Master PC: Timothy's Story

Chapter 9-Retribution

I looked at him with rage in my eyes glowing the brightest green they ever had, blinding him, and I checked up on his history. He is, or was, an asshole, and he now deserves everything he get's coming to him. I first made him zombie-like and had him walk to the computer and type what I wanted him to. As I said, I made his life a living hell. First, he would never had to sleep, but he made it so that during the day, the real him or first conciousness, him1, was inside the body him but can't do anything, apart from think and use the senses. While another him, him2, will be in complete control and take over all of his life with a new personality, which was strangely unlike him that he could never hurt anyone ever again.

He also will appear and act gay to guys except actual homosexuals and to girls, he would appear an egotistical pimp with a loud mouth. He would appear attractive at first, but after speaking to him, noone will ever think of dating him. During the night, weekends, school holidays, or during summer vacation, however, he would change completely into a very sexy and pretty, 21 year old woman each night known as Cassandra Fucktoy.

She will be a cheap whore who will never have or obtain an sexual disease, she would be spontanteous, one month on the streets doing whatever a guy or girl wants for fifty bucks or better, pleasuring him or his friends however they want. Another week, she will be a porno queen, and will do the cheesiest, sexiest, porno video's and pictures she can, including bondage, female/female, and even bestiality. She will go to all the parties and fuck for free all the people including women. She will love pain in any form and her pussy and ass will still be as tight as a virgin's and will love doing gangbangs in public or not.

He/she will still have amazing healing powers and will be unable to die, except for when they are supposed to. Once a week, she would walk down the darkest, and dirtiest allies in any city let anyone who wants to fuck, fuck. I have always been a big believer of shame on and toward a bad person, and I decided she will walk the nights in the skimpiest clothing she can have on, sometimes going naked down them, hoping to find a man willing to let her be led along the streets by a dog leash on her hands and knees, with very little clothing.

Matthew would still be inside of her, but just like before, unable to do anything. She will do the first couple of sessions for free, for practice, and she will get an apartment or studio and will turn it into her own fuck parlor, bringing people there, to do nothing but fuck. Inside will be a large mattress. And she will do whatever a guy, girl, or they want in any form of sex, she will even do female/female sex for the same price and will usually be the submissive ask the guy to make her do whatever he wants with her.

I made his new self unable to do sports of any kind, be an average student, and will have no recollection of his other self, as well as have no recollection of Master PC and will be what most people think of as a computer illiterate. After he made these changes and sent them, I had him change the police department in this state so she/he will never be picked up for whoreism, but will fuck any of the policemen for free.

I awakened the new creature and changed his family back into their old selfs but changed his family's perception about what he does during the nights and summer, and they will do their best to protect him and his secret from curious people. I then had him destroy every other copy of Master PC in his possession, and give me my computer back with all the discs with it. I checked on his pretties, who were from mine and several other close by schools and a few all the way up to college, and all looking very pretty, with a bimbo complex. So, to save time and energy, I turned them all back into their previous selves who do not notice any strangeness around me or at school, but they will return to bimbo land when I want them to be the love toys. All devoted to me, of course, and only I can chagnge them just by using the codephrase, a joke really,"Matthew is gone and I'm in control".

While Matthew/Cassandra Fucktoy went out into the world and got some experience for her later life, I reverted everyone he changed back into their previous self, except Daphnet who will be part of my harem. I also left the pretties the same except for their personalities I fixed, and noone will notice the difference at all.

Looking at this prison/love nest, I decided to keep it, after some minor adjustments. Like a new outside (less prisonish) decore, better equipped rooms, I cut the former prison into two parts, my house, and fun house, so to speak, each with their own, personality. My house would depict almost every form of civilization, Greek (not geek) monoliths, Egyptian tombs, Roman Parthenon, modern rooms (computers and stuff), each with five bedrooms to boot, sex toys supplied (living and not) and a mudwrestling arena (hey this is my life so back off), and one in the center which was my private chambers.

The fun house, which I called, Genie's palace (motto: your wish is my command) will be not be noticed by any people other than those who are willing to pay for use of it. So I had built into it about five dance rooms, fifty bedrooms with anything people want, large mud wrestling rooms, a tanning/massage (hee hee) room, large parking space, another fifty rooms for long-term sleeping (another hee hee) quarters, a stable (bestiality), and a servant/slave/production buy and pickup.

Noone would notice that my house and the Genie's palace are right next to each other. My plan is to bring most people off the streets and out of prisons and turn them into productive people of society (mainly sex slaves). For the homeless, I will create an imaginary world that their minds live in and won't effect their bodies, somewhat like the Matrix, and their other half's will do whatever the buyer or owner wishes. For murderers, rapists, or thugs, I delete their free will because their free will isn't that good to anyone else.

Anyone who is offended by this think of this, if a man or woman is to rot away in prison for the next fifty years or so, and using up American money for free room and board, or they can come with me, be happy, and will never harm a living soul again. Or, a homeless man or woman is to sleep on the street and turn to crime for food and life, why not let them be happy in their own little world. Ok, ok, so I'm an idealist, who cares? 'Couse I don't.

