Yet another take on JRParz "Master PC", about one of the programmers responsible, in some small way, for the Master PC software. Three chapters completed, with more on the way.

Master PC- The Work of My Hands

by Distance

Part 1. Intro

It had been a long summer. While most of his friends had been surfing, checking out girls, and working part-time jobs on the boardwalk, Lane had been stuck in the seventeenth floor of the Exis Research Facility, miles away from anything even remotely interesting. Every day since graduation, almost four months ago, Lane had spent what seemed like countless hours on the mysterious mPC Project. Millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours had been put into the project, and even now the result was as uncertain as ever. The project had been highly compartimentalized, and while Lane knew every intimate detail of the computer software developed for mPC, he still couldn't even imagine the project as a whole. Psychologists, programmers, designers... the list of experts hired by Exis was astoudning. Lane sighed as he uploaded the last files from his laptop. After three months of hard work, his part of the project was complete.

Most of the program created by Lane was copied from a video game he had built as his thesis in college. Exis had been primarily concerned with the character creation and modification interface he had developed for the game, and paid him more than he would have ever thought possible for expanding the simple program into a robust system capable of tracking hundreds of modifiable variables. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to coordinate with the programmers that had done the rest of the project and the parameter names he was given didn't give many clues to the final implementation of his work. As far as he was concerned, it didn't matter. As long as he got paid, he did his work and kept quiet. He patiently watched the little networking icon in the corner of his screen. Finally, a little pop-up box appeared, with the status of the project. Adding new files. Integrating Advanced User Interface. Integrating Control Systems. Compiling. Compiling. Compiling. It seemed to take an eternity, but within a few moments the message changed. mPC.exe Complete. Lane smiled. A whole summerís worth of work had finally paid off, not only for himself, but also for the dozens of other programmers involved. They had done it. His smile faded. What had they done? He still didnít know. A little peek, wouldn't hurt anyone.

He expertly navigated through the network, easily bypassing the internal security systems. Within moments he had unrestricted access to the program managerís workstation, and a completed copy of the program. The file was huge, occupying the entirety of his high capacity external hard drive. It would more than likely be compressed and streamlined before it hit shelves. The installation dialogue box appeared on his screen and he clicked "Remind me later". There would be time to look over his new acquisition later. It was late. It was Friday night. He packed his laptop into his bag, stowed the external hard drive in the side pocket, and turned out the light.

Lane parked his Jeep outside of the small glass fronted bar and turned off the lights. Even from across the street he could see Amy seated at the bar, sipping lightly on a gin and tonic, her long perfect legs crossed at the ankles and swinging lightly. He checked his watch and sighed, wishing he had a better excuse for arriving late to their" Lane paused, looking himself over in the mirror. ĎIs this a date?í he asked himself quizzically. ĎShe did say she had good news' Maybe sheís finally noticed how much I care about her.í He hadnít thought of it that way, but from the short black dress and high stiletto heels that Amy was wearing he wasnít so sure. He reached into the glove compartment and produced a small container of expensive perfume which he dabbed lightly onto his neck. ĎJust in case,í he thought, replacing it and stepping out of his vehicle.

Stepping into the bar, he absentmindedly straightened a crease in the front of his shirt and adjusted his black jacket. The bar wasnít extremely upscale, but it was the kind of establishment that expected their clientele to dress appropriately, and that alone made Lane a bit self conscious. When augmented by the fact that he hadnít been out to a bar for anything more than a few business meetings since college and the fact that he was going to be meeting with a girl that he had been head over heels with since high school, his self consciousness had risen to the point of near neurosis. He breathed deeply, holding the warm late-summer air in his lungs for a long moment. Finally he exhaled and crossed the bar to where Amy was seated.

Placing a hand lightly on her waist, he gently kissed her cheek. "Hey, Ames. Sorry, Iím late." She turned her head quickly, short black hair following and exaggerating the motion of her head. A single lock of perfect raven hair fell across her face, and was quickly swept away. Lane could immediately tell that she was already a bit tipsy, but that she didnít appear to be upset. "Long day at the office."

Amy smiled and shook her head. "Donít worry about it, Mitchell." Amy was the only person in the whole world that even knew his first name, let alone called him by it. To everyone else he was M. Lane Michaels. But to Amy he was Mitchell. "Iím used to being tossed aside by you." Her smile was wide and genuine.

Lane didnít know how to respond so he simply shrugged. "Then weíre even." He looked around the bar for a moment, and ordered a beer for himself, sliding a few dollars onto the counter. "So, to what do I owe this honor? I mean, Iíve barely seen you all summer, Ames."

