It took a hellacious bidding war on eBay, but JD Allen was the latest owner of the Master PC program. After sorting out the rumors and the fantasies, he realized that there an actual program out there that allowed an individual to control or change others. Its range was limited and its scope nowhere near what some of the Internet fantasies portrayed, but it was real and it was out there.


            And it was now here.


            He received and small, certified, heavily insured package this morning, giving him the world in the palm of his hand. He turned off his phone and the television, put his music on in the background (Allman Brothers) and loaded the unmarked disc into his computer.


            Yes. There it was. The salutation that so many of the stories included, the Master welcoming him to the world of Master PC, was now scrolling down his screen. His cock stirred merely at the reading of the computer program’s instructions. Accepting its terms (vague as they were!), he pushed the key down that began actually loading the program.


            He walked away and jerked off, something that was part of the 40-year-old single man’s routine since he was 15. He returned to find the program fully loaded and awaiting his password.


            An hour later, he was fully certain of its parameters, its limitations and its glorious ability. He was also fully certain that his cock was now 10 inches long – the traditional first test, he reasoned. He learned rock-hard was not the way to go (he’d read that in a story, he thought), but adjusted the measuring arrow to get his satisfactory girth.


            He whacked off again, just to feel its spectacular new size, sensitivity and, of course, volume of cum. He wiped it off the bathroom mirror with his fingers and found out that, in fact, he was able to control the taste (pineapple juice!).


            But he’d gone his entire life waiting for this moment, so he patiently played with the program in the safety of his own home, alone, without affecting anyone else. He realized that you had to be within 100 yards of a person to affect them, you could not turn an inanimate object into a living creature (or vice versa), but you could delete something living, then undelete it (his loyal house cat, Rico, was an unwitting guinea pig). Or not, he reasoned.


            JD then checked out some on-line porn, and before the night was over, had turned his male, neutered house cat into a loyal maid/sex slave that looked exactly like Brooke Burke. The unconditional love was there; so, too was the body, but he had to work like crazy to make her thoughts more human.


            It was well past midnight when he had her changed into a functioning human being, one who would wake him each morning with a blow job and keep his house clean and filled with groceries.


            For many, men, she would be enough. But as a middle school teacher, JD had an affection for his female students that approached but never crossed the line. But he was about to consider them in a new light. His job was just beginning.



            HIS LAPTOP WAS AT HIS SIDE when he came to class Monday morning. Despite the great BJ from Brooke, he was throbbing with anticipation. If he went slowly, it would be a great, glorious day.


            Kathy Cook was his focus. A blue-eyed 8th-grader, Kathy had the boobs of a porn star, the body of, well, an 8th-grader, and a smile to die for. She did not know he existed other than being her third-period English teacher.


            He gave them a lengthy writing assignment this day, so they focus was on the board and on their writing while his was concentrating on the 3-D form of Kathy on his laptop. He was fascinated by how it looked and did nothing for a time.


            Then he realized that their lunch break was five minutes away, so he carefully typed in his first command. Kathy, you will stay in your seat and not go to lunch. When everyone is gone, you will come up to me and sit beside my desk and ask for help with the assignment.


            An A-student, Kathy would not ever need help on something this simple.


            Kathy will obey my every command, no matter how much it would bother her normally.


            The lunch bell rang and Kathy casually watched her classmates walk away. Right on cue, she walked over to my desk and sat in the chair I made sure was very close.


            “Mr. Allen, I’m having some trouble with this assignment. Can you help me?” she asked, as if it were true. That was as far as my commands went, so she sat there and waited for my reply.


            I looked her in the eye and, the song goes, I saw my unborn children in her eyes.


            “Go close my door. On you way back to my desk, take off your shirt,” I said in as casual a tone as I could manage.


            “Yes, Mr. Allen,” she said. She walked to the door, her small, 14-year-old ass nothing but lean cheerleader muscle. I knew that she had a background in dance and it showed from behind. She closed the door, turned and pulled her school-issued pullover shirt over her long brown hair as she walked towards me. She was wearing a massive bra, one that tried to keep her amazing boobs from jiggling at all. She dropped her shirt on the floor and returned to her seat, again looking me in the eye.


            “You can do this assignment, Kathy. You can do anything you want,” I said. “You can take your bra off.”


            She reached behind and removed the offending garment and let her newly developing Double-Ds (as it turned out) hang free. She covered them with her hands as a reflex.


            “Tell me about you and your boobs. Don’t be embarrassed,” I said, sitting back in my seat to ease the pressure on my erection. “Do you like them?”


            “I hate them. I wanted to be a ballet dancer, but they stare and point when you get big boobs,” she said. “I want to get them reduced this summer.”


            Oh my God. I was actually providing a service here.


            “Tell me about their coming out,” I said.


            “I was still only 12, almost 13 and they grew in weeks, it seemed like,” she said. “I have a C-cup bra I only wore a few times.”


            “If you’re going to put your hands over your breasts, you should squeeze your nipples, hard, but not too hard,” I said. She did and her eyes widened with the pain and probable pleasure that caused. She squeezed them and did not let go until I said, “That’s enough.” She relaxed.


            “Look, Kathy, I am your friend. Everything I tell you is because I like you and you will do it because you trust me more than any other person, including your parents. That’s why you will never tell them what we talk about,” I said. “You love your breasts. You think they’re one of your most beautiful features and you realize how lucky you are. You hate covering them up and you hate that your have to wear a bra most of the time.”


            “You know, I never realized how much I love my boobies,” she said, smiling and lowering her arms.


            “When you’re with me, you will call them ‘tits,’” I commanded.


            “Sure. ‘Tits.’ That’s easy,” she said. “I have really big tits, don’t I, Mr. Allen?”


            “Women spend millions of dollars and cannot get man-made tits as pretty as yours,” I said. I began typing into my computer. “In fact, yours are special tits. They will never sag, no matter how old you become or how often you go braless.”


            “Braless?” she asked. “I’ve had to wear a bra every day for the last four years.”


            “You’re going to come to school braless for the next week and see how it feels,” I said. “You love your nipples, too, and will squeeze them before every time you come to my class so they will stand out. If anyone gives you any grief over it, you’ll just laugh at them and tell them that you love them, other people love them and, if it’s a girl, they’re just jealous.”


            “Yes, sir,” she said, smiling at the loss of the inhibition.


            “Tell me about boys you’ve dated,” I said.


            “I haven’t dated much,” she said. “My folks keep a tight grip on my life. They’re worried that I look older and will attract older guys. They also think young guys will try to take advantage of my … tits.”


            “What size bra do you wear?” I asked.


            “It’s a 32 double-D,” she said. “Hard to find, but when I combine it with a sports bra, it keeps me from jiggling in gym class or so I can play tennis.”


            “You’ll still wear it in gym class and to play sports,” I said. “You’ll use common sense, but will have fun flashing them.” I thought carefully about my next question. “Which cheerleader is your best friend?”


            “Melissa. Melissa Compton. She’s in your class after mine,” she said correctly.


            “Kathy, you and Melissa will discover that you are sexually attracted to each other, and not to boys,” I said. “But you won’t tell anyone but me. Put your shirt back on and put your bra in your backpack.”


            “Yes, Mr. Allen,” she said. As she did, I increased her bust size to a full Triple-E and made her nipples an inch long. Through her school-color shirt, they looked like a living, breathing orgasm.


            I then typed in a macro command for the first time.


