Slippery Slope - a Master PC story

Chapter 08:  AND WINS BIG

Fred Tollison sat on his deck, again, and reflected on his life. It was damn excellent. He felt great, he was well rested and he was getting great sex. Jenny, his wife, was healthy, looking great, and eager for sex. He also had a neighbor who wanted to fuck him and she and his wife were willing to share. Life was very damn good.

But he found himself restless and horny. Unfortunately, Jenny was out. So was his neighbor Elaine. He would have to wait for one of them if he wanted to scratch that itch.

Or would he? He was already screwing one neighbor, why not another? He picked up his laptop and fired up the Master program.

He brought up one of his other neighbors, Rosemary. He thought for a while, watching the mannequin spin in the window. She had a good physique and a pleasant face, but he wanted more. First he would set the basic parameters.

He began to type: "You are feeling horny and Fred has popped into your head. You have always found him attractive. You will not worry about your husband, you know he would approve. Once you start, you will follow Fred's wishes. Any sex act is fine with you; you will enjoy them all. His very touch will make you excited."

He hit send.

"OK, that is set, now what. Ah, I know."

He started to type again: "You remember that Fred offered the use of his hot tub. You will give him a call and ask if you can use it today. When he agrees, you will get wet. You will put on a swimsuit that is a bit loose under a tee shirt and some sweats. You will go to his house."

"What else? Well her coloring would look good with red hair. And of course more up top."

He continued: "When he lets you in, your body will change into the shape you had at 25, but in the kind of physical condition of a cheerleader. When you change, your hair will become a medium but bright natural red. All of your hair. Your bust will grow to a D cup."

"Damn, she'll look even better than her daughter. Hmmm. Now there's a thought."

Fred typed again: "You will tell your daughter, Diane, that you are going and invite her along. You will not notice any changes in her and anything Fred wants will seem natural."

Fred hit send with a smile.

He then brought up Rosemary's older daughter, Diane. He had had some lustful thoughts about her before. He admired the mannequin and thought for a moment. Once more he set the basic parameters.

He began to type: "You are feeling horny and Fred has popped into your head. You have always found him attractive. You will not worry about your parents or boyfriend, you know they would approve. Once you start, you will follow Fred's wishes. Any sex act is fine with you; you will enjoy them all. His very touch will make you excited."

He hit send.

He continued typing: "Your mother will mention going over to the Tollison's hot tub, you will ask if you can come. You will put on a loose-topped bathing suit under shorts and a tee shirt. When you enter his house, your tits will grow to double D cup. You will not notice any changes in your mother or yourself."

He hit send.

Since Chet seemed to be out, he did not bother with covering himself with Rosemary's husband.

The phone rang. It was Rosemary asking if the offer of the soak still held. She explained she had been gardening and needed to soak some of the ache out. Fred let her know the invitation was still good.

Now to wait for the few minutes it would take for Ro and Diane to get ready and come over.

In a few minutes, the doorbell rang. Fred answered it to find his neighbors in casual cloths and carrying towels. He invited them in and stepped back with a grin so they could come through the door. As Ro stepped in, she lost 20 years, her hair brightened and her tits gained 2 cup sizes. Fred was amazed. When Diane came in and grew 3 cup sizes, he almost lost it right there. He turned away to partially hide his suddenly hard dick.

"I was just grabbing a beer to take in to the spa," Fred said, turning to lead the way to the 'fridge. "Can I get you one? If you want, we have some white wine, too."

"I'd prefer the wine," Ro replied.

"I'll take a beer," Diane piped in.

Fred asked Ro about her garden as he grabbed some glasses from the cabinet and poured out the beer and wine. As he handed the women their glasses, he made contact with their hands. He watched as each one's eyes glazed over at the mere touch of his hand on theirs. He led them out and opened the top of the tub.

"Hop on in! You can hang your towels here," Fred said cheerfully.

He hung up his towel and climbed in quickly, positioning himself on the far corner from the steps. This allowed him to watch the women shed their shirts and pants. Both were wearing one piece suits and the view was spectacular.

Ro was the first to get to the edge of the spa. She stopped at the edge and gingerly started to step in. Fred got back up and reached out a hand.

