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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


Daphne and her newborn son were fine and healthy. Suzanne took off from work for a month or so to be with them both, and the rest of us visited them every day. Pam and Becca settled into life, Pam with her legal career, and Rebecca running a small bookstore, just as she’d always wanted to. Peter and I couldn’t get away from our jobs, so we threw ourselves into them. Since Jay’s legal identity had to remain alive for Peter to keep his job, we’d cremated what little was left of our brother and spread his ashes out over the lake near the condo. His investments had kept making money, with Madeline Phesant’s capable management. I suppose that we could have just quit our jobs, but both Peter and I needed something to occupy us. For weeks afterwards, I’d break into tears, but since I’d told people that I’d lost a dear friend, they understood, and were sympathetic. Peter took to working longer and longer hours, trying to bury the pain in activity. I understood, and when he staggered in at night, worn to the bone, I took him into my bed and my body with relief.  I took up Jay’s self-appointed tasks, and decimated the ranks of Users with a vengeance.  Peter finally convinced me to stop after I literally shredded one with my bare hands, using my magic to keep him alive as I did so. Shaken, I did as he asked, and returned to work and our life with as good a grace as I could manage.

A month to the day after David was born, I got a reminder. My monthly cycle, as per Jay’s alterations, was as regular as clockwork, never even varying by a day. However, I failed to start menstruating that day, and I was at work when it occurred to me. I was staggered by that little occurrence. I’d thought occasionally about my spells, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I forced myself not to think about it. When I realized that I was pregnant, I called Peter and our friends and told them I wanted us all to get together. The girls had all been worried about Peter and I, and had also been working through their own grief. After I hung up the phone, I started crying again. I came to a decision I’d been avoiding and went to see my boss.

 “Jane, can I talk to you for a minute?”

 “Sure, Jackie.” She cleared off her desk and told her secretary she wasn’t to be disturbed. “What’s on your mind, kiddo?”

 “ I need to take some time off. I just had some good news, and it means I won’t be able to keep working.” I wasn’t about to let the cat out of the bag about my pregnancy.  Jane was a little upset, to say the least, but I agreed to work out till the end of the month so she had time to find a replacement. What I’d told her was that I’d been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I couldn’t pass it up. The nature of the thing was so sensitive that I couldn’t talk about it with her. Mercifully, after David had tracked us down, Jay had gotten a false identity set up and gotten enough financial geniuses to set us up in money not in his name, but all accessible, so we wouldn’t have any auditors knocking on the door. That whole affair done with, I finished out the day and went home.

 Noone was going to be around for a few hours, so I satisfied my curiosity and used some of Jay’s tools and some of Peter’s to confirm what my own senses had told me. I was indeed pregnant, approximately 30 days. I rubbed the unseen visitor in my belly while I finished the last part of the testing; the spells confirming that Jason’s soul and memory were part of this child. I held my breath the whole time, all 10 seconds of it. Success! I passed out when confirmation came back. When I came back to my senses, I broke down crying. I’d actually done it! My lover was growing inside me, and in less than a year, he would be born! I spent the rest of the time dancing around the condo, lost in bliss. I finally got into the shower to get ready for the big announcement, and the thought of how much Jay had liked having sex in the shower made me smile. Soon, we’d be together again.

 At 7:30, I heard Peter’s key sliding into the lock. I heard the voices of the others behind him, and I grinned at what I was going to give them. The door opened, and Peter led the group inside. All of them stopped in the vestibule to take in the sight. I was lying on the couch, naked as the day I was born, except for my favorite jewelry.

 “Uh, Jackie?” Peter’s tired face was a little chagrined at finding me in the buff. He stumbled over his words for a moment before getting them out. “Aren’t you cold, sitting there like that?” I smiled and shook my head.

 “I will be if you all don’t come in and shut that door!” I sat up on the couch, facing all that I loved best in this world. “Now, if you would all oblige me and take your seats?” I gestured and conjured up chairs facing the couch in a semi-circle. As I expected, the first ones to move were Pam and Daphne. Both of them gave me a hug and a kiss before they sat down, and the others followed their lead. When everyone was seated, I levitated the tray of wine glasses and a glass of orange juice for Daphne into the room. I sent it around, and everyone took a glass. “I propose a toast, to those we love and those we have loved in the past.” All of them raised their glasses and right when they all had a mouthful of whatever they were drinking, I dropped the bombshell. “By the way, I’m pregnant.”

