Master PC: Timothy's Story

by Upload-Matrix

Chapter 1 Timothy's lucky day

"Timothy Jacobs, pay attention!" Miss Fain screamed as she slammed her teacher's handbook onto my desk. "Yes, Ms. Fain" I said after the initial shock and bounce from my seat (about 2 feet if I was standing up but only 2 inches in the small desk). Ms. Fain is what most kids dream about, a slender body, great tits, nice ass, and a pretty face but her attitude sucks gas. Ms. Fain smiled at herself at her usual cruelty to her students, she already had a few complaints from students, teachers, and parents about her behavior but she just increased her cruelty.

I silently cursed at her along with 20 other students who were on the verge of sleeping, this science experiment wasn't boring whatever most people thought, it's just her teaching it that is. I settled down after my heart cooled, it felt like I ran the marathon then did a hundred jumping jacks. I started going back into my deep thought, which most teachers thought was daydreaming like their use to with other students. I was thinking about a new algorithm for my security encryption program on my computer but I kept screwing up after the 30th digit. I already knew all this physics stuff and it was easy for me, I could be valedictorian if I wanted to be, but I didn't want to have the hassle so I was in close second.

I am the epiphany of geekdom; I am what most people see when they think of a nerd, I have a gangly body that lacks any muscle, long awkward arms and legs even though I'm short. I have large unagile feet, thin slender hands that are good for typing only, long unruly hair (a nerd expectation), pimply face, squeaky voice, and an aura that screams "NERD" at everyone, especially bullies. I have a very IQ but I choose not to flaunt it because I only have about three friends in this school (one a cousin and the other two unrelated).

Anyways, Ms. Fain can't just give anyone a little trouble, no, she has to give them a whole bunch of it because she is such a bitch. She gave me after school detention and like anyone who gets it, I groan. I wanted to tell her off the way somebody should but there's a rumor she's having an affair with the principal, another big asshole, but still she could do a whole lot worse than detention like weekend detention or suspension.

After class I left to go to the library since physics is the last class of the day, but the school bully Neil Paron (a.k.a. Niel the Moron or Niel the Baron) saw me and decided it was time for his favorite game, stomp the sophmore nerd. He walked over to me, he almost gave me a stroke because anyone who see's him instantly thinks Arnold Shwarzzeneger but he has the IQ of a napkin. "Hey pipsqueak where's your card" he said, our school is a little advanced so when we pay our lunch money they give us cards and you pull out money to get some lunch because it's like a credit card (you are only able to take $1.50 a day so it was the same thing in the olden days).

Neil isn't stupid enough to take their cards because then the students would say they are missing, he just takes the people's money before they eat and give the card back to them. He didn't get me because of some stupid project I finished at lunch time so he was just a little pissed off. Luckily, I just handed the card over and he walked to the terminal and took out the money, and gave the card back to me. I took my card and walked on thinking this was just one of the grand experiences of High School. In two years I would be out of here and into college then he'd be in my court.

I finally got to the library, a little late but the librarian, Ms. Ching was really tired of Ms. Fain problems so she let the students have a break. Ms. Ching is a very sweet oriental who's actually a little taller than me, she has a very thin stomach, long prefectly formed legs, not much in breasts but she makes up for that with her face. Usually the library was filled with Ms. Fain's detentions but now it was pretty empty.

Most of the computers were unused and about five other students were at the tables working on homework. I asked Ms. Ching "Can I use a computer?" she smiled and answered back "Fine, but no hacking". When I was a freshman, a beginner hacker, I kind of hacked into the school mainframe to see if I could get information to get rid of Ms. Fain. But the schools security system was way too good and I was careless about leaving a trail back then so I got busted for illegal computer hacking and I couldn't use the school computer for the rest of the year. Even though I got busted I was turned into a school hero, the only student to get into the school computer mainframe. I was really ticked off at the time, but it helped my hacker instinctive paranoia, so now I have made several disks to throw people off my trail and clean up after my usual number crunching. They are so good that even if they are monitoring the computers they would never know I am looking at their files I'm looking at their files. My next big plan is CIA headquarters but I want to leave that for later.

