Slippery Slope - a Master PC story



Fred Tollison dragged himself into the house. His wife met him at the top of the stairs with a quick hug and a kiss.

"Hard practice?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah," he grinned ruefully, "you miss a couple of day's work out and the practices play hell with your jet lag. Wait, that's not what I meant, reverse that, the jet lag plays hell with you practices."

"Why don't you hop in the hot tub? I'll grab a beer and join you in a few minutes."

"Great," he said as he headed up the stairs to the top floor. "That sounds perfect."

As Fred sat in the spa waiting for his wife, he thought about last night. That was amazing. It was damn near perfect. He started to think of ways to make it better. He had a bit of a list going when Jenny showed up with the beer.

Jenny's new body looked great in the swimsuit. After letting the heat soak some of the pain from his tired body, he slid over to her side. He started caressing her and giving her pecks on the cheek and neck as his hands drifted down her front.

"That feels great, dear, but I'm a bit sore. Can I give you a rain-check?"

Fred laughed. "Don't worry about it. I'm exhausted. You know how a good practice revs me up, but I probably couldn't keep the promises my hormones want to make. I want you, but I would probably fall asleep in the middle of things."

"Poor baby."

They sat for a while longer, chatting and laughing for a bit. Fred was mentally adding changes he would make in the back of his head. Eventually, they got out and got changed.

Jenny had some errands to run. Once she left the house, Fred got out his laptop and booted it up. He started the Master program and brought up his file. Entering the password to unlock it.

"Now, what to do? Well, first, take care of the old body." he said. "Aside from the exhaustion and pain, what is bugging me?"

Fred typed in: "You feel great. Your face stays the same, but you have the body and recovery of a 25 year old."

"Hmm. Well I didn't get my full growth until then, but is that what I want? No, I want better."

He erased what he had written, and started again: "You feel great. Your body fat will convert to muscle, until you are down to 8% body fat. The damage from the concussions is healed. You will have a photographic memory and your IQ is up 20 points. You are in the same shape as when you were 32. You will stay at that level. You will no longer age."

The year we won the state tournament. That was about the best shape I was ever in, he thought. What else?

He continued: "You have amazing recovery and healing. What took 1 day at 20, now takes 1 hour."

OK, so that will take care of how I feel now. What else? A bigger cock? No, I'm satisfied and so is Jenny. Any bigger and there might be problems. Ah, but control of that recovery....

He typed: "You can control your sexual recovery. If you want you can be ready to fuck immediately after orgasm. You can delay orgasm, too if you want. All of your orgasms will have the same ejaculation as if you had not come in 2 days. Any sleep missed due to fucking will not count, in fact, fucking will replace sleep for what your body needs."

That should add to the fun, he thought. Anything else? Yes, I should probably do something about appearance. What would I like?

He went on: "Your body will look younger, you will be just short of a body builder in terms of cuts. You will not have to exercise to maintain it. Your face will not change from current, but you will never have to shave or trim your hair again. Also, your eyes are at the best they can be. When you take off your contacts, they will correct to 20/15 and will lose any astigmatism."

That looks about right, no more shaving, haircuts or contacts. He paused for a moment. Do I really want all this? Pause. You bet! And he hit send.

Suddenly Fred felt his body shift and change.

"OK," he said to himself, "lets save this off and re-lock it." He then saved the shape and put the password back on to protect himself.

"Now, what else do I want for Jenny," he said as he typed in her name. "What did she look like when we met? Yeah, that will do, with a few modifications.

"First, what is she wearing?"

He looked at the mannequin. She seemed to be wearing sweats and a sweater. That matched his memory. Was she wearing a bra? Yes, so he would wait on more changes there. Now to implement the changes he had already planned.

He typed: "When you get back to the car, these changes will take place. You will return to having the 34-23-34 measurements that you had in college. Your weight will be about 120, so you keep the rounding and the bit extra in the face to smooth out the planes of your body and face. You may end up a bit heavier answering that, but you will have a reasonable body fat ratio. The exception is that your tits will stay at a large C, low D size when this happens. Your butt will retain the bubble shape that you had then, with a slight pear shape. You will not have to exercise to maintain this."

She should probably have the same recovery I have. That way I won't need any more rain checks, he smirked.