 Everyone except Peter spit their drink out or choked on it. I burst out laughing. I’d have to tell Jay about it, or I could just show him on the camcorder I’d set up. I looked at Peter, and he tipped his glass to me. The girls set down their glasses and crowded around me, laying hands on my belly and asking a hundred questions at once. I held up my hand for silence. Still looking straight at Peter, I said “I take it that you already knew that, didn’t you?” He slouched back in his chair, looking immeasurably pleased with himself.

 “For almost three weeks now. I was wondering when you’d notice.” He took another swallow of wine, draining the glass as he did so. “I was so anxious to see if it worked that I started scanning you every day with my tricorder.” The girls were looking pensive at his comments, so I illuminated them, telling them exactly WHO I was expecting.

 “But why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Daphne squealed.

 “What could you have done? Besides which, you have a baby to take care of.” Said baby was currently in my arms. He was a cute little bugger, even if he didn’t have any hair. “I’ve been going out of my mind as it is. Last thing I needed was to worry about four other people.” I shot daggers at Peter. “But I guess I was being too pessimistic. Must be the Jay in me.” We all snickered at that.

 “But why were you just laying there naked? Not that I minded, you understand.” Suzanne asked. I looked pointedly at the protuberance beneath her skirt.

 “ I can see that. Frankly, I wanted to celebrate, and I was hoping that someone besides this lunk,” I waved negligently at Peter, “would take me to bed. You all seem to have gotten the idea that I’m made of glass, and I’m damn sure gonna disprove that notion.” I lay back on the couch, spreading my legs invitingly. Ever since I confirmed I was pregnant, all I could think of was how much I wanted all my loves with me, maybe even all at once, if I could arrange it. Peter took the hint and started moving the chairs and abandoned glasses out of the way and produced a huge mattress/comforter for the floor. I thanked him with a kiss, and he bowed gracefully, escorting me to the center of the pad. “If anyone feels uncomfortable, I won’t ask you to stay, but I hope you will,” I said as  I made eye contact with each of them, and saw my love for them echoed back to me. The ladies immediately started stripping, after checking with each other to make sure they were all comfortable. I laid back and watched, feeling my fires stir. Peter took the baby into his bedroom and settled him down. While he was gone, I was joined by the others, and we all piled up together, them burying me in the middle.

 When Peter came back into the room, he shook his head, saying “So many women, so little time.” Then he did something that I’m sure Jay would gladly smack him for. He knelt down, laid a hand on my abdomen, and talked to our twin. “Bro, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m going to enjoy this little feast you’ve sponsored, and I hope you writhe with jealousy over it.” The rest of us laughed uproariously at this, and pulled the dear man down into our group grope. We all helped strip him, even though he could have simply vanished them. When he was as bare as the rest of us, we took turns touching each other. Even those that hadn’t seen each other naked before were getting into the act. Suzanne’s penis, far from being a freakish addition, was adored, touched, kissed and fondled into tumescence. Peter was content to watch, enjoying the orgy atmosphere. What surprised me most, however, was that he even touched Suzie, making her jump. When he stroked her length, he spoke so gently I could hear echoes of Jay’s own words to her, months earlier. “This doesn’t make you unlovable, dear. It’s just something that blocked my sight. Besides, my brother and sister both love you dearly. I just had to get past my own fears.” I could have been satisfied with that final barrier removed from our life, but it just got better!

 Daphne took the initiative, cuddling up behind my head and offering me a tit. When I latched onto it, I was rewarded by a stream of sweet mother’s milk. It was different than the cow’s milk I’d had all of my life, but the idea of nourishing another person like this made me cum. Daphne’s moans of joy were echoed by the rest of the group, Suzanne in particular, who gently spread my legs and entered me oh-so-slowly. When she’d filled me to the brink, Pam took one of my breasts to her mouth, while Becca joined me at Daphne’s tit. The double stimulation made woman-juices flow down her thighs, and it was heavenly.
Us women-folk remained in this configuration until each of us had come at least twice, and I think Daph managed half a dozen.  Finally, Suzie pulled out of me with a sticky sound. The emptiness in my slit was disappointing, even if it was momentary. I sat up and dragged Peter to the floor by his tool, slipping him between my thighs. “I think it’s time we got you involved, little man.” I kissed his nose. “You’ve had it too easy, and now it’s time for you to pay the piper!” I seated his cock into me with a wiggle. “You’re going to have to satisfy the court of your repentance, sir!”

