Master PC: Timothy's Story

Chapter 8-Revenge and sex (not in that order)

Forethought:I suppose you are wondering why I called you here tonight, years ago, each of you did something strange to me, you introduced me to Mind Control Stories. Now that my poetic juices are nearly gone, I suppose you are wondering why I add tiny puns and jokes into writings, this is just how I view the world and how I write. I write like this, not the best in the world, to add humor and new ideas to people's lives. Now I don't want anyone to be offended by my writings, women who are aroused by being dominated or dominating I offer no offensive, nor power hungry men who feel the need to rip someone's flesh off and dominate a woman, homosexual males and females, I offer no offenses to your thoughts, actions, or personalities, nor do I implie anything by this or any other stories I may write. Thank you for reading my story and I will now let you get on with your nighttime or daytime reading.

Where was I, ahh yes, a completely beautiful lady, a madman who has a computer that can delete anyone but me from the planet, and me in the middle. Oh well, anyways, she walked forward with a serene and devilish smile on her lips amused by me and my predicament. I said, as calmly as I could,"Hello, who are you and will you tell me how to leave this place?" She said with her luscious voice with a rich chuckle, simply,"yes and no, my name is Daphne, but my master has changed it to Daphnet, and he gave you to me for a present." Shit on a fucking stick, she is/was my mother, but completely changed, except in seeing her like this, caused me to see her as someone completely different, a new body, a new personality, therefore a new person. She kept on her slow gait toward me her hands flowing in front of and behind her still at the same sexy pace. I knew in my mind I had to catch Matthew where he is before he can do more damage.

As she approached, I walked backwards up the stairs to flat surface at the top, finding it about ten feet by ten feet, with about a two foot marble floor around the, you guessed it, the soft bed. I stood facing the enchantress, with my arms outstretched in a motion to vainly keep her away while babbling things,"It's so great to see you, and looking completely different Daphne or is it Daphnet? Well, anyways I'm supposed to go have a chat, yes that's what it will be, a chat with your former, excuse me, present master." She laughed softly, the sounds of silver bells,"He said you would be difficult, so he said, that within the hour of you coming here, I must fuck you, and dissuade you from seeing him or I must kill myself."

Well, isn't this just great? A madman waiting to kill me with a program which could desimate an entire city, a seductress formerly my mom that tells me she must fuck me or she will die, and little old me, here in the fucking center. Right there I made a big promise to myself, if I get out of this alive, I'm gonna shove my foot so far up Matthew's ass, the water on my knee will quench his thirst.

Right now she was within about eight feet of me, slowly climbing the stairs, with the same slow walk. I averted my eyes so I could think right and when I looked back she stopped on the second to top step, looking at me sorrowfully. "Well? Don't you want me? Don't you not see me as attractive? Any other man would be screaming to hump me, so why haven't you?", she said and started sobbing while muttering,"I've failed him, I'm not pretty enough, I'm a failure." over and over again.

I said back to her,"It's all right, it's just that, I have other matters to attend to at the moment. I mean, I have a lot of self-control so don't think yourself ugly, while by far you are one of prettiest people I have ever seen." She asked,"Really?" and I replied with another,"Really." She moved forward and she opened her arms and closed them around my broad shoulders, and she put her head on my shoulder and said over and over again,"Thank you, thank you, thank you". Her sobbs quieted after a minute or two, and we slowly rocked back and forth, as if driven by unheard music. She released me and walked down the first step and stopped at the second one down, apparently in deep thought.

She turned back towards me and walked back up, and I thought she was going to hug and thank me again, but she didn't. Instead, she walked up, with her arms out stretched as if to hug me again, and moved her arms forward at the last moment, and pushed me on my back onto the bed. She knelt dropped to her knees on my thighs at the same time, and leaned forward with her arms onto just above my elbow, pinning me with her face in front of mine. Her beautiful face was within inches of my own, my hormones were screaming with kissing her and doing other acts of love. She smiled sexily which made my dick stand straighter than when about two hours of foreplay.

"Why do you resist me? You know you want to indulge, so give into desire. You and I could do... <accent this word with joyous face> undreamable... things together. I will give you everything you <same action as before except sexier> desire.", she said. Before I could say or do anything, she leaned forward on my gaping mouth and we exchanged loving, sexual kissing which would make me want to drive a car up a lamp post.

We layed there, Daphnet on top, me on bottom, conjoined at the lips, inseperable. To this day, I will never know who tore at the other's clothings first, I mean, before I knew it the back of her suit was unzipped and my shirt was out with my belt partially undone. We only broke the kiss during that beginning once, with the bringing of shirt above my head, and then we were back at it. Her tongue was definitely checking if I've had a tonselectomy.

