Master PC: Self Mutilation

© Benji Dude 2004

This story contains depictions of sex and other adult stuff, if under 18, turn back, go away, mush, geat, move it, be gone, leave here, do not enter, cover your eyes, do some home work, make a model plane, watch a movie, play a game…

This story was mainly inspired by Ed Miller’s story “MASTER PC: Self-Experimentation”. Thanks for the inspiration Ed! This story is completely independent from my other master PC story – “Master PC: The Program Diary”. So any names that appear in both do so coincidentally. This story is not to be used on any pay site under any circumstances. If, however you have a free site, ask before you post it.

Lastly but not least I’d like to thank all those proof-read this story, thanks a lot guys!



Stephanie made a cup of coffee after a long day at work. Holding the mug in two hands she sighed in relief, “Thank god today is over with”, she took a sip of coffee, “Best check if I have any e-mails,” she added, making her way to the study. She booted up her PC and enjoyed the warmth from her coffee as it slid down her throat. Stephanie took her time replying to the rest of the e-mails.

An hour had passed before Stephanie had finished replying to the e mails, she was just about to close her e mail program when she saw a new message in her inbox, “Might as well see what it is” she said, opening her in box. “Master PC?” Stephanie said confused, “Christ don’t these people ever give up?” she thought to herself, ready to delete the message, she paused at the last second, “My PC is getting rather old” she rationalised, “It can’t hurt to have a look” she reasoned, opening the e-mail.

All the email contained was a rather strange message and a program, the message read, “The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications". “Well I could try this program I suppose” thought Stephanie, “It’ll either make my PC better, or it’ll break it and I’ll have to buy a new one. Either way I’ll end up with something better than what I’ve got now” she thought to herself, her knowledge of PC’s showing.

She clicked on the attachment and watched as the estimated download time increased, “I’ll come back later” Stephanie said, the timer saying approximately thirty minutes, Stephanie made her self another cup of coffee, curled up on the sofa and watched TV.

Stephanie glanced at her watch and made her way to the study, thinking that the download would be finished. She cancelled the screen saver and noticed a new icon on her desktop, “Master PC” she mused to her self, not giving it any thought she clicked on the icon.

Seconds later there was another icon on her desktop, which simply said, “Master PC”, without a second thought she opened the program and read the caption on screen, "Welcome to the Master Command Centre, your own personal command centre. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative. Press any button to continue", “Oh I bet this is one of those strange games I’ve heard about” Stephanie said slightly worried, as she pressed the space bar.

The program looked easy enough to use, there was space to type in the subject’s name, as well as a large space for commands and a few relatively simple menus at the top of the screen, “Subject’s name a?” Stephanie said curiously, she thought about whom to put in first, “Ah what the hell!” Stephanie said, as she typed her name into the space. Instantly a 3D representation for herself came up on screen, dressed in the same clothes she was wearing, “Wow, that looks just like me” Stephanie thought. She looked at the information that had appeared on the left side of the screen, “This all seems to be correct!” she said surprised by the accuracy of it all.

“Let’s have some fun,” Stephanie said as she clicked on the “modify” menu, the list of modifications available was infinitely huge, the first thing Stephanie found was the figure modifier. A small window came up with options for all sorts of things. She selected race, “Let’s see what I look like as a Latino girl,” she said, selecting the corresponding tick box, the image on screen updated itself, she continued to make changes to her body, a change in the hair style and colour. When she was done she noticed a small button in the bottom corner, which simply said, “SEND”, “Send where I wonder” Stephanie said, clicking the button.

Instantly Stephanie felt her whole body changing, like having a long soak in a bubble bath. Curious about what just happened Stephanie ran to the mirror in her bedroom and removed her now tight clothing. Surprised by her appearance; Stephanie ran her hands over her new curves, “What happened to me?” Stephanie thought, turning to the side, “These feel great!” she added surprised as she cupped her new cantaloupe sized tits, “I had no idea that big boobs would look and feel this good” she continued surprisingly unfazed by what had happened to her.

