DISCLAIMER:  This is a work of fiction.  All similarities between characters and any person, living or dead are strictly unintentional.  The Taj Mahal mentioned in the story is also a fictional creation, using the name of an actual hotel in Atlantic City.  I have never been in the actual Hotel, so I'm making it up as I go along.  The following story contains scenes of a sexual nature between adults, both m/f and f/f, if this offends you, or you are not old enough to read it.  Go Away!  Thank you very much.

Master PC: A Delaware User
by Red Jacobson


Wednesday night, I came home from work, and logged onto the computer, as I usually do.  After 8 hours of stress I need to unwind before going to bed.  Oh well, at least I have tomorrow off.  Checking my emails, nothing too exciting, just the usual jokes and invitations to X-rated websites, where the only thing that's obscene is what it can do to your credit cards.  No Thanks!   "Hello! What's this?" The subject line is Master Program, I don't recognize the sender, but I open the email.  All it says is 'I thought you would have a use for this' signed 'a fellow MC Fan'.  "This has got to be a joke" as I see the attachment labeled "Master.exe".  I've read enough of the Master PC stories to know they are fiction!  But, what the hell, I'll play along.  I ran the virus scan, and it came up clean, so I clicked the icon to down load it.

A window pops up "Download Complete. Install Yes/No?"  I click yes and the install window pops up, then the screen goes blank. Then a message popped up  - 'MASTER PROGRAM RUN COMPLETE'.  After staring at the computer for a couple of minutes, I noticed an icon I hadn't seen before.  I clicked it and saw a tiny humanoid figure appear.  Then a window popped up with the dialogue "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative."

User name:  _____________

I type in my full name.  Richard Brian Jacobson <Enter>

Immediately the small figure enlarges and changes to an exact duplicate of me, with a variety of options.  I click on edit and adjust my weight and body fat down to 150 pounds, and 2% respectively.  I also increase my strength by a factor of 5 and my stamina by a factor of 10.  Next I removed my tobacco addiction and any physical ailments that I had, even ones I may not be aware of.  In all, I changed my body so that I was in perfect health, and boosted my immune system so it could handle anything I may encounter.  Then I increased the length of my cock to 8 inches, with a 2-inch diameter.  I could have made it longer and wider, but I'm an ass man, and I didn't want it to be too difficult for the girls to handle.    I also sent a command that no one would notice any changes, as far as anyone could tell, I'd always looked like this.

Next I moved onto my mental attributes.  First of all, I increased my perceptiveness so that I could not be lied to or bluffed.  I also increased my creativity by 50 times (a wonderful thing for a novelist, I'm sure you would agree) and added French, German, Spanish, Korean, and Tagalog (the language of the Philippines) to my language skills.  I added the knowledge of poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as all other games of chance, and increased my mastery of them all to world champion level.  I also increased my self-confidence and intelligence.

I hit the save button, then a window popped up "Transmit Yes/No?"  I hit yes, and had to bite my tongue to keep from hollering, so incredible were the sensations shooting through my body.  Now, being a typical horny American male, my thoughts turned to several women that I wanted to have sex with, so I did a name search for Marilyn Basset, who is in my English class at college.  She is an absolutely gorgeous brunette, with a body like Angelina Jolie, and a face that catches your eye.  A list of 5 possible choices came up, but 3 of them were downstate and one of the others was 40 years old.  I clicked on the one name left and Marilyn's picture showed up on screen.  I looked at her vital stats and made some minor adjustments, like increasing her stamina and removing any diseases, as well as improving her eyesight to 20/20.  I also checked her preferences, and noticed that she was equally attracted to women and men.   This was a pleasant surprise, and made what I wanted to do next easier.  Next I lowered her inhibitions, and increased her attraction and submissiveness to one person and entered my name.  Next I sent a command to her that all these changes would seem perfectly normal, and nothing to be concerned about.  I also sent a separate command that she would have several erotic dreams about submitting to me, and enjoying it.  She would also phone me at 1:00 in the afternoon and follow my instructions to the letter.  I then transmitted the whole package and smiled to myself, thinking about what the morning would bring.  There were several other women that I wanted, but decided against doing anything with them yet.  I just set up macros for them so I could mess around at my leisure.

As I was shutting down the program, after triple protecting my own profile, I was notified that I had new mail.  Out of curiosity, I went to the mailbox and found an Urgent Message from my book agent, Julia, who was shopping my novel around to several publishers.  Opening the email, I had a hard time believing my eyes - Random House wants to publish my novel!  We had a meeting in New York City on Friday Morning to sign the contract.  They were offering a $50,000 advance against future royalties, as well as an option on the next two books in the series.

Needless to say, I had a hard time sleeping that night.

The next morning found me digging through closets until I found some old pants that were small enough in the waist that I could wear them out to go buy some clothes that fit.  Several hundred dollars later I had a functional wardrobe that would suffice until I had a chance to do some real shopping.

Walking in the door at 12:59, I set my packages down and walked to the phone.  Just as I got there, it rang, and, checking Caller ID, I confirmed it was Marilyn.


"Um, Hello? Richard?"

"Yes, Marilyn, what can I do for you?"

"Uh, I really need to see you"

"Fine, come over now"

"Okay, how do I get there"

As I gave her directions, a thought occurred to me.

"Marilyn, before you leave your room, take off your underwear and put it in your purse.  I want you to give them to me when you walk in the door."

I heard her gasp, then "Yes Sir" then, we hung up.

Twenty-Five minutes later, there was a knock on my door.  Opening it, I beheld a very embarrassed and excited looking Marilyn.
"Come in, come in" I said, holding out my hand to her.  She blushed prettily and opened her purse, bringing out a sheer bra and pair of very frilly panties, which I noticed, was damp to the touch.  Raising the panties to my nose, I smelled the unmistakable musk of arousal.

"You are excited, aren't you?"

 "Yes Sir",

"Well" I said, "Why did you want to see me?"

 "Sir, I had dreams about you, and I can't get you out of my head"

"I see, what sort of dreams?"

"Sexy dreams, you touching me, allowing me to touch you..."

"And you hope that I'll make your dreams come true?"

"Yes Sir"

"Very well, you must understand, that if I help you, this is not going to be a one time thing.  This will be an ongoing thing.  Is this agreeable?"

"Yes Sir"

"Okay, stand and follow me."  Walking over to the CD Rack, I selected a disc that had dance music on it.  Putting it in, I sat down in my recliner.

"Now, when the music starts, I want you to do a strip tease for me.  Make it as sexy as you know how.  If I'm pleased, you will be rewarded, if not..."

<CLICK> The sounds of Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On", came out of the speakers.

Marilyn started swaying to the beat, her hands moving in time to the music up to the top button on her blouse.  She opened one button at a time until she reached the bottom.  Her blouse was still tucked into her jeans, but a large expanse of cleavage was visible.  Still swaying, she turned her back to me and tugged the blouse out of her jeans.  With her back to me, she dropped one half of the blouse off of her left shoulder, then glanced over and gave me a smile.  It was obvious that she was getting off on this.  Dropping the blouse entirely to the floor, she turned to face me, with her hands covering her 34C's.  She spread her fingers, allowing me to see her nipples standing at attention.  Turning back around, she unsnapped her jeans, pulling them down past a beautiful heart shaped ass.  Kicking the jeans all the way off, she turned to face me, and I could see that she was completely shaved.

"Very, Very Nice.  I am pleased.  Now come over here for your reward.  Climb onto the chair, and put your knees on each arm.  You can hold on to the top for balance if you like."  Leaning forward, I reached out my tongue and lightly ran it around the outer lips of her sex.   Licking in towards the center, I could tell that she was getting closer and closer to cuming by the way her breathing was getting shallower and the muscles in her stomach were tightening up.  Taking two fingers, I slid them into her, while zeroing in on her clitoris, just as my tongue hit her clit, I slid one of my fingers into her ass.  She came so hard I thought she was going to pass out.  As it was, she collapsed against me, panting.  After she caught her breath, she reached for my swollen cock, which was threatening to burst my Dockers.

"Sir, May I?"

"Not yet, a little later perhaps.  First I want to you do something for me."

"What's that Sir?"

"Sit down and I'm going to ask you some questions.  I want you to answer them truthfully and completely.

"First, Are you a virgin?"

"No, Sir"

"Have you ever taken a cock in your mouth?"

"Yes Sir"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes Sir"

"Did you swallow?"

"No Sir!"

"Have you ever taken a cock up your ass?"

"No Sir"

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

.... silence....

"Answer me! Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"yes, sir"

"Good Girl! Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Tell me about it"

"Last summer, my cousin Anna and I went down to Rehobeth Beach for the weekend.  Her family has a place down there.  Anyway, we went out Friday night and got drunk, but left the bar fairly early because I wasn't having a good time.  When we got to the house, Anna sat me down, and started rubbing my shoulders and neck, telling me I needed to relax and loosen up.  I must have loosened up more than I realized, because the next thing I knew, her hands were on my breasts, and I was kissing her.  I don't remember a whole lot more from that night, other than racing up to the bedroom and tearing our clothes off.  I remember the taste of Anna's juices as I stuck my tongue in her.  I remember her grabbing a strap on and ordering me to suck it, so I did.  I remember waking up the next morning with the plastic cock still connecting us."

"What that the only time?"

"No sir, we got together a few more times this summer, and we ended up in bed each time.  One time, her boyfriend joined us, and that was really exciting..."

I'd had all that I could stand by this point and had to interrupt.

"Enough! Come over here!" I stood up, and she knelt before me.  "You know what I want little girl, now, go to it."

Reaching up, she unbuckled my belt and opened my pants, pulling them and my underwear down.  My eight inches dropped down and nearly hit her in the face.  With an open-mouthed smile, she leaned forward and started licking from the base to the head and down the other side.  Finally opening wide, she took the head and about 4 inches into her mouth and throat.  It this point, I reached down, and, holding her head still, started fucking her mouth, pulling back until just the head was in, then pushing forward.  After a minute or two of this, I hollered "Hang on and swallow, I'm gonna cum!"  Her eyes opened wide and she started gulping as I shot blast after blast of cum into her mouth.  Letting go of her head, I sat down, my cock coming out of her mouth with an audible 'pop'.  Seeing some cum on her lips and chin, I reached out and scooped it up with my fingers, and presented it to her.  She sucked it off my fingers eagerly.