Anyway, I took a computer toward the back and closed myself into the cubicle type space and pulled up my account. I didn't want to work on homework because it was already done so I just uploaded my hidden-activity floppy disc and went on the web(the disc would make it seem that I'm looking at the mating pattern of flamingoes or some other random idea and put that in the history while I looked at whatever I want and it would clear the history of those sites automatically). I pulled up my favorite chatroom, Geekdom Paradise, and ran through the names of the regular people. My chat name is Matrixupload and my cyber friends were there, Viral-encrypt, Cyber-cipher, and Upload-crash and there were other names but they were newbies, but one person stood out, his/her name was q.

I asked q a few unpersonal questions about his/her techniques with hacking in a private message box and q answered back and we kept on talking till about 15 minutes till five. Q was really interesting, smart, charming, and I found out q is a girl so to be friendly to the new girl I gave q my real name, I found out q had a paranoia fetish because she didn't respond with hers. q said that noone trusted her this quick and since she liked me so much, she wanted to give me a special file he hacked somewhere. q emailed a 10-meg file to my e-mail and after a few viral scans checks I pulled it up (I was guessing it was something with the government or a private business and she wanted to give me the blame, but if she did, she had a few virus's in her brain).

The file name was MasterPC.exe, I figured it was a game so I opened it and clicked on it. The program started and the screen went blank, "ah, shit it's a virus" I said quietly. I got ready to do a big file recovery, but a box appeared and it said "Welcome to Master PC, this program will make you a virtual god to the people around you" Being the computer genius I am, I had no idea what to do so I pressed return and a new screen took the place of the first saying "What is your name?" I typed my name, figuring it was an insulting game to my ego and pressed return again. A new screen took the second screen's place and in the background a genderless figure spun slowly on a gold pedestal(I was a bit amazed by the graphics and guessed why it was so big), this screen asked if I wanted a password. Being the security freak I am I put in a 10 digit random number sequence I memorized about a month ago, this sequence was based on the chance that a hacker would have to take a lot longer to find the password. A new screen popped up and said "What is subjects name?" I typed in my name and amazingly my figure emerged from the spinning being complete with my clothes, I was practicly petrified from this activity.

I was completely stupified before but it just went down a notch, guessing someone could see me and now I was curious who it was. I pressed the help button in the corner of the screen and clicked on one of the icons on the side of the my spinning figure, a bubble popped out of nowhere and stated "These buttons are shortcut keys to change the person's physiology, mind, or movements". I clicked the statistics button and sat amazed at what I saw. It was a complete record of my stamina, intelligence, and strength of muscles or bones, as well as previous wounds and breaks(quite a few because I'm accident prone).

I closed this screen and pulled up another one called "Digital Morpher" (a really corny name, but adaquate with what I saw) and it appeared to be a e-mail message section where I type in what I want and press the send button in lower right-hand corner, the help bubble came up again after I clicked it and it stated "Type what you want subject to do, press send, and the subject will do precisely what was typed." I thought for a moment then typed "Make eyes as good as human can get" and clicked send. I waited for something to happen but my eyesite just got blurry, I rubbed my eyes and removed my glasses and noticed my eyesight is perfect.

I barely contained my excitement at the what I could do with this, create world peace, remove world hunger, but my teenage hormone prone brain said something quite different, GET SOME SEX. I burned two of my spare cd's with the program (being the security freak that I am) and changed the school computers to never know I got on today. I also set loose a virus to delete everything on this computer and five others so even a genius with a miracle couldn't retrieve any of the data.

I left the school and ran all the way home, went straight to my room, locked the door and pulled up Master PC. After I installed the program, I hid the cd's in a fireproof, bulletproof, waterproof, heatproof box I bought to hold my stash of other items like viruses and search algorithms and hid them in a secret spot in my wall. I pulled up my file again on Master PC and I decided to make a few changes. My changes were:

I sent these and instantly felt stronger, smarter, and faster and a whole lot better, I looked at my file and thought that some of my equipment needed changing. So I made the following changes: I sent these and since I made it seem the same as before, I concentrated my mind to erecting an erection. It worked and it was definitely big. I replaced it in my pants and made it small again, I then went to work on my family. I changed it so noone within city limits will ever want to touch my computer or go into my room without permission.

