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Master PC: Two For Tango

by Vahktang

Sergei Vahkov had been 'downsized' earlier in the week. As was the tradition, his co-workers went through his cubicle to pillage what they could from what was left behind after he had been escorted out. Richard Tango tried not to think of it as grave robbing.

Sergei had caused a scene in the lobby yesterday; security had had to be called. Last night, he had been found breaking into the complex with a gorgeous woman at his side. She had tried to take all the blame, but the cops weren't buying it. Looks like he was going to prison, as well as his accomplice. It was said that she wailed for him constantly and was in some sort of withdrawal.

The all black CD was the only thing Richard got, all the post it notes, pens and old magazines had long been taken. As is, he had only found it because it was taped to the bottom of a desk drawer. Same place Richard hid his downloaded porn.

Richard's home life was even more hectic than his work life.

Richard had gone to the same high school as Shelly, she a freshman, he a senior, but had lost touch when he went off to college to specialize in computer science. They had hooked up again when she finally went to college after taking a year off for traveling in Europe, but this time she was a senior and he was finishing his masters,

They started dating after she came into the computer lab looking for a tutor for a class and kept at it when he took his first of many corporate jobs. The dating got more serious as his income increased (he now noticed) and they finally got married a month after his first big promotion, when his salary jumped into the six-figure range. She quit her own job and devoted herself to shopping, antiquing and fixing up their multi-hundred square meter home well before their first anniversary.

He had needed even more money later.

His wife seemed to link financial success to his sexual satisfaction. Lately, she complained that the high credit card bills preyed upon her mind and made her 'not in the mood.' Funny how the same amounts did not make her 'not in the mood' two years and several pay grades ago. The downsizing had affected him, too.

In good times it was Richard, or Rich. When she was displeased, it was Dick (a name he despised) or Dickie (which he loathed even more).

'Now what was Sergei into,' Richard thought. He hoped it wasn't real deviant, not being into child, strictly male or bodily fluids that usually ended up in the toilet in his porn.

His wife didn't approve of his being online or using the computer to view porn. If she thought he was taking even more work home, she would approve. The weekends were not as quiet now that they did not have the money for her to go antiquing, and in front of his computer 'working' was his only sanctuary in the small apartment they had moved into several months ago.

He put the CD in his older computer, enabled the virus scan and loaded the program onto the hard drive. The main menu was in another language, but the icons to different parts of the CD were easy to decipher. He ran the translation program in the background while he searched around the CD.

One section opened to reveal a figure of his wife on the screen, turning slowly, dressed in sweats.

Richard jaw opened. He stared hard at the screen until he was forced to blink.

Actually, she was half dressed in sweats. Her pants and panties were around her ankles and the figure was in a sitting position. It was almost if...

"Honey," he called out "did you ever do any modeling? Especially for a CD company?"

The translation program having finished, he began to use the pointer around the figure, causing menu after menu to appear. He found that he could also look at her internal organs and bones of the figure.

"Talk to me later, I'm on the pot" she called back.

'Hmm' he thought as he began to follow her lower intestines. He clicked on bladder and saw a scale for capacity and volume.

'Wow,' he thought, 'according to this, she really can only hold a thimbleful.' As he watched, the volume slowly went down.

'No way. She was peeing and the CD was measuring it? This can't happen.'

Richard altered her capacity to the human maximum.

'Maybe now we can drive for over an hour without stopping,' he thought, and then shifted over to her colon.

As she watched, the volume went down a small percentage. Richard pointed at the volume, hesitated and then dragged it down to zero. He then looked around, found 'apply' and clicked it.

A sudden scream from his wife had him sprint to the bathroom.

There she sat, a pained expression on her face.

"Are you O.K.? " he asked.

"Must be something I ate," she panted, as her bowels flexed again. "Oh, I almost feel like I have the dry heaves." She flushed.

"I'll get you some ginger ale, we'll put you to bed" he said.

He sprinted back to the computer and quickly adjusted the scale from zero and hit the default so that volume would adjust normally. He then adjusted her energy level so she would take a nap, then hit apply.

