Master PC: Timothy's Story

Chapter 7-A solution (go figure)

I looked around and that my computer and laptops were missing so I tried to change each of them but they couldn't be changed without the help of Master PC. I left them alone, after reading their minds that they can't stop fucking like this so I let them do their thing. and went looking through the house for clues with my three unaffected pets. About ten minutes into the search, Miko brought me a tape labeled "payback", and not the one with Mel Gibson in it. I put into the TV and saw a somewhat newly enhanced Paron when the camera focused.

Paron had muscles all the way up the wazue, I mean his arms were huge, his legs were huge, his chest was huge, and his neck was very thick. The camera swiveled around to admit this slightly handsome fellow, my grade, with about fifteen girls just hanging off him and to each word. He said,"I guess that by now you have seen what I did with your little toy, and I must say, it is very useful. My name is Lord Matthew, and I'm guessing you're wondering how I got through it's defenses, well, I just moved here about five days ago, and I have been unaffected by it's power." (I have only changed everyone in town but I forgot about people that could move in so Master PC left him alone.)

He went on,"I heard about how you miraculously changed and beat up the school bully, so I broke into your house and stole your computer (I broke into it using your own discs), and changed your pretties, which are close to anemic by now. They told me about the miraculous program after some, convincing, shall we say (insert mad chuckle). I have taken your mother, very sexy after a few commands, for insurance that you will take the right choice of my deal. Well, here is my deal, you come quietly and I will let you go off the hook without any problems, but without any idea of Master PC. Or, you can come over here to that new prison that's about ten miles north of town, and you and Mr. Muscleman here can duke it out. Which I might add, you will not be able to get in, and you will not be able to win. You have two days to comply. Bye-bye."

Right about then, I slammed my fist through the wall, I then went upstairs and pried my sisters away from each other, and tied them up using their own bondage gear which they must have been given to them by Matthew. I strung Melissa up by her arms and gagged and blindfolded her. I tied Emmallee to the bed in much the same manner. I then went into a closet where I kept secret things which might be needed for later use. I put on complete black clothing, I had the same clothes as Neo did at the end of the movie, the Matrix, because I went into a buying frenzy earlier with Master PC. I changed my body with my portable Master PC to add a few aspects that Matthew had never seen. I waited for night to fall and then I ran at top speed to the prison. I cut the power to it and then I walked around it once, placed smoke mines, that I made earlier in the year (I went to a very cool web site before Master PC came into my life), to create confusion all around especially where I was, and then let myself in after setting the mines off.

I cut through the fence in a dark area and then, put it back with some tape, after which I stalked quietly to a cell window and broke through the bars using some hydrochloric oxide. I slid into the cell and I broke through the other bars as well. I went through the dark halls and came to a very large enclosed spot with lights that flashed on when I closed the door. Along the walls there were every form of hand to hand combat weapons imaginable and when I looked up the opposite side, I saw a balcony with Matthew in it with all his harem as well, my door locked when I closed it so I looked across the floor noticing muscleman looking back at me with a hollow stare. I dropped my trench coat on the floor so as not to impare movement

Matthew said,"I'm glad you wished to join us, welcome to my house of pain, you two will be fighting, hopefully to the death of you and then I will use your little program to enslave the whole planet."(insert maniacle laugh). I said back,"I will give you one last chance give up and I will make you life, let's say, tolerable. If not, well, you won't like it at all." He laughed at my threat, and then he said,"we will see who must go through hell, now Paron, kill!" And on order, Paron rushed forward ready to kill me whatever the costs.

Instantly I formed the Emptiness which I made earlier just for something like this. The reason of the Emptiness would be to focus and control my fighting and strength. With the Emptiness, I was faster on my feet, better fighter, stronger fighter, and faster thinker, which you readers probably know. Paron rushed forward, I ran along the floor and grabbed a quarterstaff, and when I turned, jammed it into his stomach with all my might. It through him back about twenty feet but he got up and ran at me again. I rushed forward and started whooping his ass with the wooden stick until he fell down.

Once and a while he got a good punch, but with my healing, it never stayed. I did a twirl and hit his temple knocking him down and I seized the moment to spin and run toward the wall, with him following close behind. As I ran, I broke the staff in to two same sized parts. I ran at full speed up the wall and I flipped and spun around, then finding my foot landing into his face and on landing, both pieces ground into his groin and stomach. Now, even though he was on the ground, he got back up. I broke the staff on that last turn and I did a fast kick to the groin to buy me some time.