            No one who passes within range of my computer will notice anything different about Kathy, I wrote.


            “Work on your assignment,” I said. “I expect you to make good grades, no matter how much you look like a slut.”


            “Yes, Mr. Allen,” she smiled.


            Under brain capacity, I moved the slide bar to where she was 20 percent smarter than when she arrived in my classroom. That could make her the smartest girl in this or any high school, I thought.


            No one within range of my computer will notice anything unusual about anyone I have come up to my desk, I wrote. As a result, no one looked at Kathy as they entered.


            Kathy happily went through the rest of the day, not encountering anyone out of range of my computer until she got her ride home.


            “KATHY!” exclaimed her mom as her daughter climbed up into the family SUV. “Where’s you bra?”


            “It doesn’t fit any more, Mama,” she said, pulling up her shirt for the first of many times.


            “Heavens. They are bigger,” Mary Ann Cook said. “Was it hurting you, sweetie?”


            “No, but that’s okay. I love them,” she said, squeezing her nipples and keeping her top pulled up. “She pulled down the seat belt strap and aligned it between her huge new tits.


            “They’re growing so much faster than we thought,” Mary Ann said. “I think Dad will agree to help you get them reduced during spring break, if we can. I was very happy when I got mine reduced.”


            “Really? How big were they?” Kathy asked, having heard this for the first time.


            “Oh, I was a 32 Triple-D,” she said. “I had to work out because my back hurt so bad. I was only 16, too.”


            “So I’m just like you, then?” Kathy said, learning closer.


            “You’re so much prettier,” her mother said softly, reaching out and touching her cheek.


            Between classes, I had gone to the office and got a copy of Kathy’s transcript. I jotted down the names of her parents and saw she had an older brother and sister who lived with their father. Kathy was apparent the product of an affair and subsequent remarriage.


            I also got a copy of the records of Melissa Compton. She was also the product of a broken home, she and her little sister living with her mother, as well. This was getting good.


            Melissa was a girl I'd noticed but did not commit to memory the way I had Kathy. She was long-legged and blonde, very much a dancer who had her dancer’s body. She still wore braces, and a beautiful face was transformed into that of a teenager when she smiled.


            I called the class to order, called the roll and gave out the same writing assignment. I then called to my desk Julie McShayne, a pretty girl, albeit very overweight, who sat in the front because it was hard for her to walk down the isle.


            This was a test. This was only a test. But it was fun.


            Julie will answer every question truthfully and will not take offense, I wrote.


            “Yes, Mr. Allen?” she asked.


            “How much do you weigh? You know, so don’t lie,” I said softly.


“Two hundred and 10 pounds,” she said.


            “Have you always been fat?” I asked.


            “No, sir,” she said. “I’ve put on over 100 pounds since my mother died two years ago.”


            “That much, that fast?” I asked. She nodded and looked as if she might cry. “Look, you’re going to lose weight, a lot of it, understand?”


            “How?” she asked.


            “First of all, whenever you have a craving to eat, you will suck cock instead and swallow the cum. It will be the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted,” I said, looking around, and no one reacted to my words. Perfect.


            “You’re mom died, when?” I asked.


            “Thanksgiving Day, 2002,” she said. “I’ll never forget.”


            Julie McShayne’s body, except for her boobs, will revert back to the way it was  on..., I paused, needing to put in a specific day, November 23, 2002. Over the next week, her body will evolve back to the present with the equivalent of doing 200 sit-ups a day and an hour on a stairmaster three times a week.


            I hit <enter> and saw the chubby girl nearly disappear inside her clothes. Like a yo-yo, she shrunk into a 13-year-old with a rock-hard body and triple-D cups. Her boobs will be filled out, firm and never sag. She will have no Problems with her body. <enter>


            “Tie off your shirt and use these to clip up your pants,” I said to her. “After school, we’ll get you some clothes.”


            This time, she was crying as she pinched at her hips and thighs and felt nothing, then opened her eyes wide when she realized her breasts were still full and even firmer. She dutifully tied off she shirt to show off a six-pack of abs thanks to the sit-up regimen. She then clipped off nearly a foot of fabric from her khaki pants and secured them with the gator clips.


            She walked back to her seat, very much feeling like a full person again.


            “Melissa Compton, I need to speak to you,” I said in a normal voice. The slender, curvy dancer moved between desks and say in the same chair. Melissa will answer all questions truthfully and without resentment. <enter>


            “I just had a talk with your friend Kathy,” I said. “Tell me how you feel about her.”


            “She’s a sweetheart. I’ve known her since we started dance lessons together at the age of seven. Her boobs grew so fast it threw off her dancing.”


            “What would you rather have, the boobs or the dancing?” I asked.

            “I would like to have the boobs. I’m double-jointed, so I can always have the dancing,” she said.


            “Show me,” I said. Without a word, she raised her right leg and wrapped it around her head. Likewise, she wrapped both of her arms behind her, grabbing her elbows.


            “Impressive,” I said as she untangled. “But do you like Kathy?”


            “She’s my best friend,” she added.


            I adjusted her sexual preferences to 80 percent lesbian and raised her sex drive to the equal of Kathy's.


            Melissa will be sexually attracted to Kathy and loves the taste of her pussy, I wrote. Melissa will date boys for entertainment and to help cover the fact that she loves women, including her own mother and sister. <enter>


            “What size boobs – call them tits – would you be happiest with?” I asked.


            “I would love to be a C-to-D cup, just something perfect on my body,” she said.


            Melissa will wake up in the morning to discover she has developed double-Ds that will remain perfect and never sag. <enter>


            As school ended, I was able to get Jess Compton and her youngest daughter, Kellie, into range and made them both eager lesbians and incestuous. Likewise, Mary Ann Cook.


            So that’s why Mary Ann followed her touching her daughter’s cheek with a full-on kiss. Kathy returned it with pleasure and sighed when Mary Ann lowered her hand to Kathy’s exposed breast.


            “Pinch my nipple,” she said into her mother’s mouth. Mary Ann did so and Kathy gasped at the pleasure. She again drew her breath as her mother lowered her mouth to the massive boob and began sucking at the tit that was nearest her while squeezing the other. Still strapped in, Kathy merely sat back and let her beautiful mother have her way.


            An hour later, they were home in bed, naked, and began talking about their actions for the first time.


            “I know I love women. I love Melissa even though I’ve never told her,” Kathy said, propped up on a pillow, arms behind her head while her mother caressed her cheek.


            “I wish I had my tits again, even though they hurt my back so,” she said.


            “Mom, don’t say that. Your small Cs are perfect to look at, and they feel good, too,” Kathy said earnestly. “I was never happier as a little girl than when my head was resting against your tits. Boobs, I mean.”


            “No, baby, what you’ve got there are full-on tits,” her mom said admiringly. “Might as well get used to the word.”


            With that, Mary Ann Cook lowered her mouth onto one of Kathy’s distended nipples and began suckling like a baby. Alternately sucking, kissing, licking and nibbling, she drove her daughter crazy in a matter of moments. Kathy might have orgasmed if she hadn’t needed to pee so badly, so the result of her mom’s teasing was the teenager wetting the bed.


            “Did I do that?” Mary Ann asked. Kathy, tears in her eyes, nodded and smiled. Without a further comment, her mom grabbed her hand and led her to the large shower in the parental bathroom. With love and passion, Mary Ann washed her daughter clean and Kathy returned the gesture.