"I know, I know. Iíve been an awful friend," she said, blushing. "Although you could have called me just as easily, mister." She pushed him playfully and smiled, then sat silent for a moment, looking down at the floor. Finally she took a deep breath and looked back up at him. "I was thinking a lot about what we had talked about a few months ago. About how I kept getting involved with the wrong guys, and how I just kept getting hurt. Well, I think maybe you were right. So, I broke up with Jeff."

She paused, and Lane placed a hand gently on hers, reassuring her. He honestly didnít know how to reply, and knew that it was best to wait to hear what she had to say before responding. Inside, he was elated. Could it be that she had realized that he was right for her? Was she giving him a chance?

"I need to change the way Iíve been living. I need to find a nice guy that will care about me like a friend and like a lover. Just like you said, right?" She paused, and lowered her eyes to the floor again. "So, Iíve decided to just forget about relationships for now. Iíve been offered a partnership in my firm. Itís a great opportunity, but Iíll have to move to Atlanta. Thereís no reason for me to stay here. Iíll just keep getting hurt. Maybe someday the right guy will come along, but for now, he hasnít. Until I meet him, Iím going to need to stand on my own."

She looked up at him again, his signal to give comfort and reassurance. Nothing came. After all this time, she still hadnít noticed him. He was still just her best bud, the wise friend with the good advice and a nice apartment. His hand was shaking. "Good for you, Ames. Iím proud of you." He rose out of his barstool and stood beside her. He could feel how weak his knees were, as he leaned over to give her a hug. She responded, holding him tightly, her head resting on his shoulder. "Iím sure going to miss you, kid."

Her breath seemed to float across his bare neck. "Iíll miss you, too, Mitch. But I really think this is best for me. Youíre right. I canít depend on other people all my life."

Lane shook his head. Thatís not quite true, Amy. he thought, holding her closely. You can always depend on me.

Part 2. Trial and Error.

The bedroom television was on when Lane arrived home, playing the advertisement for a dirty 1-900 hotline. He shook his head, reaching for the remote. Although, on nights like these I could use a cheap thrill. He walked to the kitchen and took a long swig from the milk carton. It had been months since he had broken up with Vanessa, and the lack of a sexual outlet was starting to wear on him. He looked at his cell phone, lying on the granite kitchen counter and wondered if she was up to a booty call. He smiled and decided against it. He had promised himself he was going to make a clean break and knew that any semblance of a relationship, imitation or otherwise, would lead to complications. Vanessa wasnít the kind of girl that would accept a casual relationship, and given his current state of life, that was all Lane could afford to give.

His mind drifted back to Amy, and he tapped his finger lightly on the counter. Although, there are always exceptions. He sighed, reveling in the hopelessness of his situation. Instead of bringing Amy closer, he had managed to drive her further away, and soon she would be half a world away.

A knock at his door brought him out of his fantasy, and he quickly asked who it was. The reply was both unexpected and very unwelcome. "Open up, you little fuck. Iíll fucking kill you."

Lane craned his head back, staring into the hanging kitchen lights. "That doesnít give me much motivation to open the door, Jeffery."

"Fuck you, Mitch. I saw you with her, you little prick." The door resonated like a bass drum. "Iíll kill you. You did this. We were happy. We were fucking happy, you little bastard. Stay away from her. You hear me, fucker?"

Lane checked the deadbolt, and looked through the peephole. The bruteís face was bright reddish pink and his fists were clenched into tight little balls. He had met Jeff on a few occasions, and the two had never gotten along. Lane had made a decent pretense, but Jeff had never hidden his dislike for "the little nerd", as he had so affectionately dubbed him. Right now, he had gone from simply uncivil to outright hostile, which forced Lane to do the only rational thing. He locked the door tightly, shut the blinds, and retired to his bedroom.

The constant pounding and cursing from the front door was making sleep very difficult and eventually Lane gave up all hope of a restful night. He flipped through the television, and still unsatisfied, unpacked his laptop. He casually browsed a few newsgroups and a short while later he remembered the program he had swiped from the office. He quickly plugged into his external drive and brought up the file, selecting the executable program. The screen went black, except for a gray login box. He typed in a username, set his password, and was immediately greeted by a second, very familiar screen. It was his character generation interface. He typed in a name but instantly received an error message. "Name does not exist. Remember; please choose someone within 600 miles of your current location."

