Master PC - The Ornithologist

by bobwhite

Part V

Author's Note: The gears continue to shift in this chapter. I want to send a special thanks out to Born Blitzed for his proofreading and structure advice - without a good proofer, writers like me would be doomed to kackdom. And extra special thanks to all women named Michelle, for being something of an inspiration from time to time.

Rob will eventually branch out to the women at work, and finally choose Michelle Mason as a permanent, live-in slave.

Rob will make Michelle Mason do things that she would never do; and, he will enjoy humiliating her in every way possible.

Michelle loves to be a slave to her Master.

Michelle will forget all about Master PC once the program is sent to Rob Beige and erased from her computer completely.

Michelle will be aware that someone is controlling her, but will not be able to do anything about it.

The more Michelle is made to do things that she hates, and the more she doesn't want to do what she is forced to do, the more aroused she becomes from obeying her Master.

Six lines of commands would have been running through Michelle's head, had she bothered to allow herself to remember anything about her brief tenure as a Mistress to anyone whose name she knew. Knowing what was going on would help to explain why, when she'd decided to take a day off, she suddenly felt she had to go to work - and as quickly as possible.

When she got in her car, she adjusted the rear-view mirror and was shocked at what she saw. Her makeup was fine, but her clothes - she looked like she was going to the clubs! She stared down at her sheer, black top, black bra visible underneath, and gasped. And, seeing how much thigh she was showing confirmed that she'd chosen a miniskirt... for work.

Cursing her lack of time to go and change, she started her car, put it in gear, and left. And one question lingered in her mind the whole trip: 'Why am I doing this?' It was like she was being told to do things, even though she was alone.

''Chelle, that's crazy,' she reminded herself. 'How could anyone control anyone like this? You're just feeling guilty for skipping work, that's all.'

Towards the end of the drive, though, she felt a tingle inside that was definitely not guilt. Whatever was happening was mildly arousing - the thought of not being in control was one of Michelle's kinks. 'Maybe I'll have to ponder that particular fantasy further,' she playfully thought as she entered the building. '...Right after my meeting with Rob,' she finished as she suddenly realized she had a meeting with Rob.

Thinking about him alone sent a little shiver to her pussy. It was his day off, and he'd probably be in some casual clothes. 'Clothes I could rip off with my teeth,' she imagined before she caught herself.

'Michelle Mason, cool it or you'll lose it in there!' she reminded herself. It was stupid, she knew, to dwell on the feelings she had for an apparently happily married man. 'But he's so damn... mmmm...' her mind dreamily trailed off as she meandered to his office door. She opened the door and glided into the office without even knocking. She had a seat in front of his desk and looked lovingly into his... chair. He was facing the other way.

"Uh, Rob? You wanted to see me?" She ventured. As if waiting for her to speak, he spun around in his chair, locking eyes with her. He looked a little annoyed, and she figured it was because she was late.

'Ugh. The man wears a tie on his day off.'

"Hi, Michelle. Dressed a little inappropriately, aren't we?" He asked, noticing her outfit - and smiling a little.

Feeling another shiver in her nether regions, Michelle's mind began to actually struggle. She was simply humiliated - how could she come to work like this? - yet, at the same time, it was... exciting.

"Uh, yes, Rob. This isn't appropriate at all. I don't know what possessed me...."

He held his hand up, motioning for her to stop talking. She complied, and he got right to the point. "Michelle, dear, tell me something. What did you do yesterday at the end of your shift, after I left the office?"

Remembering the wild time she had Thursday brought a smile to her lips as she formed a perfect lie to cover her actual activities. 'Something tedious, something that's never completely done, something... correspondence... no... scheduling! Yes, he'll buy that,' she thought.

Instantly forming a coherent cover story concerning scheduling some inspections, she began. "I got Peter to fuck me - four times! He has a monster cock, too. That man fucked me till I almost couldn't remember my name - he's got the stamina of a horse, and the dick size ain't too far off," she answered before clasping her hands over her mouth.

