Master PC - The Ornithologist

by bobwhite

Part III

Nita and Lori

Nita was more than a little disturbed about the whole scenario - but not because she had seen Lori turn into a beautiful sex goddess who looked like a cross between the both of them and a large-chested porn star. She was more troubled at the undeniably growing heat she felt between her now hairless legs. As she watched Lori explore her new body, she had a compulsion to do the same to her own body.

Lori began to weigh and squeeze her new boobs - and each caress, no matter how gentle, sent electric bolts of sexual pleasure throughout her body. She soaped her hands to aid in the exploration. "Mmmmmm," she moaned as she closed her eyes and began to massage them with her slippery fingers and palms. Nita spoke, though, and shook her out of her temporary daze.

"What... what do they feel like, Lori? I mean, we look the same!" she exclaimed, handing over the shower mirror that had been hanging on the side of the shower.

Lori took the mirror, and gently tossed it over the shower curtain. Nita's face registered an expression of curiosity at the action, until Lori said, "let me show you." Lori reached up to Nita's body, and instead of backing away, Nita found herself moving towards her stepsister's hands.

When Lori grabbed Nita by her tits and began to explore second base, squeezing and pinching where appropriate, it was Nita's turn to ride the wave of sensations that had nearly made Lori drop to the bottom of the tub to masturbate. "Fuck..." Nita managed to intone between moans, "mmm, that's fucking... oh... oh fuck! Oh! Mmmmm pinch ... oh, squeeze and pinch my nip... oh! ... Ungh!" she yelped as she came - just from having her step sister pinch and twist her nipples slightly!

Lori slyly asked Nita, "I don't know, sis. How does it feel?" But, even as she asked the question, she noticed Nita lightly rubbing her now hairless crotch. Each tender movement of her finger over her pussy - no matter how slight - was making her draw sharp gasps of pleasure. 'Hell, she probably didn't even hear me,' Lori figured.

As she continued to stare at her sister's gentle self-teasing, she had to ask, "Nita... what does it feel like with no hair?" When Nita looked up and saw the playful look on Lori's eyes, she silently stepped towards her and slid her hand down Lori's body, cupping her very wet cunt.

Nita started to knead her sister's velvety-smooth outer folds, and in lieu of saying something coy, she kissed Lori on the mouth. When Lori didn't open her mouth - she was still trying to figure out how to respond - Nita effortlessly slipped a finger into her, as encouragement. Lori opened her mouth to let out a muffled "Ooooh!", and when she did, she felt Nita's warm tongue slide into her mouth.

Nita broke the kiss so she could stand back and allow her cunt to be explored by her stepsister. They stood in the shower until the water got too cool to bathe in, fingering each other to several wet (and increasingly loud) orgasms. But, the water was definitely getting cold, and they decided to retire to their bedroom. They were so far lost in lust for each other that they forgot to cover up before running into their large, shared bedroom.

Once in the room, Nita took charge. She was only dimly aware that from that moment on, for reasons she'd never know, she'd always be in charge of Lori. Nita pushed Lori down, and she fell onto the bed, unaware of her new position in the family. Immediately, she began to explore her new body - savoring all of the new sensations her stepfather had bestowed upon her.

"Mmmmm, Nita, join me... mmmm, I feel sooooooo nice..." she moaned. She was rubbing her slit with one hand and playing with her tits with the other.

"Actually, I'll tell you what, Lori. I won't let you cum unless you beg me for the privilege of licking my cunt. What do you say? Would you like to be my cuntslave?"

"What... oh, what.... mmmm are you talking about..." Lori asked as she closed her eyes, rubbing herself furiously, trying to prove her stepsister wrong. But, as Nita had spoken, things had started to change for her. Whereas she'd been able to climax several times in the past 20 minutes, she was now getting hotter and hotter - but no closer to cumming.

"Be my cuntslave, and you can cum."

