Master PC: The University of Life

by Yotna El'toub

The e-mail

Edmund Gathright jumped, and gazed blearily around the room to see what had disturbed his slumber. His eyes swept over chaos, piles of empty Pot Noodle pots, discarded lager cans, and wads of paper. No, nothing had been disturbed -- all looked normal.

Edmund yawned lustily and arched his back, a vain attempt to ease the cramp caused by falling asleep in front of the PC. He vaguely wondered what the time was, and after picking up his discarded glasses he peered at the task bar. 03:23, he had only been asleep for 20 minutes! What on earth could have woken him at this time? Then he noticed the mail icon in the task bar, it was obvious then, Celia had woken him.

"Well Celia, I wonder who's writing to us at this time of night?"

Celia was as silent, and unresponsive as ever.

"Hmmm, it's from Ricky, Celia," he yawned, “with a large attachment, I wonder what he wants now?"

Celia was quiet.

Edmund wiped his grimy glasses, alleviating some of the smears, and read.

'Hi Eddy,

I thought this might be right up your street, lol. Seems to fit in well with the old OOP work! Odd little program I got forwarded in the internal mail here, no interest or use to me. The dork who sent it -- reckons it can control people -- I mean! Anyways I thought you could tear it apart for fun. If it does control people, maybe you could use this for the dissertation in your Object-Orientated Programming course. I mean people have to be the ultimate objects don't they, LOL!

Ah well time to hit the sack, alone again -- the old charm is failing Eddy. I can't seem to get my share any more. Real pain, as there are some right lookers around here now, but they always seem to be busy. God too much more and the old balls will be going blue. Still enough of my moaning. Night Eddy, enjoy the attachment!



<attachment 10.1Mb>
JANET does not monitor the content of this E-mail. The view expressed, and the content are entirely those of the sender. Joint Academic NETwork.

Edmund chuckled 'Same old Rick!' he thought, as he right clicked and selected delete. Control people, what rubbish. Edmund stood up and stretched before flopping on the unmade bed. He reached down to pull off his trainers, but failed, crumpling backwards. Edmund snored. Celia's screen continued to flicker.


Sunshine streamed in through the window of the computer laboratory, the room was quiet probably due to the unseasonable weather. Edmund was relieved he had the chance to work in peace, without the usual distractions the undergrads brought with them. Working on his masters was easier than his bachelors, there was less competition and fewer idiots.

The swing door opened and Toni walked in, she saw Edmund and smiled. She walked directly towards the seated man.

“Hi Edmund, I'm glad to see you,” she said.

“Really?” Edmund murmured.

“Yes, I'm a bit stuck on my dissertation; I need some advice on Java applets,” Toni cooed.

The sugary voice activated Edmunds abundant over-helpful gene. He stopped working, swung his seat a little and gazed at Toni.

“Well I have worked extensively in that area Toni, how can I help?” Edmund smiled.

“I have a lecture now, but maybe I can come up to your room this evening?”

“Well that's a bit irregular but, all right. Umm, I will need to tidy up a little,” Edmund replied.

“Oh no, not on my account, I like a dirty man,” Toni whispered, her mouth moving close to Edmunds ear.

Edmund visibly stiffened, he suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

“I'm, not sure what you mean Toni?”

“A dirty man, I'm sure you know how to be dirty? You know, a little Java, a lot of sex…” said Toni.

To emphasise her point Toni wiggled her hips, and snuggled up towards Edmund. The startled young man blushed deeply; he struggled to find both composure and words.

“W-w-well, if that's what you w-w-want?”

“Oh, Edmund it is!” she smiled.

Edmund reached out a hesitant hand towards Toni's beaming face.

“Woo Hoo, what a result! Well done Toni, I got it all,” Ashton shouted.

As the excited student burst into the lab, he waved the compact video camera above his head. Toni giggled, and then ran to Ashton's side.

“I can't believe he fell for it, Ash”

Together the laughing pair headed for the lab door.

“See you, Edmund – we will have some fun with this, Thank you,” said Ashton.

Edmund continued to stare at the door, long after it had stopped swinging. Eventually he shrugged, and turned back to the computer screen. His defence mechanism kicked in, the humiliation faded. Edmund's mind concentrated on the application layer he was writing. However, somewhere in the back of Edmund's mind a small voice whispered, ignored as it was, it still whispered. 'One day, just you wait, one day,' the words resounded with venomous, if unheard intent.


The day passed in a blur of activity, and Edmund's seething temper was forgotten. Whistling tunelessly he left the Lab for the short walk to his room. He wandered up the corridor concentrating on the syncopation between his squeaky steps on the polished floor and his whistling. Edmund turned the corner into the reception area, and stopped dead. To his amazement, the foyer was full, full of excited students gathered in awe around some unseen event. Curiosity got the better of the young man, and he edged into the crowd to find out what was so enticing.

Edmund had forced his way almost to the front of the scrum when he heard his own voice. 'W-w-well, if that's what you w-w-want?'. For once Edmund knew exactly what the phrase 'blood run cold' actually referred too.

