Master PC - The Ornithologist

by bobwhite

Part VI

Author's note: this is the final chapter of my little dance in this universe. I'd like to once again thank JRParz for creating the world of Master PC. I'd like to thank MichelleLovesTo for letting me use her nom de plume as a central character, and to all the others who noticed their names showing up here and there. I still wonder if JRParz ever found his - I hid it well. (That's what you get for coming up with a pseudonym spelled like that!) I'd like to thank all my proofreaders over the various chapters, and I'd like to personally thank Alei for the great feedback she gave for certain chapters, especially Chapter IV. Enjoy!

Michelle and the Fireman
"I wonder where I'm off to now," Michelle mused as she found herself not driving to work as she had intended. She was driving somewhere she'd never been, but as she was accustomed to over the past two weeks, she knew that her destination - and whatever she would do when she got to wherever she was going - would remain a surprise until it actually happened.

Her nipples tingled and hardened at the thought. She knew that Rob and his little program were behind her suddenly promiscuous behavior, and even though her mind was fully intact and any normal person would have been terrified of what was going on, she had to admit that she enjoyed the feeling of being controlled. Sadly, she had scared away her last two boyfriends when she opened up to them about this particular need. Sure, they didn't mind playing along in the bedroom, but she wanted - needed - more than just a little bedroom role-playing.

And, having Rob in charge was something she could definitely get used to

Sitting at an unfamiliar stoplight, she reached down and slid her thong to the side so she could rub herself a little while she waited for the green light. Like she had done each day that week, she left the house in only an unnecessary push-up bra (like she needed it with her new tits) and a matching thong or G-string. Not having worn a bra since the previous week, it took her a few days to get used to the feel of it against her skin.

When the light turned green, she took her hand from her slit, licked it quickly, and made a left onto a side street. Being made to drive somewhere strange, or being made to do any task she would not normally do, was enough to make her play with herself a little at each stoplight - it was like she was living her wildest fantasy. Everyday, there was a new humiliation - most of which led to some kind of sex. As she went through the motions of the day, she never knew when the new instructions would kick in - or who they would involve.

Stopping at a stop sign this time (and with her right blinker on), she saw that the four-way stop was manned by men who were apparently collecting for some firefighter-related charity. She didn't have any pocket change or small bills to donate, but she rolled down her window and asked the kind man holding a container that was half-full of money if he wanted to see, touch, and kiss her tits.

She had already pulled her bra cups down before he could answer, and the sight of her pinching her nipples and giving him that adorable "Pweeeeeeez?" look was more than he could take. Leaning in the car, the man cupped both of her boobs and squeezed them slightly, as if he were trying to see which grapefruit to select from a produce stand.

"Yes... mmmm, please, give me your... oh! hand..." she moaned as he sucked gently on her left nipple. Taking his hand from her other tit, she guided it down to the damp patch of cloth covering her sex - and he didn't need any further hints. He expertly slid two fingers under the skimpy garment and immediately entered her.

"Fuck!" she screamed, arching her back as she nearly came. Looking around, she saw that the other firemen had heard her and were now letting other cars pass so they could take in the show. The man pumped his fingers in and out of her several times before withdrawing his digits and focusing his motions strictly on her cum button. She could only take a few moments of his expert manipulations of her tits and clit before she came all over his hand and her driver's seat.

Somehow knowing his job was done, the man lifted his head from her breast and kissed Michelle. She returned the kiss hungrily, smearing her lipstick and leaving some on his mouth. He waived her on, and but she grabbed the belt loops on his blue jeans and pulled him closer to her window. Unzipping his fly and fishing out his erection, she smiled and said, "One good job deserves another."

Having become something of an expert at eliciting an orgasm from a man lately (not that it seemed too difficult for her before), she already knew how to find the rhythm that would get him off quickly. She stroked him with an expertly soft yet firm grip while he draped his arms over the roof of her small car, moaning under her perfect manipulation of his rigid manhood.

Needless to say, it was only about two minutes or so before he came. He felt her squeeze him gently from base to tip, making sure to get all the semen, before she wiped him with some tissues she kept in her car. She then wiped off the jizz that had landed on her chest and hand, carefully pushed the man away as he fumbled to stuff his dick back into his pants, and then drove off to the sound of the other firefighters' applause.

Michelle continued to drive, but now, her left hand was pretty much rubbing her pussy as much as it could without causing her to lose control of her car. That little incident was totally in public - and she had gotten uncomfortably horny as she was forced to perform in front of the man's friends and all the motorists. Thankfully, only a few cars passed by - and only adults, it seemed. But she just knew that they had noticed... and the more she thought about it, the hotter she got.

The new family
 Pulling to a stop and getting out of the car, the mostly-naked Michelle looked around. She had no idea where she was, but she knew what she was dressed for, so she walked to the door of the house she had parked in front of and knocked on the door.

"You must be Michelle!" one of two identical sex goddesses said. Michelle, never having met Nita or Lori, just stood and stared. She was never really into girls much before her recent activities at work, but even the straightest woman would melt if they saw the raw sexuality these two exuded.