Scratching his chin, he typed in his own name. His hard drive buzzed as it processed the information, and shortly a figure materialized onscreen, tall and thin, with shaggy black hair and a bit of stubble on his chin. It was him, and it was even wearing the same dark blue pajama pants that he now wore. Interesting. he mused, rotating the figure. He looked at the controls and decided to play with his stats. If this was, in fact, a video game, he wouldnít make a great hero. He would need to be faster, so he raised his stats to well above average. That he would need to be stronger was a given, so he began to increase his strength, wondering to himself what the maximum stats were. He then added some charisma and a bit confidence, as well as a generous sprinkling of stamina. Just for fun, he drew a black tattoo of the Southern Cross on his right shoulder. When everything was to his liking, he hit the "SEND" icon.

His body twitched slightly. It was late, and he was really starting to need his sleep. A shame that bastard wonít stop beating down my door. I really should just go ask him to leave. He arose from his bed, sitting his laptop down beside him, and walked into the living room. He quickly undid the deadbolt and opened the door. Jeff seemed surprised to see him, but he also appeared to be as angry as ever. Lane saw Jeffís arm cock back and lunge forward, his meaty fist sailing through the air over Laneís shoulder. Lane immediately felt his own fist slam into Jeffís solar plexus, dropping the big man to a heap on the floor. The whole scene seemed to play in slow motion, surreal and effortless. Lane shook his head. "Donít come back, Jeff. I didnít take your girl." He couldnít be sure that Jeff even understood him at this point, but from the look on his face, he wouldnít be coming back.

Lane closed and locked the door behind him, and went to the refrigerator to get a glass of water. As he drank, he noticed something in the mirror. Surprised, he set his glass down and walked up to the full length mirror on the far wall. Not only did his already chiseled body look even stronger and more toned, but on his shoulder, exactly where it shouldnít be, were the five stars of the Southern Cross.

A few minutes of testing confirmed his suspicions. By some incredible miracle, this program, MasterPC, was able to control his physical attributes. Not just his, but anyoneís. And not just physical, but also mental, social, habitual. Nearly anything could be controlled by this amazing little program. Lane smiled to himself. The low pay and long hours had definitely paid off. He brought up Amyís file, staring at the three dimensional image dressed in a silky black bra and red pajama pants. Her eyes were closed. She must have been asleep. He looked at the command line for a long while, and finally decided not to change her. He really did care about her, and wanted to win her without any help. Instead he brought up another file. Vanessa Gray.

The image was stunning. She wore only a tight fitting soccer jersey, that had once belonged to Lane, and a pair of black panties. Her long legs were dark from the summer sun and her blonde hair was streaked with purple. Her blue eyes were closed. She was also asleep. He clicked on the command prompt. Ďwake up.í

The little avatar opened its eyes, and the mouth opened. Lane knew she was doing her little squealing yawn that she always did when she first awoke. He quickly typed a series of commands that would dress her in his favorite clothes and bring her to his doorstep, desperately wanting to talk to him and more attracted to him than ever. Fortunately, she lived in the same apartment complex, so he wouldnít have to wait long. As soon as he saw her put on his favorite pair of low-cut jeans, he continued on with the next few commands, programming her sexual desire to gradually increase, but to deny her orgasm unless he was inside of her. He smiled as he heard a gentle knock on the door and hit ĎSENDí. He knew he was going to enjoy this.

Vanessa seemed slightly confused but very eager to be in Laneís apartment again. He offered her a glass of their favorite wine and a seat on the leather sofa. "So, this is a surprise, Vanessa. Iíve already told you, though. I canít devote the kind of time that you deserve in a relationship. Things havenít changed, honey."

She bit down on her lower lip and looked down at her feet, clad in black stiletto heels which ground nervously against the rug. "I know, Lane. I donít want to pressure you," She paused looking up at him again. "God, Lane. When did you get that tattoo? That is soooo hot."

"You like it?" he asked casually. "I got it a little while back" on a business trip to Brazil." It wasnít exactly the truth, but he had taken a trip to Brazil about a month ago and she wouldnít know the difference.

She sighed. "I love it. It looks so... edgy. so bad. so hot." She crossed her legs at the ankles, rubbing her thighs together. Lane could tell that the commands he had sent had begun to take affect. "So, Lane-baby," she said, using her habitual pillow talk nickname. "Do you ever think of me anymore?"

He smiled coyly, "What do you mean, Vanessa? Of course I think of you."

She bit down on her bottom lip playfully, half closing her eyes. "I mean sexually? Do you ever wish we could still have sex, Lane-baby?"

"You know how much I would love to." Her whole body seemed to be quivering and she inched closer. "But, I know you wouldnít have sex with me unless we were in a relationship."