It took me about a month to obtain the free men and women (prisoners and homeless) and the materials (all freely donated), to change the prison to my speculations. Noone at my school noticed my absence though, I don't understand why :). I thought that the wives or husbands of the people who come in here, should not care what their spouses do, nor will they notice the slaves in their house, which they will think they are just well-paid servants. Noone would notice them going into the Genie's palace and inside, they can do whatever they want, for a price. I made the politicians in high places got a very big discount, so as not to get in trouble with the government. I know this was a bribe but we can't always be good natured can we?

I checked up on Matthew/Cassandra Fucktoy by the end of this and saw that the real him was absolutely miserable while the other him was having a ball, both at night and during the day. I sent him/her on a few new assignments, like to the the next college frat parties, and the next junior high and high school party and fuck as many people as possible, and he/she will not get in trouble. She seemed to enjoy this idea and after which she decided to visit the dorms during the weekends and some special nights, for fun, but he hated it.

I placed Daphnet into suspended animation and my other pretties as well, for the month so I could have less distractions, and changed them to add up to Daphnet area of sight and specimen. They will awaken at the same time as all the other "servants" of the houses but these six will be only mine.

They each were dressed in the same fashion, skin-tight and sexy, with on the red suit was my gold and black emblum I had made, a triangle with a lamp with smoke coming out of the side and an upturned hand above it, on on their chests. I sent my girls to my room awaiting me, but not doing anything until what they feel is appropriate. I increased my sexual stamina for this encounter, but I didn't have sex for a month, except for a few blowjobs, but I was still tense.

When all the men that I had invited came, I had each of them change into a multicolor robe, depicting their stations, rooms, slaves, and amount of "service" they get. They thought I was just some pimp kid, well, they changed their minds when they walked into the front entrance and saw beautiful women lined up in skin tight attire. I said to them,"for coming on opening day, everyone is entitled one of everything, but unlimited blowjobs for the day. They each walked up to the women and each woman gave them a long, hard blowjob. After of which I let each man have a crack at the questions, but first I told them that the slaves ran up to one hundred dollars to five hundred, depending on the customized features or not.

I had one woman, in a very sexy technician suit be the only one to use a Master PC, never to change me, or anyone who is not the changeable person, and will never change anyone except by the buying person's or my permission. I had her very powerful and to protect that computer with all her power, day or night. Most of the slaves were converted to women when entering and can be changed to an amount of beauty, sexual stamina, and intelligence and activity, depending on the price.

After I had most of the people settled in for the show and fun, I walked to my room, opened the door, and walked in. The whole room was a soft mattress, except for in an adjoining room was a large hottub and spa and bathroom. I never expected to be attacked by six beauties when I walked into a room. I used all my strength to try to fend them off, but they were very eager, and it was hopeless. Two ripped my shirt off and two more ripped my pants and boxers off, and once they did this two more came in and kissed my lips and gave me a slow blowjob to give the others time to remove the restrictive clothing and position themselves.

Then they carried me to the middle of the room, tied a handkerchief to my eyes and left it there while they ravaged my body. I could not tell who was doing what because they each kissed similarly, they each fuck similarly, and feel similarly, and that the adjective that describes that is Great.

Interestingly, they held my arms and legs down, while one fucked me, another kissed me, and the ones holding me were licking me all over. I was limp to their power and it felt great, the woman on top came very fast and kept cuming till she fainted, then another took her place and mounted me and so forth, I started coming about in the middle of the second and fainted myself by the fourth.

They rested ten minutes and then splashed me in the pool and pulled me out again and we continued on. They finally quit when I finished them all, and at least came in each on at least once. I was exhausted by then and they moved me from the mattress room to the hot tub in the other room and cleaned me while I rested. When they lowered me in, they leaned me against the biggest breasted one, S....., and the others rubbed my body as I fell into relaxation.

I reawoke about an hour later feeling three times as refreshed as I usually had, and ready for more sex. The girls actually were sleeping in the pool too, and each were in it deep, so I swam to Miko, the farthest over, and with her back on the soft incline (the pool is like a bowl), slid my cock into her, waking her from her sleep and kissed her to hold the sound in. I fucked her cunt till she couldn't cum any more, waited to regain my spunk, then moved over to the next, Emmalee. This took the same pace from Emmalee to Jessica, from Jessica to Melissa, from Melissa to Qbyte, from Qbyte to Daphnet, each giving them their just rewards.

We retired from the bath to the mattress room, wanting no sex for a change, but instead some loving, caring cuddling, with Melissa on one arm, Emmalee on the other, Qbyte leaning over Melissa's stomach onto mine, with Miko the same on the Emmalee, and S..... laying on my feet with her head propped on my groin. I slid into a peaceful sleep, knowing that each one of my kittens love me like I do them.