Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


Fred Tollison sat with his feet up in his living room and reflected on his life, again. It just kept getting better. He felt great, Jenny, his wife, was healthy, looking great, and eager for sex, and he had 3 sexy neighbors who wanted to fuck him. Life was very damn good. Anything he wanted from people he could get with the Master PC program.

He had spent the afternoon with his neighbor and her 20-year-old daughter. A fine afternoon, it was. Then when his wife got home, they had made love for 2 hours. They would still be going at it, but Jenny had begged off, feeling worn out from a long week.

Just then his phone rang.


"Hey, Fred, sorry to bother you, but we have a bit of a problem," said the voice on the line. It was his boss and a call this late on a Sunday could not be good.

"What do you mean 'we,' Bob?"

"Well, it looks like Stan can only close this deal if we have someone from our group there looking confident. It's huge and the Veep wants someone there for the meeting tomorrow afternoon."

"Isn't this the deal in South Carolina? I sure hope you have fun."

"Well, I probably would, but the Veep also wants that someone to be you."

"Before or after you volunteered me to keep your butt here?"

"I never got the chance," Bob laughed. "You were top of his mind. I guess you impressed the top guys with you expertise when you delivered for Stubing. The company would be hurting if you hadn't changed that from a 'get your stuff and get out' into a long-term contract for expansion and services. Pack for a couple of days. Your itinerary is in your e-mail, but I've got to warn you, you are on the morning flight and the Limo will be by at 6."

"This is not my job, Bob. Why the hell should I go? This could cripple my project if it takes too long."

"Hey, it's my project, too. I pointed all of this out, especially the short notice for a non-field guy. It seems that the Veep will give us an extra week on the schedule per day of your own lost. And get this, Stan will have to split his commission with you if this works."

"Well, crap. I guess he knows where I live."

"Yup, both of us. Now you just have to come through."

"Great. I guess I'm on then. I'll see you when I get back," Fred said as he hung up.

Which is how he ended up in the customer meeting several states from home. As he sat through Stan's presentation, most of which seemed to be a rehash of what the customer had to have heard before, he decided to try out the new abilities he had given himself with the master program.

He concentrated on the company President and saw he was for it, but the CIO was pushing for another vendor. When Fred checked the CIO, he found that the problem was prejudice toward the other vendor, supported by the vendor's exaggerated (false) claims. The CEO was not convinced, so Stan had gotten this meeting and a chance to prove out the product.

Stan introduced Fred and opened the floor for questions. Fred used his new knowledge to guide the answers and shake his competition's story. When Stan stepped in to answer a sales related question, Bob used his other new talent to remove the prejudices that had blinded the CIO to the exaggerated claims.

By the end of the meeting, the deal was done and the head to head demo would not be needed. The CIO would save face with his golf buddy, er, the other vendor by claiming the CEO over-ruled him.

Stan was ecstatic. He insisted on taking Fred to dinner. After dinner he worked on getting Fred to go to a strip bar with him. This time Fred let it happen.

They ended up at a topless bar down the hill from their hotel. It was a smoky place and the music was loud. There was a woman grinding away on stage and another in a small cage-like side stage. Bob started to sit in the middle of the room, but Fred stopped him and gestured to an open table by the wall. They sat down there.

Fred was not impressed. The women were OK, but nothing like what he had at home. They ordered beer and sat back to watch.

A slim blonde came up and asked, "Can I join you guys?" Her face was attractive, but looked rough from life. Her voice matched, roughened by cigarettes and the smoke of the bar. Fred was intrigued, but Stan was immediate in his response.

"Please do!" Stan invited.

The dancer, Deanna, introduced herself and they chatted for a bit. Fred was finding her intriguing and Stan was practically drooling.

"So, would either of you be interested in a dance?"

Stan answered, "Well, it depends on the deal. What does it cost and what do I get?"

"The dance is topless. I can touch you, but you can't touch me. It is $10 for a dance at the table, but for $15 you get a private dance in the party room."