"Good girl, very good girl!  You are pleasing me tremendously, but there is still more we need to do.  Do you know what comes next, Marilyn?"  "Yes, Sir, now we fuck" "Is that what you want?" "Yes, sir" "Where do you want it?" "In my pussy! My pussy needs your big cock" "How about your ass, do you want my cock in your slutty little ass?" "Oh, yes sir, fuck my tight little ass, make me scream!"

"Get on the floor on your hands and knees"

As I got down on the floor behind her, I marveled at the fact that I was still fully erect.  Marilyn was practically beside herself waiting for me to penetrate her, so I decided to tease her a little, just running the length along her lips, being careful not to go inside.  I finally tired of this, and, lining the head up with her opening, I rammed right in.  She started to cum almost immediately.  Her sugar walls clenched down tight, increasing the friction as I stroked in and out.  Soon she was pushing back to meet me.  Telling her to rub her clit, I pulled back enough to wet 2 of my fingers with her juices.  She squealed as I stuck first one, and then two fingers into her ass.  Sliding them in and out until her ass was loosened up enough to accept my cock, I grabbed a tube of KY Jelly I had purchased earlier, and squirted some in and around her rosebud.  Pulling back, I asked. "Are you ready to loose your last cherry darling?"

"Please, go slow"

"Don't worry, just keep playing with yourself.  I promise you'll enjoy this."

Pulling back, I placed the head of my cock right against her pucker, and pressed gently.  After a seeming eternity, Marilyn grunted as the whole head popped it.  I froze for a moment, allowing her to get used to the fullness, then slowly pushed in.

"How are you doing? You okay, pet?"

"Oh, yes, sir, I feel so full! I love it!"

"Are you ready for more?"

"Go ahead, slam my ass!"

Grabbing her hips, I pulled most of the way out and slammed back into her, burying all eight inches in her bowels.  I could only take a couple of minutes of her incredible tightness, especially since Marilyn was shaking in the midst of I don't know how many orgasms, and I blasted a bucket of cum into her ass.

Pulling out, I lay down beside her and put my arms around her.  She snuggled in tight, and we lay that way for quite a while.  Finally, I broke the silence.

"Let's go get cleaned up and get some food, okay?"

"Yeah, God I'm famished!"

"So, Marilyn, did reality live up to your fantasy?"

"What? How did you know?"

"Sweetheart, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. And besides, you didn't answer my question"

"This is the only time I've ever known the reality to exceed the fantasy"

"Good.  Now, let's go get clean."

After we showered and got dressed, and Marilyn put her underwear back on, I ordered a pizza and we sat down to talk.  Now that our bodies were satisfied, it turns out we had a good deal in common; not the least of which was an appreciation for Master PC stories.  I took her into the computer room and showed her the program.  I also showed her what I had done to her, and how I knew her fantasies.  I asked her if there was anything she wanted to change, or change back.  I was surprised and pleased when she only asked to have the language and gambling skills to match mine.

I asked her if she wanted to spend the weekend in Atlantic City with me, to celebrate my good fortune.  I explained about the meeting in New York and the novel I had written.  She agreed readily, but said she needed to pack.  I told her not to bother; she could go shopping in the morning while I'm in New York.  Excusing myself, I went to the phone and reserved a suite for the weekend at the Taj Mahal and also arranged for a limo to pick us up at 3:30 Friday afternoon and return us to my door on Sunday evening.

After I got done making the calls, we sat and discussed what comes next.  It turns out that Marilyn has almost as active an imagination and libido as I do.  In fact, it was her suggestion that we bring other women into our bed that would be submissive to both of us.  I mentioned that I have a weakness for oriental women, and she agreed.  By this time, it was getting late, and after making love one last time, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, before I left for the train station to go to New York, I gave Marilyn a couple of thousand dollars and told her to go clothes and lingerie shopping for the weekend.  After a rather boring train ride, I arrived in the city to find Julia waiting for me.  A ten minute taxi ride later, and I was signing a contract that meant I'd never have to work for somebody else again, if I didn't want to.  After depositing the advance into my bank account, and buying 20,000 dollars worth of traveler's checks, I boarded the train back home, walking in my door at 3:15.

When I walked in, my jaw almost hit the floor at the sight of Marilyn in her outfit.  Even now, I can't find the words to do it justice.  It was low cut in front, with only a tie behind the neck to hold it up.  It was an emerald green color that perfectly matched her eyes and red hair.  I got hard immediately.

"Wonderful, babe, I can't wait until the people at the casino get an eyeful of you.  But, you probably better pack that for the trip.  I'm sure you would want something more comfortable for the ride." She nodded and put the dress in a garment bag and changed into a T-shirt and jeans.  Just as she finished, there was a knock on the door, opening it; the limo driver was there, waiting to load our luggage into the car.  "Hi, I'm Samantha, I'll be your driver and guide for the weekend.  If you need anything at all, please let me know"  Hearing this, Marilyn and I looked at each other and smiled, because Samantha was an absolutely gorgeous filipina, with a nicely rounded body and a firm ass.  This was going to be a very interesting weekend.

End Chapter One


After about an hour on the road, we found ourselves sitting in a traffic jam on the highway.  It was a parking lot.  Samantha called back that we were going to be there a while, a tractor-trailer had jackknifed a few miles ahead and all the lanes would be closed for at least an hour.  Being that there was nothing we could do about it, we just sat back to wait, and entertain ourselves...

"Mr. President?"

"Yes, Monica?"

"Since we are going to be here a while, you want me to relax you?"

"I don't know, this got me in real trouble before"

"Honest Mr. President, I won't tell anybody"

"Well, all right, just as long as you won't tell."


"Go ahead"

That's all it took, Marilyn had my pants open and my dick in her mouth.  Bobbing her head up and down, like one of those glass birds in a dish of water.  Pulling her head up, she started licking it, from the balls to the head, before going back down to the base.

Looking up, I could see Samantha watching us in the rear view mirror, with a lustful smile on her face and a smoky look in her eyes.  "Would you like some?" I asked.

Shaking her head, she replied, "Not right now, I need to keep an eye on things up here, but maybe tonight."

Hearing this, Marilyn pulled her head up and said "Please join us, I can promise that you'll have a great time."  With this, she sat up, pulled her pants down and straddled my lap.  Holding my cock steady, she lowered herself on to me.  I reached up and slid my hands under her T-shirt and started playing with her nipples.  That was all she needed, she started moaning and bouncing up and down on my dick.  Her pussy tightened around me and she started shuddering and tossing her head back and forth.  Spent, she collapsed against me.  It just took a couple of seconds for her to recover, and, realizing I hadn't cum yet, climbed off me and got down on her knees in front of me.  Holding her face, I started stroking in and out, and soon felt the cum boil up out of my balls - "Here it Comes!"

"Wait - cum on my face, please!"

Now, who could resist an offer like that?

Pulling back, I saw stream after stream of cum shoot across her lips and cheeks, some landing on her tongue, and she licked the rest off her lips.  Grabbing a tissue, she wiped off her face, and, keeping my cum in her mouth, leaned over the seat and tapped Samantha on the shoulder.  I saw Samantha turn her head with her mouth slightly opened, and Marilyn kissed her.  I could see Marilyn take complete control of her, using her tongue to push my cum into Samantha's mouth.  "That's just a preview of later tonight.  Come up to our room at midnight!" "Okay"

With that, Marilyn put her pants back on and re-did her makeup.  After that, she leaned back into my arms and went to sleep a very satisfied smile on her face.  Looking up, I saw Samantha watching us, a very bemused smile on her face.  "Samantha, before you come up to our room, I want you to find a strap-on, with harness, some nipple clips, 2 butt plugs and some lube, can you handle that?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Very good, I think that I can promise you a night you won't forget."

"Now, tell me about the Taj - what games have the best return on your money, and what's the most you wan win without problems from management? Is the restaurant food any good? Are all the women there as hot as you are? The usual stuff"

"The big money is at the poker tables, in fact, there is a tournament going on this weekend.  There is no limit to how much you can win, but I hear the bosses get antsy if any one person wins more than a million.  The food is excellent, especially the breakfasts, and there are a few women who are more attractive than I am, or so I'm told.  One of those is my girlfriend Tina, would you like me to bring her with me tonight?  I think you'll both like her."

"Yes, by all means, but you'll need to get more of the toys I mentioned earlier." With this, I sat back, and, soon enough, we were moving again.  Looking down at Marilyn, I couldn't believe my good fortune that we were so compatible.  I realized, with a start that I was looking at her as more than just a temporary playmate but as a person to spend the long term with.

As we rode over the bridge into Atlantic City, I woke Marilyn with a kiss.  "Wake up darling, we're almost there"  Marilyn sat up and stretched (which did very interesting things to her T-shirt) and looked around.  We pulled up to the VIP Entrance and instantly, a squadron of bellboys was swarming around us.  The check in was done in minutes, and we were in our suite within 10 minutes of walking through the front door.

I admit, I was stunned by the opulence of the suite we had.  The bed looked big enough to fit 8 people comfortably, and the bar and refrigerator were filled to the brim.  I heard a gasp from Marilyn when she walked into the bathroom.  The sunken tub was easily 15 foot wide, and 4 foot deep in the center.  There were seats along the sides of the tub, as well as floating drink holds.  All in all, the ultimate in luxurious hedonism.  "I can see that we are definitely going to have to baptize the tub tonight, don't you agree?" "Oh, Yeah!"  "By the way, I don't know if you heard Samantha earlier, you may have been asleep already, but she is bringing her girlfriend with her when she comes up at midnight, and I told her to pick up some toys before she gets here."

"Sounds yummy! But are we going to spend the weekend here in the room?" "Not at all, in fact, why don't we shower and get dressed.  Then, we can go down stairs for dinner and some gambling"  "Sounds good - but just a shower, if we get started, we won't eat for hours, and I'm starved!" "Heard that!"

After showering and dressing, and while Marilyn was applying her makeup, I called the front desk and arranged for 2 chilled bottles of Cristal Champagne and 4 glasses to be delivered to the room at 11:45PM.  At 7pm we left the room for dinner and gaming.  After a wonderful dinner, I headed for the poker game, and gave Marilyn $5,000 for her to gamble with.  I was in luck; a new game of 5 card was just starting.  I pulled up a chair and got $5,000 in chips.  I didn't have any worries about losing in an honest game, having set the Master Program to make me a world class poker player.

