Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


It was not a good day for Fred Tollison. After a "not too bad" side trip to the Carolinas, he came back to a disaster. The extra couple of weeks he had been promised for doing the trip had just disappeared from his schedule. One of the other groups had changed their project and their boss not willing to compromise. The manager claimed that Fred's folks had more time to make the fix, so it was his problem. It would take longer than the time he had, even including the extra time promised for disrupting his team. So much for good planning - they were now going to be scapegoats to some one else's incompetence disguised by a "change" to hide the failure.

His boss was not being helpful. "Let it go, Fred," Bob had told him. "You may be the Veep's boy right now, but the head of engineering is the one who put Vance in that job. He has to screw up with no one to blame to be pulled in. It looks like he found a way to blame us. We need to move forward."

"But, Bob, our stuff works. The extra few weeks would have given us time to make sure that it was better than expected - cross the t's and all. This is obviously him covering his inability to plan or manage!"

"Yea, well he 'managed' to blame us. We have to pull it out." Bob answered.

"OK, I get it. Give me a bit and I'll see what I can come up with," Fred said with a sigh as he headed back to his cube. He might be able to pull a rabbit out of this hat. This sort of thing was why he had used the Master program to increase his intelligence.

"What I would really like is to show that bastard what being grin-fucked like this really means." Fred chuckled to himself, "What is the use of god-like powers if not to serve justice?"

He thought about it. It came to him that Vance came on as a real stud. How about hitting him in his pride, like he had hit Fred and Bob in their pride in their work? Yes, he thought, there's the ticket.

Vance was proud of his wife, a real sweet lady, intelligent, good looking. She had worked for the company when they met. No one was sure what Katy saw in him, but she married him. He treated her like an award, to the point of flaunting her in front of some of the guys she had previously dated. How would he react if she started sleeping around? It would hurt him even more if she then flaunted that in front of him. To make it worse, why not make Vance impotent, so he couldn't do anything about it?

Katy really was a beauty, medium tall, with wide hips and a great rack. Fred would like some of that, himself. In fact, why not have her come in to work and Fred could fuck her on Vance's desk while Vance was forced to watch, but was not able to stop it or do anything about it! Fred could see her big tits bouncing as he fucked her.

As the fantasy filled out and Fred started to put it in action, he felt a warning twinge. He stopped and took a deep breath. Yes, he could do that, but there would be repercussions and he would be in danger of really going off the reservation the next time. It was a great fantasy, but lashing out in anger would take him someplace he did not want to go. Besides, Katy deserved better. He was pissed at Vance, but this idea would only really hurt her.

With that step back from the brink, Fred took a deep breath and looked at the hole he was in. The ideal solution would be something that solved the problem, but still showed Vance had fucked up. He leaned back in his chair and started to think about options and the tasks needed to get to those ends. He needed a solution within the time frame.

He came up with a couple of options, but they all involved work by other groups out of his control. He felt he was a bit stuck, so he got up to grab some coffee. As he came out of the break room, he practically ran into someone. It was Lena, a lead from another group. When she saw him her face lit up. It was a nice look on her. It lit up her Chinese face, giving an elfin glow.

"Just who I was looking for!" she said with a smile. "I need to ask about something. Do you have a minute?"

"Uh, no, not really," he replied, honestly. He was not happy with the answer. Normally, spending time with this lean beauty would be high on his list. The look of shocked disappointment on her face made him relent. "Oh, I guess I can spare some time. I am kind of stuck on figuring how to re-plan with no time and no resources."

"Oh!" she said, "You got caught by Vance, too?" The normal elfin look returned to light up her face in its normal good natured, but mischievous smile. "That was part of what I was asking about. We got dumped on last week and I think I have a way out, but it means I need your help."

"Well, I am in trouble. I don't see how it can hurt to see if we can work something out."

They headed for a conference room to talk where there was a big whiteboard. The found one in a corner of the building that had just been remodeled. When he heard Lena's idea, it resonated with one of his options. They brainstormed for a bit and came up with a solution that got both of their teams on track again. With careful management they could still make their dates and show up Vance for the jerk he was. Since Vance had covered his ass with paper, that should not be all that hard.

As they sat back and laughed, Fred looked at Lena. He realized that he could cap this off by having this beauty. He checked her thoughts out and found she thought he was attractive. With a bit of a nudge, she would come on to him. He could make her want it and make it stick, no harm, no foul. She would almost welcome the chance without manipulation.

