Master PC - The Ornithologist

by bobwhite

Author's note: this is my first foray into the universe of Master PC. The MPC stories, started by the one and only JRParz - easily one of the top writers of mind control erotica - are some of my favorites, and they definitely influenced my ORF stories. I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it! Special thanks to Born Blitzed for proofreading help, and a "shout out" to all you MCForum writers, lurkers, and posters - without all of you, I may not have had anything to hide in this story!

Part I

Michelle and Pete

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh ... uuunnnnhhhhh ooooooohhh! Yeah! Ummmmmmmmm...." Michelle screamed and grunted at the top of her lungs as she was driven to her fourth orgasm by Pete, a former nerd and now sex machine, who had been fucking Michelle uncontrollably (and rather well, he had to admit to himself) for the past couple of hours.

His sexual adventures had never lasted more than 30 minutes or so before today without him blowing his wad, and here he'd fucked the hottest woman at work to four - FOUR! - climaxes, and he had yet to get his own release. What's worse, as soon as she climbed off of his pole, he began to masturbate - just like he had after her three previous orgasmic fits.

She climbed off the makeshift bed (just a few sleeping bags she'd stacked on each other so she could try Master PC at work in relative comfort), went back to her laptop, and stared at the program that had made the past few hours of unbelievably great sex with the hottest guy she could create possible. If she had any doubts of its power before, they had been thoroughly fucked out of her.

She looked over to the hapless computer tech who worked with her at the Animal Laboratory Evaluation Institute's administration office. Master PC had allowed her to gain total control over Pete as soon as she knew his full name - and to make sure he didn't fizzle before she was done (she was very hard to get off), he wasn't allowed to cum until he was told to do so. And he was begging, again.

"Michelle... please, I've done everything you want... please, please let me cum... Please! I have a wife! I need it so bad... if I don't cum again... oh please..." he pleaded as he jacked off with such vigor that he might have injured himself - if she had not learned enough about the program to adjust some of his physical attributes. As it was, his skin was amazingly resilient and sensitive, and his new muscles, clear complexion, and 10" cock didn't hurt, either.

But, as she came down from her post-coitus high, she was filled - once again - with the empty feeling she'd experienced after every orgasm she'd been driven to in the few days she'd had the program.

"Please..." he was almost crying now; he was unable to stop trying for an orgasm until she let him actually have one. This would not be easy to explain to his wife, and he would have actually been crying if the sensations of unbridled pleasure coming from him stroking his prick weren't so intense. But, Pete was only making his situation worse - the begging only made Michelle's emptiness more noticeable.

She wanted to be controlled like that. She wanted to be the one begging for release, begging for her controller to stop. She wanted to be controlled, totally against her will. The very thought of being in Pete's helpless position made her wetter than the sight of his well-muscled body masturbating like a maniac on makeshift bed she'd thrown together.

It wasn't going to happen like this, with her in control. Even if she made someone dominate her, she would essentially still be in charge. Realizing she had set up a loop of ecstasy and disappointment, she decided to break the chain and let poor Pete cum. His jizz flew several feet to where she was sitting - and there was a lot of it. She brought up his profile, and found his address. By the time he had started up his Mercury Topaz to drive home, things were changing at his house.

She was not in the mood to manually adjust any more people for the time being, and she also knew that he and his wife had no kids. So, she went ahead and just set a few simple blanket commands for his house, figuring that it would work well enough. She was playing around more than anything else and wasn't really too careful about how she typed the commands.

Anything Pete tells anyone in the house to do will be obeyed, instantly and enthusiastically.

Erogenous zone stimulation for Pete and any woman in his house is 5 times as intense as normal. (She just pulled the number out of thin air; she had no idea that MPC actually used numerical values for such intangibles)

If another woman is in Pete's house, she will want to have sex with him and his wife.

Any woman in his house who he wants to have sex with will undergo physical modifications to breast size and overall body shape to bring her to within 90% of his preferences.

Any woman who Pete has sex with in his house will lust after Pete even when not in his presence.

Everyone in Pete's house will permanently lose all pubic hair once they take a shower in his house.

She hit <Execute>, and felt less guilty about making him cheat on his wife. Michelle figured this was payback enough, and she was a little jealous of what any poor woman in his house would go through if his interest was drawn to her. To make sure everything went smoothly, she opened Pete's profile again and made a few permanent modifications.

Pete will know that he has control over anyone in his house.

Pete's overall libido will increase by a factor of 5.

Pete has complete control over his erection and his orgasm.