"Here. Let me help."

"Thanks," Ro said as she took his hand.

Once again, her eyes glazed a bit. This time though, she was moving forward and off balance. Fred caught her as she fell into the spa and into his arms.

"Are you OK, Mom?" Diane asked.

"Um, yes, but watch your step. It's a bit of a long reach in," Ro answered.

Ro then looked up at Fred and smiled seductively.

"Thanks for the save," she said.

"No problem," Fred answered. "If you're OK, why not have a seat?"

Fred guided her to the seat next to the corner he had chosen. He then turned to Diane.

"Why don't you hand me the drinks and then I'll give you a hand in?"

"Sounds like a plan. After Mom nearly belly flopped, I think I would appreciate a spotter," the 20 year old athlete replied.

Fred took the first 2 drinks, handing the wine off to Ro. As his hands brushed on the glasses, he watched both of the women's eyes flame with lust. He turned back and took the last glass from Diane. As he touched hands, he noticed her shiver and a small patch of damp start to spread at the crotch of her suit. He put the glass down quickly and turned back. He held out his hands to Diane and she held one as she stepped into the spa.

"Watch it, it is a long step." Ro warned her daughter as she took a sip and eyed Fred.

Diane smiled and laughed at her mother as she moved to the side of the spa. Fred reached out and supported her elbow as she reached for the seat of the spa. The extra contact made her shiver and miss her step. Once again, Fred found himself catching a stacked woman who melted into him.

"Thanks for the help," Diane said.

She reached up and gave him a quick peck. Under the water, she ground her self into his crotch.

"No problem. Have a seat and relax," Fred said as he guided her to a place. He then took a seat between the two women. "Ah, this feels great! Is it helping your muscles, Ro?"

"It sure is," Ro answered. With a sudden started look, she put down her glass and turned to him. "I forgot to thank you for catching me, too."

She turned to him and took his head in her hand and leaned over to him. She gave him a deep kiss on the lips, parting her lips and slipping him a bit of tongue.

"Well," Fred stammered, "I was glad to help."

Ro leaned back with a smile. Diane was a bit jealous that she hadn't spent more time on her kiss and Fred could see that. He decided to give her a chance.

"Here, how about I turn on the jets? It should help get the ache out faster," he said.

Fred reached around Diane, pressing against her shoulder and wrapping his arm around her as he reached for the control panel. Diane sighed and snuggled into him.

"Ok thanks, that feels great!" Diane said. "I believe the going thanks is a kiss?"

She turned and took his head in her hands and kissed him. Almost immediately, he felt Diane slipping her tongue into his mouth and responded in kind.

"Hey, I'm not getting any! Er, I mean this jet doesn't seem to be working," Ro said.

"Oh, the diverter must need adjusting. Here let me turn it a bit," Fred said as he leaned away from Diane.

Reaching the other way, Fred leaned into Ro and reached around her to the knob, leaning his arm on her shoulders. He turned it to move some of the flow to the jets in Ro's back. Now it was her turn to sigh and snuggle in.

"Oh, that's much better," Ro said. "Thanks for that, too."

With that, Ro turned slightly and kissed him. This time it was long and sloppy. Ro moaned into his mouth and Fred felt himself getting hard.

Diane half smiled as she took a few sips of her beer. Mom was sure getting into this. On the other hand, she was getting so horny that she needed some attention herself.

"Hey, that cut down on my jets," she said.

Fred and Ro reluctantly broke their kiss. Fred turned once again and reached for the control panel. Once again, this involved essentially hugging Diane to him. He pushed the second control and suddenly the spa filled with bubbles.

"Oooh," both women responded to the tickling of the bubble pouring up though the seats, "Wow!"

Diane grabbed him and kissed him. She was trying to give as good a kiss as her mother and she was succeeding. Fred broke off the kiss and sat back in his corner seat. He slid his hands onto the thighs of both of the women. As he started to caress them, he felt Ro move a hand onto his right leg and Diane slide a hand onto his left.