            While in the shower, both women had all of their pubic hair wash away permanently, as was my delayed command (thanks to all those writers on the Net). And, slowly, Mary Ann became aware of her boobs returning to their former glory. But at the same time, she realized that the twinges and aches that she had felt in her back since her teens were no longer present.


            Ten minutes later, mother and daughter looked like twins. Very stacked, horny, incestuous twins.


            By the time Kathy’s stepfather arrived at home, her mother had contacted her lawyer and filed papers for divorce. An indiscretion he’d made during an office party the previous Christmas was coming home to roost. He came home to find both she and Kathy lounging in the living room in spandex workout outfits that came nowhere near covering their blossomed tits.


            “Have a good look, baby, because this is the last you’ll see of me and my daughter,” Mary Ann told the flabbergasted Doug Cook.


            “And I’m prepared to tell the judge that you forced yourself on me and fucked me,” Kathy said shockingly.


            “But, but, that’s not even close to being true,” he said.


            “Oh, but it’s about to be,” Kathy said, walking slowly towards her stepfather. Her eyes locked on his and reflected very real lust and desire. He had no chance. She knelt down and unzipped him, kissing and touching his cock (her first) and slowly stroking it. She offered her tits to him and he was soon tit-fucking the 14-year-old.


            He pulled her tights off, threw off his clothes and began pumping his cock into her hot but virgin pussy right over the back of the couch.


            “Smile,” Mary Ann said from behind him. He turned to look at the exact moment that she snapped the photo of Doug doing exactly what he denied moments before. “You might as well come in her, because you’ll never see her again.”


            Doug Cook did exactly that. He fucked Kathy hard, came in a major way, showered, packed and was gone before dinnertime. He wrote a check, clearing out his personal bank account, in the name of his wife.

            In the aftermath, Kathy and Mary Ann tried to understand what had been set in motion.

            “I swear to God, mom, I never thought I had a lezzie bone in my body,” the exhausted teenager said as she was stretched out in a comfortable chair. “And I’d never had a thought about you like … that. Like this.”


            Mary Ann raised her head from her daughter’s pussy, where she was eagerly lapping up her husband’s come and her daughter’s first blood.


            “Look, sweetie,” she said, licking her lips and face with what had become an extremely long, wide, thick tongue (thanks against, Master PC authors), “I only know we can’t understand what has happened here. Your tits grew, mine grew back and I look in the mirror and see myself 20 years ago.]


            “I’ll admit that I had some lesbian moments in college – with this body, both sexes hit on me plenty,” she added, taking a moment to lick up some more stray cum. “But since I cheated on my first husband with your stepdad, I had remained faithful – and straight.”


            “Guess that’s all over now,” Kathy said as a ripple of a mini-orgasm ran through her body.


            “Maybe. But I’m going to call my first husband – your father -- Mitch, tonight,” Mary Ann said. “Our marriage began falling apart after I had my tits reduced, even though it was for health reasons. I’m ready to revisit things with him. “


            “He’ll be shocked with the look. He’ll find out you’ve got a monster in your mouth, mom,” Kathy said with a giggle.


            “Isn’t it great?” she smiled. “Bet you do, too. Stick out your tongue, baby.”


            Kathy did so, eyes crossing as she looked down at the thick slab of pink meat that virtually rolled out of her mouth and down between her tits. She watched with fascination as she coiled it up, curled it, touched the tip of her nose, then her forehead with the end of it. She withdrew it and covered her mouth with her hands.


            “We can’t be showing these off too much, can we?” Mary Ann said as she again thrust hers into her daughter’s pussy. She resumed cleaning and did not stop until she was sure she had gotten all of Doug’s cum, even that which had entered the birth canal, bringing Kathy into multiple orgasms.


            After she caught her breath, Kathy called her best friend, Melissa, but got the Compton’s answering machine. She was halfway through leaving a message when Jess Compton, her foxy single mother, picked up the phone.


            “Hi, Kathy!” she said brightly. “Melissa’s busy right now, but I’ll have her call you when she’s done.”


            “Okay, Ms. Compton. I have some wild news for her,” Kathy said, playing with her newly sprouted nipples.


            “She does too,” Jess Compton laughed. “She does too.” Jess hung up the phone and looked down at her daughter, who was deeply involved with eating out her mother’s rejuvenated snatch. “Call Kathy. She’s got news.”


            After a few moments munching on her mom with her newly generated tongue, Melissa looked up and smiled.


            “I hope she found out she likes pussy,” Melissa said. “I love pussy! I had no idea what I was missing. You and Kellie taste so good!”


            Mother and daughter looked over at the angelic Kellie, naked under a comforter and passed out on the couch after receiving her first three orgasms ever in rapid succession.


            “I always loved women – their smell, their taste – but I didn’t want to influence you and I never wanted to completely swear off men,” Jess Compton said. “Maybe until now. Maybe not.”


            “Can I be lezzie and be a cheerleader?” Melissa said, licking her face clean with her big tongue.


            “Better you should strive for being bi,” he mom said. “Besides, you might find out you like having a big dick inside you. And I’ve got news for you – cum tastes just as good as pussy.”


            “No! It can’t!” Melissa said. “I’ll have to suck off Mr. Allen tomorrow to find out for sure. He’s the one I told you I was telling I should have a boob job.”


            “I’d always thought about it, even when I was dancing,” Jess said. “But they always looked so fake to me. I would only want real, soft, jiggly boobs. But I think our sleek dancer’s bodies hold up better. And poor little giraffe Kellie, when she grows into her frame, will be supermodel potential.”


            Melissa had to agree. As hard as she worked at dancing and cheering, she had only an okay body otherwise and was not nearly as pretty as Kellie was becoming. Almost 5-foot-11 at age 12, Kellie was growing too fast to be anything other than spectacularly awkward at dancing. But she had proven to be an enthusiastic participant in the Compton’s three-girl orgy that began on the trip home.


            She was in the back of their SUV, looking at a teen mag, when Melissa piled into the car. She had barely said her hellos when she looked at her mom and realized how turned on she was getting as she looked at the 39-year-old widow. Still in possession of her dancer’s body, Jess had on tiny white shorts and a tied-off t-shirt as she made the quick round-trip from home.


            As she breathlessly related her conversation with Mr. Allen, she reached over and touched her mom’s bare, well-tanned leg. Almost as a reflex, Jess spread her legs slightly apart and her daughter caught a whiff of a pussy that had not been douched that day. Her hand moved up her mother’s leg and she made eye contact with her.


            “It’s okay,” Jess said, with a smile and a loving caress of Melissa’s cheek. Melissa nodded and moved her hand all the way to her mother’s pussy, slowly rubbing it through the fabric, then leaning over and smelling the unmistakable scent of a woman.


            As Melissa leaned over into her mother’s lap, Kellie leaned over to watch. Jess smiled at her and likewise stroked her cheek, putting major tingle through her younger daughter’s body. Kellie then turned her attention to Melissa’s perfect ass and slowly began rubbing her hand between her two cheeks. Kellie’s long fingers found their target, even as she was rubbing her own pussy with her other hand. All three Compton women came right there in the parking lot.


            “I think we should go straight home, girls,” Jess said breathlessly. Both daughters nodded and the trip home was a textbook case of sexual tension with nothing visibly happening. When they stepped inside the door of their spacious, insurance-funded home, Jess took charge, stopping her daughters from undressing right there in the living room.