Stephanie stood there marvelling at her new beautifully darkened Latino self, her sexy child bearing hips sweeping into her sexy thin waist, her shapely legs which went on for an age and of course her sexy big tits with large nipples, she just couldn’t help cupping them again, her face had changed as well, although it was still Stephanie, instead of being a rather normal looking Caucasian female she now looked like one bomb shell of a Latino girl.

“That program is amazing” Stephanie said gasping straight away at the change to her voice, “Wow I even sound like a Latino girl!” she added giving her hips a little shake, “I wonder what else it can do?” Stephanie pondered; she put on her bathrobe and made her way back to her PC.

Stephanie played with the figure modifier some more, but not sending it, she made her way through the list of preset modifications making a list of the things she liked from each one.

“Wow my dream body” Stephanie said looking through her list, “Now to make it a reality” she added clicking on the “custom” button she found earlier. It took Stephanie some time to work out the “custom” menu but she persevered and eventually she had created her dream body.

Eagerly Stephanie hit the send button and enjoyed the familiar sensation as her body morphed, first her ass tightened up into the perfect hart shape, then Stephanie felt her cunt tighten up, she cupped her pussy through her robe and gasped at the extra sensitivity. Stephanie got to her feet and made her way to the mirror enjoying the sway she got from her new ass. She looked at herself in the mirror and gave a suitable pout as she saw her new full lips for the first time.

In one smooth movement Stephanie removed her robe and meticulously inspected her every curve, “My god it’s so tight!” she commented as she looked at her pussy. Stephanie gave a small grin as she saw her boobs still resting high and firm on her chest she cupped them again and was rewarded with an intense shock in her cunt.

“Oh boy!” she exclaimed, quickly making her way to the bed, she continued to play with herself, lifting an engorged nipple up to her mouth and licking it, while a hand quickly slipped a finger into her love box, quickly building to an orgasm that ripped through her body like a hot knife through butter, she kept at it though, playing with each breast and nipple, constantly swapping between the two.

By now Stephanie was frantically pumping her highly sensitive cunt for all it was worth firing one orgasm off after another like a machine, each orgasm sapping her of energy, gradually her pace slowed, although she still pinched, rubbed, licked and sucked at her nipples and she constantly hammered away at her vagina gradually getting weaker and weaker until she surrendered to her exhaustion and fell asleep.



Her sleep was filled with vivid dreams, one moment she was having sex with a man who had a huge cock and she was loving every minute of it, next she’d have the sexy cantaloupe sized boobs of hers again and a man was sucking on a nipple. Suddenly the scene would change again, she would have a huge pair of tits, bigger than anything she’d seen before, and she would be giving a tit job to someone with a monster cock. Again the scene would change, she would have the same massive tits as before, there would be a huge cock rammed between them, then she would look over to the mirror, Stephanie awoke suddenly.

“What the hell was that?!” Stephanie said to her self as she sat up on the bed, she felt the strange weight on her chest and looked down at herself and gasped, “It wasn’t all a dream!” she quickly got off the bed and made her way to Master PC, “This is wrong, this is all wrong!” she kept saying to herself, Stephanie found the restore to original function and hit the send button, breathing a sigh of relief she made her way back to the mirror.

Stephanie silently thanked the powers that be as she caught her old self in the mirror. She started to inspect her self, her nice legs flowing to her nice hips, which again flowed to her nice waist. Her nice firm butt not too big and yet not too small. Her nice firm apple sized breasts resting naturally on her chest. Her nice face with, nice lips and nice hazel eyes encased by her slightly messed up brunette hair, which flowed down to her shoulders.

“Still as nice as ever” Stephanie said proudly as she reached for some loose sweat pants and a baggy T-shirt. Stephanie knew she was nice, not head turning but not plain, just nice enough to get the odd double take. After she had cleaned her teeth and straightened her hair she went into the kitchen and made her self some toast.

Stephanie stood in the door way to her study, looking at Master PC running on the screen, all the while eating her toast, “I can’t afford to make any drastic changes to myself” Stephanie said, finally realising the potential of this new program, “Small changes won’t hurt though” she added, as she finished her toast.