To make a long story short, by 1100pm that evening, I had increased my $5,000 stake to $75,000.  Getting up from the table, I tipped the dealer $1,000 and headed towards that cashiers cage.  I met Marilyn there; she had increased her $5,000 to $25,000 at the roulette table.  She had a huge smile on her face, saying, "I feel like I've walked into a James Bond movie!  I've never even dreamed I'd find myself playing high dollar games. This is great!"  Picking up the Bond theme, I smiled down at her, "Well, Moneypenny, are you ready to continue the festivities upstairs?" "But of course, James, I've waited years for you to ask" and we both burst out laughing, drawing strange looks from the other patrons.  "Let's get our winnings locked up first."  Taking them to the front desk, we locked up $90,000 (keeping $10,000 for playing money), got our stamped receipts, and headed to the room.

Just as we got in the room, the champagne arrived.  We opened one bottle and toasted the night ahead.  After the toast, Marilyn grabbed one of her bags and went into the bathroom.  When she came out, about 20 minutes later, she was dressed in bright red lingerie, with crotchless panties and a very sheer bra.  She put a robe on over it, and we sat down and waited for our guests.  I had agreed to take a back seat in the beginning, letting Marilyn act out another one of her fantasies.  Precisely at midnight, a knock came at the door. "Who is it?" Marilyn demanded in an imperious voice.

"Samantha, and I've brought my friend with me" "Come in!"

The door opened, and Samantha walked in, leading a young black girl (no more than about 22 years old) by the hand.  They were both wearing long overcoats, with stockings and high heels visible underneath.  "Mistress, Master, may I present my pet, Tina?" Marilyn nodded, and Samantha removed Tina's overcoat, showing us a body naked except for garterbelt and stockings.  She had a pretty face, but the body reminded me of Toni Braxton's, short and curvy, all tits and ass.  Her bush was neatly trimmed, and I could see her lips peaking out at the bottom.

Samantha said "Display yourself pet" and with that, Tina put her arms behind her back, and walked back and forth in front of Marilyn and I for a few minutes.  As she stopped in front of me with her legs opened, I reached out and gently slid a finger into her sex.  She shuddered at the touch, and my finger, when I withdrew it, was soaking wet.  Tina was doing a wonderful job of keeping her face impassive, but it was obvious she was greatly excited.  When she walked back in front of Marilyn, I saw the scene repeated, except Marilyn smiled and licked the juices off her fingers.  Marilyn then broke the silence, saying "You pet is very nice, now, let's see what you have"

Samantha took off her coat, revealing an hourglass figure clothed in a white camisole and panty set, with garterbelt.  Marilyn's eyes widened, and she licked her lips in anticipation.  "Now, why don't you and Tina put on a show for us, and we will join you when the time is right." Samantha nodded, and snapped her fingers.  Tina immediately came over and knelt before her.  Samantha handed her a bag and said "Prepare me, Pet."  Tina unhooked Samantha's garterbelt and, using her teeth, pulled her panties down to her knees.  Grabbing a strap-on and harness, she put it together.  Sticking the base in her mouth, Tina got the end wet and then moved her mouth over Samantha's pussy.  Sticking out her tongue, she started licking, finally sliding her tongue inside like a tiny cock.  After Samantha was good and wet, Tina inserted the base of the cock into Samantha and hooked the straps around her waist and thighs.  "Very good Pet, now, prepare yourself."  Tina reached into the bag, and pulled out a butt plug and a pair of nipple clips.  Reaching down, she pinched her nipples, causing them to stand up, and then she attached a clip to each of them.  Next, she lubed up the plug, and, reaching behind herself forced it into her ass.  As the plug went in, she made the first sound I had heard come out of her lips, a long, drawn out, "Oooooooooh!"

"That's enough, pet, now come here and suck your mistress's cock!"  Tina started licking the nine-inch rubber cock, taking it down her throat.  From the way Samantha was moaning, the base must have been causing some interesting feelings in her pussy.  Samantha reached down, and put her hands on Tina's shoulders, forcing here down on the floor.  She then pulled the cock from Tina's mouth and turned around, straddling her head in a reverse cowgirl.  Leaning forward, she buried her face in Tina's folds.  This went on for about 10 minutes before Samantha got up, rolled Tina over and raised her to her hands and knees.  Holding on to her hips, Samantha got behind her and started deep stroking her.  Tina didn't last long before starting to come, at the same time, Samantha started to come as well.

After they had recovered, and taken a drink, the two of them turned their attentions to us.  Tina walked over to Marilyn, knelt at her feet, and asked, in a softly pleasant voice "Mistress, may I serve you?" "You may" Marilyn replied as she leaned over and kissed her.  I could see the movement of tongues in Tina's mouth as Marilyn took control of her.  Leaning back, she opened her legs wide and Tina started eating her out.

About this time, I was distracted by Samantha, who was kneeling before me, asking "Master, may I serve you?"  "Yes" Directing her to stand, I had her remove her clothing, allowing me to see what I had been fantasizing about during the drive.  Next, I had her prepare herself that same way that Tina had, but with a twist.  I had her lick her own nipples to get them hard before applying the clamps.  Then she stuck the butt plug inside her ass.  I knew that my cock would replace the plug before too much time had passed.  After she had discarded the strap on, I had her kneel before me.

"Do me" I said, patting my crotch.  She opened up my pants and pulled my hard cock out of my briefs.  She opened wide, and managed to get about half of it into her mouth before pulling back and licking around the head and up and down the length.  After the show she and Tina had put on, I know I couldn't hold back for long, and I could feel the cum starting to reach the boiling point in my sac. Holding on to Samantha's head, I shouted, "Here it comes!" as burst after burst of cum shot into her mouth.  Samantha blinked in surprise, but swallowed every drop.  After I pulled my cock from her protesting mouth, I told her to lay back on the carpet and spread her legs.  Grabbing a towel and the opened bottle of champagne, I got down on the floor with her.  I started, as was my habit, by slowly licking around her lips, which were still wide open from the strap-on.  As I zeroed in on her clitoris, I grabbed the bottle and started pouring it slowly onto her belly, allowing the bubbly liquid to run over her clit and into her pussy.  As soon as it hit her center, Samantha started moaning and hollering and she grabbed me behind the ears and plastered my mouth to her.  I started sucking the champagne, now liberally mixed with her juices, out of her.  I lost track of how many orgasms she had, but I needed to wait at least five minutes for here breathing to return to normal and her eyes to focus again.

While waiting, I looked to see what Marilyn and Tina were up to, and saw a sight I never thought I'd see, outside of a porno.  Marilyn had put on the other strap-on, and was fucking Tina in the ass with it, spanking her with each stroke.  Looking closer, I could see that Tina was fingering herself with each stroke, and it looked like she was on the verge of coming herself.  Sure enough, it was only a moment later that I could see her start to tremble and she slammed her ass back onto the hard rubber cock.  Next, she actually burst into tears and yelled "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm cummmming!" before passing out from exhaustion.  I saw Marilyn check on her, and she looked up and nodded to me, letting me know Tina was okay.  I asked her is she wanted to join us, but she said "I'll pass, I need a breather too!"

I nodded and blew her a kiss as I got between Samantha's legs.  Looking at her, I could see her eyes were focused again.  Asking her "Are you ready?" she replied, "Hell yes!" I grabbed her ankles and put them over my shoulders.  Placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.  I pushed forward until I was in her to the balls.  As a stroked her, she reached down and started rubbing her clit.  I kept going until I could see she was almost there, and then I pulled out.  I pulled her hands away from her pussy and said "Not yet!" "Please, Master, I need to cum!" "You will, when I decide it's time! Now, roll over!"  She turned over onto her stomach, and I pulled the plug out of her ass.  I poured lube all over my cock and my fingers, and worked two fingers in and out, loosening her up enough to take my cock.  "Now, hold your cheeks open for me!"  As she did so, I put the head in, then slid forward and inch or two, adjusting to the tightness each time before I moved any more.  I finally buried all 8 inches in her ass, and, as I started pulling back, said "Okay, now you can come!"  She started fingering and rubbing herself in rhythm with me.  As I pulled back until just the head was inside her, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto me.  This went on for about 5 minutes and then I erupted, shooting blast after blast of molten sperm deep into her bowels.  This was all Samantha needed - she shrieked out her orgasm at the same time.  We both collapsed exhausted, after that.

A little while later, after I recovered enough to stand, I got up and said "I don't know about you three, but after all of that, I need a bath, anybody want to join me?" The three of them straggled in behind me.  We all rinsed off in the shower before getting into the tub, which was filling as we spoke.

As we all settled into the tub, Marilyn resting in my arms, and Tina snuggling up with Samantha, I looked over at Samantha and said "So, tell me about yourself"

She burst out laughing and said "Isn't that something you are supposed to ask before you fuck me in the ass?"  "Yeah, I suppose, but I've always been a little different that way.  Seriously, what do you do when you aren't driving people around?" "Actually, I'm in Pre-Law, and, I'm not certain, but I think we violated 17 or 20 statutes here tonight"  "I won't tell if you won't", I replied with a grin.  "How about you Tina, what do you do when you aren't being a pet?"  "Actually, I'm in Pre-Med., and I was only 'Pet' tonight, because I lost the coin toss.  And you can bet I'll get even for it next time.  I'm not really that submissive by nature, unlike sweet buns here, but I did enjoy playing the role tonight." "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.  We did promise Samantha a night she wouldn't forget.  Have we kept our promise Samantha?" "Oh, yes sir! I've never come so many times in one night!" "Well, the night's not over yet.  Anybody ready for another round?"  Marilyn and Samantha both begged off, pleading the need for sleep (something I'll need to correct when we get home), but Tina was raring to go.  We put the sleepy heads in one of the beds, where they went to sleep almost immediately, while Tina and I took the other bed.