He continued: "You have amazing recovery and healing. What took 1 day at 20 now takes 1 hour. Your hair will stay the same, but the color will not change. You will not age. When you wake up in the morning your eyes will be perfect. This will seem normal."

And now for those hot tub thoughts: "You do not mind the thought of anal probing. In fact, when I try to perform anal manipulation, you will slowly realize that you want to be butt fucked. Eventually you will beg for it. Your ass will be tight, but will accept my dick and you will even orgasm from butt fucking."

Crude, but about what I want, Fred thought. And I do not want to hurt her, so this should cover it. Now, is this what I want for my wife? Hell, I have wanted this from lovers for years. Except for Lori, no lover had even been willing to try anal sex with me. She was willing, but we just never got it to work. One last thing was needed, though.

"You will not notice these changes or any changes in your husband," he typed.

He hit send. He watched as Jenny lost weight through her hips and waist, which made her new tits look even bigger. His wife was even better, and she would not age. And soon, she would be home.

He had just shut down the PC when he heard the car in the drive. Fred walked out of the house to meet his wife. He stumbled a bit when he saw the changed in person. His wife was gorgeous.

"Hey, Jen, need any help?"

"Sure," she replied. "I have a couple of more bags in the car. Can you grab them?"

"No problem," he replied. He grabbed the last 3 bags and carried them in.

They chatted for a while as they made and ate a light dinner. There wasn't much on the tube, but they decided to re-watch a romantic movie on the network. As the movie progressed, they moved together and cuddled on the couch.

"Are you interested in this?" Fred asked.

"No, not really. Why?" Jenny asked with a grin.

"How about that rain-check?"

"Why, yes that sounds like an idea," she replied as she leaned in for a kiss. "Race you!"

With a laugh, she bolted from the room, headed toward the bedroom. Fred let out a whoop and followed. When he got there, Jenny was shedding clothes with a will. She threw back the covers and dove into the bed, pulling up the sheet.

She looked at him shyly and said, "Is there a problem? Are you going to need help in bed?"

He laughed as he stripped and joined her in the bed.

"I do love you," he said as he started to kiss and caress her. "Hmm, what have we here? Is it a strawberry?"

"Why don't you taste it?

"Mmmm, yes that's great," she said as he sucked on her right nipple. "And that feels better!" she said as his had found her cunt.

Suddenly, Jenny pushed him over onto his back. She showered him with kisses and worked her way down his body. When she got to his crotch, she took him into her mouth without hesitating. Her head bobbed up and down and her hand stroked his shaft.

Fred watched for a while, running his had over her ass and tits, enjoying the show and the sensations. But, soon he wanted more. Grabbing her ass, he urged Jenny to rotate around. He positioned her with her cunt over his face. He reached back and pulled in pillows to support his head. This brought his tongue into the range he wanted.

He attacked her pussy, loving the taste of it. Fred licked her slit with passion, tasting and spreading her juices. He was loving this as much as she was and started to work to see if he could get her off from this before she got him off with the blowjob. He moved his attack down to her clit and started to lick and suck away.

Fred next brought his hand up and started to finger her slit. After a bit of teasing, he slid first 1 then 2 fingers into her. This really worked. She started to groan and shake, taking him in more deeply as she started to have trouble supporting herself. After minutes of this, Jenny suddenly lifted her head, grabbing his dick and stroking it, she let out a groan and gasp and started begging him to both stop and keep going.

When it got too much, she twisted herself off his face and reversed herself. Leaning half on him half on his left, Jenny showered Fred's face with kisses and squirmed against him. Taking charge again, he shifted her to his right and slid her down his body. Once his dick was lined up, Fred slid into Jenny's cunt. She gasped at the intrusion and worked her knees under her.

Once on her knees, Jenny rose up, put her hands on his chest, and started to slide all the way down Fred's cock. With a sigh, she reached bottom. She twisted and rose up, leaving just the tip of his member between her lips, paused and slid back down. She repeated this. And again, speeding up slightly. As she did this, she started to knead his chest muscles. Soon she was bouncing away on him and Fred was going nuts.