Stephanie clicked on the “command” box and started to type away, “you are immune to all types of illness, both physical and mental, your bones will not break and you will only get minor cuts and bruises” she double checked her writing, to make sure there weren’t any loop holes, and sent the command.

“I feel so dirty” Stephanie said to her self as she recalled the previous nights activities, “I should never masturbate!” she added. From an early age Stephanie’s parents had taught her that to masturbate was a bad thing and casual sex was never to be done. For the most part Stephanie followed her parent’s teachings but her self control was not always absolute and sometimes she just couldn’t resist, last night was one such occasion however she still hadn’t succumbed to casual sex.

“I shouldn’t do something so sinful!” Stephanie said aloud as she went into the bathroom and started the shower. As Stephanie thoroughly cleaned herself she repeatedly said her “Bloody Marries”. After an hour Stephanie emerged from the bathroom, a towel around her body and another cocooning her hair.

Stephanie looked through her wardrobe, as her body slowly dried, trying to pick out a suitable outfit for tonight, “Ah yes this’ll do nicely” Stephanie mused to herself pulling out a long red dress which went down to her ankle and covered the entirety of her chest. Her body now dry she changed into some baggy sweat pants and a loose t-shirt, “Hmm best do some cleaning up around here” thought Stephanie as she looked at the state of her bedroom.

“Ah all done!” Stephanie sighed as she put the vacuum cleaner away, she ended up cleaning the whole house, “That’s a good use of a day!” she added as she looked at her watch, “I’ve just got time for a quick dinner and shower before meeting up with the girls”.

“Hi girls” Stephanie said as she approached the group of friends, “Oh hi Stephanie!” exclaimed Diane, opening her arms for a friendly hug, “How have you been?” asked Rachel, “Yeah, I’ve been pretty good thanks” replied Stephanie, as she gave Rachel a hug. “So are we going clubbing or what?” added Stephanie, “Lets pull some men” stated Diane, “Apart from you Stephanie” added Rachel with a wink, “Ha ha, very funny” replied Stephanie with a smile.

Rachel was 5’8” with straight black hair shimmering down to her shoulders, big brown eyes perfecting a cute face, a perfectly sized bosom and she was of a relatively curve-less build. Diane however was 5’4” with short blonde hair curling it’s way down to the bottom of her ears, mesmerizing green eyes, an overly fertile chest with classic film star curves. They were both attractive but in their own ways.

“Come on Stephanie! Come out to the dance floor and do your thing!” asked Diane, lightly pulling on Stephanie's arm, “Oh no, I’ll just watch” she replied, picking up her drink, “Well ok but just to let you know that guy over there is checking you out” Diane said glancing in the man’s general direction, “What? Oh God tell him I’m not interested!” Stephanie replied blushing, “Suit yourself” responded Diane before she headed for the dance floor.

After a good nights partying Stephanie got home and made a light snack. She curled up on the sofa and watched a bit of TV to wind down. Although Stephanie was watching TV, she wasn’t concentrating on the story; instead all she was thinking of was what she could change about the people on the show.

Nothing drastic, a few inches here, a cup size or two there, a bit more muscle for him, a bigger package for him, Stephanie gave a little giggle when ever she thought about giving one of the men a bigger dick. She looked at the clock on the VCR and yawned, “Man, guess that’s my cue for bed” she said, slowly making her way to the bathroom and getting ready for bed, she slowly slipped into bed and fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.



Stephanie awoke suddenly again, the vivid dreams had returned, “What is happening to me?” she asked out loud, looking at the clock. “Time I was up” she added, the clock reading eleven twenty-five, Stephanie quickly had some breakfast.

She sat at the table thinking about what to do for the day, “I’ve got nothing planned so why don’t I play around with that Master PC thing” she said aloud, finishing her breakfast, “As long as it’s only for fun I don’t mind changing a few things” she added. She loaded up her profile, saved a copy of it, “Just in case”. “Time to do a little experimentation” Stephanie thought to herself as she looked at the screen.

“Now that looks interesting” Stephanie said as she looked at her reflection, her legs making up two thirds of her overall height. She now stood a towering 7’6”, 60” of which where her firm, toned, sexual legs, “I could do the best Cancan ever!” Stephanie stated as she turned around and bent over, although she now stood 7’6” Stephanie only changed the length of her legs.