As Tina was sitting on the edge of the bed, I sat down beside her and kissed her firmly on the lips, letting her know I was in control.  Our tongues battled for supremacy, but she surrendered after a short battle.  Laying her back on the bed, I had her press her tits together, and grabbing a bottle of hand lotion from the nightstand, I covered my cock, and straddled her chest.  Sliding into the valley between her tits, I started fucking them, enjoying a totally new sensation.  As the head came into view, Tina stuck her tongue out and licked the head.  Her tongue was rough; almost sandpapery in texture, and it sent a shiver up and down my spine.  After a few minutes of this, I decided it was time to get on with the show.  I stretched out on the bed, and had Tina climb on top of me, with her pussy above my face, and her face above my dick.  I started licking her, while at the same time I slid a finger inside her.  I stuck my tongue inside her and started licking the walls as well as her lips.  I moved my finger up, and brushed gently against her clit.  Tina must have liked that, because she doubled her efforts to swallow my dick.  While I was licking, I brought the thumb of my other hand up, and, after sliding it into her to get it wet, I placed it in the crack of her ass.  I gently pushed the thumb into her asshole up to the base and started wiggling it around.  Between my tongue, finger and thumb, she was soon wailing like a banshee, and forced her pussy down onto my mouth, and filled it with her juices.  After she finished coming, I had her swivel around so she was facing me, and lowered herself onto my cock.  Her hair tickled my head as it worked its way into her depths.  She started bouncing up and down, and playing with her nipples at the same time.  After a couple of minutes of being used as a dildo, I reached up and grabbed her shoulders.  Pulling her down until her breasts were flat against my chest, I rolled her over until we were in the missionary position.  I started pummeling her with my cock, finally, pulling out and pointing my cock at her mouth.  "Open wide" I said, as streams of protein shot from the head of my cock onto her tongue.  After she swallowed what I gave her, we cleaned up and got into the other bed, Tina by Samantha and me with my arms around Marilyn.  And that was all she wrote until 8am the next morning.

End Chapter Two


Sunday afternoon, when we checked out of the hotel, I took our winnings from the safe.  Between Poker and Roulette, we had managed to win just over $750,000 from 5 different casinos on the Boardwalk.  I won't waste any more time on the sex we had this weekend, except to note that Saturday night, Samantha was on the receiving end of a Triple Penetration, with Marilyn taking her mouth, Tina her pussy and me her ass.  I also fucked Tina in the ass in the shower this morning.

Samantha was our driver once again on the trip home, but this trip was much more subdued than the drive out, mostly because we were all lost in thought of our own.  When we finally arrived, we both kissed Samantha goodbye, and tipped her $10,000.  We also exchanged phone numbers.

After we got home and I ordered pizza, I asked Marilyn if she wanted to move in with me.  I was pleased when she agreed.  But she did make the condition that we continue to bring in playmates, having discovered a very strong streak of bisexuality within her.  She also said that she enjoys being the dominant partner with women, but submissive with me.   As I had thoughts along those lines myself, I had no problem agreeing with her conditions.

After we got done with the important things, we settled down for an evening of watching videos.  Fortunately, I had a large selection of light comedies to choose from, until we found out each other's likes and dislikes.  We also made plans to seduce a couple of the girls in our English class.  Ironically enough, they were both named Barbara, but one of them went by Bobbie.  Going over to the PC, I started the program and typed in Barbara Wilson's name.  Her picture appeared on screen immediately and I started to laugh.  Instead of the usual picture of someone sitting down or standing, Barbara was stark naked with her arms pulled above her head.  Looking closer, I could see glints of metal at her wrists.  "Marilyn, come here, you have to see this" "What?" "It seems little Miss Barbara has herself a bit of a submissive streak!" "Oh, yeah, this could be fun!" "Well, she's occupied at the moment, so we'll get back to her later.  Let's see how Bobbie is doing."  Typing in the name "Barbara Wainscott, a picture of Bobbie showed up.  She was sound asleep, and, by the way here mouth was hanging open, she was probably snoring.  Bringing up her vital statistics, I ran the internal health program that I ran for Marilyn and myself, then started looking into her preferences.  I raised her sex drive from Average to Above Average, and adjusted her attraction to females to the same level as her attraction to males.  I also put a command in her head that these changes would seem perfectly normal to her.  I also increased her attraction to both of us, as well as making her submissive to us.  After that, I sent a command that she would have incredibly sexy dreams featuring a man and a woman making love to her.  She would remember the dreams and wake up horny, but will not be able to cum until either Marilyn or myself spoke to her.  After we do speak to her, she will immediately excuse herself and run to the bathroom to masturbate to orgasm.  I directed that she dress normally tomorrow, except that she is to wear the sexiest, sluttiest underwear she owns.  If she doesn't have any, she is to go to Victoria's Secret before class, buy some and change into it.

I made the same changes to the other Barbara, after first checking to see that she was asleep.  I set a 48-hour delay on the commands to give Marilyn and I a chance to enjoy Bobbie.  Finally, I raised Barbara's submissiveness to a much higher level in regard to Marilyn and myself.  I told Marilyn that I had a really nasty idea of what to do with Barbara, and Marilyn quickly agreed.

By now, it was time for bed, since we both had an early morning.  Marilyn had an 8:00am class and I had to go the bank and then the IRS and pay taxes on our winnings.  An unpleasant duty to be sure, but I didn't want any problems when Tax Time came around.  Anyway, we both went right to sleep, I think we were both 'fucked-out' from the weekend.  Tomorrow would definitely be another day.

The next morning, Marilyn went off to class and I went to the bank and deposited our winnings, as well as paying off all my bills, except my Mortgage (I wanted to keep the interest deduction).  Then I took my winnings documents from the casinos and drove downtown to the IRS offices, and paid almost $200,000 in taxes.  With that done, I still had over $500,000 in the bank.  After that, I applied some mistletoe firmly to my back belt loop and went in to see my supervisor.  After telling him to give my job to someone who needed it, I pointed to the mistletoe and told him he could kiss my ass.  I also drove over to my Insurance agent, and purchased health, accident and hospitalization insurance for Marilyn and I.  I made arrangements for Marilyn to come in later this week to sign the paperwork.  With all this done, I met Marilyn at the cafeteria of the college and we walked towards the classroom.  On the way, I explained what I had done, as far as the insurance, and found her agreeable.  We both saw Bobbie at about the same time, and, exchanging a grin, walked up to her and said "Good Morning Bobbie" "Oh, Hello" she replied, then got a really surprised look on her face.  "Excuse me!" she said, and ran off towards the bathroom.  "Follow her" I said, and Marilyn nodded and walked after her.
A few minutes later, Marilyn walked out of the ladies room and beckoned to me.  As I got there, she stuck two fingers in my mouth.  I could taste juices on them, and I knew they weren't Marilyn's by the taste.  Just then, Bobbie came out of the bathroom, saw me sucking her juices off, and blushed.  "Let's got to class," I said, "we can continue this afterwards." We walked into the classroom just as the instructor was setting up.  I took my usual seat in the front of the room, but Marilyn and Bobbie joined me, taking the other two chairs at the table.  An hour and a half class never lasted so long!

As we walked out of the classroom, I turned and asked "Bobbie, where are you parked?" "Bottom lot" "Okay, Marilyn, you go with her and bring her to the house.  And I want you to go straight home, no stopping for a necking session on the way.  If you want to get started when you get there, that's fine, I have a couple of stops I have to make, and I'll join you soon."

On the way home, I stopped at and bought several video cameras, lighting and sound equipment, as well as all the other equipment needed for a home movie studio.  I also stopped at an Adult toystore and picked up handcuffs, gags, clips, butt plugs of assorted sizes, as well as a couple of strap-on dildo and harness sets.  I got a strange look from the girl behind the counter as I purchased my items.  "Planning a party, huh?" "Actually my lover and I picked up a new playmate today, and I'll be heading home with these now.  Our playmate has a strong submissive side, and we are going to indulge her." "Oooh! Sounds Hot!" "It will be, we already got her so hot that she had to run to the ladies room and get off" "Lucky girl!" "What's the matter, jealous?" I asked with a grin as I took a good look at her.  She was about 25 years old, with brown hair cut in a Sandra Bullock cut, a nice body, from what I could see, and a pretty face, although with a little more makeup than I like to see.  "Well", she admitted with a nervous laugh, "a little".  "Tell you what, how late are you working tonight?" "10 o'clock" "We may stop by later tonight, and I'll let my woman get a look at you.  We have to agree on pets, so maybe we can get together" "That would be great!" "Yes, it would.  Tell me, what is your name, Pet?" "Allison Richards" "Very good, Allison, my name is Richard, but you may call me Sir" "Yes Sir"  "Very well, we may be back this evening." "I'll be looking forward to it." "I'm sure you will," I said, as I walked out the door.  Loading up the trunk of the car, I headed home.  Pulling into the driveway, I was pleased to see an unfamiliar car.  Looking in, I noticed Bobbie's book bag on the back seat.

Opening the door, I heard groaning coming from the upstairs bedroom.  Intrigued, I set my packages down and headed upstairs.  Sticking my head around the corner, I was amazed to see Bobbie stark naked and tied, spread eagle to my bedposts.   Looking closer, I could see that Marilyn had inserted a vibrator and was working it back and forth with one hand, while holding a lit candle about a foot above Bobbie's tits, and letting hot wax drip down on them.  Bobbie was also blindfolded, and it looked like her panties were stuck in her mouth to keep her quiet.  Marilyn looked over and saw me, I put a finger to my lips so she would not say anything, and signaled that I would be back up in a few minutes.  I then went back down and got on the computer.

Logging onto the Master PC Program, I brought Bobbies profile up, and sent a command that she wouldn't have any objections to anything we did with her, including filming, and she would not mention what we did to anyone who had not been part of our group.  I sent the command, then brought up Allison's profile.  I was pleased to see that she was healthy already, but ran the Health program to keep her that way.  I also sent the same command to her that I had sent to Bobbie.  I could see that Allison was already very bisexual and submissive.  After that, I logged off the computer and went back upstairs.  When I got there, Marilyn was pulling out the vibrator and wiping the wax off of Bobbie's tits and belly.  Bobbie was just barely moving.  "She came so hard she passed out" Marilyn said.  "Good, help me get set up" I brought one of the cameras and a tripod in and set them up.  After taking some test shots to make sure it was working, I set the timer to start filming in 5 minutes.  "Now, let's get naked!" "Oh, yeah!" after we were naked, I removed the blindfold and panties and untied her.  "Bobbie, wake up!  Your nap is over, it's time for a new round." "Wha…?" "Come on, Bobbie, rise and shine!"  When she opened her eyes, they widened in shock on seeing her surroundings, then relaxed and smiled as she remembered where she was.  "Are you ready for more?" "Oh, yes Master, yes Mistress!" Turning to Marilyn, I whispered "You've got her well trained already.  Good work!" Marilyn smiled and nodded at the praise.  "Okay, Bobbie, sit up, look at the camera and smile, then hold your arms out in front of you." As she did so, I hooked padded cuffs to each of her wrists and latched them behind her back.  "Very good, now I think you need to be on your knees, thanking your Mistress for the pleasure she gave you.  Don't you agree Marilyn?" "Yes, I do" she replied, sitting on the edge of the bed and spreading her legs.

