Master PC - The Ornithologist

by bobwhite

Part II


Rob stopped at his favorite bar for a couple of drinks on his way home. It had been a tense day; he had spent much of it reviewing his report of potential abuse at a lab he had personally inspected. They were unsure if they'd dispute the findings, which was what he was pretty much expecting to hear.

He took his normal seat at the bar and asked for a boilermaker. He saw his friend Julian there, too - which was a bit unusual.

"Every time I see you, you've had too many drinks! Were you born blitzed, or do you have to work at it?" Rob asked his friend with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice. Julian smiled, indicating he got the joke - in actuality, he rarely drank more than a few beers - so Rob ventured, "so, how much fun did you have today, what with all those adventures you have in banking - tons, as usual?"

"Almost as much fun as listening to my 8-year-old practice violin concertos on a banjo," he said with a very slight slur in his voice. They talked for about half an hour or so before Rob suddenly realized he had to leave. After making his friend promise to call a cab (or his son Alan) to get a ride home, he went home and headed straight into his den for his standard hour of relaxation. Internet relaxation, that is.

He had only a few emails from work. The first was spam for penis and/or breast enlargement, and all he had to do was type a credit card number in the subject line of a reply message.

"Yeah," he said out loud. "Like you can just type something into a computer and get a bigger dick or a nice set of titties." Rolling his eyes at the sheer idiocy of the idea, and feeling a little insulted that someone even put it forth in the first place (much less the legions of followers who used the same basic premise to fill cyberspace with such nonsense), he deleted the spam and went to the second message.

It was an email from some a law group called Oliver, Forsythe Jr., Parzons, Archibael, and Bryant - the rinky-dink firm that represented the lab he had inspected last week. They were disputing his findings after all, and it only took about 10 paragraphs (each one about a page long, it seemed) of gobbledygook to make that one point. "Wonderful," he sighed as he forwarded it to his office email account.

The third and last one came up - a slideshow from Michelle about game birds, or something. He downloaded it, and suddenly, he had an urge to run the program that had been saved - he was not even curious about the slideshow anymore. After several minutes, a large program window appeared, containing several smaller windows (with strange titles like "3D Model," "Edit Physical Attributes..." and the like). A message box popped up, which had a somewhat cryptic message.

Welcome to Master PC!

Welcome to the Master Command Center... where the Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. Now, you possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative.

Hit <Enter> to go to Master PC. Since this is the first time you've run the program, press <Y> to install a basic tutorial directly into your brain.

He hit the "Y" key, thinking this was some kind of elaborate joke. As he felt a very basic knowledge of the program materialize out of nowhere, though, he began to sense that he had been given a rather unique gift. He also began to realize that he was somewhat hornier than usual, and since his daughter and step-daughter were gone, maybe this would be a good time to try out the program.

First, he made some... personal changes. He brought up his profile, and began to explore the various windows. Some lines in his personality profile were hidden and password-protected - so he ignored those, figuring whatever was there was something he'd lived with for awhile.

Moving to his physical profile, he got rid of some of his body fat, bulked up his muscles just a little, and - in response to his increasing arousal - increased the size of his dick to about 9 inches, and he gave himself total control of his erection and orgasm. Suddenly, his clothes felt very tight. 'Should have done that naked,' he thought as he carefully took off his now-ill-fitting suit. He rubbed his hands over his six-pack abs to make sure they were really there.

His dick responded to his touch, too - and it was huge. Looking down at the screen, he noticed his 3D model spinning - and it was now naked. "Handy," he said as he realized that he could watch someone being changed if he was not there to see it himself.

Then, he noticed a geographical command window. Being a sucker for a nice, smooth pussy (which was about the only thing he was able to think about at the moment, besides the program), he instituted a command that any female in his house would loose all of the hair below their necks permanently. It wasn't until after he hit <Execute> that he realized this would affect his daughter and stepdaughter.

For some reason, though, it didn't matter.

His dick was definitely hard now, and he needed something to calm it down - his wife was home, so he decided to start his weekend of fun (somehow, he knew he was in for a wild weekend) with someone he knew well. First, he had her take a shower to wash off any dirt she'd accumulated while gardening, not to mention the unsightly body hair. While she was in there, more changes would take place.