With a little effort she could look at her own cunt from a worms eye view, “It’s a bit extreme though” thought Stephanie as she looked at her reflection again. She went back to Master PC, reduced her legs back to normal and made some more changes.

Looking at the mirror in her bedroom Stephanie was surprised by her reflection, “Man, I didn’t think it would be so small” she said out loud, her waist looked like it was in some invisible corset, made for kids! Her waist tapered down to just a few inches, only to suddenly shoot out again to accommodate her hips.

“Master PC’s power is incredible!” Stephanie hushed as she looked at her side profile in the mirror, “God knows what my organs look like” she added, making her way back to Master PC, restoring her waist Stephanie continued to experiment.

“Look at me! I’m Vishnu!” Stephanie said, spreading her six arms out. She cupped her tits with two hands, while another set went to her fanny, one hand spread her lips open while the other hand penetrated her cunt. Meanwhile her last set of hands caressed her sexual curves.

“This feels amazing” Stephanie panted, never before had she felt so many hands touch her body at once, she slowly crept to orgasm, “Yes, yes, yes, ah… oh yesss” whispered Stephanie, the orgasm was intense but short. “I’ll have to try that again sometime” Stephanie said, taking one last look at herself in the mirror, before heading back to Master PC.

Stephanie jumped off her chair, it didn’t strike her as strange. She walked into her bedroom and as soon as she passed the door frame Stephanie rolled onto her side kicked her leg into the air and started to lick around her groin area. “What the hell am I doing?” Stephanie asked herself as she stopped licking, after regaining her self control she continued to the mirror. “Hmm, I make a rather nice Cheetah” Stephanie purred to herself as she examined all her spots and curves.

Stephanie’s fantasies (the ones she allows herself to have) mostly rotated around furies, now she’s living out a fantasy. It wasn’t hard for her to decide which animal to be first, her house is filled with pictures of Cheetahs, Stephanie found their spots mesmerising.

Stephanie stood up on her hind legs; she was a little disappointed that her tits were no more, although when she caught a glimpse of her tail Stephanie forgot all about her boobs. Being 80% Cheetah meant that most of her human traits were gone but she could still walk on her hind legs if she wanted to, it just felt more natural to walk on all fours, she still had opposable thumbs and useable fingers, there was just no way she would pass as human though.

Stephanie was pleased to find that her pussy was left intact and quickly moved her tail into place, she slowly slid it in, “This feels strange” Stephanie thought to herself as she felt the fur of her tail against her cunt walls, Stephanie went back to standing on all fours as she continued to slide her tail in and out of her pussy.

It wasn’t long before Stephanie was purring, loudly, then it struck her, “My god I’m purring, no wonder cats do it all the time” Stephanie thought to herself, the purring was uncontrollable yet so delightful. Then it hit her, her orgasm struck, as Stephanie tried to comprehend the feelings her claws were digging into the carpet but unfortunately the orgasm quickly passed. Stephanie withdrew her tail gave it a few licks then curled up on the floor and drifted off to sleep.

Stephanie woke up ten minutes later, “Wow, I just had a cat nap!” Stephanie said as she stretched her legs. Eager to try new forms Stephanie quickly made her way back to Master PC. After restoring her self back to normal Stephanie quickly started on her next transformation.

Stephanie walked in front of her mirror and inspected her handy work, “This is so freaky!” she said as she lifted up one of her back legs then one of her front legs. Stephanie was completely human apart from having four legs.

As she looked on she noticed that she still had her pussy in the normal place, “I wonder…” she thought to herself as she stood up on her hind legs, “This could be fun” Stephanie said, sighting her second pussy. Then something clicked in her mind and she realised that she was standing completely upright, her front legs were hanging at either side of her hind legs, she tried to take a step but lost her balance, automatically her front legs came down restoring her balance.

She started to play with her front pussy, “Let’s see if I can reach the other one” Stephanie thought, with a little effort she could lean back and play with both cunts at the same time, her small apple sized tits thrusting themselves into the air, her breathing was getting heavy but still Stephanie pumped away at her pussies, her whole body was alive with the dual sensation of two cunts.

