Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


It had been a long week for Fred Tollison. His team had worked a lot of long hours. On the upside, the project was back on track thanks to his and Lena's rework ideas. Her team was on-track too, so it looked like they had avoided another group's attempts to blame them if the project was late. They had also had another couple of "meetings" to work off any frustrations with a quick fuck.

On the down side, he had not had much time with his wife. He had barely had time to get down a quick bite so he could make love to Jenny before she had to sleep. In the mornings, she was now getting up before him and did not seem to want to come back for a bit of loving when he did wake up. She did not mind when Elaine dropped in one morning, but she did not join them, either.

So when he found he was able to leave "early" on Friday, Fred called Jenny to let her know he was on the way. Since it was past rush hour, the commute home took a lot less time. Jenny was just coming down the stairs. Jenny was pretty fancy, too, in a "dress" bustier and knee length jersey skirt.

She came up to him as he put down his briefcase. She put her arms around him and gave him a warm kiss. He returned the hug and kiss.

"O, good. You're home early," she said as she leaned back in his arms. ". I made reservations for 8:30 at The Tavern. We can leave now and have a drink at the Bar."

"Wow! Why the fancy get-up? Did I forget a holiday, like my birthday, maybe?"

Jenny smiled broadly and said, "It's a special night! You got home before 10. I figured we could eat like grown-ups instead of scarfing down a sandwich in front of the news and heading to bed."

"I think I can deal with that," he said. Fred hugged Jenny and kissed her deeply, moving a hand down to squeeze her butt. He pulled back for a moment and looked her in the eye, "Wait, we still end up in bed, though, right?"

"Oh, I guess so. If we have to," she said with a suffering look. A look that only lasted a second before she laughed.

"Fine. Just checking." Fred kissed her again then asked, "Do you mind if I get cleaned up a bit? Maybe get a bit more casual?"

"Sure, go ahead and change out of your work clothes. We have time."

"OK," Fred replied, letting her push her way out of his hug.

He headed upstairs for a quick shower and change into khakis and a black polo shirt - a combination that Jenny liked as well as he liked what she was wearing.

When he reappeared, Jenny looked up and said, "That was quick! Let's head out for that drink."

Over drinks and during dinner, they chatted about their week, catching up on the less than essential things that they had not had time for. They flirted and played footsies under the table, raising the heat all during dinner. The were each using the things they knew about each other from their years together to push the lust buttons. Neither of them had dessert, but they dawdled over coffee. The looks getting hotter and hotter.

As they left and headed out to their car in the back of the lot, Fred had a bit of trouble walking due to his woody. If they did not get to bed soon, he would probably get blue balls. He adjusted himself as surreptitiously as possible, but he saw from her quick grin that Jenny had seen what he was doing.

Fred walked Jenny to her side of the car. He unlocked and opened the door. Rather than getting in, Jenny stepped up to him, put her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Fred kissed back with all of the pent up passion from dinner.

As they kissed they started running their hands up and down each other's backs caressing each other and fondling what the could reach. Fred felt himself get harder and so, apparently, did Jenny. She ground into his crotch as she kissed him and moaned. Then, pulling back a bit without breaking the kiss, she reached between them and started rubbing his dick through his trousers.

Fred moaned into her mouth and grabbed Jenny's butt. Squeezing a cheek in each hand in time to her strokes on his cock. He suddenly realized that he was not feeling and panties. Was she wearing a G-string or even wearing any? Sliding his right hand over her hip, he brought his fingers to her crotch.

Rubbing through her skirt, he was pretty sure he was feeling just her pubes. Getting even hotter, he reached down and pulled up her skirt. He worked his hand under the hem and found a bare pussy. Jenny felt his hand on her slit and moaned back into his mouth.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss. Grinning up at him, she reached down with both hands and opened his zipper. As she worked him out of his pants, through the opening, she sat back into the open car. The front seat brought her to the height she wanted and she pulled him forward by his cock. Once he had stepped up between her knees, she pulled him into her mouth.

