The Entrepreneur - a Master PC Story

by Fred Schmootz

An Entrepreneur


Jim wasn't sure where it had come from.

He had received a program in email from somebody with a freemail alias. It was called "the Master". It had claimed to allow him to control people around him - and it did.

At first he went all out with it, he changed girls into Barbie dolls that only wanted to fuck him. He hid his activities by using the program to make other people not notice the changes. After a while, though, he got tired of the sameness of the girls and the constant modifications to keep from attracting attention to his activities.

Then he hit on an idea. Before he acted on it, Jim had returned most of his harem to normal and done a final clean up. He modified himself a bit, including making himself very convincing when he wanted to be, and took a new job.

It would involve travel.

On his trips, Jim would have a different woman wherever he went.

Better still, they could pay for the privilege.

Now he was looking for his next adventure.

First Contact

Jim sat at the bar, watching. He had chosen the seat carefully, not too near the stage and not a booth, a sort of neutral seat to check the place out.

He was new in town. It was another town in a string of them. Jim did not mind, he had chosen the job with the same care he chose his seat in this bar. The job was not demanding, paid well, and gave him other opportunities. One of those opportunities was seeing new places, and new bars. Jim preferred this type: a strip joint.

It was not just that it was a place where good-looking women took off their clothes and acted happy to see him. It was a place to chat with locals and get the lay of the land. He had no illusions. Typically, there was no way a guy could hope to leave with a dancer. The exceptions were usually best avoided or expensive. On the other hand, Jim had an edge.

He had been sitting for about an hour watching the stage and the ladies circulating. Occasionally, he had gone up to the stage to get a close look and leave a tip. Several dancers had asked if he was interested in a dance, but he had politely refused.

Jim had just made another refusal when he saw the dancer he had been waiting for. She was a bit older and more assured than most of the other women. She was working the room well and attracting the eyes of several of the patrons - usually the more staid business types, but one of the couples in for a thrill, too. He knew he had his first choice, now to meet her.

Lauren moved through the room, feeling the attention of various men and loving it. This wasn't her main job any more. She had a gig as a mid-level sales type, but in slow months, the manager here let her come in and make some money. She had put in her time in her day job and was here for the extra tonight.

She said hello to a regular - he had another dancer in his lap - and kept moving. She stopped at another table and chatted for a bit, but pegged him as a guy looking to see a lot of dancers. She was tired tonight and looking for a different type of customer, someone who was looking to simulate a date without the fear of rejection or entanglement. She gave this guy a great dance - he would remember her later - then she took his money, made an excuse and moved on.

Most of the other men she knew were watching were already paired up with dancers, so Lauren drifted over the guy at the bar who was sitting alone. He was a good looking enough, so she wondered why he was here. From his look, he was a business type dressed down for the evening. She figured he was from out of town, since she had not seen him in here before.

"Hey, there. How are you tonight?" she greeted him with a smile.

"Great," Jim replied. " What's not to like about being here? There's good beer and pretty women. I am a happy man."

"That's great! Its what we are here for," Lauren replied with a smile. This looked like it might be what she needed tonight. "I'm Lauren. Mind if I join you for a bit?"

"Please! I'm Jim."

Lauren pulled up a stool and started to ask the normal questions. She found out that she had guessed right, he was from out of town. He had, in fact, arrived that day. Jim was amused at the way she worked the conversation. She was good. She worked to set him at ease. She was pleased that they hit a pause in the conversation just as a song was ending.

"So," Lauren asked, "would you like a dance?"

"Sure," Jim replied. "What are the options?"

"Well, let's move to a table and start there. They run $10."

"Lead on!" Jim said, hopping to his feet. He checked that he had left a tip for the bartender and moved into the area where there were open tables.

They found a table that was not crowded in and Jim got a seat as the music started again. Lauren smiled an intimate smile and started dancing. It was a great tease, but she made sure there was room between them as she went. She pulled up a chair in front of him and danced into a sitting position, doing a split to show her thing. She turned and wiggled her but at him, showing the strength and muscle. Finally, she lifted her dress up above her waist to show her tits - and nice ones they were - but she leaned away. While this gave Jim a nice view, it was also effective at enflaming him as an object of desire was both presented and withheld. It was a great show.

As the music ended, she put herself back together and moved to a chair next to him. Jim pulled out his wallet and gave her a $10.

Lauren smiled and tucked the money away. "Thank you, sweetie."

"No," Jim responded, "thank you! That was spectacular! I want to pace myself, but I sure would like more of those."

"Well there are plenty more where that came from."

Just then a waitress came up. Jim ordered a beer for himself and offered to buy Lauren a drink. She asked for a G and T. While they waited for the drinks, they chatted a bit, making small talk to pass the time. The drinks came and Jim paid, tipping well, Lauren noted.

"So, Jim, what brings you to town?"

"Oh, one of my jobs. Nothing exciting."

"One of your jobs?" Lauren asked. "You have more than one?"

"Yeah, well, I do computer systems work for my day job. It is as boring as it sounds. But I work part time for a supplement company, too. That's gonna make me rich. These things are great!" Jim enthused, "They are tailored to the individual and help fix things that you may not be able to get through normal diet."

"Oh," Lauren made a face and said, "that sounds like one of the girls at my other job. She sells that and soap and, well, all sorts of stuff. Mostly it supports her boss in the scheme. How someone in corporate sales can fall for that.... Oh! No offense!" Lauren raised her eyebrows in shock at her misstep.

Jim almost laughed at her expression. "None taken. No, this isn't like that. This really works. I mean you look great, but if there was something..."

"Thank you, kind sir," Lauren said looking demure. "I am human, though."

"Well, what would you like to change?"

"Oh, I would like to loose about 10 pounds, firm up a few places and get rid of some stretch marks. I looked a lot better before...."

"Before what? Before your daughter?"

"No, actually, after that. After my daughter was born, I whipped myself into shape," Lauren remembered. "I was an aerobics instructor. Then my husband left and I got my sales job and things slid. I got some of it back when I started picking up money here, but man I was great then. More limber, too," she reminisced with a bemused smile. "Sometimes I forget and hurt in the morning."

"Hey, this is just the thing!" Jim exclaimed. "Look at me: I eat trash, work in an office, have a lot of stress, and never really work out. Hard to tell, eh?"


"You bet!" he enthused, warming to the subject. "It's all computerized. I take a picture, get some information and the program gives me the list supplements you need. You just take the pills and you get better. Once you're in maintenance mode, as long as you take the doses, you stay on track."

"Yeah, right. And what is this going to cost me? Remember, I'm working here because my paycheck doesn't cut it."

"It will do more than make you happy, you know, it will probably help you here and at your other job. It really will be worth it," Jim replied, putting emphasis into it to force her to be convinced. "I have to admit, it is steep, not just to get into, but to maintain it. If you are really serious, we can work something out. I get a pretty hefty commission, so I can cut a good deal. I am even willing to bet on this, say 30% of the normal cost and 20% of anything you make more than you are earning now."

"It makes sense and the bet sounds interesting. Let me think about it."

"Heck, I can make it a great deal for personal considerations," he continued with a leering smile. "Given, say, your company while I am in town, I could cover the initial cost and figure a way to turn the bet into just 10% of any gain in your earnings."

"Yea, right," Lauren laughed. "But I will think about supplements." And she felt she would. The longer she spent talking to him the more he felt his presence. There was a power there. His words were compelling. She shook her head to clear away some of the confusion she was feeling.

As they had talked, they had finished their drinks and ordered more. Just then the waitress arrived with their next round. Jim borrowed a pen from her.

"OK, just in case here's my card. My cell is on it and, there, my hotel and room number are on the back." Jim finished writing, gave the pen to the waitress and the card to Lauren. "I really think you want this."

"I'll think about it," Lauren said, intending to ditch the card later.

"You really should do it, but while you are thinking, how about another dance?"

That dance turned into several more, including a couple in the VIP area. They both enjoyed those, Jim because they were done in his lap with more touching, and Lauren because Jim made her feel appreciated and she got more money per dance. Between dances, Jim kept pitching his cure. As time went on it sounded better and better to her.

Eventually, the bar stopped serving and Jim headed out. Lauren went and found a couple of other customers to dance for before the place closed.

Lauren thought about the guy, Jim, in the locker room. As she was getting changed for the street, she thought about what he had said. She really wanted to get down to that weight again. She had gotten a lot of come-ons, but this one had her going. What she did not realize was that she was already hooked. She decided she would go to his hotel. She also decided that nothing would happen.

But she felt an urge to give anything to get to that shape. It would help her here and at her day job. She got out the card and headed for her car.

Jim was feeling anxious. He had not realized it, but this town let the dancing keep going after the bar shut down. He was thinking his suggestion hadn't taken. He liked to let the women come to him, but this time it may not have worked.

"Oh, well. I'll try again tomorrow. For tonight, it looks like it is back to the old ways," he sighed.

He had his laptop booted up and was looking at other dancers he had seen. There was one other one he could play with while he worked on Lauren. He started the Master program and put in the name "amber". 13 options came up. No only that, most of them were associated with the bar he had been in. It looked like most of the dancers were either named "Amber" or had used it as a stage name at some point. After he got done chuckling over that, he got looking at the women that went with the names. He was just getting started on a brute force search of the women when there was a knock on the door.

He opened it and there she was. While the Jeans and sloppy sweater were a different look from her dance clothes, Lauren looked good and knew it. She was pleased at the pause and gawk that Jim did when he saw her in the hall. It was more than surprise at her showing up and she knew it. Her reaction finalized her decision. He was good looking and appreciated her. She would take him up on his bet. She was already forgetting her resolve on that.

"Wow! Er, I mean, welcome. I guess I got you thinking about this anyhow," Jim said, gesturing for Lauren to enter.

"Oh, well, thank goodness you were awake. I was afraid that you were asleep and would have had a problem with me coming by this late. Well, it just grew on me that you might be right. If it is as good as you say, I couldn't afford to pass this up," she blurted as she walked in and looked around. She felt like she was babbling.

It was a normal, business-type room with a table set up as a desk, as well as the normal bed and bath. There was a computer on the desk as well as something that looked like a camera.

"So, it sounds good, eh?" Jim said as he followed her in. "Which option sounds the best?"

"Well, You said I would see an immediate improvement, right?"

"You bet! Why this stuff will turn you right around!"

Lauren laughed nervously and replied, "I said I was convinced, but I'm still not sure I can afford it. The pay as you go is probably the best in the long run, but your bet is a heck of a deal. I figured that I was risking less if you were full of it."

"Great, so you think you would rather go long term with the bet of 30% down and 20% of any increase in income monthly. No problem! I know I will make back my commission in no time!" Jim seemed enthusiastic about that.

"Well, actually, even that is a bit steep. I was wondering about that other bet you offered."

Jim acted flabbergasted while hiding his glee. "I was joking about that! Are you serious?"

"More serious all the time," Lauren replied. Dancing normally got her going and tonight had her really on edge. Right now, there was no particular person to scratch that itch. "From talking to you, I'm thinking that I might find out that it will be great for me on all counts," she purred. "Besides, I can kick you out if the results don't happen right away, right"

"W-w-well then," Jim stammered, "why don't we get started?" He acted nervous as he took a seat at the desk. "And actually, if the first dose doesn't do some good, I will let you off the hook completely," he added. That extra, supposed escape hatch always seemed to finalize these transactions. From this point, she could no more refuse to be his concubine that she could fly.

Lauren thought the nervousness was cute and decided to play to it. "What do you need me to do? Do you need me to strip?" she asked, reaching for her sweater.

"Uh, no. Uh, just stand over there by the chair," he said pointing to the side chair. He was amused at her reaction, but kept faking the surprised and shy act. "I need to point the camera and do an analysis."

Jim fiddled a bit while Lauren moved to where he pointed. She looked at the screen as she passed and saw some sort of program, but she couldn't tell much about it. Jim moved the desk chair and the computer so he could see her and the screen, blocking her view of the screen.

"OK, I need your full name for the records." Jim typed it in as she gave it. Her profile appeared on the screen. Jim asked some questions that would seem normal if the scam were real: height weight, measurements. He checked the answers as Lauren gave them, pretending to type.

Once they were done with that, he went over what her goals were. As Lauren described them, he made the adjustments using the program, without making them happen. Hair fuller, body harder and more flexible, damage fixed, a bit smarter. He had the program show what the effects would be and brought up a matching, but fake window with a list on it. The list just happened to hide some of the controls on the screen.

"OK, we're done. Here are the changes you want and the list of my supplements you need." He said getting up.

Lauren walked over to the desk and gasped. The spinning mannequin on the screen was her, in her present clothes, but idealized. It looked like she had gone on a fitness binge and had a couple of tucks. She wanted that look and would do anything to get it. Little did she know....

Jim went to his case and got out a handful of bottles. He extracted a pill or two from each and then handed them to Lauren.

"These seem to be what you need at first, the other list is the maintenance schedule."

Lauren took them and went in to the bathroom for water. As she got the water, Jim sat down and typed some more. She had made her deal with him and now he would ensure he collected. He made her smarter, more business savvy, and more sexually responsive. He also upped her breast size a bit, making them look full as a teenager's, but natural looking. He knew this would increase her income both at the club and in business.

He then added that all of the physical changes would take place in 20% increments the first 5 times she took the "supplements", although whenever she was alone with him, they would all manifest. She wouldn't notice more than she should, though.

With that done, he hit enter before she could swallow the pills. He then used a macro he had that would immediately make her loyal to him and willing to do anything to please him, among other improvements. Everything was set. When she took the sugar pills he had given her, the first of the changes would take place.

Lauren was amazed. The first "dose" went through her like a fire. It shook her up and she grabbed the vanity to keep from falling. She ran for the toilet and sat down. She felt the pounds melt off of her hips and thighs. She did not notice her breasts swell slightly, rising and firming, but the other changes were cramping her up. She also did not notice the years drop from her face and skin; she looked younger and the stretch marks disappeared from her thighs, belly, and tits. She looked like her best day, or better.

When the fit passed, she got up and looked in the mirror. She not only looked good, she felt great. She was also horny. She did not regret her deal with Jim. In fact, she felt she might devour him. With that in mind, she turned to go back into the main part of the room.

Jim pretended surprise when he looked up from the computer and saw her. He twisted the chair around to face her, taking in the changes to her. Not bad! She had been a knockout at the bar, and now she was younger firmer and happier. She also had the same glint in her eye as she had in the bar.

Lauren did her sexy walk as she came out of the vanity area. It was odd without her dancer shoes, but she made it work. She walked toward Jim in his chair, there was something playing on his laptop. It wasn't her choice, but it was danceable music. She moved toward him and shimmied off her pants.

Lauren danced in front of Jim like she had at the club. Teasing him by raising her sweater and flashing her panties and her bare tits. She moved to him in his chair and sat in her lap. As she sat in his lap, she worked her normal routine. As she watched his lust grow, like at the club, she stripped off her top. She started to shimmy as she moved to him. She started to dance for him like at the club. She remembered what he had reacted to best in the dances and used that now. She gave him a hell of a dance and ended up in his lap.

In the club she had leaned away from him when he went for her tits. Now she leaned in. She held up her breasts to him and threw he head back in ecstasy when he sucked on the offered nipples. She was amazed at the way it turned her on, not knowing he had enhanced that. As she gave him the lap dance of his life, she felt him react. He was rising to her challenge.

She moved around on him, turning her back. When she was facing away, she leaned forward and shucked off her sweater. She pushed against the ground and slid her but on his hard-on. It excited her and she felt him grab her hips and buck. He felt ready.

Lauren moved off his lap, turned, and knelt down, reaching for his belt. She opened it quickly and then opened his pants. His dick popped out, looking good to her. She pulled at his pants and Jim lifted to give her some slack. He wanted to see where she was going with this. Lauren pulled his pants and underwear off. That done, she looked back for a closer look. She paused and she put her hands on in and caressed it. Here eyes widened as it registered what she had taken on and she rethought her resolve. It was massive!

Jim was used to that look from all the other times and hid a smile. This was one of the changes he had left in place. He had been undersized and slim in the penis department before he got the program. He had "fixed" that. Now, Lauren was going to have to get over the size issue. He had given her help on that, but she did not know about it.

Lauren looked again at the growing cock. It was more than 2 inches across and 10 or so inches long. She had never dealt with one this big. With her hunger, though, she was determined to work it and see if it would also cum big. She grabbed it in both hands and started stroking. She also leaned down and licked the head. The pre-cum was tasty. So tasty that she opened her mouth to try to take in some of it.

She was not sure what was going on, but she thought she felt her mouth open wider than she had ever felt and her teeth slide around in her jaw. It was really strange, but whatever it was, she was able to achieve her need - she was sucking Jim's monster.

It tasted great as she swirled her tongue and worked on his cock. She felt her mouth filled to capacity, yet she could still swirl her tongue around his glans. She had had one lover who was nearly as big before and all she had been able to do was bob and try not to hurt him with her teeth. Now she found she could appreciate his size and still do some of the tongue work that she knew thrilled men.

Jim reveled in the feelings. Lauren was giving him a hot wet blowjob for the ages. She was working his knob with a vengeance. Lauren was bobbing away on him with a lot of saliva and tongue action. He felt his balls pull up as she worked. Jim's legs stretched out and his head went back in pleasure. Damn, she was good.

Lauren pulled back and sucked on the knob again. She worked his shaft with her hands. They hardly seemed to reach halfway around, so she linked her fingers and pumped with both hands. Popping him out, she continued to jack him and reached down to lick his balls. Jim was really feeling hot, now.

Rising up, she took him back into her mouth. She bobbed away again, taking more each time. Jim grabbed her head and held it. He was not really pulling, but she felt him nudge her down the shaft. She followed his urging. With each bob she took more, moving her hands when they got in the way. She felt Jim flex, so he must be enjoying this. Suddenly Lauren realized that her nose was in his pubes. She had him down her throat!

Jim warned Lauren with a grunted, " Here it comes!"

He then started spurting. Lauren was amazed at the volume. She had blown guys before and was used to the normal amount, and this was not it. She gulped down his cum and worked at it, keeping up with the flow. Jim let her slide up and she took the last couple of spurts in her mouth. She felt herself heat up, her juices flowing to match the flow she was gulping. She was ready to cum herself just from blowing him.

As he finished, Jim looked down at her head. This was power. She had come to him of her own will and agreed to his terms. Now, with this act, she was his for as long as he willed it, to treat as he would. To make it sweeter, she would pay for the pleasure. In return, she received youth and better looks, and the ability to make more money, money that she would split with him.

Lauren eased his still-hard dick from her mouth and licked at his tip. Jim reached down and lifted her face. He felt tender at times like these. He smiled down at her and lifted her up. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting himself. He pushed the chair back and stood, raising her up. Once they were standing, he moved his hands down her and she reached up for him. They kissed again. She pressed against him feeling his hard manhood.

Jim moved his hands to her hips and pulled at her panties, moving them down, caressing her ass as he did. He leaned into the kiss more and felt her last clothing drop away, falling to the floor. When he felt that, he shifted his grip and lifted Lauren.

She was amazed at his strength. Lauren wrapped her legs around him, feeling his shirt on her nipples and his cock against her clit and belly. As she moaned into his mouth, she flexed up and down on him, using Jim's cock to fan her own flames.

Jim turned and walked over to the bed. He lowered her down. He disengaged from her and forced her back, still kissing her. Once she was lying on the bed, he lifted up and stood next to the bed. Lauren looked up at him as he pulled off his shirt. Her need kept growing.

"Oh, baby," she moaned, "take me, please! I want to feel you inside me right now."

"You say the nicest things," Jim said with a leer as he dropped to his knees by the bed.

Jim had seen that she had a tattoo peeking out around her g-string at the strip joint. Now he saw that it was a hovering humming bird. She had shaved her pubes into a small "V" and the hummingbird seemed to be sipping from it. It was amusing. He decided to follow the tattoo's lead and leaned into her.

"No, baby, you don't have to.... Oh! Oh!" Lauren's protest turned to moans of ecstasy as Jim started to lap at her cunt. She rocked her head and grabbed at his head.

Jim lapped at her lips and felt them open. She had been wet when he started, so he didn't expect her to last long. He looked along her body toward her head, enjoying the way her tits worked as she moved under his tongue.

He watched the blush rise and knew Lauren was starting the head toward her peak. He shifted his lapping up to the top of her slit, looking for her clit. Jim moved back and forth, sucking at the area and felt it slowly come out of its sheath. He changed his pace to fast hard licks, concentrating on the nub and watching her tits shake as she thrashed.