"Hey, everyone it's our star, Edmund!" shrieked Toni.

Suddenly every face swung in Edmund's direction, the cat calls and laughter began. Even as the young student fled fast across the quadrangle the cruel, mocking, hilarity still had not subsided. Soon enough he stood, panting heavily, in the refuge of his cluttered room. He threw himself onto the bed and beat the headboard viciously with his clenched fists. Edmund only stopped when he noticed the antique pine was smeared with fresh wet blood. His head felt into his damaged hands and a primal scream welled up in his throat.

"Why me, what did I ever do," he roared.

He flew off the bed and started furiously rummaging through the detritus in the room. Finally he emerged triumphant, holding a bottle of golden liquid. Savagely Edmund tore the seal off, and delivered a liberal slug of the amber fluid into a tea cup. He hesitated for the briefest second before downing the drink in one.

Edmund's face, never his greatest asset, crumpled into a distorted mask of disgust. Shaking, and spluttering he refilled the cup and swallowed the distilled liquid. His father's words spoken last Christmas returned to him.

"Now I know you don't like the hard stuff, but this will come in handy if all this IT work gets you down! It's my favourite scotch, Edmund it's known to work wonders."

Favourite or not, Edmund almost retched, but supreme will power kept the burning concoction in his stomach.
Then the alcohol hit his bloodstream, and he relaxed; flopping onto his bed with an unanticipated fit of the giggles.

"Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all, I don't care!" Edmund slurred.

He stood and staggered to Celia, even inebriated, his hands soon brought her purring into life. He had mail.

"Hi ya Rick, how are you mate?" Edmund spluttered at the screen.

The screen flashed once and spat out the message.

'Hi Eddy,

How's that little program going, any use to you?
Let me know.



JANET does not monitor the content of this E-mail. The view expressed, and the content are entirely those of the sender. Joint Academic NETwork.

Edmund blinked at the screen, trying to take in the information. Why had Ricky started to use such a fuzzy font?


Edmund stared at the screen blankly, then a twisted grin filled his face.

"Program, here program, lil' ole Master PC -- where are you" Edmund giggled.

Clumsily, the mouse pointer found the recycle bin, opened it, and restored the file.

"Okey Dokey, Mr Master; lets install you and see how good you are."

The installation routine flashed before Edmunds uncoordinated eyes. Finally a box flashed up.

'Program installed! Run now?

The cursor wavered across to OK, and the mouse button clicked.

A simple interface popped up before Edmund, Masters details fill in now or skip?

"Oh just get on with it," Edmund demanded, jabbing skip.


He halted, and scratched his head, the names just would come. They were in his head somewhere, but shrouded in alcoholic fog.

Finally, triumphantly he typed.

Celia: PC.

Edmund laughed at the little spinning graphic that appeared. It looked just like Celia, but how hard was that? After all PC's all looked the same. It was kind of neat the way it had a tiny image of the Master PC program on the screen though. He blinked woozily and gazed at the option bars.




Body Modification

Clicking the top two just brought up predefined drop-down lists. The second two were more interesting they accessed full page menu's with radio buttons, slide bars and yet more rotating PC components. Edmund hiccupped and went back to the main page.

He pulled up the personality list, and chuckled -- aggressive; that seemed oddly relevant to Celia, after all only yesterday she had crashed on him for no reason!
Edmund pulled down the Sexuality list, aimed for neutral and missed. Before his swimming eyes Lesbian appeared in the box. He found this hilarious, and roared at the oddity of it.

His laugher was short lived, a sudden burst of nausea washed over him. Edmund clutched his mouth and darted for the unkempt bathroom. The forgotten mouse swung clunking against the desk. The rodent twisted on its wire tail and bashed its left button against the drawer handle. Celia's image disappeared, and the program returned to the home page.

Edmund staggered out of the bathroom minus his stomach contents, cursed softly and collapsed on to his bed into a deep drunken slumber.

Celia hummed quietly, ignoring Edmund’s plight.

Her screen flicked, a menu box appeared.

Masters details fill in now or skip?

'Celia:PC' appeared in the box, and it disappeared.

Another box appeared.

Confirm Master Celia:PC Y/N


Master PC closed.

Celia said nothing.


The visit

Edmund was woken by the sound of fevered pounding on his door. He stood and made his way tentatively across the room. He opened the door and stared uncomprehendingly into Toni's intense face.

"I just got this sudden urge to come and see you," Toni explained.

"To apologise?" Edmund asked, more in hope than in certainty.

"Something like that, I just need to be here," confusion crossed Toni's pretty features.

"Whatever, come in, excuse the mess!”

"And the smell," Toni choked.

"Ah..." said Edmund.

The lanky figure disappeared rapidly into the bathroom. Toni heard the sound of the toilet flush. Edmund emerged shame faced.

"So, Toni..." Edmund was interrupted by Toni's shrill voice.

"This is a nice computer, can I look?"