Keeping one hand on his shaft, Jenny reached between Fred's legs and gently fondled his balls. She jacked him off as she sucked on the end of his member. Fred leaned on the car and just enjoyed it for a bit. He felt himself reaching a plateau of enjoyment, so he reached down and caressed Jenny's tits through the bustier. When he realized that this was going to take a while, he took her face in both hands and pulled away. Leaning down, he kissed her and , stepping back, raised her to her feet.

Kissing her again, he moved her around the door to the front of the car. Fred moved his hands to her waist and lifted Jenny onto the hood. With a smile, he lifted her dress, spread her legs, and knelt between them. He gently reached out with his tongue and lightly stroked the top of her slit. Slowly he built up speed ant pressure, moving her knees over his shoulders.

As her pleasure rose, Jenny fell back on the hood. This made room for Fred to lick her whole slit, putting his tongue into her. He then moved back to the top, where her clit was starting to show, and concentrated on it.

To increase her pleasure he worked a finger into her and started to massage her G-spot. Jenny started to go nuts, thrashing her head and shoulders from side to side and grabbing his head. Somewhere in the process, her bustier slipped down, freeing her boobs. Fred could just make them out, rolling as she thrashed, past the bunched up skirt and the now empty bustier.

Fred could tell that Jenny was about to come, so he pulled away and stood up. When she felt him pull out his finger, Jenny nearly panicked, thinking he was stopping. She was so close.

"Oh, God! You can't stop now," she moaned.

Fred had no intention of stopping. Without a word, he grabbed her hips and lined up the tip of his dick with her waiting cunt. He rammed it to the hilt. When Jenny felt that, she started coming hard. Thrashing even more. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to pull him in deeper.

Fred started stroking as Jenny worked through her orgasm. Once she had finished, he moved his hands up from her hips to her tits. He loved the way her new tits moved as he rammed it into her. Getting more into it, he changed his rhythm to short strokes, making quick fast movements and bringing Jenny back into a pre-orgasmic state.

Suddenly, Fred heard a gasp and looked up. There, 2 cars over, he saw a couple who had just noticed what he and Jenny were up to. The man was standing behind the woman, who had her hand in front of her mouth in surprise. He had been letting her into their car when she saw Fred fucking Jenny. Her gasp had also attracted his attention, so he had turned and moved up behind her.

Fred sent a quick probe and found that they were leaving the restaurant after just having been engaged. They were heading back to his place to continue the celebration. She was aroused and so was he. Fred also read that, while shocked, they found what they were seeing hot.

The couple would have been satisfied to watch, but Fred decided that they should do more to cap off their evening. Fred raised her arousal and had her lean on the car next to her. He had the man pull out his dick, lift her skirt and move her panties aside. He then watched them both as the man entered his new fiancée.

They watched Fred as they fucked and he watched them. Finally, the excitement got to be too much and Fred arched his back, pulled Jenny towards him and started coming. This set Jenny off, and she flailed on the hood of the car as she felt him fill her cunt.

As he came down, Fred realized the young couple was still going at it. He also realized that he wasn't done, either. Willing himself to stay hard, he pulled out of his wife and slid Jenny off the hood. She partially collapsed against him and he turned her around and leaned her on the hood.

Fred lifted her dress and lined up on her rosebud. As he started to push in, Jenny gasped and raised her head. When she saw the young couple two cars away, she gasped again. In surprise, she reached up with one arm to cover her boobs that were hanging out of the bustier. She also tightened her ass, stopping Fred's plunge. He felt like she was trying to rip his dick off.

Fred first sent to Jenny to relax and not be shy. This got her loose enough for him to continue. He also had her put her arm down and to go back to supporting herself with both hands. He moved his hands around and started fondling her tits.

