Authors Notes: - As can be seen on the many MC fiction sites that the MASTER PC universe has grown rapidly. But I began thinking "Doesn't it make you worry about how such a dangerous computer program can end up in the hands of today's youth?" That is where this story comes in, to explain where and how the program began, and to explain how it leaked out into the world. Thanks must go to JR Parz and the other Master PC writers who, unknowingly, helped me write this. While I have had some plot guidance and proofreading help (many thanks again EyeOfSerpent, Celebrity_MC and JR Parz), any comments to improve the next chapters would always be helpful. E-mail comments to

Warning. This story contains descriptions of sexual acts, albeit non-graphic, and situations that may be harmful to young minds. All characters and organizations in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18 (or the minimal legal age for your state/country), turn back now.

Master PC - True Beginnings



Chapter 1

Javier Margolin awoke with a start as the persistent buzz of the alarm clock drew him from his sleep. Throwing his hand against the snooze button, he opened his eyes and looked at the LCD numbers staring at him. 8:30AM. Shit, he was late for work, again. Shit, no FUCK!!! , He was going to be late for the projects meeting with DataTec's CEO, the last chance to get proper funding for his medical breakthrough, the opportunity to cure anybody of anything. MASTER PC's project team leader threw his bed sheets to the floor and galloped into the bathroom. 15 minutes later, Javier left his apartment, looking both smart and bedraggled, and hauled his ass out into the Californian sunshine and into his Jeep. Gunning the engine, he hit the road on three wheels and sped off toward the Science Park where his labs resided.


 Dominique "DD" DeFevre was anxiously looking at her watch as she watched the black limousine enter the complex gates. Damn Javier again. His constant lateness would kill them this time, she thought. There was going to be no chance that any company, no matter how immoral, would fund a project where the leader couldn't get to the demonstration on time. Master PC was going to be treated as a student prank and thrown out.

" Tony, he's here. Power up the server and can you help Karen prep the two tests," Dom called over to Tony DiMarco, one of the lab technicians, her French accent still evident after 5 years in America.

"Still no sign of Javier yet?" he called back.

"No." No other comment came so she swiftly moved on with the preparations. A glance around the lab confirmed that the other members of the team were in place. Tony stood by a bank of datatape streamers, his eyes monitoring the power-up sequence of the M-PC computer. Dom kept her eyes on Tony's 5' 11' frame for slightly longer than needed, curious about what lay beneath the now-standard Bears football shirt he wore. Perhaps, if M-PC got approval, she would try and find out. Shaking herself from idle, and currently inappropriate thoughts, she turned to check on the other members of staff. Dan Krimenski, the teams' gopher, was making himself scarce. While he was effectively part of the team, it was in an unofficial capacity. His devoutly religious parents had forbidden him from participating in the project, saying the team was trying to play "God".  Dom smiled. Likeable kid, shame he was too young. She turned back to the main computer. Karen Vordemann was running through a final checklist with Tony. Dom looked on in envy as Karen's slim body brushed Tony's, eliciting a look and smile from both. Karen's auburn hair dropped in front of her face, obscuring any further viewing by Dom.

"Does it hurt?"

"Pardon?" Dom turned. Mikki Larsen, the teams' last and most petite member, was standing beside her, staring at the two lovebirds.

"Seeing Tony and Karen together. Look, DD, I know it's none of my business but you've been moping around ever since Karen and Tony starting dating. And the looks you've been giving them haven't really been subtle."

"And, pray, what treatment do you recommend for a broken heart, Dr. Larsen?"

"Hmm....back in Denmark, a regular cure I and others prescribed to was to go out with our friends and get totally blasted, picking up the first guy we saw and fucking our brains out."

Dom laughed. She looked at Mikki for what seemed like the first time. Short blonde hair cut in a bob, blue eyes standing out against her freckled skin, Mikki was the most sexually open of the team and had often lightened serious moments with a quick-witted piece of sexuality. Come to think of it, Dom wondered, I've worked with her for almost 2 years and I don't even know anything about the real Mikki.