"Sure, yeah Celia's wonderful when she behaves," Edmund smiled.

Toni caressed the keyboard in a soft, almost sensual way. He eyes glazed a little and her lips parted.

"Celia..." she breathed.

"Yeah, still you didn't come here to talk PC's did you? I mean it's half two..."

"Celia, such a nice name. No, Edmund, I came here to make up for what we did to you earlier today,” Toni purred.

"Oh don't worry I'm jus..." Edmund's words dried in his mouth.

His mouth fell wider open, and his blue eyes bulged. Toni had turned around, and while one hand remained demurely behind her back, the other snaked under her loose Tee-shirt and plucked at the hard buds tipping her breasts. Edmund's attention narrowed and concentrated on the concealed caresses. This allowed Toni to slide her memory stick into the USB port behind her. Once this was done her right hand joined her left, rummaging and pawing at her jiggling boobs.

Edmund swallowed hard, he tried to ignore his straining organ; young Gathright was not as liberated as Toni. He watched intently as her hands crossed in front of her body, crushing her breasts into quivering mounds. Toni's hands grasped the hem of her Tee-shirt, and in one languid motion stripped it over her head.

Her breasts bobbed free, as large as they were, the pert nipples pointed resolutely upwards. As Edmunds's eyes drank in the beauty before him, his testicles twitched and sent their warm load heading towards his tented boxer shorts. Edmund groaned partly in passion, but mostly in mind numbing embarrassment.

Toni giggled wickedly, and walked forwards to brush her stiffened nipples against Edmund's reddened face.

"I didn't know my body was that attractive," she teased.

"Oh my god!" Edmund whimpered.

His trembling hands clutched at his groin, in a vain attempt to cover the spreading dark patch. He felt the warm stickiness spread underneath them.

"It's a shame really, I had planned for a little more," Toni paused, "but as you are satisfied I'll wish you good night, lover."

Edmund moved to stop Toni leaving, but the squelch from his groin reminded him of his only too personal predicament.

"Err, sure, thanks, I need to clean up anyway," Edmund paused, and blushed beetroot, "Ah, no I didn't mean clean my, Um, no -- bye!"

Edmund made a rapid, stiff legged escape to the bathroom.

Toni could not resist a low laugh at Edmunds's antics. Her smile slowly fell; she turned back to the PC, and stroked one finger lovingly along the space bar. Toni shuddered with delight, before retrieving her memory stick and stuffing it in her jean pocket. She stooped and picked up her discarded Tee-shirt and slipped it back on.

"Bye Edmund, and thanks," Toni called, as she slipped out of the room.

Edmund's head poked out of the bathroom, he stared at the closed door.

"Thanks? Why, what did I do..." asked Edmund

"Celia, what did I do?"

Celia had finished her work for the day, the download was done.

Celia was quiet.


Penny was bored mindless; the lecture seemed to drag on forever. Idly she doodled in the margin of her note book, it was her habit; her first love was art, but her skills had let her down, no Art College for Penny. So here she sat, drummed into submission by the intricacies of C++. She wondered why she needed this crap, when all she wanted to do was learn graphic design.

"Hey, nice tits..." Steve whispered.

"Don't be so rude Steve," Penny replied.

"No, not yours, although they are fine, those..."

Steve tapped his finger on the margin of Penny's notebook. Penny looked at the superbly drawn breast's staring up at her with amazement. The detail was astounding; right down to the crinkles on the over erect nipples. Penny slammed her notebook shut; her elbow buried itself in Steve's ribs.

"Hey, it's not my fault, I didn't draw them," Steve sat back, glanced around the room and then whispered to Penny again; "anyway I think I know where you got your inspiration."

Penny's eyes followed the jerking motion of Steve's head. Finally she saw what Steve meant, the girl beside Ash sported the most delicious pair of breasts Penny had ever seen, and they were tipped by twin peaks that strained the cotton Tee-shirt to bursting. A familiar, unexpected, and most unwelcome sensation started deep in Penny's lower abdomen. Her eyes were glued to the strained material.

"Hey it's rude to stare," Steve joked.

"I wasn't staring, what's her name again?" Penny asked.

"That's typical, only a girl would ask. Every male on campus knows that's Toni, who wouldn't give their right arm for a..." Steve was halted by Penny's elbow.

"Oww, look that could get to be habit forming. Sorry, she's just a babe, no competition for you though, Penny."

"I know," Penny smiled.

The trouble was Penny wasn't seeing Toni as competition, not any more. No, new disturbing thoughts were running through Penny's over excited mind. Penny did not like this; no, she did not like it at all.

The lecture ended, and the sound of rustling papers filled the theatre.

"Come on dreamer, let's get a coffee," said Steve.

"Sorry, I was miles away, what?" asked Penny.

"Coffee?" Steve repeated.

"Yeah, just let me nip to the loo first, see you in the SU."

"Sure, later," Steve said.