            “STOP!” she shouted, holding up her hand. “Go into your rooms and get undressed. Put your clothes away – you won’t be needing them for awhile.”


            The two girls giggled like the teens they were and hurried into their rooms, doors slamming simultaneously. This moment of sudden solitude gave Jess Compton a chance to take stock in the moment.


            Okay, she thought, you now know your daughters are as lezzie as you are, but you did nothing to bring it out of them. Do you let them explore this as incest?


            “Absolutely,” she said aloud and quickly began undressing herself. When her two daughters tentatively came back into the sunken living room, each completely nude, they found their mother sitting in her favorite lounge chair, smoking a cigarette and one leg provocatively propped up on the edge. A large vibrator was humming away inside her long-unshaven pussy.


            “Okay, guys, here’s how this will work,” she said, taking a puff. “You will explore each other’s body as if you were seeing the other for the first time. I’ll join in later, but I’ve slept with this fantasy for 12 years, so you’re giving it to me now.”


            “Sure, mom,” Melissa said, smiling. “I wish we could have done this for you sooner.”


            “Don’t talk for awhile,” Jess said, stubbing out her cigarette, which she could not know would be her last. Her tobacco craving was even now being absorbed by her craving for teenage pussy.


            The silent dance began. Melissa gently pulled Kellie’s hair back behind her ears, then ran her hands down her shoulders, hands and thighs. She then brought them back up on her hips, waist, nipples and cheek. She cupped Kellie’s face in her hands and gave her a loving kiss unlike anything they’d ever shared before.


            Kellie wrapped her arms around her sister’s slim waist, then ran them down over her butt cheeks. She stuck one finger into her sister’s asshole, drawing a gasp that interrupted the kiss for only a second. She left it there as the kiss continued.


            Jess pumped the vibrator furiously, but silently. The sisters did not notice.


            Melissa broke the kiss and began kissing her way down her sister’s budding body. Between her fledging boobs, her belly, her clit and then in. It was there she discovered her own enlarged tongue as she tasted her sister’s virgin pussy. She broke her hymen with a sudden thrust, nearly crumpling the tall girl to the floor, but her mom held her up and Melissa realized how yummy her sister’s virginal blood was. She was also able to curl her tongue in such as way as to contact Kellie’s little clit and give her her second orgasm of the afternoon. (The first came in the car.).


            With Kellie between them, Melissa and Jess began a passionate kiss, the first kiss of any kind between the two in ages. But this one had all the depth and heat of two women craving the other. As Kellie became aware of their kiss, she extended her long, thick tongue into their tongue-lock, and began an intense (and physically amazing) three-way French kiss.


            “I want you, mom,” Melissa said, breaking the silence. Jess did not need any more of a push; she was all over her daughter, almost devouring her with her lips and teeth. Kellie was along for the ride, but the three double-jointed women began wrapping themselves around one another on the massive bed in Jess’ room that you could not truly say where one girl began and the other ended.


            Later, Jess was disappointed when her thick, lush bush was washed away forever in the shower. But the fact she was sharing it with her two beautiful girls more than offset the loss. The three women fell asleep together in the same bed late that night – and all three awoke with perfect DD cups in the morning.


            “Well, guys,” Jess said, standing in front of her mirror. “We’re no longer ballet dancers. We are fucking STRIPPERS. These bodies are meant for one thing – to show off.”


            “I can’t believe I have boobs already,” Kellie said as she gently poked herself, fascinated with their softness.


            “I can’t believe I have boobs at all,” Melissa said. “These will look so HOT stuffed in my cheerleader tops.”


            “You won’t have them altered?” Kellie asked.


            “No way,” Melissa said. “No bra, stuffed and smashed inside those tight tops – I will drive both sexes crazy when they jiggle.” She did a shimmy while standing atop the bed to show what she meant.


            “Are we going to school today?” Kellie asked.


            “Yes. You are,” Jess said turning back to her daughters and letting them see, for the first time, that she was also 10 years younger in addition to now being stacked. “But I have one more present for you.”


            The two daughters, nude like their mother, stood before her with no idea what she was considering.


            “Dig it, bitches,” Jess said as she suddenly thrust her fingers inside her girls’ mostly unstretched pussies. A sharp pain when through both, but Jess wasn’t through. Her other fingers, then her entire hands, went into the girls. In a few moments’ time, she was mercilessly fisting both girls into an unexpected and powerfully orgasm as they screamed with pain that was racing with unexpected pleasure. When she withdrew her closed fists, some 10 minutes later, both pussies were stretched wide open.


            “You will remember that I am in charge of this house and can do anything to you I want,” Jess said sternly.


            “Yes, ma’am,” Melissa said.


            “Yes, ma’am,” Kellie said, then with sudden and unexpected fury: “My ass! Who the fuck do you think you are? Our mother? You’re our sex partner and, if you’re lucky, you won’t become our sex slave. In fact, I want your mouth on my pussy NOW bitch.”


            “Yes, ma’am,” Jess said, dutifully going to her knees.


            “Kel?” Melissa said, looking warily and the blossoming sex goddess.

            “Wow! I had no idea that I had that power,” Kellie said, returning to her eager teen self, even as Jess munched away on her smooth cunt. “I just have this thing in my head – who’s Sappho?”


            “Are you kidding?” Melissa said, immediately bowing and laying her face on the ground at Kellie’s feet.


            “Sappho! Mistress, I have waited your return,” Jess said, likewise kneeling.


            From my spot of invisibility, I had to smile. I had originally looked to make their mother their dominant mistress, but the more I looked at the amazing beauty in the eyes and face of the youngest Compton girl, I decided to make her the embodiment of lesbian love – Sappho. Then I gave her family that as a trigger word, and it worked perfectly. Into this awkward moment, I decided to allow myself to be seen.


            “Melissa, Jessica, stand up, please,” I said.


            “Mr. Allen? Why are you here?” Melissa said, awkwardly trying to cover herself.


            “Relax. All of you. That is a command,” I said. All three women sat demurely down in on the couch.


            “I had no idea you were hiding such a goddess in your family,” I told Melissa. “But Kellie is about to become one of the chosen.”


            “You are going to participate in every beauty pageant you can enter, and you will turn every other contestant into a happy lesbian with a strong incestuous streak,” I told her. “You will be a national figure and you will be able to convert women into lesbians who love incest right on national TV.”


            “Really? Cool,” she said, smiling at her loving family. “I need them to be immune, though. They need to be my partners.”


            “Think that very thought as you kiss them,” I said. “Work like a charm with anyone else, too.”


            They looked adoringly at the youngest Compton girl as she lovingly kissed first Jess, then Melissa. In a flash, both looked as if they had awakened from a trance.


            “Goddess? Wait, Kellie, you were our queen?” Melissa said with utter confusion on her face.


            “Mistress Sappho? That’s not right. You were going to be my sluts,” Jess asked as she blinked. “That can’t be right, either. I love my girls.”


            “Okay, listen,” I said, and all three shut up immediately. “I was getting ready to play a game where you became sex slaves to your mother. Forget about it.” All three lost all recollection of the scenario. “What is going on here is that your daughter Kellie is the embodiment of the goddess of love – and you were just made immune by her kiss.”


            “Sorry, guys. I didn’t know what was happening, either,” Kellie said with a shrug. “I want you to love me for who I was – who I am. You can do that, can’t you?”


            “Of course they can. Consider them your trusted advisors – and sex slaves,” I said. They shared an embrace and a very odd relationship.