 “Could I get a break for a first offense?” His hands planted themselves over my shoulders. “Besides which, the judge might object to having his head coated in semen.” His laughter was more alive than it had been in months.

 ‘You only think of that now, Pete? I’m shocked, usually you’re quicker than that!’ The voice sounded through the vaults of my mind.

 “Jay? How…?” His eyes were wide, staring at my stomach. I probably had the same look on my face. My hand flew to my abdomen, pressing against it.

 ‘You think I’ve been floating here for the last month without trying to get your attention? You know me better than that.’ His booming laugh echoed through my head. ‘But I’m being rude.’ I felt the attention of his mind being directed away from me, but keeping me in the circuit. ‘Hello, ladies! Didja miss me?’ The girls’ jaws dropped and their eyes went wide. ‘Sorry for the long silence, but since these two’ve been keeping their minds closed to me, I couldn’t speak up. Thanks for loosening them up for me.’ Unlike our usual mental link, I got a greater sense of Jason’s emotions; he was broadcasting love and desire like a radio. There was some kind of unspoken agreement, and five hands joined mine on my belly. ‘That’s a little better, thanks.’

 “How is it that you can even think, Jay? Embryos at this stage of development don’t have many brain cells!” I was talking directly to my unseen passenger, which was kind of funny, considering I was staring right at Peter’s dick as I did. I snickered when the silliness occurred to me.

 “The Master’s commands don’t really differentiate between age brackets, baby. Besides which, I’m.. or WAS, a Wizard. Ain’t magic grand?” his ‘smile’ leeched across, and I sprouted one of my own.
‘That’s better. You haven’t been smiling much lately, have you? Although I understand why. But why did you bother with this little trick? I was ready to go, to give up the whole shebang.’

 “But WE weren’t going to let you get out of it that quick, you great lump.” I started to tear up, memories of the last day of his last life running through my head. “You’re not abandoning all of us to live on without you, not this soon! And if you don’t like it, tough!” I felt his love merge with me, soothing away the anger.

 ‘It was just a question, dear. If you and Peter went to this much trouble, who am I to argue? And it’s a moot point now, isn’t it?’ I nodded. ‘But maybe I should have just kept my mouth, such as it is, shut. I’m breaking up a rather erotic little get-together. You know where I’ll be, if you want to talk, but right now, this lump of flesh I’m attached to wants to sleep.’ I felt his voice fading out, but not before it tweaked my pleasure center. I snapped out of communion, and stared at my loves.

 “If that isn’t just like the little shit! Pop in, drop a bombshell, and pass out!” Pam’s voice was indignant. “Someone remind me to spank the hell out of him when he’s born, will ya?” I lost it, laughing so hard I ejected Peter from my snatch, although he wasn’t about to complain, since he was laughing just as hard. “Now, I believe we were in the middle of an orgy?” Pam continued, as she reached over and caressed my thigh. I blinked sensuously-slow at her, issuing a challenge. She leaned over and applied her lips to my cunt, which sparked back to life. I grabbed her head and pulled it close, murmuring encouragement to her. Becca put her hands around her girlfriend’s waist and settled her down between my legs, where Pam got her fingers into the act, holding my nether lips apart so she could find my clit. Peter, having found himself replaced, stroked himself back to readiness and started teasing at Pam’s slit with it. She growled into me, and he slipped himself home, matching the slow rhythm she was keeping on her tongue-ing. Daphne, still sitting at my head, spread her legs and slipped one over, pressing her pussy into my face. I set to with a will, laving my tongue up and down it’s mouth. Suzanne, meanwhile, had laid Rebecca down and was spreading her apart next to me. I used my right hand to grope for one of her nipples, which I twisted slightly. She responded with a groan, and I felt her leg pressing into my own. I pictured how we’d look to an observer, and I came with a cry, cumming all over Pam’s face. I cast a silent spell, and I felt the waves of arousal flowing through me from all of my partners.