"Excuse me?" said a mildly amused and somewhat surprised female voice. Michelle turned around to see that Jackie, the new intern, had heard exactly what she had said.

"Michelle, hold that thought," Rob said as he addressed his secretary. "Yes, Jackie?"

"Uh... oh. I just had a message for you... I can come back," Jacquelyn said, knowing that Michelle was probably about to be fired. 'Only the boss gets to skip out on Fridays, and it looks like the boss made a special trip here to give someone the axe. I wonder what she did...?' Being a major office gossip was only worth it if you got the first word in on the story, so she planned her escape from the office.

"No, Jackie, please stay. Why don't you take the other seat? Michelle and I have to talk, and I think you could be of assistance," he said. Rob smiled as he saw Michelle visibly shudder and squeeze her thighs together. The gradual arousal field he had set up in his office was amplifying whatever was already making Michelle horny - Jackie was responding slowly, but surely.

Rob's horniness had been rising all day, and he just had to get it out of his system. Michelle was hot - especially the way she was dressed, which he had something of a hand in - but he could not resist the young hottie of an intern with whom he had been blessed. Quickly adding to the commands already altering the office building, he made it so that everyone outside the office would ignore any sound coming from within the office when the door was shut.

"Thanks for joining us, Jackie," Rob said as he finished and executed the new command. "Now, Michelle, don't you find it odd that Pete would fuck you, here, at work? Why did he do it? I mean, he's married," Rob inquired, innocently.

"Uh... I... ummmm," Michelle stammered, trying to make sense of the answer she felt welling up inside her. 'Just say one thing led to another or something like that....' her mind figured as she said, "I... made him do it, somehow - I don't remember how, though."

"Oh, I know how you made him do it," Rob knowingly said. He silently typed for a few minutes on his laptop, and then turned it around so the women in his office could see the screen. Two profiles were up - Jackie's and Michelle's.

Both women looked at the spinning figurines of themselves, a little confused. Jackie read the title bar.

"Master PC?" she said aloud.

He turned the computer back around. "Right you are, Jackie! Michelle, what do you know about this program?" Rob asked.

"I don't know anything about it," Michelle answered. "What does it do?"

"Well, mostly, it lets me control you in the most entertaining ways. For example, I know you're both getting pretty horny now, aren't you?

"Yes," the ladies answered in unison, looking at each other when the words came so easily - even though they were the last words on earth they had planned on saying.

Rob chuckled. "Oh yeah - you're both going to do what I say, and you'll be totally honest. Just for fun, I'm letting you remain in control of your conscious thoughts. Jackie, please shut the blinds to the office - we need some privacy.

Jackie got up and began to obey, visibly flushed and a little worried. 'This doesn't make sense!' she told herself. 'This guy doesn't even turn you on, and you're starting to get freakin' damp! And why can't I run out of here?'

"Oh," Rob continued, "neither of you can leave this office until I say so. Jackie, please have a seat, again. Thanks." Rob stood up, revealing that he was naked from the waist down. He came around and sat on top of his desk, right in front of his two captives.

His two unbelievably adoring captives, that is. They could not take their eyes off of his erect penis. He stroked it a little, and they followed it with their eyes.

"Yes, you see, I did make another change. Your arousal will grow as you continue to stare at the new object of your desire - my dick. Crude? Yes. But, you must admit, it's effective. Now, Michelle, tell me: do you believe I'm in control, here? Jackie?"

Michelle licked her lips, just waiting for the word to leap out of her chair and take him in her mouth. "Y-yes, Rob. You're in c-control...." she answered, her hands beginning to rub herself.

Jackie, though was going through a bigger struggle. "Please, Rob," she said, beginning to sweat as she gazed at his erection, "let me leave. I'm engaged, and I'm... please, I know what you're planning... don't... I'm a..."