He slid his hand up to the tops of their thighs, caressing a crotch with the end of either hand. Both women moaned and moved closer. When Diane responded by sliding a hand up Fred's thigh, Fred turned and kissed her. When her mother saw this, Ro moved her hand straight to his dick. She gasped when she felt his already hard manhood. Fred stopped kissing Diane and turned to Ro.

"You know, the whole spa experience is better without the suits."

Ro looked a bit started, "I don't know," she replied.

"Oh, come on, Mom! With the hedge and the bubbles no one will see anything," Diane chimed in.

The young girl stood up and started to shed her suit. As she pulled the top off of her double-D tits, Fred felt his dick jump under Ro's hand. As she stripped down, Fred was surprised to see she had trimmed her bush in the shape of a heart. Diane sat down to finish pulling off the suit and, with a grin, tossed it out of the spa.

"Oh, Mom, he's right. You have to try this!"

As her daughter said this, Fred turned his right hand and ran his middle finger up and down Ro's licra covered slit. She closed her eyes, wriggled into his hand and squeezed him again.

"Just do it," Fred whispered in her ear.

His command overrode her reluctance. Ro stood up and pulled her suit down. As her tits popped free, Fred ogled the D cup rack she now sported. She wriggled a bit getting the suit over her hips, facing him as she worked it down to her thighs. Fred was surprised to see that she had shaved herself down to a "Mohawk". It was red, but just a thin strip of hair pointing the way to her clit. With a grin, she sat back down and threw her suit out of the spa, too.

"Oh, you're right!" Ro sighed, "This is great.

"So, does the old lady stack up against her daughter?" With that she put his arm over her shoulder and snuggled in. As she did, she pulled his hand down under water and on to her tit. Fred suddenly found her nipple in his palm and her hand making his rub on her nipple.

"Well," smiled Fred, "you both looked great."

"Really?" said Diane. "You liked what you saw?" she asked as she returned her hand to his thigh. She noticed what her mother had done and snuggled in on his other side. She went one better, though, pulling his hand to her crotch and encouraging him to play with her slit.

Meanwhile, Ro had put her hand back on his dick and was massaging it again. The tip of his dick stuck above the waistband from the effect of her hand. When she discovered this, her eyes lit up and she started to work on it, working her hand down his shorts. Diane had moved her free hand to Fred's chest and was massaging him as she leaned in and kissed at hi shoulder and neck.

"You know, someone seems not to be joining in here," Ro said. "Shouldn't you lose the suit, since it was your idea in the first place?"

"Now that you mention it, I guess I should," Fred replied, "but I seem to be trapped here. Maybe you could help me out?"

"Sure thing, Fred," Ro answered, reaching up for a kiss. She broke the kiss and turned away from him, letting go of his cock with her hand. He wondered what she was doing until he realized she had reached up to hold his hand in place while she spun around to end up in front of him. She let go of his hand on her tit as she leaned forward and grabbed his suit with both hands. Fred lifted his ass to help her and Ro slid the suit down. As he reseated, he leaned his head down to Diane's face and kissed her forehead.

Ro worked his suit off of his legs and stayed in front of him. She tossed his suit out next to hers and then reached for him with both hands. She took Fred's cock in her hands and started caressing again. Fred had gotten Diane's attention and was necking furiously with her. As Ro worked him, he groaned into Diane's mouth. He started thrusting into Ro's hands.

At this sigh of his enjoyment, Ro put her head under water and took his dick in her mouth. The sudden change in warmth made him moan again. The angle had become awkward and Fred's hand had slipped from Ro's tit. At first he had rested it on her head, but when she came up for air, he moved it, concerned he might be interfering.

It seemed he was not, as Ro returned to sucking him underwater without saying anything. Fred turned slightly and worked his hand over Diane's tit. It felt even better than her mother's did. As he got his palm on her nipple and started to rub in a circle, she moaned her appreciation of the touch into his mouth.

Diane moaned and squirmed as he kissed and caressed her, getting more and more erratic in her movements. Finally, she pushed him away and clutched his hand to her clit as she shuddered to orgasm.

