Master PC: Timothy's Story

Chapter 10 - Tim's first good deed

I woke the next morning from the extremely slow blowjob which made me cum very hard. I woke upright and was kissed very deeply by Jessica while she held my head down. God, how am I ever to hold these women off when there is only one of me. I stopped the kiss when another tried to mount me, and I saw that the clock said 7:45 A.M., I needed to go to school.

I had them all dress while I checked on our guests, all ten stayed the night, and had plenty of fun, and at least three decided to buy one for themselves, so I brought them down to the production chamber and I brought out the first woman, completely nude. This one was fairly old and I had the computer technician to change her to a 21 year old virgin.

She looked better but the man wanted better, the age change was free and the healing plus disease free obligation made, but the rest costed. He changed her face, her whole frame, color of eyes, hair, tits, waist, ass, legs, cunt, ass hole, arms, and everything else. Being the first ever, I gave him a one-hundred dollar discount, and he added a great sex drive and the personality to go with it. She was clothed with a white mini-skirt, bikini, and shoes. I had the man's wife changed to accomidate her husband's relationship with her. After of which the man thanked me for my services and I thanked him for his money, and he walked out with his beauty trailing close behind.

The next two got what they wanted without the discount, and seeing what they got, two more men bought a babe from me as well, each very pretty. I left for school at 7:58 A.M. in my new car, and got at the school at 8:03 A.M.(if you think the school was close by, think again, it's thirty miles away). When I came in, noone thought me peculiar, nor my pretties as they also walked in close behind, but go figure. I went to my classes, and saw that Ms. Fain has actually loosened up her tight ass personality, and we actually had fun in her class. During lunch, however, Jessica, Melissa, Emmalee, and Miko wanted something to eat, mainly me, and I let them have a few squirts and I went back to my classes. This class was the first I have not seen her give out one detention, and I guessed that anti-cum strike added some humility to her.

Before class was done, I noticed how hot she actually was, no Pamela Anderson or Cindy Crawford, but she had a few traits that anyone can love. I changed her a little with my laptop computer (several of the students goggled at the increase in breast and ass size) and also changed a few other people's perceptions and waited till the end of class. After everyone filed out except me and Ms. Fain, I asked her to stay for a moment and she did. I walked down the steps(the room used to be for college classes, but the school changed many years ago to a high school. The seats were placed at an incline, and her desk was at the bottom. I walked down till I reached the floor, shut the completely wooden door, and walked to her desk, with her on one side of the rectangular desk and me on the other. She was sitting at the moment but grew very stiff from my ice breaker statement.

"I know about your little problem you had about a month or so ago, and I wish to tell you, I caused it.", I smiled at her and she replied slowly,"What are you talking about?" "I am talking about your inability to orgasm last month, bitch", I said coldly. "I don't know what you're talking about", she lied badly. "Don't play games with me, woman, or you will see, you will bite off more than you or anyone else can chew" I said angrily. She actually shrank visibly and asked,"How did you do it and what do want for releasing me? And why did you wait so long to collect?"

So, she wasn't stupid, just not that smart. "tsk, tsk, I only wish to help you fulfill your hopes and dreams. And I'm the wish master." I softened my voice but she seemed to not hear it. "I have seen your mind, and I have noticed the difference you have had in personality and relationships, and I wish to help you more.", I said, "Luckily, I have an option of a lifetime, and you will love it." She seemed curious of my offer and wondered what it was, so I just continued on,"I have noticed your obsession with sex and I have decided that you can be my fuck toy, or the whole school's, but either way a toy is what you shall be."

At this, she grew more and more perplexed and frightened and she started getting out of her chair, which I then prompted her to sit down, which she complied to my wishes, reluctantly. "Now, I am not a bad person, I just sometimes make a bad choice and the most logical choices aren't always the best", I began,"I am just offering you a choice to fulfill and feel the greatest potential to your abilities." She opened her mouth to say something, but it just turned out to be a low whine. "Now I am going to show you how powerful I am and can give you a great amount of pleasure, 'you now have the inability to climax or orgasm until I say 'cum now', but your body will increase your arousal just by looking at me and any forms of creation of arousal's will increase your arousal with every movement, and you will not stop looking at me until I tell you not to, don't try to alert anyone to this event'", I finished my instructions and waited for her battle of will.

She stared at me and slowly started to shift around on the seat, she then her face contorted to a visible effort, finally her damn broke and she pried off her panties and started masturbating herself right there. She soon started begging me with anything I want, just to let her cum, and I started my talking,"Now you see my power, bitch, and know that you are helpless, I now ask you to decide, the school? Or me?" she grunted on the second one and lifted her up onto her desk after clearing it, and layed her there with her ass off the edge and I I took out my rock hard member. I put her legs on my shoulders for leverage and I shoved my thick tube into her sopping cunt causing her to shudder in pleasure. I pumped her as quickly and efficiently as possible and she was soon wiggling from her inabililty to cum. I kept pumping her and I said between gulps of air,"when I cum you will to and keep cumming till I pull out of you." and I soon came very deeply and she did too.

Her head was swinging back and forth and her face was of pure excstacy. I slowly pulled outward and she moved down so she could keep it in. I pulled out after a slow count to twenty and she slumped down on the table, completely spent. I picked her up and I drove her home, to my house, and I moved her belongings and bought her apartment building (actually I used it as a big boarding house for the people and slaves that come in). I introduced Ms. Fain or Jenny to my household and she got to know my other kittens quite quickly. I wondered if life could be better, I thought about world domination and I decided for the human race to work together(hey this is my story not yours). I spent about a month picking and changing enough women so they could control the world and I sent them to specific spots on the globe, precisely two hundred miles of another one around them. I set them up and I sent commands to the whole planet so that it would be one big democracy with every persn nice to everyone else. I helped hte human race through all it's problems and all the people would enjoy life and every person was sane. I very rarely saw Cassandra or Matthrew anymore but I figured she was happy and he was miserable whereever they are. I became one of the largest sellers of slaves or criminal changes and I lived a very prosperous life. Now I will leave you, with my whole experience put into this computer and I will soon die because I have conquered heaven and hell, now I have to live it.