Rob smiled. "Yes? What are you? Tell me, and maybe I'll let you... touch it. You sit still, Michelle." Michelle sulked a little as she continued to massage her breasts, squirming in her seat - she somehow knew that she had soaked her thong.

Jackie wanted to run away - but the promise of touching him hit her in a way she didn't expect. 'It's not cheating if I just touch him, is it? ...Nooooo, not just a... touch' she rationalized in her increasingly horny state. "I'm a... virgin."

Rob was genuinely surprised. "What? How old are you? You're engaged, and you've never..."

"No!" she yelled, louder than she intended. "Yes, I'm a virgin; I'm nineteen; and I'm engaged; and no, I've never had sex. I've told you what you want to know," she bargained, absently pinching her nipples through her T-shirt and lacy bra. "Please, let me touch you, and I'll leave. I promise not to say..."

"Oh, you're quite incapable of telling anyone anything... unless I want you to. But, so you understand what it's going to take to get out of here sometime today, let me lay down the rules. I am only going to fuck one of you in this office. If I pick you, then you get to go about your day free of further... experiments. But, if you aren't picked, then I have more in store for you."

Rob walked over to Michelle, his dick pointing right to her face. She licked her lips and began to reach up her skirt to finger her wetness - it was getting unbearable.

"Give it a nice kiss, 'Chelle."

Opening her wet mouth, she slid her tongue over and around the head as she engulfed the first few inches of his dick. She slid her tongue all around and over him, sucking gently and leaning her head from side to side as she blew him to increase his pleasure as much as she could. Right as she closed her eyes, loving the taste of him in her mouth, he pulled away with an audible pop.

Michelle thought she'd had this contest won, so she began to get out of her clothing. 'At least these damn clothes come off easy!' she thought as she saw her infatuation with Rob coming to fruition in a way she didn't expect. The complete loss of real control was also a turn-on, and she'd have to consider ways to get him to use that program on her more often.

She was dismayed, though, when she saw him standing next to Jackie, who was shaking visibly and clearly trying to sort out what to do.

'God he's so fucking hot, it's so... no no, you're engaged, you're pure... damn, I'm on fire down there... mmmmm, just a taste, just a lick, just a suck - a blow job isn't real sex, is it? It's not cheating, is it?' Jackie furiously tried to come to some decision as her finger slipped into her pants and down to her clit. 'Fuck, I'm so wet... just a lick... just...'

"Yeah, mmmm, Jackie, I think you're a natural at this," Rob indicated as Jackie took him into her pouty lips. "Don't be afraid, just do what... oh, mmmmm...." Rob moaned as Jackie apparently found a way to lick and suck him that definitely pushed his buttons. But, as he had done with Michelle, he pulled out after a few moments. He sat back on his desk, and Jackie began pulling at her nipples with one hand as she started to work her clit even more with the other.

'Mmmmm, that taste... oh fuck, I have to have him... fuck... mmmm, dammit, Jerrod will never know....' Jackie thought as she stepped up her masturbation.

"Now, as to which one of you I'll choose. Well, the first one of you to get the other off, gets to fuck me."

Michelle didn't need to hear it twice. She'd wanted to fuck Rob ever since she'd met him several months ago, and there was no way some teenage virgin was going to beat her to him. She tackled the younger woman - Jackie had stood up, probably to ask for some other contest, any other contest - but Michelle was on her like a woman possessed.

Michelle mounted the supine woman, still dazed with her arousal and sudden fall to the floor, and turned around, firmly planting her pretty ass on Jackie's chest. Michelle had been with a few women before, and she definitely preferred men - but she knew things about a nubile young woman's body that the teenager herself probably didn't know.

Frantically undoing Jackie's slacks, Michelle slid them down to her ankles, and managed to push her competitor's shoes, socks, and pants off with only a few motions. Only Jackie's panties remained on her lower half, and Michelle tore them off, tossing the tattered remains aside. Bringing her arms inside Jackie's knees, Michelle forced her knees apart, exposing the virgin's pretty, trimmed, glistening, unused pussy. Scooting down just enough to place her mouth on her pussy, Michelle dove in, feeling two hands slap her ass as she did so.