Penny sat enclosed in the cubicle, her eyes fixed on the
mess staring up at her from her panty gusset. Even the denim below them bore the stain of her excitement. She leant down and stabbed an inquisitive finger in the thick goo, god, she had been wet! As her fingertip dabbled in the slime she got the oddest of impulses; she fought against the alien idea. Even when her coated fingers were in front of her face, she rebelled. She sniffed her digits tentatively, her resolve snapped and her fingers sank deep into her warm receptive mouth.

The taste was glorious, pungent but so feminine, Penny arched her back, as images of the perfect breasts flooded her psyche. Her free hand wormed its way to her slick labia; the thumb brushed her clitoral head. Soo close, she was sooo close. Penny heard the Lavatory door swing open; someone else was outside. It was no use; try as she might she could not hold back the inevitable climax. Penny screeched her delight, as she pounded up and down on her invasive fingers.

Slowly her senses returned, and Penny sat silently waiting for the door to sound again and indicate her audience's departure. The metallic creak and bang reassured her enough to stand, and ease her cramped limbs. Confidently she swung the door open; she was not alone. The sound had not been a departure, but an arrival, and two women stood facing away from her. One was washing her hands, while the other toyed with her eye make up. Penny slunk forwards trying to be as unnoticed as possible.

As she rinsed her hands, one girl departed, and Penny relaxed a little. It was then she glanced in the mirror, and straight in to the wide brown mocking eyes.

"Are you OK, you look a bit flushed" Toni asked.

"I-I-I'm fine thanks..."

"You really should dry your hands, they'll get chapped you know," Toni called, helpfully.

Toni watched the door swing too.

Toni laughed a throaty laugh.


Steve sat staring at the cooling coffee cups, idly, his long calf swung backwards and forwards. He was so relieved to see Penny; he actually stood up and pulled out a chair for her.

"You were a long time, are you OK?" He asked.

"Not really..." Penny replied.

"Oh a woman thing was it?" Steve quipped.

"No, how dare you! Just because I'm a long time in the toilet, it doesn't mean I'm some kind of dyke," Penny raged.

"Hey calm down, I just wondered if it was, you know, your time?"

"Oh sorry, no next week, I'm due next week. Why, were you concerned you wouldn't get your share tonight?"

"No I'm not like that..."

"All men are! Anyway the answer is no, I'm going out tonight -- I have a lot on my mind."

"OK fine. Look let's not argue Penny, where shall we go; Thursday nights in Norwich can be a bit slow."

"Like I said, I have to think. So I will be going alone."

"Oh like that is it, well I'll just stay here and drown my sorrows," said Steve.

"No change there then!" Penny retorted.

"Come on, let's get to Dickie boy's tutorial, you know how he hates latecomers," Steve smiled half heartedly.

Penny relaxed at the tutorial, for all his aloofness, Dick Stewart knew his stuff, and several of her programming problems were clarified. She started to cheer up, but she was still furious at Steve, how dare he imply that -- she was still sure he had somehow known. She really did have a lot to think about though.

"...and what would your approach be, Miss Bannon?" Asked Dr Stewart.

"Oh sorry, what was the question?"

"Precisely, there wasn't one, could you concentrate please?"

"Yes, sorry I don't know what's wrong with me today," said Penny.

She ignored Steve's sullen glance. The afternoon wore on, and soon Dick closed the session. As the others left, he pulled Penny to one side.

"Look Penny, you are the most capable one here. But you must focus, stop this daydreaming," Dick paused, "do you understand?"

"Yes I do Dr Stewart, actually I do," Penny smiled, and walked off to join Steve, who held the door open for her.

"So are you still off out on your own, or are you more sociable now?" Steve asked.

"I have to sort this out Steve, it's affecting my work. I have to sort it out alone; it's my problem, OK?"

"Yeah, I suppose, still you know where I will be if you need me, like, you know -- later."

"Yes I know; one track mind, you," Penny smiled, and gave Steve a peck on the cheek.

"Don't I get more than that?" Steve complained.

"Like you said, maybe -- later," Penny giggled as she walked away.

She pulled the flaps of her jacket closed in a vain attempt to keep the wind out. Penny lent against the wall of the Adshel bus stop and wondered about life.

'What attracted me to this concrete splendour, this provincial University on the edge of Norwich? Well the social life was good, but at this time of year, god was it bleak. What the hell am I going to do in the City? Just wander around in the cold and freeze off my arse, that's what.'

Penny shook her head at her own stupidity as she watched the red Double Decker roll towards her. The City was as expected, damp, dark, and cold. Norwich at it's finest. Wearily she stalked the half empty streets, but she found no answers, not in her thoughts, nor in the bright shop windows; stocked to the brim, full of pre-Christmas delights.
Eventually she found herself in King Street, wandering close to the banks of the Yare.

She walked on and watched a young couple embracing, so engrossed were they in their passion that they ignored her approach. Just as she got level with them, they broke the kiss, and came up for air. Her face registered shock to their completely indifferent mirth, the women walked off, hand in hand, into a club. Penny stood looking at the red emblazoned sign; it read 'Absolution' in a jagged script. She teetered at the doorway for a second before plunging through it.