He really started to bear down when he felt the nub withdraw again. Jim knew that this was going to be a big one and he wanted to really stimulate her.

All at once, Lauren stopped moaning. Her stomach muscles locked tight, practically pulling her upright as she had a huge orgasm. It was amazing. She saw lights and felt like it would go on forever. As the fit eased off she realized that Jim was still going at it, having hung on through her spasm.

"Oh, babe, you can stop now," she told him, but he ignored her. Then she felt it happening. It was happening again, so soon. She squirmed up the bed to try to get away from him, but Jim followed, still working her slit.

"Oh, no - please - not again! I want to feel you in me! Ngggg!" She lost the power of speech as she felt another massive orgasm approach. This man was great! She hadn't ever cum as hard as this before. This one was going to be better!

Jim felt it too. He pulled up.

"No! Don't stop!" Lauren begged as she felt him move away from her pleasure center.

Before she could say more, Jim was over her and had his prick at the entrance to her cunt. He pushed gently and she started to feel his strength. Lauren wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him in. He slid forward and sank into her. When he was an inch in, he pulled back. He pushed in again a bit further. Lauren gasped for air as he worked his way in. He slowly worked more of his massive cock into her, gaining an inch and pulling out to slowly lubricate more of it. Finally, he was there. He pulled back a final time and slid home.

Lauren felt Jim fill her. He was huge. She felt him slide in and as his balls hit her, she felt the peak come that he had denied her moments before. She pulled him to her and hugged him. She threw her head back and made inarticulate noises.

Jim paused for a moment and waited for her orgasm to reach its peak. As he felt her start to come down, he pulled out again. Lauren gasped and pulled at him and as he reached the point where he was almost out of her, he thrust back in. Lauren gasped when he rammed it home. Jim smiled at her reaction and started to thrust.

Lauren was amazed. She had never felt anything like this. Jim was a bull, pounding forward into her. He held her to keep her from being pushed up the bed and he slid in and out. She felt his balls on her ass when he bottomed out. Somewhere down deep, she knew that he should have bottomed out, banging her cervix, but for some reason, she seemed to be able to handle his monster cock.

Jim pushed up from the bed. At first Lauren held her grip, clinging to him as he thrust. Then realizing that he was changing position, she let go, dropping back to the bed. Jim looked down at her and admired his work again. She was beautiful. He thrust again and watched her body move in response. He loved the way her newly enhanced tits looked and how they responded to her movement.

Jim loved the full breasts spreading on her chest. As he pulled back and thrust again, they swayed to follow. He thrust and thrust again. As he did, the nipples seemed to move in a circle. While he found this amusing, he also wanted another taste. He had liked the look of Lauren's nipples when she was dancing and had left them the same. Now they were erect and begging for attention. Jim reached down with his mouth to oblige.

When Jim had stopped, Lauren had been ready to scream. She looked up at him above her and saw the lust and realized that he was not done pleasuring her. Having cum twice in quick succession, she worked to be patient. When he started thrusting again, she pulled him in with her legs and smiled up at him.

Then he took a nipple in his mouth.

Once again she was reeling with pleasure. She found herself pounding her head back against the pillow and chanting, "Oh baby. Oh, Jim! Oh, yeah! Fuck me, baby. Suck on that nipple!" And as she chanted she felt the heat rise again.

Jim noticed that his dick was getting warmer. As he sucked and pounded, he realized that Lauren was approaching orgasm again. He allowed himself to rise to match. As his balls tightened, he let go of her nipple and straightened to smooth his motion.

When Jim lifted his head from her tit, Lauren reacted. She grabbed him around the chest and lifted her shoulders from the bed. He reached out and licked at his nipple, returning some of the pleasure he had given her. This seemed to spur him on.

Jim sped up and was pounding away at Lauren. He felt his balls fully tightening and the cum burning its way up. He was going to cum hard and he was going to cum soon.

"Here it comes!" he warned her.

"Oh, yeah, give it to me! Oh! Oh!" Lauren moaned with pleasure as her own peak neared.

He thrust twice more and then pushed deep into her and held, arching his head back as if trying to get deeper, and started spurting. It was good.

Lauren felt the first spasm and went into her own orgasm. Falling back to the bed, she grabbed his arms and threw her head from side to side. Once again she pulled him in with her legs, trying to force him deeper, as if that was possible.

Jim spasmed again and again, squirting semen into her. It was amazing. His orgasm lasted nearly as long as hers did. As they came down from the mountaintop, Jim dropped to his elbows and held her. He was looking in her eyes as she opened them, recovering, and trying to get her breath back.

Jim rested for a moment.

"So, would you like to rethink my offer?" Jim asked.

"Not on your life, baby," Lauren answered with a smile. "I could get very used to this. You are not getting out of it."

"Well, then, how about I move in tomorrow. It will only be for a few weeks while I'm here. We can spend the evenings getting better aquatinted."

"What about my kid? And what about the Club?"

"I am sure your daughter will be OK," Jim said, making a mental note to use the Master Program to ensure that. He would also boost her intelligence and, if needed, her looks, as a gift to the lovely new slave. "As for the club, you might want to hold off on dancing until the first course of supplements is over."

"You're probably right. I would hate to have to use the women's room there if I had the same thing happen on the next dose."

"On the other hand, you probably want to go in to your day job," Jim suggested. "After all, I have my gig, so its not like I would be pining for you."

And, he thought to himself, they would see a gradual change. Since they would be more suspicious of the sudden effect he had made, he would be less likely to have to answer questions. He had made it so she could not reveal him and his "supplements," but the less probing Lauren had to put up with, the better.

Once again, he would save his company the hotel charge and he would be getting laid and paid by his hostess. It was a win for him and for his boss.

It was good to be an entrepreneur!

A New Home

Jim woke up and smiled. He was in one of his happy places.

He was laying on his back with a new lover, a good-looking woman, next to him. She had snuggled in under his arm and had her head on his shoulder. He smiled up at the ceiling and hugged her to him, feeling her breasts press into his side.

Her name, he remembered, was Lauren.

He had used the Master program on her, telling her it was supplements. Afterwards they had screwed like teenagers and fallen asleep with the lights on.

He gave her a shake. "Hey there, sleepy head. We should probably be getting up."

"Mmmm," she purred as she snuggled in more, "I'm not sure I can. You kept me up late, baby.

"Wait! What time is it," she lifted her head with a start and scanned for the clock. "I have to get home and get Jilly ready for school."


"My daughter, Jillian," Lauren explained. "Its part of the deal with my friend - I pick Jilly up and get her ready, then swing back and take her and my friend's daughter to school. What time is it?"

"Relax. I have a meeting so I woke us up in plenty of time. We should be able to get better acquainted before we have to leave," he said with a smirk.

Lauren finally found the clock and read it. "No, you didn't baby. You have no idea what it takes to get my little sweet-pea going. I may not have time to shower, and I really need one!"

"Why don't you head on out, then and I'll get things taken care of here," Jim said, realizing that it was not going to happen. Leaning over the desk, he jotted down an address. "If you swing by here about 5:30, I'll be waiting and we can head over to your place."

"OK. See you then, lover," Lauren kissed him and headed out the door.

As she left, she felt a bit creaky all of a sudden as the changes reduced from full to 20%. She put it down to the short night finally hitting her and headed off to start her day.

Jim made sure all of his stuff was packed then fired up his PC. He still had an hour before he had to leave and he was going to use it.

Jim had been doing this for a while and had had to deal with kids before. This seven year old would be less trouble than the twin infants one dancer had.

He started the Master program and entered Jillian's full name. The screen showed a little girl in PJs. She looked cute in a little girl way, she might even become pretty. In the mean time, she held no interest beyond her being in his path to her mother.

Looking at the health readout, he noticed a flag there. She had a congenital heart problem. It was fine now, but it would cause her problems fairly soon. It could be expensive for Lauren, which would cut in to her ability to keep up the supplement payments. He quickly fixed that.

He also noticed that her intelligence was below Lauren's original level. He upped it to match her mother's. Next, he made her obedient to him - not a robot, but an obedient child who did what she was told in a reasonable way. He also upped her general discipline and time sense - no more wasting time getting her ready for school. He had seen how doing better in school pleased a mother and a worried mother was not a fun lay for him. He could also think of better ways to spend mornings than catering to this child.

Jim hated drama so he made her emotionally somewhere near statistical norm. She may not end up a stripper, but she and Lauren would be happier. For his convenience, though, he added that anything he did was cool. She would not try to emulate it or interrupt it and nothing she saw that involved him would scar her.

He applied these changes.

As a final touch, he made the master change her so that she would grow up on the pretty side with a body like her mother's when he met her. What the heck, he might be back in 12 or so years and if not, the world needed a little more beauty.

That done, he went back to Lauren. He modified her so that the changes would always be 100% when she was at home, even if her daughter showed up. He figured no one else would probably see that big a difference and it seemed worth the risk for his convenience.

Applying these final changes, Jim shut down the program and his computer. He checked out, threw his stuff in the car, grabbed breakfast, and made his meeting with time to spare.

At the end of the day, Jim drove to the car rental place and dropped off his car. He had just come out of the office when Lauren drove up. She was driving a 2 or 3 year old BMW sedan. It looked like a good compromise for her: sporty yet business-like, not new, but inexpensive to maintain. He felt good about the investment he had made in her future.

Lauren popped the trunk and got out to meet him as he went to put his bags in back. Jim admired the professional medium gray suit she was wearing. The skirt was just above the knees, but was tight to show her curves. The jacket was just to her hips, over a pale yellow top. The blouse was unbuttoned to show a nice amount of cleavage. The colors really suited her. Once she was sure the trunk lid hid them from her daughter, she pulled him to her and gave him a big kiss, rubbing her body against his.

"God, baby," she said when she broke the kiss, "I have been thinking about you all day. I was afraid I would be late, what with picking up Jilly.

"Speaking of my daughter," she said as she pulled away a bit to look up at him, "I really am not sure how to introduce you. Do you want to go by your first name or uncle, or what?"

Jim had known this was coming. He actually had a practiced answer. "Well, 'uncle' is a bit of a cliché for this, don't you think? Have her call me Mr. Jimmy. Since I go by Jim, it'll give her something special."

"Well, hop on in and I'll introduce you." She kissed him again and headed back to the driver's seat.

Jim closed the trunk and headed for the front passenger seat. As he opened the door, he heard Lauren preparing Jilly for the changes coming.

"... Mommy's friend who needs some help, so I'm letting him stay with us. You're going to have to sleep in your own bed while he's here. I want you to be good.

"Honey, this is my friend. I want you to call him 'Mister Jimmy', OK? Why not say hello?"

Jim settled into the seat, turning to look into the back. The little girl in the back seat looked him over for a moment. Her mother had never had a man friend stay over before. In fact, since her daddy went away, mom seemed mad at all men. If her mother trusted this one, then Jilly decided she would too. She very solemnly unbuckled her seat belt and slid forward to stand on the hump in the floor and extended a hand.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Mister Jimmy. My name is Jillian but they call me Jilly."

Jim shook her hand. "I'm pleased to meet you, too, Jilly. Most people call me Jim, you know. Only special friends call me Jimmy. I hope we can be friends."

"I hope so, too," the little girl responded. Jilly sat back down and redid her seatbelt.

Lauren watched this with a smile. Once Jilly and Jim were belted in, she pulled out of the rental place and headed toward home. She looked in the mirror for a moment, catching her daughter's eye.

"Jilly, honey, I made a play date for you with Amy. I want to help Mister Jimmy get settled in before dinner. Do you mind playing with her until dinner?"

"Cool, Mom! I hoped you wouldn't mind me going over to her place. She got some new horses!"

"Great honey," Lauren replied. Her relief was obvious to Jim. "Once I drop you off, why don't you stay there until I call you for dinner, then?

"Jilly's friend collects toy horses," she explained to Jim. "Both of the girls are horse crazy. Her mother is an old friend who loves kids, so we trade helping each other out."

The drive passed quickly with Jilly bringing her mother up to date on what had happened to school. Lauren stole glances at Jim, smiling slightly. She found herself getting aroused by being near him. She had enjoyed the previous night and found that the anticipation of being with him was getting worse now that he was here. She wondered if he felt the same. His cock didn't seem to be changing.

Jim noticed her nipples erecting and that her glance was straying more to his lap. He smiled back and willed himself to stay flaccid. He noticed a bit of confusion in Lauren's glance. He was enjoying her starting to squirm as her arousal continued and the frustration that his non-reaction caused.

Soon, Lauren pulled into a driveway.

She turned to Jim and said, "This will only take a minute.

"Come on Jilly-honey," she said to her daughter.

Lauren and Jilly got out of the car and went to the house. After a short conversation with the woman who answered the door, Lauren returned and got in the car. She started it and pulled out of the driveway. In 2 blocks she pulled in to another drive.

"Home at last," she sad as she popped the trunk. "Grab your bags and I'll get the door."

Jim got his things and headed to the house. Lauren had the door open and a handful of mail. With a smile, she ushered him in and tossed the mail on a table in the hall.

"Well, this is it. It isn't much, but it is mine." Lauren found that she was nervous. She wanted him, but she also wanted to please him. She was looking for approval.

Jim saw this and smiled a reassuring smile. "It looks great! Where should I put my bags?"

Of course he would have said admiring things about the place even if it were decorated in early yard sale, but the place really did look good. The bungalow was tastefully done. While there was the clutter that made it obvious there was a child in the house, it was basically clean. It boded well.

Slightly relieved, Lauren led him into the house. "It's this way on the back of the house away from the street. It's quieter than Jilly's room. Plus the spare room between means that her TV doesn't bother me on Saturday mornings. After a night dancing, that's a blessing."

Jim followed her into a large room with a big bed. He noticed a couple of doors and figured they led to a closet and a private bath. Jim turned and put his bag down behind the door. As he turned back, Lauren threw herself into his arms and kissed him. He soon found himself tongue-wrestling with her. He responded with gusto and allowed his own arousal to start to show.

Lauren felt his manhood rising. She moaned into his mouth and ground against the object of her need.

Breaking the kiss, she purred, "Well, hello, baby. I see you're glad to see me, too. I have been looking forward to this all day!"

"Oh you have? What were you looking forward to, exactly?"

"Well for starters...."

Loosening her grip only slightly, she slid down his body, looking up at him with a sexy smile as she lowered herself to her knees. She undid his belt and opened the top button on his pants. Her smile seemed to slide to a grin as she moved in and took his zipper's tab in her teeth. Gently she worked it down, nuzzling his now-hard pecker as she went.

Lauren released the tab and leaned back. She grabbed the waist of his pants and boxers and pulled them down enough to pop his prick free. She leaned forward again and kissed Jim's prick on the tip.

Taking Jim's dick in her hands, Lauren worked his head into her mouth. Once more she felt as if her mouth was shifting to welcome him. She pulled back and licked him, moving her head and his manhood so she could work down to his balls.

Jim kicked his shoes off and let his trousers slide to the floor as his hostess lapped at him. Starting from the base she licked up to the tip and leaned back to smile at him. Jim braced a hand on her head and started to work his feet free. He did not want to fall over in the middle of this. Lauren let him go for a moment and helped him out of his clothes. She then pulled off his socks.

Once done, Lauren returned to the object of her worship. Once again using both hands, she started to lick his knob. Jim moaned to let her know she was pleasing him and leaned against the doorjamb. He opened his shirt, since the shirt tail was hiding some of the view.

Lauren saw this as she took him into her mouth again. She ran one hand up his belly and then around to his ass. He pulled him forward, engulfing more of him than before. Once again the odd sensation passed that her mouth was changing to accept him.

Jim was reveling in the feel of a mouth designed for his pleasure. The extra room meant she could take him in. Normally getting his apple-sized head between her lips would be hard enough, but after his modification, she took him easily and had room to use her tongue.

It was time to get more stimulation, though.

"Play with your self for me," Jim told her. "Start with those nipples."

Lauren moved a hand down and started to play with her tits as she swallowed him. She squeezed herself and pinched her nipples through her clothes. Damn that felt good. Wanting more stimulation, she worked the buttons of her blouse open and slipped her hand under her bra. The direct contact sent a thrill from her nipple down to her clit. It was a lot more sensitive than normal. It made her moan on the cock in her mouth.

Jim liked the added stimulation from the moaning. He also was enjoying the show, but the view was a bit obscured. He knew how to deal with that, though.

"Show me how you play with them. Let me see what's making you so hot."

Lauren moved her hand between her boobs and popped the front catch on her bra. Pulling the cups away she exposed her breasts to his eyes as well as her hand. Holding him in her mouth by suction, she let go of him with her other hand and pulled off the blouse and bra. Using both hands, she cupped her tits, trying to reach his cock with the nipples without letting him out of her mouth.

She let Jim's prick out of her mouth with a pop and took it between her tits. Lauren smiled up at him. "Did I thank you for these? They already look younger." She rose up and lowered herself, pumping him with her cleavage.

"You're welcome, but I was really enjoying your mouth."

"Oh, really? Well we aim to please." Lauren leaned forward, releasing him from her boobs and feeding him back into her mouth. She took his member in one hand and went back to her nipples with the other.

Jim felt his juices rising as the talented blonde pulled and slid her mouth on his dick. Lauren sensed his growing need and moved her hand from her tits to her crotch. She wanted to be ready for him down there. She planned to fuck him hard next and didn't want to mess around about it.

Jim saw her hand move down. As her skirt came up she showed more of her stockings until he saw them end at bare leg.. His need was to the point where he wanted to control her more. He took her head in his hands and started thrusting in time to her movements.

Lauren took his thrusts in stride, taking more of him with each thrust. When there wasn't room for his hand between her nose and his pubes, she moved it around to cup his balls. Her other hand had pushed the crotch of her panties aside. She was alternately thrusting a finger into herself and tweaking her clit.

As she felt his thrusts start to become less rhythmic as he approached his goal, she sped her hand up to try to match him. Feeling her self-induced orgasm start, she moved the hand cupping his balls so that she could put a finger on his ass hole. Pressing at the rim and the area behind his balls, she pushed forward to take him down her throat.

Jim felt the finger in his but and the back of her throat and lost it. Holding her nose to his belly, he pumped his hips forward and started to spew.

Jim spasmed five or six times, shooting his cum directly into her throat. Lauren felt her head spin from her own orgam. She swallowed all that he gave her. As the fit passed, he released her to pull back.

Lauren slid back on his dick. She continued to lazily play with herself as she released him and cleaned him. She slid Jim's cock all the way out and started to lick it clean, getting the last bit oozing out of his piss hole. She finished with a kiss on the tip.

"God, baby, you didn't even get soft!" Lauren licked his tip. With lust in her eye, she got to her feet saying, "Baby, you are just too much to be true."

As she rose, she loosened her skirt and shimmied out of it, dropping her panties at the same time. She posed for a second in just thigh-high stockings and heels then stepped in, hugged him, and gave him a kiss. Jim tasted himself on her lips.

With a moan, she pushed away from him. " I know just how I want this Horse dick next!"

Lauren turned and bent forward, leaning on the bed. She was presenting herself to him like a filly waiting for her stallion to mount her. Her nether lips were swollen and red, ready for mating. Jim stepped up behind her, ready to oblige her. With her heels still on, the difference in height only required a slight crouch to line up his dick with her opening. Placing one hand on her back, he used the other to work the head into her pussy lips.

Lauren felt Jim's helmet start to penetrate her and sighed. She was so hot she was sure her juices were starting to ooze as her swollen lips parted. She wiggled and pushed back trying to force him in more quickly.

Jim recognized her eagerness. The opening of her cunt was practically sucking him in to her. He answered Lauren's animal need and releasing his dick, he pushed forward hard. His cock seemed to snag on her lips then rammed smoothly forward. He got about 5 inches on the first push. Pulling back, he moved his feet forward and out to get the perfect angle and his hands to her lower back for balance. On his next plunge, he got most of his dick into her.

Lauren felt full. She was not sure how he had gotten that much meat into her, but it was what she needed. It was raw, animal coupling. She was his bitch, his receptacle and he was filling her. She moaned in appreciation.

"Oh, god, baby, that's what I need."

Jim slid back a bit as he answered, "So are you ready for the rest?"

"There's more? Oh yeah! Give it to me." She felt him move his hand to her hips.

"You got it," he replied. Gripping her, he pushed into her until his hips pushed hard into her ass cheeks. Using her hips as handles he pulled out, swaying her forward a bit, then slammed forward while pulling her back, ramming in to the hilt.