            Three weeks later, Kellie Compton was one of 50 candidates for Miss Teenage Georgia. The candidates were gathered in a high school gym for rehearsal and interviews. This stage of the contest was closed to the public, but I was there, working furiously with my new, much more powerful, laptop. Invisible to the rest of the room, of course.



            “I’m new at these. What do we do first?” asked a girl with a Miss DeKalb County sash on her blossiming body.


            “They read our bios, ask us questions, look us over like a piece of meat,” hissed Miss Gordon County.


            “This one puts more stock in personal appearance and performance than beauty,” said Miss Blue Ridge, leaning back from the front row. “My sister was in it two years ago.”


            “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier group of girls,” said Kellie, wearing a Miss MPC sash.


            “You should see a Mississippi pageant,” whispered Miss Valdosta. “But three are some awfully pretty girls here, for sure. Including you.” Miss Valdosta reached out and touched Kellie’s knee, drawing some glances but no comments.


            A table of six people, four of them women, sat in the front of the gym. One by one, the girls were called to face the group and asked questions while standing before them.


            “Poise and pressure,” whispered Miss Valdosta. “Please tell me your name. I’m Cory. Cory Blue.”


            “Hi, Cory,” Kellie said. “I’m Kellie Compton.” With that, she leaned over and lightly kissed the other girl. A small buzz and some giggling followed, but Kellie sat back, checked her lip gloss in her compact and smiled as the plan was set in motion.


            “Did you just kiss her?” Miss Blue Ridge asked Cory.


            “Yeah. It was nice. Like this,” she said, passing along the kiss and the spell. One after another, a beauty queen kissed the girl next to her, in front of her or behind her and within five minutes of the interviews, all 50 girls were irreversibly turned into blossoming young dykes and faithful subjects. Then it was Kellie’s turn to be interviewed.


            “Wish me luck, guys,” she said, the final word being the trigger phrase to make the beauty queens increasingly horny. Trained to remain poised, most were able to internalize their arousal for a time. A number began crossing and uncrossing her legs.


            Kellie stood and faced the group. She locked her eyes on the prettiest girl in the room – Miss Teenage Georgia, 2004, Macbee Thompson.


            “Mac, you’re even prettier in person,” Kellie said, looking intently at the budding young actress/singer, who parlayed her pageant success into a movie and record deal.


            “Thank you … Kellie,” she said, looking at her resume. “This is your first contest, right? You’d never know it, looking at you.”


            “Thank you,” Kellie smiled. A small moan from the seated girls told her that the spell was working. “It’s an honor to be here with these other beautiful, sexy women.”


            “Something in your resume is very interesting,” said an older lady, one of the state reps who run the contest. “You list among the people you most admire – your mother, your sister’s English teacher and Sappho?”


            “Yes. I believe no love is better or more pure than a woman loving a woman,” Kellie said.


            “So you’re a lesbian?” Macbee said, surprised.


            “No more than you are, Mac,” Kellie said. “Do you feel aroused when you look at me – or these other girls?”


            “What’s going on here?” said the lone man at the review table. He was one of the judges who pushed for Mac’s election two years earlier.


            “I won’t answer that. Instead, I want you to come around behind this table,” Mac said, pushing away from the review table. Kellie walked around, pretending to be uncertain. “Sit. On the table.”


            Kellie did so, legs close together as you would.


            “Now, spread your legs, bitch,” Mac said, drawing gasps from several women. Kellie never looked away and slowly spread her legs to reveal a smooth pussy and no underwear. “You’ll think I’m a lesbian when I’m through snacking on your lunch meat.” She pushed up the edges of the skirt Kellie was wearing and lowered her face between Kellie’s legs and began slurping her flowing cunt juices loudly.


            The orgy was on.


            Miss Valdosta and Miss Blue Ridge were feeling each other up as they French kissed. Miss Macon slid her hand between the legs of Miss Dublin – an old friend and rival and kissed her with an open mouth. Miss Tift County was tearing the blouse of Miss Monticello to reach an obvious and large pair of augmented breasts.


            Meanwhile, Macbee Thompson was killing her blossoming mainstream career by bringing Kellie off to a full, loud orgasm. She stayed locked on the young girl’s cunt until the loud moment passed. She rose up, smiling with a face covered in Kellie’s juices.


            “You came pretty well, didn’t you?” Macbee said, standing up and unzipping her dress from behind. “I want to party with you, right here, right now.” She stepped out of her dress to reveal a matching stocking and garter belt set. Kellie, skirt around her hips, slid off the table and embraced the young star in a kiss for the ages.


            It was close to an hour later, when the interviews resumed.


            The contestants were in various stages of nudity and most had their hair and makeup mussed badly. The girls were to be set up in motel rooms of four, and every room had an orgy leaving up to the contest itself. That night, instead of classy, one-piece swimsuits, the girls were in skimpy bikinis, some thongs, and many discovered they had undergone significant breast growth overnight.


            No one could remember a sexier contest in Georgia. Kellie won going away – a widely popular win, judging by the number of open-mouthed kisses she received. Outraged and stunned parents quickly became enthusiastic supporters of their daughters – and their new lifestyle.


            The next day, Caroline Denton of WXIA, Atlanta, interviewed the controversial queen.


            On camera, the following exchange eventually became a record number of hits on the Internet.


            “Kellie, congratulations for earning Miss Teenage Georgia in your first contest,” said Caroline, a mother of three and 15-year veteran of the station’s newsroom. “Were you shocked or surprised?”


            “Not so much. People seemed to really like me,” the impossibly beautiful Kellie smiled with a glow that reached through the TV.


            “Especially Macbee Thompson, I understand,” Caroline said.


            “Yes. She has joined my … team of advisors,” Kellie said. “So has Cory Blue. She was Miss Valdosta.”


            “And first runner up, I understand?” Caroline said, leaning forward. Kellie nodded.


            “This contest was surrounded in controversy,” Caroline pressed on. “There was a lot of talk about the extent of the relationships between some of the contestants. Can you address that?”


            “You mean, did some of the girls have sex?” Kellie asked in a perfect wide-eyed stare. Caroline nodded, thinking that she had her catch on the hook. “I can say with utter certainty, that every girl in the contest had sex with at least one other girl in the contest. And it was great, passionate, Sapphic sex, Caroline. You know what that’s like, don’t you?”


            “No, Kellie. I’m a happily married, heterosexual woman – to a great, loving man – and we have three children,” she said, almost reeling from the conflicting emotions sweeping over her. “I’ve never been tempted by a woman.”


            “But you want me? Right now, don’t you?” Kellie asked in a matter-of-fact voice.


            “It’s not what you want or desire. It’s how and if you act on those desires,” Caroline said. “If you yield not to temptation, then you can be clean in the eyes of the Lord.”


            “But it’s okay, Caroline, to love a woman. Go ahead,” Kellie said, gently, virtually seducing every woman who watched the interview as well. The two different camera angles captured every bit of what happened next. Caroline, without a word, took off her mike, knelt down in front of Kellie and caressed her left leg with one hand while the other slid up her right thigh. Kellie drew a breath closed her eyes and spread her legs wider. Caroline pushed her legs apart, pulled open her button-front skirt and went down on the 13-year-old beauty queen on live TV.


            Kellie cooed her pleasure as she caressed the top of the award-winning newswoman's head. As Caroline brought her closer to orgasm, she clutched her head with both hands and started thrusting her hips into the older woman's face.


