Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


"This is really working," Fred Tollison thought as he spent a lazy Sunday evening at home. In the week and a bit since he had gotten the Master program, his life had really improved. His wife was looking and feeling better than ever. He was feeling better than ever; the bruises and bangs from yesterday's Hockey game were already a thing of the past. His sex life was great - he had made love to his wife twice today. Jenny had fallen asleep early after the exercise.

But Fred was feeling restless. As he surfed the channels he paused at the USA movie. The actress looked a bit like his neighbor, Elaine Alder. She was tall and blond, with a good body. Elaine was one of the neighbors that he was only on "wave hello" relations with. She hardly seemed old enough to have 2 teen-aged boys.

Fred had his laptop out and booted when he realized what he was doing. He stopped himself. What was he thinking? He was firmly committed and monogamous. She was married. What the hell was he thinking?

What the hell, it was out anyway. Fred plugged in the modem and connected to his ISP. He poked around a bit and decided to take a snoop at the Playboy binaries group. In the list of pictures, he saw a bunch of names, both recent and older, of women he had lusted after. One name in particular leapt out at him, Soares. Alana Soares. She was not his favorite playmate, but she was in his top 10.

He downloaded the picture. As he looked at the picture, Fred thought that there might be prettier playmates, but this lady always looked like she would have been fun in bed. Short, well rounded, an athlete with large proud Double-D tits. He smiled and thought that he might have known for sure if he had had the Master program back then. He might even try it now, if he had a chance... and wasn't married to Jenny.

But is it cheating if he was really screwing his wife?

"Hmmm. I wonder...."

He saved off the picture and shutdown the connection. Soon he was seeing the familiar greeting. At the prompt he entered Jenny's name. The mannequin spun on the screen, showing his improved wife, asleep and wearing only her flannel nightshirt. He smiled at the sleepwear as he saved off her current form. He was really enjoying it and was looking forward to enjoying it more.

Now to play. "Jenny, you will sleep until I shake you. You will not remember anything that happens tonight. When you wake you will only remember pleasant and erotic dreams."

"You will become exactly like Alana Soares, in looks shape, and attitude. The exception is that you are infatuated with Fred Tollison and will obey his wishes."

He looked at the spinning mannequin and shook his head with a start. Who the heck was this? Then he realized. The rather dumpy, round-faced woman on the screen was the image of the playmate as she now was.

"Oh, that is not a happenin' thing," he grinned.

He started typing again. "You will change to become like Alana Soares as she was when she posed for Playboy magazine. You will take on her whole personality and behaviors. Fred is your boyfriend who you will do anything to please. Your coloring will change to match the makeup she was wearing in the photo shoot. You will come fully awake and aware as Alana when Fred shakes you."

He looked at the spinning mannequin again and saw the 18-year-old cheerleader in his wife's nightshirt.

"Without waking, you will take off the nightshirt and drop it next to the bed."

Fred looked over and now saw that the spinning form was an exact match to the picture he had just downloaded. He quickly shut down the PC and headed upstairs.

He came into the bedroom slowly. Fred gently sat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath. He drew back the blanket. He gasped. It was true. The match was perfect. She was naked and gorgeous and here.

He reached out to shake her and thought the better of it. He leaned down and gently kissed her forehead.

"Jenny? Wake up honey."

The woman on the bed opened her eyes and stretched.

"Oh, honey. Have you been drinking again? I'm Alana."

The woman on the bed then sat up and grabbed him around the chest, giggling as she pressed her massive breast to him. Fred smiled to himself and hugged her back.

"Sorry, sweety. I was reading and I guess I was seeing the Heroine as you. I just said the wrong thing."

"As long as it's me you are hugging, its OK. Just don't make a habit of it," Jenny-Alana said in a mock serious tone.

"Don't you worry, Alana," Fred replied. "You have my full attention."