Even though she wasn't done weeding the tomatoes, Sofia suddenly felt extremely dirty. She would have to take a shower, and now. So, she got up and almost ran into the bathroom connected to the master bedroom. Once naked, she turned the on the water and began to lather-up.

She didn't even notice the hair falling away from her pubic mound, but she quickly became aware of a few other changes. As her hands rubbed the soap all over her body, she noticed that the moles she had were fading away. When she soaped up her ass, she actually felt it round out a little - it'd always been a little flat, but it was not now. And, rubbing her slippery hands over her new buns was actually turning her on a little.

For reasons she couldn't explain, she had a desire to slide a soapy finger down her backside to tease her rosebud. Figuring no one would ever know, she reached back, ran her finger down her new ass, and started teasing the virgin hole by rubbing it gently - and the sensation from just that little bit of stimulation made her knees buckle as she came!

Still wondering what was happening, she felt her chest getting heavier. Looking down, she saw them swelling. "What the fuck is going on?" she asked herself as she reached up to hold them, in a vain effort to control what was happening to her body. When her hands reached her tits, though, she began to knead them as they grew. "Mmmm, that feels sooo... OH!" she yelped as she pinched her nipples, and felt the exact same sensation in her clit at the same time.

She grunted and moaned as she changed from gentle breast massage to digital nipple torture - feeling the same sensations in her cunt at the same time quickly brought her over again, and she came hard. After a few more minutes, she was on all fours, with one finger up her pussy and another toying with her ass - and when she came for the sixth time in the shower, she finally got the strength to stand up, rinse her new body off, and find her husband.

"I'm going to fuck him till he can't see straight," she said as she walked to his den, naked and wet.

Rob was proud of himself. Already, he had learned how to tie sensations to other parts of the body, how to alter the body, and how to affect the thought process. He'd made her shower, and tied the sensations of her asshole, clit, and nipples together. When Sofia came into the den, her wet, curly, black hair cascading over her new tits, he stood up and turned around - he was already naked and sporting a huge hard-on.

He gawked at the sex goddess in front of him as she played with her clitty; she was obviously very horny. "Hi, honey," he said, stroking his member as his "new" wife came into the room. "I'm home. What's for dinn..." was all he got out before she was on him, knocking him onto the floor, and kissing him madly. As she kissed him, she ground her hips on his crotch until his cock slipped almost effortlessly between her hairless, wet lips.

"Oooooh, yeah, mmmmmmmmm, is that a monster on your groin, or are you just happy to fuck me?" she teased as she built up momentum. She had never been great on top before, but she was riding him like a pro now! 'He's so fucking big...' she thought as she hammered on him with all the force she could. Suddenly, she felt him throb a bit - the tip of his dick got hot inside her, and when she felt his seed burst from him, she came so hard she saw stars.

She growled like an animal and stopped pounding her hips onto his - all she could manage in her orgasmic fit was a barely-controllable grinding, convulsing motion. It was as if he was filling her with an orgasm; his cum seemed to trigger a climax so hard she lost all verbal control and screamed, thrashing her head to the right and left as her cunt clenched around his dick.

Finally, her head dipped forward, her motions became more erratic, and lifting her face with a mighty scream towards the sky, she passed out in the wake of her most powerful orgasm ever.

Rob gently rolled her off of him, satisfied that a little command he had entered about his semen initiating a powerful climax in anyone who it touched had worked so well. He was concerned at the level he had set that trigger, though; he was not into fucking rag dolls but he was still very horny.

"Maybe I should have held off. Well, actually," he theorized aloud to himself, "maybe I should just tone down my super-jizz a little." So, he got up and started tweaking his profile. He still had a hard on, and he would have to do something about that sooner or later - but his wife was clearly spent.

"Mom? Was that you" he heard Lori, Sofia's daughter, yell from downstairs.

'Fuck! I thought she was at the mall with Nita!' his mind screamed, alarmed that she might investigate the sounds coming from the den. The stiffness of his dick, though, reminded him that he had some immediate needs to take care of. He grinned, realizing that with his new program, this was no big deal - and, for some reason, the very thought of taking his wife's hot daughter was making him stroke himself, again.