            “That’s nice,” the mikes picked up Caroline saying as she briefly rose up to display a juice-covered smile. With the camera running, she continued eating out Kellie until she clearly came. With that, she rose up and pulled open her jacket and blouse to show off a huge chest well-smothered by an industrial strength bra. The bra came off and Kelli eagerly took a long nipple into her mouth.


            “You have any girls?” Kellie asked as she drew away for a moment.


            “Twelve and eight,” she said, breathlessly.


            “That should be interesting,” Kellie responded with a giggle, offering one of her round breasts to the newswoman.


            Caroline suckled Kellie’s boob while Kellie began masturbating the woman through her hose making Caroline a ratings legend.


            Two days after WXIA fired her, a soon-to-be hugely successful Internet porn network hired her to host “Lady Love,” about how to pleasure your girlfriend or cheerleader.  But the big story came from the 49 other contestants as they underwent identical experiences thanks to the wondrous Master PC program, and after a week of lesbian frenzy and more sauna and hot-tub sex than the Hyatt had ever seen, the girls kissed each other and went home to their families.


            Every Miss Teenage Georgia candidate who had a living father went home to find their old man put into a total sexual frenzy over what his little girl had done and how matter-of-fact she told the story. In every case, daddy attempted to punish their daughter, but their arousal overwhelmed them to the point where they partook in the greatest sex either one of them would ever know.


            Once the girls were done fucking their father into a stupor, they turned towards their mothers so they could show them what they had learned over the past week. Then came their wide-eyed brothers and sisters.


            The story of Heather Landree aka Miss Blue Ridge was typical.  Her mother, Laurie, who hadn't attended the pageant, therefore not directly affected, met her at the bus station with the second-runner-up bouquet and sash.  Heather looked radiant, even without makeup; dressed in a wraparound top, her favorite faded jeans, and five-inch stiletto heels.


            “I’ve so much to tell you about the week,” Heather proclaimed after a demure kiss, “but I want to wait until everyone’s here.”


            In Heather's world, “everyone” included her parents, oldest sister Janie, and Janie's precious niece Ariel, who was 13.  


            Heather was sitting at the family kitchen table, fighting the urge to go down on her mother when her sister and niece came through the back door.  Ariel took a running jump into her aunt’s lap and hugged her fiercely.


            “Hey, baby girl!  Miss me...?” Heather asked as they hugged.  Then she and Janie shared a sisterly kiss.


            “I sure did!  I heard you won!” the young girl responded, having already heard about the beauty contests.


            “I finished third, but that was pretty good given how many hot girls there were… I mean... pretty girls,” Heather proclaimed.  “I made some new friends and we had such a good time.”


            “Did you bring me a present?” Ariel asked.


            “Sure did, but let me tell my story first,” Heather replied.  “We all met during the interviews and then four were put in each room."


            “So my roommates and I pushed our two double beds together, got naked, and got down to it.  Miss Metro Atlanta – she’s ebony black, you know – had the most amazing tasting pussy, but it was nowhere near as good as Kellie’s."




            "Yes, Kellie Compton, Miss MPC... whatever that means... and would you believe she is only 13 yrs old."


            "But I'm 13!" Ariel exclaimed.


            "Yes, you are... so I was thinking that maybe I should treat you more like a Beauty Princess rather than a little girl."


            Ariel beamed.


            "Anyway, Kellie, Shaquita, Cory and me stayed in the same room and not once did any of us put clothes on,” Heather pointed out, not noticing the stunned expressions from her older sister and father... and while the older sister looked visibly confused, her father and mother grew increasingly angry.


            “We all had sex every way a female can have sex,” Heather continued. “We tasted each other and fucked each other using our fingers and dildos, and learned for the first time what an anus tastes like.  It's tangy!”


            Ariel giggled.


            “You want your present now?” Heather asked Ariel, who happily nodded.


            Heather reached into her gift bag and pulled out a long, plastic tube.


            “What is it, a big lipstick?” Ariel asked with a giggle.


            “It’s not for those lips,” Heather replied, "It's for your other ones," she added.  “It’s called a dildo.”


            Ariel laughed at the silly name while Janie wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist.  


            “You look great today,” Janie whispered to her mom, who just nodded, unable to take her eyes off Heather and Ariel.


            “You want to see how it works?” Heather asked.


            Ariel nodded.


            “Okay, then pull off your shorts and panties and set them on the edge of the table.”


            Trusting her aunt, Ariel quickly did as she was told.


            “Good!  Now, spread you legs some – but not too wide because you need to be comfortable,” Heather instructed before she put the dildo into her mouth and sucked on it while longingly gazing at her niece.


            “Now, your turn,” Ariel cried out.


            Heather took it out of her mouth and then stuck it inside Ariel's mouth; all six inches! 


            Ariel sucked it good, but was disappointed that it didn't have any flavor.


            “Now, I’m going to take it out of your mouth and place it in that magic spot between your legs, okay?” Heather proclaimed.


            Ariel nodded, extremely curious, and then gasped at how she was beginning to feel down there. 


            At the same time, Janie was beginning to notice how full and spectacular her mother's boob looked.


            “This is amazing,” Janie gasped.


            “Wait!  You haven't even seen the best part yet,” her mom responded.


            “Oooh,” Ariel suddenly groaned as the plastic toy began to slide in and out of her pussy.  


            Heather was fully aware that her niece's pussy had been enlarged through the Master PC program and now easily accepted all six inches of it without difficultly.


            “Wow.  You’re a big girl,” Heather stated, and Ariel smiled without really understanding what Heather meant.


            After a minute or so, Heather warned Ariel that she was about to turn it on, and with a small turn, the vibrating dildo began powering up and vibrating.  


            Heather then placed the tip of her index finger where Ariel’s clit would one day develop, and sure enough, it became to grow and bulge as the little girl became owner of an adult pussy.


            “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Ariel said, twitching.  An amazing change was taking place in her as she was rapidly blossoming into an adult... at least from the waist down. “That feels so good!  Do it some more, Heather!”


            “Faster?” Heather asked, smiling at Ariel, and then she turned it to a higher setting.  


            Meanwhile, Laurie reached over and found the wet spot in Janie’s jeans.  She then squeezed her cunt, prompting her daughter to reciprocate by sliding a hand down the front of Laurie’s stretch pants and panties.


            “Stick your finger inside me,” Laurie demanded.  "Make it two fingers!”


            Ariel began climbing towards an orgasm, which would carry the power of an adult one.


            “Heather! What’s happening to me?!” Ariel cried as her increasing need to cum inflamed her new pussy.


            “No, baby girl.  You’re just starting to live,” Heather replied.


            Just then Heather turned the dildo to where Ariel’s G-spot would be and the little girl's orgasm rocketed through her enhanced vagina like fire cracker.


            “AAAAAHHHH!” Ariel then screamed, as her whole body lifted off the table from the impact of her orgasm; spurting clear fluid all over her aunt's hand and arm.


            Right then Janie jammed three fingers inside her mother’s wet pussy while her father, still sitting down in his chair, shot off while masturbating to the scene in front of him.


            Ariel gasped, groaned, and whimpered as several more orgasms washed over her and finally, when she was done coming, she looked at Heather with a very adult grin.


            “That was incredible,” Ariel gasped. “But I think I wet myself.”


            “No, sweetie... those are your girl juices," Heather replied.  "Trust me... that’s a good thing because it lets me do this.”