"Nita.... oh, don't talke like that.... oooooooooh.... mmmmm... what's... wrong...." she stammered, confused at her body's outright refusal to achieve an orgasm. "Nita, what... fuck... what have you dooooone?" she asked between grunts, bewildered.

"Be my cuntslave. A good cuntslave rubs her asshole while she finger-fucks herself, begging her Mistress to let her taste her ambrosia," Nita cryptically informed her writhing roommate, and motioning with her hands to point out exactly which part of her contained the "ambrosia."

Within seconds, Lori was on all fours, her beautiful ass (which Nita knew looked just like her own) in the air. One arm was under her, and three fingers pumped in and out of pussy with all the speed they could, making a barely audible smacking sound with each thrust. The other hand was over her back, and she was using the middle finger of that hand to rub around her brown eye - which, for reasons unknown to her, felt almost as good as rubbing her clit and nipples at the same time.

The sensations were indescribable, and any normal woman would have cum in about a minute at the stimulation and artificially altered stimulations resulting from said stimulation. Lori knew this - but, even though she was sexually higher than she had been in the den when the "ghost" was fucking her, she somehow knew that only Nita could bring her over.

"Nita... ungh, please, please fuck... oh, fuck me... lick me... use your tongue, fingers, anything... pleas, I need to cum... oh, I can't stop fucking myself and I can't come please please..."

"Be my cuntslave. Give yourself to me, for my pleasure."

"Please Nita I'll do anything fuck me lick... oh fuck... mmmm...." Lori begged.

"Be my cuntslave."

"No just fuck me please... oh fuck, I need, I NEED you, FUCK ME! OH FUCK... MMMMM" Lori continued.


The word rattled around what was left of Lori's mind, most of which was under a pink fog. 'Cuntslave. Cuntslave. Cuntslave. I can be Nita's cuntslave. I can serve her... if I serve her she will grant me pleasure... I must make her happy, a slave makes her Mistress happy... oh fuck, I could do anything to make her happy... I want to do anything to make her happy... her pleasure is my pleasure... oh fuck, she's making me do this! She's already controlling me! She already owns me, ALREADY!'

"She already is my Mistress," Lori murmured between grunts, not knowing she was now speaking out loud.

"What did you say? Who am I?

With all the effort she could muster, she looked back at Nita, and didn't see her sister. She saw an owner. Nita may have well been holding a leash attached to a collar around Lori's neck, and Lori wanted to wear a collar to proclaim to the world what she now knew she already was.

"You already know," Lori said, as evenly as she could. "My Mistress, this cuntslave begs you to allow her to service you. Please..."

"I thought you'd never get it," Nita said as she got onto the bed and took sitting position at the headboard. She was leaning back just enough to allow Lori access to her hairless sex, which was very wet. "Remember this scent," she told her stepsister. "It is what drives your being; you live for this. Just stop talking about yourself in the third person. It's annoying, slave."

Lori, in response, closed her eyes and inhaled the musky smell like a bloodhound. It imprinted itself on her mind, and if she didn't know it before, she certainly now knew that she had been forever changed. She belonged to her Mistress.

"I am your cuntslave. Let me lick you... please," she said as calmly as she could. She had never stopped her manipulation of her nether regions.

"Make me cum, and I will let you cum," Nita stoically told her stepsister-slave. When the words escaped her lips, she felt a rush of pleasure as Lori dove onto her pussy with purpose.

As Lori licked the nectar from Nita's slit and sucked on her clit, she continued to torture her own pussy and ass. Thankfully, though, Nita didn't last long and after a few mintues, her hips lifted off the bed slightly and began to convulse, grinding into Lori's face. The small splash of she-cum was all the signal Lori needed to know that she now had permission to cum.

Their simultaneous screams might have alerted their parents, if they weren't in their bedroom, doing some sexual gymnastics of their own.