He quickly brought up her profile, and began to make changes - he was just done making the changes, and making himself and his wife invisible to her, when she entered the room.


"Mom? Mom, is everything OK?" Lori asked as she tentatively walked into her stepfather's den. 'What the fuck was all that screaming about?' she thought as she investigated the room. Nobody was there - the computer was on, though. She ignored it and decided that she would look for her mom somewhere else. But, when she got to the door, she found it shut - and she had no idea how to open it.

"What the fuck?" she said as she realized that she was impossibly trapped inside a room in which the door didn't even have a lock. Deciding to have a seat on the recliner while she waited for someone to open the door for her, she went to the stereo in the room, put on one of her stepdad's records (Rush's Fly By Night), took a seat, and suddenly felt very itchy.

"Mom must have used cheap detergent again," she complained as she casually disrobed the irritating garments. When her shoes, socks, shirt, and shorts were all gone, she noticed that her matching pink bra and panties itched more than anything else - so she quickly cast aside the offending underwear and sat back down.

After a few moments of relief from the itching, something else happened. It felt like someone was sucking on her left nipple! If she hadn't let Jo try it at a slumber party a few weeks before, she would not have known how wonderful the sensation was. She closed her eyes as invisible lips wrapped around her areole, sucking her nipple gently to attention. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt a phantom tongue licking it in long, broad strokes.

When she felt teeth gently grip the base of the nipple as the tip of a tongue flicked at it rapidly, she slipped a hand down to her clit, and began rubbing circles around it teasingly as an unseen hand squeezed her other, smallish breast. Then, something strange happened - the sensations at her tits stopped, and she was compelled to caress and squeeze them with her own hands. They felt increasingly sensitive, and her hips began to move around as she started riding the wave of arousal that seemed to be enveloping her.

Of their own volition, her legs spread - and she didn't have the ability or desire to close them. She was considering removing one hand from a tit to rub her wet mound when she felt the unmistakable sensation of a mouth descend upon her lower lips. Jo had done that, too; but had tied her hands to the bed first. It had been so taboo, so hot - but this invisible violation was even hotter.

She felt the tongue slip out of the invisible violator's mouth and lick her slit tentatively at first, and then increasingly deeper with each lap of the tongue. When she felt someone's fingers open her up, she knew she was in for a wild ride - and the fact that it was from an invisible partner didn't concern her in the slightest.

The probing tongue licked at her nectar wherever it could be found, and her hips lifted off the chair, maintaining contact with the ghostly mouth, as she came harder than she had with any guy, or her secret girlfriend Jo. She was spent afterwards, basking in the glow of her first "squirting" orgasm.

Then, she felt her legs lift up and separate, and she felt the unmistakable pressure of a monster bulge at the opening of her pussy.

"Oh god... oh fuck... mmmm, fuck me..." she begged nobody as she felt the head of the invisible phallus gently move into her. It was huge, but somehow, she was able to take it in - it's as if her pussy had gotten bigger just to accept it, even though she was still very tight. It was no further than an inch or so in, when it backed out - and sat at the opening again, teasing her.

"Please... please put it back..." she continued to plead to thin air. The cycle repeated many times - each time, the cock would move into her, and then pull out. Each time, it went a little further - but she wanted it all. So, when she felt it start in again, she got a great idea - she wrapped her legs around her unseen lover, and pulled him into her as far as she could take it.

"Ungh!" she screamed as she came with the first full thrust. "Fuck me! Fuck... oh, uuungh, mmmmmmm" she moaned and screamed as she felt her cunt being fucked by an unseen dick. She knew it should have hurt, but it just felt so wonderful pistonning in and out of her. It was driving her towards a climax so powerful she didn't think she'd be able to take it.

But, she was willing to try. "Fuck me harder, whatever you are" she encouraged her phantom lover as she completely gave in to both the situation and the sensations she was experiencing.

At some unheard command, she removed one hand form a tit and started frigging her clit as fast as she could. "Fuck! I'm soooo wet... oh, I'm going to cum... make me cum... oh oh oh... AAAHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as her fingers and the mysterious cock in her brought her to a peak of pleasure she had never imagined possible. She felt warmth explode into her deepest regions, and when it hit, she finally came.