She squirmed, and Lane noticed a brightly painted fingernail tracing a line across her thigh. She was starting to breath heavily, and her hips were rocking in time with each breath. "Well, I donít know if it really has to be that way. I mean, weíre both adults. With desires and needs."

Lane stood up, crossing the room to close the blinds and turn on the fireplace. "Do you desire me?"

She gasped slightly, running a hand up her stomach. "Yes," she whispered.

"Do you need me?"

"Oh, yes. Please, Lane, I need you." Her hand found her breast and she moaned. "Please, baby, I need you now."

Lane smiled devilishly. "Youíre going to have to beg harder than that, darling."

She moaned louder, firmly holding her breasts. "Please, baby. Please fuck me. I need it, baby. I need to be yours again. Just seeing you again has made me so horny, baby. Sooooo horny."

Lane stood where he was, and snapped his fingers. "Shut up. On your knees." She slid out of the sofa and dropped to her knees, still holding her tits. She moaned, but was otherwise silent. Lane snapped again. "That is how you beg, Vanessa."

"Iím sorry, baby. Iíve never had to beg before. Oh, god, its making me so hot, begging you. Please. Please, baby, please, fuck me." Her breathing was ragged, and she was obviously desperate. "At least give me a chance to prove myself. I can be your dream girl again. I can make you feel soooo good. Please."

Lane nodded. "Alright, you have one chance, Vanessa. I will fuck you if you can prove yourself to me."

She smiled eagerly between deep breaths. "Thank you, love." Slowly she dropped to all fours, crawling across the floor, her large, full breasts brushing lightly against the rug. She knelt in front of him, her dainty hands sliding across his bare stomach. She gripped the waist of his pants, and looked up for permission. Lane nodded slowly, and Vanessa very carefully pulled his pants down to the floor. She seemed to worship him, kneeling at his feet, looking down at the floor for a long time. "May I kiss you, love?"

"You may." He saw her body quiver as she raised her body and pressed her lips to his navel, licking across his abdomen and down to his waist. Her dainty hand wrapped lightly around his already hard cock, gently massaging it with her fingertips. She was incredibly gentle, barely touching him enough to make him feel good but want more. Her other hand slid down her own stomach and buried itself between her legs, quickly undoing the buttons to her jeans and tugging them down enough to allow her access to her pussy. Her tongue traced a wet path across his waist, and she began to kiss the area surrounding his cock. The hand stroking him grew firmer, and she lowered her lips to his balls. Laneís dick quivered as she ran her tongue up his long shaft, tracing slowly from side to side. She paused when she reached the head, resting her lips on the tip of his dick and looking up into his eyes. "Yes, Vanessa. You may."

Her lips parted as she slowly lowered her mouth around his cock, her tongue and lips pressed tightly against him. Her hand still gripped him by the base, stroking in the same slow rhythm as her lips. Lane reached down, gripping her by her hair, and keeping the long blonde locks out of her face. In all the time they had dated, Vanessa had never sucked his dick so eagerly. Her fingers pounded into her own pussy, driving her closer and closer to ecstasy. She moaned each time that his cock entered her mouth, and within minutes he could see her body begin to tremble. Unless Iím inside of her, he though. A very literal interpretation.

Her tongue shivered against his dick, and she began to moan. Lane gripped her hair, pushing her further down his cock. He could feel the tip against the opening of her throat, the vibrations of her moaning making his dick tremble. She eagerly took him as far as she could, and Lane felt his knees weaken as he came in her mouth, the first drops sliding effortlessly down her throat. As he continued to cum, she pulled away, hungrily swallowing his semen, coughing as she drank too deeply. She quickly licked him clean and began to bob up and down on his dick once more, not even allowing him to grow soft. "Up," he said, authoritatively, and she immediately rose to her feet and lunged at him to kiss his lips. He tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her away. "Donít move." She stood almost motionless, her body still heaving with lust. He slipped his hands down her stomach and past the open waistline of her jeans. Pulling her thong aside he rubbed his finger along her inner thighs, sliding a finger inside of her. "Baby, youíre tight."

She moaned, and her body began to shake again, close to orgasm. Lane quickly removed his finger, knowing that she couldnít cum if he wasnít inside of her. "I know. Its been so loooong, love."

Lane smiled to himself. Had she not had sex with anyone since him? It was hard to believe. "How long, Vanessa?" He asked, sliding his finger back up her pussy.

"Since you left me. I canít stand to be with anyone else. I just wanted you." Lane was shocked. This was sincerely unprecedented. He knew that she was in no state to be lying to impress him, so this bombshell had obviously spent the entire summer pining for him. Well, maybe that was a bit generous, but at least she hadnít wanted anyone else.