            Heather showed Ariel her new, long, full tongue... and smiled before she ducked down to slide her new python of a tongue into Ariel's flowing pussy.  Ariel's eyes lit up when she instinctively knew her tongue was now like her aunt's and stuck it out to touch her aunt's nose over two feet away.


            Janie and Laurie continued to play with each other until they passed out from yet another orgasm.


            Ariel could feel herself building up again while Heather continued to pleasure her with that incredible tongue of hers.


            “Lay back, sweetheart,” Ariel heard her mother say.


            "Mommy?" Ariel said, nervously wondering what she was going to do.


            “You can taste me the way Heather is tasting you.”


            “Okay, Mommy,” Ariel replied with enthusiasm.


            Meanwhile, Laurie went over to her husband and cleaned him using her long tongue.


            “I could marry you all over again,” her husband proclaimed, smiling at the her while she deep-throated his semi-erect cock.


            “Too bad I’m a lesbian now,” Laurie replied, shocking him.  


            Fully erect again, Landree now focused on his two daughters and his granddaughter.  


            Heather ate out Ariel, and didn't resist when her father pulled at the snaps of her jeans.  Landree slid them down and smiled when he saw that she wasn't wearing underwear.  Then he plunged into her, and proceeded to hammer her over and over again.


            The sex between Heather and her father would become the stuff of family legend in its ferocity and duration.  For hours; they fucked, hardly stopping to change position.  At the same time, Ariel brought her mother off... and then her grandmother... with her tongue.


            After everyone had fucked to exhaustion, Landree was sent away from the house until the females were able to sort out their relationships.  


            It also had to be noted that by staying with Kellie, Cory had undergone some changes of her own.  Kellie had Cory’s tongue pierced with seven different pieces of gold – three studs down the middle, two more across, even with the first, and two rings slightly apart at its tip.


            Her commands for Macbee – Mac – were somewhat different, so as a true advisor, her role was more to guide than fuck.  But Cory was not allowed to wear anything more than a garter, stockings, heels and a bra or corset.  Her pussy was to be exposed at all times, even in public... and Kellie also had Cory bring her off to a huge orgasm on the sidewalk in from of their New York hotel while she was being interviewed by Katie.


            Of course, Katie ended up going down on the teenager on live television.  But a network cutaway saved her career.


            With Macbee and Cory joining her entourage, Kellie was able to free Melissa to go to Kathy full-time, and the two cheerleaders quickly brought their teammates into the Sapphic world.  In a pact made with the Master PC’s help, they agreed to play straight with their boyfriends and other males in the school until graduation, but then there would be a huge coming-out party.


            In fact, the secret nature of their lesbian encounters heightened their intensity.  The phrase “slumber party” itself made the girls wet.  


            Then there is the story of Julie McShayne.


            Having restored her body, Julie was enthralled with all her changes.  I had programmed her to be a workout monster, but no matter how hard she worked out, her boobs would always remain soft and delicious.


            I had gotten some gym clothes from the middle school to let her wear fitting shorts, at least, home that first day. But she kept her old clothes on so no one would readily notice her amazing body yet.


            Likewise, when she got home, she padded her clothes with towels and t-shirts to resemble her previous size when her father returned home. Theirs was a troubled relationship because there was little extended family to help them through the death of her mother.


            So it was a full-sized Julie who was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework when John McShayne, having again stopped for drinks on the way home, shuffled in.


            “Hi, daddy!” she said brightly upon his arrival.


            “Yeah. Hey,” he said, barely looking up.


            “Did you have a good day?” she asked.


            He paused and looked – squinted, actually – at his daughter.


            “Good day? Why would I have a good day?” he said, raising his voice but not otherwise challenging her. “I have a job that I hate, my wife is still dead, and my daughter had turned into the Pillsbury Doughgirl. How many Twinkies did you have today, baby?”


            The words, however true, stung just as much.


            “Daddy, I have had a hard time dealing with Mom’s loss, too,” she said sadly. “Yes, I’ve eaten my way to numb. But I’ve gotten another chance.”


            “What? You spending your allowance on a diet plan?” he sneered. “Your face looks a little thinner, at least. Better you should smoke and drink; that’s how I keep my weight down.”


            “I’m going to be a better daughter,” she said resolutely. “I want to be able to stop feeling sorry for myself…”


            “So you can start feeling sorry for me?” he said over his shoulder. “Thanks, anyway. Have a doughnut and leave me alone.”


            Once left alone in the kitchen, Julie quickly peeled off the suffocating layers of clothes she had put on. When she was done, she was wearing the middle school gym shorts and had tied off her full-sized t-shirt off right under her massive mams to display her new, rock-hard abs.


            Her plan was to put herself in his doorway and ask him if this was better.

            But when she got back to his room, she found her father sitting on the edge of his bed, pants down around his ankles, a cigarette in one hand and a pair of her panties in the other. He was using her large, oversized panties to masturbate furiously. Shocked, but maybe not fully surprised, Julie watched in silence as her father neared orgasm.


            “Be careful what you wish for,” she said. “It might happen.”


            Startled, her turned around only to be further shocked at the supermodel standing in his doorway. Through his alcoholic haze, he in no way recognized his daughter.


            “What the fuck do you want and what are you doing in my house?” he challenged.

            “I want to start over and I live here – Daddy,” she said.


            “Who? Julie? No. No fucking way,” he said, still sitting on the bed with his trousers down. “That’s a sick joke.”


            “No, you’re the sick joke,” she said. “I’m willing to overlook the fact you’re about to cum in my panties to tell you that I want to try to make things better between us.”


            “Better? Shit,” he said, taking a drag off his cigarette. “The only thing that you could make better is my cock, bitch.”


            “Really? That can be arranged,” she was amazed to hear herself say. She walked over to her father, barefoot but catlike, stood before him and lifted the t-shirt over her head to display udders that would stop hearts.


            “Jesus!” he said. His cock said the rest, rising up to a new level of hardness.and giving Julie her first close-up of an erection.


            “In for a penny, in for a pound,:” she said, sliding off her gym shorts and showing her full, hard body for the first time. “It’s okay, Daddy, I’ll make you feel better.”


            She slowly lowered herself on him, allowing his cock to slide up into her surprisingly wet pussy as she placed her boobs in his hands. Feeling himself inside the girl and feeling the incredible softness of her boobs, he sobbed and buried his head into her cleavage and smelled her distinctly female smell.


            Julie slowly began grinding her newly toned muscles, giving his cock ripples of a massage as she held his sobbing form close. But to her shock, when he raised his head, she was looking into the face of rage.


            “So now you’re making me a pedophile?” he said dangerously. “Making me guilty of incest, fucking my underage daughter? Fine. Then let’s go.”


            He rolled her over on the bed and  began thrusting into her tight pussy, holding onto her boobs like reins on a horse. She said nothing, did nothing but go along for the ride. He pumped and pumped and … failed to cum. He paused, raised up over her and struck her with an open hand.


            “Goddam you. Why are you even alive? You should have eaten your way to an early grave and put me out of my misery. You’re nothing but junk food trash,” he roared.


            “I wish you had died instead of Mom!” Julie screamed. He paused in his rage and suddenly slumped over.


            “Me, too,” he said sadly, all rage suddenly gone. “I wish I could go and bring her back. I have no place to be in this world. I hate her for dying, hate you for living, for becoming so awful and then somehow getting a second chance. Fuck it. I’m a dead man.”