Fred grabbed her hips and started thrusting in time with her bounces. Jenny felt him go deeper and started to have another orgasm. As it hit her, she collapsed on to him. Fred was getting close, so he moved his hands to her ass and started to drive up in to her, pulling Jenny to him and pistonning deep into her cunt.

Testing yet another of his changes, he slid his hand over and inserted a finger into her ass. Jenny went nuts, this time. She started bouncing and shuddering. She cried out in pleasure as she felt the double penetration. She came again, hard.

This final orgasm sent pulses though her pussy, pulling Fred over the edge. He came into her, arching her back and lifting her while trying to penetrate more deeply. Blasting away though 4 or 5 spasms, he finally came down from his high.

Fred felt himself softening. He was not done yet. He pulled his finger out of Jenny's asshole and caressed her hips. He moved his hands a bit and concentrated on recovery. Soon, he was hardening up again and his caresses became a grip that slid Jenny up and down his raising manhood.

A simple repeat was not what he had in mind, though. As the stimulation in her cunt revived Jenny, he slid out of her. She whimpered at the loss of him. Fred shifted out from under her, but left her on her knees. He positioned her on the bed so that he could see them both in the mirror and moved behind her. He grabbed her hips and slid his dick back into Jenny's cunt. With a moan, she raised up on her hands and pushed back at him.

Fred looked at the sight in the mirror, watching as he fucked his wife doggie style. He plunged in with a will. Fred reached around Jenny to fondle her tits as he pounded into her. The couple in the mirror was driving him to new heights.

"This is so fucking hot!" he thought.

Fred leaned forward and kissed her neck. He pulled her tits into her clutching her to him. Straightening up again, he thrust forward while pulling on her hips. He felt himself go deeper. He felt his dick hit Jenny's cervix. Jenny reared up and then folded forward having another orgasm.

As Jenny went into orgasm again, she yelled, "Pull it out! I want to feel you in my butt. Please, Fred, fuck me in the ass!"

Fred can hardly believe this. He paused for a moment.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Oh, God, please do it now!" Jenny cried.

Fred pulled out of her. He looked down and realized that there was probably enough of her juices on his cock to do this. To be sure, though, he leaned down and dribbled a bit of spit into her rosebud. He worked that in with a finger and added some more.

Feeling that he would probably not hurt her, he out his tip against Jenny's anus. With a gentle thrust, Fred started to penetrate her bowels. With a sudden pop, the head was in. He paused for a moment to let her adjust. He then pressed on, feeling sensations he had only imagined. Her sphincter gripped him tighter than any pussy had.

Fred pulled out a bit and pushed in again. He slid further until he felt his hips on Jenny's ass. The feeling was intense. This was what he had hoped for. Fred eased out and back in.

"Play with yourself," he commanded.

Jenny reached back with one hand, still supporting herself with the other, and started to tease her clit. Fred was plunging into her darkest passage now. Jenny was really hot and he was getting there himself. Once again he reached around and fondled her tits. Pounding away, he pulled her up onto her knees. She turned her head and he kissed her, trying to reach her mouth. The position was awkward, so he leaned forward, returning Jenny to supporting herself on one hand.

"Oh, God! This is so great. I always thought this would hurt, but I think I'm gonna cum again!"

He slid in and out, reveling in the feel of her ass hole and the shape of her boobs in his hands. Fred let go of her tits and straightened up. He looked down and admired her back and butt. He was really getting off on watching his dick slide in and out of Jenny's asshole. This was a dream come true. The heat in her bowels was driving him on as he buried himself again and again.

Soon, Jenny started shaking coming from her hand and his dick in her ass. The orgasm wiped her out. She collapsed on the bed and Fred followed her, gripped tightly in her ass. He continued to pound his unresisting wife for another minute before he released his flood.

As he lay there kissing her neck and exposed cheek, he considered restarting. Looking at his wife, though Fred had pity on her. He let himself soften and soon felt himself pop out of her ass. A trickle of cum slid out of her ass to join with the juices still streaming from her cunt. With a satisfied smile, he rolled off of her, pulled her on to her side and into the spoon position. Fred gripped a tit in each hand, snuggled his crotch into her newly deflowered ass, and drifted off to sleep.

As he faded out, he sighed in contentment, amazed at what the Master program had done for him.