He walked behind her. Vanessa tried to watch him walk away, but couldnít seem to disobey him. He had told her not to move, and so, her body remained facing the opposite wall as his fingers explored the insides of her pussy. His other arm slid along her side and down to her wrist, raising it above her head. She raised her other hand, standing straight with her hands in the air, and he slowly pulled her shirt up over her head. He was glad that she hadnít bothered putting a bra on beneath his old soccer jersey. "Take your pants off."

She bent over at the waist, slowly sliding her jeans down her thighs and presenting her tight pussy to her loverís capable hands. He tore away the black thong and began to play with her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm before removing his fingers and denying it to her. She moaned and screamed and thrashed, her fingers joining his inside of her. "Thatís right baby. Thatís so hot. I want you to play with yourself, Vanessa." She could hear him backing away and lowering himself onto the couch and she started to moan heavily.

Vanessa turned slowly, pounding her fingers into her tight opening. Her eyes closed, and she began to moan loudly. "Mmm.... baby. I want you inside of me, Lane-baby. I need you. Please. Look how wet I am for you. Ooh... yes."

Her knees began to quake and she fell to the floor, still fingering herself. She began to grind her tits into the floor, moaning and screaming his name. Lane stood and walked behind her. "You canít, can you?"

"No," she gasped. "I...I... canít... I... I... I... Why?... OhOh. Why... canít I... cum?"

"You wonít ever be able to cum again. Not without me. Not unless you behave yourself and do whatever I desire, darling."

She moaned and thrashed and cursed, her body seeming to lose control of itself in its attempts to seek release. "Be... behave... behave you... I will behave... I.. I... I.. I... I am so... I am..... anything... anything you want, baby. Pl-pl-please. Please make me cum."

The sight of his ex-girlfriend sprawled out across his floor, desperately fucking herself while begging for him was more than he could take. He stood up and walked behind her. "Stand up."

Her body struggled, but finally she rose to her feet, dressed only in high stiletto heels. He gripped her by her hair and pushed her over the arm of the couch. She pulled her finger slowly from her pussy, giving him access to fuck her as deep as he wanted to. "Please," she pleaded, turning to look back at him.

He placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy, and could feel it gripping at him, trying to pull him deeper. She was wet, and incredibly tight. Her body shook as he slid into her, inch by inch, filling her with his dick. She bit down on her arm to keep from moaning, but Lane pulled her hair back. "I want to hear you."

She fell forward, screaming as Lane continued to fuck her slowly from behind, and she begged for him to keep going. "Oh yes. Oh, that feels so good. Fuck me deeper, lover."

Lane gently pushed his dick deeper inside her, feeling her tight pussy tightening even more as he entered. He pushed as far as he could and was rewarded by a loud moan and a deep trembling that Lane recognized as a powerful orgasm erupting from deep within her. Vanessaís eyes closed and her back arched back as she screamed. Lane fucked her faster, pounding in and out of her tight pussy. Finally, her body collapsed onto the couch, supported only by Laneís firm grip on her waist. As she trembled in his hands, Lane continued to pound her and within moments she was bucking wildly again as another orgasm wracked her body. Her breath was ragged and she moaned contentedly, her body rocking slowly back and forth against Laneís dick. "Oh, God. Youíre still hard. I want you to come inside me, Lane. I want you to fill me."

She slowly pulled herself free from his cock and gripped his balls. Backing up to the kitchen counter, she leaned back, supporting her upper back against the cold ceramic tile. Lane lifted her waist slightly and felt her raise her legs to wrap around him and she positioned herself at the tip of his cock. "Fuck me. Hard."

Vanessa squealed as Lane slammed his dick deep inside her. Her body arched in response, trying to get him as deep as she could handle as he relentlessly pounded her. She felt weightless, her body suspended between the ceramic counter and her loverís cock. Her pussy was so swollen that he could barely fit inside her, but he didnít stop. Instead, he held her waist tightly and began to fuck her even faster. Within minutes she was coming again. Lane could feel her pussy contracting, squeezing, pulling at him as her orgasm subsided. As her vagina squeezed him tighter, he could feel an enormous amount of pressure release from within him. His dick throbbed as he filled her with his semen. She closed her eyes and gasped. "Oh, yes. Oh. I feel you." Her deep breathing slowed, and her eyes remained closed, her body limply hanging from his cock. Lane slid his arms up her back, and lifted her up, leaving his dick inside her until it stopped throbbing. He walked slowly across the room and laid her out on the couch. She moaned slightly as her bare skin touched the cold leather, and mumbled under her breath. ďDonít leave meÖĒ He shook his head, and leaned over to kiss her cheek before retiring to his room.