As she shut down Pete's profile, she thought seriously about how to use the power to get what she wanted. After a few minutes, she came to the following conclusions: she wanted the man in control of her to be someone for whom she had real feelings, and she wanted the man to like being in control (and to know how to use the program to control her).

Also, she wanted to be made to do things she would not normally do but that she still found highly arousing. And, to make sure she would love the sensation of being controlled, she wanted to know she was being controlled. The very thought of that made her clitty tingle.

Michelle didn't have to rack her brain for long to come up with the man who she wanted as a Master. Rob Beige, the man in charge of animal lab inspections (and an accomplished ornithologist), had classic good looks. His hair was almost shoulder-length and blonde, and his body was perfect... or at least it seemed to be, underneath the suits he wore to work. And those eyes, those dark, dark brown eyes - almost black! - could drill a hole in her very being, even without the power she was about to give him.

So excited she could hardly contain herself, she brought up his profile. There he was, in 3-D model form, having drinks at a bar. She typed in the commands as fast as she could; she didn't want to think too hard about it - it might spoil some of the surprises that were in store for her, and him, and his wife... looking down, she realized she had started stroking her clit.

Using two fingers - one on either side of her love button - she rubbed herself to a very fast, and very wet, orgasm. "I'm definitely on the right track," she said aloud as she typed the commands with her wet fingers.

She set up the program to do simultaneous changes on her and Rod. In Rod's command box, she typed:

Rob will go home immediately if he is not already there; and, he will open and run the Master PC installation files I'm sending him.

Rob will want to test the program out on anyone who comes into his house, and will focus on making women do things they would not normally do.

Rob's libido will increase by factor of 7, and will develop a habit of increasing the libidos of any woman in his house to make them nearly insatiable in his presence.

Rob will eventually branch out to the women at work, and finally choose Michelle Mason as a permanent, live-in slave.

Rob will make Michelle Mason do things that she would never do; and, he will enjoy humiliating her in every way possible.

She smiled to herself at the implications the commands would have for Mrs. Beige and, later on, for her. She also decided that it would be best if Rob didn't know that he had been altered. After locking out those particular commands with a password, she went to her own profile. In her profile's personality alterations box, she typed:

Michelle loves to be a slave to her Master.

Michelle will forget all about Master PC once the program is sent to Rob Beige and erased from her computer completely.

Michelle will be aware that someone is controlling her, but will not be able to do anything about it.

The more Michelle is made to do things that she hates, and the more she doesn't want to do what she is forced to do, the more aroused she becomes from obeying her Master.

She didn't need to make herself enjoy being controlled into doing degrading things - she figured that since that was her biggest kink, it would be a given. In the Special Simultaneous Execution Commands box, she typed:

Master PC will be erased from this computer as soon as the installation file is run by Rob's computer.

After sending the program's install file in a surprisingly small email attachment - only about 700 kb, disguised as a short slideshow about some interesting research on pheasants, northern bobwhites, and other game birds - she shut down her notebook, packed it up, and went home.

Gwen, Betty, and Pete

At Pete and his wife Gwen's house, as Betty continued to sip tea in the kitchen, Gwen looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she washed her hands. She hadn't used the toilet - she just needed to get away from her younger sister for a few minutes.

Betty had it all. She had a rich husband back in Montana, but that didn't bug Gwen as much as the fact that she was breathtakingly beautiful - and had always been so. She had a flawless face and big, blue eyes. They accented her long, blond hair in the most innocently sexy way. The full curve of her breasts made her even more jealous than her heart-shaped ass did. She knew that her sister had worn a D-cup since her senior year in high school.

Gwen thought herself almost impish in comparison. Her mousy brown hair was pretty enough, she knew, and her face wasn't exactly ugly - but if "plane Jane" were an entry in a dictionary, a picture of her would be included with the definition. She glanced down her nearly featureless body and thought, 'All I am is skinny; it's all I've got going for me.'

Sighing and deciding she'd stalled long enough, she took one last look at her thin self in the mirror before heading back to the kitchen to talk to Betty some more. Before she took two steps, though, a tingling sensation enveloped her body... and strange things began go happen.

First, her loose-fitting shorts became noticeably tighter. Grabbing her hips, she actually felt them expand. She looked down to confirm what was happening, and, right before her own eyes, she got her first real curves! Her hands began to run up her body, passing over her newly toned tummy and up to her chest. It was as if she were transforming from the feet up - her legs had already taken on a nice shape and she imagined her ass had filled out a little, too.

