Slippery Slope - a Master PC story


It was the last day of the trip. As always, Fred Tollison was looking forward to wrapping it up and going home. He kind of regretted having to turn down the salesman's offer about the trip to the strip joint. He liked looking at women but with his wife being sick for the last few months, the temptation to do more than watch might prove too great. He worked at being a good husband. Just one more morning meeting to go.

"At least I can sleep in and still get work done before the meeting. I love the left coast," he joked to himself.

When he connected his laptop to the mail system, he was surprised to see mail from an old friend. He hadn't heard from Pete in almost a year. Curious about the mail, he pulled it in off the server.

"What the hell? Why would he send me an executable?" he mumbled. He saved it off, meaning to get to it later, and looked at the other things in the mailbag. What with answering a request for information from a presales guy and responding to his wife's reminder about their nephew's 5th birthday party, he forgot about the program from his buddy.

After the hustle to check out, finish up the meeting and rush to the airport, he was happy to kick back on the plane and relax. Somewhere over Denver, he felt ready to face the notes he needed to organize and got out his computer. After settling the day's notes, making a back up, and a couple of drinks, he remembered Pete's mail.

"Jesus, couldn't he wait and give this to me in person?" he laughed.

After Happy99 and that asshole with his Melissa virus, Fred was dubious about mailed programs.

"Well, there is the virus check on the server, but just to be sure...." He muttered, running a virus scan on the program. "I can always reload and use the backup if this screws me." So saying he ran master.exe. The word 'MASTER' flashed on his screen. The screen then flashed a message - 'MASTER PROGRAM RUN COMPLETE'. Fred clicked the new icon on his desktop.

The GUI came up. Up popped a new window with a spinning mannequin and a screen flash that said, "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative." It then prompted him for his full name. He entered it and hit return. A menu came up asking for a subject's name. Thinking, through the Scotch, that it might be a registration thing, he put in his name again.

"What the hell?" he thought, and started looking at the menus. There was a command window here. What will this thing do? He then clicked on the "?" icon and read the on screen message: 'Whatever you enter, the subject will feel/be affected by immediately after pressing the 'Send' button.'

"This looks like it is claiming to be able to make changes on someone." Fred mused. "What is this? Is this Pete's idea of a joke? Is he sending me something spoofing that old Steven King short story about the magic word processor? OK, so the program I sent him was probably over the line. How was I to know his Boss would be walking by when his PC screamed 'I am looking at porno over here'?"

Suddenly Fred realized that the mannequin was dressed like him. Right down to the funky socks. He raised his eyebrows and looked again.

In the command window he typed, "You are a touch typist." A message flashed: PRESS SEND TO EXECUTE THE COMMAND. He hit send. Nothing seemed to happen. Figuring that at least it was a well-done hoax, he started to type again. Suddenly he realized that he was not looking at his hands. His typing had improved!

"Wow!" he thought and started typing. "Let's see, fix the football knee, drop 20 pounds, improve stamina, fix the thumb I broke playing hockey last month. And what else?" he asked himself. "Well, why not improve my game? 20% stronger, 30% faster, and able to control that change. No more getting trapped against the boards." he laughed. It might be club hockey, but at 40, a body check by a 20-year-old was really starting to be a drag.

He hit return and suddenly felt better.

"Cool!" he thought. "But what else does this do?"

More poking found the security menu and a file save option. The reset looked like it would undo things, or he could go to a saved version of himself, if he had thought to make a back-up. The security option seemed to be able to lock changes out of either a file or a live configuration.

"Well, I messed up by not doing a back-up, but I don't think I will regret that." He thought. "Let's save where we are and lock out changes. That should make up for the error and keep me from messing myself up too badly."

Once he had saved and set the lock out on himself, he got thinking. He used the "open" option and entered his wife's name. Up popped a different mannequin. This one was his wife, Jenny, in jeans and a tee shirt. It really was her!

"Well," he thought, "this could be interesting!"

With that he started typing again. First, he saved her current "configuration". Then, he got rid of the long term, low-grade infection she had been fighting. Without that sapping her strength, the bedroom should be more exciting, he thought. Next, the back problem was gone. With the fix to her ballet-injured hip, he thought she should be feeling just fine.