A bell ring announced the arrival of their visitors. Mikki headed off toward the refreshment table. Dom breathed deeply, turned and stepped out to the main reception to welcome them.


Mark Abram stepped out of the limousine into blinding sunlight and stretched his 50-year-old frame. He pulled down his sunglasses and looked at the building that housed this new project he was expected to fund, a non-descript pre-fabricated warehouse with no visible company markings. Two men joined him on the pavement and together they stepped into the darker reception. He was pleased to be confronted by a pleasant sight. A brunette with long legs and a mouth that seemed to be in a constant pout stepped up to the party.

"Good morning gentlemen. I am Dominique DeFevre. Welcome to Master PC headquarters."

" 'Morning. I'm Mark Abram. This portly gentleman to my left is Ron Bigelow, my Chief Researcher and this sickly fellow is Richard Hanson, IT Manager for DataTec Inc. Now, enough of the pleasantries. I've come a long way to see this breakthrough you've made and I don't like to waste my time." He smiled inwardly as he could see the red flush of nerves rise in the girl's cheeks. She could not have been older than 23 or 24 and this was probably her first big sell. Before he left, she'd be quivering in a corner. He looked down at her chest and was impressed by the cleavage that wasn't being hidden behind the lab coat. Perhaps he might not be so hard on her after all.

"Okay then gentlemen, "Dom stuttered briefly, "if you'll follow me, I'll show the facility." She turned and headed into the lab, silently cursing Javier for putting her through this.


 Javier hit the horn on his Jeep for the umpteenth time. Traffic on the freeway was at a standstill and the radio reports indicated up to 10-mile tailbacks. Some quack was talking now about medicinal cures and alternative measures. Yeah, if I can get out of this mess, I'll show the world an alternative cure, he thought. Frustration forced him to hit the horn again.


 "So you see, gentlemen. By creating commands on this terminal, we can diagnose and cure any ailment within minutes, more often mere seconds." Dom looked into the faces of the three men in front of her. The big man, Bigelow, seemed unsure, she could almost sense disbelief. Hanson was even more so. Abram, though, had taken the technical commentary in like a pro and now seemed impressed. Perhaps a final demonstration was required to quash the concerns from his advisors.

"Before we break for refreshments," she nodded toward Mikki," perhaps one final demonstration to show Master PCs power. Mr. Hanson, you have been rather quiet today. Is something ailing you?"

All parties turned to Hanson, who in turn gained some color to his pale cheeks. "It's nothing. Just acid indigestion."

"Perhaps we should put it to Master PC?" Before Hanson had time to answer, Tony had typed in Hanson's name into the terminal and hit the send key. Abram stared in amazement as the rotating image on the screen transformed into a digital rendition of his irritating IT manager. Tony typed in another command and Master PC beeped in return.

"Hmmm. It seems that acid indigestion has a more serious side to it. According to Master PC, you've got a stomach ulcer. A bad one at that." Noises of astonishment rose from the group. All except for Hanson, who had returned to his pale complexion. Tony paused for dramatic effect. "Now, you could go and see your GP and get something for it. But, that would take weeks to cure and you'd be in discomfort, maybe pain, for a long time. Unless........."

"Spit it out man," Abram admonished.

"Unless, we use Master PC. Cured in seconds, along with anything else you'd like done. And with no after effects."

"Umm, thank you but I'll leave it to conventional science."

"Nonsense. We came here to see this thing and you've got an excellent chance to prove if it works. Lets see something," Abram hoped the thing turned Hanson into a blob of something at the same time.

"Okay, here goes." Tony looked at the girls and smiled. He typed in "Remove stomach ulcer and heal all surrounding tissue." He moved the mouse to the send button when Abram leant over him.