He gave her the nudge. Hell, he shoved hard, overcoming her reluctance on all levels. Rather than finding a pass from him flattering, she would welcome it and respond with gusto.

Even though it was at the deserted end of the floor, he sent to every one on the floor to avoid the area for the rest of the day. That would give time to save the work on the board and whatever else came up.

As he finished setting up the privacy, Lena leapt up from her chair and came around the table, laughing all the way. She hugged him from behind.

"This is great. Less work for both of our teams and that ass gets taken down a notch." She leaned around him and gave him a kiss.

Fred looked up at her from the work he was copying off the board. "You know, if I did that, I am not sure they would even let me clean out my desk," he smiled. "Not that I am complaining, mind you. That was a nice surprise."

"Hey, I admit it is a double standard. It's not like one of us works for the other, though, so you are going to have trouble pushing your harassment suit," Lena laughed and kissed him again.

"Yea, well.... It's really distracting. One of us should get this down," Fred replied, " and I'm starting to have a concentration problem."

Her liquid laugh sounded again. "Oh, I could be even more distracting."

"I'm sure you could, but I am not sure I could stand it."

Lena stood up and turned his chair around and stood in front of him, one hip shot out. She put a fist on her hip and said, "I am not sure I can't stand not trying."

"Well, in that case, how about doing your best. Show me what you've got," he challenged. He backed up the words by pushing the same thought into her mind.

She straightened up and crossing her arms across the front of her body grabbed the bottom of her brown skin-tight sweater. She lifted it up her slim body, exposing her black bra. With a devilish smile she lifted it over her head and off, shaking her thick black hair out. Some of it fell forward covering the right cup of her bra. Her bra actually was filled out nicely; it looked like a respectable B-cup. She flung the sweater toward the table then posed with her hands behind her head.

"How's this for a start?"

"Pretty distracting," Fred agreed to encourage her.

Lena loosened her right shoe and kicked it off. It popped upward and she caught it with a laugh. She looked at it for a moment and flipped it to her right. She then tried to do the same thing with her left shoe. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work and she ended up flipping the shoe to Fred.

Lena gasped and put her hands to her mouth in embarrassed surprise. She leaned forward in the start of an apology and started to move forward. Fred snagged the shoe on the fly and held it up to show there was no harm. With a grin, he flipped the shoe to his right.

"That was pretty distracting, too."

Lena straightened up and moved back again, smiling in relief. With a bit of a shimmy, she undid her belt, opened her pants, and pushed them down off her hips. When they pooled around her knees she shimmied again, dropping them further. Turning slightly, she bent to free first one foot then the other. As she did, she put out a hand and steadied herself on the wall.

She tossed the pants to her left with a flip as she straightened and turned back to face him. She posed again, wearing only her underwear. It turned out to be a matching set, with the newly exposed high cut black panties.

Fred admired the view. While not tall, her slim ness made her look taller. He had always admired her walk and her legs were lean, but well shaped rising up to slim, but womanly hips. Continuing up her waist pinched in to make her hips look wider, rising up to a slim chest and shoulders. There wasn't any wasted fat on this woman, but she was definitely a woman, not a girl.

She did not hold the pose for long. Lena reached up and unhooked her front clip bra. With a slight shrug she dropped her hands down and slightly behind her. The bra slid down her arms and dropped to the floor, exposing her breasts. They actually looked larger on her now naked chest. Hard, brown nipples capped her tits. Fred was surprised; the nipples were darker than he expected from her coloring.

Once more, she did not hold the pose long. She turned away from him, facing the wall and hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them down. She slowly bent forward as she lowered them, pointing her ass at him until she dropped them to her feet. It was a very nice ass.

Straightening up, she stepped out of them with one foot and lifted her other foot to pluck the panties from it. She looked over her shoulder and grinned. Turning quickly, she tossed the bit of silk into his lap.

"Well, are you distracted yet?"

Fred paused before answering. As she resumed her original shot-hipped pose, he admired her again. Her newly exposed crotch had a light narrow bit of black pubic in a short line pointing to her slit. It did not look like she did much shaping on it.

"Oh, very distracted," he finally admitted.

Flipping her panties over his shoulder, Fred stood up and walked toward her. He took Lena's face in his hands and leaned down and gently kissed her. He paused and then kissed her again harder. She responded by opening her mouth and darting her tongue out to force his lips open. Fred responded with his tongue as well.