As a result it didn’t take Stephanie long to erupt in to two insanely powerful orgasms. Stephanie collapsed to the floor spasming from the orgasms, she caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror and marvelled in the just fucked expression, ironically enough she looked twice as fucked as normal. Stephanie laid there for five minutes, all the time the spasms slowly fading, when she had recovered, yet again Stephanie headed for Master PC.

Still standing on all fours (sitting on a chair was something Stephanie hadn’t yet figured out) Stephanie pondered her next transformation. Looking at the image on the screen (her with four legs) Stephanie thought about all the animals that she liked, she quickly decided on one and swiftly made the changes.

First Stephanie stood on her toes, surprised by the forced movement she looked down and saw hooves forming as the rest of her feet stretched and her shin’s become thinner meanwhile her thighs bulged with firmer, stronger muscle.

Stephanie looked over her back to see her ass growing larger and larger, before long it was at least five times larger than its original size. After her ass stopped growing she started to grow taller as her legs stretched to horse like proportions, as she got taller Stephanie realised that her back legs were getting further away.

Finally her lower body grew a short layer of dark brown hair that covered her skin, the hair seamlessly blended into her skin tone around her abdomen. While the hair was growing Stephanie didn’t notice her tail growing until she unknowingly flicked it from side to side, when Stephanie looked at her tail she smiled a cheeky smile.

Her transformation now complete Stephanie trotted (yes trotted) back into her bedroom, dipping her head whenever she went through a door. Looking in the mirror Stephanie was amazed, she couldn’t believe it, she was half human and half horse, she slowly stroked her horse hair, she was getting horny and with a hand she slowly moved down to her groin area, expecting to find a pussy.

A moment of horror struck when she couldn’t find her cunt but with a degree of certainty she looked over her shoulder as she turned around so that her butt was facing the mirror, lifting her tail up Stephanie spotted her snatch. Desperate to cum Stephanie tried to reach her pussy; she tried stretching over her back but didn’t get close so next she tried to go between her legs but again she couldn’t get close for love nor money.

Horny as hell Stephanie went back to master PC, a click here and a click there and she was done, she hurried back to the mirror to inspect her handy work. Stephanie stood in ore, where as before she had the body of a horse, now she had the body of a stallion, a great big 20” stallion at that. Dying to orgasm Stephanie quickly reached under her body and grabbed the monster cock, unfortunately she couldn’t get a full enough grip on her nob.

Getting frustrated Stephanie rolled onto her back and with a little effort she was able to pump her dick with her hind legs, “Thank god!” Stephanie hushed to herself, her orgasm building, stronger and stronger it grew.

“Man this feels amazing!” panted Stephanie, her pace increasing. Then seconds later her stallion sized penis erupted, horse spunk splattering its self all over Stephanie's body, breathing heavily Stephanie just laid still, the intensity of the male orgasm overpowering her body.

After five minutes Stephanie had recovered, she got to her feet and the first thing she thought of was, “I need to go to the toilet” and with that Stephanie headed for her bathroom. She walked in, headed for the toilet, placing her ass above the toilet, then turning around so that her cock was aiming at the toilet, she turned around twice more before giving up, “Man I really need the toilet” she said to herself, “But I can’t get both ends in the toilet” she added, thinking about what to do.

Then suddenly she remembered her compost heap in the garden, bursting to go to the toilet Stephanie ran out of the house to the back of the garden to where the compost heap was (Stephanie wasn’t worried about people seeing her as her garden is covered by trees and bushes, thus making it very difficult for people to see in). Stephanie stepped over the compost heap and started the toiletry procedure. Once she was done Stephanie quickly went back to Master PC.

The first thing Stephanie did was to make herself fully human, within seconds she was her old self again, Stephanie felt some of the spunk from earlier on her chest, not wanting to take a shower she quickly typed into the command box, “You will never need to take a shower again, when ever you want to be clean all you have to do is think “clean” and your body will clean its self, this includes teeth and hair” Stephanie read back what she just wrote.