"Fuck!" Jackie yelled as the sensation hit her. She'd never let a man go down on her, much less a woman. The feeling was so intense, she momentarily lost all control and grabbed Michelle's ass as her hips began to move in concert with Michelle's manipulations. She began to yell, not caring if anyone outside could hear.

"Fuck, yeah, there, mmmmmm, yeah, suck it... mmmm" she shouted before reality struck. 'Fight back! You're not going to get to fuck him if you don't get her off!'

For a split second, some part of her asked, 'But isn't that cheating?' That part of her mind was silenced by a sudden, 'Fucking a woman isn't cheating.... Get to it.' And with that final realization fresh in her mind, Jackie gripped Michelle's hips and gently slid her backwards, till her pussy was right against Jackie's mouth.

Until Michelle felt a tongue probe into her folds, she had no idea that she had any real competition. Jackie began by licking in long, broad strokes - but soon found the clit, just barely budding out at the top (or, from this position, bottom) of the slit sitting on her face. Figuring that she might as well try something, she kissed it, and sucked it in - just a little.

"Mmmmnnnnngh...!" Michelle moaned into Jackie's pussy, realizing that she'd have to step up her efforts - she was already horny when she got to the office, and she knew there was no way she could hold off her approaching climax if she didn't get Jackie off soon.

"Hey Jackie," Rob piped in, stroking himself slowly. "Reach around her thigh, down her ass, and finger her pussy while you suck on her clit. See if that works."

'He want's me!' Jackie thought as she complied, forgetting all about her fiance. She reached inside Michelle's thigh, teasingly traced a line with her finger down Michelle's ass, and plunged into her very wet sex with two fingers. Even the inexperienced Jackie knew how to finger a pussy - it was almost like instinct.

"Michelle, ride her face while she does this a little... just grind into that pretty mouth of hers," Rob instructed as he rigged the contest.

Michelle didn't want to, because that would bring her closer... but she couldn't help it. She obeyed - and found that she was quickly heading towards an inevitable climax.

After a few minutes of fierce - albeit somewhat inexperienced - 69'ing, it was all over. Screaming in orgasm and defeat, Michelle came all over Jackie's face. Jackie threw her arms in the air as Michelle rolled off of her, dismayed at the loss and a little worried about what the rest of her day was going to be like.

"Jackie, you can leave now. I think I can carry on without..." Rob began.

Jackie sat up and removed her shirt and bra. "Fuck me, Rob. Take me now. You can't leave me like this, I need it inside me... please... please fuck me...." Jackie begged, running her hands along her own body. It was like a new musical instrument that she'd just learned how to play, and she was especially responsive at the moment. "Please..."

Rob had cleared a spot on his desk, and he took her in his arms, laying her on the desk like a sacrifice on an altar. Jackie rubbed her clit as Rob brought his member to the opening of her unexplored prize, and gently pressed in. She was incredibly wet, and he slid to her hymen easier than he thought he might, stopping for a second, and gently pressing on a little.

"Yessssssssss," Jackie hissed as she felt her maidenhead break. The future Mrs. Thomas was about to lose her cherry to her boss, a man she never even looked at sexually. And, she couldn't be more excited about it - the man who'd given her the diamond she wore on her finger was the furthest thing from her mind. The pain quickly was replaced by her still-increasing lust, and she began to play with her tits as Rob began to fuck her.

Rob carefully moved in and out of her, venturing a little deeper each time, and very gradually picking up speed.

"Mmmm... fuck, fuck me... oh, yesss," Jackie moaned as Rob started fucking her in earnest. He reached down and began to tease her love button as he further increased his speed. She felt him throbbing, and had a suspicion that she was about to feel a man explode inside her for the first time ever.