I peeled the dress down from her neck and kept bringing it down her front till I got to her imprisoned breasts, and from there, released them from their cell, and they were nice, plump, and ripe for, licking. I kept moving it down her waist and down her thighs, while she attacked my pants and boxers.

Once the last articles of clothing were removed, I flipped her onto her back and my concrete tube was brought up toward her dripping sex passage. A slight moan of ecstacy started when my woody touched her sex passage and another came as it moved up. Her pussy was tight, I mean tight as an unfucked and unfingered ass, and she didn't loosen at all. I guess Matthew made it so the pain was translated as pleasure. I squirted early, due to the early flag pole ceremony, but she and I kept with the same slow pace all the same. One of my hands, which were currently rubbing her back, traveled to her breast and started kneeding it like a baker with dough. Her breathing became faster and her paces got faster and harder, the more I did it, the more she wanted sex.

Our kiss actually started breaking apart but my hand never waivered, and soon just like with Miko, we were fucking with abandon and I never cared for anything than pleasuring her. Our thrusts came very quick, decisive, and powerful and very to the point. Each thrust brought us both that much closer to release, that much closer to the extreme pleasure we would feel at the right moment.

Over and over again we humped, never failing, ever increasing toward the last thrust, we were like water breaking against a dam, a harpstring vibrating past visibility, a vase teetering back and forth on the edge of destruction. The dam burst, the harpstring snapped, and the vase broke into a million pieces, we both came deeply(I'm just a wax poetic).

We came so deeply, in fact, that she was screaming for more, and like the gentleman and greedy asshole I was, I complied. We kept fucking each other, cuming again and again in rapid succession, and we both passed out from the insane amount of feeling we had rushing through our systems, in the other's arms, slumped forward, peaceful.

I woke up very soon after although, because her hands on my back had raked deep crevices with her fingernails and they were painful. I kissed her lovingly on the lips and started licking her tits while kneeding her ass, causing her to have another sexual dream, I spent five minutes of building her to orgasm, and she woke when she peaked. We stared into each other's eyes, knowing what we wanted to do, and I got off her and she flipped herself over, onto her hands and knees. Unlike Miko, Daphnet wanted no loosening of her asshole and just wanted to slide in my wet fuckstick.

Her ass was just like her cunt, wet(because of me), deep, and tight. I slid into her a few times to start a rhythm, and I leaned forward and started feeling her tits as I thrust. She started backing up while I thrust in to get a bigger movement, and we were soon humping like animals again, unable to be stopped or separated. Deeper, and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster we went, we were both moaning from the movements by now and she was going full out in her screams. We approached orgasm rapidly and when she came, her asshole tightened more causing me to cum in her just as deeply as before, and we didn't stop or slow our pace like our previous session until we passed out again.

This time, it was my turn to awaken from my own orgasm, finding her sucking on my dick, her perfect mouth bobbing like a piston. Her tongue was delightful on the underside, and her throat was the perfect size, she swallowed every bit of cum I gave, and she licked her lips, she said,"go and do your thing, before we do it again, and thank you." when she said that, she leaned back and her breathing slowed to an unconcious victim, except for the small small on her face.

I stood there admiring and loving my lovers body, the smooth skin, the beautiful face, but in a flash of rage, Matthew surfaced in my mind, the creature he was, evil and domineering. I got up reluctantly from beside Daphnet and I dressed again. Feeling better now with sex out of my system and the asshole of hell fixed in my mind. I descended the stairs quietly and retrieved the fallen mace and moved toward where she came in.

The door was supposed to be hidden, but due to her eagerness, it wasn't shut completely, but it still held in or out all sound and light. I slipped out, not daring for an instant to wake my lover's sleep, because God help me, I would have had to come back again instantly. I moved through the halls, still without power and I found Matthew all alone (his pretties gone) in a dark nearby office looking up on his makeshift pretty (Daphnet) on a laptop, and he knew that she now slept, he examined her closely, looking at her stats and didn't hear me come in. He was so intent on the screen he didn't notice me coming up beside him until I slammed the mace into the back wall, and kicked his body away from the computer in one quick punt.

"I have come for retribution, for what you did to my family, and my life, and I have decided I won't kill you, but your life will now be a living hell." I said, darkly smiling. He looked at the computer, at me, then the computer again and lunged at me, I sidestepped him and grabbed his arm and leg and swung him back into the wall. Apparently, he can heal fast, but doesn't have any skills to back that up. He charged again, and this time, I grabbed his collar, spun him around, and slammed him into the wall, with my forearm millimeters from crushing his throat while still making breathing difficult.