“Anything else?” she thought, “Ah yes” she said as she added, “You will never get spots, moles, pimples, warts or anything similar” Stephanie quickly rechecked her writing and hit send, spontaneously the cum vanished from Stephanie's body. “Time for a more conventional modification I think” Stephanie thought to her self as she clicked away on Master PC.

Stephanie smiled as she felt her boobs slowly expanding, she cupped both breasts as they continued to grow, “These feel great!” she said as her melons passed all her previous sizes; she lightly caressed her enlarging bosom until they stopped growing.

Stephanie walked back to her mirror and inspected her new additions, “Ha! Jordan hasn’t got anything on me!” she said confidently, having seen a program the other night on TV that heavily featured the (ex) page 3 model, “I could get used to having big boobs” concluded Stephanie. Happy to stay in her current form she put on her robe (seeing as none of her clothes will cover her ample bosom) and headed for the living room.

Stephanie was flicking through the TV channels when a talk show caught her eye, the shows debate was “Natural Vs Surgery”. She watched intently as two women argued on both sides of the debate. Towards the end of the show Stephanie looked down at her huge chest, “What have I done to myself?!” she exclaimed as she ran to her study.

She quickly restored her chest to its original size and closed down Master PC, “I’m not going to use this thing again unless I really have to!” stated Stephanie with determination. “That program just isn’t right!” she thought to herself as she started a relaxing bath. Stephanie slipped into the steaming bath, complete with bubbles and burning incense, she lay in the bath tub and relaxed.

Stephanie suddenly sat up in the bath, she had dosed off and the strange dream returned, “That damn dream means something, but what?” Stephanie thought to her self as she got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her body. She let her body slowly dry as she prepared some dinner.

All through her dinner Stephanie produced arguments both for and against keeping the program eventually she decided that she should get rid of it. Stephanie sat in front of her PC the Master PC icon selected, she hovered her finger above the delete button, Stephanie couldn’t bring herself to remove the program from her machine. Stephanie sighed exhaustedly, “It’s no use, I’m just going to have show self restraint and not use it” she said. Stephanie yawned and looked at the clock on her monitor, “Hmm time I went to bed I think” she said, turning off the PC.



Stephanie’s alarm woke her up, “Not already?” she thought moaning at the lack of sleep due to the reoccurring dream, “I’m getting it analysed” she added as she made her way to the bathroom. She had a shower, ate some breakfast and dressed in her work clothes for the day. She got into her car and drove to work, all the time not a single thought of Master PC had entered her head.

Stephanie sat down in her work cubical, she sorted data all day long, it wasn’t the best job in the world but someone had to do it and the pay wasn’t bad even if the neighbouring cubical inhabitants were. Stephanie booted up her PC and had a quick thought about Master PC with a quick shake of her head she was ride of the unhealthy thought. This was the pattern for most of the day, quick fleeting thoughts of Master PC, although as the day drew on the thoughts were harder to shake from her mind.

Eventually 5pm rolled around and as Stephanie walked out the front door of the building she thought to herself, “That damn program has ruined my life!” luckily she was able to curb her anger until she got home. She got her self a stiff drink (scotch on the rocks) and slumped on the sofa.

She watched TV while she slowly sipped her drink, “Can’t wait for the weekend” she thought to herself as the news program gave a report on possible delays over the coming bank holiday, “Me and the girls are gonna have a great time!” she added, the girls had decided to have a typical “girls night in” and she was the host for the night.

Stephanie skipped dinner and just relaxed in front of the TV for the whole night, by about 10pm she went to bed, “Best go to bed early tonight” she thought to herself, “I’ll need as much sleep as possible if this dream is going to persist in disturbing my sleep” she added, turning her bed side lamp off.



Suddenly awake Stephanie put her hand to her forehead, “Not again!” she sighed to her self, she glanced over to her clock, “Might as well get up” Stephanie thought to her self, there only being five minutes before her alarm was set to go off. Just like every other day Stephanie had a shower, followed by some breakfast, put some clothes on and headed for work.