When he paused, Lauren replied to the action with a shout, "Do me. Do me hard."

With a grunt of "oh, yeah," Jim did what she asked. He rammed repeatedly into the dancer's fine body.

Lauren had her first orgasm. It came just like the fuck, fast and hard. She collapsed a bit to lean on her bed with her elbows. Her knees shook but she stayed erect.

Jim adjusted his stance to her change and admired the woman in front of him. Her back was lovely with her slim waist flaring to wide lovely hips. Even in this position, the fine ass he had admired in the club as still stunning. Her slim ribcage and oversized breasts allowed him to see her tits from the sides as she started to climb to another orgasm and swayed to his pounding.

Jim considered changing position to reach her nipples as he screwed her, but decided not to mess with success. He could feel her tensing again, and shifted to put more pressure on her clit. He was getting close and her going could put him over. He was almost there.

Lauren found herself taking gulps of air in preparation of what felt like a screaming orgasm. It was coming. It was almost there. It was here! She felt him jerk in her, the warmth of his jism filling her.

Suddenly a voice called from the front hall, "Mommy! Mommy! Amy's mom is taking her to Mickey-D! Can I go too?"

Lauren froze in mid orgasm. She tried to pull away from him, but Jim held her hips so she could not move. He continued to thrust as he finished his orgasm.

Not getting a response, Jilly called again, "Mommy? Are you here? Amy's mommy wants to know...."

Jilly stopped in the bedroom door and watched as Jim grunted his spew into Lauren's cowering form.

"Mister Jimmy, what are you doing to my mommy?"

Jim finally paused as he turned his head to answer. "Jilly, this is something adults do. Your mommy and I are doing it together. We can talk about it later, OK?" When Jilly nodded, Jim went on, "Now this is also something private, so I don't want you talking to anyone but your mommy or me about it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mister Jimmy. I won't tell no one," the little girl promised.

"Thank you," Jim replied. He knew that she would obey this and figured on having the standard talk later.

Jim had started to soften as they talked. He knew this was embarrassing Lauren. He found that the control he had over her, forcing her to cower in the sexual position, made him harden back up as he recognized it. He would have to deal with her later, but the humiliation was sweet.

"Um," the little girl, paused, "Mommy never said if I could. Can I go to Micky-D?"

Jim ordered Lauren, "Tell her its OK."

"S-sure, Honey," Lauren stuttered, "you can go to dinner with Amy."

"Thanks, mom!"

"Jilly!" Jim called out, "Close the door on your way out, please."

"You bet, Mister Jimmy!" Jilly reached out and pulled the door shut on her way out of the house.

Lauren pushed her upper body up and tried to pull away from Jim. "Baby, let me go! I have to get to her! I can't let her out!"

"Why not?" Jim asked, starting to slide his regrown member into her.

"If my Ex hears that she saw us fucking, he'll make my life a hell!" With a twist, she tried to get away.

Jim followed the panicky woman as she moved. Instead of getting away, she ended up being pushed onto the bed on her knees. Once he was at the edge of the bed, Jim pushed her down, pinning her on her knees and chest with her arms beneath her.

The heat from her fear and humiliation was getting him going, but he needed to contain her. The lubrication from their last orgasms counteracted Lauren's tightening of her channel in her panic. Holding her there, he started to pump again.

"Calm... Down," Jim commanded in time to his thrusts.

Against her will, Lauren felt herself calm. She was still afraid and a bit humiliated, but the panic was subsiding. She still struggled to get away, but with less frantic thrashing.

Jim realized this was a mistake. Lauren was more focused on getting up so he was having to work harder to contain her.

"Just... stop," he continued, slamming into her. Feeling her struggle ease, he continued, "Jilly... is... fine. She... won't... tell... any... one... any... thing. ," with each command, he felt her relax a bit more. "Your... Ex..." he thrust harder on that word, " will... never... know... that... she... saw... us. She... won't... be... hurt... by... seeing.... us... screw.

"You on the other hand," Jim slammed into her and paused, thinking it was time to add a twist. "will always be embarrassed if she does see us," he restarted, "but... it... will... make... you... hot.

"In... fact, it... has... now," Jim said as he leaned forward, lifted her to her hands, and grabbed her tits.

Lauren monad and arched her back. Jim continued to pound but moved his hands to play with her sensitive nipples. Lauren thought she was going mad, but the pleasure was peaking again. When Jim moved his hand to her clit, it was over.

Wit a scream, Lauren started to come. Jim moved his hands again, grabbing her hips to control her. He had to slow a bit to make sure that he didn't fall out of the thrashing woman. With a gasp, she collapsed, dropping the head and chest back to the bed again.

"God, baby, what did you do to me?"

"Pleasured you," Jim answered, still pumping away.

"You sure did.

"Baby," Lauren told him as he continued to stroke, "it was a short night and with that last one, I am O-ed out. I'm done for a bit."

"Well, I'm not."

"OK, but I'm going to start drying out soon."

Jim knew that he could order her body to recover and lube more. Heck, he could even control his pre-cum to add lube. He thought about it a moment as he thrust into her unresponsive body. He realized that there was one option that he hadn't explored yet. Her current position brought it to mind and would aid him.

Using his hold on her hips to control his passive partner, he pulled out. Pulling her back a little he got the angle he wanted and pressed the head of his dick to her rosebud. He considered looking for oil, but decided that the juices already covering his prick would be good for a start.

Lauren felt the pressure and rallied a bit, saying, "No, baby, not there! You're too big!" She tried to pull away but her awkward position made it easy for Jim to defeat this.

"Just relax, I'll be gentle."

"No, baby, please! I've never had anything that big in my pussy, let alone up my ass! " Lauren found herself relaxing though. She obeyed Jim like the Master PC changes required her to. Other changes were into play as well.

Jim felt the resistance ease as she obeyed him. His cock pushed at her sphincter, opening it slowly. Her body was opening to accept him and he felt the tip pop past the tight ring of muscle. He eased back a bit and pushed forward some more.

Lauren continued to twist a bit. Her intent was to get away, but she was helping Jim. He continued to work with her motion until he was all the way in. He paused for a moment and reveled in the feel of her lovely but against his groin. With a muttered "oh, baby," he started to pull back.

Lauren was amazed. There was some pain, but not much more than the other times. She expected more from the monster cock in her butt. She grunted as he pushed home on the first thrust. When he started to pull out she was more amazed by the pleasure she got from it. His next thrust was faster and the pleasure as he pulled back even greater. She felt heat rising. She was getting turned on again!

Jim reveled in the heat of her dark passage as he thrust. She had stretched to accept him but was still tight. He sped up until he was pumping steadily. He knew he would not harm her. He saw that Lauren was getting in to it.

The position limited him a bit. Jim would have liked to hold her tits, but could not reach and would probably fall out, if not over, if he bent enough to fondle them. He could shift a hand to play with her clit, so he did.

When Jim touched her button, Lauren started moaning louder and shifting to rub her nipples on the bed spread. She felt like her nips, clit and asshole were connected by a contracting rope of fire. Once again she was climbing to a climax.

The feel of her bowels as he thrust, the slap of her ass cheeks as he pumped his hips forward, and the action of her twisting had Jim climbing, too. He decided it was time to reach the goal. He also decided to take her over the top.

"Come for me, babe," he said as his trusts started to be come erratic. "Come for me... Now!"

Jim finished with a shout as he thrust and pushed against her ass. At his command, as he started to spew into her, Lauren exploded in another orgasm. Once again, she thrashed under him. He moved his hands back to her hips so he could hold her as he pushed home for the next spurt, and the next. He arched his back and locked that fine ass to his front.

As he allowed himself to soften and to be pushed out of Lauren's bowels, Jim leaned over and kissed the back of her neck. "So, are you OK now?"

"I'm practically knocked out!" Lauren sighed, "Baby, if you had asked, I would have said no. I never would have thought that would feel so good. You are so much bigger than the only other guy who has done that.

"You know," she went on after a pause, "I'm still worried about Jilly seeing us. I'm going to have to explain...."

"No, you are not," Jim commanded. "She will be fine. She will not tell anyone. You will not worry."

Lauren felt the worry drop away. If Jim said it, it was so. "I just hope she doesn't make a habit of that."

Jim smiled and thought that maybe he would see that Jilly did. He liked the idea of embarrassing Lauren with that.

Lauren continued, "Let's get cleaned up and get you settled in. I'm might even want a rematch later. I think I'm going to like having you here. A lot!"

"I think I'm looking forward to the stay."

Jim knew he would have her again tonight and many times in the near future. With the changes he had made, he was going to get laid about 3 times a day during his stay with the blonde dancer. Jim reflected on how much he was going to like his new home.

The Home Office

Jim was tired from the flight. Friday night travel was always a cattle drive and a long flight on a crowded plane was a real letdown after the going away party.

As he dragged himself past the security out gate, Jim saw his ride standing with the other limo drivers. He stopped and laughed out loud. Denise was there for him, but she had decided to have some fun.

She was holding a sign like the other drivers. The placard was topped by a real looking limo name and in the place for a passenger, the name "Knothew". There the resemblance ended. The petite, curvaceous Chinese lady was dressed as a burlesque of an upscale limo driver.

Scanning her from the top to toe he admired her costume, every bit perfect. First there was a slightly small driver's cap perched on her long black hair. Then there was the dress shirt and bow tie, looking upscale. Of course, it was obvious that she was bra-less from the glimpses of her nipples peeking from behind the ruff front when she moved. Below that she had on a short, tight black skirt that nipped in to show her wasp waist. He could see she was wearing stockings, too, the tip-off being the top lace on the stockings peeking out from below the hem of her miniskirt. She had finished the look with 4-inch stiletto heels that brought her cap up to Jim's shoulder.

As Jim watched, a guy walked up to her with a hopeful expression on his face.

"Are you my driver?"

Denise looked him up and down with a look that would freeze oxygen. "What does this sign say?" she asked.

"Know-thew?" replied the stranger.

"Yeah, well buddy, sorry, but that's Knot Hew," she replied. "Ya see, I know who I'm waiting for."

The stranger blinked, then parsed it and realized he had been cut and cut badly. He stammered an apology and turned as if to look for his ride elsewhere. Denise grinned at his back as he slunk away.

Jim laughed harder and walked up to her, "So, you the driver for the local cat house or the lumber mill?"

Denise turned at the sound of his voice with a big smile. It was an effort not to leap into his arms and start dry humping him, but she decided to keep in character for the moment.

"Welcome home, Mr. Knothew! Great to see you again," she gushed, using the fictional name. "Here, let me take your carry on, boss. Much luggage this trip?"

"A couple of pieces that we need to claim," Jim replied with a grin as he let her take his bag and wheel it in behind her. He did win the fight for his laptop.

"So was that just for my benefit, or have you been having fun for a while? I have to say I nearly wet myself laughing at that guy."

Jim glanced sideways as he walked, looking down and admiring the swell of her breast.

Denise wiggled at the praise. "I actually caught about 4 guys that way. There were a couple of women drivers who near burst the first time. After a while, it was a joke among the other drivers. A couple of them even set one guy my way." Denise got serious, "I've been missing you terribly and wanted to do something to make you know you're the only one. I take it you don't mind?"

"Not at all. I'm pretty amused by it."

"Glad to hear it, Boss," she sighed, dropping back into the role.

"Sorry I was so long," he added apologetically.

They picked up Jim's bags without much wait. There was a bit of an argument with Denise insisting on carrying the bags until she defused it by getting a cart. He as he started a final objection she stopped him with a hissed "Don't blow my cover!" He chuckled again and gave in.

As he followed her out he admired her walk. He had done a great job on her. Not only could she walk in those overpriced stilts, she looked great doing it. At least on man had walked into an obstacle on catching a sight of her tail swaying in the black mini and losing track of where they were walking.

As Jim followed Denise out to the car, admiring her legs and ass, he reflected back on their meeting. It had been back when he first got the Master program. She had been working at the local coffee shop. The novelty of her looks and her sunny personality had made her one of his early recruits.

Jim had bent her will to his and changed her into the toy she now was. From straightening her teeth to changing her child-like figure to the blatant invitation to sex that she was now, Jim left very little of the original Denise. It turned out she was already accomplished as a lover, so she became and remained a favorite.

In talking to her over the next few months, he found out why. Denise had a rough life. Orphaned young, she was shifted among her extended family. She was worked hard from a young age in various small businesses. When she was 10, the uncle she was with sold her to an older businessman who liked young bedmates. While he fondled her and used her as a target for his lust, he did not consummate the relationship for many years.

At 16, the businessman had finally taken her virginity and then threw her out as too old and used. She was on the street, alone and with no skills. Somehow she was able to get a series of jobs keeping hunger at bay. Unfortunately, as she made her way, she had learned a lot about predators, all except how to avoid them.

Once he learned that, Jim felt guilt and a need to pay her back. When he asked her about what she wanted when he set her free, she had panicked. While he may have forced her into his harem, it was a lot subtler than the types of force she was used to. He treated his women well once he owned them; she had not had to endure the physical or mental abuse that she had known before. She did not want to leave him, since it might mean more of what she had been through.

This whole thing came as a shock to him. He had reexamined what he was doing. He was already getting tired of the work to hide his captures; this brought it to a head. Jim released most of his harem, leaving them with a fond enough memory that they would be willing to occasionally welcome him back in their beds. Then he came up with a new dodge.

It seemed to be working, as his conscience hardly ever bothered him.

His conscience was also helped from his use of the Master to get her tormentors. The uncle had been busted for selling her. The old man had suddenly gotten sloppy about hiding his kink, badly enough that even the cops on his payroll couldn't overlook it. Due to sudden incompetence by his lawyer, the old man was a very low status guest of the state. Given the way the public was leaning, he might stay in the can even after his sentence was up - they were pushing to permanently protect the community from child rapers.

In keeping Denise around, he decided to use her as his staff in the dodge. Using the Master program, he made her intelligent and gave her knowledge of what he needed in an office manager/shipping department. To keep her safer he made Denise more independent and physically and mentally stronger. She would no longer be susceptible to the bullying that had made her life hell.

He did, of course leave her devoted and subservient to him, as her boss and master. He also enhanced her looks more so she would also stay a damn good thing to come home to.

Jim had not realized that the company that he worked for as a cover would take off. He was spending a lot more time on the road than he had envisioned. Denise now was running the back office of the supplements business. All in all, it had worked out well.

Jim was jarred from his thoughts when Denise pulled up to a stop behind a large Navy Cadillac. She pulled out a key chain and popped open the trunk.

"OK, where's the SUV?" Jim asked.

"Sir, the limo company only uses the finest town cars and vans!" Denise's shocked tone was followed quickly by a giggle and grin. "Just trying to live up to the image."

"Then why not a full stretch?"

"Oh, those are too hard to maneuver and the only one for rent wanted me to have a commercial license." Denise pulled a face and finished with the real reason, "Besides, it was a Lincoln and I couldn't reach the pedals or see over the wheel."

Jim laughed again and reached for his bags, but Denise beat him to it and started slinging bags. Jim stood back and watched, amused to see her lift and toss the heavy bags without breaking her long, painted nails, while standing in high heels.

"It's amazing you can do that, let alone walk in those," he smiled. "How the heck are you going to drive in them?"

"Quite well, thanks," Denise replied. "I don't see why you're amazed, you gave me access to the program. I just gave myself the abilities I needed."

Denise jumped up and pulled the trunk to, letting it finish closing itself. She went around to the Passenger side and opened the back door for Jim so he climbed in. Denise then got in and started the car.

"Speaking of business," Denise said as she wheeled the big car out of the airport, "how did this trip go? Another new client I have to process?"

"Several, again," Jim replied. "Some may be real cash cows. How about this end?"

"Well, we didn't get checks from 4 clients. Two were temporary setbacks so their earnings dropped below their start number. They wanted to keep going, but the compulsion is to only pay if they are making more than that, so...."

"I know you don't understand that, but it is policy. You let them know that we understand those things and they'd be getting the supplements anyhow, right?"

"Oh, yes. They were very happy to hear that and promised to make it up as soon as possible." Denise's brow furrowed as she reflected, "That's it, isn't it? They feel guilty and you end up getting the money eventually. Is that part of the programming, too?"

Jim smiled, "Not really. It is a side effect of making them more capable - they feel the need to repay debts to stay independent of everyone but me. Since this is a 'company', they end up doing the same thing if they have to lapse on payments. If it's permanent, change, then there is no real compulsion. Send the pills."

"Well, that brings up one of the others," Denise continued, "You remember Sylvia, the waitress in Ogden? Well she is getting married. Since she can't tell him about the supplements, she can't keep paying for them, so she is quitting the program."

"Hmm," Jim mused, "will this hurt us enough to justify me heading up there and adjusting him not to care?"

"Not really. It isn't like he's rich either. This might end up being a loss if they go the normal way of Utah and have a boatload of kids. My suggestion is a nice letter thanking her for her business and 'if you need us we will be here'."

"Fine, and send her a small basket in my name. He'll probably put any change down to her being married and not trying." Jim paused and sighed. "So what about the last one?"

"Its Sarah in Dearborn. She's changing careers. She is out of her 2-year initial contract, so she's looking to get out from under the obligation. Why do you do that, anyway? I mean, you could make them hooked for life, right?"

"Well, it's mostly a salve to my conscience. It is a free will thing."

"Yeah, well, when the pills stop arriving, the changes automatically start reversing back to where she was when she started them. I wonder how she will feel then?"

"I don't really remember. I would have to check the profile. Not happy, I expect." Jim snorted and continued, "I figure the new career is based on the capabilities I gave her. I bet she'll be back in a couple or 4 months."

"And when she does, she gets the 're-up special'?"

"Yup, 3k down and 20% of anything over what she was originally earning. Unless and until I get up that way and use her again, she has to pay more to come back. Its her choice," Jim said grimly.

Denise laughed, "Ah, that free will thing again. Speaking of which...."

With that, Denise pulled the car over to the side of the road just short of the on-ramp to the freeway. She stopped the car and turned in her seat.

"I don't want to drive any more. It's your turn."

"Oh, really?"

"Uh huh, I'm exercising my free will. If you want to get home, you drive." She suddenly grinned, "I'll make it worth your while!"

"Well, when you put it that way, how can I refuse?"

Jim figured she was up to something and he should go along. He got out of the car and went around. As he did, Denise adjusted the seat backwards and adjusted the steering wheel. She then slid across to the passenger side, undid the bow tie and opened the top few buttons of her dress shirt. She turned with her back to the door and her knees up on the seat, together in a lady like manner, and her feet hanging off, crossed at the ankles.

When he got in the car, Jim turned to her and stopped to admire her. Denise was a picture of feline grace, elegantly posed. The open buttons revealed a deep cleavage that hinted of a bounty barely contained inside the shirt.

"Before you get started, though," Denise said when she had his full attention, "I wanted to remind you what you've been missing."

She slowly started to unbutton her shirt the rest of the way. More and more of her tits were showing as she went. Slowly she revealed her whole cleft, keeping the shirt edges together to hide her nipples. When she reached her skirt, Denise worked the shirttail out carefully and finished unbuttoning it.

Her shirt now hung open, offering glimpses of her treasures. Reaching to her chest, she started to flash Jim. Denise first pulled one side away then replaced it, then repeating with the other. She grinned playfully as she did that several times, then she flipped both sides open and let the shirt fall down her back. She was not a large woman, so the D breasts she showed looked huge.

Denise posed for Jim. She reached up and cupped her soft, yet firm, tits, pushing them together slightly. She then started playing with them, working her way to her nipples. They had been erect and now they seemed to be growing harder, pushing toward him.

"See, boss," she sighed, as she pinched the medium brown points "they're happy to see you."

"Is that all you wanted to show me?" Jim asked. He knew she wanted to be encouraged and it worked.

"Well, there was this," Denise replied with a sultry smile.

As she spoke, she shifted her weight and straightened he legs. Sliding her ass towards him on the seat, she moved a hand down and lifted her skirt, slowly. First she revealed her stocking tops, then bare thigh. Denise could feel her juices flowing and her cunt lips swelling as she paused.

Jim leered with appreciation at for the show, feeling himself respond. Her womanhood was still partially shadowed and she was playing with her nipple and caressing both of her tits with the other hand.

She knew she had him, so she finished pulling back the dress, sliding down the seat slightly, using friction to raise the back as she worked the front. Spreading her knees, she displayed herself to him, her lips slightly parted in their need. Lightly she began rubbing her mound, accenting its dark heat of need and desire.