"Yes I am... where am I?" Michelle asked, getting aroused rather quickly as she took in the sight before her. 'Rob must have had a hand in this... probably more than just his hand...' she thought as she walked into the house.

"You are... uh, Dad told me to wait for him to say. But, you should make yourself at home." When she said that, both Nita and her doppelganger broke into a stifled laugh. Michelle was very nervous - this was not anything like the games Rob had been playing lately.

"My name is Nita. I hear you've had a hard two weeks. Oh, could you take your clothes off, please, and start, uh, oh - rubbing those... damn! Are those real tits?"

"They are real," Michelle replied as she started to take off her panties and bra. She half expected so say something like 'I just had them done, don't they look real,' or some such nonsense. But, there was something about the way Nita had just spoken that demanded obedience - not that obedience was a new concept for Michelle lately. As soon as she was naked, Michelle was fondling the now-familiar curves of her enhanced bust. Nita whispered something into Lori's ear, and the twin scampered off.

"Well, I didn't want to say this around Lori, but I know exactly what happened with you, my dad, and a certain little program," Nita teased as she walked up to Michelle. Nita pinched Michelle's nipples a little, knowing that the effect would be so intense Michelle would probably fall to her knees.

"Ungh!" Michelle grunted as her legs turned to rubber and she sank, predictably, to her knees.

"Alright. Now, I was told not to play my normal games with you. I'm not going to be your Mistress," Nita said almost sadly, patting Michelle's head. "But, I still want to see what all the fuss over you is about."

"What do you mean?" Michelle asked, her arousal growing just from having her face a few inches away from Nita's damp folds. She'd been finding herself sexually attracted to women more and more over the last few weeks. She was sure if Rob was behind that - but she didn't care. Rob wanted her to be that way, and that was good enough for her.

"Don't worry about that. Just give my kitty a nice kiss, and get up and follow me. We're wanted in the den."

Michelle leaned forward and licked Nita's pussy as best she could; it was always a little harder to do to a woman when she was standing. Nita grabbed Michelle's head and held it to her pussy, and Michelle instinctively used her tongue to lick the offered treasure, and the experience she had gained recently certainly was coming in handy.

'It's cumming in handy is more like it,' Michelle thought as she sucked on Nita's clit while running her tongue over and around it. Feeling Nita shudder above her and the hands around her head release their grip, Michelle realized two things: she really liked eating pussy, and she was getting really good at it. Dutifully, she got up and followed Nita into the den, where she saw Rob, sitting naked on a nice recliner and sporting a nice hard on. An older - but no less beautiful - woman was busy blowing him.

Michelle sat on the couch in the room between Nita and Lori, who instantly began running their hands over her body. Rob had made sure that every day for the last couple of weeks, her body became more sexually sensitive - and not just her breasts and crotch; her legs, arms, chest, tummy, neck, and almost anywhere else she could think of reacted strongly to the touch of a man or woman.

Needless to say, she found herself in a familiar haze of lust as she watched the beautiful woman suck Rob's cock. Michelle felt a tang of jealousy, but it was quickly smoothed over as her body was teased by the twin hotties.

"I would do anything for that cock," she heard herself say aloud. "Was that out... oooooh..." she said, trailing off as the girls to her sides began nibbling on her neck, almost in unison. One of the sister's hands was covering her pussy and rubbing slowly.

"You know, Michelle, I am well aware of that. And, over the last couple of weeks, I've been tempted to let you have it. Thankfully, I have my ladies here to keep me company at home; and, as I'm sure you are well aware, the women at work seem to be a little more open to suggestion than normal of late. But, I've had something special planned for you. Care to hear what it is?"

"You're... oh... mmmmmmm" Michelle moaned, unable to do much besides listen as Lori moved so that her head was between her legs. Nita was sucking on one nipple and playing with the other. When Michelle felt two fingers slide into her, her arousal climbed another ten notches. Lately, when a girl began to finger her, she came immediately - but not this time. And, as Lori curved her fingers upwards a little and began to directly stimulate her G-spot - something that always made her cum hard - she suddenly realized that she was somehow being blocked from climaxing. Lori's mouth closed in around her clit hood and sucked gently while her fingers continued their assault. Michelle's hips responded by rocking up and down a little.

"You've noticed!" Rob said as the beautiful woman - Michelle now assumed this was his enhanced wife - merrily bobbed her head up and down his member. "You can't cum until you agree to a few simple terms."

"What... uh... mmmmm... terms... what..."

"Well, you wanted to be my live-in slave. So, I'm offering you the job. But, you have to understand what it entails. First of all, you'll have to move into this house. We have plenty of room. Interested?" Rob asked, his breathing getting a little ragged.

"Yessssssss...." Michelle hissed, the fingers in her cunt working faster as the mouth on her breasts began to bite a nipple slightly. Her back arched in response.

Rob smiled and began to recite a memorized speech. "That's the easy part. See, I could already have the program make you do that. But, to be honest, I am getting tired of these little games. So, I've set up one final alteration for you, but you have to agree to it. I call it, "slave 'chelle." Catchy, huh? Well, it will make you my personal slave, to do with as I please. When I tell you something, you will hang on every word.

