Master PC - The Ornithologist

by bobwhite

Part IV

 If he had heard someone tell a story that included half the action Rob had been a part of over the last twenty-four hours of his life, he would have never believed it. Everything was so fast and hot that he scarcely believed it himself anyway. Strangely, though, instead of enjoying his new home life, he had decided to go to work... on his day off.

"Rob!" came a voice from behind him.

Rob turned, and there was Pete. He was running to catch up with him, and wearing a smile that was suspiciously wide. He looked like he had something to say, so Rob waited for him, clutching his notebook computer and trying to figure out how best to get rid of Pete so he could start experimenting on his coworkers.

"Rob!" Pete panted, "You're here today?"

"Well, yes but no. Got some projects to do, but officially, I'm out of the office. Understand?" he said, winking at the younger techie.

"But of course, sir." He answered with a mock English accent - he raised one eyebrow as well to indicate he completely understood. "But, I gotta tell you what the fuck happened to me last night."

As they walked towards the building, Rob bit. "OK, Petie, what the fuck happened to you last night?" Bob was a little smug - it could not have possible compared to what had happened to him.

"OK, well, you know I've been pulling a lot of overtime here getting the new servers up and running. Well, it also serves to get me away from the house - my wife is nuts when her sister is around, and last night was day five."

"Your sister is over for the week? Lucky you, huh?"

"Yeah, lucky me! Check this out," he said, and looked around to make sure nobody was around. Lowering his voice, he continued. "I fucked her silly last night - I mean, I thought she was going to fuckin' pass out or something."

"So, you did your wife. Big deal..."

"No... I mean yes, but no. I fucked Betty, her sister. And it was great."

Rob normally would have been taken aback - but today, that just made him a little bit curious. "You fucked your sister-in-law?"

"On my wife's and my bed," Pete bragged.

"Behind your wife's back?"

"Well, of course... but only after..." again, he was looking around. Finally feeling that nobody would hear him, he whispered, "after we had a fucking threeway! Ha!"

As they walked into the building, Rob decided to test out the only global command he had set up in advance in his new human laboratory. "You have a threesome with your wife and her sister?"

"Yes I did. They were both more than into the idea, and all I had to do was tell them that we were going to do it! I mean, I told them what to do, and they just did it. And, it was like that all night. Shit, we have more fun planned for tonight!" Pete answered, honestly. Of course, once they were in the building, "honestly" was the only way he could answer any question asked by Rob.

Rob knew that the honesty thing he had programmed was working - Pete's voice was more matter-of-fact, not at all as excited as he was a few moments before. But, being experienced in wild sex before and after having the power to control anything, he knew that the events Pete was a part of last night were more than a little unusual.

So, he ventured another query. "Anything you said, they did?"

"That's what I'm saying," Pete said, his original enthusiasm returning slowly. "Man, I even had Betty eat Gwen! And she did - right when I told her to, no questions, no hesitation. Not only that, but she loved it! I mean, how fucked up is that?"

Rob knew that this was very "fucked up" indeed. They continued their talk as they walked to his office, and the more they talked, the more suspicious Rob became of the whole story - until he remembered some hidden commands in his profile. Getting rid of Pete when they came to his office door, he decided to try to figure out what had been done to him.

Since he was officially "not in the office," nobody bothered him as he tried everything he could to get into his hidden commands. After about the 200th time he saw a message stating that "Enter password to view/edit commands," and unable to trick the program into giving him the password ('Rob Beige will know the password to his hidden commands' didn't work), he decided to do figure it out the old fashioned way.

It could not be a coincidence that he and Pete worked together, or that they had both been blessed with a houseful of insatiable sex slaves. During his conversation, he had also dug up a fact that Pete was probably not planning on talking about - his wife's body. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he thought that she had changed, somehow. 'I don't know, her tits just look fuller - but I don't remember them being small. Weird, huh?' he had said. So, Rob did what any concerned friend would have done - he pulled up his buddy's profile.

What he saw shocked him. Pete had been changed - yesterday! Not only that, but there were two flags on his profile - one for "MPC," and the other for "Geo." Rob knew that the MPC tag was simply indicating he'd gone through some recent changes, and the Geo tag indicated his home had certain parameters applied to a geographical area that in some way involved Pete. Curious about the changes to his house, he ignored the MPC tag and double-clicked the Geo mark.