"Let's see something that proves it works." He looked into Tony's eyes and Tony felt a shiver run down his spine. He turned back to the keyboard and added "Turn hair green." He hit the send button and turned back to Hanson. The tall man was patting his stomach in skepticism. When he looked up at Abram, everybody started to giggle. Richard Hanson had a glorious head of green hair. But Tony had been vague when typing in his command. All Hanson's hair had turned green, including his eyebrows, nose and ear hair.  As Hanson looked at his colleagues, the giggles became hysterical laughter. Mikki came over to see and was mildly amused to see that even the hairs on Hanson's arms and hands had a pleasantly green hue. She wondered what Mrs. Hanson might be doing that night and hoped it didn't include garden shears.

Hanson saw the backs of his hands and started to panic. Abram turned to Tony and simply nodded. Tony typed in "Return all hair to original color" and hit the send button. The laughter started to diminish, enough that Mikki could call " Food and drinks are now available." As the party moved away to the table
set aside for brunch, Abram pulled Dom aside.

"Well, Ms. DeFevre. I am suitably impressed. Does this machine have any limitations?"

"Well, it is only our second beta version so we've had to hold back on certain options."

"Such as?"

"Well, you can't add limbs or other features to a person. The program will only act on skin tissue already present. This means that while we can't yet treat amputees, there'll also be no invasion of the spiderpeople. " She smiled at her attempted joke.

"And...." he responded.

"The maximum distance to the chosen person is currently set at 10 yards. The number of people that can be affected simultaneously is also set to 10. Other than that, it is fully functional."

"Only 10 yards?"

"We didn't think any further would be required in medical applications."

"Anything else I should be aware of? Remember, you're trying to sell this to me."

Great, now he's patronizing me, she thought. A deep sigh escaped her lips. "The application we've shown here is only a basic front end program running off from the Cray computers you see in the back of the building, so we can ensure the software does what it should be doing. The next beta version we're preparing is going to be truly portable. Tony has engineered a database and user program that can fit on a 120Mb floppy disk. This way doctors and paramedics aren't stuck with 2 tons of supercomputer. We were also beginning to start working on a true client/server application. We thought this could be used in hospitals and other medical centers, so Doctors could share patient analysis. The client software could fit on a single 11/4Mb floppy."

"Interesting. Now I've seen what it can do for physical medication, what about psychological disorders?"

"Mental illness? I suppose it could be used in that field. The brain works in much the same way as the rest of the body so the software could handle it in theory. We haven't done any trials so I don't know how successful it would be in practice, though." Dom was beginning to feel unsure of the direction that the questioning was going.

"Thank you, Ms DeFevre. Perhaps we should rejoin your colleagues." Abrams smiled and, instinctively, Dom felt nauseous.

She took the opportunity to leave the slimeball and walked over to the table, grabbing a flute of wine from a preset tray. She took a sip and was joined by Mikki and Tony. "That was as stimulating as having teeth pulled," she muttered under her breath.

"Well? Has he bought it?" Tony whispered, ignoring her distaste. He glanced around at the suited men currently talking to Karen and checking Hanson's cured stomach. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Abram taking a little too much interest in the terminal and equipment...and then it didn't matter.


 Abram watched the brunette walk back to her lab colleagues and settled down at the terminal. If the system needed testing, he was more than prepared to test it... on its creators. He located the function to select a group and typed in the names of the project team. Hmm, how to secure their services? Without looking back at the keyboard, he typed "You will not question the commands of Mark Abram and will receive great pleasure when completing tasks he gives you. You will be loyal to DataTec Inc. and all of its employees" He hit the send button and watched the group talking. Nothing seemed to change but, he realized, he had given mental commands. He had liked the brunette as soon as he had seen her. Perhaps he could check his newfound power with her first. Again he looked back at the keyboard and selected  "Individual". The computer requested the target name and he typed in "Dominique DeFevre" and pushed the send button with relish. He marveled at the image that appeared. It was a miniaturized replica of the girl that stood several feet away, including the clothing she soon wouldn't be wearing. A button appeared on the screen below the image. "Hmmm. 'Reset original settings?' She's already played with this. And I can guess what she's modified." He typed in the names of the other members of the team and found previously saved files for each. He smiled. This was going to be a great deal of fun.