After a few moments, he heard a yawn from the bathroom.

"Never mind the ginger ale" she called, "I'll just take a nap. Wake me for dinner."

For the next hour, Richard explored the CD and made some discoveries.

How the menus led to other sub menus that led to scales that could adjust all sorts of physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the subjects, and that moving one scale adjusted a half a dozen others. The helpful 'help' file, and where new scales could be made, how he could link scales, timers, conditionals, even an application where orders could be sent to a subject.

He called up himself and compared some of his and his wife's attributes.

'Do you love me that little,' he thought?

He began to raise the scale, going through "accustomed to your face" up to "dog like devotion" hesitated over "active slave-like devotion" then applied it.

'That'll be a nice change,' he thought.

Just to have fun, he upped her public modesty and linked her exhibition and arousal. She would not want to reveal herself, but would be too horny to help herself. And the more skin she showed, the more she would be aroused and want to show.

He was not conservative about physical changes. He darkened her already red hair and doubled the length so that it flowed all the way down her back, made her eyes even more green, increased her height by 20 centimeters, half along her legs alone, her overall height left at 190 centimeters. He liked them tall.

He dropped a decade off of her physical age, increased her measurements to voluptuous for her height, letting her weight adjust normally. He then increased her cup size only stopping when they were more than two handfuls each, altering her musculature so that they would stand high and firm.

While he was at it, he increased her muscle mass while decreasing her fat ratio. He liked a little muscle on his women.

Erotic sensitivity was next, and he made her nipples as sensitive as her clit was now, and then put an exponent on the sensitivity of her sex.

Lastly, he changed her overall physically so that the modifications would give her no problems, that she would be graceful and comfortable with her new physicality.

A few more changes and it was done.

Finally, he put it all on a timer, so he could watch it all happen.

He saved everything, pulled the CD out of the drive (just to be safe), and leisurely walked back to his bedroom, where his wife still lay sleeping.

He positioned himself for a good view and counted down the last seconds.

The unreality of the reality was better than he could have believed.

The top and the bottom of her sweats got further apart, her tummy went from soft white flabbiness to tanned and toned, and her top went from fitted to tight to skin tight.

The constriction must have woken her because she blinked, stretched and removed her top.

She then looked around, found Richard and a smile lit her face that Richard had never seen before.

"What's happened to me?" she said an amazed look on her face as her hands roamed her new measurements, pausing at certain areas. She kept glancing at Richard, herself, the room, attempting to take it all in at once.

"Oh baby," she said, "I need you."

She shucked her pants and crawled across the bed grabbing his hands and putting it in her snatch.

"See how wet I am?"

She was indeed soaking, and Richard noticed her vagina almost nibbled at his fingers. He giggled with her as she began to tear off his shirt, then pulling off his pants. When his erection appeared she moaned low in satisfaction. She sucked him into her mouth, slowly, centimeter by centimeter, prolonging his pleasure, keeping her eyes on his, fucking him with her eyes as much as her mouth.

She used her tongue on his cock and her fingers on his sack. She hummed low in her throat and he nearly lost it a half dozen times in the next ten minutes.

She stopped a moment to ask, "Come in my mouth" which he did a few seconds later.

She swallowed it all and then licked him clean. He moved on to the bed.

They cuddled for a few moments before he started to pay attention to her long nipples, sucking and nibbling on them. She bucked and moaned under him and within a few moments was begging him to put his cock in her. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready yet.

'Have to change that when I finish here,' he thought.

Finally, he was hard enough to suit himself and he positioned her on top so he could play with her huge boobs. He felt her quake on top of him, with mini orgasms as she put her two nipples together and she ground her groin into his. She did her best to hold him below climax, but her tightness and vaginal muscles kept a rising tide till he broke.

She shifted off of him and immediately fell into a deep sleep, as he had planned.

Richard got up slowly and went into the bathroom glancing at the mirror.

