Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


Fred and Jenny Tollison were in the kitchen again. Fred had come in from his morning run and found her washing dishes. He started to kiss Jenny on the neck and caressing her. Soon they were going at it hotly, stripping each other's clothes off.

"Take me to bed, Now!"

Fred laughed and said, "You say the nicest things."

He leaned down and swept her into his arms. Fred headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the master bedroom. When he got there, he stood her up, reached back and pulled down the covers. Turning back, he lifted her in his arms again , turned and dropped her on the bed. He paused to admire her.

"Are you just going to stand there?"

"Oh, no, I'm planning on finishing what we started," he answered. "Brace yourself, Bridget!"

Fred flung himself onto the bed next to her and took her in his arms. He reached down and caressed her leg moving toward her butt. As he kissed her he caressed her ass some more. Enjoying the taut feel of her muscle under his hand. Jenny was caressing his side and back, clutching him to her. She enjoyed the feel of her nipples on his chest and his dick grinding into her mound.

Their tongues met as they kissed. Fred moved his hand up to Jenny's breast and cupped it, rubbing her nipple in his palm. Jenny moaned and reached for his cock, wrapping her hand around it and pulling gently. Fred moaned back at her.

Jenny broke the kiss and rolled Fred onto his back. She moved down on the bed, running her tongue down his chest and belly. When she reached hi groin, she took his dick back into her hand and licked the head. She then moved down and cupped his balls in her mouth, gently sucking one, then the other, then both while stroking him.

"Oh, yeah, babe. That feels great," Fred said as he reached down to caress her hair.

Suddenly, he saw a motion in the hall. As Fred was starting to react, he realized it was Elaine. She had come over for that wake-up quicky, as ordered. It also looked like she had stripped to surprise him in bed. Fred mouthed the word "wait" and looked down at his wife again.

"Jenny, nothing will surprise you," he ordered. "You have always wanted to try a three-some. Elaine is here because we want her here.

"Elaine, you are willing to try a three-some. Come over and eat Jenny while she continues what she was doing."

With a giggle, Elaine came to the end of the bed and knelt on the floor. She reached out and, grabbing Jenny's hips started licking her cunt.

Jenny looked up a bit startled then wiggled her hips back at Elaine with a "Mmmmm". Jenny then took the top third of Fred's dick into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on him. With her free hand, she continued to cup his balls.

Fred lay back, enjoying the attention. He felt Jenny moan around his cock as Elaine hit her spots. He looked down at her and saw her closing her eyes as she stopped sucking. He reached down and cupped her head again, encouraging her to start sucking again.

Wondering what had caused the pause Fred looked over at the mirror. Elaine was fully engaged in pleasuring Jenny. Elaine had turned her head side-ways, licking Jenny's clit and had worked a finger into Jenny's cunt. It looked like Elaine was really working Jenny's G-spot. Fred knew this was a sure fire way to get his wife off.

Elaine's other hand was not visible. Fred guessed she was fingering herself. This was confirmed as Elaine started moaning into Jenny's cunt. The whole thing made Fred hotter.

Suddenly, Jenny convulsed in orgasm. She was on a down-stroke and took Fred into her throat. This was too much for him and he came, too. He shot down he throat on the first spasm. Jenny pulled back to gasp, releasing him, and he sprayed the rest on her face.

Elaine continued to lick at Jenny as she just kept coming. Jenny held Fred as she shook, holding him as he went soft. Eventually, Elaine's tongue got the most of Jenny and she collapsed on the bed beside Fred.

Elaine, though, was still not satisfied. She had come over for a quicky and that was what she wanted. She climbed up onto the foot of the bed and looked at Fred with lust. She moved up to his crotch and started to rub his dick with hunger in her eyes. Fred saw this and willed himself hard.

As he quickly hardened, Elaine looked on in wonder and joy. She quickly took him in her mouth to speed his recovery.

Jenny had recovered by then and moved up to kiss him. Fred fondled her tits, enjoying the feel of them as Elaine blew him. He pulled Jenny up higher and sucked first one then the other nipple. He pushed her tits together and took both nipples in his mouth. He released them and licked his way into her cleavage, just enjoying her tits.

Elaine, seeing Fred was hard, moved up his body and positioned herself over his crotch. Fred felt her weight shift as she moved and the orientation of her hand change as she shifted grip without letting go of him. He felt her rub his head at her entrance and then the warm embrace of her cunt sliding down his cock.

Elaine got a third of his manhood into her on the first try. She lifted herself up and stroked again, taking more of him. With a groan of pleasure she rose up and dropped hard, impaling herself fully.

The feel of Elaine's cunt was like a velvet fist. The sensation enflamed Fred. He wanted to taste his wife and make her come while his neighbor rode him.

Fred eased Jenny up and turned her around. He settled her onto his face, facing Elaine and started to eat her. He had always enjoyed eating a woman this way, and with another one riding him, he was in pig heaven.

As he licked his wife Fred reached up and started to fondle her tits, squeezing them and rolling the nipples in his fingers. Jenny wiggled on his face and moaned. When he felt another nipple on the back of his left hand, he realized that Elaine was leaning forward as she bounced on his dick. Fred turned his left hand and found her shoulder. He worked his way down to her hand. Taking Elaine's hand in his he brought it up to Jenny's breast. He encouraged Elaine to rub.