Part 3. The Magic Word.

Upon checking his bank account, Lane was happy to see that his employer had lived up to his end of the bargain, and more. On top of his high salary was a large bonus for completing the project early and a second even larger payout, the result of his investment in company stock. Since he had never been the 'flashy' type, Lane figured that the money currently in his account could get him completely out of debt, pay off his apartment, and support him for the next eighteen months. It felt good to be free, but he knew better than to simply sit on his good fortune. Another job would invariably present itself, but he thought it best if he put out his best effort. Before leaving, he used the MasterPC program to give himself a decided advantage in job hunting. In addition to his normal intelligence, charisma, and wit, he was now more confident and able to read the body language of his potential employers perfectly. He was also fluent in twelve languages. If he hadnít been before, he was now any technology companyís dream employee.

He crossed the street after yet another interview. He had been impressed and extremely interested. His quarter million dollar offer is about half what he is actually willing to pay. He was surprised how much could be learned from simple body language and intonation. Lane had almost considered giving him the ability to read minds, but had considered it obtrusive and perhaps inconvenient.

Arriving at his Jeep, he climbed into the drivers seat and looked through his rearview mirror, where a young woman immediately caught his attention. Her head is down, but her eyes are searching. Poor posture, short quick steps. That woman is obviously new to the city, and very lost. He backed up slowly, pulling alongside her. "You look like you could use some help, miss."

The woman shook her head, her long black hair swaying back and forth across her back. She had dark skin and deep brown eyes, obviously of South American descent. "I no speak English," she said, obviously frustrated.

He smiled, and began to speak to her in fluent Spanish. Her name was Claudia, she was nineteen, and she was looking for the school where her younger cousin attended. She was relieved to find someone who spoke Spanish and eagerly accepted a ride to the school, only ten blocks from where they were. She seemed reserved about sharing anything personal about herself, although her mood immediately lightened when Lane asked her about her home in Venezuela. "Y tu esposo (and your husband)?" Lane asked, casually, as they neared the high school.

She blushed, looking down at her feet. "No, no soy casada, yo (No, Iím not married)." She quickly turned towards the school and opened her door. "Gracias, senor. Cuidate (Take care of yourself)."

Lane lightly tapped her arm, scrawling his number across a piece of paper. "Si necesitas algo... (If you ever need anything...)"

She took the paper and stuffed it in her purse. "Gracias," she said sliding out of the Jeep and making her way quickly to the school. She paused in the doorway, turning for a moment and smiling at lane. Then she disappeared inside.

Lane spent the rest of the day at home, experimenting with the MasterPC program. He programmed a few modifications into his sexual profile, allowing him to harden and climax at will and giving his semen chemical properties similar to marijuana. Any girl that swallowed his cum would get high and horny and, over time, addicted. He smiled to himself and opened a command prompt enabling him to adjust his physical characteristics. He improved his vision to superhuman levels, and made his pheromones more powerful, giving them the potency of a strong aphrodisiac. He closed his profile and sat idly for a moment. Now what? he wondered, his mind wandering in search of another candidate. Vanessa had been fun, but it wasnít anything incredibly new. True, she was more desperate for it than she had ever been, but it was still the same girl he had fucked a hundred times before. He looked at his nightstand and noticed the photo of him and Amy from a Spring Break trip to Cancun, and fought hard to block the temptation. In the end, however, it was more than he could withstand.

He opened the file and was greeted by her beautiful form dressed professionally in form fitting pinstripe pants and a black shirt. Amy was obviously working today, and he didnít have any desire to do anything that would jeopardize the job that she had fought so hard to get. Instead he simply amused himself by playing around with her profile, gradually increasing her firm A-cup boobs to an even firmer B-cup, toning her amazing legs slightly, and making her an inch and a half taller. He made her grow increasingly horny, setting it on a very gradual timer so that, while it would be only a minor inconvenience at the moment, it would become almost unbearable around nine oíclock that night. He then planted a suggestion that she invite him out for drinks tonight at seven. Finally, he made her especially responsive to his phermonal aphrodisiac. He closed the window happily. He was sure to have a very enjoyable night. He checked his watch. He still had five hours until his big date.

Out of curiosity he typed Claudiaís name into the program. She looked even better on the screen than she had in person. She was tall and thin, deeply tanned and perfectly toned. She had large breasts and a firm ass that looked incredible on her. She was still dressed in the same long black skirt and red blouse as this morning, and her current location was just down the block. He typed in a command: ĎStop. Take a seat on the nearest bench and await further instructionsí then hit Enter. He rushed out the window, and easily picked her out of the crowd. She sat in a green bench in front of a nearby liquor store and gracefully crossed her legs.