 Tire smoke rose from the tarmac as Javier was finally able to get his vehicle off the freeway and heading at a healthy speed toward what he hoped wasn't disaster. His faith in DD was limited. He knew her abilities and the fact that her nickname wasn't just about her initials, it was also the size of those breasts that she used to flirt with him and every other male. He was sure she did this to receive favor in the project and affection wasn't part of the equation. He was so awash with mistrust that he missed a sign ahead that read "Science Park - 5 miles".


 Abram looked at his assembled ranks and smiled, an action he often felt uncomfortable doing. Today though was the start of something new. Hanson and Bigelow were gone, changed into two raven-haired women. Their bodies were athletic and olive skinned. Terri and Kerri were now his personal guards and though they retained the skills to continue working for him, all other memories had been removed, replaced with a constant state of arousal and utter loyalty of him alone. And as a reminder of their new position, he had removed their ability to speak unless it was in direct reply to something he had said. He felt so much happier having two employees that he knew he could count on. Explaining their disappearance and the appearance of two beauties wouldn't be difficult, at least not now with his new toy.

As for the project members, they were hardly themselves anymore. The blonde one, Mikki, was now a full 12 inches taller and more waiflike. Gone were the moles on her neck as were all skin blemishes. He had increased her breast size to a nice D cup from the A size they were and upped her sexual appetite to match. Her lips were enlarged and her tongue elongated, making her a perfect cocksucker. Such was the power of the computer that, with his typed commands, she had actually thanked him for changing her. He smiled as he remembered the blowjob she had given him.

The other two, Karen and Tony were also improved upon. Karen had retained her shoulder length auburn hair but below her neck, all body hair had mysteriously vanished. Her waist and hips had reduced in size as all fat moved up her body to her breasts. Where she had previously adequate C cups, her lab coat now flapped loosely over incredible DD cups. Abram had taken the opportunity to use Karen as a test subject while he learned about MP-C and had played with some of the commands. He finally settled on a small, delicate beauty spot above her upper lip. Her mind had followed Mikki's into oblivion, replaced with a desire, no, a need, to obey and sexually please Abram.

Of the all the group members, Tony had been the most fortunate. For a computer programmer, he had always tried to maintain a reasonable body. But with Abram's help, that was now ensured. He had maintained his masculinity, in fact his physique had been added to. His cock was now an enormous 14 inches long and a girth of 3 inches, and was able to harden in a state of erection at a command from Abram, a suitable weapon against those females who liked to play tough. His mind was optimized to ensure the continued improvement of the program but all else was deleted. Gone were the childhood memories and emotions, replaced by the ability to think logically, much like the computers he would now be working on.

Abram turned to Dom, standing at attention by his side. "Why are you doing this to them? " she cried. Though he had frozen her from the neck down, Dom was still able to move her eyes and had seen the horrid changes made to her friends.

"My dear, it seems your machine not only works but it beggars belief. Imagine the power this could harness if controlled properly. Financial institutions, cities, even governments and countries could be controlled by this device. No more wars or terrorism. Think of the good it could do. And now," he smirked," think of all the fun. No more legal or financial concerns, everything at the touch of a keyboard. And for you and your friends, no more thoughts. Just the pleasure of serving me and my company." Dom watched in fear as he walked back to the terminal and began typing. She struggled against her invisible bonds, knowing what was coming.