Bobbie got down on her knees, and crawled over to where Marilyn sat.  I got behind the camera, and zoomed in for a close up on her face as she looked up at Marilyn and said "Mistress, guide me please? I've never done this before"  "Just do to me what you enjoy when it's done to you.  I'll let you know if you need to adjust anything."  Slowly and tentatively, Bobbie stretched out her tongue and started licking Marilyn's pussy, and I pulled back to get a shot of the two of them.  I set the camera for the wide shot, and walked behind Bobbie.  Getting on my knees, I spread her legs, then guided my cock into her pussy.  She was so turned on I met no resistance, and soon we had a good rhythm going.  I would pull back, her face came out of Marilyn, and when I pushed in, it drove her back into action.  I could tell that I would be hitting the point of no return soon, and I wanted to come in her ass, (so sue me, I'm an ass man!) so I grabbed the vibrator that had been in use earlier and dipped it in her juices.  I then placed the tip at her pucker and started sliding it in.  Bobbie started grunting with each inch I slid in.  Finally, I had about 5 of the things 8 inches buried in her ass, and then I switched it on.  Bobbie went berserk from the sensations, and I'll admit I enjoyed the feelings I got buried in her pussy.  After loosening up her ass, I slowly removed the vibrator and set it aside.  Coating her hole with lube, I pulled out of her pussy, moved up and put the head at the entrance to her ass.  Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back until all 8 inches were buried in her bowels.  I reached under her and started playing with her clit was I was stroking her.  I brought her to the edge, and just as Marilyn was cuming from her tongue, Bobbie came and I shot off into her ass.  After I pulled out, I undid the cuffs and let her up to take as shower and clean up.  I shut off the camera and Marilyn and I joined her in the shower.  After we were all cleaned up and dressed, Bobbie left, thanking us for an afternoon she would long remember.

After Marilyn and I went and got her car, we came home and had dinner.  I told her about Allison, and she expressed and interest in seeing her.  I suggested we make arrangements for Allison to come to the house tomorrow.  Next, I brought up Barbara, and mentioned that it seemed she got off on bondage and discipline and I wanted to know how Marilyn agreed that we both should be disciplining her.  We agreed that we would both provide discipline as needed, but remembering that the purpose is pleasure for all involved.  I also mentioned that I had set up a portion of the basement as a playroom, so that we could keep the bedroom for just the two of us.  We also discussed building a house that would have enough room for everything we wanted to do.  We decided to spend Thursday looking at houses and taking notes of everything we wanted in our Dream House.

By this time, it was 9:30, and time to go see Allison.  We drove to the store and the two of us walked in.  The place was empty except for Allison and us.  Marilyn walked up to her and smiled.  "Allison, did Richard explain what we expect from our pets?" "No Mistress, he did not." "Very well, if we accept you, even for a short time, you belong to us.  We expect obedience, and, if we don't receive it, there will be consequences.  If you do obey, I can guarantee you pleasure, and the fulfillment of several of your fantasies.  Do you understand?"  "Yes Mistress" "Very well, show me your breasts" Allison looked around to be sure we were alone, then pulled her sweater up over her breasts.  They were straining against the bra she was wearing.  "Now, open the bra, I want to see your breasts, not your underwear."   Allison unclipped the front of her bra, allowing her 34C's to hang free.  "Okay, you can cover yourself now.  Tell me, had you ever made love to a woman before?" "Yes ma'am" "Who took the initiative?" "She did" "Did she ever fuck you with a strap-on?" "Yes ma'am" "In your ass?" "Yes ma'am" "Did you enjoy it?" "Very much so ma'am!" "How about bondage, have you ever been tied up during sex?" "No ma'am" "You will be.  Have you ever been spanked or whipped?" "Yes ma'am, my old boyfriend used to spank me" "Did that get you wet?" "Yes, ma'am, it got so he would put a towel over his lap before spanking me."  "All right, be at this address no later than 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.  You can dress normally, but do not wear any underwear.  If you do, you will be punished." "Yes Ma'am, I'll do as you say."

As they finished up, I brought my purchases to the counter and saw Allison's eyes go wide at the sight of the plugs, nipple clips (with weights attached) a cat o'nine tails, ball gags and an assortment of dildoes, including one that was double headed.  "Don't worry, they're not all for you - unless you really disobey." Paying cash for my items, we left the store.   On the way home, Marilyn turned to me and said "I like her, I think we should keep her." "I don't have a problem with that, but let's see if she tastes and acts as good as she looks.  Now, do you want to bring Barbara in at the same time, or hold off until Friday?" "Let's bring her in tomorrow, Thursday and Friday are going to be busy enough." "Okay, I'll send the command when we get home."

When we got home, decided to check me emails and almost had a heart attack when I read the first one.  "Marilyn, we are going to have to put off looking at houses until next week!" "Why?" "We need to take the train up to New York to my agent's office.  Columbia House is making my book a selection of the month, and, one the studios wants to buy the rights to film it!" "Wow! That was fast!" "I know, but I'm not complaining.  It seems that things are just falling into place these days, and as far as the book goes, I didn't use the program to influence it at all.  Now, let me reply and tell Julia we will be in her office Thursday morning.  Hey, while we are in the city, want to catch a play? I'm sure we can get tickets to 'Chicago', I've wanted to see it for a while." "Sure, sounds like a plan" "Speaking of plans, how does this sound for tomorrow? I'll get Barbara here at 12:15, and take her to the basement and get started.  When Allison arrives, you can take care of her for a while, then bring her downstairs.  I've got a hankering to see her and Barbara together while we fuck them." "Sounds yummy, but we are going to need to remodel the basement if we are going to be playing down there." "Not really, if you recall, I mentioned that I'd already gotten some things set up down there.  After I get Barbara set up, I'll show you."  Bringing Barbara's profile up, I sent a command to her to appear at my house at no later than 12:15, wearing her sluttiest clothes and makeup.  I also directed that she should get more and more excited while getting ready, but she was not allowed to cum until she was naked again and had either my cock in mouth, or her tongue in Marilyn's ass.  She was not to tell anyone where she was going, or anything that she did when she got here.

I transmitted the command, and shut down the computer.  "Now, let me show you the basement."


(Includes Bondage and light Discipline)

Taking Marilyn by the hand, I led her down the basement steps.  I heard her gasp when she saw how I had set it up.  There were 3 padded tables with cuffs at each corner as well as at the center of each side.  There was also a set of cuffs hanging from the ceiling at each end.  There was a whipping frame set up at the end of the room, consisting of two posts set 3 feet apart, with wrist and ankle restraints on chains at the top and bottom.  There were also wooden wrist and ankle stocks on the floor.  Off in the far corner, there was a curtained alcove with the curtain opens, exposing a four poster bed.

"Wow! Quite a set up!  Have you christened any of it yet?"

"Are you kidding sweetheart? Before we got together, you don't want to know how many years I had been celibate.  There wasn't anybody to christen it with."

"Well, why don't we?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

"As if I needed an excuse to get you naked, " I replied with a smile of my own.
"Now, Strip!"

Walking over to one of the tables, I said "Climb up here and lay on your back, with your arms at your sides."  When she did that, I cuffed her wrists to the center of the table, and then I lowered the set of hanging cuffs at the foot of the table, and put a cuff around each ankle.  Pressing a button, the chains pulled her legs back and apart, so I had easy access to both her pussy and ass.

"Comfortable?" I asked with a grin.

"This feels kind of strange, but I could get used to it"

"Just imagine the pleasure you 'd get in you were in my position, and Bobbie or Alison were in your position"

"Oh, God! I'm getting wet just thinking about it!"

"Really? Let me see", and slid a finger inside her, "Yes you are, you horny little minx!"

"Now, I think you've done enough talking for now, I've got a better use for that sweet mouth of yours.  Open wide!"  And I slid the tip of my cock into her mouth.  She put her tongue to work, but it was, unfortunately, a very awkward position, and she wasn't able to do the best job she could.  I pulled out and made a mental note to work on the angle, as I walked around to the end of the table.

Leaning down, I put my mouth over her opening, and started licking and tonguing her for all I was worth.  Marilyn was getting wetter and wetter, and her breathing was getting shorter and shorter - and just as she was about to cum, I rose up and buried my cock, balls deep in her pussy.  That was all it took to send her right over the edge.  I rode it out, and started slowly stroking her.  As I was stroking, I reached into the bag I had under the table, and grabbed a tube of lubricant.  Spreading some on my fingers, I worked it and around her asshole.  Marilyn was moaning and groaning and working herself into another orgasm, and I could feel myself on the verge of cumming, so I pulled out of her pussy and aimed a little lower.  I slid my cock into her ass, even after lubing her up; she was still very tight.  I pushed in, an inch at a time, allowing her to adjust to the invasion.  I also rubbed her clit, which relaxed her even further.  Eventually, I was all the way in, and just held it there for a moment or two.  I leaned forward and kissed her, seeing the pleasure on her face, then putting my arms around her, I started slowly pumping my cock into her ass.  As tight as she was, it only took a minute or two before we both came.

As soon as our breathing calmed down, I unhooked Marilyn, who was nearly incoherent by now, and carried her up to the bathroom, where we soaked in the tub for a while before going to bed.



The next morning, I woke up early and called Julia, my agent, to confirm our meeting for next day.  I also needed to confirm the hotel reservations for the following night.  That done, I went upstairs and woke Marilyn, so we could get ready for our new playmates.  I mainly wanted to get the cameras installed throughout the basement so we could have a video of the fun.  I was really looking forward to Barbara getting here, because I had some plans for her.  I knew from reading her profile that she had a strong streak of masochism, and I anticipated indulging that streak.

Soon enough, the cameras were ready, and I set the timer to start at 12:17, just to give us time to get downstairs.  After showering and putting on what I thought of as "The Master Costume", tight blue jeans and a leather vest, I walked back down to the main floor.  Marilyn took one look at me and burst out laughing "Oh, Richard, it is SO you!"