"Why don't we start with a table dance and we'll see from there," Stan replied.

When the next song started Deanna started dancing for Stan. She played to him, ignoring the rest of the room. When her top came off, her medium sized tits seemed to grow. She was a seductive woman when she danced. Fred was a bit embarrassed to be watching, but he was also growing more attracted to her.

The song ended and she sat back down, putting on her top. Stan looked stunned. His obvious enjoyment made her smile and relax a bit. Fred was amused to see the fast talking salesman taken aback.

"Could I try a private dance?" Stan asked.

"Sure," Deanna said with a smile. She stood up and led Stan into a side room. Stan grinned as he followed into the side room.

Fred sat for a moment and then looked over to check out the talent on stage. This was a good dancer, active, strong and sexy. Interesting.

Then he noticed a woman moving around the room, she was a cut above any other there. The woman was beautiful. She had a creamy dark brown complexion, set off by a blue and white dress. She looked about 5 foot 2, subtracting the shoes, and well proportioned, a proud carriage with a proud chest. When she turned to talk to another dancer, Fred saw that she was slim and her dress hugged her hips to hint at a great ass.

He willed her to come to him, making her think she had felt his eyes on her as she walked by. After she passed, he turned back to the stage. In a moment, he felt a presence and turned. She looked him up and down, bold as brass and smiled at him.

"You like what you see?" she asked. Her voice was slightly lower than average and oozed sensuality.

"Oh, yes," Fred replied.

"How about I join you and we get to know each other, then?" She pulled up a chair as she spoke. "I'm Jessica, and you are?"

"Fred. It's nice to meet you."

They exchanged some chit-chat as the song wound down. As it was ending, Jessica made her pitch.

"So, would you like a dance?"

"Sure, but I prefer some privacy. How about that lounge?"

With a smile, she stood, took his hand and led him through a door at the side of the stage. It led to an ell shaped room with padded bench seating on all of the walls. It was nearly empty, but Fred steered them to a seat across from Stan and Deanna. It looked like they were settling up, but Fred willed Stan to ask for another dance. He had some ideas he might want to try.

The song started and Jessica began to dance. Thought left him as his lust took over. Part way through the song, she shed her dress. Her body was better than he had dreamed. Slim, fine ass and what looked like a DD set on a 34 chest. The slim rib cage made her tits look even bigger.

As she danced she leaned in against him. He felt himself getting hard. When she turned and sat in his lap he felt her rub her ass on his hard-on. Her firm cheeks seemed to grab at him.

She arched her back and put her head on his shoulder. He found himself murmuring his pleasure in her ear. When she sat down, she felt his dick. She turned with a smile of satisfaction that she had him. Fred looked over her shoulder at the rack she had on her and made more approving noises in her ear. He also planted a need for him in her mind.

She turned on his lap, straddling him. She held her tits up for his approval and ground her g-string into his boner. She gave him a sultry, seductive look and leaned in, pressing her tits to his chest. Like all good things, this song ended, too. But by now, the dancer was his.

"So, what do you think?" she asked, getting up and putting her dress back on.

"I would say $15 is a deal," Fred smiled. "I think I need a song to recover, though. If I had another dance would you start out of the dress?" He willed her to agree to that. He then willed Stan to keep buying dances.

At the rate this was going, he was going to want some serious privacy. While he traded small talk with the half naked Jessica, he thought about what he wanted. First he sent out to all of the dancers and patrons that they would not be able to go into the VIP room until he came out. Anyone already in the room would leave immediately after the next song. He excluded Stan and Deanna from that command. He then sent to the bouncers to ignore anything that went on in the room or anything he did until he left the place. He had the Deanna and Jessica forget about money after the next song, so Stan wouldn't go broke. To even things out, he sent to the manager that these girls had over-paid the house fee substantially and he should pay them back. They should keep what they had made, as well. If that didn't cover it, he would have to wing it.

