Slippery Slope - a Master PC story



It had been a long week. Fred Tollison was glad to see the end of it. If this kept up, he would have to do something about his boss. The long hours meant that he had only made love to Jenny once a night. Sure he could stand more, but their schedules were such that she couldn't be available for more. She had had a long week, too. Tonight, again, Jenny had gone to bed early.

As he sat musing, he glanced out the window. The girl across the street was heading out on a date. He smiled and the term "girl." She may have been a girl when they moved in, but now, at 20, she was a lovely young lady. Her mother was still pretty attractive, too.

He was mentally going over what he would improve on the mother and daughter when he noticed he had brought up the Master program again.

"No," he thought, "That's not right. I am a happily married man. It is OK to think about it, but I really am not going to act on it."

Pushing the thought of daughter and mother away, Fred connected to his ISP. He poked around a bit and decided to take a snoop at the Playboy binaries group again. Just like last time, the list of pictures had a bunch of familiar names, both recent and older, of women he had lusted after. This time the name that caught his eye was Thomas, Lynn Thomas. She was definitely one of his top 5.

He downloaded the picture. As he looked at the picture, Fred knew he wanted her. Medium height, a dark skinned Eurasian looking dancer with a great body and good-sized breasts. This picture looked more recent, so she must still be modeling. He might not have a chance with her, but what about another switch?

After all, it wasn't cheating if he was really screwing his wife, was it?

"Hmmm. How did I do that? I wonder...."

Once more he was saving the current version of his wife and modifying her. "Jenny, you will wake soon. Even though you do, you will not remember anything that happens between then and when you fall asleep again. When you wake you will only remember pleasant and erotic dreams."

He smiled as he remembered the side benefit of that command before.

"You will become exactly like Lynn Thomas, in looks shape, and attitude. The exception is that you are infatuated with Fred Tollison and will obey his wishes. You will take on Lynn's whole personality and behaviors. Fred is your boyfriend who you will do anything to please. Your coloring will change to match the makeup she was wearing in the photo shoot. You will come fully awake and aware as Lynn when Fred shakes you."

He looked at the spinning mannequin again and saw the 21-year-old dancer in his wife's camisole and panties. This gave him an idea.

"You will wake and get up. You will put on the new shoes. If needed, your feet will return to normal so that they will fit perfectly. You will come down stairs and try to entice me away from my computer. You will not notice or care what program I am running, you just want me now."

He hit send and quickly brought up a work-related file.

Within a minute, he heard heels on the steps. He did not turn as their sound approached him from behind.

"Fred, I'm lonely. Are you coming to bed soon?"

"In a bit," he replied, deliberately not turning.

"Please, honey? I really want to be with you," she said, pressing herself against his back and reaching around him. "I'll make it worth your while," she added, lightly running her nails across his chest.

"Oh? How?"

He smiled to himself and turned the chair. He nearly gasped in lust as he saw Lynn-Jenny before him. The aqua camisole set off her coloring perfectly and her legs looked magnificent from the effect of the heels. He looked into her almond shaped brown eyes and was lost. This was Lynn.

"I think I know how to start."

With that Lynn leaned forward, put her hands on his thighs and kissed him on the forehead. This showed her 36-D cleavage though the top of the camisole, nipples already pressing on the silk. Fred nearly lost it there. He reached up and fondled her as she moved down his face with little kisses. He lifted his face to meet her. They exchanged a long deep kiss.

As the kiss progressed, Lynn moved her feet toward him and shifted her hands to his chest. She broke the kiss with a mischievous grin. With a dancer's grace she lowered herself to her knees, sliding her hands down to Fred's crotch.

Lynn quickly worked open his pants and pulled at them. Fred lifted his butt a bit to help her, but let her do the work. She pulled his pants and briefs down to his knees and then to the floor.

His dick was like iron now as Lynn leaned forward again. She started to lick at it. Fred caressed her cheeks. After a minute or so of this, she started to take him into her mouth. He started to grab her hair, but caught himself. He moved his hands down inside her top, to her tits, cupping them and rubbing her nipples in his palms. Lynn moaned into his dick in response.

Lynn sucked him deep, fondling his balls and covering him with saliva. Fred felt his ass lift from the chair, thrusting into her mouth in response to her oral ministrations. He knew he had never had better, but this was not what he wanted tonight. Stopping her by lifting her head. He leaned down and kissed her. Standing up, he raised her to her feet. He leaned down and kissed her, the heels only making her a bit taller than Jenny's normal height.

As they kissed, Fred worked her panties down over her hips until they fell to the floor. He then worked the camisole up over her head, breaking the kiss to finally lift it free. As he lifted it above her head, he marveled as he long, thick black hair cascaded free.

Dropping the top on the floor next to them, Fred first hugged her and then lifted her into his arms. Lynn wrapped her legs around him at hip level, locking her ankles behind him. Without too much trouble, Fred managed to kick off his shoes and pants. Fred kissed her. She felt his dick rub against her entrance and moaned into his mouth. He carried Lynn into the down-stairs bathroom and set her on the wash stand.

Fred moved his hands around and fondled her tits, alternately squeezing them and playing with her nipples. He broke the kiss and started to kiss his way downward. He stopped at her neck to kiss and lick, driving her wild. As he moved down to her nipples, she sighed and leaned back against the mirror. Lynn ran her hands through his hair as she held him to her breast.