"Yeah, go ahead and laugh, yours is up on the bed, go put it on"

Shaking her head and smiling, she did as I told her.

Ten minutes later, she came strolling downstairs, dressed like the cover of the Fem/Dom handbook.  A black leather bustier, leather studded G-String, thigh high boots, and black, elbow length gloves.

"Well, Allison is going to wet herself when she sees you!"

"Yes, she probably will, but Damn, is this ever gonna be fun!"

At this point, there was a rather timid knock at the front door. Checking my watch, it was just 12:15.  "It's Showtime" I said, and grabbed Marilyn and kissed her passionately.
Opening the down, Barbara was standing there, looking like a two-dollar whore after a bad night.  She was dressed, if that was the word, in a skintight mini-dress, and the bottom barely covered her crotch.  And instead of the normal, subdued makeup she wore ordinarily, she had gone to extremes, with sparkles on the eyelids and heavy lipstick.  All she was missing was a big price tag hanging around her neck.

"Get in here!" I commanded, and shut the door behind her.  Turning to Marilyn, I could see her mouth starting to water at the sight.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes Master, I've been a bad girl, and you are going to punish me"

"Is that what you want?"

"It's what I need"

"Follow me" as I opened the basement door and walked downstairs.  After I got down to the basement, I saw that the red light was on and the cameras were recording.

"Now, tell me what you did that was so bad, but first, take your dress off.  If you are such a bad girl, you don't deserve to wear clothes!"

She reached down and pulled the dress up and over her head.  Her pussy was shaved except for a small patch at the top, and I could she that she had pierced her lips.  Looking up her body, I admired her firm breasts, which, while not huge, were respectable size.

"All right, what have you done that is so bad you've come here for punishment?"

"I, I cheated on my boyfriend with his mother and father.  I was at his house this weekend, and he got called into work.  It was boring sitting around, so I pulled out a video, it wasn't labeled, but I played it anyway.  It was a home movie, of Bill and Lisa, his parents, having sex!  I know I should have turned it off, but I was fascinated, and turned on.  I couldn't help myself, I watched and watched, and finally started playing with myself.  I didn't even here them come into the room.  I almost fainted when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  Turning around, I saw them both standing there, stark naked.  Bill's cock was standing erect, and I had to have it.  I stripped and was on my knees in seconds.  Lisa made me eat her first before I could have her husband's cock.  I hadn't had sex with a woman for a while, but I still remembered how.  I went down on her and quickly brought her to orgasm, and I was able to get to the cock.  He was so big, it barely fit in my mouth, and I still don't know how he was able to get it in my ass, but he did."

"Okay, anything else you've done?"

"I let myself be gang-banged by the men's soccer team..."

"Okay, I don't need the details, you are right, you do deserve to be punished.  Such a nasty little cunt like you.  But first, kneel and put that mouth to good use, and swallow everything I give you."

I stuck my dick in her open mouth, and as soon as I did so, the command I gave her last night kicked in and she had a massive orgasm.  As she calmed down, I reached down and grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face.  I held out as long as possible, but soon I started shooting into her mouth.  Following orders, she swallowed every drop.

"Now, it's time for your punishment.  Do you know what is going to happen?"

"Are, are you going to whip me?"

"Is that what you think you deserve?"

"Yes master, whip my ass, punish me for being such a slut!"

"I am going to whip you, then I'm going to fuck you, in your pussy and your tight little ass, then you are going to service your mistress and anybody else I want you to! Do you understand?"

"Oooooooooh, yes Master!"

"Good - go stand between the two posts and face the wall."  As I was securing her wrists and ankles to the posts, I heard footsteps on the stairs.   Turning, I saw Marilyn leading Allison, who was just as naked as Barbara, into the basement.

"Ah, Allison, right on time I see, very good.  I want you to meet someone.  This is Barbara; the two of you will become very close today.  Come here and give her a kiss."  Allison hesitated briefly, until Marilyn slapped her on the ass to get her moving.  Allison rushed over and stood in front of Barbara.  "Okay, put your arms around her and hold her tight, and I want to see some tongue action in the kiss."  Allison wrapped her arms around Barbara's back and put her face up to Barbara.  Their mouths opens and the two of them started kissing passionately.  Reaching down, I could tell that they were both very wet from the excitement.

"Okay, that's enough for now.  You will be able to continue this later, but now, Barbara and I have something to attend to."

Grabbing a tube of lubricant, I coated a butt plug with it and pushed it into her ass.  It went easily enough, and I could tell she was used to being filled.  "Barbara, I'm giving you 10 strokes, but you are not to come!  If you cum without my permission, you will get another 10 strokes, and not just on your back and ass!"   She nodded and I stepped back and grabbed a Cat of Nine Tails from the rack.  I took a few practice swings, because I didn't want to hurt her, which, with my strength, I could have easily done.

"Okay, I want you to count each stroke out loud.  If I don't hear it, it doesn't count toward the 10.  Now, here we go!"


A row of stripes appeared on her left cheek!



A matching set on her right cheek!



A stripe, right where her ass meets her thighs!

"AH! Three!"


A new set, across both cheeks!



The top of her ass and the small of her back!

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Five!"


Across her back and ribs!


By this time, my cock was uncomfortably hard, so I stepped out of my jeans.


Another shot across her back, but this one curled under her left arm and landed on the breast!


I took pity on her, and gave her the last three in quick succession on her butt and legs and tossed the Cat aside.  Walking behind her, I pulled out the butt plug and dropped it.  Raising her ass, I put my dick at her hold and shoved.  I buried myself all the way in in one stroke.

"Okay, now you may cum!"  I grabbed onto her breasts, and started brutally fucking her ass.  Finally, I pulled out and walked in front of her just as I was ready to blast off.  I knew she wanted punishment, so I was going to give it to her.  I unhooked her hands, and lowered her to her knees and shot my come all over her face and chest.  She had come several times during the ass fucking and was trying to catch her breath.

I released her from the posts and carried her onto the bed.  I rubbed some salve into her back and ass, pleased to see that I hadn't broken the skin anywhere.  As she recovered, I washed off my cock, and then I looked to see what Marilyn and Allison were doing.  What I saw was enough to get me hard, all over again.

Allison was tied, face down, on one of the tables, and Marilyn was behind her, fucking her with a strap-on.  Walking up to her, I asked Allison if she was enjoying herself.
"You'll have to excuse her, I think she went bye-bye about 10 orgasms ago", Marilyn said, "But I think I can get her attention" as she said this, she pulled out of Allison's pussy and shoved the strap-on into her ass.  "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" "Good, you're back" I said, "Are you enjoying yourself?"  "Oh, yes, but I was hoping you would have me too" "Don't worry, the day is still young.  But, I'll give you the first installment now" I put my cock at her face, and she lifted her head and opened her mouth.  I shoved my cock in her mouth and she went right to work.  I have to say she had an incredibly talented mouth.  I let her service me for about five minutes, then pulled out.  Telling her there will be more later; I walked back to Marilyn and hugged her.  As we kissed, I played with her nipples and reached down under the harness and fingered her.  Moving behind her, I pulled her G-string aside and lifted her up, and lowered her onto my cock.  I held still while Marilyn started bouncing on my dick, which caused the strap on to do interesting things to Allison.  Not wanting to hurt her, I unhooked the harness and pulled it off of Marilyn, leaving the dildo in Allison's ass.

Still stroking, I carried Marilyn over to one of the other tables, and laid her down.  I built up speed in my stroking, and as I could feel Marilyn cumming beneath me, I pulled out and creamed all over her ass cheeks.

Deciding we needed a breather, I put a robe on, and, after helping Marilyn remove her costume, handed her a robe as well.  We released Allison, and removed the plastic cock from her ass.  I picked up Barbara, and we took them over to the shower and told them to clean each other, and put some enthusiasm into it, because they would be putting on the next act.

As they got under the shower, Barbara grabbed the liquid soap and a sponge and started rubbing Allison's tits and belly, working her way down to her mound.  Then Barbara turned her around, and started washing her back and ass, making sure her asshole was clean.  She then rinsed her off, and knelt in front of Allison and handed her the soap and sponge.  Allison pushed Barbara onto her back, and squeezed the soap all over her tits and stomach, then used the sponge to get the dried cum off.  After using the hose to rinse Barbara down, she lowered her pussy to her mouth, and told Barbara to thank her for washing her.  Barbara opened her mouth, and put her tongue to work, licking her lips and clit, and then slid a finger into Allison's asshole.  It didn't take Allison long to cum from that, so I turned off the shower and handed them towels to dry off.

Putting them on the bed, I told them we wanted to see a 69.  They obeyed eagerly, with Allison again taking a more dominant role.  It seemed that Barbara was definitely the more submissive of the two, something to remember for later.  Anyway, they were both going down on each other, and building to a massive climax, when I remembered something I had seen in a porno years ago.  I let the two of them cum, and then told them to get on their hands and knees, with their asses facing each other.  Then Marilyn walked in front of Allison and brought Allison's mouth to her pussy, and I stuck my cock in Barbara's mouth.  "Okay, girls, whichever of you makes us cum first is the winner, and can take control of the other for the afternoon, and possibly later, but that's your choice.  Ready, begin!"

Barbara quickly went to work on my cock, grabbing my waist to steady herself as she worked her head up and down on my dick, then pulling off to tongue my balls.  She was doing a fine job, just not up to the standard she had set for herself earlier.  I had a hunch she was holding back and letting Allison win.  She seemed to enjoy submitting to her in the shower.

Looking over at Marilyn, I could see she was enjoying Allisons mouth action, in fact, by her breathing and facial contortions, I could tell she was on the verge of cumming.  She proved me right by letting loose a few seconds later.  As soon as Marilyn came, I pulled out of Barbara's mouth, and said "Sorry Barbara, but Allison won, now you better concentrate on serving your new mistress.  Allison, your pet is waiting, take control of her."