"She missed you, too," she said hoarsely as she started to masturbate.

"Well, that's a hell of a show," Jim said, his voice starting to get husky, too, as his need built. "It seems a waste that you are practically in the next lane, though."

She threw herself across the car and grabbed him, lunging to kiss him. She kissed him hard, leaning into him and feeling her hard nipples rub on his shirt. Denise reveled in the feel of her bare body on her man.

"The other reason for the Caddy is the bench seat," she cooed, pulling back for a moment. "In the SUV, I couldn't sit nearly as close."

Jim responded by hugging her to him. As the kiss went on, he slipped his tongue out and met her lips. Denise responded by parting her lips and joining him is a tongue battle, each exploring the other's mouth.

Denise was ready for more. She was kneeling on the seat, so she reached behind herself with her right hand and pulled at Jims arm. He had an idea what she wanted so he followed her lead. She pulled his hand to her front and pressed it to her tit. She moaned into his mouth when he massaged it, pulling lightly at the nipple when it caught between his cupped fingers.

This was good, but still not what she was ready for. Moving his hand again, she eased her hips away from him and parted her legs. Jim found himself cupping her mound. He rubbed his palm up and down, feeling her heat. Sliding his hand upward, he placed a finger on each side of her slit. Jim started rubbing gently, pushing his fingers together to increase the pressure on her lips and clit. He felt her start to ooze.

Denise had released his hand and started rubbing his chest. Still kissing him she maneuvered to get the most pleasure from his hand. She whimpered as her excitement rose. Suddenly, she felt Jim stop and slip a finger into her slit. She started bucking to apply pressure from his hand to her clit as it started to swell.

When Jim slipped a second finger in, Denise finally broke the kiss. Throwing her head back, she took her hand from his chest and she started pulling on her own nipple. Twisting and pulling on it as she threw her head around, she started gasping and screaming.

"Oh! Oh, yeah! There baby! Oh, oh, uh, Aieeee!"

After a minute of this she suddenly clenched in orgasm, bending at the waist and trapping Jim's fingers in her cunt. He leaned forward and kissed the top of her head as she came down.

"Well," Jim said as she gathered herself, "that was exciting, too, but now I have a real problem."

"I would like to get home. Why don't you start driving and see what comes up?"

"Something already has, wench. Ah," said Jim with a grin, "I think I see why you put the wheel in 'big-rig' mode."


With a smile, Jim put the car back in gear and headed on to the freeway. As he accelerated into traffic, Denise worked her way under his arm. She pulled his hand from the wheel and draped his arm over her shoulder. Placing his hand firmly on her boob, she snuggled in to his side.

As Jim started to massage the offered tit, Denise reached down and undid his belt. It was a bit of work getting the button undone, but she was determined and eventually it was free. She unzipped him and snaked her hand into his underwear and started massaging his turgid member.

The feel of her small hand was exciting Jim as she played with the head, smearing the first bit of pre-cum around. The smell of his musk and the silky feel of his cock drove Denise on. She wanted to see that glorious bone and fondle it with both hands. She was having trouble working him out of his underwear, though.

"Boss, do me a favor and shift a bit, so I can get at this thing. I feel hand-cuffed and it must be killing you."

"OK, I'll see what I can do," Jim responded. He was happy to help. The clothes were binding painfully.

Before he moved, Jim set the cruise control. If he got excited, he didn't want to have his feet on the pedals. It also let him move his legs to get better leverage. As he wiggled his but from side to side, Denise worked Jim's pants down. She knew he hated the feel of a zipper pinching him, so she made a couple of extra tugs to completely clear his crotch.

Now she had it before her. At one time its size had frightened her, but long acquaintance had shown that Denise could pleasure herself on it without fear. She suspected that Jim had done things to her to avoid putting her in the hospital.

Twisting slightly, she got both of her hands on his cock. Working up and down it with practiced motions she stroked him with the tempo she knew he liked best.

Jim enjoyed the feeling of her hands, even though she barely reached all the way around his prick with both of them. It was exciting, but not overpowering, which was a good thing at 70 miles an hour.

Denise kept it up for a few minutes, but then she wanted more. Turning out from under his hand, she leaned down and took his head into her mouth, sliding her hands down to the base. Jim's eyes widened a bit in at the sudden feel of her warm mouth, as she sucked on him.

Denise started stroking with her hands and moved him in and out of her mouth, taking more each time. She moved to kneel on the seat making it easier to take more of him. As she bobbed up and down, she started twisting her head from side to side, spiraling up and down on Jim's tool to enhance the feeling.

Jim worked his hand down her back and over her skirt covered ass. When he caressed it she wiggled and moaned on his cock. The feel was grand, so Jim started to massage her butt, enjoying the feel of her muscular hams in his hand. As he rubbed, he slowly worked her skirt up until he was working on bare skin. He could practically hold both cheeks at once.

Denise was getting turned on again. She worked one hand down and started to caress his balls as she mouthed him. This encouraged Jim to raise the stakes by sliding his hand down to play with her cunt lips. Denise moaned again louder, trying to take more of him in. Jim was glad he had given himself control over his orgasms. He could feel this one pushing. It was going to be a big one when he let it happen.

Raising the stakes again, Jim worked a finger into Denise's box from behind. Sliding it in and out in time with her motions in his crotch, still massaging her ass as he did. Denise was going wild now. She slammed down on him as deeply as she could in that position.

Suddenly, she stopped and pulled up her head. Moving her hands back to his dick, she walked on her knees until she was next to him again. Moving carefully, so as not to block Jim's view of the road, Denise swung her right leg across him. Rising up, she lined his cock up with the pussy and sank down onto it.

At fist, she only got a couple of inches into her cunt, but she rose up and dropped again, gaining more. She moved her hands to Jim's chest and leaned her head on his shoulder. After another try, she sank all the way into his lap with a moan.

Jim had not been sure what she was doing, but when she crawled into his lap, he had put both hands on the wheel. Once he was fully embedded he took one off and put it at the base of her back, not quite cupping her ass. He pushed up slightly, excited by what Denise was doing.

Denise leaned back and looked up at Jim with a smile. She started to unbutton his shirt, kissing his chest when it was uncovered. As she worked town it, she was able to lean over and lick his nipples. Jim moaned his delight.

Once Jim's shirt was open and pushed out of the way, she pressed her tits against him and started to lift and drop. She started moving faster, rubbing her tits up and down as she bounced up and down on his cock.

As she bounced, Denise started to moan and cry out again. Jim could tell by the volume that she was heading toward a bigger orgasm than the last one.

Suddenly, Denise stopped riding him and grabbed him around the chest. She dropped into his lap and screamed. He could feel her cunt grab his dick as she shuddered out her climax. It was a big one. It almost felt like her womb was trying to suck his dick in. He held her as the fit took its time passing.

Jim now had several concerns.

He was pretty sure the last trucker he had just passed had seen, and probably heard, what was going on. He had probably called it ahead. All the other truckers would now be looking for him and jockeying for views. That could be problematic given his current distraction.

This could also mean that a cop could hear about it and come investigate. That would be sub-optimal. He did not want to try to explain this to a judge.

Last and most importantly, the danger of it was adding to his excitement and really trying his control. He really needed to cum, himself. Luckily, his exit was coming up.

Shifting his grip to stop Denise from falling as she came down and hold her tight to him, he braked the car and took his off ramp. Once on surface streets, he quickly found a side street and turned into it. Once they were out of traffic and more secluded, he parked the car.

Now that his hands were free, Jim moved his hands to Denise's head, turned her face up, leaned down and kissed her. While she had had a hell of a climax, she was still excited. As they kissed, she started moving up and down on him again.

As Denise got back to jumping him, Jim moved his hands down to her hips and encouraged her, helping to lift her up and push her back onto his cock. The pause had let her regroup a bit, so she was ready for more.

Denise was rising again to another orgasm. Throwing her head as she lost control. Suddenly, she felt Jim slide his hand around her hip. When she felt his finger enter her ass, she went off again.

Jim felt Denise's orgasm start and really pounded up into her. As she was finishing he finally let himself go. It was like jet propelled lava, rising from his balls and shooting into her. He felt the spasms, all strong, again and again. It was a lot, even for him.

Denise felt him shoot and it set her off again. She suddenly was alternately flailing and clenching as the orgasms piled one on the other. She felt Jim's spasms and the push from each of them. It was like sitting on a fire hose. She felt like she should be blasted right off of him!

Jim finally finished and hugged Denise through the last of her climax. They held each other and shuddered for a bit. They were both gasping a bit from the heights they had reached.

Denise recovered herself as Jim softened. She lifted herself off of him, kissing him as she rose up and moved to the passenger side. Reaching into the glove box, she pulled out the towel she had put there, "in case" and did a hasty clean up of herself. When she had dealt with the external mess, she clamped the towel between her thighs and bent to clean up Jim.

As the lovely Asian licked him clean, Jim restarted the car and pulled onto the road. As he finished the drive to the house, he smiled to himself. It was good to be back. Willing himself to harden in Denise's mouth, he reflected that he might not be home for long, but it should be a rewarding stay.

DOA - Dating Office Associates

Jim was not happy.

The installation was a nightmare. The IT manager wouldn't let him do his work in normal hours, so he was on second shift. There was no reason for that, it just was. Unfortunately, the trades guys were having scheduling problems, so he was not working on the upgrade since the new area had partial walls, no power and a ton of dust in the air. On top of that, the customer insisted that he be there to supervise, regardless of the work.

Then the Sales-dweeb caved in to the customer and Jim was also the on-site fix-it guy for the old version he was supposed to be replacing. He was doing 2 projects at once with long days and no time for other interests. Even though he didn't need much sleep, it was hard to meet potential concubines when you work 15-hour days. What good was a program that made you a god if you were stuck in an empty universe?

"Hell," he thought out loud on the second day, " I hardly have human contact except for the IT Manager. I am not sure he qualifies." Jim was sitting at the desk that he had been given. It had a phone for problem children to contact him and a LAN connection with one of the more restrictive firewalls he had seen. He had a very limited set of options for dealing with the boredom between stupid problems. "This has got to change."

The admin in the same hall had noticed Jim around lately. Connie thought he was pretty nice looking. When she heard him talking to himself, she used the excuse of "meeting the new guy" as a reason to check him out. She found out why he was there and that he was "the pro from Dover" for the system she occasionally used. She also realized he was better looking and more -- Compelling? Charismatic? Something -- than anybody she had met in a while.

Jim appreciated Connie coming by to introduce herself. He was happy to finally meet someone new. It helped that he could put a face to one of the users he had heard about. On the other hand, he was not really interested in her as more than a pleasant casual conversationalist. Aside from being middle aged, average looking, and kind of dumpy, which he could fix, she was married. Worse than that, she was a co-worker.

Even before he got the program, he had figured out that dating people from work was trouble. He had tried it once and found out all of his concerns were valid. Of course, once the Master program showed up he had to try it. The problems he had covering for his changes to co-workers was part of the reason he now kept a low profile.

On the other hand, he hoped she would stop in again, just to break the monotony. In a couple of days, he found himself chatting with her several times in the course of the day. She was quick on the uptake and her repartee had stymied him a couple of times.

For her part, Connie enjoyed Jim's jokes and was amused that she had made him stammer and blush. Talking to a guy was a pleasure that she had forgotten. Her husband barely grunted at her.

On Friday, Jim was heading back to his desk when he realized it was lunchtime. He was tired of eating alone. He stuck his head in to Connie's office on the way by. She was hanging up the phone as he did and seemed to have a funny look on her face.

"Hey, are you doing lunch today?" he asked. "I'm tired of solitary confinement, ya know?"

Connie was a bit startled when Jim asked about lunch. She had just gotten off of the phone with her husband and it had not gone well. She had asked him to start dinner and he had lost it. She was feeling hurt and confused and was happy for an excuse to get away.

"Sure," she replied, "Let me grab some money." As she moved to the file cabinet she asked, "Are we going to the cafeteria or should I bring my purse?"

Jim paused. "Well, I'm thinking that the farther I get from certain folks, the better my day is."

"Great, let me get my purse and I'll drive."

"Cool, I'll voucher it as a business thing," he chimed with a smile. "So, do you want to hear about the latest bit of genius from the upgrade project? That'll seal it!"

They both laughed as they headed out to her car. "Pardon the child seat. I just can't get away from being Mom" Connie said as she shifted things to make room for Jim.

"It's OK. I can cope. Just out of curiosity, where are we going? I mean it is Friday. Is this a tea room or will I be able to get a drink?"

"Oh, you can, if your expense account can deal with that."

"Not to worry," he replied with a smug grin.

He then turned the conversation to her kids and they chatted on about them all the way to the restaurant. Connie had 2 daughters, age 10 and 4, who she was proud of. She started bragging on them, happy for the interest in what she had to say.

They continued the conversation at the restaurant, Connie doing most of the talking, with stops to get a table and to order. Jim would ask a leading question and just enjoy the normalcy of her responses and Mom-type stories.

About half way through the meal, though, the tenor of the conversation changed. Jim had ordered a beer with his meal and Connie had opted for wine. She had finished the first glass pretty quickly and was well into her second when Jim asked about her husband. He found out that the old saw "In wine, there is truth" was true, in spades.

Connie's husband had been hurt at work. He had been in the hospital for months. Insurance paid most of the costs, but Connie had suddenly been sole support for herself and the kids. Working and being, essentially, a single parent had not left a lot of time for visiting the hospital and her husband had resented that.

Once he was released from the hospital, her husband was very limited physically. He had to depend on Connie and he resented it. He took it out on her by being very demanding and running her down. Connie had accepted that, but she had started to resent his treatment as well.

There had also been the lawsuit. Connie and her husband had sued over the injury and the company had put them through some hoops, trying to pressure them to drop it. Eventually, the company had settled just before the start of the trial. All of this had put further strain on the family.

Now, Connie felt her husband should be working and he was just lying around or playing golf. He claimed that the settlement was big enough, so why should he work? On the other hand, they still needed health insurance, so Connie could work to get that. He had done his part. Connie was getting tired of it.

All of this came out in a long fast, resentment filled monologue. Jim felt like he was drinking from a fire hose. He got a lot more than he wanted or needed.

On the other hand, he now understood some of the sadness in her look and the reason she seemed beaten down. Jim decided that he really liked her as a person and she deserved better. He was just the guy to help her.

He gave her the normal pitch about how great the "supplements" were and how reasonable the price was. He started with the Base Pay a lot to start and then a big monthly fee. He then told her about being willing to "bet" on the results: A medium down and 20% of any monetary increase. He finished with the normal pitch, which was his normal goal.

"There is another option. There is a big mark up and I can afford some loss on this one. If I move in with you and you provide 'other considerations'," he winked, " I'll front the down payment and settle for a bet of 10% of any increase in salary."

While he delivered the last part of the pitch with his normal leer, Jim did not try to push that answer. He figured that he would save that for someone he was interested in taking. This was a mercy thing. He figured Connie would only get a bit of benefit, so even 20% would not mean much to him. The upfront would just be a nice bonus for being nice.

Connie liked what she heard. She appreciated the joke about "other considerations," but she knew she had gone to pot since her husband's accident. Maybe what she needed was to try this - after all, it was low risk. It might even put a spark back in her marriage. That might help with her husband's depression as well as her own.

"You know," Connie said with a wistful smile, "The 10% version is tempting on a couple of levels, but it would be hard to explain to my husband. On the other hand, is that 20% on any raises?"

"Well, actually, um, yes. It's a bet that you will be getting big bonuses mostly, but if you get a small raise, I get almost nothing, see?"

"Hmm. I can see that figuring any other way could get to be trouble," Connie agreed. "What is the 'some down' that you mentioned, how much money is that up front?"

"About 3 grand," Jim replied. "I know it's a lot, but that is only 20% of the normal start-up."

"Hunh! My husband probably goes through that in greens fees in a month," Connie exaggerated. "I could probably do this straight, but the deal sounds too good. I'll take the bet."

"OK," Jim replied, "I'll bring in the stuff I need Monday. Swing by around 10 and we can do it pretty quick."

"Great, see you then!"

The next workday, Connie stopped in at Jim's office. He had brought in a small travel bag and had a web-cam on his laptop.

Getting started quickly, he asked her what her target was for weight. Ignoring what she told him, Jim entered that she would have 12% body fat and would be fit and strong without exercising. Even thought he would never see them, he also entered that Connie's tits should be full and stand out. He figured the hanging of losing that much weight, as well as from age, was something she would rather not have. Then he added a cup size, just because.

He then asked her any other changes she would like. She had the normal litany of reduced stretch marks, clear up some scars and so on and he typed away. She kind of wistfully said she would like the gray out of her hair. He smiled and typed.

He figured that she was done and was about to "run the analysis" when Connie stunned him with the question, "Is there a way to get rid of a tattoo? I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I feel stupid about it."

She didn't seem like the type, so he had to ask about it. It turned out that she had been wilder as a kid and had gotten a large tattoo on both the small of her back and on her belly. They were big enough that she had to choose clothes carefully. Connie had gotten them in a rebellious stage of her life when she was partying a lot and now she felt that they were not right for her any more, but was unwilling to go through the pain of removing them.

Jim smiled again and said he had just the stuff. He would include a tube of it with the supplements, no charge. He typed that her tattoo would fade as the rest of the changes happened.

As he scanned the display for other things, like intelligence, that he could adjust to make her more likely to get raises, he noticed something odd. She had the early stages of a couple of STDs. Since she re really didn't seem that type, he figured her husband was doing more than laying around the house. Jim added an immediate cure on this and an immunity going forward.

When he as finished, he "ran the analysis." Actually, Jim pulled up the preset text window with the "list of supplements you need" and printed it for her. He then turned to the travel bag and, pretending to check the list, dug out various pills.

"Here you go," he said. "This is the first dose. The initial run will be about 2 weeks, and then you can go on a maintenance mode. Why don't you go take it while I prep the rest that you will need," he lied smoothly. "You had better be near a toilet when you take this first dose. The first one seems to really affect some people."

"Great! Thanks," Connie responded, heading out. "I'll take them now and be back in a bit for the rest."

Before she had gotten far, he was typing again. He needed to set basic things up, like the effect being spread over 2 weeks and so on. He had been in a hurry to get it preset, so rather than pre-type the normal commands, he had pulled in one of his macros. He had edited out the full dependence on him, but she had walked in before he finished. He had forgotten that and in his hurry to send the command, he pulled up the text and copied all of it into the command window. Another glance was all he had time for as the phone rang. Not wanting to miss the window of opportunity, he just hit "Enter" and committed the commands.

The first sugar pill would start the process and over the next 2 weeks, Connie would slim down and tone up rapidly. When the process completed, she would be her ideal and be committed to staying on the supplements. There were other things that would happen, but the distraction kept Jim from realizing his oversight.

The next Friday, Jim heard an odd sound from supply closet. It sounded like someone in real pain. Thinking that a shelf might have fallen on someone, he decided to check it out.

"Hello? Is anything wrong?" he called as he opened the door. He stopped with the door open when he realized that it was Connie, sitting on a low shelf, crying. "Hey, what's wrong, Connie?"

Connie looked up from the handkerchief she had pressed to her face. "Oh, God, Jim, I didn't mean for anyone to find me. I just couldn't keep it in. I had to find some place when I came apart."

Jim was stunned. How was he supposed to deal with this, he wondered. "Uh, do you want to talk about it?"

"Oh, Jim, I don't know, " she sobbed. "It is so wrong. I was starting to feel good about things from those supplements and now this. My husband left me. I guess he hadn't been lying around the house all day like I thought. The bastard moved in with a 19 year old floozy."

That outburst almost made him jump. He was pretty sure that Connie had not really meant to blurt that out that loudly. Jim quickly closed the door and walked over to her.

"Oh, my God," he commiserated with her. "I knew you were having problems, but I didn't realize it was that bad."

"The son of a bitch didn't even have the guts to tell me to my face. He called me here to let me know that he was going. I'm sure he had stripped the house first."

"Holy shit!" Jim practically shouted.

He was shocked, and not just from what Connie was telling him. He suddenly realized that he had left a couple of things in the commands for Connie's "supplements". He watched the sudden change come over her. As the command that "all eventual changes are current when alone with me in a closed room" took effect, she slimmed down, got younger looking, and got prettier, even with the tears. While her "Fat clothes" hid what her body looked like, if the facial changes were anything to go by.... Damn! She was gorgeous!