The song he sat out ended and the room started to empty. Jessica got up, faced him, and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Oh, yea!" was his immediate response.

The next song started and so did Jessica. While his attention was on her, he noticed that Stan and Deanna were still following orders. He smiled at that. He could not spare much time because Fred was again enthralled by Jessica.

She danced and caressed herself for a bit and then climbed onto his lap. When she saw his lust, she looked around, saw it was clear and pulled him into her cleavage. Fred kissed the valley in front of him and she shivered. She leaned back a bit and fed him a nipple. As he sucked it gently, she ground he crotch into his rising manhood.

Fred decided to raise the stakes a bit more and sent to Jessica to take off the G-string. As an afterthought he sent the same idea to Deanna. Jessica sinuously slid off of Fred's lap, leaning forward as she went to prolong his contact with her nipple. She straightened up in front of him and gave him a sultry smile, with a hint of mischief in it. She then pulled the sides of her G-string over her hips and let it drop. It hung for a moment where her wetness had made it slightly stick to her and then continued to the ground.

She turned and showed him her ass as she continued the dance. She leaned back and sat on his lap, rubbing herself on his jeans. When she leaned back, she held up her breasts to show him over her shoulder, like in the first dance, but this time he noticed she was doing it one handed. The other hand looked to be on her slit. She reached back further and sucked lightly on his ear lobe. This was not going badly at all.

Jessica spun on his lap and presented her nipples again. Fred kissed them, back and forth as she shifted them in front of him. She then got up on to her knees and climbed to her feet on the couch. How she did that in dancer's shoes was beyond Fred's understanding. Then he notice that her clean-shaven slit was right in front of him. She showed it to him and rubbed it for him.

Fred started licking his lips to show his appreciation. Jessica responded by removing her hand and leaning into him. She held his head for balance as she ground her cunt into his tongue. Fred lapped away, feeling her sway and squirm. With a sudden gasp she gripped his head tighter and leaned past him against the wall. As her orgasm passed she slid down him and into his lap.

After a moment, she slid down off of his lap and onto the floor. Looking up at him, she had that same sultry look that first snared him. She reached forward and opened his belt, then his pants. She lifted at him so he rose slightly. She pulled his pants and underwear down below his knees, in the process, sliding him forward on the couch so that is ass was right on the edge.

Leaning forward slightly, Jessica took Fred's cock in her small hand and looked at it for a moment. She put her head down and wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking. She pumped with her hand and took more and more in , then stopped to lick it. She took it back in her mouth after a few licks and Fred started to really enjoy the feelings and the view.

Looking up, he noticed that while Deanna was naked, she was still mostly dancing. She was obviously horny and letting Stan get away with a bit, but not all that much. He sent her the idea that she was really horny and needed to use Stan. That seemed to get her heat up.

That second's distraction did not affect his enjoyment of Jessica. He would have been content to get his rocks off in her mouth, but she had other ideas. She lifted her head from his lap and looked at him lustfully. In a husky, desperate voice she said, "I have to have this in me!"

Without letting go of him, Jessica clamored back onto Fred's lap, positioned herself over his dick and sank herself onto his cock. She lifter herself again and sank more into herself. After a few lifts and drops they were rubbing pubic bones.

"Oh, yea, " Jessica purred. "This is just what I needed. You have a great cock. It feels so nice."

Before Fred could say anything, she leaned forward and kissed him. She then straightened a bit, allowing him to lean forward and suck on a nipple dangling there. Since she was short, he had to stretch a bit, but the way she started moving on him made it worth the effort. He grabbed her chest to help hold her where he could suck. He worked on her tits while she worked up and down on him.

Fred worked to thrust back at the dancer on his lap, but found that his pants were binding him in place. Rather than stopping Jessica Fred decided to use another option. He pushed to Deanna to come over and help him out. In a moment he felt her untying his shoes and easing his pants and underwear off. Freed up, he spread his feet and started pumping up to meet Jessica.

