Master PC: Timothy's Story

by Upload-Matrix

Chapter 4 new fun, slaves, and opportunity

I woke up after about an hour or so of deep sleep and still felt a little tired but very refreshed. I noticed my problems over the past few weeks and decided to remedy a few of them. I first had to make my body take stresses no body else could accomplish. I then thought about who sent this Master PC and decided to see who they were. I looked on Master PC for a person who I don't know their name. I found a part of Master PC which, if I have the person's user name or old user name, I can find if they have ever talked to me at all. I found about 50 listings for q but most were guys so it was 19 girls. I checked their intelligences and saw only 7 had good enough computer skills to ever be a successful hacker. I was stumped until I thought about how I could know who she is. I asked Master PC if anyone has talked to me in the past month. Only three stayed and then I decided to check their ages, and I finally found only one person could ever have that personality on the computer and the right age. I did a complete double take and saw it was none other than Susan (Q.) Black she was the hottest student in the whole school, a soon to be valedictorian, captain of cheerleaders, vice president of the student council, had a million friends, and had a football boyfriend whose IQ is so low he calls himself Butch and made Neil look like a wuss.

I was amazed, no eccstatic, because she was also the natorious hacker, Qbyte, who supposedly got through NATO and CIA systems with minimal troubles. I never thought a girl like that would talk in a chatroom called Geeks Paradise. Nonetheless, she was the one of the brightest student I knew, even with my intelligence and had a persona that screamed brilliance. I decided to have a little chat with Susan ending up as her being my devoted slave.

I made Susan a little more supple and used Regular macrobutton on her and had her never to touch my computer or hack into it. I then planned her actions and reactions to troubles coming up and made necessary arrangements with my family and her family like with Jessica. Jessica will always be a great girlfriend and decided it would be best to keep her around for both our amusements. Besides, I have grown a soft spot for her spirit and loving attitude and I could never put her away like that.

I decided I would take care of her boyfriend personally while they're on a date and have some fun afterwards. I would carry a small program I wrote to make her more than willing to comply with my choices.

Ahh, Saturday night, no school, no obligations, and a beautiful person to meet. I walked to the mall where Susan and Butch were eating some dinner before catching a movie. I walked over to them and pulled up a chair not stopping when Butch, the big, dumb silent type said his words for the millenium. "Get outta here pipsqueak" was all he said, I just smiled and asked Susan "why are you dating a moron when you could have so much more Susan, or is it Qbyte?" I said with my ever charming smile.

She gasped at her name and straightened herself up "I don't know what you're talking about" she said trying to act but not doing a good job of it. "Ok, come on, don't play Coy with me Q, I know all about your little escapades on the keyboard and I must say, you are a hard woman to find." I continued "I'm glad you've taken to the old saying 'The best place to hide something is under somebody's nose' and without knowing it, your little files were the only thing to help me find you, and you had some amazing files." I laughed,"but once you get down to it, you're just a mediocre hacker aren't you?" "I am a spectacular hacker and I could break any file system of yours with a mere flick of the wrist" she exclaimed. I knew she had this kind of a push button, like so many other people who cherish their skills.

"Hey, dickhead, get the hell out of here before I hack YOUR body to pieces" Butch said after Susan replied. "Listen asshole, I have dealt with plenty of morons in my time, but I can easily whoop your ass till you scream for mercy." "

"Why you little..." he started but he never ended because slammed his head with a back swing from my hand, causing him to fly backwards out of his seat. "Now then," turning to Susan "I have a proposition to make, you be my devoted lover and sex slave or what have you, and I will make you the greatest hacker the world has ever seen, and I can do plenty more where that came from" "Where do you get off, telling me about being a computer user?" she said and then continued,"You were caught a few years ago by a minimal protection system which I had no problem with at your age" I laughed,"I have abilities that you would kill for if you knew what they were"

I continued on,"I can make you a mindless, sex toy without by uttering a few sets of words, so don't you think this is nice of me to ask if you want to?" she replied "Can I have some time to think about this?" I said"no, sorry but it's now or never" she just said "give me some time, okay?" She turned away and I looked into her eyes reading her thoughts 'if I give him the run around for a while, maybe he can give me what I want without him getting what he wants'

I said "no I will get your answer now, or you won't get what you want, and I will get what I want but not you" her eyes twitched because she thinks I just read her mind, which i did. I asked impatiently "yes or no?" she said "given my choices, how will I serve you, Master?"

I smiled(go figure) "first, go wake up your ex-boyfriend and break up with him, gently" she walked over to Butch and slapped his face and woke him up "wha, what happened?" he asked stupidly. She said "I broke up with you, and he broke a rib or two got it?", "but why, baby?" he asked. "because you're an egotistical, selfish, moron who just thinks I'm a toy" she yelled at him, he looked hurt and got up and walked away.

"he'll be fine in a day or two" I said, "now then, what do you want first?" She replied "I want to to read super fast, type super fast, and think super fast" I chuckled, "do you want to move super fast in the process?" "no, not yet" she replied. "Ok, let's see how well you can do sex" I said, she looked scared,"you're not a virgin are you?" I said, "no" she replied.

"don't we have a form of birth control?" she asked, "no, I got it taken care of" I said. "ok, I am going to show you a ring, and when you see it glow, you will be my devoted slave" I made this command in her mind and held up the ring, "ready?" I asked. "yeah, sure why not, let's try it out" I held up the ring and waited for her reaction.