Connie felt odd. Her balance was different somehow. She felt lighter, both physically and mentally. She was still upset, but felt like an underlying drag was gone. Her clothes fit funny, they seemed looser, except the bra, that was looser through the band, but the cups seemed wrong. The feel of them sliding slightly also seemed to be caresses on her nipples. It almost seemed stimulating. All of this flashed through her mind as she came to her feet.

"Oh, Jim," she said as she threw herself at him, "the shit is even talking about cutting off support for the girls. What will I do?" she cried, grabbing his shirt and burying her head in his chest.

Jim awkwardly put his arms around her and patted at her shoulder clumsily. He felt her shaking with sobs, her tears soaking his shirt. He also felt her leaned down body pressed against him, with what felt like E-cup breasts squashed between their chests. What an odd place to be, he thought.

Pausing for a moment, he started to give her advice as well as comfort.

"Well, first you are going to find a lawyer," he advised her. "I am pretty sure that he will have to support you and the kids, maybe even split that money from the settlement. Do you hear me? You'll be OK. Heck, the way things are going, you are probably better off without him!"

He held Connie as she cried some more. He continued to make reassuring noises, but she seemed to just need to cry it out. Soon, her sobs got quieter as she regained some control.

All at once she realized that she was holding a near stranger's shirt and that he was holding her and comforting her. She also realized that it felt good. Connie pushed away from him slightly, not enough to encourage him to let go, though. She tilted her head up to look him in the eye.

"Oh, Jim, Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder. I mean, you hardly know me and here I am blowing my nose on your shirt."

"Hey, some things just have to be done. Your life just went to hell. It hurts me to see it and this is about all I can think to do to help."

Well, not all, he thought. When she leaned her head back, she had shifted her hips forward. He could feel her body pressing against his cock and he could feel himself starting to respond. It was probably not what she needed now, but damn, she really was hot!

Connie, let go of his shirt and hugged him, turning her head to say, "Well, I think you're wonderful!"

As she hugged him, she noticed that he was getting a hard-on. She was flattered that he found her attractive. It also excited her in the same way. She decided to be bold and move against him. Maybe she could get an idea of his size. What she could not know is that she was experiencing another unintended side effect of Jim's "supplements". He had mistakenly left in the boost to sexual response and willingness to take the lead that was the normal package, too.

Jim accepted her hug and lightly hugged back. Unconsciously, he leaned his head down and rubbed his cheek on her hair. This was nice, he thought. Suddenly he realized that Connie was moving against him and he was getting harder. He straightened up and looked at her head. This was not where he intended being.

"Uh, well, if you are going to be OK now, maybe I should be getting back to work," Jim stammered.

"Do you think so?" Connie ground into him again as she asked.

"Um, yeah. I mean I could get bounced out of here just for being in a closet with you. People might thing the wrong thing."

"Well, if you insist," she responded with a sigh. "Thanks for letting me cry it out." As she finished she reached up and gave him a kiss with a body hug that offered him everything. "I really needed the support," she said when she broke the kiss. She also needed more, she realized.

"Well, glad I could...Murmph"

She interrupted him with another kiss. Connie grabbed him around the neck and held him in. Taking control of the kiss. She felt Jim respond more, listening to his little head as the beautiful woman in his arms worked on the kiss. When he parted his lips to let her tongue in to his mouth, she knew she had him.

Jim kissed her back hard. He started running her hands up and down her back, feeling her shiver in response. Working a hand around to her front, he fondled one of Connie's tits through her clothes. It was heavy and firm, rising proudly. As he squeezed and rubbed he felt her nipple respond to his attention, rising up like a thumb from the cantaloupe-sized tits. Connie whimpered into his mouth at the attention.

With the attention to her tits fueling her need, Connie slid a hand down to Jim's crotch and cupped the bulge in his pants. It felt big and hot. She could feel it throbbing through his chinos. He obviously found her attractive and that was what she needed right now. Well that and some good old-fashioned screwing.

Now it was Jim's turn to moan. With the pace he had been going, he hadn't been able to arrange any regular loving. Even though his pants, her hand was warm and exciting. He was getting more excited as Connie started to rub up and down on his zipper. He decided it was time to move his own hands.

Holding the kiss, Jim moved a hand around to the bottom of Connie's top and pushed his hand up under it. There was a lot more room here than when he met her and his hand slid up her now firm, lean belly to her bra. He mashed and stroked on her boobs as she started to speed her strokes in response.

Feeling around, he found the clasp on her bra and popped it open. Connie's breasts only sagged slightly as they were released. Jim was now able to get his hand on her bare tit. As he massaged it, he felt her nipple harden.

Connie moaned her approval of his fondling into Jim's mouth. Sliding her other hand down, Connie reached undid his belt and worked his pants open. Pulling the zipper down with her left hand, she moved the right into his boxers and took hold of the object of her lust.

Jim worked his other hand up under her shirt and started to manhandle her other tit. To keep her close, he let go with the other hand, circled Connie's waist with the other hand and pulled her back in to his chest.

Working her left hand around him Connie made herself more room by pushing his pants down over his hip. This gave her room to lever his cock out of his underwear and push the waistband below his balls. Now it was Jim's turn to moan as Connie worked him with both hands, feeling the pre-cum ooze out and spreading it down his shaft. She started to stroke him with long sure hand motions.

Jim broke the kiss and leaned down. Releasing Connie's tit he lifted her blouse and bra to expose her nipple. It was swollen and dark red, begging for more attention. It seemed to stick out an inch, fat and ready to give suck. Jim took it into his mouth. Since the rise of her breast was holding the clothing out of his way, he shifted his hand around to pull her to his mouth. With his other hand, he continued to work her right tit.

The pleasure she was getting was practically orgasmic. Connie had always enjoyed tit play, but now it was overwhelming. She felt her knees go weak from pleasure. Jim felt it too, catching her and lowering her to the floor. Only stopping his attention long enough to make the trip a safe one.

Once on the floor, Jim went back to sucking the exposed nipple. Since he didn't have to hold her to him anymore, he slipped his right hand around her neck and to her tit. As he started playing with her nipple with that hand, he worked his other hand down from Connie's tit, over her belly and to her pants. Finding no closure on them, he slid his hand under the waistband and into her underwear, again taking advantage of the sudden looseness of her "fat clothes" on the newly toned body.

With soft caresses, Jim moved over her mound and between her legs. Petting the outer labia with a practiced hand, he felt Connie respond to the attention. Her lips opened and he started to feel her juices flow out. As he slipped a finger into her, he shifted his hand to also brush her emerging clit. Letting go of her nipple with his mouth, he moved back up to Connie's face. He showered her with small kisses and, as she started to moan from his work, he silenced her with a kiss to her mouth.

Connie returned his kiss and stroked Jim with both hands, matching the pace of his finger in and out of her. She moaned again into his mouth and bucked up into his hand, putting more pressure on her nubbin and achieving a small orgasm.

Unsatisfied with the small relief, Connie wanted more. Lifting her hips, she let go of Jim and pushed her pants and panties down to her knees. Jim took immediate advantage of the extra room to slip another finger into her. Connie was now off the ground and humping his fingers as she grabbed his head and brought him up for a kiss.

"Oh lord," she said as they broke the kiss, "I need you, now."

She pushed Jim away and rolled over on to her knees, looking at him over her shoulder she begged, "Now! Please! I need it so bad! Just do me!"

Getting to his knees behind her, Jim lined his manhood up with her pouting cunt. Pressing the head home, he felt her lips open and take him in. He had to work to get the first bit in, twisting a bit to get past the initial muscles. Connie was tight! Fucking her with her legs pinned together at the knees made it even tighter for Jim. He was not used to dealing with unmodified genitals, so he was going to have to do this slowly.

Jim pulled out and put some spit on the tip of his cock, working it down the shaft to relubricate it. Lining up again, he slid further into Connie's cunt this time. Pulling out and pushing again, with a bit of twisting, he gripped her by the hips and slowly worked his way in.

He was a bit more than half way buried in her when Jim felt himself bottoming out. He felt his glans pressing on Connie's cervix. She seemed to too as she moaned and pulled away slightly. He paused for a moment to consider. Hell, just the tight grasp of her tunnel on his member was great!

Slowly pulling back, he eased his dick almost out of her again, before reversing and slowly thrusting back in. Stopping at about the same point he again withdrew. Slowly he built up speed. As he did, he noticed that he was able to thrust deeper. Connie's body was getting used to him and was accommodating his length and girth on its own. Soon, 3 quarters of his dick was disappearing into her on each thrust. While he was touching the muscle ring at the end, he was careful not to bump it hard.

Connie had to bite her shirt to keep from screaming. Jim was really filling her. She was glad she had had children; she knew she could stretch and could feel herself opening more to him as he thrust. It felt so good that she was bearing down, using muscles that were more toned than she could ever remember to grip his man-root with her vagina.

The stimulation was getting to the boiling point and Connie started thrusting back to meet Jim as he stroked, moaning and grunting into her shirt more. Jim was as much holding her off as pulling her in. He was pretty sure that if he slammed it home he would hurt her, ending the session before they climaxed.

In a few more strokes, Connie felt it come on. She felt a fire start in her cunt and flash to her free-swinging tits. Arching her back she pulled away and forced herself toward Jim. Her tunnel went in to spasms, trying to pull him in and she shook with the glory of the release. It was the best in years and it went on and on. As it started to pass, she released and sank to her elbows, not quite out of it enough to fall down completely.

Jim felt her going and held her from hurting herself on his dick. As Connie spasmed, he continued to stroke into her, only pausing when she sank down, prepared to stop her if she continued down. She might have been done, but he wasn't quite yet.

When he started again, he moved his hands a bit to spread her cheeks. He watched his cock stroke in and out of her slit. As he stroked he watched her asshole push out. If her cunt was this tight, Connie's asshole was out of the question unless he did some work on it. As he hit his stroke again he felt his own excitement rise. As it did, he felt Connie respond.

The feel of Jim's dick stroking was raising her up again. Connie found herself starting to climb back to the peak more quickly than ever before. Rising to her hands, she wiggled and rocked to try to increase his pleasure. She also squeezed down with the new-found strength in her cunt muscles. All the stimulation was getting to her, too. She felt it coming on again.

Jim was enjoying the way Connie was moving. The added stimulation just made her strong grip on his member better. He knew her was close and was trying to decide whether to hold off and enjoy more or finish now before they were discovered. As he decided that he was going to let it happen, Connie came again.

As she spasmed in her second orgasm, Connie threw herself back. Jim was not really prepared for that as he approached his own peak and he met her with his own thrust. He felt his tip bang into something hard, but as he pulled back, Connie followed him, keeping the pressure on. On his return, he pressed against it and felt the obstruction seem to open. He followed it as he stroked in.

Connie felt the bang on her cervix, but was too blessed-out to react. She was nearly done coming when she felt the pressure build. With a sudden lurch, she felt herself open in a way she never had before. Jim's head had penetrated her completely.

Jim followed her, feeling her spasm in a new way. As Connie reached the end of her movement and started back, he kept going. He felt his dick push on through the obstruction and the thick ring of muscle grabbed the end.

That did it. Jim started coming, hard. Connie, on her way down, was pushed over the edge again as she felt him spurt his seed directly into her womb. It was explosive. They both curled forward as the feeling exploded on them. Jim straightened and thrust again and again, pushing deep with each spurt of cum. It was amazing.

As it passed, Connie sank forward again, slipping past her elbows to lie out on the floor. Jim followed her down, still inside her the end of his cock soaking in her sperm filled womb. Eventually, Jim was lying on her back with his hips resting on her full ass. He leaned down and kissed her ear.


"Mm-hmm," she responded lazily.

He nuzzled her again when the reality hit him. This was not professional. If they were caught, it could be trouble for both of them. Hell, if they were even thought to be fooling around, the owner of the company would throw them both out of the building!

"Um, I hate to sound ungrateful, but we really ought to get moving. If we get caught here...."

"I know we should, but I'm not sure I can. I am wiped out," Connie replied.

"Me, too, but it could be trouble. In fact," he said as he withdrew his rapidly shrinking dick, "we're lucky no one's walked in yet. We have to get respectable."

Jim rose to his feet and pulled up his pants. Once they were fastened, he crouched down for Connie, helping her roll to her side, admiring the play of her partly exposed breasts as they moved free of restraint under her rucked up blouse.

"Come on, love, up you get," he said lifting her to first a seated position and then to stand up. "Let's get you respectable. I figure that you can claim to be sick and head out. Hell, you could even tell your boss you have family problems."

"The problem is that I'm fucked out. I'm pretty sure that will not be acceptable here. The jokers would probably fire me for dating while I was married, never mind what my bastard husband was doing." She grinned up at him and continued, "Besides, if I'm here I'm near you and want more after a rest."

"We both know that would be bad. Look we are going to have to just pretend we never did this, at least for a while. Once I finish this gig, we can get together, but you do not need this to mess up your job. It could also give your husband reason to really screw you during the divorce. I want it too, but this is for your life, OK?"

Connie sighed and nodded. "You're right. But damn, I wish...." She started to fix her clothes, pulling up her panties and slacks.

"So do I babe, so do I."

As she finished resettling her boobs in her bra and adjusting her top, Jim gave her a wistful smile. As he opened the door, Connie felt her body change. She felt a bit heavier and sadder. Her clothes still did not quite fit, but it felt like it had this morning. She was losing weight. She would need to dig out something old that was more her new size.

With a smile and a slight stagger to her walk, she brushed by Jim at the door and headed to her desk. She would take his advice and head out. She wanted to be home and break the news to her kids that their daddy was leaving her. She decided to not involve them; she would let them know it was not them that he was leaving. The bastard had better not mess them up.

As he watched Connie move down the hall ahead of him, Jim decided that he might want to reexamine his co-worker policy, mostly for the future. He would not move in with Connie, since it would give her husband leverage and could make a messy situation worse.

DOA - In for a Penny

Jim was still bemused that he had screwed a co-worker, something he had vowed not to do again. It was water under the bridge, though. From here on, he intended to let things be. Connie and he would not get together again.

Connie had other ideas.

The next morning, Jim was just coming out of the shower when he heard a knock on the door to his suite. Figuring it was room service dropping off his breakfast order, he pulled a towel around his waist and opened the door. It was not what he expected.

"Connie! What are you doing here?"

"Admiring the view," Connie quipped. Her face then became serious, "Its about yester day. There were some things I wanted to go over before we met up at work. I don't think they are things that should be public, if you know what I mean. So, are you going to stand there or are you going to invite me in?"

"Um, oh, uh, sure, come on in," Jim said as he moved aside. "Is there a problem?"

Connie walked into the main part of the room as he closed the door. He turned to her just as the door shut and once again watched the pounds and troubles melt off of her. Her hair expanded and lengthened, framing her pretty face with a thick dark mane. Her body leaned out under her clothes again. Her whole being seemed to exude appeal instead of gloom. Jim felt his dick responding. He concentrated and stopped it before it got too obvious.

"Well there are several. I am not sure where to start," she said. Glancing down, she smiled a bit to herself, seeing the reaction.

"OK, take your time. If I can help, you know I will," Jim said sympathetically.

Just then there was another knock on the door. This time it was room service. Jim let the waiter roll his cart in and took care of the check. As the guy left, Jim had to admire his composure, not even a raised eyebrow over him in a towel with a female visitor.

As he turned back into the room, Jim realized why the guy was so cool. Connie was not in the room. As he glanced around, wondering where the hell she was, when he heard a noise from the bedroom.

"Connie?" Jim called, the concern audible in his voice. "Are you OK? You can come out now. Room service is gone. We can talk now."

"It really isn't a talking sort of problem," she replied as she returned to the front room, sans clothes.

Jim was stunned. This was the first time he had seen her completely nude. The bits he had seen in the storeroom had been great, but they were just a hint of the woman. Now he could see the whole.

Connie was a bit on the short side and it accentuated her curves. She had wide shoulders and a large rib cage. The ribs looked to be just the thing to support her large breasts; they were an amazing E or better. Each was tipped with an erect, dark rose-colored nipple as big around as his thumb, sticking out about an inch and begging for attention. She had wide, womanly hips that looked perfect for screwing and bearing children. The waist above them was lean but a bit thick, making her breast and hips look more in line. Her arms and legs were on the thin side for the rest of her build, but well muscled and shapely. Once again, his dick started to inflate.

Connie enjoyed the look in his eye and the other reaction. She walked up to him and undid his towel, dropping it to the floor in front of him. Connie knelt down on it and took his cock in her hands. It was eye level on her and she hummed in pleasure as she watched it harden.

"Connie," Jim said as he looked down at her, fighting for control, "I thought we had agreed that this couldn't go on. It could get real messy on a couple of levels."

"Mmm-hmm," she replied as she started to nuzzle his erection, "I thought I could just walk away, but the more I thought about it, the less true it was. The more important having this in me became, the less I cared about consequences."

With a moan of lust, Connie licked him from his balls to his tip. Gently pulling on him, she leveled his cock with her mouth and took it into her mouth. As she engulfed him he reached down and took her head in his hands. He guided her onto his shaft, feeding her more with every bob of her head.

Connie let go with one hand and started rubbing her tits. Pulling at her nipples, one at a time, she took more and more of Jim into her mouth. As her excitement grew she moved her hand down, over her belly and to her cunt.

Connie had been getting excited just walking up to Jim's room. Now she was hot for him. Her pussy was enflamed as she started to finger herself. She worked a finger in, then two, pumping away and thumbing her clit.

Jim heard the squishing sound over her slurps and knew what it was. He wanted some of that. Pulling himself out of Connie's mouth, he pushed her over on her back. As she overbalanced, she let go of his dick to catch herself. She was not letting go of her cunt.

Connie fell back and landed on one cheek. She knew what Jim wanted and she wanted it, too. Rolling onto her back, she worked her legs around and spread them for him.

Jim dropped to the floor between her knees. Connie pulled her fingers out and used both hands to spread her cunt lips for her lover. Taking advantage of this, Jim lined his spit-covered cock up with her steaming gash and started to work into her. There was no finesse -- they were both in rut.

As Jim entered her, Connie grabbed his hips. This gave her leverage to pull him in and to lift up to force her own impalement. In one stroke he was halfway there. Pausing and pulling against her, he eased out a bit and rammed home again. As he plunged into her, Connie moved her legs up and wrapped them around his hips, pulling him tighter. As she felt him pull back she eased her grip so that he could withdraw. Feeling him tense again, she pulled with her arms and legs, meeting him on his down stroke.

Jim felt her pull and went with it. He slammed into Connie and felt his balls bounce on her ass. She was going wild under him and he was enjoying it. Jim pounded away at her, working to the rhythm she needed as he pounded in and out. Her ass was bouncing off the floor steadily as she worked to force him into her fast and hard.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, gods Jim, do me!" Connie was chanting now encouraging him. "Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Oh, yeah!"

As Connie repeatedly egged him on, Jim shifted and rose up on his hands, looking down and admiring her huge tits as they bounced around in time to their pounding. The nipples seemed to be moving in circles, begging him for attention. As he was starting to shift to respond, he felt Connie start to tense.

"No! Just fuck me!" Connie begged, " I'm c-c-c-cumming! Oh- oh- oh!"

With a final wail, she threw her head from side to side and pulled him in with her legs. Jim fought the pull and continued to try to thrust as Connie's orgasm built and peaked. As it passed, she relaxed her leg lock on him. He was able to thrust fully again. After a couple of thrusts, though, he realized that she was done for a while. Her box was lose now and not as stimulating. As he watched her body move to his pounding, another idea occurred to him.

He pulled out of Connie and moved to her side. She whimpered at feeling the void.

Jim straddled her belly and laid his juice-coated dick on her chest. He reached down to Connie and pinched her nipples. Lifting and pulling her tits together he surrounded his cock head in tit-flesh. Moving his hands down, he increased the pressure, forcing a bit of pre-cum out to help lubricate the valley he had created. He started a slow thrusting back and forth.

Connie started to come back to herself. The orgasm was better than the first and she had spaced for a bit. Now, she felt a pressure on her torso and Jim's palms pressing on her nipples. Realizing what was going on, she moved her hands up to push on the sides of her tits, partially covering Jim's hands.

Connie's help made the tit tube Jim was embedded in even tighter. This turned him on more, causing more pre-cum to leak, in turn, making the way slicker.