"Get ready, Jackie," Rob huffed as he fucked her faster and faster. "When my semen hits you, you're going to cum like you won't believe. It'll be even better than the orgasm you gave Michelle," he said, looking at Michelle, who was watching the action and idly starting to rub her chest.

A minute after Rob was done talking, he came - and it was like sending lightning bolts of pure pleasure into Jackie, who writhed and cried out, her head thrashing back and forth, as her first real orgasm took and shook her to the core. As it died down a minute later, she ran her hands over her body again, enjoying the slick feeling her sweaty tummy and legs had.

After a minute or so, Rob withdrew from the deflowered woman on his desk. "Now, dear, please put your pants back on. You might want to go to the restroom and clean up a little, hon. And don't worry about..."

Still in a post-orgasmic state of bliss, she dreamily said, "Mike." Her mind was still reeling from her first sexual encounter and it's unbelievable climax; there wasn't even a trace of guilt in her whole being.

Rob continued, "OK. Don't worry about Mike; this'll be our little secret and you won't even remember it when you leave the room. But, whenever Mike takes you, you'll cum just as hard as you just did. Now, go. Michelle and I have to talk."

Getting dressed in a post-orgasmic haze, she simply mumbled "uh-huh" before putting on her pants and stumbling out the door, shoes and socks in hand. Rob locked the door behind her, and sitting back at his desk, made a few changes to her.

Jacquelyn Peterson's hymen will regenerate after she leaves Rob Beige's office.

Jacquelyn will completely forget about having sex with Rob Beige.

Jacquelyn is extremely responsive to the touch of her fiance‚ and when they have sex, she will have multiple orgasms that are as strong as her first one was.

Jacquelyn's breasts will gradually grow to a size that matches her fiance's preferences.

Satisfied with himself, he shut down Jackie's profile and turned his attention to Michelle.

"That wasn't fair. You set it up so I would cum first," Michelle said as Rob sat back down.

Ignoring her protest, Rob started to speak. "Michelle, I know you don't remember using the program - you can't lie - but I know you used it. See, pet, my problem is that you locked out the commands you placed on me with a password. So, what I'm asking is... what is your password?"

Racking her brain, she realized that she really only used one password for most of her computer needs. "Try C H E L E 6 9 S U B," she answered, hoping she was right.

Rob's face lit up as his profile began to unlock when he tried the password. "Come here and clean me, 'Chelle."

She'd always been a little disgusted at the idea of sucking a dick after it had just been inside her, much less another woman - but she was in no position to refuse. She crawled around his desk and began to lick Jackie's nectar from his member, finding that she was enjoying the degradation he was forcing her to endure. He read for a few minutes as she gently fellated him.

"Ah... yes... OK... I see... nice... I like what you've done here... well, that sure explains a lot," he casually commented as she began to increase her efforts in an attempt to arouse him enough to take her.

She heard him type a few lines, and then he had her take a seat again.

"Well, Michelle, I'm going to have some fun with you now. It seems you've managed to have plenty of fun with me," he said. "So, I'm going to hit this button, and you'll have a fun afternoon. You won't even know what's going to happen until it does. Ready?"

Her heart sank - she had done something that displeased him, and she couldn't apologize because she didn't know what she'd done! All she knew was that she wasn't getting laid anytime soon by the one guy in the office she wanted more than anyone else. She saw his hand falling to the keyboard dramatically, and her mind began to try to think of anything to say to make him happy... but she heard the click of a key being pressed, and suddenly, her back arched as her body was assaulted by what felt like a thousand tongues licking every inch of her body.

They were especially active in the vicinity of her fun parts.

"What... mmmmm, what did you dooooo?" Michelle asked, as her hands began assaulting her body in every way they could to answer the phantom stimulation. She was quickly becoming more aroused than she thought a sane woman could feel before going over the edge, and she had to obey her body's desire - if not with Rob, then with her hands. She had to get off, as quickly as possible.

