Master PC – Sensual Redemption
Author: One Lonely Bastard

Description:  One tortured soul (i.e. the depressed college/high school student in all of us) finds his means to revenge after installing Master PC.  But when is it going to be enough?  This is a moralistic, plot-heavy story, so if you’re looking for a quick erotica fix, I’d recommend someone else’s stories.

Disclaimer:  As the man Johnny Law prescribes, if you are under the age of eighteen, get out.  Besides, you’re young.  What the hell are you doing reading a story by some sick pervert with nothing but time on his hands?  Go out and at least try to hump anything on two legs rather than sitting on your ass.  I can’t claim copyrights, either, since most of the material that this is based on is really JR Parz.  So if you want to borrow, just ask him.  OK, enough blabbering.  Put on some Marvin Gaye, because baby, it’s time to get it on.

Chapter 1 – Hell

Thad tried to take everyone’s advice.  “Start the day with a smile!”  “Smile!  It’s contagious!”  “Laugh, and the world laughs with you!”

It was all bullshit.

From practically day one, Thad knew that they all laughed at him behind his back.  Hell, half of them laughed right in front of him.  He tried to grin and bear it.  He tried to start the day with a smile.  He made half-hearted attempts to smile contagiously.  The world was most definitely laughing – but rather than with him, they laughed at him.  The saddest part was that Thad was actually correct in his assumption that practically everyone disliked him.  Even the most kind-hearted, gentle souls nudged their companions in the ribs and pointed as Thad would walk by, bravely holding his tears back.

Fate just always seemed to have it in for Thad.  Born to an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who was blindly devoted to her always-enraged husband, Thad grew up in constant fear of those around him.  His father’s random acts of violence, directed almost always at Thad, taught him to try to be invisible, to stay in the background.  Thad hardly ever spoke more than three or four words a day as a young child.  He was not mentally retarded; rather, he knew that talking would evoke his father’s wrath.  Thad entered kindergarten a year later, as his father thought that his boy was a “dummy idjit.”

Thad remembered his elementary schools vaguely.  He thought it was because he had a short memory, but in all actuality, it was his mind sealing away the combined horrors of elementary school.  Thad was picked on incessantly for being fat, for his thick glasses, for his stench (being a large child, Thad was prone to excessive sweatiness), and most of all, for his submissiveness.  The girls ignored him as they do with any “different” (i.e. fat or ugly) boy.  Thad’s sense of humor never really developed, and he was incessantly teased because he never understood jokes.  It is fairly obvious to see why his mind would block off these memories.

As horrid as his grade school experiences were, Thad’s junior high and high school experiences were far worse.  In junior high, Thad hit puberty with the same blundering awkwardness that all young men of that age go through.  The boys in Thad’s class dealt with their own insecurities in that time-honored tradition among teenagers – they preyed on the weak.  They singled out Thad mostly for his size (at fourteen, Thad weighed well over two hundred and twenty pounds).  In the locker rooms, they would harangue him to play with his “man-tits,” make him cry with peals of laughter as he would strip to take showers, steal his clothes, and worst of all, brought in girls to see his form.  To the girls, it was like a morbid curiosity – interesting due to the sickness of it all.  Thad found himself day after day alone in his room, bawling into his pillow.  Thad didn’t understand at all why this should happen to him.  He worked hard at trying to lose weight, going on extreme diets for months on end and exercising (he would walk for hours at night).  None of it did any good.  Thad just kept growing out and up.

Thad’s teachers, like his classmates, found him to be revolting.  He was almost always the topic of discussion in the break room.  The fact that Thad had always done well in school never crossed their minds.  Instead, they concentrated on Thad’s looks, his sweaty stares at the pretty girls, or who had played the best joke on Thad that day.

Thad gave serious thought to suicide a number of times during high school, but he never actually really wanted to do it.  Thad would sit in the bathroom, staring at a razor or a bottle of pills, thinking of how easy it would be to just end it, get the pain and hurt over with.  But every time, Thad put them down, and cried silently.  Thad wasn’t intensely religious.  He didn’t have any qualms about dying and going to hell, because he knew that God had probably created him so that He could have a good laugh, too.  Simply put, Thad was afraid of dying.  The thought of pain didn’t bother him.  It was the thought that there would be nothing after his life.  Thad, despite his loneliness (or perhaps because of it), wanted to do something in life that someone would love him for.  He didn’t want to kill anyone.  He really just wished that just once, someone would smile at him as he passed by.  That was all that Thaddeus Colin Greensdale wanted out of life.  A smile.

Thad’s graduation was marked by only two events.  The first was (of course) embarrassing.  Thad managed to miss a step on the way up to the man handing out diplomas, much to the delight of his classmates, townspeople, relatives, and acquaintances.  Thad tried taking it into stride, until an upstanding member of the City Council shouted out, “Nice trip, fatty!”  The audience roared with laughter, and the tears didn’t stop flowing from Thad for days.

The second event was unnoticed by everyone (including Thad).  Amidst his tears of frustration at himself, Thad never even realized the hand that put a disk and a note in his shirt pocket as the unknown man shook Thad’s hand (naturally with the hand that was discreetly dropping off a package) and wished him good fortune.

As Thad was getting ready for bed that night, without knowing why, Thad folded the shirt neatly and stuffed it into a duffel bag.  With the tears still wet on his face, he carried out the stranger’s instructions without even knowing he was doing anything at all.  Thad wouldn’t find the package until he found the shirt in his duffel bag the second week of his first semester in college.

Chapter 2 – The Note

Thad never thought that he could hate anyone as much as he hated his roommate.

“Thad, you cocksucker, I told you to have that fucking math assignment done by now!”

“I… uhhh…”

“You ‘uhhhh’ nothing!  Now I’m gonna have to fucking explain to Dr. Thompson why the hell my homework isn’t done.  Where’s that assignment, retard?”

“Don’t… don’t call me…”

“I’ll call you whatever I fucking want to.  ‘Don’t call me a retard.’  If I wanna fucking call you a retard, I’ll call you a retard!  Got it?”  With that, Mark stormed out of the room.  Thad sat down on his bed, trying to will his flushed face to not let out a single tear.  This endeavor, as always, failed.  Thad’s crying was deadly silent, a testament to his father.  Whenever he had been caught crying, Thad’s father would start slapping either his gut or the back of his head.  Old habits died hard.