 Peter was massaging Pam’s back as she continued to lick me out, nibbling occasionally on my clit. I included him into the spell, and I heard/ felt him cry out. Then I touched Pam’s mind, filled with ecstasy on being filled by Peter’s cock, and enjoying the taste of my pussy. I pulled her in as well, and she wailed in orgasm. Daphne’s mind was a bit tougher, but I got her as well. She was getting off on being able to see everyone, not to mention being eaten out by yours truly. I added her into the mix as I sucked hard on her button, driving a finger past her anal ring as I did. She wailed and grabbed her nipples, expressing milk all over me and Pam. Becca’s burning need added fire to our joining, and I could feel the arousal as her body adapted to arousal, making her throw herself on Suzanne’s dick. I let her in, and her muscles surged again, leaving her as muscle-bound as the Incredible Hulk. Finally, I reached Suzanne, who was ramming her cock into Rebecca, finally able to express the frantic needs of having a penis. Since her lover could take it, she slammed home with a howl, and I grabbed her mind. The circuit was complete, and we were all joined in the circle. We thrust and pushed, licked and fingered, all trying frantically to cum. I heard our collective whimper of need, and I was driving my tongue into spasms, trying vainly to finish Daphne’s climax. Then, I heard Jay’s voice again.

 ‘Here, my loves.’ His powerful will drove us all over the edge, screaming into the yawning red-black void beyond sanity. When some rationality reasserted itself, we were lying there on the mat, in a pool of our juices, jism, sweat, and milk. I clawed for breath, trying vainly to get a lungful.

 “Be careful with that spell, Jackie. You could hurt someone with it.’ Jason’s chuckle of mirth calmed me enough that I could breathe. I panted, pulling the sweet air in.

 ‘You should have been here too, Jay.”

 ‘What do you think I was doing? I had to shove you all over the edge, otherwise you could have been like that for hours!’ His smug self-satisfaction oozed through me. ‘Besides which, I couldn’t have slept through that. Your hormonal surge woke me up, and I was having a pretty good dream, let me tell you!” I looked around, and everyone else was cuddling together into a pile. Peter stretched his arm towards me, and I let him pull me around so that I was lying across his right leg, Suzanne’s back pressed against mine. Pam and Daphne were nestled together, their heads laying on his chest, Rebecca curled up against the opposite side, her legs touching my own. I rubbed a hand against my belly again, trying to urge him to quiet down. ‘Don’t worry, baby. Noone can hear me right now except you. I’ve been trying so hard to make you hear me I’m almost afraid you’ll forget I’m here.”

 ‘Never, love. Momma’s here.’ I smirked to myself. ‘I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you, for a few months, at least.’ I wondered what I’d look like when I was seven or eight months gone, and I felt a surge of arousal coming from him.

 ‘Like Peter told you, there’s something about a pregnant woman that pushes my buttons. Now, if you’ll turn your attention away from daydreams for a moment, we need to talk.’ Uh-oh. Whenever he gets that tone of voice, I start to worry. ‘Don’t worry, I’m not about to get in a fight while we’re both in this state. I just need to use your body for a little while.’

 ‘Can you even do that? You’re tied into that embryo pretty tightly, aren’t you?’ Terror flooded over me. ‘Of course I am. I thought women didn’t worry as much as men. Anyhow, I’ve been doing some thinking. Not like I’ve had much else to do for the last few weeks.’ I felt his mild rebuke, and a fading taste of memories of loneliness. ‘I’ve been pondering something kind of troubling, and I need your help to investigate. What got me thinking was that if all the stories of the Master PC and Spells-R-Us are real, how many of the other stories are, too?’

 I shivered at that, and wrapped my arms around Suzanne, who mumbled something unintelligible. ‘It doesn’t bear thinking about, Jason.’  I firmly projected. ‘You’re not even reborn yet, and you’re looking for more trouble. I absolutely FORBID you from making my life any more complicated than it already is!’

 ‘I swear, I make one little decision, and my woman is giving me hell for it the rest of my life, even when I’m growing right behind her belly button.’  His grousing was the most normal thing I’d heard from him since he’d piped up again. ‘I have no intention of looking for trouble, baby. I was just thinking of the trouble that could come looking for US.’  However, I was NOT going to let him keep on in this vein, so I distracted him.

 ‘Why did you just take energy from the girls and lock me out, Jay? The containment spell would have held long enough for me to get home and help you. Then we wouldn’t have to be having this kind of conversation.’  The image of me staring into my navel and looking for something made me snort, particularly when I saw it suck me in.