When the Geographical Command window came up, he saw an image of Pete's house as viewed from overhead - like a satellite picture, but more detailed. There was a border around it, and when he double-clicked it, a short command window came up. It had six commands, and each one was guaranteed to make Pete a very lucky man.

But, more importantly, he saw who had entered the commands -Michelle Mason. Maybe she was the one behind his commands. He'd have to ask her - so, setting up another Geo command for the office building, he made it so that Michelle would report to his office as soon as she showed up for work. He knew she'd be in today, even if she was late.

"No need to be on time; after all, the boss is supposed to be gone, right?" he asked himself, mockingly.

Taking down the office's Geo command screen, he decided to get to "work." He knew his early use of the program was rather heavy-handed, and he was going to do some experiments at work to find out how to be more subtle. After all, while having sex anytime, anyhow, and with anyone you wanted was great - especially when you could enhance their bodies - the level of control he'd asserted at home had reduced it to little more than glorified masturbation.

Rob had been in the industry long enough to know that the best way to learn was by experimentation, and scanning the profiles of the women in the office, he came across two that would make good subjects. But, he needed some isolation. So, he sent the Friday staff to lunch for the next two hours, leaving Brittany and Angie alone as a skeleton staff.

Brittany and Angie

Everyone in the office knew that Brittany was a lesbian; she wasn't the type to march in any parade but she certainly didn't hide who she was from the office staff. She'd brought her long-time girlfriend to most of the office parties she'd attended, and everyone at the office seemed at ease with it. Everyone, it seemed, but Angie.

Angie was a married mother of two, and staunchly conservative. Out of decorum, she kept her disdain for Brittany's "lifestyle choice" tightly bottled inside, as she knew the consequences of saying something that someone might deem offensive or not politically correct. And, as the room emptied for lunch, she was dismayed to find that she'd be manning the phones during lunch - a task all had to share at one time or another, but one she particularly hated.

'Great... phone duty again. And with the office dyke!' Angie thought. 'If that wasn't enough, she sits at the next desk... it's only a matter of time before...'

"Well, Angie, looks like it's just you and me for a couple of hours. Might as well make the best of it, huh?" Brittany chimed, getting up from her desk. "You want some coffee? It's pretty slow on Fridays; don't wanna pass out, ya know."

Angie looked at her coffee cup - the one her daughter made her in art class. It had a raised relief of a cross on it, and her husband's and children's names carved into the side. Focusing on the cross, she thought, 'another test, eh Lord? Well, I can endure this - how bad could the next couple of hours be?'

"Uh, Ang?"

"Yeah, here," Angie said, handing over her cup. "With a little cream, if you don't mind."

Brittany took the cup, her fingers grazing Angie's as she did. Angie's body shivered when the contact was made - but it was so subtle that Angie thought Brittany hadn't noticed. At least, she hoped she had not noticed.

Brittany flashed a coy smile - and Angie knew she'd been busted. "I'll be right back, hon," she said as she walked to the kitchenette where the coffee was.

Angie watched her leave, and when she was out of sight, let out the breath she'd been holding in since Brittany had touched her. 'What was that about?' she asked herself as she recognized the reaction she'd had from Brittany's touch. It was illogical; it made no sense on any level. And, at the same time, it was undeniable.

That touch had aroused her. The effect was slight, but it was there - her face and chest felt a little flushed, her pulse had quickened like it always did when Brian touched her sweet spots, and her breathing was a definitely a bit more ragged.

'Just calm down... Brian's been out of town for two weeks, you're just anxious, that's all... you can take care of it when you get home... don't get all horny at work, dammit, she can probably smell it - you don't want to be the office dyke's little whore, do you?' she asked herself.

"It was just a fluke," Angie whispered.

"What's that?" Brittany asked as she sat the cup on Angie's desk. "Did you say something? You OK?"

Angie was breathing a little harder, and couldn't hope to hide it. "I'm... fine. Just suddenly got a chill, that's all. Hope that stuff is hot," she lied, sipping the coffee. 'Well, at least that'll explain why I'm nipping all of the sudden,' she thought. 'But, damn, it's like I'm getting hornier by the minute. I don't know what the fuck is going on, but if this doesn't stop soon,' she playfully mused, 'I'll have to take a quick bathroom break.'