'I'm going to have to eat about a dozen lemons to get this smile off my face,' he thought.

He took a quick shower then returned to his computer, popping the CD back into the drive, calling up his wife's and his file.

To protect himself, he made his wife oblivious to anything he did on his computer, even the fact that it was anything but a piece of furniture. That way she couldn't figure out was happening or changing what had happened.

He quickly popped his height up to a full two meters and made himself nicely muscled. A tingle went through his body as he watched his muscles bulge, very pleased when his paunch disappeared.

He upped his stamina to human maximum so that the hour of his last encounter would not be unusual or breathtaking for him.

He saved his penis for last, savoring the moment.

First he made it erect, then played with it for a few moments, before increasing his girth, then his length. He took off the defaults so he could become superhuman with a negligible recovery time.

A warning appeared on his screen, saying that his organ would pain a normal woman. He thought a moment, hit apply and enjoyed the ballooning of his dick. It was now a proud organ, easily a third of a meter long, sensitive, but still able to go for hour-long thrust sessions without loosing his hardness.

He then went back to his wife's file and altered her make up so that any pain he gave her would be treated as a more loving gesture. Besides, she would stretch out. Eventually.

He gave it a few strokes and started in on the next part of his plans: his wife's twin sister.

As Shelly had abused him but was somewhat held back by affection, or possible future rewards, there was no love lost with Shelly's twin sister Kelly.

Kelly had been married for about five years and last year had gotten an old fashioned divorce: she got the gold mine and he got the shaft. A huge house with a pool, a nice chunk of change in alimony every month, and a number of cars were the manner to which she accustomed to now.

Soon after the divorce was final, Shelly had gotten Richard to ask for a loan from Kelly so that they would not lose their house. Kelly agreed but with a large number of conditions: a crushing interest rate, turning over his paycheck to her, an exhaustive budget that left them without meat five days a week, amongst others was intolerable to him. He could not agree to the loan, they lost the house and Shelly had no blame at all for Kelly, only for him.

Richard had liked his brother-in-law; maybe he would call him up later on. Much later, he thought.

He saved his own characteristics, then called up Kelly's on a split screen.

He did a copy/paste on the characteristics of Shelly to Kelly, then put a conditional where the physical changes would not occur until he started to fuck her, the process continuing while the fuck continued.

He then maxed out her lust and made him the object of her feelings. He made it so she would become more and more vocal as her arousal increased.

Finally, he made Kelly unable to climax unless Shelly was touching her.

He made similar changes in Shelly, then put her into a deeper sleep, rousing only when the noise level got too high and becoming fully awake only when her sister said 'no' three times or more.

He doubled her love factor for her sister, then put in an arousal equal to it.

Finally, he sent a message that she would view any 'infidelities' as not his fault.

He did a final review of all the changes, hit apply, then took the CD out, closed down the computer, and waited. During the wait, his mind began to wander. Where did Sergei get this CD? Did he bring it with him when he left the USSR? How did it work? Was it wrong to mess with people like this?

The speculations went on for less than an hour when an urgent knocking came at the door. Richard checked the peephole and saw Kelly waiting impatiently in the hall. She was dressed to the nines, a tight short leather skirt, a fashionable silk blouse, tight against her heaving bosoms, short boots with four-inch heels. He opened the door.

"Dickie," she said, breathlessly, as if she had been running.

Any thoughts of taking it easy fell away when he heard her utter that hated name.

"Hi Kelly," Richard said "anything I can do for you?"

Her eyes widened at his new shape, noting his pleasant bulge in his now 'a tad too small' shorts.

"Come on in. Shelly is asleep in the bedroom. Deep asleep."

She stalked into the room, trying to look at everything at once, attempting to smell his odor.

"Have you been working out?"

She touched him as she passed, her hand lingering on his chest.

"Kind of. Have a seat on the couch, I'll get your drink."

He came back after a few minutes with a plate of light pastries and two iced cappuccinos. Kelly had given them the cappuccino machine so that she could have one whenever she came over. When he came back into the living room, she was on the couch making her self comfortable, boot off, the top three buttons undone on her blouse.