After giving her the ability to speak perfect, if still very accented, English, Lane looked through her profile and smiled. Though she was not a virgin, she was inexperienced. She wanted to have more sexual encounters, but was afraid of unpleasant side effects that might come along with it. He quickly began sending her commands, starting simply. ĎYou wish you had more experience sexually. You feel lonely and want companionship. You want to feel beautiful. You feel beautiful when men pay attention to you. You want a nice man to take care of you. You need someone to take care of you. Lane seemed like a nice guy. Lane could take care of you. Lane would make you feel beautiful.í Suddenly, his phone rang. "Hola," said the voice on the other end. Lane was surprised that his commands had taken hold so quickly. He must have struck a nerve. "This is Claudia. The girl you met this morning..." Her voice was smooth and sweet, made exponentially sexy by the thick accent. "I was wondering if you wanted to... I donít know..."

"Hang out? Iíd love to." Lane replied. "I could pick you up and we could go out for a late lunch," he suggested, still typing on his computer. ĎYou want to go to Laneís apartment. You want to be alone with Lane.í

She hesitated. "Actually, I was thinking I could come to your apartment. We could be alone that way." For a moment she seemed confused, but she quickly recovered. "Itís up to you though, of course."

"Well, where are you?" Lane asked looking out of his window again.

She replied with the address of the apartment across from his.

"Thatís amazing. Youíre right across the street from my building. Hang on... Iíll be right down." Before he left he made her size C tits into a firm size D, darkened her skin slightly, and made her hair a few inches longer. She would be his exotic flower.

She seemed nervous when Lane had kissed her on the cheek, and Lane recognized it immediately. Claudia was like a little schoolgirl with a crush on her professor. As much as she wanted something to happen, she didnít have any real hope and had written it off as a fantasy. Lane pressed the elevator button and within minutes they were back at his apartment. "Have a seat," he said, "Can I get you anything to drink?" He opened the refrigerator and produced a bottle of white wine, pouring two glasses. He set one on the coffee table, and offered the other to his guest, who took it and sipped it delicately. Lane excused himself and returned to his bedroom, to send one last command. ĎYou will feel more confident and relaxed with each sip of wine you drink. By the time you have finished two glasses you will feel completely confident that if you made a sexual advance on Lane he would respond. You will get hornier every time Lane touches your skin, but will be unable to orgasm when he tells you to. When Lane says "Come" you will have the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced.í He closed out of the program and returned to the room, where Claudia already appeared more relaxed. Her legs were not so tightly crossed, and she leaned back against the arm. She took another sip, and looked directly into Laneís eyes for the first time since they had met. "Are you going to join me?" she asked.

Without replying, Lane sat beside her, refilling her glass. Halfway there. he thought. "You are a very beautiful girl," he said, staring at her long legs. "I love those sandals."

Her face changed shade slightly, as she blushed. She bit down on her bottom lip and put one of her feet onto his lap. "Really?" she asked.

"Yes," Lane replied. "They look great on you." He ran his hand along her foot to her ankle, slowly unbuckling them. Her skin seemed to quiver as soon as he touched her. Claudia moaned, trying her best to hide it. She took another long sip of her wine as Lane slid his finger along her calf. Her body turned and she placed her other foot on his lap, and he slowly unbuckled it. "Finish your drink. I have something to show you."

As she finished her drink, Lane could see her eyes glaze slightly. She arose from the couch and followed Lane closely as he walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. She stood in front of him for a moment, her hands running along her sides and up to her breasts. She swayed slightly, and Lane reached for the remote control, turning on some soft music. Lane leaned forward, brushing his fingers across her stomach. She shivered and closed her eyes, as her hips rocked in time with the music. She held her tits firmly, moaning as Laneís fingers touched her skin. She slowly undid the top button, followed by the second and third. Slowly, she danced her way down her shirt, leaving the blouse open to reveal a lacy black bra beneath, her enormous tits spilling out of the top.

"Turn around," he said and she immediately obeyed, dancing as she turned, her amazing ass rocking across his crotch. He placed a hand firmly on her waist, pulling her downwards. She bent at the knees until her neck was level with his face. He pulled her shirt away, kissing her shoulders and up her neck. Finally he nibbled her ear, whispering the magic word. "Come."

Claudiaís body froze and she gasped. She began to shiver, her hands instinctively reaching between her legs as she fell forward onto her knees. "Oh, Dios mio," she cried, her breath heavy. She turned her head, leaning forward on her hands for support. "Oh, God, I need you." She turned her body, throwing herself onto his lap, desperately undoing his jeans. Lane took his shirt off and threw it aside.