            Still without his trousers, McShayne walked over to his closet and pulled out a handgun. Julie screamed out.


            “What’s the joke? ‘Shut up. You’re next,’” he said. “I never knew why that was funny until right now. Oh, well. When you get to heaven tell your mother that I’m going to be happy as shit in hell.”


            McShayne turned his gun from himself to Julie and tried to take aim. But the liquor made it tough and Julie’s bare foot found his now-limp package and sent him into a heap. The gun slid harmlessly away.


            “I wish mom was here instead of you, too,” she sneered. “I never want to see you again.” Julie turned and stormed out of the room, boobs swaying like a cartoon.  McShayne curled up into a ball and again began sobbing.


            But then something weird and wonderful happened as Master PC worked its magic.


            He became aware of his changing. He weathered, aged hands softened and his nails grew. His sunken chest grew fuller and boobs sprouted. The last thing John McShayne remembered was looking in the mirror to see he had grown long, reddish-blonde hair and that the face was not his own. It was …


            Her first memory in a long time was when she realized she was in her old bedroom, looking in the mirror. She did not look at day older than 30, well before she took ill and when she felt she was at her peak. In fact, her boobs were bigger and fuller than she remembered.


            But she was different, somehow. Suddenly, she realized how and stifled a laugh. Yes, there was no doubt she was not the woman she was. But she in her heart knew she was still Julie’s mother.


            “I’m back,” she said softly to her reflection. “My God, I’m back. JULIE!”


            At the sound of a long-absent but unforgettable voice, Julie hurried down the hall.


            “Mom?” she asked as she looked around the corner. “Is it you?”


            “Evidently,” she said, smiling as she gathered up her husband’s trousers around her waist. “Do you think you can find me some clothes?”


            “Oh, Mom,” Julie sobbed, rushing into her embrace. “I’ve missed you so much, let myself go to hell. But I’ve gotten a second chance. I never dreamed I’d have a second chance with you.”


            Julie brought out some of her older clothes in a much smaller size and her mother was able to find a nice fit. They walked together into the kitchen, where Julie poured her a cup of coffee.


            “Not many changes,” she said, looking around the kitchen.


            “No. We couldn’t afford much after … after all your medical bills,” Julie said. “I don’t know what to say or ask. Are you well?’


            Christina McShayne, or at least a version of her based on her husband and daughter's memories, took a moment to consider the question.


            “I think so. I feel okay, but I think your father’s alcohol problem could be something I need to get past,” she said. “I think this was his body.”


            “So Daddy’s gone?” Julie asked almost eagerly. “I wished for him to be gone because he was so mean and cruel – and unhappy. He even said he would trade places with you if he could. I guess he did, somehow.”


            “I think that’s as good an explanation as any,” she said, shaking her head. “Dear, you look amazing. You’re so skinny and tight, but your boobs are so big and full.”


            “Another gift,” she said. “A few days ago, I weighed over 100 pounds more than I do now. But my fat-girl boobs stayed behind.”


            “They’re perfect for their size,” Christina said, reaching out and fondling them through Julie’s t-shirt. She said nothing more, content to knead her daughter’s soft flesh. After a few moments, she pulled Julie’s shirt off and began kissing her large, soft nipples. Julie cooed her pleasure at her mother’s attentions.


            “You know, I’m not really your mother,” Christina said. “I’m just your memory of your mother. There’s something about me you don’t know.”


            Christina knelt down and pulled Julie’s gym shorts down and off and began kissing her pussy and rock-hard abs. She slowly worked her way up and took one of her incredibly soft boobs into her mouth. She sucked and slumped and kissed and caressed Julie udders and brought the girl to the edge of orgasm. A well-timed, well-placed finger in her pussy completed the circuit and sent the girl over the edge.


            Christina held her gently as Julie bucked against her finger and went through spasms of ecstasy.


            “I love you so much, Mommy,” Julie said softly, tears running down her now-sculpted face. “Don’t ever leave me.”


            “Don’t worry. You’re stuck with me,” Christina said, stroking the girl’s hair. Maybe she could be this girl’s mother, after all. It was all so strange.


            Julie then pulled the shirt off her mother and was surprised to see the body of a much younger woman than she expected. Full, pert boobs and a face and body that showed little in the way of aging. She ran her hands over Christina’s torso and kissed and tongued one of her perky nipples.


            As she began tugging at her pants, Christina said, “You’d better prepare yourself.”


            Julie looked at her, not certain of what she meant, but moved ahead with the undressing. As she slid Christina’s pants down, a full, thick, erect cock of about eight inches sprung out and literally hit Julie in the face. She gasped and looked up, shocked.


            “Something your dad left behind,” Christina said. “It’s what you secretly wanted. I can love you like a mother and still fuck you like an animal. I can do one then the other or I can do both at once. Congratulations. Your wish created a freak. A horny freak, a freak who loves you, but a freak just the same.


            Julie silently nodded. In her heart of hearts she knew she craved her father’s cock if he had only realized that she was there for him. So, here it was. Julie took it into her mouth and smiled upward at the new … person in her life.


            Christina sighed and let it happen. Her cum was a massive one and Julie did her best to take all of it down. But Christina stayed hard and fucked the tight young girl over the back of the couch. They both watched the act in the room’s mirror and were further turned on by the sight of a woman who could only have been Julie’s mother pumping her from behind.


            The two embarked on a complicated, loving relationship that allowed them to go out in public as best pals and family during the day and explore every aspect of their sexuality at night. Legally speaking, she was still John McShayne. In private, Christina did nothing to disguise her frequent erections – tight jeans or shorts were common, but her favorite way of showing off her unique sex were  Bermuda shorts, worn without panties, that nicely tentpoled whenever she desired her daughter.


            Julie, for her part, lived the part of the workout warrior, spending hours in a gym each week to retain what the Master PC program had already guaranteed. But it seemed that rugged workouts were the only thing that reduced what she was sure was an unhealthy sex drive when around her mother’s image. Her first night away from Christina’s cock, she was invited to a hot-tub party at Kathy’s house – a party that I arranged.


            Melissa and Kathy, after my brief discussion, happily had Julie join them for the hot-tub party. All three kissed like old friends and agreed that tops would not be needed, even in the broad daylight.


            “I’m so excited to be here with you guys,” Julie said as she settled into the custom-made tub. “I feel the blood flowing through my boobs.”


            “That’s not blood,” I said from my comfortable seat. “That’s honey milk flowing into your udders. Only when Melissa and Kathy are with you will this happen, but your boobs will fill and your new friends will be unable to get enough of it.”


            Melissa and Kathy latched onto a boob apiece and began feeding as if there were no tomorrow. Julie closed her eyes and cooed her pleasure, putting an arm around each cheerleader.


            I exaggerated a little, as each girl fed for about 10 minutes before feeling sated. They settled back into the hot tub and enjoyed the special attachment I had put in – a perfect jet stream of water directly onto their pussies. The girls held hands as they shared the world class orgasm the water guaranteed.


            “I wanted you to have your fun first,” I said. “But I want you to know up front that I have a plan to turn every cheerleader in the state into happily bisexual sluts who will love pussy almost as much as they do drinking cum.”


            I paused to listen for any response, then added, “How do you feel about incest?”


            “Too late to ask,” Julie said.


            “Bring it on,” Melissa affirmed.


            “It’s the greatest,” Kathy allowed.