Slippery Slope - a Master PC story



Fred Tollison sat on his deck and reflected on his life. It was pretty damn good. He felt great, he was well rested and he was getting great sex. Jenny, his wife, was healthy, looking great, and willing to have sex, in fact, she would initiate it. Life was very damn good.

But he was restless and horny. Unfortunately, Jenny was out. She had some work she had to get done, so she had gone into the office for a few hours. She had been gone half an hour, so he would have to fill time before she got home if he wanted to screw. He picked up his laptop and looked at the problem his boss had handed him.

The sound of a slamming door made him look up. It looked like his neighbor Jim was taking the boys somewhere. He was wondering if Elaine was home when she came out of the house. She went down to the curb and leaned into the car. It looked like she was giving Jim some last minute instructions. Elaine straightened up as Jim pulled away. One of the boys waved and Elaine waved back before turning back to the house.

"Why am I sitting here? Is what I've done any different from branching out?"

With that he fired up the Master program.

First to cover myself, he thought.

He entered his wife's name. In the command window he typed: "You will stay at work until 3. You are not jealous of your husband. If you come home and find your husband having sex, you will quietly leave and go shopping." He hit send with a smile.

Next he entered Joe's name. "You will stay out until 3. If you come home and Elaine is out you will not worry. If you see her with Fred, you will not be jealous. It will seem normal, no matter what you see." He hit send again.

Now he brought up Elaine. He thought for a while. How did he want this to start? Larger tits? No, he decided to take her the first time unaltered, that way.

He began to type: "You are feeling horny and Fred has popped into your head. You have always found him attractive. If he comes over to your house, you will try to seduce him. You will not worry about your husband, you know he would approve. Once you start, you will follow Fred's wishes. Any sex act is fine with you; you will enjoy them all. His very touch will make you excited."

He grinned at that phrase, it had a real commanding and arrogant feel to it. Anything else? No, that should do.

He hit send.

Now, what reason did he have for going over? A tool? Not if Joe was out. How about food? Right, a cup of sugar, how cliché. Ah, ask her help with finding the kids partying in the wood. Claim one of them threw a bottle and....

Wait, why was he worrying? Make her do the work.

He typed again. "You are really interested in trying to get into Fred's pants. Figure out a reason to go over and talk to him. Convince him you need him in your home and bring him back. Seduce him."

He hit send, again, smiled, and shut down his computer.

A few minutes later, Elaine came across the street and called to him. "Fred, can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure, Elaine, what's up?"

He got up and walked over to the fence.

"Joe and the boys just left and I need a hand reaching something in the kitchen. I tried to get it myself, but the chair I was using slipped and I'm feeling a bit spooked."

"I know how that goes. I fell off a ladder and it took me a while before I was willing to climb one again. I'll be glad to help."

With that, he hopped the fence. Elaine looked a bit startled by the fact he jumped the fence, but smiled.

"Thanks, I appreciate this. I just forgot I needed this, what with getting the boys ready for the Ball game."

"Ball game?"

"Yeah, Joe decided they needed a day out, so he's taking them to the AA league game today. He claims it's the best baseball around."

The crossed the street and headed into her house.

"It's here in the kitchen. The light burned out this morning. It wasn't a real problem until just now, when the sun stopped coming through the window. I have a new bulb here."

He stood on the chair that was already in the kitchen and opened the fixture. She reached up and put a hand on his leg. He handed down the cover. She reached it over to the counter. As she did, she moved her hand to his crotch. It seemed casual, but she did not move it when she straightened up. He smiled at that and then again as he unscrewed the light bulb. It wasn't dead; Elaine had loosened it in its socket.

"Here's the old one. Hand me the new one, will you?"

She took the bulb and leaned to the counter to put it down and get the new one. As she moved, she slid her hand up and down on his crotch. Again, it seemed casual, but she did not stop when she handed him the new bulb. She started to squeeze him gently when he looked up to put in the light bulb. He felt himself get hard.

"If you don't watch it, I might fall of the chair," he warned.

"Don't worry. I'll catch you. I found a handle," she joked, grabbing his now firm cock.

"Well, hand me the cover and I'll be finished."

"I think I need a better grip."

As she said that, Elaine pulled down his sweats and took a grip on his cock. Her eyes got wide and she smiled up at him.

"What a nice handle. It looks big and firm, a bit more than I'm used to, but I'll cope."

With that she reached for the cover and handed it back to him. He looked up and started to put it back on.