Connie looked up at Jim as he started to grunt his pleasure. She wanted to take him in her mouth, but was not sure she could, because of the angle. As Jim started to thrust more irregularly, she felt a bumping on her chin. He was long-stroking her tits! As she watched him approach his peak, her languor started to fade, being replaced by once more rising lust for this man.

Jim looked down and saw her smile up at him. He felt the stream rising like steam from a boiler as his balls sucked in. As he pumped faster in his frenzy, he watched his dick appear and disappear in Connie's cleavage. The hot flesh pressed on him as he felt her large nipples under his hands. With her doing most of the pushing, he shifted his grip to play with them, making sure she got some pleasure, knowing what she needed and applying the triggers that were always part of his programming.

As she watched, Jim mad a final long thrust. He pushed right against her jaw. As he threw his head back and moaned, she felt the first blast from his balls splash on her chin the power blew some of his jism to her mouth, although most ran down to her neck. As he pulled back to thrust again, he spurted a second time, and as he pushed forward and locked, he spurted several more times.

Between the spunk he was spraying on her and the work on her nipples, Connie found herself up and orgasming again. Pinned beneath Jim, she rocked from side to side. She clamped down on her tits as she spasmed. The pressure and new movement excited Jim as he finished. This was great!

As Connie felt Jim's cum ooze down her chin and off her neck, she laughed. "Well, it just got messy on another level."

Jim snorted as he backed up and moved back between her legs. As he did, he left a trail of cum down Connie's belly. With his softening dick resting on her mound, he bent down to kiss her. He leaned back again to admire the pearl necklace he had given her.

"Well, that was a nice wake up. Shall we move to the bed?"

"Unfortunately, that is all we really have time for," Connie said, looking at the clock. "We really can't go in smelling like each other and sex. Someone is bound to notice."

"How a bout a quick shower to freshen up. I'll scrub your back."

"All right, but I don't have time for much. I really can't be late."

"Oh, all right," Jim agreed with an exaggerated sigh as he stood up. "Spoil sport."

Jim helped her up and they went into the shower. While they helped each other soap intimate regions and giggled a bit, they really did just wash up, mostly. Then after dressing quickly and grabbing some muffins from the room service tray, they got in their cars and headed into work.

DOA - Problem Solver

After that morning, Jim and Connie had established a routine. Still they worked to keep things a bit discrete. She continued stopping by his hotel on her way to work for a morning wake up call. By the third day, he had given her a key and she was waking him with a blowjob or tit-fuck and a quickie. Some lunches, they had a "nooner" instead of eating.

While this was not his normal plan, it could be worse. Connie was as innovative as most of his other "customers". She was willing to do what he wanted as long as she did well herself. While he would have preferred longer encounters and less constraint, with the schedule he was on, this was probably better than his normal arrangement.

For her part, Connie was enjoying the liaison. Sure it would have been nice to be more like regular lovers, but the sneaking around was pretty exciting. Jim was an intoxicating lover with a big dick and the knowledge that it took more than that to satisfy a woman.

She was also really feeling the effects of the Master Program, although she thought it was the supplements. She had more energy, felt better, and was happier than she could ever remember. She was seeing improvement every day. She was leaner, fitter, and happier than she had been... ever! Her tattoos were even fading just from the cream Jim had given her. She would be moving to the maintenance mode soon.

In fact, it was the change that caused the problem. Her clothes no longer fit either her body or her self-image. There was nothing to do but go out shopping. Unfortunately, that left her vulnerable.

Jim was surprised not to have company the next morning. He wondered what had happened to Connie. This rose to real concern when he got in to work and found she wasn't there. It was after 11:00 when he finally saw her coming in.

Connie was looking very nice. She had obviously been shopping and the new clothes set off her nearly complete change. He followed her to her desk to compliment her and ask what was up. When he saw her face, he knew there was some sort of trouble.

"Oh, that bastard!" Connie blurted out. Before Jim could ask, she went on, "Frank, my shmuck husband has sunk to a new low! While I was out shopping last night, he somehow got my sitter to leave. His mother just happened to drop by and found the little one alone. She was asleep, but still it got reported to the cops. Now I have to deal with that as part of the separation!"

Jim was immediately concerned. "Have you talked to your lawyer, yet?"

"Where do you think I was? I called him last night and went in early. We got the Sitter to vouch for me and the cops are looking at it as a divorce thing, so they will call off the social workers. Still, this is something I don't need.

"My lawyer and the cops said that if I could get Frank to admit he was in on it, even by just involving his mother, it would be ideal. It would get the charges dropped and would reflect on him at the divorce."

"So," Jim asked, "do you think that is how it is going to play out?"

"It sure seems to be what Frank wants. I think he is angling to cut me off and he will take the kids if it keeps me away from his money."

"Do you really think he's that small?"

"Oh, yes," Connie answered with conviction. "But I have to wonder what his floozy thinks," she mused.

"You know, I would, too," Jim laughed. "If you want, I may be able to find a way. Interested?"

"Boy, am I!"

"Great," Jim smiled, happy to see Connie calming, if still angry, "Do you know anything about her? Her name, where she lives, or where she works?"

"Yeah, I've actually met the floozy. Her name is Karen. Karen P-something, something Polish sounding. She works at the bar at the Golf Course most afternoons and a couple of nights a week. That's where I met her, Frank took me to dinner and she was the waitress. The bastard was pushing her in my face and I never realized it. Crap! Showing the skinny bitch how much better she was than his fat old wife."

Connie was getting riled again, so Jim tried to bring her back to the point. "Do you think she'll be working tonight?"

"Yeah, I think she was on Wednesday before," Connie replied, calming a bit again.

"OK, then," Jim said, "how about we head over there and see what we can see."

"I can't do that! She'll recognize me. She won't tell us anything if I'm there."

"Trust me," Jim responded soothingly, using his Master-given power of persuasion. "I think I can figure a way to see she doesn't recognize you. How about you pick me up around 6 and we see what we can do. Dress nice. Oh, and I missed you this morning."

"All right, see you around six," Connie agreed. "Missed you, too," she added with a quick glance around to make sure they weren't being overheard.

As she got to work, Connie found she did trust him, and it felt right. While she had missed him, too, she decided to work through lunch to make up for the time in the morning, rather than taking "lunch" with Jim. She also called a neighbor that she had an arrangement with and set it up so that the girls would sleep over there, clearing her to go out and protecting all of them from any more of her husbands tricks. At 5 she headed out to change and pick up Jim at his hotel.

Jim, meanwhile, had set things rolling for the evening's tasks at the site and then bailed out. While the IT manager promised to complain about it, Jim had been diligent enough that he was sure his boss would round-file the complaint.

Once he got to his room, he opened his laptop and started the Master PC program. Giving it a try, he entered "Karen P*" in the name area. He got 5 hits, 2 with eastern European names.

Figuring to come back to that, he entered Connie's name. The small mannequin showed her half dressed as it spun in the viewer, so he knew she was changing and he had some time. Since he wanted her to realize what he was doing and that he wanted to watch it happen, he just entered that she would ignore what he was doing on the PC and that any changes were from the 2 of them working a disguise out. As he hit enter, he saw that she was done dressing and looked great. He closed Connie's profile and entered his own.

Deciding not to modify the floozy (yet), he gave himself more coercive powers. Not just able to influence a decision he wanted, but able to force it. On a warning that this was dangerous, he tried making it only for waitresses. The program warned him again, but he decided to make it happen and hit enter. As he saved those changes and was pulling Connie's profile back up, he heard the lock on the door.

Rising as Connie swept into the room Jim turned and admired her. The dress looked like it was several layers of close fitting gauze. He could see the dress cling to her curves, reminding him of what she was like naked. Knowing she looked good in the new dress, Connie stopped and posed for Jim, turning around quickly, allowing the knee length skirting to swirl up and then around her.

"You like it?"

"Oh, yes," Jim answered. He stepped over to her, took her in his arms, and gave her a kiss that shook her with his lust. As he held her, he rubbed her back, discovering that she wasn't wearing a bra. As he broke the kiss, he smiled and said, "It feels as good as it looks."

Connie could tell what he was thinking by the start of his hardness. "It comes off easily, too," she informed him.

"Unfortunately, that is going to have to wait. We have mischief to do," he said as he released her. "Let's get you into a disguise. Sit down on the bed."

As she sat down he went back to his computer. Typing as he spoke, he started to describe the "disguise".

"So, what I was thinking was that we disguise you by making some simple changes. First, a change to skin tone - we can do that with makeup."

He typed that she thought they had applied a dark tone foundation, but that her skin was actually changed to a darker, copperier tone all over. He hit enter and watched the change.

"Next, a wig, maybe something dark black and thicker. It should also be a bit longer. The wig I have is more like a mane."

Jim typed that she thought she had a wig on, but her hair was longer, thick and a dark black rather than the normal medium brown. It was fuller and surrounded her face. Again, he hit enter and watched it happen.

Connie was amazed. She felt the makeup and the wig, neither of which she really recalled having applied. She thought that Jim's touch was so deft, and it looked natural. She admired it in the mirror over the dresser.

"You know, Jim, if you had some of that putty stuff, I could change my nose and jaw a bit and end up looking like a Mexican soap opera star. It's a shame that you can't do anything about my thick waist and skinny arms and legs."

"Wait, let me look. Oh here is something that might help. Let's see what we can do."

Jim typed again. He changed the shape of her face, added a bit to her jaw and slimmed her nose, and changed the shape of her eyes until she would look like one of the ladies on Mexican TV. He added that she would think this was makeup, too. He then typed that her waist, arms, and legs should change as she wished, but she would think they were always that way. He added a time limit for all of the cosmetic changes - around midnight, like Cinderella - so he would not have to remember to remove them, hit enter, and watched the result.

Connie was even more amazed. "Were you ever a special effects guy? This is great! I look just like one of them. I hope my voice doesn't give me away. If someone hears me talk and you call me by name, the gig is up."

"No problem, with a bit of coaching, you can do it. I'll teach you to change your voice and we can come up with a back story."

Typing again, Jim added that her voice would deepen a bit and her speech patterns would change to be right for a native Spanish speaker with excellent, but not perfect English. He also added that she would respond to the name Selma, rather than Connie, even though she would remember her real name. Feeling that there should be enough mischief to go around, he also added that she was really a waitress. Adding the time constraint on these, he hit enter.

"So, Connie, do you think you can do it?"

"Certainly," she replied after a beat, "but use the fake name, so I can get used to it." The phrasing and a couple of sounds were exotic and different from her normal voice.

"All right, Selma," he answered with a smile.

Deciding to start the party, Jim sent Connie a mental command to lay back on the bed, strip off her panties and drop them on the floor. Without hesitating, she did. Jim smiled wider and sent a command for Connie to start playing with herself. As he watched her caress her boobs and crotch through the dress, he almost regretted his time limit.

This triggered another idea; Connie should be part of this punishment. He quickly typed that she was interested in experimenting with another woman, especially if Jim was there, and might continue if it was OK with him and she was dominant. He hit enter and shut down.

"Alright, Selma, no laying down on the job. Let's go see what we can see," Jim said, standing and offering Connie a hand.

She got up and led Jim to her car. After opening his door, she climbed in behind the wheel, hiking her skirt in the process. As she pulled out of the lot, Jim ran a hand up her thigh to the top of her stocking. By the second light he had his hand on her bare mound. By the time she got them to the restaurant, he was stroking her slit and tweaking her clit. It was all she could do to park before she orgasmed. As Connie turned off the car, Jim thought a command to her to cum and she came hard.

Jim pulled his hand from between her legs and licked his finger. While Connie regained her composure, he walked around the car and opened her door. He skirt fell back down as he helped her to her feet, took her in his arms, and kissed her. He offered her his arm and escorted her in to the restaurant.

Jim found that his limit on thought control meant he could not force the hostess to seat him at Karen's table. He ended up slipping her a 20 and telling a story about hearing about great service. The story seemed to startle the hostess. He wondered how bad a waitress he was getting.

Once they were seated, a young woman in the house uniform of slacks and polo shirt came up to the table. She was only about 5 foot-nothing and very lean, almost skinny, but with large tits. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and straight. She was pretty in a pale way. She just missed being beautiful with her sharp features and slightly vague look, although Jim found the sprinkle of freckles on her nose and cheeks endearing.

"Hi there! I'm Karen and I be serving you tonight." She gave Jim a warm smile and greeting, but her face got cold when she turned to see that his companion was prettier than she was. "Can I get you a drink from the bar to start?"

The reaction to Connie sealed it for Jim. She would be serving them tonight. Once they got the information he hoped for, they would use her hard.

"I'll have a JD on the rocks. You want a tequila sunrise, right Selma?"

"Yes, please," Connie, replied. As Karen left she hissed, "See, the skinny bitch always tries to get to guys."

"Well, not to worry, she'll get something for it all. You know, she will probably dump Frank for a pretty face. Wouldn't that go over well?"

They settled in for dinner on that thought. The food was actually pretty good, even if the service was uneven. During the main course, they decided on skipping desert so as not to interfere with Jim's plans for the evening.

After clearing the plates, Karen came back and asked, "Will you be wanting anything else? Coffee, desert?"

Jim used that cue to start the real work of the night.

"Yes, I'll have coffee and brandy and the lady will have coffee and Kailua. When we have paid and have left, I want you to tell your boss that you are sick, clock out, and come to the Marriott on Palmer. I will be wanting you to serve us for the evening."

"Certainly," Karen replied and headed off for the coffee.

Connie looked at Jim oddly and he smiled at her. "I told you I thought she was easy," he said with a wry grin.

After the coffee, Karen came with the check. Before she put it down she asked, "Will there be anything else?"

"Oh, yes, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Um, yeah."

"Does he ever have you do things that bother you? Relax, be honest. You can trust me," Jim said, forcing her to believe it.

"Well, he wants me to try anal, but I don't really want that."

"Anything else?" Jim probed.

"Well, he had me go to his old house and pretend that I would help out so the sitter was willing to leave. I felt kind of bad cutting out before his Mom showed up and hit the roof. I think she called the cops on his ex."

"And that bothered you?"

"Yeah, that kind of bothered me, but only because the kids are under foot now."

"Really? You don't mind wrecking that woman's life?" Connie asked, looking daggers at the girl.

Karen shot her a look of contempt. "Why should I? I figure this cuts her off from any of his money. I put up with the kids for a while, clean him out, and move on. I like the idea of being rich! Why do you think I got him to plan the whole thing?"

That declaration of intent rocked Jim and Connie a bit. To find out how conniving the girl was was a bit more than they expected.

"Tell you what," Jim said, regrouping, "after you are done serving us at the hotel, if you go to the police and explain that to them, I guarantee you will feel good. I even bet that your boyfriend won't mind."

"'K, that would be great!"

Jim and Connie headed back to the hotel, after he paid. Jim fondled her some more to get her ready for the evening's play.

On getting back to the room, Jim sent Connie to the bathroom and got back on the Master program. First he modified Connie to be curious and open to girl on girl play. Next he searched for Karen again. It was easier knowing what she looked like and where she was.

When he found her, he checked her out. He made the commands he had given permanent first. On looking, he found she had the same STDs that Connie had had, but slightly more advanced. From what he had seen, it could go either way that she gave them to Frank or he infected her. Either way, he cured her. He left everything else in place, like attitude toward women and what gave her pleasure, since he was doing this somewhat as punishment.

As he was closing down, there was a knock on the door. Connie was just coming out of the bathroom and continued on to answer it. Jim moved from the bedroom into the living room of the suite as Connie escorted Karen in.

Jim took a seat and waived Connie to lean on the dresser. Karen stood in the middle of the room looking a bit frightened buy the whole thing. Jim and Connie both looked her up and down as she stood there.

After a long pause, Jim spoke. "Alright little servant girl, let's see what you have. Strip!" When Karen reached quickly and started to unbutton the polo shirt, he continued, "Slowly now. Make me want you."

Karen finished the buttons and spread the opening, leaning forward to show her cleavage and a bit of white lace on her bra. As she shook her cleavage a bit for him, she worked the shirttail loose from her slacks. She straightened up and raised her shirt, showing off her belly. She shot him a sultry look and stopped when she had the bottom of the bra showing. She turned he back and, giving he hips a shake, slid the shirt over her head, letting her hair fall down slowly as she lifted it clear. Jim could see that the bra was supporting a lot by the way the straps were cutting in to her shoulders.

With her back still to him, Karen opened up her slacks and slid them down a bit. Stopping, she shot her left hip out and looked over her shoulder at him. She then dropped the slacks another inch or so and shot her other hip. She continued this as she lowered the slacks a bit at a time. Jim could just make out her still covered tits swaying in their lace and silk covering as she shifted her weight. As she went, her panties were revealed a bit at a time until he could see that they were also white lace and satin, matching the braw. They were high-cut and low-waisted scanties that seemed to accent her fine butt. Once her ass was clear, she returned her balance to the center and bending over, slowly lowered her slacks. When they were at the floor, she straightened back up and kicked out of her shoes and stepped out of the pants, flicking them sideways.

Bending back down, she pulled off the small socks she was wearing. Jim was amused. Watching Karen, he realized there was no sexy way to remove sweat socks. On the other hand, the view of her ass wiggling and the still-bound breasts swaying was exciting, even if the mood was jogged by the sock work.

Karen straightened up and turned to face Jim and Connie. This was his first real sight of her tits and they were even bigger than he had expected. The Bra pushed them up and out and seemed to be binding them in. It was straining to control its load. She reached behind her back thrusting her boobs forward and, shrugging slightly, undid the hooks on her bra. She eased the garment forward, keeping it from falling, or flying, off. She moved her hands to cover the now loose cloth, supporting, and her tits together for a moment. Karen then mobbed her right hand across her body, holding the bra in place with her forearm and hand and reached with her left hand to ease the strap from her right shoulder. Moving carefully to not drop the garment, she reversed hands and dropped the bra strap from her other shoulder. She then moved her hands back to cup her cloth-covered tits and slowly eased the bra down, gradually exposing more creamy skin, then the aureoles, and finally her small and tightly erect nipples.

Jim shot her a lewd smile. It looked like giving the show was turning her on. Interesting.

Connie saw it, too. She also felt her own heat coming on as she watched the show. No wonder he bastard husband was fucking Karen. Even Connie was finding her seductive. With a sideways glance, she saw Jim's cock was starting to bloat. The show was turning him on, as well. She hoped she was going to get some of that.

Karen saw she was having an effect on Jim, too. She was not sure why she was following his commands, but it was a turn on to see him responding. Karen opened her hands letting the bra drop to her feet, and moved them to cover her crotch. She felt the first heat of her own arousal through the confusion. She continued moving her hands to her thighs pushing her tits together with her arms forming a deep cleavage. She leaned over further, easing the pressure from her arms and letting her boobs hang, watching Jim. Again she shook her shoulders making her now free tits sway for his pleasure.

"Jesus, how big are those things?" Connie asked in amazement.

On impulse, Karen reached down, picked up her bra, and threw it onto Jim's lap. Jim looked at it and found the tag.

"About the same as yours," Jim said with a chuckle. "Double D just looks bigger on a 32 inch chest." On seeing that Karen had stood and paused while he checked out the lingerie, he waved vaguely and told her "Continue."

Karen moved her hand to the waistband on either hip. Shifting her weight to make her tits sway in time, she pulled the band first to the left, then to the right, sawing the front lower. She had started to show Jim and Connie a small swatch of trimmed brown pubic hair when she turned her back to them again.

Keeping up the swaying Karen started to work the back down over her butt. When she had the panties to the bottom of her crack, she shifted her hands and turned around again. Somehow, she still had the front of the panties over her pubes. As she had with the bra, she now inched the fabric down. Finally, they were on her thighs, exposing a trimmed "V" of light brown hair pointing at a set of lips that were just starting to engorge.

Karen turned again and presenting her butt to them, pushed her panties to the floor. Jim and Connie both licked their lips at the view. As well as her fine, if slim, ass they could see her pussy pouting at them. Karen, looking back at them, saw this and got hotter.

As she stood back up, Karen put her hands on her hips, shifting weight to cock it to the right again. She thrust her chest forward, making the large breasts stand out more.

"Well," she said with a half smile, " how was that?"

Jim was impressed. Karen had been seductive as she stripped and looked good as she posed for him.

"Very nice. That turned you on, too," Jim said in a subtle command. "It is pretty obvious that you want more. Now sit on the bed. Show us how wide you can spread your legs."

Karen moved back to the bed and sat on the end. Leaning back on her hands, she spread her legs wide along the edge of the bed. She was practically doing the splits. Jim was amused; she must have been a gymnast. Normally only yoga instructors dancers were that limber.