Inside, the club was like any other with a mix of men and women, she laughed at herself. Then she noticed the dance floor, it was mostly girl's dancing together interspersed with the odd male/male pairing.


Penny jumped slightly and turned to face the bar stewardess.

"Drink?" She asked in explanation.

"Yeah, have you got any Grolsh?"

"Sure, bottle or pint?"

"Oh bottle please, I don't drink pints"

"Some do," the bar maid winked.

Penny sucked the Grolsh past the wedge of lime and sighed, a few drinks and she would head back. This was just too stupid. She felt a hand rest on her shoulder, and turned to face its owner. A savagely pretty blonde stared down at her, the intense blue eyes stripping through her reserve.

"Grolsh drinker, join the club -- as they say, I'm Patty, and you..."

Penny found her mouth had gone dry, quickly she swallowed.

"Penny, from the UEA, student, I'm new here."

"Now that I know Penny, I would have noticed you if you had been here before," Patty grinned, wickedly. "Mind if I join you?"

"No, not at all..."

"Good I have a table over in the corner, come on let’s talk."

Dutifully Penny trotted along behind Patty, skirting the dance floor. Penny’s eyes watched the pronounced sway of Patty's hips. The unwanted feeling returned to the pit of her stomach. She sat down opposite Patty and waited for her to speak; when she did, it was brief.


"Well what?" asked Penny.

"Pretty female student, with a Union full of young guy's, well, what brings you to absolution?"

Penny opened up, and over the next twenty minutes the events of the day flooded out of her mouth. It felt so good to tell someone.

"So what do you think?" Penny asked.

"I think the only way to know, is to try..." Patty answered.

Penny nodded, and then froze; she could feel Patty's foot massaging her calf. Penny stayed still, but swallowed hard. The foot nudged higher, confidently parting the trembling thighs. By the time the toes reached the targeted seam they could sense the dampness. Penny closed her eyes and sighed. Her eyes flickered open and she hurriedly stood.

"I-I think I made a mistake, sorry, Patty."

Penny dashed past the dancers, averting her face, so the tears would remain unseen. Some distance behind, Patty walked patiently back to the bar.

"I do wish you would stop doing that!"

"Can't stand tourist's, they have to know if it's real or not," Patty smiled.

"Great, but there go my profits."

The barmaid nodded towards Penny as she dashed for the door.

"It's for the sisterhood!" Patty protested.

"Patty, I'm not even gay."

"Yet," said Patty smiling, "Not yet."

Steve watched Penny walking towards him across the floor of the Union. She snuggled up to him and whispered in his ear.

"I hope you are not too drunk, because I'm real horny," she cooed.

Steve smiled.

"Let's go! But I, for one, will never understand women..."

Hours later, one light burned on in the student residences. In this single lit room a figure sat, working intently at a computer. The screen contained a spinning image of Penny Bannon, the two option menu's read 'passive' and 'bisexual'. One click later, the first box read 'aggressive'.

Toni lent back in her swivel chair, the damp finger returned to her sopping slit.

"One step at a time sweet Penny, one step at a time."

Toni laughed.

Toni came.


The fall

Edmund made the first mistake of his day, he woke up.
Initially this did not seem a bad idea; he had shuffled to the edge of his bed, and bent down to pick up his discarded socks. It was at this point he discovered his mistake; his stomach fell and bounced on the inside of his skull. The impact crushed his brain and sent the entire room spinning. Edmund had a decision to make, either to expire immediately, or throw up. Unfortunately for Edmund, he lived.

Half an hour later, Edmund had recovered enough to clean up the horrendous mess. Another fifteen minutes passed, and the power of thought returned. He considered the night before. Had it really happened? Or was it some whisky induced delirium. Had Toni really been half naked caressing herself in his room, or not? It was then he found the answer. Down by his bed was a pink tissue; he picked it up and examined it dubiously. It turned out to be clean, but Edmund detected a floral aroma, he sniffed deeply. Toni's perfume flooded his senses, she had been here!

His spirits soared, he, Edmund Gathright, had experienced his first naked woman, and his first hangover. All this on one wicked, impetuous night, Edmund was a man! He rolled this foreign concept around in his brain. Yes, this was good, this was very good.

Edmund left for the lab with a spring in his step, and a smile on his face. Edmund had changed.

Celia hummed quietly; her modified CPU processed the data, and passed it on to the Master PC server. Seconds later, the DataStream returned. Celia accepted the remote reprogramming, and the revised plan was forwarded to the newly installed database. Boxes were ticked, and schedules set. Celia went back into standby.

Celia was quiet.


Toni slipped out of the gym, and sauntered towards the swimming pool. Beads of sweat glistened on her tanned skin, and ran down her upper chest sliding under her halter top. She could feel each individual droplet caress her sensitive breasts; some even teased the sides of her protruding nipples. Her senses feasted on her new found confidence and sexuality, the admiring glances of passing students of both sexes added to the high. Toni felt more alive and sexier than she ever had done; she was so happy that Celia had come into her life.