He pulled her close and reached down to kiss her. He was amazed. For such a full figured woman, she was so small. The hips and chest looked a lot bigger on a 5 foot 1 woman. His arms seemed to wrap around her twice.

They continued to kiss for a while, the heat slowly rising.

"Just a second, dear. Let me get out of these clothes," he said as he pulled away and stood up.

He quickly shed his clothes. As he dropped his sweats and underwear, he heard a gasp. He looked around to the source. Alana-Jenny was staring wide-eyed at his hard manhood, hand to her mouth.

"Like what you see? You are responsible for this, you know," he joked.

"I didn't realize. It looks so big!"

He was a bit confused by the response, but he sat back on the bed. Taking her into his arms again, Fred started kissing her. Moving to her brow and her ears. She responded to his kisses with kisses of her own and moans.

He worked his way down to include her neck in his kisses. His hands caressed her back. Alana (as he now thought of her) thrashed her head and moaned again as he moved lower. Fred kissed his way across her upper chest to her left tit. Here he interspersed licking with the kisses as he circled ever closer to her nipple. The large aureole tightened as her nipple became more erect. When Fred took the nipple in his mouth, she let out a low, hungry moan.

As she gripped his hair, Fred moved to the other nipple. His attention there soon was rewarded by another moan. Made bold by her reaction, Fred moved to the center of her chest and pressed her boobs together. He began to tongue and suck, trying to get both nipples in his mouth at once. Alana started thrashing on the bed.

"My god, she is coming just from having her tits sucked. This is great!" Fred thought. This gave him an idea.

Sliding them both down on the bed, Fred went back to kissing Alana's nipples. Soon she was writhing in pleasure again. His attentions had gotten her cleavage wet with his saliva. He deliberately dribbled a bit more now.

Rising up. Fred straddled Alana's lower chest. This put his dick square between her tits. He reached up and pulled in a couple of pillows, raising her head so she could see what was going on. He then took her nipples in his hands, gently grabbing each with a finger and thumb and pushed them together to rub against the shaft of his prick. He started to rock back and forth, stimulating both her nipples and himself.

After a few minutes, Fred let go. He reached out and took Alana's hands and brought them in until she was cupping her own tits. He guided her to push them together, with the nipples pointing back in. He put his hands on hers and increased the tightness holding his dick.

"This feels great," he said as he thrust against her.

She watched, slightly awed, as his head appeared and disappeared in the cavern between her mounds. As his thrusts sped up, she became more excited herself. As Fred neared his peak, he was thrusting long and hard in the pressed together boobs. Suddenly, Alana opened her mouth and leaned forward, catching the tip as it appeared again. The next time he thrust, he gasped, let go of her hands and grabbed her head. He held still with just the head in and started to come.

Alana was surprised by the eruption and pulled back. Fred's next spasm shot a stream of cum across her face. As he peaked, he settled back, shooting the next bit onto her chin and, finally, several small spurts into the depression at the base of her neck.

As Fred recovered, he admired the "pearl necklace" he had just given her. He suddenly realized she was looking at him in shock and awe.

"It sure was a lot, but you really inspired me," Fred told her. "You probably should clean that up before it dries on. It should be a tasty treat," he added.

On hearing that, Alana took a finger to her face and collected the cum there. She stuck her finger in her mouth and suddenly got a look of pleasure. She quickly scooped the rest of his jism up and licked it off her hand. He smiled as he watched.

As she was finishing her clean up, he shifted next to her on the bed. He kissed her brow and cheek as he fondled her breasts. When she had cleaned herself, she raised her lips to him. He kissed her deeply, tasting his own cum. His hand left her breast and moved down her body. Fred's hand reached her bush and he massaged her pubes. She moaned again. He worked his hand down further to her slit. On finding that she was already wet, he started massaging between her legs. Alana started to buck.

Fred shifted again until he was above her. He looked down at her and kissed her. He then started to kiss his way down her body, stopping again, for a moment, at her tits and then moving down her belly. He paused again at her belly button, giving it a bit of loving attention. He then resumed his trek, moving his body between her legs and placing his face in her cunt.

