Are You Planning on writing in this UNIVERSE?

If you are, then I'd like to provide you with some basic guidelines... but bare in mind that these are merely my preferences and you have the right to go in any direction you so choose.

The only time I would insist on being a Chief Editor is if you want to use any of my characters.  Adam, Lisa, Samantha, Heather, Wendy and Julia are special to me and I may someday want to continue their tale - so, I'd appreciate it very much if you leave those characters out of your story (A cameo would be fine or reference).  If in fact you would like to continue "their" story, I would have to insist on having line item veto power...sorry.

If you've read my stories you know that I prefer Male Dominant... and Female Dominant ONLY when she's exerting her power over other females.  But if you prefer writing Female Dominant over the male population, and this Universe strike some creative juices, then go for it!

I prefer the sex between male and female AND/or female and female... and have no interest in reading a story with the sex between male and male, but as I've stated before, what you write is up to you.

I prefer you write your own characters and NOT celebrities or characters from television or the movies...but again, this is your choice.

Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I prefer the age of the characters having sex to be at least 16 and WILL NOT appreciate anyone writing a story where the sex involves preteen.

That about covers it... I think.  Good luck and OH YEAH...  I reserve the right to post any Master PC story on my Master PC Universe Page!  :-)

JR Parz