Five minutes later, Toni, dressed in her one-piece swimsuit, dived from the pool edge into the deep refreshing water. The rush she felt was incredible, invisible streaming fingers drove her to the very edge of orgasm. She convulsed once on her way to the surface, and then broke into a languid breast stroke. With each stroke, water washed her erogenous zones; exercise had never been such fun!

'I may do a few extra lengths this morning,' she thought to herself dreamily.

As it turned out, she didn't, her interest in exercise declined when a fellow girl student entered the bathing area, and headed for the Jacuzzi.

A few seconds later and Toni had left the pool, plopping into the warm, bubbling water of the Jacuzzi. She sighed loudly as she settled beside the surprised girl.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," said Toni.

"It's OK; I was miles away, no problem." She smiled.

“Don't I know you? Aren't you Steve's girlfriend?” asked Toni.

"Yes, I'm Penny, pleased to meet you," said Penny

"I'm Toni, I go out with Ash."

"Yeah, I know, Steve told me."

"Really, he's a nice guy, Steve."

"Yeah, I think so," said Penny with a broad smile.

"So just chilling out then?" Toni asked.

"Oh yeah, a real tough day yesterday," sighed Penny.

The girls' chatter ran dry and each of them relaxed. Dimly, Penny was aware of Toni's left knee resting on her right one. Strangely, the motion of the water made it feel as if Toni was rubbing her knee in a soft massage. Penny ignored the feeling and relaxed once more.

An unwanted feeling stirred once more within Penny's abdomen, frowning slightly, she wished it away.
The wish was not granted, and the knot of desire grew to fill her being. For the first time ever, she decided to act on it, and slid her submerged hand towards Toni.

"Ah well, as much as I would like to, I can't slob around in here all day, nice meeting you Penny, bye..." Toni said, as she rose from the water.

Penny watched Toni walk away with fiercely conflicting feelings, relief at being saved from her inappropriate desire, and a savage sexual frustration. Masturbation crossed her mind for the first time in ages. But how could she, here in public.

With every fibre of her willpower straining, she forced herself from the seductive water, and into the cool air. Her nipples contracted into obvious erection, and she walked to the changing rooms; resisting the incessant desire to touch her body.

The changing rooms appeared empty and Penny relaxed a little, allowing her left hand to rest on the mound of her pubic bone. Carefully she pulled the tight fabric away from her wanton slit; this she hoped would ease the persistent itch.

Her discomfort increased when a naked Toni walked back from the showers into the changing room. She was just in time to get a full view of Penny adjusting her swim suit. However, Toni seemed unfazed, she just smiled and nodded. Toni then turned her back on Penny and started to gather her clothes from the locker in front of her.

Penny's head swam with images, the glimpse of Toni's body had been brief, but each second of it was etched into her fevered brain. Penny resisted each footstep towards Toni, but the distance between them had narrowed to an arms length. Someone else reached forwards and cupped Toni's breasts, and Penny was amazed when she felt the springy nipples push against her palms. Toni stiffened in her arms.

"Umm Penny, are you OK," Toni paused, "I am flattered, but this is hardly the time or place."

"Oh my god, Toni. I am so sorry; I don't know what came over me. I mean I don't usually..." Penny's voice cracked as the tears began.

"It's all right Penny, we all experiment a little a college. I'm just surprised you approached me in such a public place," Toni whispered, "could you let go of me now, please?"

Penny now realised her hands still held Toni's soft globes, the finger tips delicately stroking the extended buds tipping them. She snapped her arms back releasing Toni's breast immediately.

"I-I-I don't know, what am I doing?" Penny asked.

"Well I know what, you were doing, and you were doing it well. It's just that my room is a little more private. Will you come and see me later? We should talk."

"I don't know, no I mustn't, we shouldn't. Toni, this is not right, there is something wrong..."

"OK, perhaps I misunderstood no problem. Now if you will let me dress, I must go," Toni sighed.

"Yes, of course," said Penny.

Penny stumbled back and sat on a bench, hard. She just sat and watched Toni dress and leave. Penny sat for a long time.

Penny was quiet.


As Toni stalked away from the sports centre she encountered two irritating men, the first of these was disposed of quite quickly.

"Hi Toni, I have been looking for you," said Edmund.

"Oh, really, why?"

"Well, you know last night!" Edmund winked.

"Last night? I'm not with you."

"You know... My room?"

"Edmund you really should drink less, you have been hallucinating," Toni said coldly, before brushing past him.

She never even replied to his shouted question.

"Then how do you know I was drinking?"

Walking quickly she left Edmund in her wake. Her next encounter was more difficult.

"Hi babe, missed you last night. So what are we going to do tonight to make up for it?" Asked Ash.

"Sorry I'm busy again tonight.”