"Selma, you enjoy licking things. Get her ready for me" Jim ordered.

Connie felt a sudden urge to user her tongue. While doing girls wasn't normally on her list, she found she wanted to answer the urge. She moved toward the girl on the bed and knelt in front of her. Pushing her back ward Connie leaned in and delicately touched her tongue to the pouting outer lips. Slowly she teased at them slowly working them open and wetting them.

Karen was a bit freaked out. She wasn't sure why she was here or obeying this guy. She didn't mind the idea of doing him - he was cute - but she didn't seem to have a choice. To make it weirder, now some woman was licking at her pussy. What was worse was she was starting to get off on it. She felt her pussy lips open and the tongue enter in worming further up her canal. In spite of her discomfort with the attention, Karen felt a sense of loss when the tongue was removed to work up to her clit. Then a finger started in.

Karen's moan encouraged Connie. She slid her finger in and out of the waitress's hot hole, licking her clit. As the love canal around Connie's probing finger allowed more movement, She pulled it out and rubbed with two fingers. Working with steady thrusts, she slowly worked two fingers in. When they were buried to the limit, Connie paused. She nibbled at the clit under her tongue.

This change in attack caused Karen to gasp. She felt the stretch from the two fingers inside her but any discomfort was overcome by the attention to her clit. The woman between her legs was doing things to her that she could not believe! She was hot and heating up more from the attention to her nub.

Connie let her fingers marinate for a moment. Connie started to thrust again, spreading the juices outward from the waitress's canal. When she felt them starting to drip, she removed her hand again. She worked her other hand up and added a finger from that hand to the already wet ones and slid them into the floozy. This made licking harder, so Connie lifted up and changed the angle. It was less comfortable, but she could still use her tongue.

Karen felt the shift. Then she felt the fingers withdraw again. Now she felt more. Her tormenter had put another finger in. After short work, Connie spread her hands a bit. This made room for her chin again and allowed her to lap at the bottom of the nub. Karen moaned as she felt herself stretched more.

Connie lifted her head and snapped, "Deal with it." She looked over her shoulder and told Jim, "I think she is ready for you."

"Just a bit more. When the clit starts to disappear, I want you to get out of my way," Jim said. He started to disrobe as Connie went back to her task.

Connie continued to work the pussy before her. She shifted her hands again, pulling one out and pressing it to Karen's belly, just above the pubic bone. She shifted the other hand to be palm up and crooked her fingers. The combined pressure raised Karen's heat a final notch. Connie felt the clit start to contract as Karen started to enter orgasm.

Connie pulled her hands clear, lifted her head and told Jim "She's ready."

"Move out of the way," Jim ordered stepping up to the waitress. Strip down and get up on the bed."

Karen was going wild she was on the edge of coming when the stimulation stopped. Looking down between her tits to her crotch she saw Jim approach. Looking at his hard dick, she now understood why she had been opened up. That thing was huge.

Jim saw the look on her face change from pure desire to include a bit of fear. He smiled a bit as he stepped up. He crouched slightly, hooking her knees over his arms and lifted her. As her crotch came up, he lined his prick up with her gaping opening. Once he was lined up, he slid into Karen with a long, slow motion. He sank his member in about half way.

Karen felt herself being lifted and then penetrated by the huge member. This pushed her over the edge. Resting only on her shoulders, Karen started to thrash. Jim used her spasming to embed more of his dick in to the convulsing tunnel. Connie watched in awe as Jim played the younger woman. She had slid the straps off of her shoulders and allowed the dress to drop as Jim thrust Karen through her orgasm. Shaking herself loose she scrambled on to the bed, as ordered.

Karen was coming down from her peak so Jim started stroking into her. Seeing Karen starting to come back, he said, " I think you should return the favor to Selma for the job she did. Selma, sit on her face. Karen wants to serve you now."

Karen tried to protest, but Selma quickly moved over and settled on her face. Karen tried to resist, but Jim's silent command backed up his verbal one. Although she felt a deep revulsion, Karen found herself grabbing the older woman's legs and craning her neck to lick the presented lips.

Connie had been excited all night and now her despised rival was servicing her. With a moan, she settled further onto Karen's tongue. As Connie settled in she watched Jim start in again, sinking more of his delicious meat into the captive waitress. Connie reached down and caught the younger woman's nipples as her tits swayed to the pounding Jim was giving. Her excitement rising, Connie twisted the reddening nubbins as Karen's bobs bounced back and forth.

Karen used the motion from the fucking to slide her tongue from the clit to the back of the slit on the woman above her. Her helpless position, suspended by her legs and the dick inside her and resting on her shoulders was exciting her. Somehow being pinned by the other woman and forced to perform this disgusting act were adding to her heat. Now this Selma chick was turning her on by playing and pulling on her tits. As she felt the man finally bottom out, Karen wondered if he was holding back. She hoped not because more would hurt.

Jim stroked away at the woman in his arms. He silently sent a command to make her hotter, but also to hold of her climax. As her excitement increased and yet her climax seemed no nearer, Karen tried to use her legs to pull him in harder. Jim sped up to answer her.

Connie watched Jim pound faster. As he did, the woman she had pinned beneath her seemed to loose focus. "Stick your tongue in me," Connie commanded. As she felt Karen respond and change aim, Connie released a nipple and moved a hand to her own crotch. Using 2 fingers, the disguised mother started to rub and pinch at her clit. As the pleasure rose, she closed her eyes and squirmed down harder on the tongue invading her love channel.

Jim watched Connie's approaching peak and shifted his grip on the woman he was fucking to free up a hand. He reached forward and put his palm on Connie's boob. He squeezed and played with it, squeezing, pushing, and pulling to stimulate he lover. His attention was just what Connie needed to push over the edge. With a gasp, Connie hunched forward and started to cum. Her spasm caused her to push harder onto Karen's face.

Jim decided that now was the time and sent a command to Karen to cum, too. Suddenly the waitress went into serious orgasm. Gasping and trying to scream into the pussy on her face, she threw her head from side to side as much as she could. She also twisted and tried to straighten, almost throwing Jim off of his feet in her bliss induced thrashing. Jim moved his had off of Connie's tit and re-gripped Karen. Using the renewed grip, he went back to stroking her as she fought and spasmed.

Connie passed the peak and calmed as her orgasm passed. As she regained control she leaned forward over the other woman. Karen was in a final spasm of her massive orgasm and her head came after Connie. Connie realized that having her pussy in Karen's face the meant the waitress might have trouble breathing. Connie lifted herself up and moved off of Karen's face. The older woman shifted a bit and laid back on the bed, resting her head on the pillow.

As Connie moved, Karen released from her pleasure-fit. Jim noticed that the woman he was fucking was no longer conscious. He also realized that he was sliding her up the bed without Connie holding her in place. He followed the woman as he thrust moving on to the bed and pushing her up until she was mostly on the bed. Dropping the senseless woman, Jim let his dick slide out of her.

He had been close when the women came and he was not going to take much time to get back at it and finish. He quickly moved away from the limp waitress and moved over on the bed moving to get between Connie's legs. Connie put a hand to his chest and stopped him.

"I'm not read for that yet, lover," Connie told him. "Why don't we do it the other way," she slapped her chest to show what she meant.

"If you say so," Jim agreed. He moved up on the bed to straddle her chest. He laid his cock in the valley between her large tits and reached for her nipples. Connie moved her hands to the side of her boobs and pressed them together. As Jim moaned and started thrust, Connie felt the newly familiar heat in her stimulated breasts. Jim was glad that Karen had been so slick. He was able to start sliding with no extra lube. As Connie pressed in on him, he leaked out more pre-cum, making the cleavage slicker. Jim thrust with long stokes and caressed the buxom woman's nipples, occasionally pinching them in the junction of his thumb on each hand.

"Oh, yeah," Jim groaned, throwing his head back as he thrust.

Connie shifted her shoulders to bunch up the pillow. This allowed her to have support for her head as she looked down at her lover's dick plunging into her embracing bosom. As the cock head appeared, she stuck out her tongue and touched the tip. Jim shivered at the touch and pulled back.

As Jim worked back and forth in Connie's canyon, Karen started to recover. Feeling the movement, she rolled to her side and lifted her head. Her eyes got wide at the site of Jims member plunging through the disguised woman's pressed breasts. Jim was intent on Connie, but sent a silent command to watch freezing Karen in place.

Connie reached a bit more as Jim stroked harder and was able to take his cock tip into her mouth. Jim felt his balls jump. Pulling back he stroked short as he finally blew his load. The first spurt hit Connie just below her eye and trailed into her mouth. Jim pulled back to where his dick was engulfed in her soft tits and spurt again. This set Connie off in a minor orgasm and she lifted her chin. Jim pushed forward and deposited another couple of spurts on her neck, trailing back to the chasm between her boobs.

Straightening up and twisting slightly, he presented his still hard dick to Karen.

"I think we need a clean up here, waitress." Moving to Connie's side he told Karen "Clean this up."

Karen moved to him and started licking. She could taste his spunk and her own juices on him. Working quickly, she licked his cock from top to base. She even licked at his balls where her lube had dripped earlier. Once she had him clean, she leaned back and looked up at him.

Jim looked at Connie who had been watching as she recovered.

"I don't think you are done yet, waitress. The lady needs some help." He sent a command to Karen to clean his spunk up.

With a grimace, Karen rolled over and started licking the semen from Connie's face. Starting with the drying glob on her cheek she followed the line down. As Karen liked Connie's upper lip, Connie moved slightly and licked back at the waitress's tongue. When Karen tried to disengage and work down, to the sperm on her lips, Connie captured her and forced a French kiss. Karen tasted more sperm in Connie's mouth as she broke the kiss. Continuing down, the younger woman licked Connie's chin.

At this point it was getting awkward to reach her clean up. Karen shifted lower and moved to straddle Connie, kneeling above her stomach as she licked further on her lower chin and neck. She slurped up the big gob in the cup at the base oh Connie's neck then moved on, chasing the pearl like drippings on each side.

As Karen started on the copious spunk on her chest, Connie reached down and held her head. Connie let Karen lick some and would then move her head back to a nipple. After a few sucks, Karen was allowed to return to the task Jim had given her.

Jim looked at Karen's upturned ass and had an idea for more fun. Fun that Karen would not appreciate. He went into the bathroom and got the small bottle of complimentary moisturizer. He opened it and applied it to his dick. He then moved up to where Karen was perched and started to rub the moisturizer and the remnants of their sex into her butt. He ran a finger in and out a couple of times, making sure the way was well lubed. Karen pushed back a bit, seeming to enjoy it. He was a bit surprised at her reaction. From her previous mention, he expected her to object to the anal massage.

Pulling out his finger, he climbed on the bed and pressed his cock on Karen's rosebud. Jim started to push and Karen pulled away as much as Connie would let her.

"Wait!" Karen lifted her head from her task, and continued, "Please, take it slow!"

Jim paused. "I thought you didn't like anal. Didn't you say that you wouldn't let your boyfriend do that?"

"No, I said I didn't want that with him. I can take it or leave it. It's OK if I'm turned on. I had been holding that out on him. I figured to let him do it and then use that as the reason to fleece him and leave."

"You Bitch!" Connie exclaimed.

"Well," Jim said, "you get no choice here. Just get ready for it and relax," he commanded, giving her a bit of help to prepare. "Selma, hold her."

As Connie grabbed the waitress and held her head fiercely, Jim put his cock against her sphincter again and pulled her hips back. Hi pushed slowly, but relentlessly into her darkest passage until his glans popped into her. The ring of her ass gripped him and he paused to feel the pressure. He knew that if he had not had her relax, he would have never gotten this monster into her.

Karen, with a slight moan, muttered into Connie's cleavage, " No. Oh, God. Too big. Too big!"

Jim and Connie shared evil smiles and Jim pushed further in. The feeling of the hot gripping tunnel was great, but the feeling of power was more. Jim pulled back a bit, giving Karen some pleasure in her pain, and pushed back in further. Working slowly, adding a bit more lube, he pumped into the helpless waitress. Jim had pity on his victim and commanded her silently to enjoy this.

As Jim pumped, the pleasure started to over come Karen's pain. As he got more into her, she started to push back again. Feeling this, Connie released her hold and directed Karen back to her cleanup. Karen followed direction and split oral attentions between licking up cum, sucking Connie's tits and moaning to encourage Jim.

Jim was now fully embedded in Karen and stroked back slowly. He now started to stroke slowly in earnest. Looking down he saw that the cleanup was done. Connie's chest and neck were now clean, if shiny with spit.

"If she is done there, why not move up the bed?" Jim asked. Connie shot him a quizzical look; she was enjoying the attentions. Jim simulated licking and said, "You know...."

With a grin, Connie detached Karen from her nipple and slid up the bed. She ended up with her back against the headboard. She grabbed the pillows and put them behind her so she could see the action and grabbed Karen's head.

"Lick it. Do me again, bitch," she said as she pushed her crotch and Karen's face together.

The now broken waitress, started to lick at the presented pussy. She moved a hand forward to massage the slit before her. Connie pulled her feet up to elevate her hips, making Karen's access easier. Karen used the greater access to push a finger in and work Connie's G-spot.

By now Karen was feeling the heat as Jim picked up his stroke. His balls were slapping her cunt lips with the power of his thrust. Every time he slid in, her chin was driven against the hand she was using to finger Connie's hole and her nose was pushed into Connie's pubic hair. She moved the other hand back to her own slit and started massaging her clit while trying not to touch her sore nether lips.

Jim felt his excitement rising quickly, gripped by Karen's tight asshole. He knew he would be bathing her bowel in cum soon. Glancing aside he saw that it was almost midnight. With a bit of luck, he could make this work out in an interesting way.

Jim sent a command to both women. When Selma changed back to Connie, they would both think that it was just done by wiping off makeup and taking off a wig.

As the clock turned, Jim said "Now, Connie. Show her who she's been used by."

At his silent command, Karen shifted her gaze to look at the woman she was servicing. She was shocked when she saw the transformation.

"You... you're...."

"I'm the woman whose husband you stole, you bitch. The one who's life you tried to ruin," Connie prompted. "I'm also the one who can tell your boyfriend what an easy lay you are. Do you think he would be interested in hearing that?"

"No, not that!" Karen cringed as much as she could.

"Then finish it!" Connie ordered.

Jim supported this silently and Karen went back to licking and fingering Connie.

This whole scene had given Jim a rush from the power he had. He felt it translate to sexual energy. He started slamming in to Karen, making her moan in a combination of pleasure and pain. He pushed her to really get Connie going and it quickly paid off.

As he saw Connie start her 4th orgasm of the night, he blew his load into the grasping bowel of the captive woman. As he spasmed, he relented and sent a command to Karen that pushed her over the edge, joining the other two in major orgasm. This caused Karen to thrust her finger to the hilt and suck in on Connies clit. It also caused her ass to flex, gripping Jim even more tightly. Jim slammed into her and held himself in place as the spasming of Karen's asshole massaged him. After 5 or so spurts he felt himself relax.

Jim leaned on Karen's back and gathered his strength for a moment. As he softened, his dick was slowly pushed out of the waitress's butt. As it popped free he sat down onto his heels. Taking another deep breath he looked at Karen, with her head resting on Connie's thigh, and Connie, panting with her head propped up on the pillows. There seemed to be blood mixed in with the juices and feces leaking out of Karen's cunt and asshole.

"All right," Jim slapped Karen on the rump, "up you get. Get me a warm cloth and towel then be on your way."

Karen rolled off of Connie with a grunt and off of the bed. Walking a bit funny from the pain, Karen moved into the bathroom and got the requested items. She then started to pull on her own clothes without cleaning herself up. Jim sent her a command and she took her clothes back into the bathroom. As he cleaned himself, he heard water running. As he toweled off he walked to the bathroom himself.

Karen was just pulling on her pants. Jim gave her a final once over and waved her out the door. He threw the washcloth in a corner and wrapped the towel around his waist. Once she closed it he moved over to the computer and booted up the master program.

First he brought up Connie to make sure the he had done the permanent changes correctly. His earlier mistake with her had him a bit spooked. When it all checked out, including her ignoring his being on the computer, he made the desire for Karen permanent. If Karen came to her, they would enjoy each other's company. Connie would be dominant, though.

Connie looked out of the room and asked, "Is the floozy gone?" It had taken her a few moments to realize she was alone.

"Yes, just now."

"OK. Well let me get going then."

"Right. I'll be just a minute," Jim temporized, "I want to finish this before you go."

"Oh, all right. I'll be getting dressed."

Next, he brought up Karen. He felt a bit ashamed now of the pain he had caused the girl, so first he fixed the damage and eased the pain in her pussy and ass. He followed up by typing that Karen would stop trying to help Connie's husband cut her out. In fact, Karen would report any further attempts to do so to Connie, stopping by occasionally for some fun. He added that Karen was interested in more encounters with Connie, since it wasn't so bad. If he were around, she would do him, too. He hit "send" with a smile.

On the other hand, cleanup like this is what changed his use of the Master program. He finally brought up Connie's husband. The first thing he saw was that his infections were older than either Connie or Karen's infections. With a sigh he fixed that. Jim then changed the guy to be faithful to Karen as long as she was interested in staying. Jim finished by making sure that Connie would be left alone and get a fair share. That would include not going after her if Jim moved in. He hit a final "send" with the satisfaction that some of the sneaking around was over.

Jim shut down the program and went into the bedroom.

Connie met him at the door and kissed him. "Good bye, honey. See you tomorrow."

Jim stopped her. "You know, the girls are sleeping over. You could stay."

"Tempting," Connie hesitated, " but I don't want to give my soon to be ex-husband any ammunition."

"Trust me. I think I convinced Karen that hurting you would be bad. She may even convince the schmuck of that. Besides, she's off to the cops. He is going to be too busy to notice that you only swing by in the morning to change."

"Hmm, well then, that's an offer I can believe. Let's get back to bed," Connie said, sliding her dress back off.

Jim dropped the towel and joined her. Tomorrow he would convince her to let him move in with her. The kids were just another small problem to solve. It was a problem he was used to solving.

DOA - Getting out alive

The job was finally over, well all but the shouting. Jim, as was his habit, announced a wrap party. He would cover the cost of a modest dinner for all of the tech leads that were still around. For political reasons, he invited the IT manager. He also invited a couple of others from the customer site so that he could include Connie.

People had gotten used to them being buddies. Few suspected how close they really were and Jim planned to keep it that way a bit longer. For Connie's sake, since the owner would still fire her if it came out.

The IT Manager had insisted on an extra tour after hours. Connie had gone home to change, so the IT Manager would drive Jim to the party after their meeting. Jim didn't really trust the guy, so he decided to leave his briefcase and laptop in the building on the understanding that he would pick them up and turn in his keys to the place in the morning. It was less likely to be rifled there than if he left it in Max's care. Heck, it would probably be safer on the street than with Max.

People had gotten used to the new Connie. That meant that when she showed up at the restaurant in a near-sheer dress with matching boots, it was not too remarkable.

Jim, on the other hand, did find it remarkable. He hadn't seen the outfit before. The black dress had a shirt-like look but was molded to her form. It had buttons down the front that Connie had unbuttoned to somewhere below mid-breast, yet the dress seemed to push her tits together. The dress was long enough to hide the tops of the tall black boots. The stiletto heels really set him off. When they noticed it, several of the other men found the amount of cleavage showing remarkable. Connie was a hit.

As the drinks were served before the meal, Connie excused herself and headed for the restroom. After a moment, Jim excused himself and ambled off that way, too. Trying not to look suspicious, he loitered in the area waiting for Connie. When she came out, he took her arm and led her to an area with a couple of phones that was out of direct site of most of the traffic in the place.

"That's some dress you have there," Jim commented. "What is that fabric? It looks like it should be thicker than it is, but it's really nice to the touch and really seems to love you."

"Why thank you, sir. It's a little number from VS. The silk and cashmere feel as good on bare skin as it looks," she told him with a smile.

"Oh, really?" Jim was getting a sudden idea of her meaning and a boner that went with the idea.

"Oh yeah. And a good thing that is; I mean, anything under it would show, wouldn't it?"

"Well it looks spectacular, but there is something missing," Jim said reaching in to a pocket. "Basic Black requires some relief," he said handing her a box.

Connie opened it to find a long strand of pearls. "They're glorious!" She pulled it out and held it out. "I think this will look great with this dress.

