Master PC: Timothy's Story

by Upload-Matrix

Chapter 2 A good day

I woke up pretty early because of my new body and I walked past Melissa's room. I opened the door when I heard a few muffled moans, I saw she was still asleep and I decided to increase her arousal from her dream lover. I put my hand on her shoulder and she reached out and pulled me on top of her "Whoa, sis wake up" she woke up just then and we stared at each other. I got off her and said "I thought you were having a bad dream from the groans, so I put my hand on your shoulder and then you dragged me on top of you" I turned to go and smiled as I left her leaving her bewildered.

I walked downstairs and woke up Emmalee much the same way but she got up and kicked me out of the room, luckily she had on a nightie but it was a little drenched. Mom was already gone so we ate downstairs and I started the conversation "Melissa, Emmalee had much the same dream theme as you did, and she did the same thing as you did too to me" I grinned and they both looked at each other and flushed deeply.

Emmalee drove us to school and when I walked in, guess who was the first person to greet me, none other than Niel Paron. I had on my regular geeky clothes and waited till he got to me, he saw I was taller but just passed it off as the early morning. He was larger and dumber but I was stronger and faster so I waited till he did something. He has no finesse for taking people's money so he just said "Your card, pipsqueak" I looked at him like a bug on my shoe and said "Nah, I'll keep it today and from now on too". He stared at me for a second then balled up his fist and hit me in the stomach. My new reflexes saw every second of it and could of stopped it easily but I had a plan. I acted like I was hurt (which wasn't too hard) and when I got up he said again "Your card pipsqueak" in the exactly same, stupid voice. I stood up and he punched at me again. This time although, I caught it, twisted it, and flipped him onto his back. He just saw that he was standing up, punching out, then laying down. I knelt next to him and said "Try to take anyone else's card and I'll do a whole bunch more than that.

He had guts so he lunged at me from his lieing position. He grabbed me in a bear hug and rolled on top. I let this happen then I said in the coldest voice a human could make "Release me now, or you will wish you had the chance to walk away." He sneered at me and I said "too late", I brought my head back to the floor and smacked him between the eyes with my forehead, I rolled him off while he was stunned and I did an impossibly high kick to his face for about five times (like in lethal weapon 4). I got up and said "Are you done wanting to be beaten, yet?", he just looked at me like a cow looking at an oncoming train would, then lunged again. I stepped to the side caught his arm and leg then threw him upside-down against the opposite wall. I said "I will stop now if you want to, but I will continue to hurt you if you continue." He got up and turned and walked away very quickly. I said as he turned "Steal another person's money and I will play the bagpipe with your stomach, and jump rope with your intestines." I saw him turn and with a big sprint, got the hell away from me. I simply knelt down and picked up my books where they had fallen, looked around at the gawking classmates and said "Show's over folks, go onto class" I smiled and moved onto first period.

I got through classes easily with my new memory and intelligence but when study hall came around I found the person that I wanted. Earlier some of the girls in my gym class started giggling when they saw my new body and one of them was the grade hottie, Jessica McShain. She has a body even my sisters would kill for, at five foot eight with a very pretty face, huge knockers, firm ass, and long legs that seemed to go on forever, I put her on my list in my head of the girls that I wanted and could now get.

I got through the rest of the day, when Ms. Fain stopped me and asked "Where did you get the steroids, boy?" I cooly replied "This is payment for hard work" I smiled and she grabbed my book bag and started going through it "What are you doing?" I asked as she pulled out a small cylindrical object filled with a white powder and I knew she planted it on me so I can get in trouble. "What is that?" I asked playing dumb and she said "This is crack, which I found in your bookbag". I said "No, this is bullshit and if you try to plant that on me, I will make you wish your life was a living hell" She replied "You are a slacking student, you could do so much more and yet you fall behind, this is your punishment" She smiled and said "ahh, you think noone will believe me, but the principal will"

I said back to her "Because your bonking him?", the smile on her face was replaced with outrage when my face beamed with happiness. "You little shit, completely ungrateful for what we teachers give you and not a thanks for it" I looked at her quizzically for a second then said simply "give respect, get respect" she sneered back at me and said "Now you have to answer to the police, your mom, your dead father, and everyone else so say goodbye to your good grades"

I said fine and I left, I ran directly to a computer and uploaded Master PC directly from a CD without installing it. I pulled up her name and made her light and take a drag of the joint when she walks into the principal's office, and if she ever gets out with minimal punishment I added a few things to make her life harder, like making her unable to cum, but her body will not diminish in arousal, she would grow to an double F breast and will not wear any underwear with a skirt. I also made sure she would wear thin shirts to class from now on. I smiled and pulled out my file and picked up my CD and deleted me even turning on a computer.

The end of the day left quicker when a substitute took over for Ms. Fain. When I got home (an easy sprint home) I pulled up Jessica's file on the computer and used the Regular macrobutton on her, then added a few new ones.

I sent these commands and waited for my new sex slave to come to me

Jessica was getting ready for bed when suddenly her breasts felt heavier. She took off her shirt and saw they grew to a big E or small F size. She kept handling them and she became more aroused by the second. Jessica went to take a shower and when she got in, her body felt funny and when she scrubbed her pussy, all the hair disappeared, as well as on her legs. She bit her lip until her hair grew to her ass then she squeaked a breath a few times.