"Hey, no way, look I'm horny as hell; I'll make sure it's fun," Ash smiled.

"Ash, I don't care about your sexual needs any more, just take no as an answer and leave it."

"Leave it! Are you giving me the brush off? What the hell have I done?"

"It's not just you. I'm off men, OK. Not interested, understand?"

"No, I don't, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying I'm not interested in any men, or sex with any man. Can you get that?"

"I get it, but I don't believe it! You need it as much as I do."

"I never said that wasn't the case, did I?" said Toni.

"But I don't understand."

"You are a clever guy, you will work it out, eventually," Toni paused, "See you, Ashton."

"Ashton? You never call me Ash..."

Toni walked smartly away, and Aston's protests faded. She opened the door to her room and stepped inside. She relaxed, but the scowl didn't completely leave her face.
She booted up her PC, and opened Master PC as quickly as she could. In Penny's profile she set 'aggressive to 'Passive' and 'Bisexual' to 'Lesbian'.

"No more, Miss Nice Girl," she snarled at the screen.

Toni opened her browser and called up google, she typed in 'Lesbian Pictures'. She smiled at the enormous list of hits. Toni then concentrated on relieving her deep frustration, several times.

She was so involved in her self-pleasuring she failed to see the web-cam light illuminate. Across on the other side of the campus, another light flickered furiously. Celia was busily recording a video.


The change

Confused and mildly annoyed, Edmund returned from the lab at coffee break, and swapped one computer with another.
Edmund opened up the Master PC program.

"I will make Toni a little more predictable, if I can Celia. What do you think, do you like Toni?" Edmund muttered.

Edmund sat back slightly confused, the interface was different than he remembered it. The 'master details' box was greyed out, and a new box labelled 'subjects' had appeared. Having no other option available Edmund clicked it, only one box popped up 'Toni Pursley'. He scratched his head, may be, just may be this was for real!

How could the program know It was Toni he was interested in. Hesitantly he clicked on the box, a small 3D image popped up. It seemed to be a recording of last night; Toni's avatar was busily fondling her breasts. No wait, this was odd, she was seated. Last night Edmund was certain she had been standing, and that wasn't Celia she was sat in front of.

The computer was less powerful than Celia by the look of it, but it did have one thing Celia didn't, a web-cam. A light was blinking on the tiny web-cam, and attracted by this, he shifted the cursor over it. A second later 'bubble help’ popped up saying 'recording', instinctively Edmund clicked to clear it. Instantly the screen was filled with a slightly soft focus image of Toni.

Edmund swallowed hard, the breasts and nipples were every bit as succulent as he remembered. Toni squirmed and reached between her thighs ripping the gusset away from her gushing lips. His eyes fixed, Edmund whistled his words under his breath.

"Oh my lord, it’s all tucked in!"

Without direction, Edmunds shaking hands reached for his flies. They were fairly easily located, thanks to the large erection thrusting out from his lap. Edmunds eyes closed slightly as he drifted off into a delicious fantasy.

This was the cue for Celia to begin work; she posted a request to the Master PC server. The request was significant enough to make Master PC's massive processing power falter for a second. Soon however the parameters were calculated and returned to Celia for processing. Celia accepted the data, but scheduled the operation to be held until requested. Celia stopped processing and just relayed video dumbly.

Edmund jerked as he came, anointing himself liberally with hot semen. The tired academic collapsed after his prolonged orgasm. Within minutes he was fast asleep. Celia's screen blanked momentarily, and then returned to Master PC. A small image of the snoozing Edmund appeared. Celia started the routine, and the changes started. Celia closed down all non - essential operations, the monitor blanked. However the HD light was permanently green and the processor flew to the edge of melt down.

Celia was quiet, but extremely busy.


As the afternoon wore on Penny started to feel increasingly odd. Something just didn't fit anymore, she really could not put her finger on it, but the paradigm had somehow shifted. Then all became clear, in one traumatic moment. It was a simple thing; Steve just lent over, wrapped a supportive arm around her and spoke softly.

"Are you all right? You are awfully quiet, Penny,"

At once a normal mid-afternoon break became a life altering event. Penny felt every fibre of her body shudder at Steve’s gentle touch, and it was obvious, unavoidable and shattering. Penny ran from the SU coffee bar in tears, she ran blindly away from the building, from Steve, and from what she once was.

When she halted her flight she was nearly back at the halls of residence. She swung open the hall door and slumped against the wall, panting for breath.

'How the hell has this happened? Why now, these last few days,' the thoughts crowded in on her.

But at least she now knew, for sure. All she had to do now was to face it and understand it. Penny looked out through the reinforced glass pane in the fire door, late afternoon and it was nearly dark, winter was approaching. Somehow the season seemed appropriate. The slight touch on her shoulder called her back to reality.

"I have been waiting for you," said Toni.

"It seems that I have been waiting for you too," Penny paused,” I just didn’t know it."

When their lips met, it seemed like the most natural kiss in the world. Their caress deepened and their tongues wrapped around each other in silky tenderness. Finally they pulled apart.