"Um, thanks, Elaine, but I don't think Jenny or Joe would appreciate...."

He stopped in mid sentence, with the light cover almost on. Elaine had taken him into her mouth. He was sucking on the first few inches with her hand around the base.

"Oh, my," he said.

Elaine paused and took him out of her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled sexily.

"Are you going to be much longer?"

"Um, no, almost done," he said, finishing up on the light without looking. "In fact, I'm done. I, um, think I need some spotting to get down, though."

Elaine smiled up and reached up her hand to steady him as, with his sweats still down, Fred stepped down off the chair. Elaine kissed him once he was on the floor. Still holding his cock, she pushed him into the seat and sat straddling his lap. They were eye to eye.

"I really want to thank you for your help."

She leaned forward and kissed him. He took Elaine by the upper arm and pushed her away.

"Um, no problem," he tried to sound reluctant. "It was my pleasure."

"Well, how about sharing that pleasure?"

Elaine leaned forward and kissed him again. Working her hand up and down his cock, she moaned into his mouth. With her free hand she pulled one of Fred's hands off her arm and moved it to a tit. She pressed his hand to her chest and he felt her nipple come erect under his hand. She moaned again into his mouth.

He broke the kiss again and said, "I'm really don't think...."

"Please?" she asked, still massaging his dick and rubbing his hand to her tit.

"Are you sure?"

Elaine pulled his hand away from her tit. She reached down and lifted her top, exposing her bare breasts. She then took his had again and returned it to the now-bare tit.

"Oh, yes. I'm sure," she replied.

As she leaned forward for another kiss, he moved his other hand from her arm to her free tit. She moaned again as he started to massage with both hands.

Elaine broke the kiss, let go of his cock and hand, and took off her top. She then reached forward, grabbed his T-shirt and lifted it up to his armpits. He let go of her and lifted his arms, letting her remove his shirt, too. Once his shirt was off, he grabbed her and pulled her to him, pressing her crotch to his dick and her tits to his chest. Fred paused for a moment and then kissed her hard.

Elaine writhed and moaned in his arms. She dry humped her still-clad pussy against his cock, making them both hotter. Fred forced a hand between them and worked her pants open. The zipper would only go half way down in that position. He found that he could not reach into her pants in this position either.

With a moan of frustration, Elaine raised up and, without breaking the kiss, worked her pants off. She sat back down on his lap and hugged Fred tight. Now she was rubbing her blonde pussy into him. He broke the kiss again with a groan.

"We really shouldn't..."

"But it feels so right."

With that Elaine reached down and grabbed Fred's dick. She rubbed it against her slit to lube it up, then raised herself and, with a groan, impaled herself on him. Her groaning got louder as she raised herself up and dropped again, progressively taking more of him.

"Oh... My... God! This feels so damn good! Oh! Oh!" Elaine was getting loud. She grabbed his hands and pulled them to her boobs, shouting, "Oh, please, rub my tits!"

This was working out better than Fred had hoped. He dropped the reluctant act and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Elaine was going nuts on his lap. He had a real moaner on his hands here. As she got louder, he found himself responding. He was getting hotter and answering her.

"Oh, god, Elaine. Ride me. Ride me! RIDE ME!" he shouted in encouragement.

Moving his hands from her tits to her waist, Fred leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. She moaned again and wrapped her hands around his head, pulling him into her tit. Still moaning, she kissed the top of his head. Elaine drove her lower body against him.

Suddenly, Elaine pulled Fred away from her breast and hugged herself to him. With a gasp and a scream, she started coming. The feel of her cunt grasping him set Fred off too. He shot up into her, moaning loudly himself. He kissed her ear as they both came.

Suddenly, he felt her go slack in his arms. Fred eased Elaine back and looked at her. Her head sagged forward. She had passed out form the orgasm. He held her gently upright as he softened, kissing her gently.

After a minute or so, Elaine roused. She looked at Fred and smiled.

"That was great, Fred. I should have thought of that sooner. I don't think I've ever cum like that before."

"The pleasure was part mine, ma'am," he joked with a smile.

Fred slid forward on the chair and stood up. He pulled Elaine to her feet. He took her in her arms and kissed her. Still kissing her, he tried to finish getting his pants off. Elaine felt this and reached a hand to help. She broke the kiss long enough to help him with a grin.

They were both naked now and paused to look each other over. Elaine was impressed. Fred was in better shape than she had thought. She congratulated herself on this daring idea.