After another hour of hot sex, both Lori and Nita were tired - although Nita's fatigue was all that really mattered. They pushed their twin beds together, and Nita slept in a diagonal position in extreme comfort. Lori slept at her feet, licking Nita's toes gently until she fell asleep. Taking her position at the foot of the combined beds - still on the mattresses, but little more than a footrest - she passed into the most erotic dreams of her life.

Most of them involved her wearing a collar, and she knew that Nita would probably get her one soon enough. Lori couldn't wait!

Rob, before going to bed, thought again of the hidden commands on his personality. They had not been present in his family's profiles, so somebody had changed him, somehow.

He knew enough about the program, though, to know that there was no reason to worry about the commands. They were a part of him, after all. So, once he had mentally "willed" a 9" erection, he walked into his bedroom, where his wife was waiting... or trying to wait, anyway. Her wet fingers worked magic on her sex, and she had cum several times in the dozen or so minutes it had taken Rob to alter his daughters' new relationships.

As Rob watched his not-so-sleeping beauty maul herself on their bed, he realized that the whole lesbian dominant/submissive thing seemed like something he'd have to introduce his wife to, somehow. He'd think about it having more fun with that dynamic once he had finished making love to his wife. He'd planned some wonderful experimentation for her to experience over the weekend, and a lot of it started with what was going to happen here in his bedroom. There were many things she'd never wanted to try before.

'That changes tonight,' the mischievous sinner thought to himself as he went to his wife. Before they both fell passed out from sheer exhaustion at about 3:00 AM, they had explored just about any sexual act a man and a woman could try without additional partners.

Nita and Sofia

Sofia knew that Rob had been on the computer for about an hour before he went to work - after all, she was giving him head for much of that time. Thankfully, she had pulled back and caught his jizz with her open mouth - the instant orgasm she got when she tasted it was fairly intense; she'd hate to think what would have happened to anything that had been in her mouth when it hit her. After he was done, though, he took his notebook computer and went to work - which was odd because it was his day off.

He had left her confused and incredibly horny. Lori was at her part-time job, and Nita was nowhere to be found. This meant that she'd have the whole house to herself for several hours - and she knew what she wanted to do. As her need almost began to trickle down her inner thigh, she made her way to Nita and Lori's room. She knew just where Nita kept her silicone dildos, because she was at her 19th birthday party and saw her friends give them to her as gag gifts. One was a dick-shaped shaft about 8" long, and over an inch thick. The other was much skinnier - and obviously meant for ass play.

She went right into the room, and walked over to Nita's dresser. "In the top drawer, behind the panties," she chuckled to herself. Unfortunately for her, though, she had not adequately scanned the room for occupants.

Nina, with a blanket up to her neck, was using the 8" purple dong to tease her puffy pussy lips. She cracked a smile. The next fly had landed right in her web. The face that it was her stepmother, normally a figure of authority, that was going to be her next house slave only made her smile a little broader. She let her stepmom rummage through her dresser before she spoke. When she thought of the perfect thing to say, she put the silicone dong as far up her pussy as she could, stifled back a small moan as she came, and spoke.

"Looking for something, mom?" she asked innocently. Sofia looked towards where the voice came from - and there, on her bed (which had been pushed over so that it was against Lori's bed), she saw Nita, her stepdaughter, watching her with a curious look in her eye. Sofia couldn't speak - the more she tried to think of something to say, the more she didn't want to say anything that would make the girl on the bed angry with her. As she silently met her stepdaughter's gaze, she began to see something in her eyes - something that was definitely not innocence. She looked like a hunter eyeing her prey.

Sofia had no idea how right she was about that look in Nita's eyes. It wasn't long, though, before here eyes were drawn away from that pretty face that was so much like her own daughter's. She saw some kind of motion beneath the covers draped over Nita's young body.

"Uh, I'm just looking... for laundry. You know, it's laundry day," she lied, watching the undulations beneath the blanket with rapt attention.

"Mmmmmm, OK, I guess... Are you sure, though, you .... mmmm... were not looking for... ohhhhhh..." she moaned, trailing off as she kicked of the cover, revealing her beautifully naked body, which was being fucked by the fake cock held in her hand, "thisssss.....?" She pulled it out as she came all over it and her sheets.