As Diane subsided and smiled at him, she sank away from him into the seat. Fred realized that, while he was enjoying Ro's attention, it was not doing much for him. The next time she surfaced, he grabbed her head and pulled her up for a kiss. The kiss lasted a while as he shifted his hands to her breasts and fondled them. Her hands had returned to his dick and were caressing him. He broke the kiss and pulled her up further, until she was kneeling on the seat straddling his lap. This moved her tits us to a level that he could suck them easily.

As he sucked one then the other nipple, Ro worked his dick against the outside of her cunt. Fred was getting more excited and the heat was working on him. Fred licked and fondled the tits, reveling in the sighs and gasps he was eliciting from her. Her nipples were swollen and delectable, like large, light colored cherries on those fine firm tits. He was in heaven.

After a few minutes of exalting in Ro's tits, Fred encouraged her to stand on the seat. She could reach the roof of the hot tub enclosure to lean on. She found she needed it when his tongue found her slit. He lapped at the front of it for a while and then reached up to place her right foot on the side of the tub behind his left shoulder. This opened her up for him to really lick at her whole hole.

Fred was working a finger into her to really get her juices going and spread when he realized that Diane had recovered. She had moved back in to his side and reached under her mothers raised leg to start fondling him.

With a moan, Ro pushed his head away ad stepped back onto the seat. She almost lost her balance when her foot encountered Diane, but she and Fred saved her from a fall.

"Oh, Please," Ro said, "I have to have this."

With that she pulled at Fred, getting him to rise up into the corner of the enclosure with his ass on the edge of the tub. Looking at the corner she realized that there was no room to mount him face to face, so she turned around and impaled her ready slit onto his manhood. As it slid into her sheath to the hilt, she let out a hiss of a "yes."

Diane, who had moved back when her mother nearly stepped on her, watched in fascination as Ro started bobbing on Fred's cock. Ro's tits bounced as she thrust herself up and down on the tool she had been holding and sucking moments before. Fred moved his hands around to cup those tits and pull Ro toward him as he attempted to thrust in time with her.

Not wanting to be left out, Diane moved in front of the copulating pair and knelt on the seat. She could see Fred's balls and thought she could reach them. She leaned forward between her mother's legs, craned her neck a nit and tried to lick him.

Fred felt her large tits pressing his legs and then felt her tongue on his balls. He slid his legs a bit further apart, giving Diane better access and started thrusting with more excitement. As he did, he felt Diane's tongue move from his balls to the bottom of his shaft. He noticed that it seemed to be missing him some and realized the Diane was licking her mother's clit where Ro and he were joined.

Ro may not have realized what was happening, but the extra stimulation put her over the edge. With a loud exclamation, she hunched forward, pulling Diane into their joined crotches. When she released a bit and started to arch in her second spasm, Fred shifted his left hand to her right tit and pulled her back into him tightly, he reached up and turned her head toward him with his right. Ro got the idea and reached back over her shoulder, offering her mouth.

Just as she met Fred's lips a second orgasm took her. As she convulsed on him again, Fred went off too. He moaned into her mouth and kissed the side of her face and her hair as he spasmed his seed into her.

Fred held Ro as they both came. Clutching her to him he groaned into her hair. Diane pulled back in awe to watch as Fred and her mom worked through their climaxes. Eventually Fred and Ro stopped shaking and just sat. Fred lifted Ro off of him and held her hand as she turned and stepped back into the tub. Fred slid back down into the tub as well.

Diane looked at Fred and her mom in awe.

"Wow! I wish that had been me. Mom, you looked like you were having a religious experience."

Ro grinned tiredly, "I was."

"Damn, I guess that means I'll have to wait a while," Diane sighed with a wry look.

"Why is that?" Fred asked.

"Oh, I've had some experience. I know it takes time for you guys to recover," Diane said, practically sighing.

"Especially after a performance like that," added Ro with a satisfied grin as she snuggled in to Fred and cupped his crotch.

"You might be surprised," Fred responded. He concentrated on his recovery and started to feel himself come erect again.

Ro gasped as she felt him grow under her hand. "I guess I might!" she purred.

"I think it might be your daughter's turn," he smiled down at her. "You agree, don't you?" His asking made it so and Ro nodded her agreement.