Thad swiped away most of the tears, blew his nose on his shirt sleeve, and looked at the time.  Still two hours before his Basic Computers class, but he didn’t want to be in the room when Mark returned.  Plus that, there had been an article on the Internet on the terrorist war that Thad wanted to read.  He decided to get dressed and face another day of people staring and laughing.  Thad pulled open the one drawer allotted to him by Mark for his clothes (Mark, of course, had a closet full of clothes plus three drawers).  Thad cussed when he realized he didn’t have any clean shirts.  He started rooting through his dirty clothes pile for anything that resembled cleanliness when his mind just clicked off.

In a mindless daze, Thad stood up.  An image popped up in his head, of his hand putting a shirt into his duffel bag.  He’d thought to bring the bag for book carrying, but had yet to actually put anything into it.  He reached into the bag, and pulled out the shirt.  His mind clicked back on, and Thad pulled on the shirt.  A brown envelope, about the size of a postcard fell out from the shirt’s pocket as he pulled it over his head.  He bent over, and a note dropped to the floor.  Thad, thoroughly confused at this point, picked up the package and paper.

Thaddeus –
You don’t know me, and I doubt you will ever need to.  I guess you could say that I’ve been tracking you throughout the years.  I have a vested interest in your affairs.  That is rather vague, isn’t it?  I guess you could say that I, at one point, was just like you.  The people of this world can be cruel, sometimes fatally so.  With what you hold in your hand, you have the ability to stop the cruelty.  Or you may choose to use the power to reap the harvest of revenge.  You may even just throw this package away.  However, remember this in those dark times, Thad.  You have at least one friend.

I look forward to seeing your progress towards happiness.  The road will be full of potholes, but I think you’ll get to the end of your travels just fine.

Your Friend

Thad couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  The note was vague, somewhat creepy, and yet, extremely comforting.  Thad’s head told him this was insanity; his heart didn’t really know what to think.  Taking a deep breath, Thad opened the small envelope to discover… a disk?  What the hell was this?  A disk was supposed to help him turn his life around, to garner for him friends?  What kind of bullshit was this?  Thad’s more reasonable (if somewhat naïve) told him to hold on, that maybe it was the information on the disk that would help him.  Thad sighed, and turned on his old computer.  The familiar sounds of the aged machine starting (his machine still ran Windows 3.11) calmed his nerves a little.  Here was something tangible, something familiar to him.  This wasn’t a nameless face laughing at him, or a mysterious stranger giving him coded messages.  This was a computer, unable to make fun of him   Thad didn’t love computers, but they were the closest thing to a friend that he had.

After everything booted, Thad popped in the disk.  He thought that it was odd that the disk was a 3 ½, rather than a CD.  With his luck, the disk was probably meant for a newer computer.  Thad accessed his floppy drive, and wasn’t surprised when all manner of hums and whirs came from his cranky old machine.  If this didn’t surprise him, though, the first bit of text that came up on his computer would be imprinted forever.  It was a simple, short line, but in the years and decades to come, Thad’s dreams would often start with the line.

“Welcome to Master PC.”

Chapter 3 – The Makings of a God

“Welcome to Master PC.  What is the primary user’s name?”  Thad, unperturbed at this point, shrugged and typed in his name.  “Do you wish to be the sole user of Master PC on this console?”  Thad didn’t really think this was too odd, as most programs had some sort of security device.  He pushed Y.  “Thank you.  Please wait while Master PC adapts your computer to its processing needs.”  It was at this point that Thad realized something was extremely odd.  He’d never heard it termed that way – adapting the computer to the software’s needs.  A loud pop drew Thad’s attention down to the motherboard.  He gasped.  “Thank you for being patient.  Your computer has been upgraded.”

What Thad was staring at was impossible.  Before him sat a small, ultra-modern computer, decked out in all the trappings.  His monitor had been changed to a flat-screen.  His case now was the size of a cereal box, rather than the large, imposing behemoth it had been before.  He reached out nervously, to make sure that what he was seeing was real.  If it was a dream, well, his computer sure felt real enough.  The screen on the monitor changed again, this time to a spinning globe with a form of a body standing upon it.  Several options lined the top of the screen.  Thad clicked the one marked “Help.”

“New to Master PC?  Want to know what the hell has happened to your life?  Odds are that right now, you’re in shock.”  Thad nodded dumbly as the monotonous voice droned on.  “With Master PC, you take control of your destiny.  Sound fake or clichéd?  Look again at your new computer and think that.  Master PC is your one way stop to total control.  With new security features, your computer is safe from prying eyes, and you can no longer accidentally ‘delete’ yourself.”  A shiver ran through Thad at the mere contemplation of what that could mean.  “One word of warning, however.  Master PC may lead to total insanity.  Should you choose to forfeit your bond with us, you will never be able to use the program again.  Now, simply click and command your way to total happiness!”  With that, the help option disappeared.

Thad’s initial reaction was complete disbelief.  Was this program insinuating it could control anything?  His eyes darted to his frame, but he still refused to believe.  He decided, though, to click on the Name option.  A small frame popped up, asking him to name a person.  Thad thought back to Mark’s hostility earlier, and typed in Mark Prewitt.  Instantly, an image of Mark in mid-stride came on-screen.  Thad sat upright.  Another box popped up, asking Thad what changes he’d like to make.  In awe, Thad murmured that single insufferable phrase of denial.  “No way…”

He sat back in his chair and thought.  If the program could change his computer into something completely new, why couldn’t it change someone else?  The possibility was definitely twinkling in Thad’s mind, and he started to believe.

“What changes would you like to make?”

Thad decided to start with something small and obvious only to Thad.  If this program were to work, he wouldn’t want the entire world to suddenly see Mark instantly grow a third arm or anything.  He decided to have Mark start to do a jig.  He typed in his request, chuckling.  Onscreen, Mark started to dance to and fro, apparently bumping into several people as he stumbled a number of times.  Thad laughed, delighted.  But wait, what if the program were only to show something, rather than actually do it?  Thad typed in his own name, and decided to really test this program out.  An image of him popped up, in all his 290 pound glory.  He grimaced as he stared at his protruding gut and his door-wide ass.