As he started to lick, he looked up from between her legs at her heaving boobs and her lust filled beautiful, young face. Fred knew he was in heaven now. As he gently started in on his work, he reached up and fondled her breasts, forcing her legs upward, as well. Alana seemed to like the gentle stimulation more than Jenny normally did. Usually, Jenny would demand rougher more intense treatment. Alana seemed to prefer a more gentle approach. As he continued, she slowly continued to build, approaching her peak in a quiet regular way until, suddenly, it was on her. Thrashing and arching her back, she started cumming hard.

He worked her through her orgasm, causing a second and third in close order. When she pushed him away, he moved back up her body, kissing belly, chest and tits in a reverse of his decent. He was hard again and was ready to taste another treat. As Fred's face came even with hers, he reached down and lifted Alana's thighs, separating them and sliding his elbows around her knees. Her flexibility amazed him as, unintentionally, he practically bent her double.

Easing up a bit, he lined his cock up on her slit. He slid up and down her entrance, lubricating the tip. He then slowly started to push into Alana.

Or he tried to. She was so tight that he couldn't seem to do it. Fred pulled back a bit and used some saliva to spread the lubrication. He then used his hand to line up his attack. This worked and he started to enter her. He was hardly started when he ran into another problem.

"What the.... Are you a virgin?"

"Yes," she said shyly, "but I want you."

Well, imagine that, he thought. I get to play Captain Kirk again. Not quite what I expected, but I am not complaining.

Before he started pushing again, he looked into her eyes and told her, "This will not hurt. It will sting, but then you will enjoy it more than anything you have done before. It will make the last orgasms pale in comparison."

She nodded at this and looked trustingly up at him.

Fred leaned down and kissed her as he pushed forward. He felt her gasp as her maidenhead tore. He popped through and paused for a moment.

"All right?" he asked Alana.

When she nodded, he pulled out a bit and worked his way in a bit more. She was tight, he had to twist a bit as he worked his way in and out. Eventually Fred was all the way in. He paused for a moment, savoring the feeling. Alana reached up and kissed his chest. He responded by leaning down and kissing her mouth as he started to stroke in and out of her newly opened womanhood.

As he thrust, he sped up. He shifted a bit, releasing Alana's legs. She wrapped them around his waist with her heels in the small of his back. She pulled him in, but, realizing the he was in charge, did not interfere with his stroke. He raised himself to the full reach of his arms and started to pound into her. Fred looked down and watched in awe as her nipples moved in circles. She was so tight that she followed his thrusts and withdrawals, flinging her tits along with the movement.

Suddenly, Alana clenched in orgasm. Her pussy grabbed him so tightly that he could not move. He edged back and forth, feeling the skin on his cock slide back and forth as he tried to continue his thrusting. As she eased, Fred was able to make longer strokes.

He leaned down to kiss her again. She grabbed him around the shoulders and pulled herself up into him. Alana kissed him long and hard.

As she started to relax, Fred disengaged from her hug. He leaned down further and took a nipple into his mouth. She arched her back and presented her chest to make his access easier. He shifted to the other nipple. He then eased himself down onto her, still thrusting into her, and once again, took both nipples into his mouth and sucked.

Alana started thrashing again, calling out, moaning and begging him to make her come again. He worked to oblige her as he worked toward his own peak. He felt himself reach the edge when Alana orgasmed again.

Fred felt himself try to spurt, but Alana was so tight, he could feel it back up. When she eased up a little, he gushed into her, filling her to overflowing. His seed ran down her crack, joining the juices already there. He smiled and kissed her.

"I hope that was satisfactory," he joked.

Alana burst into tears. "It was wonderful. The most spectacular thing I have ever done," the teen replied through her tears.