Brittany, though, knew that Angie was not chilled. She knew what a woman looked like when she was horny. Out of the blue, a thought occurred to her. 'Why not see if I can seduce her in the next... hour or so? That'll leave plenty of time for fun,' she mused, 'and if I don't succeed, well, who cares? It's not like she'll tell anyone about it.'

Smiling again, Brittany simply said, "I'm sure the coffee is hot enough for you. It's fresh. Now... let's get back to the grind," she sarcastically added, patting Angie on the head, and letting her fingers trail down her cheek as she pulled away and sat at her own desk. She heard Angie sigh as the brief and gentle caress ended, and her smile went from cheerful to just a bit predatory.

In his office, Rob was monitoring the situation closely. Angie would get hornier by the second, and would only be able to cum if she were with another person. He'd set the second command in such a way that Angie would figure it out when she had tried (in vain) to bring herself off - which, he figured, would happen in about half an hour or so.

Brittany's only modification was her need to seduce Angie.

Back in the main office space, Angie felt a bead of sweat form on her left temple... and as it slid down her face, she felt her self-control slide just a little, too. Her thighs were clamped together, in an effort to quiet the growing need she felt between them. 'It's been a couple of weeks, but damn, get a hold of yourself!' Squirming in her seat only caused her panties to just barely press into her crotch - and when that happened, she let in a sharp gasp of air.

"Ang, you OK? You look... fevered," Brittany said in mock concern. She knew exactly where the heat in her target was coming from. 'If I play my cards right, she'll be begging me before it's over - I don't know what's gotten into her, but this is going to make my job a little easier,' she thought.

"I do feel a little warm," Angie replied, leaning back in her chair and rolling her head a little feigning neck pain. "I must be a little sick or something... I'm kinda stiff..." she said as she looked down at her low-cut blouse. She saw a few beads of sweat on her ample chest, and as she continued to stare at her cleavage, she saw one drop break free and glide into the darkness between her tits.

It tickled all the way down the valley between her tits, and at the same time, it was like a tongue tracing a line down her chest. Then, she noticed her rock-hard nipples prominently displayed through the thin material of her bra and top. 'Yeah, kinda stiff...' she mused, momentarily lost in her body's uncontrolled and unexplainable lust. She was shaken back to reality, though, when she felt two soft hands caress her neck. Before she could look up, she heard a warm voice in her ear, whispering to her.

"You do look stiff. Just relax, I'm good at this," Brittany breathily whispered into Angie's ear. Feeling the buxom brunette tremble as she mouthed the words, Brittany thought, 'if you only knew how good I am at this, you'd be running right now...'

Too lost in her own desires to put up a fight, she figured, 'well, it can't be that bad. At least you'll have an excuse if you let loose a moan!' "Sure," she said, "go... mmmm, yeah, like that... you are gooooood..." she said, already sliding down a slope she wasn't even aware existed.

As Brittany's fingers and thumbs worked the muscles of her shoulder and neck, Angie found herself losing the battle with her body. She definitely felt dampness in her panties, and she was letting out moans that she hoped Brittany took as a sign of a good massage. Her nipples were now so hard they were aching a little, and all she could do was sit there... staring at the coffee cup, and the names on it, she tried to focus her mind on anything else.

'Brian... think about Brian... Brian who... oh fuck, that feels good,' she dreamily thought as Brittany changed from massaging to just firm rubbing of her back, neck, and shoulders. 'Brian... Brian... when he gets home... mmmmmmmm... oh yeah, don't stop... touch me, touch my breasts, rub them.'

Her mind continued to run along, now in full fantasy mode, as Brittany's hands slipped down her front side - they were slowly expanding their massaging range, focusing on her upper arms, a little down her back, and currently working from the shoulders down to the top of her pectoral muscles.

But, every time the hands got near her tits, they slowly worked their way back around, melting her resolve a little more. And each time they made their way back to the front, they reached a little lower, until they finally grazed her exposed cleavage. 'Yes, take me... take me now, I don't care, take me... what the fuck!' Angie's mind screamed as she felt Brittany's nipples on her back, poking through the layers of clothing separating them.