”That’s definitely gotta be the first thing to go.”  Unconsciously, Thad already knew that Master PC worked.  Hell, it was pretty obvious.  He brought up the changes text box, and told Master PC to rid him of his excess body fat.  Thad felt nothing, and a tear began to form in his eye.  His last hope had been dashed, this stupid program didn’t change anything.  He reached up to swipe the tear away from his face.  Something about his fingers bothered him.  They were almost… bony.  Thad, shocked, looked down at his hands.  Rather than the pork sausages his fingers had been, they were now rather elegantly tapered, ending in a forearm free of any drooping fat.  He jumped up, ramrod straight, and felt his face.  Sweet Christ, he thought to himself.  I don’t have a double chin!

After prancing around the room, stopping every few seconds to stare at his new form in the mirror, Thad let out a shout of pure happiness.  For the first time in his life, he wasn’t a gigantic blob.  He could go out in public and not knock over innocent people with his “dump-truck ass.”  Thad pranced and jumped around some more, but then remembered Master PC.  He grinned ear-to-ear.  He didn’t know it then, but that smile was the first honest grin he’d ever had.  He sat back down and started to hammer at the keys.  Within moments, his shaggy brown hair was now clean cut and grease-free.  After minutes of preening, Thad decided that he was going to try something drastic.  Make my dick about three inches longer.  Thad yelped as his four inch dick extended outwards.  He unzipped his pants and stared down at his now above-average dick.  His mind now positively spun with the possibilities.  Deck me out in an Armani suit.  Make it gray.  The feeling of his clothes completely disappearing and then being reformed around the body was slightly unsettling for Thad.  Odd, considering he’d just made his dick about double his normal size.  It was just as Thad was in the midst of typing his next command that the door burst open and rebounded off the wall, comically catching Mark square in the face as it came back.

“Listen, you little fucking shit.  I just had to spend ten… Who the fuck are you?!?”

“It’s me.  Thad.”

“What the fuck?!?  You’re not Thad.  Thad’s a goddamned beached whale.  You’re a thin bastard.  You his runt-ass brother or some shit like that?”

The idea that he’d have to explain himself never crossed Thad’s mind.  “Errr… yeah… I’m his brother.”

“That explains why the fuck you’re so ugly.  Now where the hell is my roommate?”

“He’s uhhh… in the showers.”

“Good.  I’ll go fucking steal his clothes or some shit for making an embarrassment of me today in class.  You got a fucking problem with that?”  Thad shook his head.  Mark confused the “brother’s” tightly drawn face for fear.  He laughed, and slammed the door shut for the second time that day.  Thad let out a long, belly-aching laugh.  A devious grin spread across his face after he calmed down a little.  He turned to the computer, and clicked on the Name button.  He brought up his roommate again.

Mark will enter the showers.  When he gets in there, he’ll feel an irrepressible urge to strip down to nothing.  All of this will seem perfectly normal.  He’ll then walk down the hallway to the girls’ section.  He will begin knocking on each and every door, asking the girls if they like what they see.  Shrink his dick to about one inch.  Give him about ten extra pounds of flab, and make him smell like shit.  Thad clicked on the Send button, and peered out the door to watch his handiwork.  He wasn’t disappointed.  After about a minute, Mark exited the showers, whistling a tune completely off-key.  A few guys were outside their dorm talking as Mark walked by, nearly oblivious to their gaping stares.  When he passed, one of the guys made a strange, sickened face, and ran towards the bathroom.  When Thad had typed in that Mark should smell like shit, Master PC had overdone it.  Rather than just faintly smell bad (as Thad had assumed would happen), Mark’s whole body let off an intense, stomach-churning stench.  It was perfect.

Mark began hammering away at a door.  A freshmen girl, no more than eighteen, opened the door, shrieked, and slammed it right away.  Mark happily went to the next door, and repeated the process.  And again.  And again.

Thad bellowed laughter, and shut the door quietly.  He put both locks in place, assuring complete privacy for the next few hours.

Mark will no longer wish to live with me.  He will pack up his stuff, and leave immediately for home.  He will come up with a reasonable excuse to leave college permanently.  As time goes on, he will have no urge to ever return here.  Before he leaves, he will cash a check for one thousand dollars and leave it for me.  Mark’s parents owned a lucrative chain of banks throughout the Midwest, so the money would hardly be missed.  Plus, Thad, thought with a grin, the money was owed to him for three weeks of doing homework.  Mark will feel that all of this is natural.  He will stop knocking on people’s doors, get dressed in the showers, come back, and carry out all that I have typed.  Thad hit Enter with a chuckle.  Now for some real fun.

Chapter 4 – Playtoys

Thad’s first thought after ridding himself of Mark was that he wanted to lose his virginity as quickly as he could.  Mark entered the room (still with the stench – Thad hastily mended that).  Thad ignored him for the most part, up until Mark started to unplug his laptop.  A frown crossed Thad’s face.  Without his computer nearby, he wouldn’t be able to use Master PC, would he?  He made a command that Mark should give him the laptop.  Mark let out a mumbled, “Here you go,” and tossed the laptop on Thad’s bed.  After installing Master PC on the laptop, Thad was ready to go woman shopping.

Since it was about dinner time, Thad thought he would start down at the cafeteria.  He sat down in his usual spot in the corner, furthest away from everyone.  No one in the room will pay any attention to me, unless I make eye contact with them or speak their name.  When I speak their name, they will become fully under my control.  No one will think of anything as being suspicious.  Anyone entering or leaving will think the same, and no one will mention what is going on.  Thad sat back, and started watching for his first fuck.

Several prospective women walked around, but they all seemed rather… bland to the new Thad.  He wanted someone perfect, but more importantly; he wanted someone that had teased him, hurt him.  His choice walked in only minutes after he sat down.

Erin was tall and willowy, with brown hair that reached to her tanned, long, coltish legs covered only in a tight pair of jean shorts.  Her breasts weren’t large, but they’d make a good handful.  The tight tank top she wore did little to conceal the fact that her nipples were hard from the cool air conditioning.  Her eyes were stormy blue, with long, long lashes.  And best of all, she, more than anyone, hated Thad.  His dick throbbed just thinking of bending her over and taking her right there.  An impish grin crossed his face.  Why not?  He stood up, and sidled over next to her.  As per his command, she never paid any attention until he spoke her name.

