled close to me. “You’ll have to do that again when and if we ever start getting bored.” I was flabbergasted. “Close your mouth, lover. You’ll draw flies.” She squirmed upright, shutting it for me with her lips. “I don’t regret volunteering to help you save all of our lives, you big goof,” she said when she let me up for air. “So wipe that guilt out of your mind; I enjoyed it. Having six constantly-leaking tits was an experience, let me tell you.” A loud clapping sound snapped us both around, and we took in where we were.

Our sphere was in the corner of what appeared to be a cheap hotel room, with all of our spouses curled up in the queen-sized beds watching us and now clapping, with smiles of envy and lust on their faces. I saw Jackie gesturing with her hand, and a small doorway appeared in the wall of the sphere. I handed Pam out to Rebecca, who’d stepped up next to us, and climbed out myself. Suzanne’s hand on my shoulder steadied me as I found my footing.

“Did you two have a good time? You’ve been fucking like rabbits for the last week!” Jackie’s voice was envious. “We’ve had to throw sheets over you two, otherwise it’s too distracting to sleep!” She came over to me and wrapped me in her embrace before laying me down on the bed between Peter and Daphne.
“You should have told me you were going to do the Leccubi spell, silly.”

 “It was a last minute improvisation. I hadn’t planned on it before then.” Daphne rolled over and looked at me.

 “I’m going to have to get you to do that to me sometime, Jay. You two looked like you were having an awfully good time.”

 “Maybe in a month or so, when I get some feeling back in my dick.” Everyone laughed, including Pam. “So, where are we?”

 “Upstate New York, about 4 hours outside of Buffalo.” Peter informed me, after handing me a glass of water. I tipped it to him in gratitude before gulping it down. “We were on the road for three days, you two crammed into the back of the van.”

 “I..” Daph covered my mouth with her hand.

 “Shh. Sleep, husband. You’ve been awake and fucking for a week.” I took her advice, and within a minute, was completely out.