"Uh, thanks, Brit - that's a lot better," Angie said as she politely removed the invading hands. She then put her hands on her desk, preparing to stand. "I think..."

"Yesssss?" Brittany whispered into her ear, intentionally driving Angie's arousal higher. 'I am indeed almost too good at this, Angie dear,' she thought as she saw the woman below her shudder.

"I... I have to use the lady's room. Can you cov... cover for me?"

"Sure thing, hon," Brittany said, knowing the effect she was having on her prey. As Angie rolled her chair back and stood up, Brittany used one of her fingers to trace a line down Angie's back, starting at the neck. "Just don't get married in there; this place is soooo busy, ya know."

Goose bumps radiated out from Brittany's hand, and lit Angie's body on fire with more arousal than she'd felt in a long time. Without a word, she made her way to the restroom as quickly as she could without arousing suspicion. Once there, she found a stall, went in, closed the door, and took off her pants and panties in one fast motion. Sitting back on the toilet a little, she licked the middle and index fingers of her right hand, and went immediately to her clit.

As she rubbed her now very prominent love button in any way she could, the small part of her mind not focusing on getting off rationalized the situation. 'It's been awhile, you need this, it will hold you over till you're home... yeah, oh fuck... mmmmmmmm.' But, after a few minutes (which seemed, to her, like an eternity), she was confused. Her fingers were causing sensations in her that her husband had never had been able to elicit - mainly because she'd never been this horny before - but, she knew she was no closer to a climax than she was when she felt the first twinge of arousal.

Standing up and using her slick right hand fingers to enter herself as best she could, she started using her other hand to stimulate her clit. As her hands worked her very wet pussy, she started to hear smacking sounds, but she didn't care. 'Damn it... it's not the same, I need... oh fuck, Brian, where are you when I... need... you...' her mind asked as she realized that she needed someone to push her over the edge. She couldn't do it alone.

That placed her in a bad predicament, though. She was too far gone now to just stop, and there was no way she'd get any more work done. Thinking that maybe changing positions would help, she grabbed the hand rail on the wall of the stall, bent over, reached between her legs, and resumed her frantic manipulation of her cunt with her free hand. It was a little bit better, but she still wasn't about to cum. She knew Rob was in the office, though. "Maybe... no dammit! Married... married... mmmmmmarried... get it under... control..." she cried.

She heard the door open, and panic struck her hard enough to freeze her where she was - with two fingers still buried in her sex. She heard Brittany's pumps clicking as they walked over the tile floor, slowly. "I heard a voice," Angie heard the blond say in her sweet, Southern drawl. "You sick? Are you ok, hon?" she asked, with a tone that led Angie to believe that something was her mind - and it didn't involve her well-being.

Without moving, she called out, "I'm... fine, just finishing up... I'll... be out in a few." Her voice was shakier than she thought it would be; the arousal was washing over her like a tidal wave - she's harbored fantasies about getting caught having sex, but never like this, and never - ever - by a woman. She turned her head around and looked through the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door to her stall, trying to find the shoes Brittany wore, hoping they would walk out and let her be...

And that's when she realized that she had not locked the stall. Fear crept over her - and that only made her hornier. She once again heard the click of the shoes - they were moving very slowly now - but they were getting closer.

And closer.

Angie was frozen where she bent over. She needed to get off now, there was no question about it. She just didn't know how to do it by herself. Two fingers were still in her pussy, her whole body was frozen in fear, and with her last bit of her sanity, she prepared to fight the inevitable. She knew exactly what Brittany was going to try, and she had to be strong. 'You're married, Brian's your rock, you're husband... focus on him, no matter how hard it is, just...'

Her thoughts were cut short by the squeek of the door to her stall opening. Angie was still terror-stricken and filled with lust beyond imagining, and she watched over her shoulder as light crept into her stall, revealing a topless Brittany.

"Thought I'd find you like this. Oh, and don't stop on my account," Brittany said as she rested her hand on Angie's ass. Angie's hips wiggled in response, and Angie let out a throaty moan as her hand involuntarily started moving again.

"P-please, just... just let me... mmmm let me be..." she begged as her body's desires drowned out her mental objections. "I'm... not like... I don't... want..."