“Erin, keep your mouth shut and follow me.  We’re going to have some fun.”  He led her back to his table, licking his lips in anticipation.

“Get on your knees and unzip my pants.” Docile, Erin knelt down and did so.  “Do it with some enthusiasm!  You’re about to give me the best blowjob you’ve ever given!”  Erin jumped a little at that, and pulled down Thad’s pants as quickly as she could.  She pulled apart the front of his boxers, and gasped as Thad’s throbbing cock sprang out at her.  She licked her lips, and started to lick gently at the head.  She continued like this for a minute or two, licking like it was a lollipop.  She smiled as the metaphor crossed her mind.  Yes, a lollipop.  She started to take him in then, pulling him in little by little, then pushing him out again, teasing the tip of his cock.  She lifted one hand up, and began stroking his swollen balls.  She took her lips off his dick, and started lapping at his balls with her tongue.  This nearly brought Thad to the brink, but he managed to hold it down.  After a few moments of teasing his balls, she smiled up at Thad.  She then plunged his entire cock into her mouth, shocking him.  She gagged slightly as he hit the back of her throat, but like a true champ, she used the gag to push him out and then drive him back in.  She sucked on him like this for only moments, until he started to moan.  She drove him in and out furiously now, using her hands to stroke him in and out.  He exploded into the back of her throat in giant spurts, and she drank down every last bit of it.  His knees weak and ready to buckle, he sat down on the chair.  Without being prompted, she straddled his lap, almost squashing his nearly limp cock.  He grasped at the laptop with one hand, typing in commands as quickly as he could.  Erin was making cat-like purrs from the base of her throat, and he wanted to be able to go at it soon.

I will never have to worry about sexual stamina.  I can last as long as I want, get hard instantly, and my sperm will be infertile.  Women will love the taste of it.  I have the natural strength of ten men, and the physical endurance to last all night without any side effects.

With this done, he paid more attention to the bitch sitting on him.  He brought his hands up to her tank-top.  Growing frustrated at his attempts, she tore it off, giving Thad his first glimpse at her breasts.  They were larger than he’d thought, about the size of peaches.  He took one erect nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking it greedily.  Erin ground her chest into his face, panting.  She began bucking her hips, driving her still-clothed pussy into his crotch.  Thad reached down and pulled the shorts off her, freeing the tanned legs he had wanted to stroke and pet for so long.  He noticed immediately that she was panty-less, her perfectly shaven pussy sopping wet.  She looked down once, and impaled herself completely on her cock.  She bucked up and down wildly, arching her back.  Her tight walls throbbed around Thad’s dick, pulsing and pressing.  Thad came almost immediately, letting out a deep growl of lust.  The feel of his cum hitting her walls brought Erin to climax.  She screamed out as a shiver pulsed throughout her entire body.  She kept pistoning herself up and down, yelling louder and louder.  Finally, exhausted, she pulled herself off of Thad’s dick.  She knelt down, and lapped off her juices from Thad’s dick, loving the taste of his and her cum mixed together.  She gave Thad a sultry smile, got dressed, and walked away, with a noticeable sultry sway to her hips.

Thank you God, Thad thought to himself.  And thank you, weird guy, wherever you are.  His thoughts turned to the sheer possibilities of the Master PC program.  He could have thousands of sex slaves, all willing to do his bidding.  He could have immortality, living forever.  Death no longer was inevitable; he could do anything without limits.  His dreams of becoming loved, of actually being someone, could now come to fulfillment.  Thad told Master PC to release the people in the cafeteria from their daze.  He noticed (and loved) the shocked expression on Erin’s face when she came out of it.  By that point, she was standing right in the midst of a line, and she glanced around furtively to see if anyone noticed her hand darting towards her pussy.  She wondered why she was so sore there all of a sudden.  Her face went brick red as she realized how wet she was, and she darted out of the cafeteria.  Thad leaned back and chuckled.  He closed down Master PC.  As much fun as being a god was, the real world did need some attention; his student loans should have arrived that day.  Thad got up, still laughing a little, and left the cafeteria.

He made his way directly to the mailboxes in the Student Life building.  The mailboxes were set in uniform rows, hundreds of gleaming black boxes all with a four digit number.  Thad had never really paid attention to how many people actually lived at the college, but now that he thought about it, there were simply boundless amounts of ladies that he had yet to “meet.”  The thought made his sleeping giant toss and turn, and he put the thought aside for later as he spun the combination dial in its familiar pattern.  The mailbox clicked open, and Thad reached his hand in.  Thad’s effort was fruitless, as the mailbox was empty.  He frowned, and walked down the corridor to the business office.

The girl inside sighed audibly as Thad walked in.  It was five thirty, only fifteen minutes to closing.  She had been hoping that no one would come in, so she could close early.  Then this asshole had to make his way in here…  Thad picked up on the girl’s frustration and grinned internally.  The girl was pretty goddamn sexy, in a secretary-ish sort of way.  Her black hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, drawing attention to her beautiful eyes.  The glasses that she wore only seemed to emphasize the eyes even more.  Her red sweater did little to conceal the large set that she had.  She caught Thad staring, and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Hi, I’m here to check on the status of my student loan.  It was supposed to arrive today, do you know if it has or hasn’t?”  Thad gave her what he considered his “B” smile, the ‘I’m here on business, but if you want to fuck later” type smile.  She made a sour face and stood up.

“Name?”  She walked to a white filing cabinet set against the back wall.  This gave Thad a distinct view of her cute (if a little plump) ass swaying in a pair of white slacks.  Thad swallowed, and said his name.

“Oh, you’re the guy that Dana said… errr… never mind.  No, your financial aid isn’t in.  Have a good day.”  Thad flared a little at this, but pulled a rein on his temper.  It wouldn’t do him any good to piss her off.

”Err… well, could you check and see when they’re coming in?  I really need that financial aid.”  The girl gave him an icy stare, then sat back down and started typing on her computer.  Thad noticed the name on her tag – Jenny.  After a moment, she looked up.

“You don’t have an application in for financial aid.  So you won’t get any.  Goodbye.”  This last was said emphatically.  By now, Thad’s hand had balled into a fist, and his teeth audibly grinded together.

