Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


Fred Tollison had watched his wife, Jenny, get up that morning. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She moved around the house performing her normal routine. Then as she was heading out the door, she turned to him.

"Honey, I don't know why, but I had the wildest dream. I am not sure what went on, but it really left me turned on. I'll probably be thinking about it all day," Jenny laughed. "Why don't you cut out early and we can make a new dream to get this one out of my head."

Fred nearly choked, but got out a mumbled "Sure thing, honey."

He thought about it all day.

He thought of a way to make it better and turned to his laptop. He brought up the Master program and entered Jenny's name.

He typed in some new instructions: "You will go out and buy some shoes with 4 inch spike heels. When your husband is due home, you will be in the kitchen wearing loose pants and a sweater over something sexy. You will not have panties on. You will be wearing your new shoes. As you are dressing your tits will swell another cup size. They will stay that way until you fall asleep. When you hear your husband you will just say hi and continue working on dinner. When he touches you, you will become hot for him. You will putt down what you are doing and react to his wishes. You will start getting wet and ready for him when he touches you. You will notice none of this as out of the ordinary."

Fred hit send, wrapped up for the day and called home to warn his wife he was on his way.

Fred came through the door fast.

"Hey, Lucy, I'm home!"

"I'm in the kitchen, honey," came her reply.

He smiled as he went up the steps.

Fred's smile got larger as he saw her. Jenny had his back to him. She was working at the sink, dressed as he had ordered. The sweater and painters pants moving as she did, hinting at her body, the heels making her nearly as tall as him.

He came up behind her and hugged her from behind. Jenny shivered and put down the handful of beans she was washing and started to turn. He slid his hands up and cupped her breasts, stopping her turn. Fred pressed his hardening cock into her backside, and kissed her neck.

Jenny purred and pressed back, sliding her still clad cheeks across his straining pants. Fred groaned, loving the feel of Jenny's sweater covered tits in his hands and her butt on his crotch. He slid his hands down to her waist and up under her sweater. He noticed the feel of silk on her waist, but quickly reached her newly larger, bare tits.

Fred contented himself with kissing her neck, thrusting against her but and fondling her tits for a while. Soon, though, he needed more.

"Drop your pants," he whispered in her ear. "Now!"

She dropped her hands to her waist and undid her button and zipper. Jenny pulled away from him a bit and twisted as she pushed her pants over her hips and pushed them down her legs until they dropped to pool around her feet.

Fred lifted her sweater over her head and threw it out of the kitchen. He then lifted her up and set her on the edge of the sink. He looked at her and liked what he saw. Her lean body with the 34-D tits was really getting him hard. The cincher and stockings just set her looks off perfectly.

With a groan, he reached down with one hand and undid his pants. Pulling his pants and his underwear down, his newly freed cock pointed at his wife's crotch. He moved toward her, not bothering with removing any more of his clothes. As he hugged her to him, steadying her, Jenny used her hands to lift her spread knees. Her new heels pointing out, she was ready for him.

Fred did not make her wait. He quickly lined up and inserted his cock into her. Jenny moaned in satisfaction as he pushed into her. In a few quick strokes he was in to the max.

"Thank God I wasn't at the stove," Jenny managed to pant between thrusts. Fred laughed and flicked her nipples. He leaned back a bit and thrust faster. Soon, Jenny was starting to flush and pant harder, grabbing at him and shaking her head from side to side. Suddenly she wrapped him in her arms and legs and held him close, coming on his hard dick.

As the climax passed she eased her grip and started breathing again.

"What can I do for you?" Jenny asked.

Fred thought for a moment. He eased his still hard cock out of her.

"How about you get down on the floor and press me between those tits of yours? Maybe suck on the end of my cock, too?"

"You bet!" Jenny replied.

She hopped down to the floor and dropped to her knees. She took the tip of his dick into her mouth and started sucking on it like a lollypop. She then pushed her tits together and started to caress his balls and the base of his shaft with them. She bobbed her head with a will.

Fred soon groaned, "I'm gonna cum! Let me cum on your face and tits like a porn movie," he gasped.

With a smile, Jenny leaned back and took his dick in her hand. She gave it the last few strokes he needed to get over the edge.

Fred came in buckets. He sprayed his first 2 shots into her face, only a bit catching her waiting mouth. The other 3 shots hit her neck and chest, pooling on her tits.

He sighed and leaned sideways onto the counter. Jenny smiled up at him and reached for a towel. Fred reached down and stopped her.

"No, honey. Please leave it there until after dinner."

"OK, dear," she replied.

He got hard again, but decided to wait. He helped her finish with the cooking and thought about how he would use her next. He could hardly wait.