It was better than her previous climax, and when it was done, she was out of breath and completely exhausted.

She felt the weight of the invisible man cover her body as his penis continued to twitch in her, and she wrapped her arms around the ghost - or whatever it was - that had given her the best time of her 19-year-old life. When his lips met her mouth, she kissed back hungrily, grinding her hips against his still-hard rod just enough to squeeze off one more quick orgasm.

He withdrew from her, causing a sensation of emptiness in the teen. She didn't feel empty for long, though, as she rather unexpectedly felt a desire to take a shower. When she got to the door that she could not remember how to open earlier, she found her mom standing there - naked.

"Mom?" she said, hoping that she had not heard her fucking... whoever it was she had just fucked in her stepfather's den.

"Shhhhh," her mother whispered, pressing her finger to her daughter's quivering lips. Her daughter closed her eyes and gently licked the tip of her mother's finger before she realized what she had done. She retracted her tongue, and tried to think of something to say.

"Let's get cleaned up," Sofia told Lori. They quickly sauntered off to separate bathrooms to take a quick, after-sex shower. Lori was more than happy to not explain why she had just started to lick her mother's fingers like she had Jo's a couple of months before, when she had lost her cherry to the cute blonde's finger.

Sofia ended up taking a fairly normal shower. The same fate would not befall her daughter, though. In the den, Rob was almost laughing at loud as he hit <Execute>, setting his little plan for the kids into motion. He had always had a thing for twins...

The water started to "shave" Lori's legs and pubic hair immediately, and she was thankful - she would not have to shave anymore. But, she heard someone come in to the bathroom, and when she heard the shower curtain open, she stared in shock as her step-sister, Nita, stepped into the tub, closing the curtain behind her.

What really surprised her is that they quickly embraced! They were certainly friends and as sisterly to each other as stepsisters could be - but this was strange. They never showered together, and Lori definitely felt Nita's rock-hard nipples press into her own tits. When Nita kissed her, though, she got a little scared - this was definitely not normal.

That thought lasted about two seconds, though. Nita's kiss simply melted her will, and Lori kissed back - out of the blue, she found herself very attracted to her stepsister. She was confused and disappointed when Nita let her go and stepped back so they could look at each other.

Nita looked on as Lori's short, red hair grew and grew - until it was half-way down her back, and dark brown. She saw a startled look on Lori's face, and grabbed some of her own hair and looked at it - it matched the color and length of Lori's new hairdo.

Lori's eyes grew wide as she felt a tingle start at her nipples - and felt them get even harder and longer, till they were easily a half-inch long and rock-hard. She could not reach up to rub them, but noticed the look on Nita's face and looked at her chest - she was undergoing a similar transformation.

Then, the tugging began. Her nipples felt as if they were being pulled outward, and as they were, her breasts actually grew! It was like watching a computer-animated porno - she didn't have to look at her chest, she could see it happening to Nita. They just got bigger and bigger until they looked like D cups - and she and her sister could trade their B-cup bras with no problems before!

Nita felt disoriented as she noticed that her stepsister was getting shorter - until she realized that Lori wasn't changing at all. Nita was getting taller. She looked down, and leaning forward a little to see past her new assets, she realized she was definitely three or four inches further away from the bottom of the tub.

She looked up at her sister, and saw Lori looking back at her, right into her eyes. Both sisters saw the other sister's eyes change to light blue. Nita's had been brown, and Lori's green. Their faces also seemed to change, just a bit - but they still saw themselves in each other.

Rob had made his non-blood related daughters into identical twins. Once the transformation was complete, he made them believe it was completely normal for them to look exactly alike. Knowing that he'd need help in keeping the women in the house satisfied, he decided that he'd make his daughter second-in-command of the house.

Nita Beige can control any woman in the house, as long as it does not deliberately go against Rob Beige's desires.

"This is going to be interesting," Rob chuckled as he set a global command (well, "global" meaning the approximate 100-mile range of the program) that allowed people to tell the "twins" apart, as if they had been that way since birth. Nobody would question how two girls born so far apart, though, could be identical.