Claudia pulled his cock from his jeans, and immediately wrapped her lips around it, taking it hungrily into her mouth. She seemed timid and inexperienced, but her lust and desperation made up for her lack of practice. She gripped his balls and her tongue flicked across the head as she pulled away, and ran all the way down his shaft as she slid his dick into her throat. She seemed to hesitate as he entered her throat, worried about choking. Lane gently guided her down as far as he dared, and felt the tightness of her throat closing around his dick. He held her head lightly, fingers running through her black hair and guiding her up and down his dick. He felt her instinctively try to swallow each time his cock entered her throat, the tightening around his head bringing him closer to coming. He felt himself get close, and pushed her head all the way forward, his cock sliding into her throat. She seemed to panic as he pushed his way deeper, making it hard for her to breath. He closed his eyes, his breath hard, and said," Iím going to come, baby. Iím going to come."

With the mention of her magic word, she began to moan, her noises stifled by the cock in her throat. Her hand released his cock and she fell backwards. "Oh. Oh. Oh, Lane." She panted resting back on her hands. Her eyes were glassy, and her voice dreamy. "I want you. Fuck me, senor."

Lane helped her onto the bed, and, still wanting to tease her, straddled her stomach, licking the valley between her enormous tits. Sliding his body forward, he gripped her tits and pushed them together, pushing his dick between them. Due to her programming, the touch of his skin against hers drove her almost into a frenzy. He slid his dick into her tits rubbing up and down the hot wet skin. Claudia moaned, pushing her breasts up around his cock and playing with her own nipples. "Oh, YES. Donít stop. Donít stop. Donít.... Donít..." Her head leaned forward, dainty pink tongue reaching for the head of his cock as it emerged from her hot tits. He pushed through her tits enough for her to quickly flick his head and he immediately willed himself to come. She caught as much as she could in her mouth, the rest covering her tits. As she swallowed his semen, her eyes seemed to get hazier, and her body more relaxed. She cooed dreamily. "Please, Lane. Please. Just fuck me. Stop playing. Fuck."

Lane placed his cock at the opening of her pussy, holding her waist. "Do you want me?"

"Oh yes," she moaned. "I want you."

"Do you need me?" he asked, pushing just the tip of his cock inside of her. She was wet, but she was tight, almost virgin.

She gasped, gripping her breasts and tried to push her way down his dick. "Oh YES. I need you. PLEASE!"

He pulled out. "I like it when you beg, Claudia."

She squirmed, trying to get him to slide back into her tight pussy. "Please. Please. Iím begging you, Lane. Please. Please." She grabbed his hips, pulling him forward.

Lane immediately grabbed her wrists, pinning them down above her head. "No. You donít decide when. Youíre mine, and I will fuck you when and how I want."

She moaned, trying to get free from his grip on her wrists. "Please, Please. You want to fuck me, no? Please fuck me. Make me feel beautiful. Please."

Lane held her wrists tightly in one hand, and slid his other down to her waist. Holding her still, he inched his cock inside her, feeling his dick spreading her pussy open as he slowly pushed deeper. She moaned and he said, "Come." Her body began to shiver, and her back arched deeply. Her eyes rolled back and closed tightly. Her mouth hung open, silent. She gasped for breath, her fingers digging into his wrists, as she continued to struggle against his grip.

She stopped quivering and her body relaxed as he slowly pulled out. She moaned, her body writhing beneath him. He pulled out almost completely, causing her to beg again, "Please," she moaned, her legs encircling his waist and pulling him forward, "Donít... donít stop." He slid his cock back into her tight pussy, and she screamed. He pushed deep inside her, fucking her more quickly, her body pushing back against him with each stroke. Her hands fought his grip, desperate to touch him, and herself. "Please. Let me go. Please. Let me touch you, papi."

Lane released her wrists and she immediately reached around his neck, completely wrapping herself around him. Claudiaís body was relaxed and weightless, her mind too lost in pleasure to control her movements. She simply writhed and moaned and panted wildly, holding him as tightly as she could. Laneís breath deepened, and he pushed himself as far into her as she could take, holding himself there. "Youíre going to make me come, bella." Her body trembled as the magic word escaped his lips, her mind at the very edge of consciousness. She felt his dick straighten and begin to pulse, and felt the wetness spreading down her thighs as he filled her with his cum. She felt so beautiful, and happy, and safe. She held him tightly as she drifted off to sleep, still wrapped around his dick.