 ‘I made the mess, so I had to clean it up, love. I did some research, and I found out something disturbing; Daphne is a clone of David like you’re a clone of me. I didn’t mean to do it, but it happened. That’s why the memory suppression worked as well as it did. David Breenan, or what’s left of him, I shrank back into a zygote and implanted into his own twin. His memories, however, were still resident in Daph’s brain, up until she went into labor. The lingering magic that made her pregnant was being used by little David to take vengeance on me.’  I was shaken. Did this mean that we had another power-mad little User on our hands?

 ‘No!’ the strength of that denial made me wince. “I used my spells to firmly suppress David’s past life memories. When he was born, the birth trauma firmly pushed his memories down, just as happens whenever a child is born. Their soul’s memories are pushed back behind that first obstacle overcome, even if they give that child certain proclivities.’

 ‘But won’t that happen when you’re reborn? I want YOU back, not your next life!’ My distress must have echoed itself down the link, and I could feel him reassuring me, even as he kept talking.

 ‘You interfered in the cycle, baby. I didn’t go to any sort of afterlife. I didn’t come back across whatever distance there is between life and death. I closed my eyes in my old man’s body, and the next thing I knew, I was hearing your thoughts, and feeling your grief over my death. I tried to reach you then, but you couldn’t hear me. I must have screamed for hours.’  I was horrified; the idea of him screaming and me not picking it up for a month or more made tears leak down my face. ‘Don’t cry, baby. It wasn’t that bad. I could still hear you think, and I wasn’t alone. You just weren’t ready to hear me, or really expecting to. So I guess you’ll call this a surprise pregnancy?’ his levity made me smile, even through the tears. I felt him reaching out, just as he had earlier, and making contact with the rest of the family. “They’re all asleep. Come on, I want to show you something. Get up and go into the lab.’

 I carefully unwound myself from the tangle, hearing them mutter or sigh, and rolling about a bit. I looked down at them, and had a momentary urge to take a picture. I chuckled, and with Jay echoing it, I went down the hall and back into the lab, which had been sealed since the day after David had been born. I scrawled the opening symbols across the pattern holding the door shut, and the door swung open.

 ‘Shut the door, baby. This isn’t for anyone else to see, just you and me.’ I could feel his excitement at this surprise. ‘Go over and pull out the scrying crystal, put it in the center of the circle.’ I did so, not recognizing what he was having me do. “It’s a mystery, dear. Just enjoy it.’ I sat down in his chair, smelling the leathery scent that had tagged his body so often. I heard him chanting some words, not recognizing the language. The circle filled with a yellowish light, forming a pillar. A shape took form there, one that made my heart go up into my throat. It was Jay! He smiled at me, and his spoken words were echoed by the ones in my head.

 “Come here, baby. This won’t last long, and I want to hold you again.” I jumped up from the seat, and dashed over the perimeter of the circle. My hair stood on end as I breached the barrier, but it didn’t stop me. I threw my arms around him, feeling the solid strength of his body. I felt his arms straining to pull me harder into him, and his mouth latched onto my own. After I told him silently how much I’d missed him, he turned me around in his embrace, my arm wrapping around his back. “I’ve missed you too, Jackie. But you need to see this.” His fingers flew through the passes of a spell, and the light surrounding us shifted to an orange color. The lab outside was the same, but sitting in the chair this time was me, a me I’d never been! She was at least six months pregnant, and as bare as I was. He spoke again. “Beloved, come here.” The arm that wasn’t holding me to him gestured again, and she/I waddled over, stepping again into the light.

 She kissed him as hard as I did, and pasted herself around his other side. She looked at me. “Nice to see you again, Jackie.” She reached across his chest and ran her fingers down my cheek, before holding it out for my hand. I gave it over, and she pulled it across to lay on her swollen stomach. “I’ve only got another two months left. Then we get him back, full-time.” I felt her hand twitch across his back, pinching him and getting a jump.

 “Easy now, girls. Don’t wear out the old man just yet. We’ve got another three stops to go.” He smiled, and nodded his head forwards. Both of us turned ahead again, my hand still pressed beneath hers, and I could feel Jay kicking beneath her flesh. The light turned green, and we saw another tableau. We were still in the lab, but instead of a lone inhabitant, the Jackie this time was sitting up in a birthing chair facing us. She was screaming, apparently in a contraction. Peter was kneeling between her legs, and giving her encouragement.