She noticed something else as she openly and furiously masturbated - her chest was getting heavier. "What the fuuuuuuck? Ungh... mmmmmm...."

"Ah, you've noticed. This is the prelude for today's activities. You see, your breasts will increase in size until you get yourself off," he said, watching her as her chest grew.

Michelle was never huge on top, but her C-cup chest was something she was proud of, especially for a woman of her build. They already looked to be D's, so she used one hand's fingers to fuck her pussy while the other hand rubbed her clit as fast as it could.

"Mmmm - Ungh, Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!" she screamed as her hips bucked up and down on the chair, her cum spilling past her hands and onto the upholstery of the chair. The spell was broken, and she came down from her high, giggling as she looked at her new assets. She reached up to touch them, and gasped at the sensations that screamed from them.

"Oh yeah - they're quite sensitive. And, according to my computer, they'll easily fill a DD cup bra, if I ever let you wear one of those things again. But, I think you'd better get dressed and face your public."

She gathered her clothes, donning the sheer shirt but not the now-poorly fitting bra. She was about to put her panties on, but Rob shook his head, indicating that she was to go commando for the rest of the day. Shrugging, she tossed her thong at him and slid on the skirt. As she reached for the door, she realized just how sheer her shirt was.

"Rob... I can't go out like this... What will I tell people?" she said, worried and fearful... and increasingly aroused, despite having just had two of the best orgasms in her life.

"You'll think of something," he said, opening the door and shoving her out. She walked back to her desk, conscious of the eyes on her - her embarrassment growing by the second. That alone was making her wet again, and she suddenly realized that she enjoyed the humiliation - but that was bad news, because she had a good three hours to go before the work day was over.

"This is going to be hell," she told herself as she sat down, her new tits jiggling under the newly-tight top that held them in. She looked up a few minutes later, and saw two men standing at her desk - and one of them was staring at her chest. (The other may have been staring as well, but he had on dark sunglasses - it was hard to be sure.)

"Can I help you?" she chimed, adjusting her position and arms to create even more cleavage than she was already showing. She leaned over so he couldn't help but check her out. 'Why the fuck am I posing like this? Fuck, stop it...!' her mind screamed as her hand "accidentally" brushed her nipple.

"Uhhh...." the man staring into her chest mumbled. He shook his head a little - still not looking any higher than her nipples, which were visible beneath her shirt - and gathered himself. "I'm Eugene J. Petto; I spoke to Mr. Beige's secretary a few hours ago. This," he continued, pointing to the man in sunglasses, "is Abe Froman. He has an appointment."

Against her will, Michelle licked her lips and stood up, pressing her tits together again with her arms playfully. Throwing her shoulders back to force her breasts forward, she said, "you'll need a Guest Pass. Hang on, I've got one in the bottom drawer here...."

Her mind was frantically trying to regain control. 'Just give him the one on your desk!! Don't bend over... shit, why am I acting like such a slut?' she asked herself as she turned around and bent at the waist, exposing a little of her wet pussy as she rummaged in the bottom of her file cabinet for a pass.

'And why is this turning me on so much?' questioned as she stood up suddenly and turned around, her boobs still giggling from the sudden shift in position. "Here ya go, hon; his office is right over there."

Michelle pointed to Rob's office, and Abe - the man with the sunglasses - walked towards his door. Eugene just stood there, mesmerized by the show he was getting.

Not knowing why, Michelle smiled widely, gently caressed her breasts as if feeling them for the first time, and said, "I just had them done. They're nice and big now, and they look and feel sooooo real. Hey," she said, lowering her voice to a whisper, "you want to see them real quick?"

Eugene could not believe his luck. He nodded his head up and down, finally looking at Michelle's face for the first time since he had walked into the open room.

"Meet me in the storage room over there," Michelle said, motioning towards a closet between the men's and women's restrooms. Then, against her mind's fierce protests, she walked over to the room, swaying her hips seductively, and went inside.