Fred liked what he saw, too. Tall, lean and blond, Elaine had a nice rack. Her pubic hair showed she was a true blond. She was in good shape with just some of the sags and marks of a woman out of her twenties. Considering she was in her late thirties with 2 kids, this was awesome. This was a great idea, he was glad he had it.

He stepped forward and took her in his arms. Fred kissed her again. As he kissed her, he slid his hands down to her ass. Elaine's ass felt as good as it had looked when he had seen her bent over gardening. He clutched her cheeks and pulled her tight to him. He willed himself hard and felt his dick rise. Elaine gasped and pulled away. She looked down and was amazed to see him erect. It wasn't like he was a teenager. He pulled her back into a hug, grinding his dick into her belly. With a groan, she broke the kiss.

"That looks so good, but I think I'm worn out."

"Don't worry, this time, I'll do the work," Fred said as he lifted her.

He carried her into the living room and set her on the coffee table he found there. He kissed her and forced her to lie back on the table. He lifted her legs by the knees and spread them, then used them to slide her toward him. He looked at the juices still flowing from her cunt and knew he wanted something different.

Fred lined himself up on her asshole and started to push.

"Oh, Christ! You're bigger than Joe. I'm not sure you'll fit."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, it will be fine. Just, please take it slow. I've never tried to take anything this big up my ass before."

Fred grinned to himself. He had really hit the jackpot with Elaine. She was willing and experienced. He didn't have to force her to do anything. Unbelievable!

"OK, Elaine. Tell me if I'm going too fast."

Fred pressed forward. He felt her rosebud open for him. God was she tight! He paused and pulled back.

"Do it, Fred. Do my ass."

He pressed forward again. Fred gripped her hips and held her as he slid into her. He pulled back and thrust slowly forward again, sliding in a bit further. He pulled back and pushed again, and again, until finally he was in her to the hilt. He savored the heat and the tightness of her bowels. "Oh, man, Elaine, you feel so good."

"You feel huge. God, I'm so stuffed! God, do it!"

With a groan, Fred pulled back and thrust slowly in to the hilt, again. Elaine responded with a groan of her own. As he started to thrust faster, her groaning became louder. As the thrusting became easier, he moved a hand to her crotch and took her clit between two fingers. He gently rubbed the area in rhythm with his thrusts.

Elaine reached for him and grabbed Fred by the upper arms. She pulled herself up until she could reach his chest. He moans became smothered as she sucked on his nipple. Fred changed his attack with his hands as he thrust deeply. He caught Elaine switching nipples and forced a shriek from her as she came.

He moved his hands to her tits. He practically was using them as handles as he squeezed them while thrusting into her, riding her through a massive orgasm. Once again, she seemed to pass out. Fred paused, making sure she was OK. As she roused, he resumed thrusting.

Elaine's legs had dropped, but now she locked her heels to his thighs and pulled herself on to him.

"Oh God, Please, cum! Finish in me. I want to feel you shoot in my ass!"

Elaine was practically screaming at him, begging him to cum. It was adding to his heat. Fred felt himself getting closer.

"Here it comes! I'm gonna do it!"

"Yes, cum for me! Do it! Please, cum in me!"

She was practically in tears now, begging for it. This did it for him and Fred felt the jism start to pour out.

"Here it comes! Oh, God. Take it, take it all! Oh yeah! Oh, God, cum with me!"

"Give it to me! Fill me! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Suddenly, Elaine was coming, matching his come. Forced to orgasm with him by his command, she started to thrash. Fred leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth as he shot into her darkest recess. He held her as she came down from her high. He felt himself getting soft and let it happen.

"Jesus, that was great! Thank you," he said, kissing her.

"It was pretty spectacular," Elaine agreed with a grin. "I think it not only thanked you for the light, but left me in your debt again."

"Think nothing of it! I, uh, really should be going though. Jenny is due home soon and I really don't want to have Joe walk in on me with my dick up your butt."

"No, that would be bad."

With a final kiss, they both got up and went into the kitchen. The kissed a bit more as they helped each other dress and then Fred headed for the door.

"Thanks again for fixing the light. Is there anything I can do for you."

"Sure. Come over some morning next week for a quicky," Fred joked.

"Alright, see you then," Elaine replied as she closed the door. Fred stood for a moment, flabbergasted on the doorstep. He then grinned to himself, turned and went home.