Jenny let out an "Oh, yea!" and arched her back, better showing off to the other couple. Fred sent them another command and the man worked his fiancée's top up and opened her bra. This showed a nicely perky set of tits off to Fred, Jenny and anyone else who cared to look. Once her tits were in the open, he moved his hand sot them and started fondling them.

Fred was now all the way in to Jenny's ass and started stroking. He loved the feel of her sphincter grabbing him. She responded to his strokes, more on the out than the in, and his fondling hands. She straightened her back and lowered her head, moaning in pleasure once more.

Jenny shook her head from side to side as Fred pounded into her, looking up occasionally to watch the other couple. The other woman was getting into it, too, starting to shake and moan. Fred was enjoying both his wife and the show, but was nearing climax again.

Deciding to make it memorable, he sent to Jenny and the other couple that they should come when he did. As he neared his climax, he brought them all along. Suddenly, it was on him. With a shout, he dumped his load into Jenny's bowels. Jenny convulsed onto the hood, Pulling him forward as she locked around the base of his dick. Fred's shout was answered by groans from across the way as the young couple also came in unison. With a gasp, Fred shot a couple of more times, between Jenny's spasms.

After a moment's pause, Fred realized there was a small crowd surrounding the set of cars. Fred pulled out of Jenny with a pop and the other couple separated. Fred had them all turn and bow to the crowd before he released them. He then had the crowd disperse. As a final touch, he had them forget who they had seen, but not what. This was, after all, his and Jenny's regular place. Why face that embarrassment?

Jenny and the other woman both quickly stuffed their boobs away as Fred and the other guy put away their dicks. They quickly got in to their respective cars and headed for home.

As Fred got the car moving and headed out of the parking lot, Jenny reached into her purse and got out a wet-wipe. Once more opening his pants, she fished out his prick and deftly cleaned it with the towel-et. As she cleaned it, he started to harden again. After waving it around to let it dry, Jenny leaned over and took his half-hard member into her mouth.

"My, aren't you the insatiable one, tonight," Fred commented, a bit surprised by this.

Jenny lifted her head, gave him a lick and replied, "Well, I am eating for two, now."

"What?" Fred exclaimed, looking down at her.

"Yup. And the doctor said I would have a lot of energy for the next few months."

"You're kidding, right? I thought...." Fred trailed off as it dawned on him what was going on.

"Well, I had been feeling low and was sick a lot in the mornings. I knew it couldn't be morning sickness, what with the troubles we had had. I was past that. But I went in to see my doctor and she ran the tests. The one that came back positive was the pregnancy one. She says it's a miracle," Jenny gushed.

"I'll say it is," Fred agreed. Then in joy, "We're going to have a baby!"

As Jenny settled back into his lap, Fred's mind raced. The changes he made had undone the surgery that Jenny had had that had meant no kids for them. The command to not notice changes was obviously still working, since she did not think it odd that she was pregnant in spite of that. Damn, he was going to have to use the Master to modify the OB/GYN and have the doctor change Jenny's records so others wouldn't notice. He would also have to have someone fix the insurance records.

Damn! He was going to be a father after all! Wow!

Of course, this meant he should also check to make sure that the others were on some birth control. He did not want to have them all pregnant. He should probably stop using them completely.

This also meant that he shelf the alternate Jenny configurations for a while, since he didn't want to mess up and lose this miracle baby. But wait, they could have more than one with the youth from the Master program. They could have the family they had always wanted.

On the other hand, Jenny would be slowing down as the pregnancy went on. He was not sure about that. As he thought about it, his mind wandered to Elaine and her family. She deserved a bit of thanks for the last few weeks. As a final present, he would enhance Elaine a bit, find out what she didn't like about herself and fix it. That would be nice.

As he turned into his drive, though, he found himself looking forward to another visit from his neighbors. Maybe he would get all three over when Jenny was out next. Why with the Master program, he could even try out that triplets fantasy.....