My father died about four years ago and I mother wasn't looking for anyone now but. I wanted her to have a better job so I called up Janice Michaels her boss and had her promoted three places higher with a 30,000 dollar promotion bonus. She also got a better healthcare plan for family, decreased work time from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., have one month a year for vacation, and have four assistants. Then I gave her an urge to use that extra time at the gym (for privacy at home).

My sisters are seniors and twins besides, but follow different crowds. Melissa follows the "in" crowd and wears all the "in" clothes and like all "in" people, dates athletic people in the "in" crowd. Emmalee (pronounced Emily) follows the demented crowd, she wears black clothes with or without ac/dc on the front, old jeans, and about 50 other fashion don't's as well as a diehard tomboy. Both look precisely the same but do everything different except, treat their brother like the dirt on their shoes. They both wear C cups and have the longest legs possible, and combined with a beautiful face, shapely ass, and a slender body, so they have bodies a women would kill for. I decided they needed bigger tits so I gave them both double D sized, and I also changed the following ideas:

I saw I could save these on buttons at the top of the screen so I saved this in MacroButton 10 calling it "regular". I decided to go downstairs so I put on a tank top and workout shorts for my new body and walked downstairs.

When I got downstairs I stopped at the top of the stairs and watched my sisters' reactions to my body. I said with my new charming voice "What, am I glowing radioactive or something", I put on that charming smile that I got from Master PC.

Melissa just stared and said "My God, what happened, did you work out last night while we slept"

Emmallee just nodded and said "Wow, you look fantastic" and anyone would guess that they were amazed and definitely aroused.

"Oh, so you're just now seeing your brother",I said rolling my eyes "it could be my clothes" they both said "right" slowly at the same time, contemplating my change.

I asked "What's for supper?" Melissa answered "whatever we can order, mom said she's be late because the boss wanted to see her for some reason, she sounded a little scared" I chuckled "She probably just got a promotion".

"Well we both want Chinese" Melissa said, I replied "I kind of want pizza, would you 'do this please', for me?"

Melissa smiled and said "Sure thing, I forgot that I always gain a pound or two when I eat Chinese."

She ordered the pizza and I sat at the table, we chatted for a while till the pizza got here. I tested my limits during that time to see how much respect they will give me and I have a lot of area to work with. After the pizza came, mom got home, smiling like she won a million dollars.

She stopped and stared when she saw me, but she still smiled. "Honey, what happened to you?" She asked, I replied "well, I started working out a while ago but you must have never noticed." She stared for a second and shrugged and then she started beaming again. She said "guess who is now the senior production manager at the fashion designer corporation" I smiled wider and said "if it's not you this is a bad story." She looked at me, gave a laugh, and said "It is me." She continued "The boss called me to the office and gave me a very good job, short hours, a big load of cash, a bunch of secretaries, and every year we get a whole lot of vacation time, as well as a new health plan." I said "oh mom that's great!" the whole family hugged and we ate the pizza together.

I asked her what she'd do with her new time and she said "Maybe I'll get back into shape, I have been getting a little flabby" I used my charming voice and said "why mom, what do you mean? you have a body to make a 19 year old model envious" and it was true too. Daphne, my mom has a perfectly proportunate body and looks sexy as hell too, my sisters didn't get their looks from their dad.

For the rest of the night it was a perfect evening like some families should have, except this was how life was going to be from now on, of course changing a little bit later but still the theme will stay the same.

I went to bed early and waited till I heard one of the girls scream scream from the shower and I smiled, I got up acting as if I didn't know what was happening, when I got to the door Melissa rushed out with only a robe covering just enough of her now perfect body, so now it barely hid her new tits. Now it was my time to stare and she quickly snapped "Close your eyes", I did and put on the smile I just had on before I went to bed, I bet now that I'm here, she'll have an even harder time keeping her nipples showing.

Mom rushed upstairs and asked "what's the matter, sweety" Melissa replied "my boobs got bigger, all hair below my head fell out, but the hair on my head grew to my ass." Mom soothed her for a while then Emmalee went into the shower and it happened again.

I went to sleep finally, and before I did, I knew I needed to find a girl at school to have some fun with.