Just as he was hitting his stride, he felt a tongue on his balls. It was slurping from his ass at past his balls. He bet it was going up to Jessica's ass from the feel of it. It felt like Deanna had taken his push to "help out" beyond where he intended. That was not what he really noticed though, he felt a tingle that the back of his head told him he has cured Deanna of some STD. "How odd," he thought.

Freed from his constraints, Fred let go of Jessica's nipple. He reached one hand down to cover her ass and started helping her pump. When he let go, Jessica rose up, no longer bending forward to offer her tits, she pumped more vigorously. With the space that opened, Fred snaked a hand between their bellies. He was now able to get a thumb on her clit and started rubbing it to help her along.

As he was getting used to the new rhythm, Fred felt a change in Deanna's licking and another tingle. Looking around Jessica, he saw that Stan had joined the party. He was behind Deanna, taking her doggy style. Fred boggled at what the tingle meant. Apparently, Stan had a STD and the master program thought that Stan fucking a woman licking Fred was the same as having sex with Fred. "The AIDS advocates would be proud of that!" he laughed to himself.

Suddenly, the dick inside her, the thumb on her clit and the tongue in her ass was too much for Jessica. With a gasp she went into a pitching orgasm. She collapsed on Fred and he held her as she shook for about a minute. When she was done, Fred saw that yet another woman had passed out on him. He started to just pound into her when he had a better idea.

Sliding Jessica aside on to the couch, Fred sent to Stan to lie on his back on the floor. Once Stan had pulled out of Deanna, Fred had her turn and mount him. Stan easily slid back in to her cunt and Deanna used her strong legs to start riding him. Fred had her stop on a down stroke and came up behind her. He had heard about the pleasures of DP but had never tried it. He thought now would be a good time.

Fred lined up on Deanna's rose bud and sent to her to relax and enjoy it. He spit a little on his already slick cock and pressed it forward.

"Oh, God! No! You'll split me in two," Deanna screamed. But as Fred worked into her she shivered and changed her tune, saying, "Oh my God! I never thought I could be this full! This is the best!"

"Well, the command seemed to have worked," thought Fred. "She should be crying bloody murder. But damn, this is even better than I thought!"

With that he started to ease out and sent to Deanna to start moving again. He felt her sphincter slide along his prick and he felt Stan's dick through the thin membrane. The whole thing was amazing. As Deanna reached to kiss Stan, Fred reached around to fondle her tits. While not large, they were a good handful and made the whole thing hotter.

Fred and Stan worked away for a few more minutes, pushing Deanna between them, when she had had enough. When she clamped her pussy and asshole in orgasm she set them both off, too. Stan and Fred let loose with loads that testified to the teasing the dancers had done. They both tensed and shot until their sperm leaked out around their cocks.

After leaning on Deana (and Stan) for a moment, Fred got his act together. He saw that Jessica was coming around and Deanna seemed to be recovering. Standing up, he started to pull on his clothes. He sent to Stan to do the same. He then sent to the girls to get their dance stuff on and go clock out. Since they had less to put on they were up and out of the room before he and Stan were.

Fred led Stan back into the main room of the club. When the got back to their table, Fred saw the manager giving a wad of bills to each of the girls. No one but Fred seemed to notice the other wads running down their legs.

Stan seemed to wake up from a dream. "Come on. Let's head on back."

Out in the parking lot, Fred paused.

"What are you waiting for?" Stan asked.

Pointing at the two ladies approaching them, one in halter and jeans and the other in a blue and white dress, Fred responded, "Well, I kind of wanted to wait for the bed warmers."

He was a bit taken back, but Stan liked the idea of Deanna going back with him. He would enjoy the company - several times. Fred had plans for Jessica that did not involve a crowd. He wanted to sample her from several more position, including getting some anal action from that fine ass.

While the rest of the night was probably the last time for Fred and Jessica, Stan found plenty of reasons to go back. Deanna was always happy to see him. Fred had made sure of that, just as he made sure that Jessica would be glad to see him if he ever did get back.