Master PC: Timothy's Story

by Upload-Matrix

Chapter 3 All work and no play make Tim a bad boy

After getting Jessica integrated into my house, I wanted to clear up some space for myself, so I had our family have a garage sale. We accumulated a whole bunch of crap over the years and I decided I wanted a better room. The attic, is the biggest room in the house, and with a few modifications can become the best room in the house like adding a bathroom and a better staircase. I got a very good deal with some builders to make an outside and inside staircase. I cleared up with my mother so I gave her a new car. Also, I got a good deal on a new bathroom, this would be about ten feet squared with a hot tub jacuzzi and a shower that could hold five people at a time :). This took about a week to finish, then with my new strength, I finally moved all my belongings up, including Jessica. I got a new, bigger bed, couch, and several other things like a sunroof. I used quite a bit of money for this project and had a couple of drug dealers, loan sharks, and bank robbers to give me their money, turn themselves in, and spend most of their lives putting others out of business.

After this was done, I got a huge concious attack and I made Ms. Fain a little better at understanding her students needs, but I wanted to be there when her transformation is complete. I made her able to come again, starting during my class period tomorrow. I came to school and everyday, and was treated more and more like a person. Since I drove Neil off the students, students have been more respectful to me, and Neil and his friends have been afraid of me. Of course by now, Neil has gotten enough ridicule from his followers and gained enough courage to go after me, of course with a few of his friends.

I was walking to school and I saw him and five of his friends off school property and moving toward me with some stuff under their coats. I played it cool and stopped so they can get to me. I looked around for a weapon and I saw a discarded broom, a broken crate, and a trashcan, all about ten feet away from me. I knew they would try something and when they circled around me like a pack of wolves, I kind of thought they were gonna try and beat me up. Knowing I wasn't invicible but I came close to it, I spoke first "um, are you going to a dance?" and I smiled dangerously, and my eyes glowed bright green with a dangerous glint in them.

Niel simply said "Get him!" and they pulled out wooden bats, a chain, a few pipes, and even a wire whip. Without a signal they all lunged at the same instant I did a graceful backflip over them, causing them momentary shock and then a splitting headache. I waited for them to get up before I continued talking "Are you done playing?" Niel being the only one unfased and unharmed, so he charged like a mad bull and caught me by the arm before I could jump away. I could have done a high kick to his face but I decided it would leave an important part of my body open, one that I would want around for a while, so I waited to see what he would do. I staightened up, and he slammed his ham-like fist into my stomach with all his might, any normal person would have doubled over, but I being a man with an improved body, still doubled over. He pulled my arms behind me, and I noticed the people coming at me again. Of course the only thought that flashed through my brain was 'Oh, shit', I don't think they were gonna pamper me. You know what? I wasn't wrong. They thoroughly beat my ass up, spending specific amounnts of time on my legs, face, stomach, and groin. But with my healing talent, most of the pain was gone quickly, and I just laid on the ground for a minute.

Niel said,"he's had enough, well wussy, don't make us do this again" he sneered at me as he turned to leave. Suddenly, they all stopped and stared at me, probably because of me laughing. I began laughing like a madman would, an insane, blood curtling laugh because utter stupidity and seemed a very grand joke. I got up with little visible effort and they stared at me, because I should of had at least five broken bones. I just smiled and picked up the old broomstick which was within reach and bent my legs, flexed my arms into an attack stance. My eyes brightened even more at them and I said "Now it's my turn" and with that they rushed forward and the first metal pipe went flying and so did the person that was holding it. I whapped his hand which was holding the pipe and used the other side to hit the side of his head, he flew quickly away. I spun because of the momentum and brought the butt of the broom into the second persons middle, forcing the air out of his lungs, and I clipped him on the side of the head like the last one. By now they saw they saw I could handle them one-on-one and had to come in at the same time, so they circled me like before.

A smart idea but utterly futile to someone like me. I rushed forward toward the person with the chain, jumped and did a kick to his head and spun and hit the person attacking from behind me. I kicked again after I landed, causing another person beside me to fall over because I aimed for his stomach and came up a little short. Then it was just me and Neil and only one would walk from this fight. I said "We could just stop and talk about this like a civilized person to a chimpanzee." but he just looked at me and noticed none of his men would be getting up anytime soon. I thought for a moment and decided it wouldn't be a fair fight so I gave him the broom stick, he picked it up but he didn't like it. I ducked, flipped, and dodged to keep away from him until exhaustion took him. He turned to run and I grabbed the broken crate and hurled it at his back which he fell down, and I calmly picked up the trash can, full of garbage, and made my way toward him.

I stopped when beside him and his last words were "Fuck you, asshole", the sun glinted off my eyes and I raised the garbage can above me. He looked afraid, until I pulled the lid open and let all the garbage onto hime. I then did a kick to the side of his head, his side and dropped the can onto his stomach, and the lid on his face. During this time a large crowd had accumulated and I said, "go get him an ambulance because he'll need it soon" I picked my school bag up and walked to school.

Jessica doesn't always follow my orders, because she's in love with me, not a slave completely. And because it would look strange to anyone at school, so she uses this advantage whenever possible. She is always for public displays of effection, like kissing, touching, sitting on ones lap, and laying their head on my stomach when we are laying down. In English, I became her favorite seat because each student could sit where they wanted, and inadvertantly, she chooses me and my lap everyday and kisses me whenever she feels like it, which is every five seconds. I never encouraged this behavior but it's kinda nice seeing all the other boys jealous and I didn't want to hurt her feelings either.