Eugene was married - but he wasn't dead. He looked around, and satisfied that no one would know he was following the apparent office bimbo into the broom closet, walked to the small room. Once inside, he heard the door shut and lock behind him.

Michelle stood there, topless, and fondling her breasts. "Don't they look... nice...?" she whispered, rubbing her nipples and moving towards Eugene.

"Y-yes... lovely...." Eugene stuttered, unable to back up further. 'Looks like you are in a bit over your head, buddy,' Eugene's mind scolded him.

"Touch them... they feel sooooo nice, and real...." Michelle whispered as she grabbed Eugene's hands and brought them to her chest. 'Fuck! What am I doing?? I don't want this little dweeb... ohhhhhhh...!' she thought as her mind instantly derailed when she felt him touch her.

Eugene's hands had found her rock-hard and ultra-sensitive nipples and instinctively began to knead and rub the offered gifts. Michelle started to wiggle her hips in an erotic dance under his gentle (and not-so-gentle) caresses.

Michelle was definitely ready for some sex now - and Eugene was in the right place at the right time. She reached down and pushed her miniskirt to the floor. Grabbing his hair and pulling him in, she gave Eugene a kiss that no man could resist - and as soon as their tongues began to dance, Michelle went for his belt and started to take his pants off.

She didn't spend much time blowing Eugene - he was already hard and she needed a man inside her, to quench the heat that even now was growing to impossible levels. She was not going to have this guy just cum in her mouth... although the thought of that somehow made her even hotter.

Michelle bent over and grabbed a low-level supply shelf. Wiggling her ass to entice the mostly-naked stranger her way, she gasped as he entered her. It felt like a rod of pure sexual pleasure filling her from behind. Her hands were busy, too. Sometimes, they were at her clit; sometimes, at her chest; and a few times, she reached back and rubbed her asshole - something she had never tried before.

'Mmmmmm, have to try that sometime.' she thought as Eugene kept pounding into her tight box. The sex was furious and fast, and after five or six minutes, Eugene poured his seed into her. He then collapsed onto her, their sweaty bodies intertwined as he kissed and nibbled her neck, waiting to regain control over his ragged breathing.

After a minute or so of "cuddling," Eugene stood up, got dressed and left the room whistling some 1970's or '80's tune.

Michelle got dressed and left the room a few minutes later, and went to the restroom. She needed to think about how she was going to get through the rest of the day, and she also needed to fix her hair. As she entered the restroom, she noticed Amanda fixing her makeup.

"Hello, love, just..." Amanda said, stopping mid-sentence when she saw Michelle's new assets. "What the hell - I leave for a month, and here you are with..."

Michelle once again cupped her tits, rubbing them as if exploring them for the first time. Before she could stop herself, she said, "I just had them done. They're nice and big now, and they look and feel sooooo real." Michelle's eyes widened in terror (or would have, if she didn't have such a horny look carved into her face) as she realized what was about to happen.

Amanda, having never met a woman who she knew had implants, was intrigued - out of sheer curiosity, of course. The thought of two women kissing, caressing, licking... 'Wait, what am I thinking?' Amanda wondered as she found her gaze locked on the beautiful tits underneath the barely-there black shirt into which Michelle strained to fit.

"Hey," Michelle added seductively, backing up to a stall next to the far wall, "you want to see them real quick?"

Amanda followed her into the stall, her curiosity getting the best of her. She locked the door, and almost swooned when she saw Michelle there, already completely naked.

As Michelle began to use her body to seduce the suddenly bi-curious women before her, her mind searched for a way to regain control. But, her body was definitely enjoying whatever game Rob was making her play, and not being in control was proving to be very arousing in and of itself.

As her tongue darted into Amanda's waiting mouth, Michelle wondered if there was something she could do that would permanently put Rob in the driver's seat of her mind. 'He's already got my body,' Michelle thought as she freed Amanda from the confines of her clothing, leaving only her garter and stockings in place.