"It's getting a bit overheated, why don't we head inside?" Fred asked.

The women agreed as Fred eased himself out of the spa. He helped them both out and threw them their towels. They dried themselves off quickly. Diane eyed Fred's erect member as she toweled herself. Fred noticed that she spent extra time on her tits and crotch. Ro was taking a bit longer, showing some lethargy from the coupling with Fred.

Fred flipped his towel over a rail and opened the door to the house. He reached out to Diane and she took his hand, dropping her towel. He drew her into the house, her mother watching with a smirk.

Inside the house, Fred drew Diane into his arms and kissed her. He lifted her as he did, and turned. He stepped up to the dining table and set Diane down on it, seating her on the edge. They continued to kiss as he moved his hands around to start fondling her large boobs. He kissed her neck and she responded by turning into his head and licking his ear.

He worked his way down kissing her cleavage and licking the top of her boobs. He kissed his way to her right nipple and sucked it into his mouth. He moved his right hand to pinch her left nipple at the same time. After getting her nipple hard, he changed tits and started to work the other one. He switched back and forth getting louder moans from her each time.

After about 5 minutes, Fred pulled himself away from the enjoyment of Diane's charms. He stood back up and kissed her again, with hunger. He slid her to the edge of the table.

Ro had stepped into the house during this and watched as Fred fondled her daughter. She smiled and moved to the side of the room. She leaned against the side table and started to fondle herself, cupping a tit in one hand and playing with her slit with the other. As her daughter's moans grew louder, she slipped a finger into herself, feeling some of Fred's seed squish around as she pleasured herself

Fred worked his way down Diane's front again, letting her fall back onto the table. He dove into her cunt, licking and slurping at her slit and clit. He moved her around on the table and took a seat in one of the chairs. He reached up and started playing with her tits again. Diane moaned and pulled his hair, pulling him deeper into her crotch.

Ro pulled herself away from the side table and ducked under the table. Suddenly, Fred felt her hands fondling his hard-on as he assaulted the 20 year-old with his mouth and hands. When he felt the mother start to suck him again, he moaned into the daughter's slit. He grabbed Diane's tits and pushed his face further in to her crotch.

When he felt Diane start into her orgasm, he pulled his dick out of Ro's mouth with a pop and stood up. He grabbed Diane's hips and lined his dick up on her slit. As she started to come down from the first part of her orgasm he slid in. His dick, lubricated with her mother's spit slid in to Diane about the half way. Fred pulled out and lunged again, planting all of his dick into her. This brought Diane to full orgasm again. As she thrashed on the table, Fred started to thrust into her with a will.

Ro crawled out from under the table, whimpering for attention. She watched as Fred thrust her daughter through her orgasm. As Diane came down, Fred moved his hands up to her tits and grasped them as he continued thrusting. Noticing Ro, he looked at her and had a thought.

"Why don't you hop up on the table and join us. I would really like to see you as I fuck Diane."

If Ro had a tail, she would have wagged it. She moved over to the table, stepped on a chair and climbed up to kneel on the table beside Diane. She held out her tits for him, fondling them and pulling on her nipples.

"Is this what you want to see?" Ro asked over the grunts coming from her daughter.

"Almost," Fred replied, "why don't you kneel over Diane's face while you do that? You can tell me how much you're enjoying yourself."

Ro smiled and moved over her daughter's head. "You know how much you are turning me on? I am so hot for you!"

"Diane, why don't you help your mother out? Reach up and grab her ass, pull it down and start licking her. If you do the things you would like done, I'm sure she will really like it," Fred ordered.

Fred watched as the brunet pulled the red head down and started to eat her out. It made him harder as he thrust into Diane.

"Oh, god that feels so good!" Ro panted. "She is licking my slit. Oh, god and my nipples are going to explode. I wish you could lick them. Oh. Oh. Oh!"

This sounded great to Fred. He wrapped Diane's legs around his waist. She immediately started to pull him to her with them. This freed up his hands for other things. One went to the junction between Diane and him. He started rubbing her clit with her thumb. The other reached out and cupped the back of Ro's head, pulling her in for a kiss.