On this particular day I saw my two unrelated friends, Mike and Tom. I asked them what was the assignment last night and there exact words were "Why don't you just go fuck your girlfriend", I was appalled, they never treated me like this so I tried to see what was the matter. "Hey guys what's the matter?" I asked , they got an outraged face quickly and Tom said "well you never talk to us, the lower class anymore because you're MR. BIGSHOT and have a girlfriend who would do anything for you"

I stared for a second "Hey, I've just been busy lately, tell you what, I'll do something for you that will make you happy." They both said "what can you do to help us?", I smiled and said "I will get a girl for each of you to fall madly in love with you like Jessica to me." They put on their quizzicle faces and and Mike said "Yeah, right" I looked at them with a frank face and said "Just watch me"

The next class was with Ms. Fain and she looked even worse, I smiled at what should happen and she left right before class started. About 2 minutes later we heared the loudest scream anyone could have made, and it was came(no pun intended) from the girls bathroom. When Ms. Fain came out about five minutes later, she had on a big smile and her outfit was soaked. She left to get a change of clothes and a sub took over for the rest of the class. When I got home I made a few adjustments to my friends:

I then took a few minutes to get Michelle Jameson and Mary Houston to become Tom and Mikes devoted lovers, and them theirs.

I noticed I had been neglecting Jessica lately so I got into bed with Jessica and she loving, I didn't get to sleep till twelve and it started at 10. We woke up the next moring when we heard a scream coming from my doorway, we bolted up and I both saw Melissa, staring wide eyed at both of us.

Let me tell you that at this moment, neither of us had any clothes on. Melissa's mouth was working silently and I rushed from the bed pulled her into the room and closed the door. I put Melissa into a chair while Jessica stayed in bed, covering herself with the blanket. Suddenly, I noticed I didn't have any clothes on either and bolted for my robe. After I pulled it on, I sat down on the bed facing Melissa and Jessica came around and hugged me from behind with her robe on. I took a deep breath and said "Well, our little secret is out, please stop looking so amazed."

She closed her mouth slowly and gulped "I should have guessed why you wanted to move up here and have Jessica move in with you, but it never occured to me" she started, I waited for more to come "I just can't believe you decieved your whole family like this, including me" Suddenly I noticed that her nipples were poking out of her blouse and it all clicked. She was aroused by this embarrassment. I was completely amazed however and cut her off from saying any more "Why did you come up here?" I asked coldly, she said "I wanted to ask you something and when I saw yoou..." she trailed off. I leaned back into Jessica and asked a new question "What are your feelings concerning me?" this time with less frost in my voice.

"I started thinking of you, not as a brother but as a man for a while now and soon, your body took place in my mind every time I masturbated and because of this, every time I see you, I get sooo hot" she said. I never expected this, even in my wildest dreams "And what were you going to ask me?" I said, she looked at me with a sad face and replied "I wanted to know what you thought of me" she continued on "Ever since you walked down and I saw you with those muscles I have wanted you, not as a brother, as a lover, and I thought you'd just see me as your mean sister" she broke up, sobbing like a baby. Until now, I thought I was completely hit rock bottom when she was finished but now I knew, there's rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, then me. I drew a breath and said "Melissa, I love you as much as Jessica here, you are one of the hottest people I have ever known, and I have always wanted for a long time now"

Melissa stopped crying and looked at me "really?" she said with a throaty voice. "yes, have I ever lied to you?" I smiled, got up from the bed and leaned forward and gently took her head into my arms and slowly pressed my lips against hers. She circled her arms around me and I gently picked her up and carried her to the bed and carefully laid her down next to Jessica, who moved over quickly. We slowly explored each other's body with our tongue's and mine and hers arousal I started removing her blouse, exposing braless, beautiful, breasts, of my creation. I rubbed my hands down over her tits, causing her to groan into my mouth. I broke our kiss and moved down her body, leaving a trail of kisses and I spent some time on her tits and neck. I suckled on one while I massaged the other, then I removed the skirt she was wearing, and tore off her panties in one motion.

She was now naked and she removed my robe staring for a second on my member, her mouth working silently. "it's so big" she whispered, completely in awe. She reached and felt my member, slowly licking the underside, sending flashes of pleasure through my body. I leaned back and let her suck on the tip for a second before moving her whole mouth onto it, sucking it and used her tongue to bring me into a great orgasm, She kept sucking me until I came a second time. She sucked it dry, then released it, savoring the taste of my cum. I moved her onto her back and positioned the tip of it at her entrance slowly moving it up till it was up to the hilt. 'GOD SHE iS TIGHT' I thought, she was tighter then Jessica and to get into and out of her, I needed the jaws of life. I slowly moved it out and I picked up the pace, a little at the time, causing her to come two times before I lunged into her with all my might setting off a third and my own orgasm in the process. I just felt her pussy grab my dick like a vice grabbing onto wood and pulled me into a world of pleasure and feeling. When we recovered our senses, I opened my arms and let Jessica climb in with us, and we laid there, oblivious to the world and I knew these two beautiful women, loved me.