Master PC: Timothy's Story

Chapter 6-A problem and some sex (not related of course)

I spent the next few days after enslaving in a very fun routine and I decided I needed some new away from town like in a small town to the west, called Gentlan. I decided to leave my happy sisters with each other and I would take Jessica and Qbyte with me and pick up a pretty or three along the way. I took the convertible, still very new, and packed some clothes(why, I don't know) for me and my minxes(like I said). And so, on our trip I had Jessica sit in the front because of seniority and Qbyte in the back waiting her turn. When we were on the interstate, Jessica decided I wanted a blowjob and I guess I freaked out a couple of semi drivers with what they saw, hee hee.

Anyway, when we got there we went straight to a suite at the hotel and I told them I was going out for some fun and since I was in charge, of them and any situation, they let me go. Man, and I thought married men had problems, no offense to any of them reading this. I took a walk and looked at all the sites (if any) and went to a few dancing clubs. Low and behold, I saw one of the last people I would have ever expected in this town, place, time, and doing. I saw Ms. Ching dancing in a miniskirt, flirting with any young man who looked her way(which there were alot). She was also a very good dancer, if you can call it dancing, more like in public fucking, she had like twelve men at her beck and call and she just called for more booze, more fun, and more dancing. I walked outside and went to a very late night camera develop/pickup center and I got a polaroid and I went back inside for to get her attention.

I waited for the perfect picture and, well, the flash woke her up alot more than anything else I could do. When she looked at the camera holder, namely me, she looked about to upchuck right when I did a very charming and toothy smile. She called off her "followers" and she and I went to a booth off the corner, for privacy, and we had a nice chat. Well, actually, first she tried to steal the picture, failing that she dragged me to the booth, then feebly trying to explain. I was smirking and laughing at the most laudible excuses ever made. First she claimed it was a dare from an old roomate (ha), then she changed it to an extortion like I was about to do (double ha), then she said it was a combination of the three (let's just say I had problems sitting up from the humor).

Finally she got to the good stuff, she started to beg for the picture that I was holding in my hand. Her begging was so in depth, she might have well have been begging on her knees. She said she would give me whatever I would want, no detentions, I can do whatever I damn well please with the school mainframe (tempting but no, I could do that anytime), and she was sticking to mostly the basics, except she hasn't even asked for a blowjob or any other sexual favors so I was pretty disappointed, irritated, and slightly curious. After seeing these had no effect on me whatsoever, she started bullying me with suing, detention, and lieing that she had more dirt on me than the CIA and FBI put together. After those long-winded speeches, she finally asked what I wanted, much to my delight.

I had thought about what my options were. One, I could believe her laughable excuses and let her go free of charge, nothing in it for me. Two, I could use some of her bribes to get out of school without getting into trouble and give the picture back. Or three, I could make her give me a blowjob a day while at school and anything else. If you, the reader, were in this story, what would you pick? You're probably thinking I'm going for number three, but you are wrong. I am going for secret choice number four, enslave her ass, and have as much fun as I want with her and make her (and me) nice and happy. Yea, I guessed you were wondering what happened to my testosterone, and now you readers are thinking like a true mind controller.

"I have decided to rip up this little piece of evidence and go the merry way" I began and she brighted and pre-thanked me,"under one condition, or else I will show this to the school board in every school for three hundred miles using the internet." Her heart and face fell very quickly hearing that.

"What do you want from me?", she asked and I replied,"Why, my dear, I want you to be my oriental sex slave of course." She stared at me like I was the Frankenstein monster and as repulsive as well, I chuckled at that face, and went on with the terms,"Well, baby, you should be happy I chose you for this, or else I would have asked for a lot more than what you bribed me for." "All that I want you to do is give up most of your free will and I will still let you lead a very fun life, is that too much to ask?" I said and she now looked at me like I was satan.

"Well, I'll give you two choices, one, you can agree and you can still keep part of your "old" life, or you don't and I will be forced to make you live your life in my service, now which one will it be?" I said finishing up my speech. "If you think you can take my free will as easy as saying 'hocus pocus' your sadly mistaken.", she started.

"No, I can't take it saying hocus pocus but I can do it just as easily." I replied laughing. "Believe me, you want choice number one, so take it." I advised with a semi-straight face. "Fine, I'll play along with your little joke, now what do you want me to do?" she said, mocking me. "All you have to do is look me in the eye", I said going into her mind and changing a few things about her, causing her to go zombie woman. First I removed most of her free will and her concience and caused her never to tell the police of what I did to her or anyone else for that matter. Then, I went through her memories, changing a few here and there changing her whole personality to one that is completely obedient to me, and I caused her to love me more than her own life. Then I woke her up, waiting for her reaction, and I made sure she was in a very suggestible state till she goes to bed.

First thing she did when she woke up was have her eyes track me down, then a huge smile spread her whole face, and she said completely devotedly, "Master, how are you, do you need anything?" I said "Let's go someplace else and see how you are", and we walked to a phone booth and we got inside, the windows were blurred and for some reason it was almost completely sound proof. The booth was about five foot by five foot and had a little bench by the telephone I stared her directly in the eyes, asked her to remove her clothes, pirouette, and I started changing her looks.