"Well, you look like you want something to me," Brittany teased as she began to take off her skirt. "You look like you actually need some assistance, if you ask me."

Her free hand working furiously, Angie still tried to object. "No... no, no, not you... I need... mmmmm, just go, please, please... don't touch me."

"Are you sure?" Brittany asked teasingly as she stepped behind the nearly naked, masturbating woman. "How about if I just do this?" she asked as she ran two finger from the middle of Angie's back, down to her tailbone, then down her heart-shaped ass, over her rosebud, and stopping just between her pussy and ass.

As she stopped there, applying just a bit of pressure to the helpless woman's "taint," she saw Angie's hand fall from her box and grab the rail. Her back arched, bringing her ass up and out - a motion that forced Brittany's fingers to slide effortlessly into Angie.

"Fuck!" Angie yelled as the feelings completely grabbed hold of her and took control. The feeling of someone else in her was almost like liquid fire spreading through her body - she stared rolling her hips and bucking back, fucking whatever it was that was behind her.

'You're fucking a woman! A woman! Stop... stop...' her mind warned, but it faded away quickly. "I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum..." she said as her body fucked Brittany's fingers.

Then, the fingers withdrew - she was so close, she could taste it - but the fingers were gone, and she immediately knew something was wrong. She was so confused, she didn't really notice that Brittany had grabbed her tits and drawn her up, pinching her nipples slightly and making her knees shake. Brittany's arms spun her around, and now Angie was looking at the face of her office lover.

Well, she looked at it for a second, anyway. Brittany's kiss made Angie swoon, and if Brittany hadn't been holding her, she might have fallen. Angie, now impossibly lost in desire, welcomed the kiss - she would do anything for anyone who could get her off, even Brittany. The kiss had proven that.

Angie was lost in the kiss until she felt Brittany's hands push her down. Angie kissed every inch of Brittany's body in a straight line from her lips to her navel, and when she heard the words "me first," she knew what she had to do. She licked a straight line from Brittany's belly button, over her shaven pubic mound, and finally, she licked the very front of Brittany's slit.

She had no idea what to do, having never even desired a woman before - but she did know what she liked, so as soon as she'd taken a few broad licks of Brittany's pussy, she gently sucked in at the front of her slit, hoping to trap her clit in her mouth. Brittany grabbed her head and bent her knees a little, and the grunts Angie heard from above told her she'd found her target.

Angie rubbed Brittany's love button with the top of her tongue, and sucked gently. When she felt Brittany's hips pick up enough motion, she figured she was close and inserted a finger into her new lover. As she wiggled it around inside Brittany, Angie flicked the tip of her clit with her tongue as rapidly as she could - and Brittany came, very quickly.

"That... mmmm, that was not bad, for a first-timer. Now, come here," Brittany moaned as she drew Angie up by her chin. Brittany saw that the lust had not been diminished - Angie was still filled with desire that had to be released. So, Brittany moved to Angie's side, so she could fondle her while she whispered into her ear. She ran one hand down Angie's front, and the other down her backside, with fingers stopping just short of both orifices at the meeting of Angie's legs.

"Do you want me to touch you?" Brittany whispered, gently massaging the flesh above Angie's pussy and just behind her asshole. She followed the question with a gentle lick on the ear.


Brittany carefully placed one finger at the opening of Angie's anus, and a finger from the other hand gently grazed her clit and entered her - but no matter how Angie rocked her hips, the fingers stayed right where they were on her body; she would get no release unless Brittany allowed it. "Do you want to cum?" she whispered again, following the question with a gently nibble on her neck.

Angie leaned her head to allow easy access to her neck, and said, "yessss... please... please make me... mmmmm, make me cum please..."

"On one condition..."

"Anything, just please... please..."

"Anything?" Brittany asked.

"Anything, anything at all, just please, please make me... oh, god, I need it..." Angie begged as she brought her hands up to play with her tits. Having Brittany's hands on her down there was almost too much to bear - 'I never knew it could be like this...'

"Well... I know that Brian comes home Wednesday. So, next Friday, in stead of going out with him... I want you come to my house. At 7:30, you will be there."

"No... we have plans... please, anything else..."