“Look…  I need this financial aid.  I turned in the packet two months ago.  I was told it would be here today.  Please, do you have a supervisor or something?”

”She went home two hours ago.  You’ll have to come back Monday.”  Thad lost it.  He thanked the girl, and set his laptop on the counter.

“What the hell are you doing?  I said I couldn’t help you.  Now please leave, I’m about to close.”

“Shut the fuck up and sit down,” Thad growled.  He typed in a few sentences.

“What did you say?  I’ll have your ass – uuuuunnnnnnggggg!”  The girl stared at Thad in complete shock, as she realized that now the only sound coming out of her mouth was an unintelligible grunting sound.

“You could’ve just helped me, Jenny.  We could’ve kept this civil and peaceful.  I even kind of liked you.  Oh well.”  Thad hit more keys.  Jenny will live to be subservient to others.  Her hostility will convert into lust, and whenever she starts to get frustrated, she’ll find the person angering her more and more attractive.  She won’t be able to orgasm until she fucks the person pissing her off, be it man or woman.  She will start to have nightmares about being rude.  She’ll always remember that the cause of this was because of someone she was rude to, but will forget who I am and what I look like.  And, oh, yes, she’ll have a strange urge to stop working here and find a job cleaning shitters.  But before that, she’ll help me find my fucking financial aid.  Now.  Thad hit the Send button, and was impressed by the instant change in Jenny.  Instead of the angry stare, she now was looking directly at his crotch and letting out little gasps of breath.  Thad restored her ability to speak, and had her lock the doors.  He thought of something else, and smiled.

“Jenny, I want you to stand next to that counter.  Spread your legs apart, and bend over slightly.”  She complied, slightly confused.  She thought he was going to fuck her right there, and the thought sent a thrill of electricity from her pussy to the base of her spine.  Thad reached around her, and undid the button on her pants.  “Lean over more.  Good.  Now, are you going to be a bitch ever again?”

“No...  please, just…”  Thad pulled the pants down roughly.  She was wearing a pair of cute pink panties, the cotton K-mart kind.  He rubbed her slit through the panties, eliciting a soft moan.

“Just what?”  Thad pulled the panties down slightly, exposing the girl’s ass.  He rubbed his hand up and down her thigh.  Her gasps of breath were now quick and ragged.

“Just… screw me.  Do it here, now.  I need you-“

“You were a bitch.  Do you know what happens to bitches?  They get punished.” With the last, he slapped her hard on the ass.  She yelped, more in surprise than in pain.  He raised his hand again, and paddled her.  A bright red handprint stood out clearly on the pale white smoothness of her ass.  A single tear was now running down Jenny’s face.  This pissed off Thad even more, seeing as how he was the one who was affronted.  He smacked her ass several times, harder and quicker, until she was finally sobbing.

“Now, are you going to be a bad girl ever again?”

“No… just don’t hit me…”  Jenny’s sobbing was finally getting to Thad.  He bent her over a little more, and gently patted her butt.  His anger had passed, but his throbbing erection hadn’t.  Plus, from the wetness and smell, the girl had somewhat enjoyed her discipline.  Thad slipped one finger up into her damp cunt.  She sighed happily, and pushed her cunt up against his hand.  He started see-sawing in and out with his finger, brushing her pussy lips slightly with his other hand.  She began pushing harder, and he stuck another finger in and hammered at her faster.  He brushed up against her button, and she climaxed suddenly.  Cum gushed all over his hand, and he pulled his fingers out.  He brought them up to his nose, smelled them, and popped them into his mouth.  He thought it tasted rather salty, but kind of interesting.  He’d have to try eating a girl out soon.  For now, though, his cock needed some attention.  Jenny had assumed he’d finished, but he’d really only just begun.  He cupped her cunt again, and spread some of her cum generously on his dick.  He told Jenny to strip her sweater off and lie on the floor.  Thad was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was wearing a black, lacy bra over her large breasts.  He spread more of the cum on her breasts, and straddled her stomach.  She sucked in a breath, and he started driving his dick in between her breasts.  She helped him by mashing her breasts up against each other, creating a small tight crack for his dick to slide in and out of.  The feel of her silky smooth breasts squeezing up against his dick drove him crazy.  He loved seeing her hands work her hard pink nipples, teasing them, pressing them.  She sensed him about to cum, and opened her mouth wide.  Thad had other ideas, as he shot his load all over her breasts and face.  A small bit of cum pooled on her belly, just before she wiped it off with her hand.  She licked tentatively at her fingers, having never tasted cum before, and found she liked the taste (thanks to Master PC).  Thad stood up, did up his pants, and sat in her chair.

“Now, what about that financial aid?”

Chapter Five – Some Mid-Term Fun

Mid-terms.  That magical week of fun-filled tests, heart-attack inducing stress, and late night invasions of coffee houses.  The students at Thad’s college couldn’t hold back their comments about their professors; specifically, the comments ran mostly around things that such professors did to their mothers.  Most of the students hardly had time to think about sex, let alone have the hours to perform it.

Thad, on the other hand, found that getting a blowjob while studying Algebra helped exercise his, ah, brain.

“Mmmm, Cindy, that feels – ah! – good…”  The blonde-haired head slipping Thad’s cock in and out of her mouth couldn’t agree more.  Thad had re-directed some of Cindy’s erogenous zones into her mouth, sending thousands of tiny bolts of electricity from her mouth to her dripping snatch.

Thad used one hand to push Cindy’s hard-working head down further on him, while his other hand held his over-priced, over-sized math book in the other hand.  He knew he could use Master PC to help him on his tests.  Hell, he wouldn’t even have to worry about college if he really wanted to.  But he had always liked challenging his mind, and the thought of “cheating” on a test irritated him.  He smiled as he thought on that – it was okay for him to use, abuse, and have women by the dozens, but he would not cheat on a test.  It’s not to say that he wasn’t tempted to.  Math wasn’t easy for him, but with Cindy’s help, he had a bit of, well, incentive to help him along.