"That's great, Fred," she said, pulling away from the kiss. "I want you to suck me while you fuck her."

Ro directed her tits to his face, presenting her nipples to him. Fred sucked one and then the other while pumping her daughter.

"Oh, yeah, Fred, that feels great. The only thing better would be a something inside me - Ieee!" Ro squealed as Diane took the suggestion and pushed a finger up her ass. "Oh, God, yes like that!" Ro screamed as she started to cum.

Her mother's convulsing set off Diane who thrashed under Ro and Fred, moaning and mouthing shouts into her mother's pussy. She let go of her mother with the hand that did not have a finger up Ro and started pounding the table.

Fred groaned into Ro's breasts and started to cum himself, pulled along by the women. He pulled his head away from Ro and watched the motion of Diane's tits as he thrust through his cum.

As he pulled away, Ro finished coming and fell off Diane's face. She ended up lying next to Diane on the table with her head on her daughter's leg. She looked up at Fred as he relaxed from his efforts and smiled at him.

"This is going to make a hell of a mess. I can't leave this for Jenny after you inviting us over."

With that, Ro leaned over and started to lick at the junction of Fred and Diane. Fred let himself go soft and pulled out. Ro stretched and caught the jism as it started to leak, cleaning it before it reached the table or dropped on the floor. She then reached out to Fred and pulled him back to her. She took his shrunken member into her mouth and cleaned him, too.

Ro then rolled off of the table and to her feet. She reached over and helped her daughter to her feet, steadying her as Diane's feet hit the floor. She then went over and recovered the sweats that she and Diane had come over in, throwing Diane hers.

As the women dressed, Fred pulled on his wet suit and gathered the bathing suits and towels that had been left on the deck.

"Thanks for having us," Ro smiled as she took the towels and suits from him.

"Feel free to stop over again if you need to soak or whatever."

"Oh, we will! Thanks again," Ro said as she supported the still recovering Diane to the door. "It was great, all of it."

Fred smiled as he closed the door behind them. He headed to his computer to undo his little changes. When he go there he stopped after he had the Master PC program up. What was he doing? The women looked great and wanted him. Why change this?

Instead of bringing up Ro, Fred brought up Chet. He changed Chet not to notice the changes in his wife and daughter. Fred changed the rest of the household and Diane's boyfriend not to care either. That boy should enjoy the changes, anyway.

The only problem was that there were now 2 more women who would want to screw him from time to time. What a problem! He could add to this or change the women he already had whenever he wanted.

Of course this was rather limiting, he had to have the PC near him when the whim hit him to take control. He wondered if he could change that. Thought became deed. He unlocked his file and brought it up. He was soon looking at a spinning image of himself on the screen. In the command window he entered: "You can tell what others are thinking, if you concentrate on them." That should help in business meetings as well as in choosing partners.

He continued: "You have the ability to control others with your thoughts. When you wish it, you can make others do things and believe that they want to do it." That too, should help in business, he smiled.

He hit the send to commit the changes and was surprised when a dialog popped up.

"This Program gives god-like powers. Telepathy and thought control outside of its parameters may lead to madness. Do you wish to continue?"

Whoa! Fred paused for a moment. He thought he could control it, but he would also add some safeties. He hit OK and felt a twist in his head.

Quickly he started typing, before he forgot his intent or tested his powers and got used to them. He entered: "You are sane and will remain so. If thoughts of megalomania get out of hand, the mental reading and control powers will go away." Not bad, but that could be sudden at a bad time. "If you are starting toward madness, you will be warned."

What else? Since I am branching out, let's take care of some other things, he thought. "You are impervious to disease and viruses. You can neither catch nor carry venereal diseases. In fact, any sexual contact with another will cure any STD they have. You will feel a tingle when this happens." Not only was he and his harem protected, but he would be doing good as he enjoyed himself.

He hit 'enter' again and was surprised at getting another dialog. This was an informational dialog with the message: "Controls in place for mental control programs." With a grin he hit OK and felt another twitch in his head.

It was getting late, so he saved the changes and relocked his profile. He shut down the computer and headed to bed. He would test the changes tomorrow, but in the mean time wondered when his wife would get home.