I went over and I grabbed something with blades, like a sword, this sword had a long hilt, and a thin, one-bladed blade which was slightly curved. Paron went and grabbed another one just like it, and apparently he knew how to use it. We then began a form of dangerous dance, we flowed into each other's paths and our blades kept striking metal, sometimes I attacked and sometimes I defended, but there never was a mistake from either adversary. I caught a chance when our swords met and were pushed to the side, I jabbed my knee back into his groin, and tripped his knee while pushing, I knocked the blade free from his grasp and sat with my sword tip, on the point of drawing blood on his neck. I saw that any cuts I made earlier were already healed but some of the larger bruises were still there.

I yelled with emerald eyes blazing fury,"Why are you surprised, Matthew? For me and Paron to fight to the death, well I just defeated your mighty warrior and he wasn't so powerful after all." He looked back coldly and said,"Finish him off already, you won, why don't you?" My body was quivering with fury, but the Emptiness kept the anger colder than ice. I pulled my beaten adversary over to the wall and there, I struck him, several times, with a thick oaken club at specific areas which would cause him to be unable to use his strenght in his arms or legs for some time. He was now as weak as a baby and I tied his arms up on the walls at an angle where he can't get any strength or leverage on them at all. While doing this I moved all sharp weapons away from him and grabbed a mace, a sledghammer, and a throwing ax.

I spun and I threw the throwing axe, where I thought Matthew was, but unfortunately he twisted and the axe struck the side of his face, ripping flesh with it. Before my eyes, his face and bones, which were cut as cleanly as a hot knife through butter, regrew with amazing speed and it looked as though he was never struck. His face contorted with fury and his scream came colder than the winds of the north,"Come and face me if you dare, I will enjoy ripping your heart out of your chest and raping your sisters and slaves, and your beloved mother!"

With my own beserker and white hot fury, I threw the sledghammer, about thirty pounds at the head with a long handle, with all my power at the metal door where Paron came in. The hammer dented into the door and and was stuck there, I sprinted, toward it slammed my foot into the back of it, which forced the door off it's hinges and slammed into the floor with my foot still planted on the door.

I walked silently forward, toward where I knew the bastard was I was so intent on finding him, I forgot about traps and rushed forward with the mace in hand swinging. Suddenly, the floor gave out beneath me, and a trap door opened sharply and I fell about thirty feet, bruising my legs and back with the fall. After the pain in my head subsided and healing sprains began, I looked around for any more troublesome people. The room was pitch dark, I saw well enough with my eyes, behind me were about six feet long steps leading up to a square frame. But before I could see it better, I heard a voice come from the darkest depths, silky and low with desire,"Tiiiiimmmmmm." I had the mace ready to stop any attack, a spotlight shone behind where the voice came from, and then I saw her.

I have seen many faces, so I have seen thousands of people's faces and bodies, each with flaws here or there, each with a beauty and ugliness here or there. But she was perfect, her legs were slim and smooth, her arms long and filled with subtle lines, her waist was thin and her stomach flat. Her ass was small and firm, and her neck was slim and like a swans, and her breasts, her breasts were perfect, slightly larger than they should be. But from her chin to her toes, she had on a skin-tight, and I mean skin-tight silk, cotton, or leather suit much like what Britney Spears wore in her video for "oops, I did it again". Except tighter and black as the darkness I had seen before. The suit, accented her whole bodies curves, and made notice of the large tits, stuck in a a suit about three sizes too small, bursting to be let out, expecially when she breathed.

Her golden blond hair, silky and smooth came down to her lower back, pulled into a tight braid, held together by black ribbons which strangely contrasted her gold hair but increased her beauty. Her hair framed her beautiful face, the small nose completely semetric, her large sapphire shaded eyes which any man could fall into for years and not care somehow looked even larger with long eye lashes, her perfectly round face, petite chin, and her full, pouty lips curved in a sexual smile.

Just by looking at this maiden, my eyes stared on their own, my throat dried, my heart beated faster, and the Emptiness, which held me like a blanket on a freezing glacier, left me. And her glow of beauty filled that void and mesmerized my entire being.

Sure, I knew she was sent to either kill me or stop me, but for some reason I didn't care, and she just moved forward in a flowing, smooth, and sexy walk which made her ass twitch slightly and her breastly move like a lava lamp.