When her hands found her tits, she felt some definite growth there as well as she felt her T-shirt tighten. She had to get the shirt off, she realized, and fast. It wasn't easy getting it over her growing mounds, but when she did, her new tits spilled out, jiggling all the way. She gasped at their size, and stared at them through the mirror with a look on her face that was a combination of awe and curiosity.

She didn't wonder how it had happened - the Master PC default of not being concerned over the physical changes made to a person was still active. She did wonder, though, how they would feel in her hands - would they feel fake or real? Her curiosity got the better of her and after a few moments, she reached up to weigh her new tits.

As her hands cupped her huge breasts - each now probably enough to fill a DD cup, but that was an estimate because she had never even needed a B cup - she felt the first rush of arousal. Her hands almost automatically went to her nipples, and she pinched them hard - something she always enjoyed - and when the waves of pleasure began to wash over her, she knew it was no dream. Her tits felt real, they were huge, and the sensations were amazing.

She started rubbing her tits with some baby oil from the medicine cabinet, and slipped a hand into her shorts - the sight of her reflection alone made her as horny as she got when she snuck one of her husband's girlie magazines into the bathroom for a quick frig. 'I look just as good as those magazine girls do,' she realized. 'Pete will be so happy when he got home... he'll probably want to take me straight to bed... mmmmm...' she imagined as she continued to play with herself.

Before she could reach a climax, though, her sister barged into the room - and she was almost naked; wearing only her thong panties and a dreamy smile.. Her tits looked a little fuller, and she immediately started taking off her underwear. In seconds flat, she was in the shower.

"Betty? What..." Gwen began.

"No time. Pete called, and he said he was coming home and wanted to have some fun - so he told me to take a shower. I think he thought I was you," Betty indicated as she started the shower. Gwen, still rubbing her oiled tits, suddenly felt an urge to shower, too.

"Wait for me. If he said to shower, I guess I should go ahead and get cleaned up." It wasn't until she got in with her sister that she realized how odd it was to do something just because she was told to do it. As the hot water began to wash away all the hair below her (and her sister's) neck, the simple fact that she was doing as she was told made her even hornier than her hyper-sensitive tits had succeeded in doing.

She saw Betty sneaking a few extra frigs at her own clit, and figured that whatever had been changing her was also affecting Betty, as well.

When they were clean and dry (well, mostly dry), they found themselves waiting in the living room, naked, for Pete. Any pretense of good behavior was gone as they both sat, trying to pretend that they weren't getting hornier by the second at the prospect of "having fun" with Pete. When he walked through the door, they both got on their knees before him.

His pants never stood a chance. They were almost ripped from him, and his new 10" prick sprang free. Betty wasn't sure what to do, but Gwen sure knew. She grabbed it with her hand, looked at Pete for approval, and when he smiled and winked at her, she started licking the shaft.

Up and down the monstrous phallus went her tongue, flicking the tip of his head with her tongue, until finally he grabbed the back of her head. She hardly needed to be told what to do - she opened her mouth as far as it would go (which was further than it would have gone an hour ago) and engulfed the entire length of his shaft.

Amazed that it didn't make her gag - not even a little - she began to blow him as he gently rocked his hips back and forth, fucking her face. Her tongue worked magic on his dick while she gently sucked on it, and she started to gently tilt her head from side to side - she knew how hot she had to look doing that, and judging by Pete's increase in speed, she knew she was right.

Betty, on the other hand, was getting jealous. She knew she could not blow him - he was too big. But she wanted it inside her. "Pete," she said, fingering her now hairless pussy, "what does a girl have to do to get some of that?"

"Well, if Gwen can spread her knees a little, I want you to lie down and let her ride your face. Don't forget to lick her asshole - she loves that. Mmmm... Don't you, babe?"

Spreading her knees and taking his huge dick out of her mouth to get some air, she simply nodded and mumbled a quick "mmm hmm" before flicking the tip of his head with her tongue. She quickly and hungrily engulfed his shaft again, face-fucking his rod with gusto.

Betty had gotten on her back and scooted under her sister's hips, and within seconds, she was licking and sucking any part of Gwen's crotch that touched her mouth. At the same time, she also used three fingers to pump in and out of her own very wet cunt.

It took about one minute for Betty to get her sister off. A few seconds after that, she came, too.

Both sisters had climaxed a few times when Pete announced, "OK, the oral exam is over. Let's retire to the bedroom." They followed him, and at his command, assumed a 69, with Gwen on top. Pete, still impossibly hard, came up behind his wife and slid into her pussy effortlessly.