"Wait are these real?" Looking at them, Connie noticed that there was a definite highlight to them. "No, they can't be that would be too much!"

"They had better be real at what they charged. And you are worth it. No arguments. Try them on."

She draped the string around her neck. Realizing how long it was, she reset it with a double loop. She adjusted it to hang so that one loop was close to her neck and the other rested on the top of her breasts and trickled down into her cleavage. The effect was to both compliment the dress color and to draw the eye to her well rounded charms.

"This really is too much, but since you insist...." With that she threw herself into his arms and gave him a big hug, reaching up to kiss him deeply.

Jim discovered his guess was right. She was only wearing the dress and her boots. As the kiss went on, his body reacted to her now-familiar curves.

"We had better not be too long," Jim said as he pulled back from the kiss. "I just wanted you to have a real pearl necklace to remind you of all of the other ones we'd shared."

Connie blushed slightly and hugged him lightly again. She let him go and headed back to the table. Jim went in to the restroom for a bit until his hard-on went down.

As he got back to the table, Jim heard Connie explaining that she had not put the necklace on at home. While away from the table, she had realized she wasn't wearing it and put it on. It amused him to hear her digging herself out of the hole his gift had put her in. Jim also noticed that Max, the IT manager, had moved. He was now seated across from Connie. At least the guy hadn't taken Jim's spot to Connie's left. Jim would have expected Max to be enough of a lout to take his host's seat.

The meal went pretty well. The food was good and the conversation was lively. Some of the people who had worked on the vampire shift during the installation had never met the users before. Both sides enjoyed the time to get acquainted. There was also the "end of summer camp" feel to the gathering. Everyone realized that the pressure had forged friendships and they were now splitting up.

Max, on the other hand, was a pain. He had more than his share of the wine and it was not making him better. He was splitting his time between insulting Jim and trying to look down Connie's dress. At one point Connie had dropped some crumbs on her dress and Max leaned across the table with an offer to help. The combination of spilling a glass of water and Connie's icy comment made him subside for a short while. Soon, though, he was back at ogling Connie.

As the party broke up, Max offered to buy a last round in the bar. While he was leading the parade out, Jim grabbed Connie by the elbow, holding her back for a moment.

"I think Max is going to need a keeper. Since I rode with him, I feel kind of responsible. Do you mind hanging out for a bit?"

"Sure," Connie replied. "I think I can stand being around him a bit longer. Besides, there might be someone in the bar to flirt with."

Jim Grinned at her, "Oh, goody! I hope its me."

"We'll see," Connie said as they entered the bar.

The one drink turned into several, at least for Max. He also made sure he was able to look down Connie's cleavage. While it bothered her, she was reluctant to mention it to Jim. She was sure he would try to stop it and Max would make a scene. He might even try to punish her at work.

Jim had had enough. He saw Connie's reaction and realized that she was near panic but trying to stay cool. He moved in and moved her away to talk to another woman who was there.

Max was miffed and went into a sulk. He figured he could bide his time and then move back to wherever Connie ended up in a few minutes. In the mean time he finished his drink and ordered another. As he drank it, he brooded on the lack of respect he was getting. Everyone seemed to think more of that tech, Jim. Wasn't Max a by-god manager? They should respect him for that.

Max found that somehow his glass was empty again. He suddenly wanted a man's drink. He ordered 2 double Ryes pretending one of them was for Jim. Taking them, he turned away from the bar and moved toward the group that Connie had joined. When she saw him on the way she headed out to the restroom.

Max paused to chat with the group. To cover his disappointment he finished the first drink in a gulp and started on the second one. This one went pretty fast, too. He decided that he should hit the john.

Jim was saying good-by to one of Connie's co-workers when one of the hardware guys came up to him.

"Uh, Jim, there may be a problem."

Jim finished the good-bye and turned to him. He asked in surprise, "Something wrong with the system?"

"No, actually, with one of the users. The customer, in fact."

"Like what?"

"How does passed out in the can hit you?"

"Like a train," Jim answered. Jim followed the guy out of the bar.

On entering the Men's room, Jim found the IT Manager sitting on the pot, with the stall door open, leaning on a wall. Max apparently had felt dizzy and had a seat.

"Typical. We get to clean up after him."

"You going to help him after the crap he's given you?"

"I would love to walk away," Jim admitted, "but there are other people on the road tonight. You know he'll try to drive home. Do you really think we should let him?"

"Uh, that would be a 'No'."

"OK," Jim sighed, "I know where he's parked. Let's get his keys now. I'll go make excuses and we can plug him into his car. I'll get him somewhere safe. Watch him for a minute."

Jim went back to the bar and said his last farewells. He grabbed Connie and told her to meet him at work when she left. He went back and, with help, got Max up and semi-conscious. He and the hardware guy frog marched Max out to the parking lot and to his car. Jim opened it and they shoved him into the back seat. Jim made a joke about the trunk being an attractive alternate as he thanked the other man for his help on the project and on Max.

With a final wave, Jim got in Max's car and headed back to the office. On getting there, he parked in the closest space to the employee's entrance: the owner's space. He had just gotten the door open and was working on getting Max up when Connie drove up.

"Great, you're just in time to help."

"Help with what?" Connie asked as she walked over. When she saw Max lolling in the seat, she sighed, "Oh. Typical. Now someone has to clean up after him again."

"Funny, I said the same thing."

Working together, they got him in to the building. They pretty much dumped him on the couch in the small reception area and stood back to admire the wreckage.

"What a piece of work," Jim shook his head. He jingled Max's keys in his hand. "You know, we should put these someplace he won't find them until he's slept this off."

"How about his secretary's desk? He'll never look there and she gets in early."

"Great. I'll grab my stuff while I'm here. That will be one less possible hassle in the morning," Jim agreed and started for the office space.

Jim dropped the keys off first. As he turned away from the secretary's desk, he bumped into Connie. They caught each other in a hug to save their balance. Connie reached up for a kiss and Jim responded, kissing her deeply.

"Mmmm," Connie purred as they broke their kiss. "Do you really have to leave tomorrow? You're welcome to stay longer, you know."

"Sorry, babe. Its not that it's not tempting, but I have to be on another job Monday and I have to get some things done at home, first."

"How about ending the way we started, here at the office? One last one for old time's sake."

"We could, but wouldn't your home be better than the store room?"

"It might be more comfortable, but this would get me hotter. Wouldn't that be better? Besides, I never said anything about a store room." Connie pulled away, turned, and led Jim by the hand to Max's office. "I know just the place."

Entering, Connie closed the door behind them. She walked him around the desk and stood him in front of Max's chair, with his back to the desk. The chair was a lot plusher than any other he had seen in the place.

Connie reached up and kissed Jim again, hugging him tightly. Jim returned the kiss and the hug, running his hands up and down her back. Connie moaned her desire into his mouth. Letting go of the hug, but still holding the kiss, she pulled back a bit and worked her hands to his belt.

Jim broke the kiss and moved his hands to cup and massage her tits. "I meant to ask, how did you get this knit dress to be so supportive?" He tweaked at her nipples as they responded to his touch.

"Would you believe glue stick?" Connie had succeeded in getting his belt undone and was working his pants open. "I had heard that Miss America used it to keep her swimsuit on and I figured I would try it.

"I see you like the result," Connie noted. She had gotten his pants open and could see his boner pushing out his briefs.

Connie leaned down and pulled his pants and underwear down to Jim's knees. His manhood stood out at her and she gave it a peck on the tip. She then stood up and pushed him backwards. Hobbled by his clothes, he flopped back onto the desk behind him.

Connie dropped to her knees and reached for his dick with her hands. She cupped his balls with one and started caressing his staff with the other.

"I've been thinking about this all day. The time in the restaurant and bar were killing me," Connie informed him.

"I haven't been that close to blue balls in a while, myself," he answered.

"We'll just have to do something about that," Connie said as she released him and pushed his clothes to the floor, giving herself room to work. "I can see that you were ready."

Leaning forward, she once again wrapped a hand around his shaft. This time she continued leaning and touched him with her tongue. She tasted some of the pre-cum that was leaking out. "Mmm! Tasty."

"Less talk, more relief," Jim said in mock seriousness.

With a giggle, Connie engulfed his head. She danced her tongue over his glans, eliciting a moan from her lover. Jim rested his hands on her head and enjoyed the feeling of her warm mouth. Connie used one hand to hold his shaft. She moved the other to cup his balls.

As Connie worked on his dick head, she twisted her head from side to side, getting her tongue into the act in spite of his jaw-busing size. As she stroked and sucked him, she worked her knees under him until his balls were over her cleavage.

Jim responded by spreading his feet as she nudged him. He was lost in the feel of Connie's hit mouth working him. He barely noticed that she removed her hand from his balls. He did notice that she was putting out a lot of spit to match his own pre-cum. He felt it run down past her stroking hand to cover his balls.

Connie moved her free hand down and undid several buttons. She then did up two strategic buttons. Only only the three buttons at tit level now fastened her dress. Her new cleavage held the dress away from her below her tits making room. She continued to let saliva and Jim's lube run down his cock, dripping it into the top of her cleavage. She could feel it pool and seep down the pressed flesh of her boobs. It was time.

Jim felt Connie pull off his dick and rise up. He started to object, when she shushed him.

"Now I want you to se the other reason I bought this dress."

She continued to rise between his legs, holding his dick in her hand. When she was all the way up on her knees, she leaned forward and rested the bottom cleavage showing below the buttons on his cock.

"I just had to try this!" She said with a small smile.

With one hand holding her tits together and the other guiding him, Connie lowered her tits onto Jim's dick. She pressed him up between her bound breasts slowly and lowered herself to engulf his hardness in her pillowy softness. She felt her breasts part as she welcomed him in a familiar way. She felt again the excitement of the stimulation of her tits and nipples, more than she could recall before meeting this man.

Jim felt like he was entering a pussy. The opening was tight, warm, and surprisingly well lubricated. As Connie lowered herself he felt her guide him deeper between her tits. The feeling was awesome. He found himself pushing to be fully engulfed.

As Jim's cock fully entered her enfolding breast, Connie released her hold on him. She shifted to holding a tit in each hand and playing with her nipples. Connie saw his cock head emerge and leaned down to give it a kiss. When Jim groaned, she rose again and started to pump up and down on him.

Jim reached out to her tits and cupped the sides and bottom with his hands. As he rose and fell he kneaded at the massive boobs that were pleasuring his cock. Wanting more, he pushed her hands to the side. He started to twist and pull Connie's nipples eliciting a groan of pleasure.

Leaving her nipples to Jim, Connie once again moved a forearm across her boobs, reinforcing the dress's pressure on them and Jim's dick. This freed her other hand. She moved her free hand down to the hem of her dress. As she moved she worked the bottom up to give access to her pussy. Once it was clear she started to finger herself.

Jim noticed the change in pressure, but was still enjoying the tit fuck and twisting Connie's nipples. He felt his hips start to pump in a rhythm that matched hers, pulling his ass off the desk on the thrust.

Connie moaned. The response from Jim gave her even more pleasure. She moaned again. Along with the attention to her tits and her own fingers she felt the edge approaching. She started to release short gasping moans in time with his thrusts. It was coming now.

Jim felt her change rhythms and guessed what was coming. He gave her nipples another twist and started to really pound her tits. That did it.

"Oh! Oh! Oooh!" Connie practically screamed in pleasure. It was a short but short orgasm. Quickly passing. As it did she again leaned down and licked at Jim's dick as it appeared from her cleavage. Once she recovered, she started up her rhythm again.

Jim felt a change. He realized that during her spasms of pleasure, the necklace he had given her had shifted. It was now under his dick. The feel of the pearls was odd, but added to his pleasure. It drove him onward.

Connie had gone back to pleasuring herself. As she started on the rise again, she felt Jim's balls pull up as she slid him back into her cleavage. She started to encourage him as she pumped.

"Come on, lover. Cum for me. I love the feel of you cum on my tits. Com on. Squirt all over them. Give me another necklace."

This last comment brought Jim a bit of clear thinking. He didn't want to spray all over the office. With a groan he controlled himself and leaned forward. He gripped Connie by the upper arms and stopped her. He lifted her off his dick and to her feet. He now saw where her other hand had been. Her dress was hiked up and her hand was in her cunt. With a smile, he turned her, pushed her against the desk, and forced her to lean on it.

Connie was disappointed when Jim pulled her off. She continued to work her hungry hole with one hand and play with her nipple through her dress with the other. She barely noticed when Jim lifted her dress above her hips and sat her on the desk. She was surprised when she felt herself falling over backwards as he picked up and spread her legs.

Jim rolled the chair forward. He put Connie's legs on his shoulders and leaned in to kiss her thighs. He pulled her back a bit so her ass was partly off the desk, giving himself room to get at her sex. He started at her asshole and licked up. He licked over Connie's still-busy fingers, tasting her juices. He then slid his tongue back down and licked at her lower lips. Delicately, he slid his tongue into her ready channel.

When Connie felt his tongue enter her, she reached for his head to pull him in. She mashed Jim's nose to her mound and lifted herself as best she could to rub her clit on his nose and upper lip.

Jim fought to move up and attack her recently abandoned clit. As he sucked and licked, he worked a hand up and slid a finger into her. Connie shook more and let go of his head with one hand. She unbuttoned her dress completely and freed her tits. Once they were out, she started to pull with the nipples on one. She moaned and twisted the nipple in time with his finger strokes.

Jim eased his hand back. Connie was so hot she did not need any more preparation. In fact, if he gave her more, she would probably pop. He had another idea to make this memorable.

Jim pulled his head back and stood up, pushing the chair back as he did. Connie's legs slid down a bit, but her ankles were still on his shoulders. She was a bit slick with the sheen of perspiration from her efforts and her arousal. It gave her a sexy glow.

He quickly lined up his dick with her waiting pussy and pushed the head in. Connie's eyes popped open when she felt him enter.

"Oh, No!"

"Oh, yes," Jim corrected her and he pushed in with a smooth stroke. He made it half way in and pulled back.

As he pushed in again, Connie agreed, "Oh, yeah!" As he reached near full penetration, she started to shake. On the next stroke, she came.

Jim rode out Connie's orgasm, holding her by the hips with his dick all the way in her. Connie reached down and grabbed the edge of the desk. She used that as leverage to pull toward him, seeking more meat.

After about half a minute, she started to calm down. Now Jim felt it was his turn. As her spasms released her, he started to stroke in and out of her hot pot. Soon he was pounding her with short fast jabs. Even with her grip, Connie slid away from the edge of the desk from the power of his pounding.

Jim watched her tits bounce as he banged away. The erect nipples cried out for attention, but he had other needs. He was starting to sweat from the effort. As he leaned forward to follow Connie across the desk, a drop trickled down his nose and dropped to the hollow at her breastbone, joining the pool that had formed there.

Connie felt his need and it raised her heat again faster. She was approaching another climax. This one felt even bigger than the others this evening. Jim felt it, too. Connie bore down with her lower muscles to increase her stimulation. The grip of her cunt pushed him over the edge. He felt himself pulling her back to him as he arched his back and pushed into her with all his might.

Jim felt like he had blown a nut out through his dick. The long lead up during dinner and the excitement of the forbidden location had really set him off. With each shot, his hips slammed forward into her, seeking the depths of her womb. Once, twice, three times he shot semen. On the fifth lunge her cervix opened to him and Connie joined him in orgasm.

She thrashed on the desk, pulling him in and calling out to god, rising more as he spasmed a sixth time and screaming at his seventh and final shot. As Jim felt himself start to come down, he leaned forward to support himself. Connie finally reached the top and grabbed at him. She lifted herself up off the desk hugging him with her thighs and calves wrapped around his pelvis and legs. Jim felt a bit of spunk seeping out as he straightened up, lifting Connie completely clear of the desk.

As he got upright, Connie reacted to the change by re-achieving the peak. She shifted her legs up to hold him around the back and re-clenching them in the throws of multi-orgasm. Jim took advantage and flopped back into Max's chair, with Connie still joined to his lap. As she came down again, she leaned forward and rested her head on his chest.

"Well, that was memorable," Connie, sighed into his neck. "I've always wanted to do someone here. Now we've done it twice, and once was on the lecher's desk."

Jim laughed. "You little minx! Who would have thought that of prim old Connie?"

"I'm full of surprises." Connie kissed him, Paused, and added, "I also seem to be full of cum." She moved to get up and Jim eased out, releasing a large drip of semen. "Or not. I'll get that," Connie said as she slipped to her knees to clean him.

Jim's chuckle in response died when he looked at the desk. There was a large smear from Connie's ass with the appropriately placed pecker track right in the middle on the front and center. "That isn't our only problem. Check out the butt print."

Connie straightened and turned to look at the desk. "Oh, crap! What are we going to do?"

"Trust me, I know just the thing."

Jim got up and pulled his clothes back together. He then headed out of the office. Connie stood up and did a little clean up. She smoothed the dress down and put her tits back in, re-buttoning them in place. As she finished, she heard Jim in the hall.

Jim came in carrying Max. When he got him to the chair, he stopped and stood him up in front of it.

"Get his cock out."


"Get his cock out of his pants, unless you want to hold him and I'll do it."


"I figure to put him on the desk. When he wakes up he'll think that he got some girl back here and fucked her. Let him hide the evidence. It will also leave him wondering. One bad turn and all that."

"Ah," Connie realized. "So he cleans up after someone else. I get it."

She moved over and opened the drunk's pants. Without worrying about being gentle, she fished out his dick and balls. She deliberately re-zipped him a bit, not enough to pinch and wake him, but enough to be uncomfortable.

"Now for realism," Connie said. She gathered up some of the juices running down her leg and smeared them onto Max's flaccid member. She then wiped her hands down his pant leg. "That should convince him he was part of this."

Once Connie was done, Jim put Max in the chair. With a grin at Connie, he then rolled it to the desk and leaned Max forward, resting his face in the mess on the desk. Connie grinned back in understanding and went over and rubbed Max's face around in the spunk. With a big smile, she then turned his head and laid the other cheek in the mess, so both cheeks would have a glaze of pussy juice and cum on them.

Jim shook his head at this. "Damn. Remind me not to get you upset with me."

"Oh, like what you did to the floozy was nice."

"Yeah, well." Jim checked his watch. "Geez, we have to be back here in 5 hours. Let me grab my stuff and let's get on the road. I hear bed calling me."

"If you think you are sleeping on our last night together, you have another think coming. Although I will grant you that it will be more comfortable in a bed. Let's go!"

And off they headed. They left Max's office lit, but shut down and locked everything else as they headed out for a last long session.

They were able to make it in on time, but it was an effort. When they got in, they found chaos.

The owner, Jonas Johnson, had come in early and found a car in his spot. Looking around for the culprit, he had found Max. When Johnson saw the man sleeping one off amid the obvious signs of illicit sex on his premises, he hit the roof. He had gone around the desk and spun the chair.

At this point Max, just starting to wake up, had lost his cookies. The result was still cooling on the Johnson's shoes as he wheeled the still-exposed Max past Jim in the reception area. Johnson rolled the semi-conscious drunk into the HR office. Jim could hear the yelling as the owner ordered the HR manager to start processing termination papers.

The owner stormed back out. He stopped when he saw Jim.

"What do you want? I thought you finished yesterday! Trying to run up your bill?"

"No, sir!" Jim answered the second question first. "We did finish yesterday, on time and budget. I'm here to turn in my keys and get my last time verified by the IT manager."

"Why didn't you do that before?"

Jim put on his most innocent face and concentrated on convincing Johnson that Max had picked up a stranger.

"Well, I had to wait for Max. He was tied up so I worked on another project. He didn't finish until just before dinner. We were going to do that after dinner, but he disappeared with a woman he met in the bar. Is he around now?"

"No and he won't ever be again." Johnson was starting to calm down. "Didn't you work some with Tsu and some of his people?" When Jim nodded, Johnson gave a firm nod, "Good, then go see him."

"Thanks, sir." Jim decided to play god a bit. "He's a good man. In fact he knows more of the operation that Max did. Too bad that he would be hard to replace. He would make a good IT manager," Jim was his most convincing.

"You might be right. Maybe he should get that job. Save me some trouble filling it." Johnson turned and headed off to his office, already half convinced to do it.

Jim finished up what he needed with Tsu. Jim left the manager with an idea that Connie could replace Tsu if there was a need. He then headed for the airport and home.

It did not surprise him when he later found that it had worked out that way. Connie was now a manager and she sent a portion of her new salary on to him.

He had made it out alive.