"What brings you over here?"

"Ahm, ah - I was shopping, it got a little warm and I thought I needed a break."

This was not unusual as Kelly was often stopping by. Richard thought for a moment, while sitting down next to her on the large couch, handing her the drink.

"Shelly and I were talking last night and she mentioned that you were the better kisser." Usually, he would never have attempted a transparent line like this, it would never have worked, but with the way she should be feeling now, it shouldn't be a problem.

Kelly brightened at the opening and then attempted to cover. She pointed at the pastry tray and he grabbed one, hesitated with a look at her, and then playfully guided it towards her mouth. She played back and finally bit into its creamy goodness.

"Well, ah, I've never had any complaints. But my sister and I never really dated the same guy. Too much sibling rivalry. Some things we can't share. Couldn't share. You have crème on your fingers."

He licked it off.

"Too bad we'll never know," she said, opening for another bite, "unless you kissed me."

He fed her another pastry. Her tongue arched out and touched his fingers as they left her mouth. She smiled, looking a little embarrassed.

"That, that wouldn't be, ah right," she said.

"Ah well."

He ate a cake, letting a little of the topping stay on his upper lip. She took a long drink and tried to look away from him. He let the silence build.

"What about just plain curiosity? Wouldn't you want to settle who was better? If I kissed you, I could honestly judge."

She motioned to his upper lip. He made an effort to wipe it away and missed it on purpose.

She reached over to get it herself, wiping it off and then eating the bit herself.

"OK," she said, after a moment.

He moved closer. She tilted her head and closed her eyes.

The kiss started slow. Dry, on the lips. After a moment, her lips opened. A moment later her tongue went into his mouth.

His hands began to roam, the small of her back, her stomach, a moment on her hip, then down between her legs. She opened them wider and he began to take off her panties and playing with her pussy. She moaned an encouragement.

They shifted positions, still kissing. A finger went into her nicely and she moaned louder. She took off her shirt, unhooked her bra and threw them behind the couch. She started to work on her skirt while he shifted down his pants.

A few moments of this was more than enough for him. He broke the kiss and moved them onto the floor.

He entered her and she gave a little squeak of a scream and shivered. The transformation had began, the hair, the height, the muscles and the sensitivity. Especially the sensitivity, overwhelming any pain she was getting from his girth.

He began to suckle her enlarging breasts.

She began to encourage him.

"Faster, she whispered, "harder, deeper." As the encounter continued she got louder

"Fuck me", she said, a little louder

"Fuck me, Richard", louder still.

Rich's smile widened. Any moment now his wife would walk in. He released his control and came.

Kelly screamed in frustration "No, no, no" believing she was being cheated out of her own climax.

"Kelly," Shelly screamed from the doorway. "You're, you're..." Shelly froze on top of Richard at the sound of her sister's voice, almost as if only now realizing what she had been doing.

"Fucking," Richard supplied

"Fucking my husband." She blushed charmingly as she said it and began to tear up.

Kelly squirmed off of her lover and jumped over to her sister as Richard reclined on one of the huge pillows on the floor. Kelly also began to cry.

"Yes, I did" Kelly sniffed. "But he was so great and tasty I couldn't help my-myself. And... I didn't come."

"Didn't come," Shelly said. The waterworks stopped. "You poor thing. " Kelly brightened at this.

She took Kelly by the hand and led her to her husband. She made her kneel on Rich's right side while she took his left. She ran a hand along his chest down to his stomach.

She leaned over him to whisper in his ear, her great breasts pressing against his chest, her hand just above his groin. Kelly hand roamed up and down his leg.

"Honey, we are being rude," she whispered in a voice that one would normally pay $4.99 a minute for. "You got her started, but she isn't...finished yet."

"Do you forgive your sister?" he asked.

She hesitated, looked at Kelly a moment and then nodded.

"How about a forgiving kiss?"

Shelly threw her arms around Richard and kissed him deeply, her tongue probing and playing with his tongue.