"No, Angie, you had plans. Now, you have new ones for Friday. That's all I'm asking... one night... one night when I can make you feel like this," Brittany said as she started moving her fingers around, making Angie grab the hand rails of the stall for stability. "We'll talk about the future when we get around to it. For now, all you have to do is agree to one night - one single evening with me."

And again, right before Angie came, the motions stopped, and the fingers withdrew. Brittany told the now shaking Angie, "he can have you, I don't want to steal you from him and your family. But, I can do things to you that you've never imagined possible - for example, I can make you cum, right now. All you have to do is agree to come to my house."

Brittany was pressed up to Angie now; her hands resting just above and behind her private parts, and her breath filling Angie's ear. Angie's mind - or what was left of it - realized that further resistance was a waste of time. Her body demanded release.

With a tear rolling down her cheek as she was finally broken, Angie shakily whispered (as if Brian would hear), "yes... I'll come to you... I'll come to you anytime... just please, you know what I need, please..."

Brittany smiled, knowing who had won - and realizing that she had won a bigger prize than she had sought. "Anytime I want? How generous of you. But we'll talk about that Friday night. Here's my end of the bargain..." Brittany told Angie as she slid her fingers into Angie's slit and worked them in and out at a fevered pace.

Brittany pumped her fingers in and out of Angie as fast as she could, and her other hand lightly rubbed Angie's ass. Less than a minute passed before Angie, still holding onto the hand rail, shook wildly and screamed as she came all over Brittany's hand.

Slapping Angie on the ass (which made her giggle, strangely enough), Brittany washed her hands, gathered her discarded clothing, and got dressed. Once done, she told Angie (who was sitting on the toilet with her pants around her ankles, trying to regain her composure), "Don't forget your end of the agreement. I'll see you at 7:30, Friday. Don't be late. You wouldn't want this little event to get spread around the office, so don't even think about standing me up. Now hurry up and get washed up - folks are starting to filter back."

Angie's body gradually stopped trembling. In the wake of the biggest orgasm of her life, she realized that she would definitely pay Brittany a visit - and not only to keep her quiet about the little affair. Being helpless and completely in the hands of someone else had sparked feelings in her she never knew she had. She'd have to explore those feelings a little further - with both her husband and Brittany.

Once she'd washed her hands and straightened up her clothing, she walked out to the office, hoping nobody would notice the freshly-fucked look on her face. Nobody said anything as she made her way to her desk, but they did notice her smile - it was just a little too happy.

 Rob, who had been watching most of the action before taking care of his own needs ('I'll have to find someone to do that for me at work,' he thought as he washed his own hands and zipped up his pants), smiled. By changing only a couple of things, he had made a straight woman beg a lesbian for sex. Looking into the mirror, he was embarrassed at how he had changed his household.

"Well, what's done is done," he told himself. "Now, to find out where that damn Michelle is."

He walked back to his office, completely unnoticed by the staff - which stood to reason, as he'd 'programmed' the office to ignore him completely all day. When he moved his mouse so the screen saver would go away, he started taking down Brittany's and Angie's profiles. He noticed that Angie's profile had changed on its own - he was sure that her bisexual tendencies were all but absent before, but now, they were definitely present.

This conservative, Christian woman was now as likely to sleep with a woman as she was to sleep with a man. She would not cheat on her husband, although she would be paying Brittany some visits to help her with her new needs.

"Hmmmm... didn't expect that. A major, permanent change, just from some mild manipulation. This will come in handy," he told himself as he shut down her profile. He brought up Michelle's profile next, and poked around a bit. The first thing he noticed was that she was not planning to come to work today - she was skipping out because she figured Rob would not find out. Rob smiled and entered one command, though, and her attitude changed.

Before closing her profile, he did a little snooping and soon discovered that she had possessed Master PC recently. There was even a short list of people and places she had changed with it. When he saw his name on the list, he began to formulate a plan - he had gotten used to being powerful over the last day or so, and he did not like the idea of being altered at all.

Rob would have been able to understand some mild playing around, but seeing his name on her list made him wonder just how much (and exactly how) he had been changed. He knew that somehow, he would make Michelle pay for tinkering with him. And, the payback would be in slow, humiliating installments.