Sofia blanched. She had been caught with her hand in the nookie jar...

"You know, mom, this little gag gift Julie gave me reeeeally is divine. Watch..." she told her dad's wife as she plunged in into herself, almost effortlessly. She began to grunt as she pulled it all the way out, and sank it in again, repeatedly triggering the unbelievable sensation of insertion over and over. After a dozen or so cycles of in and out, she came yet again. Once her body was done shivering off the last tingles of her most recent climax, she held the phallus up for her mother to look at.

"It was a wonderful present, don't you think? I've used it to get off four our five times this morning since Lori went to work. And I came soooo hard just now... say; why are you naked and going through my panties? What were you planning?" There was a definite sting to her question; Sofia's chest and face blushed as humiliation flowed over her like a tidal wave.

"You know, stepmom dearest, you look a little flushed... and judging by how wet you seem do be," she said, pointing to Sofia's pussy, "if I didn't know better, I'd say you were looking for Mr. Woody, here."

Sofia looked at where Nita was pointing, and realized that she'd started fingering her clit, even while she covered her naked breasts as well as she could with her arms.

"I know you need this, don't you?" Nita teased, rubbing the tip of the schlong along her sex.

"Yes... please, Nita, give it to me. I... uh..." Sofia said and then stalled, trying to come up with a "motherly" reason to ask for her stepdaughter's sex toy. She didn't want to offend the young woman, but she needed that dildo. That need was growing by the second.

"You're such a horny little slut that you can't wait for my dad to come home. You need a toy that belongs to his daughter, don't you?"

Embarrassment flowed into her body and worked its way around, driving her to new levels of shame as she realized it was true. "Yes, Nita, I need it. Now give it to me... please?" Two things made the situation worse that it was - Sofia got hornier with each new feeling of humiliation she experienced, and the hornier she got, the more she played with herself - in front of Nita!

The questioning tone of her stepmother's voice thrilled Nita. 'Mom has lost, and she doesn't even know it yet!', Nita thought. "Well, what can you do for a horny girl like me that would convince me not to tell my daddy that you had to steal my sex toys to get off:?"

Horror now replaced the feelings of humiliation that had come over Sofia. The arousal, though, didn't go away. "Please, don't say a word... Nita, you know I love you... I'll... mmmmmmmmmm," she paused as she finally came from her clitoral self-rubdown. Continuing, she breathily whispered, "I'll do anything. Don't tell Rob, please!"

"Anything?" Nita asked coyly as she spread her legs further. She held the dong up to her face, and let the very tip of the head rest against her chin. Fingering her clit with her free hand, she locked her gaze onto Sofia. "Come here, now, and get a good look at my cunny... you know you want this" she ordered, lightly stroking her pussy.

Sofia didn't care for the tone in the voice, but to her surprise, she found herself doing exactly what she was told. She thought of reminding Nita that she wasn't the head of the household, but that thought fizzled soon enough. Instead, she got onto the bed like she was told to do. Feelings of unbridled contentment filled her as she performed the first command of her new Mistress.

'Mistress? What are you thinking? This is your husband's daughter, for fuck's sake!' her mind screamed as it realized that it was actually enjoying being told what to do by the upstart teen. 'Stop thinking about licking her perfect, bald pussy lips... don't imagine how her body moves when you suck her clitty into your mouth... stop worrying about what it will feel like when you let her use your face as a glorified sex toy...'

"Please... please..." was all Sofia could say as her mind began to understand who was really in charge here.

"Tell ya what. Lie on your back, I'll ride your face till I cum a few times - or until I get tired - and then, maybe I'll let you borrow this," she explained, holding up the purple cock, "without telling Dad. What do you say?"

"No, no, no, no! It's wrong..." Sofia rationalized, starting to play with herself as she knelt in front her stepdaughter's honeypot. "This isn't right... I can't... we can't..."