She lifted away with a 'well' look on her face.

"Not me, her," he said, amused, pointing at his sister-in-law.

She blushed again as did her sister.

"It would make me happy to see the two of you together."

Richard reached up and gently guided their heads together.

Then, charmingly, the lips meeting, their mouths opening, and, after a moment, their tongues seeking. Richard pawed their breasts.

Their moans got him harder still (if that was possible).

Finally, their kiss broke.

"Good thing we did this now. If we did this back in high school, we never would have met Rich."

They reached down and gave him a kiss, alternating, their hands in each other twats, teasing their clits, making them jump and start.

Rich began to roll towards Shelly, but was stopped.

"Ah ah, guests first," Shelly said.

Rich rolled back over and into Kelly.

Shelly repositioned herself behind Kelly so that the husband and wife could still kiss.

He thrust into the new Kelly and she began to come. He fondled her tits and reached around to grope his wife's'. Kelly got louder and louder, screaming in her release.

"Gawdz, Kelly, I never knew you were so damn loud during sex."

"Quiet her down then. Stick your tongue down her throat, or something."

Shelly did and Kelly became non-verbal for a while.

After coming inside her, he switched, taking Shelly in doggie position. Shelly replied with a buck and a moan, "you're so huge. Keep going. Please, keep going. " He felt her hot tightness and her throbbing squeezes as he pushed in bit by bit until he was balls deep. He had never felt anything this tight or anything that felt this good. He began to thrust, alternating short and long strokes. Shelly replied with groans, cries and moans.

A few moments later Kelly positioned her pussy so that her sister could lap her up.

Shelly hesitated until Kelly reminded her.

"I'm full of his spunk. Go and get it."

Shelly attacked Kelly like a women possessed. Kelly moaned and bucked, trying to stay quiet but failing as Shelly started to use her fingers on Kelly's lips and vagina, teasing her clit.

Finally, Rich came, which brought off Shelly nicely, which caused Kelly to explode in a nice planned cascade effect.

While he took a moments respite, he suggested that they get into a 69, which they eagerly did.

After a moment, Richard joined them, alternating between Kelly's pussy and his wife's oral ministration, a few strokes there, a few strokes her.

After coming yet again (in his wife) he switched to the other side, finally coming again, shooting his load inside of Kelly.

Tired, they asked for a break and a chance to rest.

Rich got up from the floor and staggered over to the computer again.

He wanted to fuck them both at the same time.

He called up his own file and looked under the help file for cloning.

The entry replied 'not possible, sorry'.

He looked under twin and found 'great, aren't they'.

Richard stared. 'Sections of this look like they stole it from the 'Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy'' he thought, 'the actual one, not the novel by Adams.'

He checked under hints and saw "while multiplying people is not possible, multiple limbs (penises) are."

He grinned, setting himself up with another dick that appeared over his original nearly as long and thick, and timed it to appear very soon.

He called up the sisters and upped their libido and energy levels. The former was near human maximum.

They woke up and called to him.

He strutted towards them, instructing Kelly to lie atop Shelly, both facing each other.

He placed his penis in Kelly and she smiled and said, proudly "he's in me" leaning down to give her sister a deep kiss.

She whimpered when he pulled out and placed himself in Shelly. Shelly said smugly, "now I've got him" and played with her sister's nipples, returning the kiss.

He switched back and forth, pushing his partners higher and higher as his second cock grew until he was ready.

He pulled out of his wife and looked down at his partners

They noticed the delay and both glanced back at him pleadingly.

He positioned himself at their entrances and entered both at the same time. The feeling was intense and he almost came right there. They cried out in unison, noted the action and looked at each other, then at Rich, surprise turning into pleasure as he kept thrusting.

Many minutes later, mind blowing orgasm went through all of them as all four sexual organs let loose.

They detangled their limbs, each women cuddling at his side, a hand on a penis.

Rich quietly fell into a natural sleep, looking forward to a bi-blowjob in the morning.

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