"Now for my needs," he thought. "I hope she isn't wearing too tight a bra." he smirked. "Maybe a bit more up top, say a large C cup, but upright, not needing a bra. Next, firmer muscle tone all over, especially 'down there'. And more sensitive, I want her to get real hot when I rub those new tits and to always have an orgasm when we screw." He hit send and watched the mannequin change. The bust line got larger and a bit higher.

"Oh, yes! Now let's try a couple of attitude adjustments. She finds me compelling, to the point of obeying immediately if I firmly request something. Cut out the 'playful' biting and fighting for dominance during foreplay. Oh! Initiate sex more often and recognize my overtures better. Meet me tonight with sexy lingerie under your clothes. Finally, accept, but do not notice these changes."

He hit send.

"I wonder what I have done?" he thought as he shut down and prepared for landing. "If it worked, great, but at least the changes don't go away when the program shut down," he thought stretching his bad knee. Only it wasn't bad now.

The trip home from the airport was uneventful. This was good, since Fred was very distracted. He was so busy wondering about what he would find at home that he was in no shape to handle trouble on the road.

He got home and got his bags out of the car. As he came into the suburban split-level, Jenny met him at the top of the stairs. This was not unusual. They were a close couple who shared a deep romance. Such demonstrations of devotion were normal.

What was less than normal was the closeness of the hug, the immediate tongue in the mouth and the feel of boning under the sweater she was wearing. She hadn't worn that bustier in years! He let the bags drop from his hand. Jenny drew him into the living room, still kissing him.

"Oh, God, Fred! I missed you so much," she said as she worked his jacket off. " I think we finally beat that bug and I feel so good I want to celebrate. I haven't been this horny in a year," she sighed, pressing her crotch to him.

"Hot damn!" he said to himself. He was amazed! The program worked!

"Hot damn!" he said out loud a moment later when he pulled the sweater off his wife. Underneath she did indeed have on a bustier. The cups were fuller than he had ever seen them. The hands over her head just made them jut out into his face more. As her hands came free, Jenny reached for his shirt and giggled.

"Surprised? I just wanted to get you really hot. It is a thanks for supporting me."

"I think that is more support than I ever gave," he joked.

"Well there are more surprises to come," she said.

His shirt was open now and she kissed his chest as she pulled it down his arms and off. He helped her and then reached out to fondle her tits and caress her sides. While she continued to lick and kiss his chest, he pulled her in. He hugged her and kissed the top of her head. He ran his hands down her back to her jeans clad butt and squeezed. Jenny purred and cuddled in, clutching him to her. She turned up her head and they kissed some more. He savored the feel of her new boobs on his bare chest.

He worked his had around to her front and started rubbing her crotch through her jeans. She purred again and started to rub his now rock hard cock. When he went to open her pants, though, she pulled away.

"Why don't we move this upstairs?" she asked.

"No," he said firmly, "I want you here. I want to start right here and then take you on the table."

"That sounds great," Jenny replied.

It worked! His wife was going along with him! She had only been willing to screw out of bed when she was drunk, and she was cold sober now.

He went back to her jeans, finally getting them open and the zipper down. As he pushed them over her hips, he suddenly realized that she was wearing stockings, but no panties!

"Surprised? I told you I wanted to get you really hot," she grinned impishly.

"Well, it worked," he replied. Reaching for her crotch again, he found her sopping opening. "I don't seem to be the only one it affected."

With a groan, she dropped to her knees, opened his pants, and fished out his cock. With lust in her eye, she gave its head a couple of licks and then stuck it in her mouth.

The blowjob was one of her best. She moved back and forth, taking about half of his 7 inches into her mouth. With one hand, she stroked the part of his cock her mouth couldn't take. With the other, she caressed and cupped his balls. The feeling was spectacular. He put his hands on her head and caressed her hair. He was fighting the urge to ram into her. This was rare enough; he did not want to ruin it.

She paused at one point to catch her breath. She kept the heat up by licking the tip of his dick while stroking the shaft. Looking down at her doing this just made him harder.

Eventually she went back to sucking him. Now, the time since she felt good enough to make love was beginning to tell. He was getting closer and closer to boiling over. This was rare for him. A blowjob was good foreplay, but rarely enough to get him off. Now it was happening.

"Oh, God!" he shouted, "Honey, I'm gonna cum!"

