Master PC: Timothy's Story

by Upload-Matrix

Chapter 5-Timothy's family

After making sure Qbyte was completely happy, we set off to meet Jessica so I can introduce her to Qbyte. We were heading off past a few stores when I saw Jessica and she saw me. She yelled,"Timothy" and she started running through the crowd and within about five feet of me, lunged and her legs wrapped around my middle with her arms thrown violently around my shoulders. She then threw her arms around me and began kissing me more thoroughly than was humanly possible. Qbyte was standing off to the side and her lips started to pout and her eyes water. She turned to run, because she thought I betrayed her, and because of this thought she was really pissed off. She was about twenty feet away before I noticed she was gone. I broke Jessica's kiss and gently set her on the ground and said "Stay here, I have to do something" I then preceded to run through the crowd toward Qbyte's directon.

The mall has an upstairs, a down stairs and a center floor and I was in the basement and Qbyte was headed toward the center floor, which has all the exits. She was in a clear elevator and I decided I needed to catch her now. I ran toward where the balcony was for the center floor and at full speed, jumped and used my foot to get the extra five or so feet. I climbed up at the full speed and ran toward the opening elevators. Qbyte was looking behind her where I used to be and she didn't see me until I grabbed her, hugged her, and kissed her, very much.

She literally fell limp in my arms and I carried her back to the elevator, and back towards Jessica, and she finally straightened within about ten feet of her. I asked her,"Why did you run?" she replied,"you love that other woman, and not me" I slapped my head, and with my strength, it kinda hurt for a second. Then I told her "Jessica is my slave, follower, devotee, what have you, and she's my steady girlfriend in public to keep up an image, I don't know what you can do, but I think I will love you, just as much as Jessica"

"I am sorry I ever tried to stay away from you, Timothy" she said and bowed her head in disgust. "I'm the one who should be sorry, not you, I didn't tell you I have another slave" I smiled and her face lightened up a little. "Now Jessica, Qbyte needs a few lessons in pleasuring her master, can you help her?" I asked Jessica and she replied with a simple yes. "Now then," I said gathering the two lovely ladies into my arms,"shall we have some fun?" and we headed out of the mall toward my house.

We walked up the stairs and found Melissa and Emmalee going at it on my bed. Picture this, two identical sex goddesses, buck naked, in a 69 position with Emmalee on top and Melissa on the bottom, each licking and writhling with sexual vigor. My mouth must have hit the ground because the next thing I knew, Jessica and Qbyte were helping each. Even with mental control, my dick sprung up like a flag at half mast. I believe my exact words were,"Wha, who, homina homina homina"(all of which is nonsensical jargon)

By now the orgasms had subsided and Emmalee just noticed that I was standing there with her naked and was licking out her sister with help of two gorgeous ladies. She pretty much screamed at me "shut your eyes, dickhead" I used my charming smile and slowly closed them. She replaced her clothes on her persona while my three other pretties laid down to watch what should happen. I opened my eyes and asked "how long has this been going on?" I used a mock laugh and she used the sternest face anyone could have tried.

"Melissa said that kissing a girl was like kissing a guy and we tried it and I guess our hormones got really high because the next thing I knew, you were standing here and I was on top of my sister" she said in her defense. I laughed for a few seconds when I heard that and I asked,"Now how will we let this little accident slide without mom noticing?" "Well, I will beat you to bloody pulp if you do" she said with a sneer. I chuckled at this and went on "I can defeat you without any problem, and to prove it to you, I will have a wager, if you win, I will never tell anyone of this and let this whole thing pass me by." I paused so she can react "and if I win, you will do whatever I want without telling anyone" I finished and she thought for a second "Deal" and we shook hands.

"Girls," I said to the naked women on the bed,"can you please bring out the mat please and clear a space" they got up and cleared away the tables to oneside of the room and brought out a larg three inch thick mat which I purchased much for this reason. I walked over to one side, gesturing for Emmalee to take the other and I removed my shirt, showing my chest and arms. All the girls were feeling themselves when I did this and I waited for Emmalee to take her place. "Still one chance to chicken out, sis" I called to her. "No way, wuss" was all she said in her death wish. "Then it is agreed, no backing out now"