 “Push, Jackie, push! I can see his head!” His hand left her knee and did something we couldn’t see, but we heard a gush of fluid, and a squishy sound. “Got him!” He wiped down the infant, clearing off the vernix before cutting the cord. He laid Jason down on her chest, and stepped back. Peter turned around, and we saw the surprise on his face. “Jay? Jackie? TWO Jackies?” he spun around to look at the one he’d been with. “What’s going on?”

 “Long story, Pete.” Our Jay reassured him. “He’ll tell you real soon. But first, I think you’d better take care of the afterbirth.” Peter snapped back around, and took care of the distasteful task. He gathered up the messy cloths he’d had on the floor with a gesture. “We’ll be seeing you soon, Peter. Take care of them, okay?”

 “You know I will, bro.” He saluted us. “You’d better get those two back to wherever they came from.” The me behind him looked up from her suckling newborn, and spoke.

 “Girlfriend,” she said as she looked right at me, “trust me, what’s left has to be seen to be believed. Although,” she smiled, “I can’t wait till he’s as big as the one you’ve got.” She waved baby Jason’s hand at us, and my twin and I waved back. Jay nodded sharply again, and the light flashed, becoming blue. When the flash cleared, we were looking in on an orgy. This time, however, both of the boys and Suzanne had each of us with a pussy speared on their dicks, all of ‘us’ facing the circle. The Jay of this time, an adult who was making love with Rebecca, looked up at the flash.

 “Took you long enough, Jay”, he panted between thrusts. “How are you liking the preview, Jackie?” he asked me/her.

 “It’s wonderful. Although it makes me impatient.” We both chuckled. In truth, the sight was making me yearn to join in. Finally, I’d get my ultimate fantasy, all of my lovers together in one place, and all participating. “How far ahead are we?” I asked the Jay I’d come with.

 “A year to the day, baby. You started planning this as soon as you got back to your present.” An orgasmic screech from Daphne drew his eye. “Ease up, Peter. How else are you going to keep it going long enough?”

 “Fu… fuck you, bro.” Peter was drenched with sweat. Daphne was apparently squeezing the hell out of his dick. I squirmed in place, envying them all. “Get on with it, will you? I don’t know how long I can hold back.” He leaned forwards and moaned into his lover’s back.

 “Trust Jason to spend a shitload of time and energy to watch an orgy.” Suzanne ground out as she eased back into Pam’s pussy. “Good to see you, girls. Peter told us about this, but I didn’t believe him. Now, get where you’re going.” She raised her hand in farewell.  Jay nodded to his other self, and with a purple flash, we were back in the lab. The light died out, and Jay walked us out of the circle.

 “How long were we doing that, Jay?” I asked.

 “Only a few days. They’ll be done soon.” His anticipatory grin made me slap his stomach. “Hey, they’ve been enjoying themselves immensely. I just had to do this.”

 “When are we?”

 “Couple of weeks after the orgy. We’re alone now.” His grin stretched even wider. “And I’ve got two of you for the price of one.” He pulled the other me into his lap, and tweaked her nipple momentarily before laying my head down on his thigh. “I did this because I couldn’t let either of you go this long without telling you how much I love you. Saying it with my mind isn’t the same.” He rubbed his hands over our bellies. “All five of me had to do this, and we could only do it this one time.” She pulled his head down to her own, giving him a throat-swabbing kiss before doing the same to me.

 “Hmm, I kiss just as well as you say I do, Jay.” she said when we’d finished. Funny thing was, we were speaking in sync, but it didn’t surprise us. “Now, I believe you were saying something about telling us how much you love me?” we finished. He looked surprised at our stereo-speak, then grinned.

 “Peter’s going to be sorry he missed this,” he said while he stripped his clothes off. We cuddled close to each other, our hands finding just the right spots and eliciting a dual squeal. “Now, which of you should I start with?”