Just as he was wondering why Lena was being so passive, Fred felt her hands fumbling at his belt. She quickly got it unbuckled. She then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. Reaching in past his shorts she fondled his cock. They moaned into each other's mouth at that contact.

They broke the kiss. As Lena started to work his pants down, Fred unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Lena knelt when his pants and underwear were at mid-thigh and slid off his shoes. She then worked one leg after the other off. Fred reached down to pet her head as she took off his socks.

Once they were both naked, Lena looked up at his cock. She reached up with both hands and grabbed the root, guiding the tip into her mouth. With a sucking sound, she pulled him into her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking more until he felt the back of her mouth. Twisting her head one way and her hands the other, she spiraled back and forth, raising his arousal.

"Get up on the table," Fred commanded.

Lena let go of him with a pop and hopped to her feet. Not letting go of him, she moved around him to the table. Letting go with one hand, she hopped up to sit on the table, steadying herself with her free hand.

"I have always wanted to try this. Lie on your back with your head hanging off the table toward me," Fred demanded. "Relax, you will enjoy this." He mentally reinforced that.

Slightly quizzical, Lena let go of his cock and turned around. She slid across the table and then lay back, hanging her head over the side.

"Relax," Fred said again, "you are going to enjoy this."

With that he moved forward and re-entered Lena's mouth with his tip. She sucked him in again. Reaching for his cock. Fred worked into her mouth, more and more deeply. As he got to the back of her mouth, he stopped. He probed her to see if she had ever done this before. Finding that she had not, he decided to help her.

"Don't worry about gagging. If you relax, it will be OK," Fred said. At the same time he set a command to suppress her gag reflex when she was with him. "Hold on to me and pull me forward when you are ready. Breath between my strokes." Once more he reinforced his verbal directions.

Lena reached above her head and held him by the hips. Fred enjoyed the way this made her tits stand up. Slowly she pulled him forward an inch. She stopped and eased him back. Again forward, a bit further this time, and then back.

They repeated this until Fred was all the way in. He was buried to the hilt in her pretty face, her nose in his balls and his pubes to her chin. Fred pulled out and thrust again, a bit faster, watching her throat expand as his dick violated it. He thrust again, faster. Soon he was hammering home into her throat.

Fred reached forward and started to play with her nipples. He tweaked then and rolled them between his fingers as he thrust. He held his hands still and brushed them with his palms as his thrusts mad Lena's tits surge back and forth.

Either the tit play or the command to enjoy the deep-throat or both were getting to Lena. As he thrust, she started to moan around his cock. This set up a vibration in his balls that raised them to the boiling point. Pulling back so that only the head was in her mouth, Fred started spurting.

Lena swallowed fast to take up his load, getting most of it. The awkward position caused some of it to go up her nose, causing her to cough. Fred pulled out and collapsed next to her on the table while she recovered. As he did, a final strand trailed across her face.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, I guess so," Lena replied. "I've never done anything like that before. That was pretty awesome."

"For me, to"

"I could tell. I've never seen a guy come like that before. It must have really got you going."

"Let me return the favor," Fred offered.

Once again standing by her head he leaned down her body and put his mouth to her slit. Starting at the top, Fred licked down as far as he could reach, grinding his chin into her pubic bone reaching for her hole. He moved back up and lightly licked the hood of her clitoris, and then repeated the lick.

On the third time, Lena moved her feet up toward her ass and lifted her hips off the table to give him better access to her. After a couple more times, as her clit was starting to peek out, Fred wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her to get better access. At this point, she was resting on the table edge on her shoulders.

As he ate her, Fred got hard again. Lena reached out and tried to lick his dick. This caused her to slide mostly off the table, unbalancing Fred. He put a hand down on the table and pushed himself upright to avoid falling on her and Lena grabbed his head with her thighs.

Suddenly, they were upright. Fred's enhanced body easily holding Lena with one hand as she hung from his shoulders. Once Fred was sure he was stable, he went back to eating her. He hooked his free hand over one of her legs and used it to rub her nether lips while he worked her clit some more.

Once she realized she was safe, Lena leaned back to make room taking his shaft in her hands she started to suck on him to bring him back to a low boil.

As Fred licked and started to probe, Lena wiggled in his arms. Soon she pulled him out of her mouth and started repeating "a yeha" or something close to that. Suddenly she stiffened and screeched, peaking in Fred's arms. He continued to work her pussy as she trembled and shook, letting go of his dick and grabbing her hair as she shook her head from side to side.