Stephanie had just sat down in her cubical for the day when the person she loathed most in the company walked up to her cubical, “Oh hi Ordinary Stephanie the boss wants this load done as soon as possible” Becky said in her ruthless yet cheeky voice.

Becky was the local totty with her large cantaloupe volume chest and perfect size 8 figure, her perfect blonde hair curling it’s way down to her mid back, big blue eyes and luscious lips. Yep she was the woman all the guys lusted after, some more obviously than others and Becky played them all to a tee, saying or doing just the right thing to get them to do what she wanted.

Of course being the perfect example of a woman that she was Becky felt it her duty to make the less attractive ladies in the building painfully aware of their short comings compared to her. Hence Stephanie’s nick name of “Ordinary Stephanie” it came about because of Stephanie's everyday looks, nothing special but nothing wrong either.

Holding back her hatred for that name Stephanie replied to Becky’s statement, “Ok Becky, I’ll do it right away”, “Ok then!” Becky replied with her cheerleader smile, “You know I think you’d look great as a Redhead” Becky added, “Yeah it’ll match the rest of your uninspiring body” Becky said with a little giggle before heading off to her desk, “That little bitch!” Stephanie thought to her self as she quickly looked through the urgent bit of work the boss wanted done, “I’ll show her” she added as Stephanie started on sorting the data.

Eventually lunch time rolled around and Stephanie was in the canteen queuing up for her lunch. “Hey Ordinary” Becky said barging in front of Stephanie, “Beauty before… well anything” she added with a giggle, “You know Becky, someone is going to put you in your place one of these days” retaliated Stephanie, “No they won’t, I’m too beautiful for anyone to do anything bad to me” Becky replied with a smile, “Just face it, you’ll never be as sexy as me” she added before turning back around.

Stephanie sat down and ate her lunch, staring evilly at Becky, she’d taken the last Caesar Salad, it was the only edible thing in the canteen and that stupid whore took the last one! Back in her cubical Stephanie was sorting yet more data when Becky walked by, “Mmm that Caesar Salad was yummy” Becky said, rubbing her stomach, “Too bad I took the last one huh Ordinary?” she added as she walked off with a giggle. “She’s going to get it one of these days!” Stephanie thought to herself as she focused on her work.

Stephanie got home and she was still angry about what happened at work then an idea struck her, “Yeah” she thought with a smile, “I’ll show her I can be beautiful as well” she said as she loaded Master PC.

She brought up her profile and changed her hair colour, “You want to see me as a red head, I’ll give you a bloody red head!” Stephanie said to her self as she hit the send button. Stephanie went into her bedroom to inspect her new hair, “Perfect” she said as she ran a hand through her thick, curly, flame red hair, Stephanie decided against changing the length in case people thought she got extensions or worse still, a wig. Stephanie was able to stop herself from doing anything too drastic to her self or anyone else, although she was tempted many times to change Becky for the worse.



Stephanie sat down in her cubical a big smile on her face as everybody was complementing her about her hair, “Looks fabulous!”, “It’s definitely you!”, “It looks so natural!” were some of the comments Stephanie got, “Hey Original!” Called out Becky from a distance, “I’ve heard you’ve died your hair” Becky continued as she got closer, “This should be good for a laugh” she added just before she arrived at Stephanie’s cubical.

Stephanie turned to face the door way to her cubical, Becky appeared and gasped. Her ego was damaged, Stephanie could tell, “Psh! Still looks fake!” Becky snapped before storming off to her cubical, Stephanie’s smile only got bigger at finally getting one over Becky.

Lunch time quickly arrived and just like yesterday Stephanie was waiting in line when Becky barged in front of her, “Natural before… well anything” Becky said, giving her hair a little shake, “What? You’re telling me that that lump of plastic on your head is natural?” Stephanie replied, she then turned to the two guys behind her and asked, “Hey guys who do you think has the more natural looking hair?”.

Becky not wanting to loose any kind of battle to Stephanie turned around and gave the guys a little flutter of her eyes, the two guys looked at both girls, “I’d say that Stephanie’s hair looks nicer” said the first, “Yeah it looks more alive” the second guy said, “Guess that means I go in front of you Becky” Stephanie said sliding past Becky, “I wasn’t hungry anyway” Becky snapped as she walked off in a huff, Stephanie had a huge smile on her face.

