Master PC: Unintended Consequences
by LVWolfman
with apologies to JR Parz
Copyright 2004 by LVWolfman

"Damn!" Bryan exclaimed as he closed his browser after finishing reading the latest Master PC story. Of all the genres of erotica he'd read on-line, the Master PC universe was the one that most captured his imagination. Bryan shut down his computer and made the short trip to his bed.

As he laid back and stared at the ceiling he thought, "How cool would it be to be able to use my computer to alter reality? But what would I change? I guess I could start by giving Heather bigger tits..." He thought about his girlfriend's 'A-cups' as he drifted off to sleep, his hand around his dick.

"Arrgh!" cried Bryan in frustration as he frantically clicked his mouse closing Internet Explorer windows, but they were popping up faster than than he could click. Each closed window seemed to spawn two more. "Fucking porn sites!" he cussed as he closed ads for cum suckers, anal annies, lolitas, MILFs and penis enhancers. Finally only one pop up ad was left and it really caught his eye. It was just a simple yellow window with red text: "Insta-Boob-o-Matic: Remotely Enhance any woman's breasts - click here for a free trial."

"Yeah RIIIIIGHT!" He sneered. But every time he closed the window, it reopened.

In frustration, Bryan stabbed the reset button, closing the window for good.

Looking out his window while waiting for Windows to boot back up, Bryan again dreamed of using a Master PC program to enhance Heather's breasts. "What would she look like as a Double D?" He wondered. "The cool thing is I could change them any time I liked."

Logging back into his computer he was shocked to see that same window open up on his desktop. Moving his mouse over the link he discovered it pointed to an executable file already on his hard drive. "Whoa! That's NOT good!" He immediately updated his anti-virus software, rebooted in safe mode and then ran a full scan of his hard drive. Everything came up clean including the suspect file.

After booting back into normal mode and logging in, there was that same window. "Well, what the hell?" he decided, "I backed everything up last week and really haven't made any changes." So he opened the program.

A simple window appeared labeled "Insta-Boob-O-Matic" and the text "Getting Started Wizard".

"Congratulations! You've acquired Insta-Boob-O-Matic, inspired by the Master PC universe created by JR Parz,  Unhappy with your woman's breasts? Too small? Too large? Now you can change that... as many times as you like! Click 'Next' to continue."

Laughing that he was actually doing this as if it'd work, Bryan clicked the "Next" button, automatically clicked the "Agree" buttons to the license and disclaimers and was finally presented with a window which said:

"We realize that you're skeptical about whether a computer program could actually do what we claim, and rightfully so. To help convince you to buy our software, you have this one opportunity to give it a try. This program allows a single use on one person and an undo option should you or the subject be unhappy with the results. Click the 'Next' button to start your trial."

Again Bryan clicked "Next" and was presented with a prompt.

"Enter the name of the subject you wish to enhance and press 'Enter'."

"Heather" he typed.

When the busy indicator went away a message box appeared, "Please be more specific, there are 154 females named Heather within your geographical area."

"Heather Lynn Carter" he corrected.

A picture of his Heather's face appeared with the question "Is this the subject female? Click 'Confirm' or 'Continue Search.'" "Damn! That IS her! This must work..." He excitedly clicked "Confirm".

The window expanded to include a nude full-length representation of Heather with sliders for rotating the picture in three dimensions and for adjusting bust and cup sizes, plus buttons labeled "Shape...", "Nipples...", "Apply", "Undo" and "Quit".

Playing with the sliders and buttons, Bryan watched as the figure on the screen grew humongous breasts until they were so out of proportion that they reminded him of cartoons by R. Crumb. Laughing, Bryan thought, "That would shock the hell of her." and then reduced them to a more realistic C cup. "That'll do for our date tomorrow night... and if she doesn't like it, I'll just undo it. This is great!"

When he clicked "Apply" another window opened with the question "Are you sure?"

Clicking the confirmation button, Bryan watched the window message change to "Processing..." and a progress bar slowly filling. As it reached 100%, the message changed to "Starting metamorphosis, results will be visible within 4 hours depending on the degree of change. Please do NOT interrupt this program while changes are being made." Bryan clicked "OK" and the program minimized.

In panic at the thought that the program may have aborted, he brought it back up and with relief saw the picture of Heather with modifications still in place, a progress indicator running and the "Cancel" button highlighted. He minimized the program in relief and headed to bed.


Bryan woke with a start at a sound worse than fingernails on a chalk board. Frantically looking around he noticed that instead of his screen saver, his monitor showed a blue screen with white text saying "STOP: C0000221 unknown hard error" and realized that the sound was his hard drive as the heads ground into the platters destroying all of his data. "Crap!"

After powering off the computer, Bryan thought, "Well, the only thing I lost is that program. There's no undoing it now. I sure hope that Heather likes my 'gift'." As he headed back to bed he got a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Grabbing his new breasts in horror he screamed "Noooooooooo!"