"Either get me off, the way I want to get off, or I tell daddy. What will it be, hmmmmmm, mom?" Nita teased, lightly stroking her slit as Sofia's mouth approached it.

"Well, if you won't tell Rob..." Sofia finally whispered before taking her first tentative licks of pussy - she'd never even thought of being with a woman before this weekend had begun. As the aroma melted away her resistance and the taste drove away all sense of her being the boss of the younger woman, she really sank into her new roll. Somehow, she knew that she was to serve Nita and Rob - she only hoped that they never contradicted each other in their commands to her.

It did not even phase her that her mind had accepted sexual slavery to both her husband and his daughter in the same 24-hour period.

She lapped at Nita's cunt with a passion she never thought she'd be able to muster with another woman. The more she licked Nita, the more degraded she felt, and the more degraded she felt, the more aroused she became. But Nita hadn't been kidding about what she wanted.

"On your back, now. Play with yourself, 'cause I like it when you do that in front of me." Getting onto her knees and straddling Sofia's face, Nita warned her, "If I don't get off fast, I might just tell daddy after all."

"Please don't I'll dommmmfff..." Sofia began as Nita's smooth, shaven pussy began to slowly slide over and grind onto her face. Nita opened her mouth and licked anything that she could - and when she felt the clit, she sucked in. The action was not lost on the younger woman. Nita started to slide all over Sofia's mouth, rubbing herself on any part of it that still allowed her stepmother to suck on some part of her sex. After a few minutes of intense, hip-rocking action, she came all over Sofia's face.

The next hour and a half or so went pretty much the same way, but in various positions. Each new act reinforced Sofia's subservent role in the house. Finally, when Nita was almost done for the time being, she got on all fours. She told Sofia to get on all fours behind her, and Sofia happily complied.

"Like my ass and finger my cunt. Get me off one more time, and you can borrow Mr. Woody, here," she said, pointing towards the toy Sofia had been trying to get for the last couple of hours. Sofia came up behind her, inserted her middle and ring fingers into Nita's pussy, and started to lick her rosebud as she fucked her stepdaughter's cunny with her hand.

This stimulation made Nita's hips move in an erotic dance, and Sofia didn't dare miss one lick as she gave her first rimjob ever. This level of degradation drove Sofia to new levels of excitement - levels she didn't even remember feeling from the previous night's actions. And, those activities had been nothing short of amazing.

When she felt Nita clench around her invading fingers, Sofia knew she had cum - and the scream told her it was a pretty powerful climax, to boot. After a few moments, Nita moved off the bed and came up behind Sofia. Gently, she guided her stepmother onto her back, and announced, "When I lick you, you will understand your place as my slave when Dad isn't around."

Sofia's mind was so far gone with lust that she didn't really register that warning. But, when Nita's mouth began to near her pussy, her pulse quickened. Her mind had managed to register what would happen when Nita licked her - and, knowing that fighting it as useless, she spread her thighs as widely as she could and waited for that most taboo kiss...

When it landed on her clit, Sofia began to shake uncontrollably. Her body arched up and fell back as she came almost as hard as she had the previous night with Rob. Amazingly, Nita never released her cunt with her mouth, and the longer it was in contact, the more intense the orgasm became. Finally, after Sofia's nearly constant orgasm peaked, she collapsed onto the beds of her daughter and stepdaughter - and began to snore.

Nita licked her lips, savoring the taste Sofia had left there. "Mmmmm, this will definitely be our little secret," she told the sleeping woman. Deciding it was time for a shower, she placed the sex toy that had started the whole adventure in Sofia's right hand. Then, she got up to grab a quick shower - there was no reason to smell like sex all day long, after all.

That's it for chapter three. In Chapter four and beyond, Rob will begin to have some real fun at work, and the hidden commands acting on him will start to manifest themselves in ways Michelle couldn't have imagined - or totally desired. Thanks for reading! All feedback is appreciated. - bobwhite