He then took Jenny's right hand and put it on Elaine's breast. He held it there and then moved it in a circular motion. Jenny got the idea and reached out with her left hand to draw Elaine in. As the two women kissed, Fred moved his free hand to Elaine's free tit and started rubbing.

What a start to the day! His wife was moaning into his neighbor's mouth as he ate her, his neighbor moaning even louder into Jenny's mouth as she rode him hard, and him eating and rubbing 2 sets of tits while being fucked. He could get used to this.

Fred thrust up off the bed, his orgasm nearing. All at once Elaine let out a scream, sat down on him hard clenching her pussy, and crushed Jenny to her chest. She clenched tight in orgasm.

The feel and sound of Elaine coming set Jenny off and she grabbed Fred's head with her thighs and sat hard on his face.

The sound and feel of both women coming set Fred off. He shot a full load into Elaine as he pressed his tongue to Jenny's button. All of them held each other in a tableau of pleasure.

Elaine was the first to break the spell. Once again, she fainted from the pleasure. She fell off Fred and lay on her side on the bed.

With a half sighing "ooohhh," Jenny lifted herself from Fred's face. Fred started breathing again.

"That was great, honey," Jenny said. "I never guessed that this would be as good. I think we owe Elaine something for joining us."

"I think you're right," Fred replied. " Why don't you see if you can revive her?"

"Sure, any ideas on how?" she grinned down at him.

Fred asked jokingly, "How about rolling her on her back and giving her some mouth to cunt resuscitation?"

"Hers or mine?" Jenny giggled.

"Why not both? I need something to encourage me while I recover."

Jenny laughed out loud at that and lifted off Fred. She eased Elaine onto her back and knelt over her head. As she eased her hips down to rub her cunt on Elaine's chin, she reached her head down and started to lick Elaine's slit.

As Fred watched, Elaine recovered. She reached up and pulled Jenny's hips down. Elaine started tonguing Jenny as fast as she was being tongued. Jenny wriggled in to a comfortable position and started in on Elaine harder.

"I've heard of 'Do unto others' but I never thought of it this way," Fred mused as he watched.

Fred decided he wanted in on the action and, once again, willed himself hard. He moved up the bed behind his wife. Grasping her hips to steady his aim, he slowly slid into her. He felt Elaine adjusting to licking his dick and balls as well as Jenny's cunt as he started sliding in and out. This felt great.

As he slowly built up speed thrusting into his wife, Fred realized he wanted more. He pulled all of the way out and paused. Jenny whimpered into Elaine. Missing the feeling of being filled.

Fred felt Elaine leave Jenny's clit and nibble on the tip of his dick. He thrust forward into her mouth. Elaine lifted her chin to take him better and Fred felt himself slide into her throat. Damn, that felt good. But it wasn't what he needed. Looking down he knew what that was.

Fred thrust into Elaine's mouth again, getting his dick thoroughly covered in spit. He the pulled out of her mouth. Now both women were making needy sounds.

Lining up carefully, Fred once again invaded his wife's dark entrance. Elaine watched in awe as his fat dick popped into her rosebud. Jenny paused in eating Elaine as Fred worked it in.

"Oh, jeez, honey. You are so damn big!" Jenny exclaimed.

"He sure is!" Elaine agreed.

Fred grunted and drove home into Jenny's ass.

"Thanks for the compliments, but shouldn't you both be eating?"

With that, the women started in on each other again.

Fred started slowly and built up a rhythm pounding into Jenny. Jenny grunted as he bottomed out and licked hard on Elaine as he pulled back. This caused Elaine to groan as he reached the end and started back on the down-stroke.

Fred did not want to finish before the women, but this felt so damn good that that could be a problem.

"Hey, ladies, how about some finger action?" he asked.

In response, Jenny put a finger up Elaine's cunt. Elaine squealed and replied in kind by putting a finger up Jenny. Fred felt Elaine's finger in Jenny's cunt and started pumping harder. Just as he was about to come, Jenny clenched in orgasm.

As she came, Jenny clamped him in place. She twisted on Elaine's face and popped Elaine's finger out. Elaine, still under the compulsion to give "some finger action," searched for a place as she started to come herself. Just as she started to go into her second screaming orgasm of the morning, the searching finger found Fred's asshole. She quickly worked it in and pressed forward, much as she had when working Jenny's G-spot.

This really set Fred off. He rammed forward into Jenny and dumped his first spurt deep into her nether regions. He pulled back and then thrust and spurt again. The next time he pulled all of the way out and spurt the last two times onto Jenny's cunt lips and Elaine's face.

With a sigh Fred flopped forward on Jenny's back.

After a moment a voice came from the bottom of the pile, "I really have had a great time, but I should be going."

With a laugh, Jenny and Fred rolled aside.

Elaine sat up with a sheepish look.

"I was just sneaking over for a quicky. The was great, but I have to get ready for work."

"Well, next time, we will try to make it quicker," Fred replied.

"Oh, don't rush on my account!" Elaine laughed. "Next time I'll make sure I have more time."

"More of this could kill me," Jenny chimed in, "but what a way to go! I thought we had lost you a couple of times there, Elaine. And I think we are really straining superman, here."

"Oh, I'll survive," Fred answered with a grin.

This just keeps getting better, he thought to himself.