Fred lowered himself, resting on top of her. He took her in his arms and hugged her and kissed her gently. He held her while he softened, his prick slowly being expelled from her. Eventually Alana calmed down and started to return his kisses.

"I was a bit surprised," he said. "I would have thought that after you were in Playboy, you would have made love before."

"Oh, but I just had a test shoot. I thought you knew that," Alana replied. "And as to the other. Well I just hadn't met the right guy yet. I sure have now," she said, giving him a squeeze with her cunt.

Fred laughed, pulled the rest of the way out and rolled over, next to her. He lay on his side admiring her, his hand lazily caressing her.

"You are alright. There is no pain." He said, telling her, not asking.

"Oh, yes," Alana, sighed.

"Are you ready to try again?"

Oh, yes," she repeated. "Ready when you are."

Alana rolled on her side, facing him. She pressed her breasts against his chest, hugging him tightly to her with her upper arm. Fred kissed her hard and hugged back. She worked her free hand down to caress his manhood. What she found startled her.

"Are you ready for more already?"

Having used his new abilities, Fred grinned and replied, "Oh, yes!"

"Great! I really love this!" she laughed.

Alana pushed him over onto his back and straddled his waist. She reached down and found his cock with one hand and her slit with the other. Spreading herself, she lowered herself toward him. She brought herself into contact with his tip. She then slid him back and forth, teasing him around her opening and rubbing him onto her clit.

He groaned and reached for her, grabbing her by her wide hips. He was amazed at how thin she was, considering her width. He lifted himself and started licking at her nipples. He was careful not to push her down, letting her set the pace, but he wanted to spend more time on her lovely tits.

With a groan of lust, she lowered herself onto him. Alana slid the first inch in but seemed to stop. She lifted up and was starting to thrust, gaining a bit each time. Fred was a bit dubious, due to her tightness. He dropped back on the bed to try to make the angle better for her. He was afraid that in her excitement, she was trying too hard with too little lubrication. He was starting to worry about injury, when with a grunt, she dropped her full weight onto him and speared herself fully. He was in her to the hilt.

Alana groaned in ecstasy. She threw her head back and shook. Fred realized that she was cumming already!

Fred lifted himself again and cupped her breasts. He took first one and then the other nipple into his mouth. Alana moaned and started to lift herself. When she had only his tip still in, she plunged down again. She repeated the motion, adding a twist as she went.

Lost in his suckling, Fred let her do the work, this time. He continued to kiss and suck her tits, the glorious mounds that had caught his eye. He was in heaven.

As Alana continued, Fred felt his excitement grow. Still letting her do it all, he fell back to the bed. Reaching up to support her tits, he marveled at her supple movements as she rode him. This was so great! He moved his hands down to her thighs, feeling the muscles that supported her as she slid up and down his shaft. He watched her throw her head back and forth as her excitement gripped her, flinging her long, thick, black hair from side to side.

The tide was rising, soon to peak. Fred raised himself up again and took her nipple back into her mouth. As he sucked again, Alana reached her peak. She shuddered, grabbing his head and pressing his face to her chest. She let go of him as she arched her back and screamed out her orgasm.

Fred fell back and watched in awe as she then doubled forward. She clenched in and shuddered again. Alana's hands were in fists, her forearms held tight to her chest as she twisted and shook.

That did it for him, Fred grabbed her hips and shot up into her. Clutching her to him, groin to groin as he shot again and again, setting off another orgasm in Alana.

Eventually, all too soon, they calmed. Alana first fell forward onto him and then rolled to his left. He held her for a moment and then Fred leaned over and kissed her forehead. He reached across and tilted her head up, kissing her on the lips.

"Sleep, now. We will have other times," Fred said, and kissed her again.

Once Alana-Jenny had drifted to sleep, he went downstairs, got on the PC, and saved her settings so that he could keep that promise. He regretted leaving her, but he had to get this done before she woke up and returned to being just Jenny.

He would have her again. After all, it wasn't really cheating, was it?