Allison finished licking the juices from Marilyn's thighs, and, with a wide smile, rolled over and spread her legs.  "Pleasure me Pet!"  Barbara quickly got between her legs and went to work.  I still hadn't cum, so I got behind Barbara and slid my cock into her wet pussy.  Barbara moaned into Allison's pussy, and Allison grabbed her head and pulled her back down.  "Pay attention to me, not him!" she said, "I'm the one you have to please!  If you don't do a good job, you will be punished!" Just that mental picture caused me to start pumping faster, and I came inside her soon after that.  I pulled out and walked over to Marilyn, putting my arms around her, we sat down to watch the show.  I whispered in her ear "I think we should keep them both, what do you think?" Marilyn said nothing, just nodded her head emphatically.  Allison soon came, and said "Not bad, but I think you could do better with a little incentive!"  Sitting up, she grabbed Barbara by the hand, and took her to the whipping post.  "This will teach you to concentrate on my pleasure, not your own, you little slut!"  Securing her she turned and walked over to where the whip was laying.  Walking around in front of Barbara, she held the handle to her mouth.  "Suck this, show me how you are supposed to use your tongue!"  Barbara fearfully started slobbering all over the handle, sucking it deep into her mouth.  When it was well coated with saliva, Allison stopped her and said "That's enough, I want you to remember how to use that mouth of yours next time.  Now, I want you to hold onto this, and don't let it fall, or you will be sorry!"  Then she took the handle and slid it up Barbara's pussy until the whole thing was buried in her.  She gasped and tried to bring her thighs together to hold it in.

Allison walked over to us, and said, "Master, Mistress, would you like something to eat?"

"Not a bad idea, lets go order a pizza" As we went upstairs, I heard Barbara moan in frustration.
After we had ordered, I turned to Allison and said, "You know she won't be able to hold that this long"

"I know, and I don't think she really wants to - she gets off on the thought of being punished"

"Are you sure? I don't want her hurt, we've grown fond of her"

"Trust me, I see the same look in her eyes that I've seen in mine on film, she loves the idea!"

"I'll take your word for it.  And, that brings up another point.  You came here for the day, but would you like to join us on an ongoing basis?  Your time would be your own, except when you are here, and then you would belong to your Mistress and myself.  We are going to offer the same thing to Barbara, except that she would also have to serve you.  There is one thing, though, If you are seeing someone, you have to cut it off.  You are not to have sex with any other man without my direction.  Is that acceptable to you?"

Allison didn't answer right away; she just stood and walked over to Marilyn.  She kissed her and then came over and kissed me.  "Master, Mistress, I would love to join you" And so, we were three.

Just then, I heard a car stop in front of the house.  "Ah, pizza's here.  Allison, I want you to give him a show."  Tossing her a robe, I said "Tie it loosely, let him get a good look at you, okay?"  Handing her a 50-dollar bill, she walked to the door and opened it.  I could see the driver, fat, pimple-faced kid, couldn't have been more than 17.  The look on his face was comical as he got a look at her.  He could barely speak as Allison took the pizza's and handed him the money, saying, "keep the change"  "Th-Th-Th-Thank You!" as he turned and stumbled back to his car.  After Allison closed the door, we all burst out laughing.  Allison was the first to recover, "That was cruel!" "Fun though, wasn't it?"
"Well, yeah, but still....""You made that kids life; he'll be beating off over you for months!  Now, let's eat."  About 20 minutes later, we put the pizza aside and went to check on Barbara.  Amazingly enough, she was still holding the whip up, although the strain must have been incredible.  Allison rushed over to her and said "Good Girl! Very Good Girl! I am pleased, you can let go now!"  With a sigh of relief, Barbara relaxed her thighs, and Allison slowly pulled the handle out.  "Now, have you thought about what I told you?" "Yes Mistress, I'll concentrate only on you when serving you" "Excellent, now let's get you fed" She unhooked Barbara and led her upstairs, while Marilyn and I remained downstairs.

"Well, babe, life sure has gotten interesting in the past few days, hasn't it?"

"That's for sure, but is there enough room here for all of us?"

"Sure, I'll give them the other bedroom, they'll be fine.  And besides the new house will be much bigger, I'm thinking at least 6 bedrooms"

"What, are you planning a Harem?"

"Any objections?" I turned and looked Marilyn in the eyes, and softly spoke "Marilyn, you are now, and always will be first in my heart, but, we are having way too much fun to stop.  I will say this, you can have veto power over any new additions, fair enough?"


"Good, now lets join the two of them before they eat the rest of the pizza"



Barbara willingly agreed to join us on an ongoing basis.  To cement the deal, Marilyn and I took them back to the basement, where they were each secured to a table.  As I had not yet fucked Allison, I took her, and Marilyn took Barbara.  After spanking Allison until her ass was bright red, I slid my cock into her.  She had gotten so hot from the spanking she started cumming almost immediately.  While she was cumming, I took her juices and finger fucked her ass, getting her ready for my cock.  As soon as she had loosened up, I pulled out of her pussy, shifted upwards and hunched forward.  Her yells of pleasure were almost deafening.  It didn't take long for the tightness of her ass to overwhelm me, and I blasted her bowels.  After I pulled out and released her, Allison and I sat back and watched Marilyn and Barbara.  Marilyn was on her knees, eating Barbara out as if her life depended on it.  She must have been doing a good job, because I could see the juices flowing out and down her chin.  After a few minutes of that, the stood up, and I could see she was wearing a strap-on, and started fucking Barbara.  Marilyn must have adjusted the dildo to put pressure on her clit, because it didn't take long for them to cum.

After we had finished, Barbara and Allison both got dressed and left.  Allison had to go to work, and Barbara had classes.  We told them to be back Sunday evening, with their personal belongings.  I let them know that they would be sharing a room in the beginning, until we got a bigger place.

After they left, Marilyn and I got into casual clothes and sat down to discuss what we were looking for in a house.  After several hours, we agreed on the following:

At least 2 acres of land, for privacy

A finished basement with bathroom and shower

Big kitchen

Big dining area

TV/Living room

At least 8 bedrooms

Computer room

Music Room

The Master Bedroom needs bathroom with sunken tub

The main bathroom needed a sunken tub also

And; A garage large enough for all our cars.

After settling on our list of requirements; I called the Realtor who helped me get my current house and set up an appointment next week to look at land.  She said she would set us up with a couple of builders to get a bid on the house we will be building.

Early the next morning, we got up and took the train to New York.  When we got there, Julia had the tickets to "Chicago" for us.  After the meeting with the studio reps, the lawyers and everybody else under the sun, we finally got the contracts signed.  I pocketed a certified check for just over 2 million dollars, 2 million, and 150 thousand to be exact.  Naturally, I didn't want to be wandering around with that kind of money, so we went to the nearest branch of Chase Manhattan bank and opened an account in both Marilyn and my names.

While this may seem to be a dangerous thing to do, in reality, it wasn't, because I had planted a command never to do anything to cheat or betray me.  And besides, we were close enough now that she could act for me if I was not available.

Anyway, I had never experienced the level of figurative ass kissing that I was subjected to once they saw how much money I was putting in their bank.  I could definitely enjoy being rich; it was nice being waited on like that.  While we were there, I made arrangements for the IRS to get their chunk, then took a few thousand in cash for the evening.

We spent the rest of the day checking into our hotel and just sightseeing in the city.  We went to the show and had a late dinner before heading back to our suite for the evening.

Early the next morning we headed back home.  On the train back, we discussed the plans for the weekend, and we reached the conclusion, that, as enjoyable as the time we spent with Bobbie was, she did not click with us as well as Barbara and Allison did.  We decided to cut her off and not have her spend the weekend with us.  I would send her a command to remember our afternoon together with pleasure, but have no desire to repeat it.  She would forget that she was going to spend the weekend with us, and instead, use it to do a bunch of things she had wanted to do, but hadn't had the time.

When we got home, I made the change to Bobbie, and then, turning to Marilyn said, "Hey, lover, want to go spend some money?"  "What did you have in mind?"  "New cars" "I'll go along with that, my Honda is getting kind of beat up.  What type of car did you have in mind?"  "Whatever your heart desires.  I'm getting a Chevy Blazer, I've wanted one for years."  "I've always loved Jaguar Convertibles, myself"  "Wow! All right, let's get going.  I'd like to hit the Chevy dealer first, and we can turn in both our cars, then, take the Blazer into Philadelphia to the Jaguar dealership."  "Why don't we dress down and really play with their minds?" "Could be fun!"  Marilyn came back dressing in skin-tight leather pants, a halter top, and leather vest, while I put on my jeans, sneakers and an old Grateful Dead concert shirt.  "Well, Darling" I said, holding the door for her, "Shall we?"  "We shall!" she replied, and headed to her car.  "Meet me at the Chevy dealership on Cleveland Avenue."

Twenty minutes later we parked in the lot in front of the Showroom and walked in.  I was happy to see a buddy of mine, Phil, at his desk.  I knew his commission check was going to jump today.  "Hey Phil!" "Brian! How are you?" "Fantastic, and I'm here to make your day" "Always glad to hear that, what can I do for you?" "I'm going to trade my wagon in on a new Blazer, loaded. Oh, by the way, Phil, this is my lady, Marilyn. Marilyn, this is an old buddy of mine, Phil" "Nice to meet you" "Likewise" " My lady is going to put her car into the mix." "We can do that" "I'm looking for it in Jet Black, do you have one on the lot? I plan to drive it off today." "Sure, let me grab some keys and we can take it for a drive."

Five minutes later, Phil pulled up in a gorgeous piece of machinery.  Marilyn and I went outside and did a walk around of the car.  We climbed in and I got behind the wheel, Phil got in back, and Marilyn rode shotgun.  I looked at the odometer and saw less than 35 miles on it.  "Brand new, I see," I said to Phil.  "Yep, just arrived Friday." I set the radio to a classic rock station just in time to hear the opening chords to "Layla"; I cranked the volume and put the pedal down.

Half an hour later, we puled back into the lot.  Turning to Marilyn I said "Well?" "I have to hand it to you babe, when you pick out a toy, it's a good one." I turned to Phil, who was still holding on for dear life in the back seat, and said, "I'll take it!" "Great, lets get the paperwork done and I'll run it by our finance manager." "I'm not going to finance, this is on the One-Payment Plan" "Wow, did you hit the lottery or something?" "Even better, my book is being published, and we signed a contract with a movie studio this morning" "Outstanding! I'll have to keep my eyes open, what's it called?" "'Death on the Anthill', it's a murder mystery.  I'll make sure you get an autographed copy.  Now, lets get the money taken care of.  I'll be writing a check, and Chase will verify funds."
Within 25 minutes, Marilyn and I were back in the truck and headed to the Jaguar dealership in Philadelphia.