"Obedience will be pretty much automatic, and even a brief thought of disobedience or even doing something that does not please me will have very negative side effects. You will be afraid not to make me as happy as I can be because of the feelings you'll experience if you don't satisfy me.

"I've looked inside your head, and I know this is what you have wanted. But you have to be sure, because after this, it will be permanent. I'm not going to use the program again, since I pretty much have what I want from it. Either you agree to those terms, or I can give you your old life back This is your exit clause, and it's the only one you're likely to get from here on out."

When Rob had finished, Michelle felt a fire well up inside her. Nita and Lori had not stopped their busy work during the little speech, and since Michelle already knew how she would answer, her body spoke before she could She screamed as she came, making Lori's face very wet and almost deafening Nita.

"I will take that as a yes," Rob said. He had figured this would be the response. "Lori, Nita, get off of her. Sofie and Michelle, trade places, please," he said. Michelle found it hard to walk, so she crawled to Rob. It just seemed like the right thing to do, anyway.

"I'm going to hit this button," he said, his finger on the Enter key of his notebook, "and everything that you were, everything that you are, and everything you will ever be will belong only to me."

When Michelle heard the soft click of the computer key being pressed, she instantly felt somehow free and bound at the same time; she knew she had no worries as long as Rob was around. It was as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Michelle rose and turned her back to the man who now owned her mind, body - her very essence. Slowly - carefully - sat down on his rigid pole. It was like a burning-hot poker, but no pain was evident; it burned with pure ecstasy. She had waited for this since she met him at work. She came as soon as she was fully impaled on him, and for a moment, she just relished in the fact that she only had to worry about one thing now - pleasing Rob.

"Ladies," Rob said, slapping Michelle's ass possessively, "we have a new member of the family. Let's celebrate."

The next thing Michelle knew, she was on the floor, on her back. Sophia straddled her face, and Michelle began to use her talented tongue to dance along her Master's wife's folds as the woman above her wiggled her hips in response. Rob was giving her quivering pussy a thorough pounding with his cock, and she could feel one tongue working her clit while another alternated between both breasts.

The sensations were almost too much to take - and once again, she was not having her normal (well, recently normal) instantaneous multiple orgasms. Sofia had cum two times on her face, soaking it in her nectar. The two mouths working the rest of her body had departed after a few mintues; judging from the grunting and smacking sounds coming from nearby, she knew that they were probably having sex with each other. All the while, Rob just picked up speed gradually.

He pinned her arms down at her elbows, and frantically picked up is pace She knew what was coming.

"Cum... with me... ungh!" he yelled as he thrust forward, his seed filling her womb with blinding pleasure that she felt even in her fingertips. Her body was writhing in the wake of her own orgasm, the best she'd ever had before. Sofia lifted herself from Michelle's face. Michelle was glad for the breath of fresh air.

"See, Sofia? She waited for the word. She'll make a fine house slave. Nita, Lori, go to your room and get dressed for dinner. Slave? Sofia and I have some more fucking to do. Clean up in here and find something to cook for supper. Oh, and do it naked, just for kicks."

For a brief moment, Michelle realized that her plan had backfired a little. She wanted to be Rob's personal plaything, not the maid. But, as she got up and straightened up the rug on which they had just had sex, she realized right away that doing anything for him brought a smile to her lips and a warm tingle to her pussy. Besides, she was a great cook. Smiling as she walked downstairs to see what she had to work with, she also realized that somehow, a true submissive had taken control of a situation and made someone become her Master.

'Too bad I don't remember how I did it,' she thought as she reached the kitchen.

Two months later, in an office building far, far away...
 "So, did you make the trade?" the supervisor asked the agent as he walked into the office.

"Yep. Got his notebook, and left him a nicer one. State of the art, you know," the agent said, taking a seat. He wore a red shirt with a star on the sleeve, just like the supervisor was wearing. The men were, for all intents and purposes, identical. The agent who had just arrived wore a nametag that had his picture, serial number, and name: Ted.

"What about the cleanup?" the supervisor inquired.

"That's the funny thing. I had to remove the commands he placed at his office, but the only real global command he made basically made it so people would not notice the changes he had made to his daughter and step daughter; I left it intact to save some time. Except for a few harmless geocommands the woman set up at a coworker's house and a few that the guy set at his own house, there was really nothing major to worry about. All he did was play around until he finally enslaved the woman who gave him the program," Ted reported.

"That's... odd. But, I guess it would explain the lack of defense against people taking the program. Usually, they get pretty creative," the supervisor commented. "At least he didn't create an open-source version like the last guy did."

They both laughed a little, recalling world-ending disaster that almost happened before it somehow stopped on its own. The agent was then excused, and as he left, the supervisor had to admit that he was impressed - it usually took several agents and a few mobile servers running the full version of the program to fix these little Master PC breakouts.

"Perhaps Ted 3-9-698 is due for a promotion," the supervisor said as he looked up the phone number for the agent's home office in Detroit.

The End