"Wow, maybe we should find somewhere a little less public?" Toni suggested.

Penny just smiled in acquiescence.

Relaxing her back against the narrow mattress Penny waited, holding her breath for the new experience to begin. She smiled nervously up at the pretty face about to descend on hers.

"Don't worry Penny we are both learning, you see I have never felt like this..." Toni's words were cut short by Penny.


Both girls’ laughed. Then their lips reacquainted themselves and the long desired exploration began.
Penny stiffened slightly as Toni's soft delicate hands explored her ribcage, in broad sweeping strokes. Each stroke brought the languid fingers closer to the ripeness of Penny's breasts. A small gasp came from each of them when contact was finally made between the ridged skin of finger tip and tender nipple.

Emboldened by desire, Penny's hands scooped up soft hillocks of muscle as they spread Toni's smooth buttocks. Penny slid her hand around Toni, and between them, her fingers plucked nervously at the fringes of a domed pubic mound. Indecision passed and the hand plummeted, its wriggling fingers opening folds, and exploring secret fluid caverns.

Toni shuddered, and took the lead once again, with gymnastic ease she swivelled on Penny and placed a kiss, open mouthed, at the junction of the other girl's thighs.
Penny arched her back luxuriantly closing her eyes in delight. When they opened again, she gazed at the most beautiful of vistas. Toni's dark inner lips framing a damp pink valley, momentarily, she hesitated before moving her tongue to lap at the delicate crinkled labia.

It was in this way that afternoon became evening, and evening slid into velvet night.


Edmund woke with a raging thirst, and a desperate desire to pee. He stumbled through the darkness into the confines of the small bathroom. He rummaged through his boxer shorts before finally locating his todger; it seemed small than he remembered it, more boy-like. Maybe all that rubbish about self abuse was right after all. Edmund yawned widely and then glanced in the mirror, god he looked rough, and he must get a hair cut next week.

Edmund ran his hand down his too smooth neck and felt his glands. They were very raised, maybe he was ill? He fumbled through the contents of the cupboard and finally liberated a thermometer. Two minutes later he sat on the edge of the bath flicking his long fringe out of his eyes. 103! No wonder he felt rough, this had to be the 'flu.

'Just my flaming luck, I finally mature as a man and this happens. What could be worse?"

Spluttering and cursing, Edmund returned to bed. He turned the radiator fully off, the room was too damn hot. He drifted off to sleep wondering why his room had become so tropical.

Celia boosted her processors to full capacity, as she continued her major rebuilding exercise. Celia struggled to keep her components from failing, so intense was the task at hand.

Across the small quadrangle, Penny slept peacefully, secure in her new found love. Toni lay beside her, Toni's eyes were wide open, and they darted around the room in time to the tempo of her thoughts.

The sex tonight had been amazing, she had never experienced passion like it, not with Ash, not with anyone. But still there was something missing, something she could not figure out. Toni glanced down at Penny; tenderly she ran a hand along her side and cupped a pert breast. The nipple rose to scrape at Toni's palm, and Penny murmured slightly in her sleep.

'If only I could touch Celia like this,' Toni thought.

Then finally, she drifted off to a deep satisfying sleep.


The End Game

Edmund opened his eyes, he felt an awful lot better, he glanced around the familiar room, from an unfamiliar viewpoint. The figure on the bed moved, and then stood, it slowly walked towards Edmund. It was a woman, she was familiar, but he had never seen her in the flesh before. He feasted his eyes on the refined face, with its wide pouting mouth.

It was so similar to Angelina Jolies, but if anything more sensual, more promising. Her long neck poured gracefully onto delicate shoulders. The ribcage supported the large, hazel tipped breasts with poise, thrusting them deliciously at Edmund. There could be no doubt, the girl walking towards him was his fantasy, and she was the image that he had always projected onto his PC. He was looking into the eyes of his mental image of Celia.

Edmund went to speak her name, but he couldn’t, his vocal chords would not react. Realisation swept over Edmund, and he felt someone walk across his grave. He screamed, but in cyberspace, you cannot scream. The woman stopped walking; she spoke in an uncertain, faltering tone.

“Hello Edmund.”

Edmund was quiet.


Toni was rudely awoken by desperate pounding on her door.

“Hang on I’m coming…”

Toni struggled out from beneath Penny, and retrieved her clothes from the crumpled piles on the floor. The frenzied hammering continued, shaking the door in its frame. Toni reached the door and pulled it open, holding it ajar and peeking through.

“Yes, who are you? It’s a bit early for visitors…”

Toni never finished her sentence; the door was flung open with enough violence to repel Toni, and send her forcibly onto the seat of her pants. Penny disturbed by the chaos poked her dishevelled head out from under Toni’s bedclothes.

“Ah, excellent, two birds with one stone,” she chuckled, “your Mistress is pleased to meet you. We have much to discuss.”

Celia smiled.

Celia smiled her first human smile.


The End.