She got out and ran to her room, she laid down on the bed to go to sleep, but the arousal of the tit handling and shower made her mad. She striped down and laid on top of her bed and starte putting her hand finger in her tight pussy. 'Funny, my pussy seems a whole lot tighter then before' she thought and she then started fantisizing of Brad Mitcheal the captain of the High School football team.

For some reason her mind kept insisting the image be Timothy Jacobs a no life in the lower class of her grade, she noticed his nice body today but still, he is the same nerd as before. She kept fingering herself and she came about four times before she fell over and finally went to sleep. While she slept she dreamed of Timothy fucking her from behind, in front, while she was tied up, while he fucked her tits, fucked her face, and fucked her ass. She woke up in a puddle of her own juices and wondered what the hell was the matter with her.

I sat next to Jessica in study hall and noticed my commands take effect when she was studying english, she put her hand on my knee. I calmly said to her "would you please remove your hand from my leg" she looked over, saw her hand and pulled back as if I was a viper. This happened about five more times before the end of class and every time she reacted the same. Over the next few days she started sitting next to me more often, and even closer, she also started caressing her leg against mine very often but she never seemed to notice.

About two weeks after I sent the commands, I sat somewhere different that day and Jessica came over and sat next to me while her friends were at the other side of the room. She started the conversation when she asked "I don't get this algebra stuff, could you help me?" I said sure and I pulled up next to her and she laid a hand on my leg and left it there throughout class. I helped her through the whole class period and she became more open with me.

We walked next to each other to Science and Ms. Fain certainly went down hill. She no longer pestered students and let them do their work, she also became a little frantic and paranoid. During tests or while we worked she left the room and came back with an even worse face then before. I wanted to let her come but I decided to leave her like this for a few more days.

In science class, Jessica kept looking over at me and I kept looking at her when she did. When class was over she walked to me, and said "Will you go out with me?" I said "sure" and she put her right hand around my waist and we walked out, the happiest couple in the world.

I used a little money on our first few dates and she kept trying to get me to fuck her. I played charming, abstinate knight who knows no signs for sex, till she simply asked "Why won't you have sex with me? Is it because I'm not pretty enough?" I stared at her appalled.

I said "Jessica, how can you even think that? You are the sexiest person I know, I just knew sex is a special thing for women and most men treat it as something they deserve for their life" I continued "I simply wanted to make sure we were really serious before we make love" I smiled warmly at her and she could have lunged at me right there. She looked sad and lonely other than that and I said,"hey, let's go for a moonlight picnic, we can pack some food, a blanket, a few candles and we can share the view at a special spot. When we got our things together, we had no car so I said I would carry the stuff to the place while we walked and talked. We got there within five minutes and we went on a trail I made previously to see this place and it was an easy trail to use. I set up the stuff while she walked to a wild grove filled with flowers and picked up some some of them up. I finally finished and we layed down next to each other, the view was meant to be romantic and it was doing it's job.

We were on a cliff next to a clear blue lake, there was not a cloud in the sky so the moon and the stars were perfectly reflected on the surface of the lake making it look like two sky's were there. The air was a little cool so I gave Jessica my coat and I flexed my muscles underneath my shirt.

She started to move the food from between us and I asked "what are you doing" she replied "I'm moving stuff so we can get some time." She curled up next to me and I looked down at her and our lips moved together and she started kissing me as thoroughly as she knew how, I broke the kiss and looked at her dissapprovingly.

She looked back with an appalled look and asked "What did I do wrong? Why did you stop?" I took a deep breath and said "you did everything right but you almost wreaked the mood". I continued "I want this night to last forever, not leave in a blink of an eye, I want this love to last, not be a one night stand" She smiled at me and said "most boys just want to go fast, no finesse, no love, nothing, just sex"

I said,"Let me do the work, you just enjoy the feeling" I leaned over and started kissing her again. This time I took my time and slowly brought her arousal up higher then before. She went limp next to me and slowly it got hotter, I started undoing her blouse, she looked into my eyes and started undoing my shirt. She pulled my shirt off slowly and we broke our kiss enough to remove each other clothes and laid back down again. When I pulled out I dick she gasped, she said "that's the hugest cock I've seen" I smiled and said thanks. We laid down again and I got on top of her and slowly shoved my prick's head into her entrance, she moaned from the size and feel, I moved it till I got to her maidenhead. I moved it in and out of her to loosen her up, when she was ready, I said "this will hurt a second so be ready" She smiled weakly, I took a deep breath, and plunged with all my strength through her cherry, she screamed and when my dick stopped she froze and I helped get started again by licking her breasts.

She said three words of the sexiest words anyman can here "Fuck me, please"

I replied "okay" I moved myself into her slowly and when she tried to pump onto it I pulled out keeping it at a slow pace, I kept doing this and slowly I increased my pace. We were soon madly fucking each other with all our might, she came about three times before I came, and when I did she came a fourth town and it lasted for about a minute and her muscles pumped my prick to get it all.

When we were done she moved down and started kissing it and sucking up the juices, she moved her whole head on it and started moving her tongue and sucking, we fucked again later and we fell asleep naked in each other's arms and when we woke the next morning, she said "I never want to be away from you" I said "if you want, you can move in with me" she looked at me and said "really?" I said "yeah, sure you can move in with me, I'll clear it with your parents if you want"

We walked together back to my house and I pulled up Master PC and made a few changes to my families and her families thinking.