She bore in for the pay-off.

"Oh, honey," he grunted, "swallow it! Here it comes!"

White-hot spunk shot from him, to be caught by his wife. She tried to pull away, but Fred finally gave in to his need and pulled her head into his crotch as he shot again and again. She gulped it down as it came, catching it all. At last Fred subsided, letting her pull away.

Jenny grinned up at him and said, "Well, did you like my little surprise?"

"Hell, yes!" he said. With a growl, he swept her up from her knees and off the floor. Jenny was amazed at his sudden strength, but not for long. In 4 steps he carried her into the dining room and sat her on the table. He showered her with kisses, working his way down to her tits and finally sucking on her nipples. Meanwhile, one of his hands was on her back holding her in place and the other was starting on her cunt.

"Just my kind of surprise," he added as he moved from one nipple to the other.

Next he started down her front, licking the underside of her breasts, kissing the front of the bustier and finally licking the skin just above her bush. To do this, he needed to slide his left hand off of her back and out from behind her. She took up the support by leaning back on her elbows, jutting her tits out again.

He kneeled by the table and dove in to her crotch. He started by licking at the top of her stockings, first on one side, and then on the other. As he worked his way up her thighs, he inserted a finger into he. She groaned at the entry and slid her ass to the edge of the table, putting her legs on his shoulders. He worked his way on and started kissing and licking her swollen labia. This brought out more groans.

Moving his hand out of her, Fred licked the nether lips. After sampling the juices flowing from her, he found her clit with his tongue. As Jenny started to shake and writhe he worked a second finger into her and started stroking. She was really moving now, moaning shaking and clutching at him. Jenny started calling out to him to "take me over!" Fred looked up her body at her lovely face, framed by her large proud tit and knew he was going to drive her mad. He twisted his hand around and pressed his fingertips into her G-spot. With his other hand, he was squeezing her right tit. He accelerated his tongue and that pushed her over.

"Oh God!" she screamed and every muscle in her body clenched. He kept at it, though, and she stayed in orgasm for a minute. When she started to come down, pushing at his head to give herself some respite from the stimulation, he stood up. By now he was fully recovered and ready to fuck.

Her relief when he pulled away was short lived. Trapping her legs over his shoulders, he moved to the table. He lined his dick up and slammed it into her. He went most of the way in on the first stroke. He pulled out and went all the way in on the second. As he started ramming into her, she was pushed back into orgasm. Screaming out as she had several orgasms in a row.

Fred reached down and took her tits in both hands. He squeezed them in rhythm with his thrusts, his hands filled with her new tits.

"Oh, God, honey. Squeeze me! God, that feels so good," Jenny gasped out as she squirmed on the table.

Fred wanted more. He let her legs down and leaned forward. He replaced his right hand with his mouth, sliding the hand to her back to support her. He lifted her slightly to make it easier to suck her nipple and thrust in to her. She arched he back to help him.

"Oh, yes! That feels so great, Fred," Jenny exclaimed.

She wrapped her hands around his head and pressed him in to her chest. Then Jenny wrapped her legs around him and pulled his hips into her. Fred's rhythm had gotten erratic, so Jenny started to pump him into her at her own pace.

The awkward stance started to pull at Fred, so he let go of the nipple in his mouth and lowered Jenny to the table. Straightening up, he grabbed her hips and started thrusting, matching the tempo Jenny had set. He had timed it right. Jenny started to lose her rhythm as another orgasm took her. Fred continued to thrust as she peaked, pounding through her orgasm.

Finally, Fred reached his peak. As he spasmed in release, it set her off again. It was the biggest one yet for her. As he collapsed onto her, exhausted from his pleasure, he noticed that Jenny had passed out.

After a few minutes, Fred watched her come out of it. Jenny grinned up at him.

"It's been too long. We really have to do that more often."

"We can try it again in a few minutes," he said. " I may be able to get up again."

Jenny giggled. "No, it's late and you've had a long day and I think I'm going to be sore enough as it is. Let's not push it. I don't want to spend too long healing up before we do this again. Besides, didn't you want to get in that practice with your Hockey team?"

"Yea, I guess you are right. Let's head on up to bed."

As he was drifting off, it hit him.

"Holy shit! That thing really works," he thought. "I wonder what I should do next?"