Emmalee made the first move, she lunged at my chest, expecting to catch me in a bear hug and instead found herself facedown on the mat, because I just did a spin to the side, caught her arm and leg, and landed her with ease. I twisted her arm behind her back and I wished this fight to go on longer so I released her. Instantly she did a roll and caught my neck and slammed me facedown into the mat, painfully. She had me on my stomach and was holding my arms down with an effort so I decided to show her my strength. I pulled out of her grasp and landed my arms on the mat and pushed with all my strength, causing my to do a backflip onto to my feet. She lunged from her sitting position to bring me down like a football quarterback. When I was down, she wrapped her legs around my neck, like a professional wrestler and I didn't want to hurt her so I did the only thing I could do, I tickled her. She always fell from my tickle attacks and now was not exception, because the grip on my neck kept diminishing with each stroke against her foot. I was about to blank out, when her legs released completely and I could breath. My hands held her legs at bay and she said,"No fair". "Fair is the advantage of those who use it" and I twisted from her legs and I then lunged at her and caught her arms in mine and brought her to the ground, face up. I then straddled her stomach, and held her arms abover her head, completely useless. She struggled for a second and finally said "Uncle, Uncle god damn it, Now what do you want me to do? Clean your room, do your chores? What?"

I smiled warmly and my eyes flashed green for a second, and I leaned forward and I kissed her, as thoroughly as anyone else could have. After what seemed for an hour I let up and saw her eyes staring at me quizzically and furiously. "That's what I want you to do," I said "fuck me" her face went into a whole disgust phase and said "I can't, you're my brother, it wouldn't be right" I asked "wasn't it you who was just on top of your sister, licking her out deeply?" Her eyes fell and I said "You will be my sex slave, don't worry, you'll enjoy it, just ask how my other three pretties like it." She looked over at those three and they were in a circle, licking each other out. I said "I will let you do this voluntarily the first time, but if you don't cooperate, I'll have to use force so do what I tell you 'do this please'" Her face fell, and said in a sad voice "alright, I'll do it, but tell noone of this"

"Good," I said, letting her up,"now strip yourself and then remove my clothes." She stood up and removed the blouse she was wearing, then she got out of her tight jeans and underwear, standing there, completely exposed, she then knelt down and undid the button on my jeans and took them off, with my underwear. She gasped when my member flopped up into her face, and I said "give me a blowjob, sis" she slowly took my dick in her hand and brought head down even slower and finally licked the underside of it and lickicking it up and down. I then said,"take it all into your mouth" and I looked into her eyes and gave her instructions on how to do that and several other ideas in the process.

She held my dick in her right hand and brought it up to her mouth and slowly, like inhaling, taking in inch by inch. When it up to the hilt, her eyes flew open, noticing how pleasurable this was for her, and started sucking and using her tongue to bring me to orgasm. She didn't suck on it for that long before I shot my load deep into her throat, and she did notice that lovely taste of cum that she will now so dearly love. She kept sucking it until I was dry then I pulled out of her mouth, she looked at my face and I said,"let's make love, sis" and with that I knelt down in front of her and pulled her into a loving embrace. After a little of this she brought her mouth to mine, not the other way around amazingly, and soon we were tongue wrestling or playing tonsil hockey, whichever.

I pushed her onto her back, onto the mat and and brought my dick to her lips of her pussy, and when it touched, she moaned very loudly. I moved my dick in centimeter by centimeter, because of her tightness, and when I hit her hymen, I slowly moved in and out, loosening her up. I finally had her at the right tightness, so as not to hurt her that much, and I pulled it out to the tip again, and said,"this will hurt, but it will subside", she bit her lower lip and I plunged with all my might into her, ripping through her hymen causing her to scream for a second.

I froze when I reached her end, and her body was a rigid as a metal rod(sound familiar). Her eyes, her beautiful eyes were staring into space like a zombie. Finally, she came out of that mode and she looked at me lovingly, and said,"Fuck me Tim, please" and who am I to argue with a beautiful, naked woman?

We made love, we made the most fantastic love anyone could have made. My sister, the tomboy, fashion illiterate, may not have much taste, but was an animal in bed, an animal in heat and I her mate. Unlike my other ladies, she was violent, that's the only word to discribe it. I was glad mother was gone or else she would have come(pardon the pun) up to investigate all the moans and screams that emanated from our bodies. I had to fight, lunge, and hold on to keep from being thrown off her during her rough, uneven pulses and orgasms. But it was infinitely worth it, and if it wasn't for my quick healing, I would have had to go without sex for a long time because of an injured dick.

Finally, she fell from her high, and we layed together on the mat, in each other's arms and I said with the biggest smile I could muster,"Next time, let's make more lovin' and less shovin'." And with that, my other ladies crawled over to us, and Jessica fell asleep with her head on my stomach, and her on the outside of my right leg , Qbyte fell asleep in my left, and Emmalee fell asleep in my right with Melissa outside of my other leg with her head on my stomach too. And we all fell into a deep sleep from exhaustion, and had many great dreams.