 I ended the playing by grabbing him and roughly throwing him to the floor, pinning him under me.
“We’re doing the starting, lover.” My twin came around and sat on his face, propping herself up on her toes. His hands came up around her legs, pulling her cunt to his face. She moaned in heat when he parted her lips. Meanwhile, I had his dick ready to go, and I speared myself onto it with glee. I hadn’t been with him in a month, while it had been nearly six times as long for her. I felt his cock swelling inside me, stretching me. I ground my pelvis into his on each downstroke, grazing my button every time.  I looked over at my twin, who was grinning back. I reached out and stroked her tits, feeling how swollen they’d become. She moaned louder at my touch, and bent forwards to catch my mouth again. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked. I whispered back that it was heavenly. “Then make it count, girl, because you’ve got a six-month wait till you’re me.” She smirked back at me. I took her words to heart, and ground myself down on his cock until he nipped her sex in pain. “Ease off, willya, darling? He almost drew blood.” We heard a mumbled apology from between her legs, and giggled. I leaned forwards and pressed my chest against his, needing to feel his whole body beneath mine. Since we were the same height, I turned my head slightly and I was able to join Jay’s tongue action with my own. My twin squealed, and came on our faces, letting down a flood of salty, sweet juices. She pulled back, and I lapped at his face to collect all of it. He let me clean him off, then returned the favor as he rolled me beneath him.

 “Careful, lover, I’m a future mother,” I said into his mouth. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them next to my head. “Now what are you going to do with me now that you’ve got me?” I smiled up at him. He answered with a deep thrust that sealed his groin to mine. He jabbed his hips sharply into me, as his head snaked down and caught a nipple between his teeth. I hummed with pleasure as he chewed softly on it, teasing me. I forced my hands free from his grip and took hold of him, wrapping my arms under his and locking over his shoulders. He renewed his attack, driving into me with all his might. “Mmmm, behave yourself, baby, we’ve got an audience.”

 “Oh, I don’t mind, dear. I’ve been where you are, remember?” My twin was sitting tailor-fashion next to us, running her hand down Jay’s back while occasionally pulling at her breast. Her other hand was between her legs, manipulating the tender flesh there. “However, I’m not averse to sharing, either.” Her smile was one to break hearts, or to mend them. I felt Jason shudder through a climax, and he fell to my breast afterwards, chest heaving. I held him to me with all my limbs and smelled the clean scent of his sweat, and the cheap shampoo he used on his hair.

 I rolled over, leaving me on top of him. “You can’t sleep now, Jay. You’ve still got some work to do.” I kissed him, dragging him back from his lethargic stupor. I slid off of him, leaving a kiss on his still-nodding cock as I did. I held my hand to my other self. “Your turn, cutie.” She took my hand, and kissed me in passing. She grabbed his hands from where they lay on the floor and held them to her breast. With a growl, she lay down on him, spreading her legs around his hips.

 “She’s right, Jay. You’ve still got to work me over.” She chuckled as she inched her way forwards to put her tit in his mouth. “I still remember that little trick you pulled when I was only a day old. Time for me to return the favor.” She squeezed her breast, and Jay spluttered as some of it splashed out onto his neck. He coughed for a moment, clearing his throat before attaching himself to her nipple. When he sucked, she moaned. I saw her other nipple beginning to dribble in sympathy, so I moved over and latched onto it. The milk was thin and sweet, but tinged with some indefinable musky flavor. “Ohhh, you’re Momma’s goooood babies, aren’t you?” She ran her fingers through my hair. Jay snaked his arm out and caught me against his side, briefly.

 “I want something a little different, babies. Jay, get in that chair.” Jay followed her instructions, stroking his dick back to rigidity. She sat down on his lap facing him, sliding his cock into her. “Come to Momma, little Jackie.” I joined them in the chair, laying across it’s high armrests. “No, no, that’ll never do.” She incanted a brief spell, and I felt weightless. She brought my head around to rest against her right nipple, wrapping the rest of my body around to her left. She offered me the nipple again, and I tasted the sweet nectar flowing from it. “Ohhhh, good girl, Jackie.” She wrapped one arm around my back, the other hand holding my head against her tit as she raised and lowered herself on his dick. Thrust, suck, thrust, suck. I timed my nursing to coincide with her downthrusts, and Jay wrapped his arms around both of us. We made love like this for an hour or more, slowing down when Jay got close to cumming. She teased him mercilessly, taking his tongue into her mouth and keeping it there, only occasionally letting him up for breath. Meanwhile, my stomach was filling up with thin milk, and she switched me around. I couldn’t wait to be her.
Finally, Jay had had enough. He crushed us both to him, and with a grunt, he emptied himself into her, driving her over the brink as well. The pair of them sandwiched me, and I felt the love between her and Jay, knowing it was my own as well.