Cindy’s tongue now ran across the base of his cock.  She used the flat of her teeth to pressure Thad’s cock.  She looked up at him with those lovely blue eyes, pleading for him to cum.  She liked the taste of his jism; for some reason, it reminded her of strawberries and cream.  With that image in mind, she began to lightly nibble at Thad’s cock.  Lightly teasing and biting (well, more or less just running his cock against the top of her teeth).  Oh, she wanted to cum so badly! Her hand, which had been rubbing at his balls, pulled down her soaked panties.  Thad liked for her to wear black lace, which contrasted nicely with her blond triangle of pubic hair.  She teased her own cunt, rubbing her finger along her pussy lips.  She pressed one finger in gently, letting out a gasp of air around Thad’s cock.  He pressed harder on her head, making his cock hit the back of her throat.  She pushed her finger in harder, faster.  Frantic now, his cock pushed in and out, see-sawing and driving her senses batty.  With one last thrust, his seed shot out, and she worked her pussy with a frenzy.  Hitting her button finally brought her the release she desperately wanted, and she climaxed while guzzling down Thad’s cum.  She pulled her finger out, and sat happily at Thad’s feet.

He smiled down at her, pleased that she had managed to swallow all of his cum.  “Hmmm, so if X to the second power...”  Maybe the mid-terms wouldn’t be that bad after all…

Thad’s tests were mostly cake-walks for him.  His history, science, and math teachers all respected Thad (thanks to Master PC).  He always turned in his work on-time.  The seventy-year old history teacher (a professor by the unfortunate name of Dr. Dixis) was also the dean of students, which only turned out to help Thad even more.  He had allowed Thad to move into a larger dorm room ( a triple whose inhabitants mysteriously all turned in room transfer sheets at the same time), and had decided that Thad had no need for his work-study job anymore.  Thad was instead given a job checking women’s breasts for lumps – well, thin, young, buxom women, anyways.  Dr. Dixis had even decided Thad could have use of his late fifties Chevy Bel Aire.  He loved older cars, and the Bel Aire was his all-time favorite.  Dixis’s was sharp, with a sharp pearl blue paint job, and all-original chrome.  When he gunned the engine, the motor’s reflexive roar gave Thad warm goose bumps.  Thad had replaced the somewhat dull original hubcaps with a set of Assassins, and tinted all the windows a jet black.  When Dixis had gladly handed the keys over, promising the title in a matter of weeks, Thad nearly pissed himself in excitement.

Unfortunately, Thad had not bothered to “fix” his English professor, Dr. Helen Raleigh, known to many of her students as the toughest professor in college.  Unfortunately for most of her male students (and some female), Dr. Raleigh was also one of the most beautiful.  Her dark brown hair, usually tied only loosely, came close to her heart-shaped ass, which she generally had encased in a hard-on inducing skirt that barely came to her knees.  She favored cardigan sweaters, worn tight enough to show off her amazing set of tits.  Rather than the saggy breasts that most women seemed to get after thirty, her breasts bulged outward.  Thad bet she wore a support bra, but one student of dubious believability informed several of the guys that he had screwed her, and that she never wore a bra.  The student, Frank, then went on to mention that she never wore a pair of panties, either.  According to his story, she said that they were distracting.  Thad didn’t believe Frank, but the guy sure brought forward some thought-provoking.

Also rather unfortunate, Dr. Raleigh was indeed the toughest professor for Thad.  He was normally all right in English, but Raleigh expected every paper, quiz, or test to be written as though the writer’s life depended on it.  In many ways, this was true.  Dr. Raleigh never graded on a curve, and she loved to hand out F’s.  Thad had received mostly C’s on her papers, which was fine by him.  He was fairly happy as long as he passed.  And if he didn’t?  Well, he had the king of all back-up plans, didn’t he?

As it happened, Dr. Raleigh’s test was the last mid-term for Thad.  Rather than make the students wait for a week to find out their grades on the tests, Dr. Raleigh graded them as each student finished.  Thad’s confident attitude lasted all of about five minutes into the test.  He had expected essays, which were primarily bullshit writings that proved the student agreed with everything the professor said.  Raleigh’s test was composed of one hundred fill-in-the-blank questions.  One hundred!  Thad looked around at the twenty-some-odd people taking the test, hoping that maybe he had just received the wrong test.  However, judging from the blank and confused looks in their eyes, he pretty much figured that yes, he had the right test.

What was the name of Morton’s counterpart?  Uhhh… Bradford.  What is the “real” way of spelling Chippewa (spelling counts)?  What the fuck – does she mean the way the Indians spell it, or what?  Fuck it, go to the next one.  Name five poems of Anne Bradstreet.  Jesus Christ!

After an hour spent sweating, chewing on his eraser, and silently damning all English teachers to an eternity of being whacked in the head with anthologies of useless literature, Thad was only to question fifty two.  Everyone else had given up and handed in their tests, and Dr. Raleigh had been quick to write a big, red F on each of their papers.

“Your time is up, Thaddeus.”  God, he hated the way she said his full name.  He knew – knew, goddamn it! – that she was laughing silently at him and all the other people in the class.  Laughing at her superior knowledge of all things trivial and useless, like the name of Poe’s first collection of works.  What bearing did any of this knowledge have on his life?  He could give a fuck about Puritans, or the influence of the damn British upon the works of Henry fucking Longfellow.  It was just like math – the only reason math teachers existed was to play that “I’m so fucking smart, and when you screw up, I get to gloat about it and make you feel like a dumbass!”  Thad sullenly got up, grabbed the case that held his laptop, and walked that excruciating fifteen feet to her desk.  He handed her the paper, and looked down at his shoes, feeling for all the world like an embarrassed five year old that just pissed himself during nap-time.  Dr. Raleigh almost snatched the paper out of his hands.

“You know, Thaddeus, that you’re keeping me here late?”  Thad bristled, but kept quiet.  “Well, it looks like you’ve done just as well as the rest of the class.  You failed.  Sorry, you’re just going to have to try harder.  Have a nice-“

“Try harder?!?  What more do you want of us?  If we all failed, then there’s obviously a problem here, and it isn’t us!”  Dr. Raleigh, shocked, jumped straight to her feet.  Thad pushed her back down, and she fell back into her chair with a satisfying rush of air escaping her.

“I’ll have your ass for that!  You can’t shove around a professor!”

“Yeah?  Watch and learn, bitch.  Watch and learn.”  Thad set the case on the table.  Due to his earlier typing, she didn’t care about the computer inside.  Instead, she saw only his hands working in mid-air, making pecking movements at nothing.  She thought she was dealing with a lunatic.  In more ways than one, she was right.