Soon, Fred pulled away from her and continued the journey down her front, kissing his way past her belly button. He soon reached her mound. He reached out with his tongue and licked her slit.

"Oh, Fred! That feels wonderful."

Fred lapped away, getting her wet and ready. When he felt her start to really squirm, he pulled away.

"Oh, god. Don't stop now!" Lynn cried.

"Stand up and turn around."

"I'm not sure I can."

"Sure you can," Fred said.

With that the lifted her down and set her on her feet. He kissed her and then turned her to face the mirror.

"Lift your leg and put your knee on the sink," he demanded.

Lynn did as he asked.

Fred lined himself up with her waiting slit with one hand and held her hip with the other. He slowly worked the first inch into her. He stopped for a moment. With an animal groan, he thrust the rest of the way into her. Fred pulled out and then thrust into her again. He worked into a hard fast rhythm. Once he settled into that rhythm, he moved his hands from Lynn's hips up and around her to her breasts. He cupped his hands over them, squashing them back against her chest. He moved them in circles, his palms rubbing her nipples.

He watched his hands and her face in the mirror. As he thrust, he watched her approach the orgasm that he had denied her when he stood her up. She got more and more excited until, with a squeal, she shuddered and came.

Fred continued to pump through her orgasm. Watching her thrash her head from side to side. As she started to come down, he let go of her with one hand and reached down her body. Still pumping, he pinched her clit and then stroked it with his right hand. This set Lynn off again and Fred followed her quickly.

With a final thrust he shot into her. Fred drove in as he felt the spasms start. He lifted her higher as he came, straightening his legs and arching his back. He gripped her tightly to him, once again crushing her large tits against her chest. As the second spasm hit, he pushed harder into her. They stayed locked together as they both finished cumming. As the orgasm ended, Fred came down off his toes and eased Lynn back onto the washstand and her foot.

Lynn smiled at him in the mirror. It was a very satisfied smile.

"Oh, Fred! That was a hell of an idea. What an orgasm."

"It was great wasn't it?"

"Yes," Lynn replied, "but I'm wiped out. I'm not sure I can move."

"Maybe I can help," Fred said, willing himself hard again.

"Is that for me?" She smiled.

"You bet!" He smiled back as he rose up into her.

He started rubbing her chest again, making her nipples hard.

"God, Fred, I don't think I can come again."

Fred grinned and reached around her.

"I'll find a way to make do."

He picked up the hand lotion from the sink and leaned back. He pulled most of the way out of her, leaving his tip inside her. Sliding his left hand around from her tit to her lower back. One handed, Fred opened the flip-top on the hand lotion, and squirted some into the crack of her ass.

"Eek! That's cold! What are you doing?"

"Relax, you are going to love this," Fred told her.

He shifted his hand down her back and worked the lotion into her rosebud with his thumb. As he felt her open, he thrust into her cunt. Lynn moaned and lowered her head. Pulling back, Fred squeezed out more lotion and worked it into her ass.

He thrust again and pulled all of the way out. He pulled his thumb out and used his hand to position his dick at her darkest recess. Leaning forward to kiss her neck, he pressed his cock into her. He felt the head pop past the ring of her sphincter and paused. The heat was intense. Lynn raised her head and looked at him in the mirror. Wonder in her eyes.

"You're so big. I thought it would hurt, but it feels great."

"I thought you would," he said smugly. "You might even cum from it."

In saying it, he knew it was true. He squirted more hand lotion on his dick. Pushing again he eased another inch of his dick up her ass. He pulled back and eased forward again, gaining more depth. The lotion was helping and Lynn's ass was easing open. His thrusts were faster and deeper. Soon he was thrusting deep and slow into her.

He moved his hands back around to her tits. He squeezed them and cupped them. As he thrust faster he moved his hands to start pulling on her nipples, starting a milking like motion. He watched in the mirror as the heat rose in her. The sight drove him into a frenzy, dropping her tits, he grabbed her hips and thrust harder.

As he watched, he realized that he was making her cum again. He grunted as he thrust, trying to match her. As he started grunting, she started a monotone chant, slowly rising in tone.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!"

Suddenly she threw her head back and screamed. With a will he thrust into her, spewing her bowels with his seed. Twisting his hips, he tried to reach deeper as he spurt. Lynn lowered her head and started to come down from her high.

"Wow, it never was that good before."

"Oh, you enjoyed that?" he asked.

"It was great, but it sure wore me out. How about you, was that more fun than that computer?"

She grinned at him and squeezed her butt, grabbing at his softening member.

"Better watch out, you might start it up again," he joked.

"Oh, no!" she said in pretended horror. "I'm not sure I could live through that."

He laughed as his softened cock slid out of her ass. He lifted her down from the washstand, since she didn't seem to have the strength to do it herself. She turned in his arms and kissed him.

"I'm headed for bed. Care to join me?"

"I have to use the bathroom. I'll be up in a few." Fred replied.

"I'd have thought you had used it enough for one night!" Lynn teased.

"Funny. Just give me a minute."

"OK," Lynn-Jenny answered, "see you upstairs."

She laughed as she moved out of the bathroom and headed upstairs. Fred waited a minute and then moved into the office. He brought up the Master program and saved Jenny's "Lynn" configuration. He wanted to see her again.

He went back into the bathroom, flushed the toilet to cover himself. He then followed his wife upstairs and joined her in bed.