I turned her into the perfect sex model. Any boy that saw her naked would almost instantly cum in their pants and would instantly fall to her wishes. I lengthened her legs and arms, changed any knobbiness and lengthened and slimmed her neck. I changed her whole body to be perfect without a blemish, and I increased her sex drive as well. Her tits size were increased and her ass was firmed, as well as her stomach to be tightened. I then decreased her nose size, made her eyes a darker blue, increased her hair size to her waist, and removed any hair on her chin, lip, armpits, ass, legs, and her pussy. I then said "I could use a blowjob" and she instantly went to her knees, took out my woody, and started sucking like a pro.

I must say, I have had a few blowjobs in my time, and she spent 10 minutes of the most mind raising and brain blowing job that nearly caused me to go unconcience. SHE WAS GOOD. Once I recovered (mostly) She was still kneeling before me waiting for my next command. I had her stand up, get dressed, and we walked out the door to our room watching Jessica and Qbyte eating each other out in a 69.

GOD, I stood there watching them for ten minutes and Ms. Ching was waiting obediently, apparently not liking lesbian sex. I was amazed by their abilities with there tongues and uses of there hands during that time. Finally, they both came at about the same time causing each to fall from their horny stupor.

Ms. Ching, her first name is Miko, was watching the floor while I was watching my girls fun. I asked her,"Do you not like lesbian sex?" and she replied in a scared voice,"no, I am not aroused by the thought or action of lesbian sex." Well, I was pretty appalled and figured she needed a change so I had her strip and sit on the bed in the center. Then after she did so, I had Jessica and Qbyte take places right next to her. I said to Miko, when you feel them touch you in any way, while we are alone, you will feel completely aroused and that feeling will stay until one or both makes you cum.

I had Jessica and Miko start their first kiss and I watched as the passive Miko started using her tongue and soon was petting and playing with Jessica trying to get to orgasm. Qbyte then joined in from behind Miko and started fondling her ass and her tits making Miko moan with pleasure. I was almost to coming myself seeing this and decided I needed release so I moved behind Jessica and fondled her tits and ass and had her moan with more pleasure. Me and Qbyte some time just making them moan with more and more pleasure. Finally, after some time, Miko hit her climax and her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell over into sleep with a smile on her face.

I had Jessica and Qbyte go to another room (they caused some teenagers to go sleep in their cars in exchange for a blowjob or two) and I woke up Miko. She came awake pretty quickly when I kissed her lips and then she settled back and helped keep the kiss going. I removed my clothing before this and my woody was sliding along her ass cheeks and I moved it slowly into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back trying to make me go deeper into her and then, by some unknown force or beat, we started our rhythmic humping.

Slowly, while our bodies slickened with sweat, our kisses became less frequent, and our thrusts more and more strong. Soon we were thrusting full out, I don't usually say anything during sex, but she moans heavily. Every thrust some form of speech escaped her lovely lips. Our bodies were drenched with ours and our partners sweat, ever moving to the pinacle moment, and we were there. Before this her moans were mumbles but soon they were close to screams and nonsensicle jargon. She hit her climax first, causing her pussy to contract very to a very small space, pushing me into my orgasm, and another one with her.

We collapsed upon each other breathing heavily with my still hard dick in her pussy. We fell asleep in each other's arms and I reawoke with soft kisses on my neck and chest, telling me she wanted another go. I opened my eyes and I kissed her forhead then moved over and put her on her stomach, then had her kneel forward with her hands holding her up. I positioned myself behind her and using her own juices lubed her ass with my index and four others. When I pushed myself slowly into her ass, her moans returned to a very low volume and I moved my rock hard shaft deep into her.

With my other love slaves, they just tolerated anal fucks, but with Miko, she loved them. Her ass was still pretty tight and when I was halfway in, I thrust the rest causing her to scream for a second. Then I slowly pulled out and when I was to my crown, thrust back in. This caused her pleasure and frustration from my teasing and fucking. Her ass kept following my dick when it was sliding out, and I finally finished my teasing and started very quick and pleasurable thrusts in and out of her ass. I slid my upper body on top of her back and I grasped her hips for more leverage, and then, she came very deeply from the built up pleasure and her ass contracted on top of my large prick and nearly pushed it out. I kept thrusting causing her to cum again and again until I came very deeply, blowing my jiz deep into her ass.

We fell from this stupor and fell into sleep for the rest of the night. I woke up with Qbyte sucking on my dick and just let her do her job until I came. I then told everyone to pack up, because we are going home. I had Miko sit in the front on the way home so we could talk about her new life. I found out she lived in a very tiny apartment and decided, well go figure, she was going to live with me. She thanked me by giving me a nice big blowjob while I was driving, very dangerous once someone cums from that. Jessica and Qbyte were in the back, seeing who could make the other cum faster.

When we got home, I thought deeply about any problems with Master PC. I decided to change that if me or any of my love toys were changed by a Master PC, other than by me, I would feel a slight abdominal cramp but it wouldn't hinder me at all. When I did this, I started feeling the cramps start right off. I sped all the way home using a small hand held computer with Master PC on it to clear the way of other drivers and policemen. When I got home, I saw that the whole house was in shambles, there was no signs of struggle, it was just unkept, when I went up to my room I saw my two sisters fucking each other with about 10 dildo's and in full bondage gear both.