Once Lena had calmed down, Fred eased her back on to the table. Ready for more, he walked to the other side and slid her to him until her hips were at the edge of the table. Fred rubbed his tip across her cunt lips to spread her juices on him and eased his dick into her entrance.

Lena murmured approval as he worked into her pussy. She was tight, so Fred went slowly, working it into her in stages to get her used to it. She was not a virgin, but she had probably not had much experience. She was really tight. She moved back and forth as he wedged his dick into her and pulled it back out.

He had just gotten all the way to the hilt and was starting to stroke when she put a hand on his belly to stop him.

"Wait. This is great, but there is something better for me," she said. "Let me up. I promise it will be worth your while."

Grudgingly, Fred pulled out and stepped away. Lean sat up and slid off of the table. She staggered slightly and headed for a chair. Instead of sitting in it, though she knelt in it facing the chair back and presenting her butt to Fred.

Fred got the idea and moved in behind her. He slid back into her, realizing that he could go deeper in this position. Holding her hips Fred thrust into her, gaining a bit more depth, but rolling the chair slightly forward.

"That is just not right," he said when he realized that he could end up chasing Lena all over the room.

Staying embedded in her, he guided the chair in a circle and pushed it up against the table. Once it was braced there, he again thrust into her. This time Lena swayed a bit, but the chair did not move. Reassured, Fred pulled back and thrust again. He had gained a bit more, so he pulled out and thrust once more, slamming his belly against her ass.

Lena let out a gasp and Fred felt something odd. He was so deep he was bumping her cervix! He pulled out and slammed home again, causing Lena to gasp again. This was turning him on - it was worth changing positions for. Unfortunately, Lena was not enjoying it. She might even want to stop.

Quickly, Fred commanded, "You are not in pain. What you feel at your cervix is actually making you hotter. You get off on having your cervix bumped. You will not remember this command being spoken."

Fred felt Lena relax under his hands. She wiggled her but and turned to smile at him.

"Well, why are you stopping."

"Just savoring the feeling," Fred answered.

With that he went back to stroking, bumping her cervix every so often. Now when he did that, Lena purred. Soon he had changed to short strokes, bringing his heat up and stimulating her. As they both closed on their orgasm, Fred started thrusting deeply. He looked down at her back and knew what he wanted.

As he neared his peak he commanded her to come hard for him. Again, she screeched her orgasm. As she tightened up he made his final thrust, piercing her cervix and pushing the head of his dick through the tight opening. He clutched her hips to his groin and dumped his sperm directly into her womb.

Because of the earlier command, Fred's final thrust pushed Lena over the edge again. This squeezed his tip, making the sensation of spurting even more intense. Finally they both were finished.

As he recovered from his release, Fred leaned forward. Cupping her nipples in his palms he lifted Lena from where she sagged, resting her head on her hands on top of the chair-back. As he brought her upright, his member slid out of her. He gently kissed her head and nuzzled her hair.

"Well, that was a great idea, too, " he said into her hair. "A little time out in the day to help refocus. We should probably get back to the daily toil soon or someone might notice."

"Sure - no one around here ever disappears into meetings," she answered, ironically. Lena made a purring stretch, rubbing her back on him and putting her hands over his. Then she broke contact with a sigh and continued, "But you're right, we really ought to get this dealt with."

The gathered their clothes and redressed, smiling over where some of the clothes had ended up. They did a quick check for propriety, although there was no way to get the "just fucked" look off of their faces. Fred gathered up his notes and opened the door for her. Motioning her to precede him out.

As they headed back to their offices, Lena winked and said, "Thanks for the meeting. It was really productive. Maybe we can follow up on it when we get the changes in order."

"Great!" Fred responded. "I'll write up the notes and get them out to you as soon as I can. If they look right, we can get the plans going. We can meet in a couple of days to co-ordinate that. Maybe the same room?"

"Sounds good. It's a date."

As Lena headed back to her office, Fred was amused at how hard she was working to maintain. After that fucking, she would probably need the time he was putting the notes together just to recover. Before he started the notes, maybe he could use the Master program to help her out. Maybe he would enhance her a bit, too.

Now, to figure out a way to make Vance self-destruct once they showed him up for a fool.... And maybe do Katy without consequences, too.