A tingle started in the pit of her lower back and as it spread, Dom felt a warmth growing in her sex and across her breasts, an itch that she couldn't scratch. Slowly, one by one, new thoughts entered her mind, the cure for her itch, the vision of manliness sat at the computer terminal in front of her. Slowly, the tingle moved to her legs and she noticed her viewpoint was sinking. He was altering her legs. Realization dawned on her, she wasn't shrinking, she was kneeling before this man. Dizziness hit her and slowly her perception changed. He was her master, she the slave. The fact he had altered her mind did not disappear but she no longer worried about such miniscule matters. His desire was her desire and her new position was to serve and to please. Knowing this to be her true position, she lowered her head in submission.

Abram looked up and took in the beauty kneeling on the cold cement floor.

"Dominique, do you have copies of this program?"

"Yes, Master. They're kept in the safe. Would you like me to get them for you?"

"Yes please. All of them."

He watched as Dominique stood and almost ran, through to a small office, to a wall-mounted safe. I think a French Maid uniform would suit her perfectly, he thought. Her French accent had got him aroused immediately and had almost pushed him over as he had been rebuilding her in her new image. She pushed several buttons on a keypad and returned with a box of floppy disks.

"Okay girls, let's hit the town. Tony, I want this building destroyed. Nothing is to stay in one piece." he called. Turning, he guided the new recruits of DataTec out to the limousine.  Moments later, Tony emerged and got into the front seat, next to Kerri.

"Driver, back to the mansion" Abram called through the secrecy window.

The vehicle pulled away and out onto the main road.


Javier saw the ball of fire as he turned into the access road toward the Science Park. The image of red and yellow flame still flickered in his eyes as he hit the turn into the parking lot. Temporarily shocked by the sight, he braked too late. The tires lost grip on the tarmac and the jeep rolled, spearing itself on a concrete bollard. He crashed through the front windscreen and onto the pavement. He lay still for a moment, winded and in pain but adrenaline was now pulsing through his veins and pushed him on. Picking himself up from the mix of blood and glass, he ran to the building where his dreams were now going up in flame.

He climbed over the main door, now resting on only one hinge and tried to get to the main programming area. The explosion had ripped through the test area, destroying the computer and back-up tape decks. An aluminum door from one of the decks had embedded itself in the opposite wall, forcing Javier to duck and weave as he tried to reach his objective. Flames and dark smoke were starting to fill the room and he had to locate his office from memory. He reached up to the wall-safe but his hands could feel the open door. Hoping against hope, he thrust his hand into the safe. Nothing. He turned round and starting rifling through the papers on his desk. The heat from the fire was turning the paper yellow yet he kept on, searching for it. His hand touched something solid and plastic. He pulled his hand out and firmly in his grasp was a floppy disk. The yellowed label had a spider scrawl that just read "Beta 3".

He scrambled out of the office and tripped over something heavy on the floor. He looked round and saw the charred remains of Dan leaning against a wall. A smudged blood trail led from the main area.

"Danny. DAN!!! " Javier screamed. He felt panicky, unsure of how to react. His medical training clicked in and he reached out to the boys' neck. A faint pulse was there. Javier breathed a sigh of relief and gripped his collar, hoping to pull Dan out of the building.  A hand grasped his, causing Javier to jump back in fright.

"Help me please." Dan moaned. Javier could see the pain the boy was in.

"Shhhh, relax Danny. Everything is going to be alright. Slowly, explain what happened?"

"We got the ultimate double deal." A surge of pain wracked Dan's body and the boy cried out in agony.

Javier felt Dan go limp in his arms.

"DANNY!!! COME ON DANNY!! Please Danny, wake up boy...." He felt for a pulse again but there was none. The boy was dead. Javier was aware of a heat source behind him and turned. He couldn't move away! Something was caught. He looked back and saw the problem. Dan had grabbed his bracelet and now held it in a vice-like grip. Javier struggled to release it from the boys' hand and managed to ease his wrist out, just as a flaming roof support tumbled on to him.

To be continued?

A Note from JR Parz:  "I found this story highly interesting and a great read...and I fear that unless enough readers out there cry "Author...Author" and request a continuation, you may not see one.  Email and let the author know how much you enjoyed this story!"