"Now, Betty, remember - she likes ass play. Finger her ass. You too, Gwen - I want your fingers fucking her pussy and asshole while you suck on her clit. You know how much she loves it!"

Gwen, as she felt her husband enter her, screamed in climax. With her arms around her sister's thighs, she entered her pussy with three fingers and started fucking her with increasing speed. Using some lube Pete had tossed onto the bed when he came into the room, she entered her sister's brown eye - which, thanks to Pete's simple verbal commands, made her sister cum almost immediately.

Betty watched in sheer jealousy (and hard-to-control lust; it was all she could do to not shake her sister off of her when she came hard as she felt the initial double-penetration) as the thick, veined shaft moved in and out of her sister. With the finger Betty was using to fuck Gwen's asshole, she could - through the flesh separating the two orifices - feel Pete's cock moving in and out of Gwen's pussy. Betty only wished she could have that cock in her - having her sister double-penetrate her was great, but that dick looked divine.

Pet's speed picked up, and he slapped his wife's ass a few times. His speed picked up quickly, and finally, with one mighty thrust, he almost growled as he came. Betty almost saw his scrotum contract as he shot a monster load into the pussy above her face...

... of course, she was suddenly in the throes of intense orgasm herself. Gwen had pressed all of her cum buttons at the same time, it seemed. Screaming into the clit that was still rubbing on her face, she suddenly was aware of a gush of warmth flow over her - a combination of Pete's jizz and her sister's juices.

Apparently, Gwen had cum, too.

Pete collapsed on top of his wife, and the three separated on the bed, sexually spent and more than a little sticky. Pete, exploring his wife's new body with his hands, ordered Betty to clean them both. As he watched her lick Gwen's nether regions clean, his rod began to stir. When she started to lick him clean, he caught her try to sneak the head into her mouth.

"Oh, no you don't, Betty. You aren't allowed to do that. That's for Gwen," he teased.

Betty almost cried - she had done something wrong, and suddenly the desire to make it right filled her every fiber. "I'm... I'm so sorry... please, tell me to do something... let me make it right..."

Pete, fully hard now, had an idea. "Gwen, be a dear and take a quick shower." Gwen ran to the bathroom, getting horny just knowing what was about to happen. Turning to Betty, Pete said, "Assume the position."

She got on her knees with her back to him, and put her head on the bed - putting her ass in the air for his inspection. She arched her back so that her hips were thrust back and up - presenting her hairless, wet snatch at such an angle that it could be spanked...

Using his dick as a fleshy whip, he swatted her twat once. "Now, we don't just suck our sister's husband's magic cock without permission, do we?"

"No, master... mmmmm..." she moaned as the mere contact of his hot member on her wet cunt sent shivers up her spine. When she felt it again, she reached around and began to finger her still-lubed asshole.

"So, what are we going to do about it?" he asked, now slapping her sex with his manhood repeatedly. When he called it "magic," he was only half-aware that it changed the sensation his sister-in-law would feel when it touched her. It was now like hitting her with pure lust, contained completely within his love muscle.

Each time he did, she moaned louder and louder, until finally she begged, "Please fuck me please please! I need you inside me... I've never cum that hard before and you're so big... please put it in me! I need.... OOOOOOH!" she screamed as his huge cock slowly inched into her wetness. Everywhere it filled her burned sexual energy, and it spread quickly into her body. After many seconds of agonizingly pleasurable insertion, he was all the way in and started to fuck her in earnest.

"Oh fuck me harder... harder... oh, faster... oh fuck oh..." she screamed in erotic hysteria. When she felt his hands on her ass, grabbing it with enough force to leave red marks and forcing it onto his cock as he thrust as hard as he was able, she knew what was about to cum.

When he did, she started screaming and bucking - then, for a brief moment, she was almost still, but a barely perceptible shaking motion moved up her spine from her cunt to her brain... and then, with a throaty grunt, she finally thrashed around, screaming and growling as an orgasm bigger than the last one racked her body. When he was done filling her with his seed, she fell to the bed, unconscious.

When she left three days later, she was sincerely sad to go. Betty knew how to handle her husband, though. She just knew that they would be moving to the Midwest soon... to be closer to family. But for now, the beginning of her temporary leave from the hottest man she'd ever meet was about to begin with an unpleasant cab ride to the airport.

She knew she was in for a long drive when he asked if she liked Fleetwood Mac.

"Whatever. Just get me to the airport. Security's a bitch." He smiled, put in the CD, and they drove away. As "Sara" played on the radio, Betty ran her hands over her slightly changed body discretely, hoping she'd be able to have fun with her sister and brother-in-law again very soon.