When we got there, we got out of the truck and walked into the dealership, hand in hand.  As soon as we went through the glass doors, I felt Marilyn's hand tighten it's grip in mine.  Looking where she was looking, I saw a very sexy, in a 'girl next door' kind of way, saleswoman.  I'll admit, I liked what I saw, but Marilyn seemed smitten.  The saleswoman walked towards us, plastering a smile on her face. "Can I help you?" I let Marilyn do most of the talking, since she was the one who was going to choose the car.  "Yes, we are looking for a convertible, what do you have for us?"  "Well, we have quite a few in stock, what price range are you looking at?" "Top of the Line, Elizabeth (which is what was on her nametag), Top of the Line" Elizabeth took a second look at us, and the way we were dressed, obviously wondering if we were wasting her time.  I decided to speak up "Elizabeth, we are not wasting your time, contrary to appearances, I really can afford one of your cars.  Hell, I could afford thirty of them, if I really wanted to, but we only need one today.  Now, lets go look at the cars"  "Okay, sure" she said, a more genuine smile spreading across her face.
She led us outside into the lot, and I walked behind her and Marilyn, admiring the way Elizabeth's ass looked in her skirt.  Finally, she found the car she was looking for; it was cherry red, with white leather seats and an oak dashboard, as well as all the standard equipment.  Marilyn said "I like this one, can we take it for a drive?" "Sure, let me get the keys" "Elizabeth, why don't you leave the documents we me, and I'll get the paperwork started while you are gone.  "Okay, that will save some time."

As I took the paperwork and went inside, I watched my lover, and unless I totally misread Marilyn's intentions, our future lover, drive off.  They were gone almost 45 minutes, and by that time, the contracts were all ready for Marilyn to sign, since the car is in her name.  When they got back, Marilyn was smiling, while Elizabeth had a flushed look on her face.  We quickly closed the deal, and I paid for the car.  As we walked out to get into our cars for the drive home, Marilyn pulled me close and whispered "We are going to have company tonight" I felt my dick stiffen immediately "Oh, yeah? You'll have to tell me all about in when we get home!" "Oh, I will, I will", she replied with a smile, grinding herself against me.

An hour later, we finally got home.  As soon as the door closed behind us, I pulled Marilyn close and kissed her.  Breaking the embrace, I said "All right, let's get naked and you can tell me all about it" Quickly shedding our clothes, Marilyn snuggled in next to me on the couch, and started stroking my, by now, rock hard cock.

"Well, I'm sure you noticed how hot I found her"

 "Of course"

"When we were driving, she started asking questions, basically small talk"


"She asked if you were my husband"

"What did you tell her?"

"I just laughed, and said 'No, Brian is my master' 'Your master?' 'Yes, he is my master, and I love him'  'what does he make you do?' 'Nothing I don't want to.  And we never get bored with each other, because we often bring other women into our bed'"

"You told her that? How did she react?"

"Well, she got really quiet for a couple of minutes, so I pulled off the road onto a quiet side street and stopped the car.  I turned to her and said 'Look, I didn't want to freak you out, but I'm very attracted to you, and so is Brian, and I'd like you to come see us tonight.  I can promise you a wonderful time' with that, I put my arm around her, she didn't pull back, so I kissed her.  After a little hesitation, she started kissing me back.  I reached under her skirt and started rubbing her.  I think the fact we were outside in broad daylight was a turn on for her, because she drenched her panties in seconds.  I told her if she wanted to finish what we started, to be here at 9pm.  She immediately agreed, and I gave her directions.  I also explained that she was to do whatever you or I told her, without hesitation, or there would be consequences."

"Did she agree with all that?"

"Without hesitation"

"You know, Marilyn, I've been wondering how it can be that every woman we approached has been bisexual, I didn't think the percentage was that high."

"You'd be surprised, I know most of my friends have at least tried it with another girl, and some do it often."

"Interesting, are most of your friends submissive too?

"Yes, there are a couple of dom's, but most of us let our partners call the shots."

"Very interesting, that's definitely something to keep in mind.  Now, I think we've spoken enough.  Give your hand a rest, and put that sweet mouth of yours to work."

Her mouth engulfed me, and immediately started moving up and down.  As she was sucking, I moved my body so her pussy was in my face and started licking and sucking on her.  We had gotten so used to each other's body by this point; we were able to come at the same time.  When we got cleaned up and dressed, I asked Marilyn if she liked ice cream sundaes.  "Of course, why?" "I was thinking about making an Elizabeth sundae tonight, sound tasty?" "Sounds Yummy, I have a bit of a sweet tooth anyway."

I looked at the clock, and saw it was only about 7pm, so I suggested we get some dinner to build up our strength for later.

Precisely at 9pm, there came a knock on the door.  Marilyn went to open it, and came back a few seconds later, leading Elizabeth, who was dressed in a long raincoat.  "Well, well, what have we here?" I asked in a stern tone of voice. "Master, may I present Elizabeth, a candidate for service?" "You may"

"Display yourself" Marilyn commanded, and Elizabeth unbuttoned the raincoat and slid it off her shoulders.  I heard Marilyn gasp at the sight, for Elizabeth was stark naked, except for a garter belt holding her stockings up.  "Well" I said, "presumptuous little minx, aren't you?"  Elizabeth's nipples hardened at the tone of my voice.  I shook my head in disbelief, another submissive, life is good!  "Turn around, I want to see the rest of you" As she did so, I noticed faint lines across her back and ass.  "Elizabeth, have you been whipped before?" "Yes Master" "By who?" "My old master" "Did he release you?" "Yes sir, he moved away and left me behind" "How long were you with him?" "Three years, from right after I turned 21 until last week" "How often did he whip you? "All the time" "Why?" "No reason, he just enjoyed it"  "Did you?" "Yes" Marilyn spoke up "Did you ever serve a mistress?" "Yes, ma'am, sometimes my master gave me to his sister for a night"  "Good, then you have the experience we want in a playmate.  Now, lets adjourn to the basement and get started.  Marilyn, if your would take her and see what she can do, I'll join in later."

Marilyn nodded and led Elizabeth down the stairs.  I was right behind them, and took a seat against the wall where I could see everything.  Marilyn stopped at one of the bondage tables and told Elizabeth to lay face down on the table.  Marilyn then stripped and locked her into the shackles.  She then pulled up a stool, and raised the seat until her pussy was at the level of Elizabeth's mouth.  Reaching down, she grabbed Elizabeth's head and put her mouth right on the lips.  "Now, put your tongue to work, and if I'm not happy, the whipping posts are right over there!"  I walked over to Marilyn, putting my arms around her and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth and pinching her nipples.  She moaned into my mouth, and reached down and stroked my cock.  I disengaged and walked around to Elizabeth's rear.

I got down on my knees behind her, and started licking her pussy.  The bondage and the domination must have had her on a short fuse, because she squirted into my mouth almost immediately, and raised her head from Marilyn's pussy to moan.  Marilyn pushed her head back down, hissing "Never mind your pleasure, slut! concentrate on serving your mistress!" and then she looked over at me and winked.  Marilyn eventually came, and stepped back.  "Not bad, but you need to learn that your master and mistress's pleasure takes priority over your own.  To help you learn, you will receive 5 strokes.  Next time it will be 10!"  With that, she released Elizabeth from the shackles and took her to the whipping posts.  Chaining her between them, Marilyn grabbed the cat of the wall, and held it in front of Elizabeth's face.  I walked over and sat on the bed, so I would have a better view.   Then I had another idea.

"Marilyn, hold off on the strokes for a couple of minutes" "Yes Sir" I walked in front of Elizabeth, and, grabbing her thighs, I raised her as far as the ankle chains would allow.  I then placed my cock at her pussy, and lowered her down onto me.  I knew her movements were limited, so I put my hands on her waist and fucked her on my cock.  This went on for several minutes, and Elizabeth came several times before I pulled out, and, beckoning Marilyn over, she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth.  I shot loads and loads of cum into her mouth and she swallowed most of it.  I could see a little bit left on her lips and tongue.  Marilyn stood up and grasped Elizabeth's head.  She kissed her, forcing my cum into her mouth.  "Now, lick up the rest, slut!" Marilyn commanded, and Elizabeth's tongue went to work on her face, getting the remnants of my orgasm off her lips and chin.

As I sat back down, Marilyn picked up the whip again.  "Count the strokes, any one I can't hear doesn't count.  Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress"











With that, Marilyn dropped the whip and stuck her hand between Elizabeth's legs.  Pushing her fingers inside, she said "Elizabeth, you are drenched! Did the whipping turn you on, slut?"  "Yes, Mistress, very much!"  "Your master trained you well, I must admit, you deserve a reward."

Marilyn released her from the chains, and led her to the bed.  I moved over to give them room as Elizabeth lay back.  "Now, spread those legs for me, and get ready for your reward."  With that, Marilyn climbed on top of her and buried her face in Elizabeth's mound, at the same time, lowering herself onto Elizabeth's mouth.  Soon they were both panting in orgasm, and Marilyn rolled off and they both lay there, catching their breath.
You know, as often as I've watched her make love to other women, there is still no sight that turns me on as much as the woman I love with her face covered in girl cum.  I leaned over and kissed her, tasting Elizabeth on her lips.  I licked her face, cleaning up the residue.  By this time, they had both recovered, and I decided it was time to get into the act.

"Well, Elizabeth, now that you have proven to your mistress how talented your mouth is, why don't you show me?"  Without a word, she climbed off the bed and knelt before me.  Looking up to me with a grin, she opened her mouth and started sucking on the head, while, at the same time, massaging the base and my balls.  I don't what she did, but it didn't take me long to blast right into her mouth.  She swallowed most of it, but Marilyn sucked the rest from her mouth.

"Good God, Elizabeth!" I said when I recovered, "You did very well for the first time.  Who ever trained you, did an outstanding job!"  "Thank you Master."  "Tell me, Elizabeth, did your master often take that delicious ass of yours?" "Yes Master, in fact, sometimes he and his sister would take turns fucking my bottom.  One time, his sister was using a strap-on on me, and he started fucking her ass at the same time.  I couldn't sit down for a week afterwards, my ass was so sore" "I can imagine"

Getting up from the bed, I told her to lay back and spread her arms and legs wide, and Marilyn and I tied her to each corner.  I then put a blindfold on her, and told her we would be right back.

Taking Marilyn by the hand, we went upstairs to get the Ice Cream and other sundae ingredients.