<Subject – Helen Raleigh.  Dr. Raleigh will realize that she has made a terrible mistake.  She will change the grade of all the papers turned in today to grades varying from C’s to A’s on a random basis.  He had to make it look normal.  She will beg each person for forgiveness in the class, and until forgiveness is received, she will find herself in dire need of sexual release. With each person’s forgiveness, she will orgasm, relieving herself of the sexual tension for exactly one hour.  She will obtain forgiveness using any means necessary, and will have intense urges to fuck the students senseless for this.  After that, she will realize how rough her class is on her students, and will give them all passing grades no matter what their previous work was like.  If something should happen where she can’t get to every student, then after three weeks, she will have to fuck at least ten students.>  Thad hit enter.

Dr. Raleigh’s sudden lung for Thaddeus made him realize he’d forgotten to set how long the command would take.  Rather than unbuttoning his shirt, she ripped it straight down the middle, sending buttons scattering all across the room.  She licked hungrily down his chest, unzipping his pants with gusto.  She grabbed his plaid boxers and yanked them down to his knees.

“Ooohh, is that for me?”  She pulled on his half-erect cock, licking the corner of her lips.  She frantically stroked him up and down, giving him the hastiest hand-job she’d ever given.  He felt the familiar hot tingle near the end of his dick, and willed himself to not cum.  He pulled her hands off his dick, and roughly put them behind her back.  This made her chest fully stand out, the cloth of her sweater just barely rubbing against his chest.  He put one hand up her sweater, grabbing and tweaking her left nipple roughly.  Christ!  Frank was right!  No fucking bra!  By now, her hands were busy pushing her skirt up, revealing that she didn’t wear any panties, either.  Thad’s free hand roamed around downstairs, cupping her cunt.

”F-fuck me, Thad, fuck me!”  Thad, always one to oblige, lifted her up, and impaled her on his cock.  He turned around, and using the wall for a balance, she rode him hard and fast.  She bounced up and down rapidly.  Thad buried his head into the cleavage shown by her sweater, not having bothered taking it off of her.  Dr. Raleigh wrapped her hands around the back of his head, and pressed him into her chest harder.  Thad sucked on one hard nipple through the cloth.

“Oh, oh – why aren’t I – ahhhh – cumming?”  Thad smiled around the nipple, and looked straight into her eyes.

“You won’t have any sexual release until you get forgiveness from every student.  You’ll go crazed with lust, but nothing will give you release until you’re forgiven.”  With that, Thad pumped her three hard times, and pulled out.  His cock jerked once more and his cum shot out all over her hips.  He set her back down, where she immediately collapsed on the floor and shoved three fingers into her pussy, desperate for release.  Thad loved the sight of her on the ground like that, fucking herself for penance.  He remembered his earlier commands to Master PC about being able to make himself hard at will, and mentally made his cock raging hard again.  She had her hips up in the air now, pumping her fingers into her cunt, practically fucking air.  Thad sprayed more cum;  this time, it hit all over her.

“OK, I think that’s enough.  You’re forgiven.”

”EeeaaaaGAAAAAAAAAAWD!”  Her orgasm hit her hard, completely draining her.  She lay on the floor unmoving.  Thad, shocked, reached down to take her pulse.  Still alive and breathing – just fucked to complete exhaustion.

Thad grabbed a tissue from a box sitting on her desk, and wiped off his dick.  He tossed the box down onto her limp form, grabbed the laptop, and walked out, humming Come Play with My Dingalingaling.

Chapter Six – Hell, Revisited

The last of his packing almost finished, Thad dropped into his leather office chair.  He chewed one of his fingernails, not realizing he’d fallen back into a habit he’d kicked in the sixth grade.  You couldn’t blame him, really.  It was fall break, and Thad was going home for the first time in months.  He hadn’t bothered calling his family and vice versa.  Any love Thad had for his old hometown died years before.  He knew he didn’t have to go home.  He could go anywhere and do anything for the week he had off.  Strangely enough, he didn’t want to go anywhere else.  He wanted to go home, not for revenge, but for a chance to show everyone that he could make something of himself.  The irony didn’t escape him; a deep sense of unworthy hit him even now that he was as close to a god as any man could become.

Thad finished tossing in a few odds and ends (even remembering his toothbrush, thanks to a few commands to Master PC to make sure he didn’t forget it).  As much fun as it would be to pack his Gucci loafers, Armani suits, and hand-woven silk shirts, he had decided to bring most of his older clothes.  He didn’t have any qualms about going home with his thinner body, but he would attract far too much attention with all of his new toys.  He had even decided to take his old gray Chevy for what would probably be its last drive.  Thad vowed to himself that he’d dump that car permanently after the trip home.  The laptop came with, of course.  His nerve-wracked mind went over his list for the thousandth time, until he was finally satisfied with everything.

The security of his room had been one of Thad’s biggest worries, until finally, he’d just used Master PC to make sure that everyone within a fifty foot radius of his room would ignore it entirely. If anyone should get into his room, an imaginary (but quite real to the intruder) would chase them out.

The finality of shutting and locking up his door hit Thad.  It was finally time to go to the one place he never wanted to go again.  He told himself it was going to be different this time, that no one would laugh at him anymore, but the crying little child still locked up in his mind insisted that everything would just be the same.  Everyone would point, laugh, knock him down, and make fun of everything he was.  This part of him wanted very badly to just stay at college for the week, and oh, how that tempted Thad.  But, resolutely, he made his way to his car, one dreary step after the next.

The worst part about the actual drive home for Thad was boredom.  His tape player had long since given up the ghost, and the only thing to amuse him on the long four hour drive was counting how many cars passed him.  The Chevy only went about fifty five, maybe sixty on a downhill slope.  He tried all the old driving games, but nothing made the time pass any quicker.  About halfway through the trip, he finally remembered that he had the ability to change anything he didn’t like.  He laughed at his own lack of common sense, and pulled off the road.

<Make this trip seem much quicker than it actually is, without endangering my ability to drive.>  He didn’t feel anything happen, but by now, he was used to that.  He shut the laptop down, and put the car in gear, wincing at the metallic whine.  Yeah, a new car is definitely in order.  The professor who had loaned him the ’57 Chevy so often had passed on, a heart attack.  What Thad didn’t know was that the heart attack’s onset happened moments after Dr. Dixis walked in on a certain associate with three of her students banging away at her, screaming “I’m sorry!”  All Thad knew was that the car had been given to a grandson by the will.  Such is life.

As the needle pushed up slowly towards that unattainable sixty mph, Thad was discomfited by the sudden lack of scenery around him.  He’d remembered the plateaus being boring, but this was almost like a wasteland, barren of everything.  The lack of cars on the road bothered him too.  It wasn’t a major interstate or anything, but it was getting on towards six in the evening – surely people must be going somewhere on the weekends.  Thad’s musings came to a crashing halt (bad choice of words) when he saw the turn off sign for his town.  Whafuck?  This isn’t right… oh, shit!  I didn’t tell Master PC how quickly I wanted the time to pass.  Holy shit, I just traveled over one hundred and eighty miles in, well, I guess ten minutes.  He did a double-take at the clock.  When he’d stopped to use Master PC, it had been just before sex.  Now the clock read five after nine.

The small town of Parker was, like so many other Midwest towns, dying slowly but surely.  Most of its inhabitants were either too old or too poor to move out, and with nothing to keep the younger generations there, the town lost industry, economy, and most of all, its inhabitants.  The few months Thad had been away had not been good to the town.  One of the grocery stores in town now was boarded up.  Three or four houses had For Sale signs on the lawns.  The town was ghostly in all appearances.  Thad’s was the only car on the streets, and no one was walking around.  One hell of a homecoming.  He turned on his street, old habit taking over completely.  He’d made the drive thousands of times.  Up three blocks.  Turn right.  One left.  There.  Home.

The once beautiful home was as Thad had left it – brown paint peeling away from the boards, half the windows replaced with sheets of plastic, and two cars up on blocks with weeds up to the door handles.  A tear rolled down Thad’s face.  He put the car in park and stepped out.  He pulled out his suitcase and laptop, and heard the screen door slap open.  It was the first time in three months Thad had heard his father’s voice.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”  Yeah… it was good to be home again.

Chapter Seven – Mind Full of Scorpions

Author’s Warning – this chapter is extremely dark, but necessary.  I assure you that I do not condone violence or child abuse.  Nor do I have dreams of killing my father.  This is not a story about me, despite what numerous people have asked.  With that said, on with the show.

Father and son stood staring at each other for a thunderously silent moment.  Thad offered up a weak smile.

“Hi dad.”

“You’ve been gone for months, and all you say is, ‘Hi dad?’  I guess your college hasn’t taught you some fucking respect.”

“Come on, dad-“

”Fuck it.  Get inside.  Is that all your shit?”  Thad just nodded silently.  He knew it had been a big damn mistake to come home.  “What, you’re gonna fucking cry?  Jesus Christ.”

“Where’s mom?”

“Passed out in the bedroom.  Where else?”

The interior of Thad’s house was much the same as it had always been.  Not an inch could be considered clean.  The floor hadn’t been swept or mopped in weeks.  If a person were to look at it long enough, he would start to feel dizzy.  The floor was actually wavy.  At one point, there had actually been a nice couch in the house, but all that remained of it was a stained, tattered ghost.  Wires sprung out from it at haphazard angles.  The coffee table leaned at a crazed angle, precariously holding the half-empty beer bottles and ashtrays.  A small black and white television sat in a dark corner silently.  Home sweet home, Thad thought ruefully.

“So, have you had fun spending my money at college?”  That hurt Thad deeply.  He prided himself on having earned every dollar for college himself.  His father hadn’t chipped in a dime.

“You know you didn’t pay for anything, dad.  I paid for it.”

“Oh yeah, I forget that you’re mister fucking big shot now?  Ungrateful little shit.  Someday you’re gonna realize everything I’ve done for you.”

The next few hours were spent much like this.  His father’s unrelenting hostility finally drove Thad to take a walk.  He muttered something about visiting friends, and slammed the door shut behind him.  He heard a last unintelligible bellow behind him, and the unmistakable sound of glass shattering.  Thad walked for an hour just thinking about life.  He knew he could use Master PC and never have to worry about this again.  But he was sure that it would come back to haunt him somehow.  He knew he had to face up to his father.  His mother was too far gone in alcoholic bliss for help.  Her consolation was in a bottle.  Thad would feel no guilt at helping his mom with Master PC, but he had to make things right with his father first.  He decided to return home and face up it.

His car was sitting on four flats when he got back.  A large part of Thad raged at the childish spite that his father used for revenge, but a silently crying child within him was scared.  If his dad was so angry at him coming home, what would he do later?

His mother was up, but most definitely not running.  She sat on the edge of the couch with her face buried in a cup of coffee.  She gave Thad a weak smile when he kissed her cheek.  His dad’s mocking voice rang out from the kitchen.

“Like the work I did on your car?”

“Yeah, dad, I did.  I thought it was really an adult thing of you to do.”

“Did you see all your little high school friends?  Not that you had any…”  His mom gave Thad a miserable look.  No help there in a fight.  It was time for it.  Thad’s father walked out from the kitchen.  “Well, how long are you staying here?  You’re gonna have to buy your own goddamn food.”

“Dad, why are you so pissed at me?”

“Don’t you fucking take that tone of voice with me!  I’m pissed at you because you’re home.  Isn’t that enough?”

“I… knew… mistake… leave now,” Thad choked out.

“Aw, look at the poor little baby crying.  What’s the matter, little baby?  Wanna suck your momma’s tit?”


“You’re disgusting, you fat piece of shit.  I don’t know why you even came home.  Wait, yeah, I do.  It’s so you can prance around here and make my life fucking miserable.”

Thad’s tears ran like rivers.  He’d had enough.  Like a child, he ran to his room, his father’s piercing laugh following him.

His laptop was sitting right where he’d left it.  He booted Master PC up, not caring now about morals or making amends with his father.  He just wanted it all to stop right then.

<Subject: Gregory.  Command: You will die.  Thad’s finger hovered over the Enter key.

* * *

Less than a mile away, an alarm quite literally went off in one man’s mind.  He excused himself from the numerous females “attending” to him, and ran to his computer.  The picture on the screen was of Thad.

“Oh God, no…”