Stephanie was ahead of schedule in the afternoon and decided to look up “Master PC” on the net. Unfortunately all she found was a collection of stories by numerous people, some of which were completely unbelievable while others could’ve had some credibility. “Wow, never knew it could change people’s minds as well” thought Stephanie, she glanced at the clock, “Oh man I’d better get back to work!” she thought, quickly bring up the last worksheet she was working on.

Stephanie opened her front door still wearing that big smile, Stephanie actually sang along to the songs on the radio on her way home she was that happy, Stephanie never sang in public. “My God if changing my hair made me feel this good image what I’ll feel like if I change more stuff!” Stephanie said as she made her way to Master PC.

She looked at her profile and thought about what to change, then Stephanie thought about those two stories she read and how big boobs equalled more sensitivity, “I already knew that” she hushed to her self, “What if I just increase my sensitivity?” she asked out loud as she looked through the menus.

“Too much! Too much!” Stephanie shouted as she could feel every little ridge of material in her clothes, as she tried to reduce her body’s sensitivity down to something more manageable Stephanie was speeding towards an orgasm, even moving her arms as she changed the necessary fields on the screen was giving her powerful shocks in her cunt and as she hit the send button she exploded in orgasm.

As she recovered she could feel her clothing become less stimulating, until it just felt pleasurable, “Oh boy that feels better” she thought to her self as she went into her bedroom to change her underwear for some silk garments, “Ah that’s nicer” Stephanie said aloud, “Not quite as abrasive as cotton” she added. Stephanie enjoyed the semi-aroused state she was in all night, it was liberating, every so often Stephanie would lightly stroke a breasts or one of her curves and enjoyed the slight shiver she got from it.



“Maybe this was a bad idea” Stephanie thought to her self as she sat at her desk, she was getting more horny by the second. It was nearly noon and she was way behind schedule, “I’m not going to get any work done until I sort this out” she thought to her self as she quickly headed for the toilets.

Luckily there was no one else in the toilets, Stephanie quickly got into a cubical, closed the door and pulled down her trousers and knickers. Stephanie, fighting her better judgement, slowly slipped two fingers into her pussy she panted heavily as she started to pump her fingers in and out of her wet cunt. Then the door to the toilets opened, thinking quickly Stephanie bit down on her lip silencing her moans, the woman seemed to take forever before she left, hopefully unaware of Stephanie’s presence.

Stephanie sat still, her fingers lodged in her pussy as she waited for the female to leave the toilets, when she heard the door close Stephanie sat still for a little longer just to make sure she was alone, when she was confident that she was alone Stephanie continued to pump her cunt with her fingers, it didn’t take her long to finish what she had started. “There that should do me for a while I hope” Stephanie thought to her self panting heavily, once she had regained her breath Stephanie pulled her trousers up, washed her hands and checked her appearance.

When she came out of the toilets Stephanie quietly rushed back to her cubical, she was blushing heavily, Stephanie was sure that everyone was looking at her, all knowing what she had done, as she made her way back to her cubical but the more she thought about it the more she realised that she was being paranoid, “How could they know?” she thought to her self as she continued to work through her lunch break trying to meet the day’s quota.

However even the pressure of work didn’t stop her body from getting horny again, Stephanie could even see her erect nipples through her top on the monitor, she tried valiantly to resist her urges but eventually they became to much for her and she masturbated right there in her cubical, after closing the door to her cubical first of course, she had to bite her lip through the whole experience, “I’m going to have to change the way this sensitivity works when I get home” she thought to her self as she recovered from the orgasm.

It was tough but Stephanie eventually met the day’s quota, as she was leaving the building the security guard on duty spoke to her, “Working late tonight?” he asked, “Yeah, you know quotas to meet” replied Stephanie being polite the security guard gave her a funny look and let her out of the building.

Stephanie raced home, it was amazing she didn’t get any tickets, she quickly headed for her PC and waited for it to boot up and as fast as she could she loaded up Master PC and made some changes to her sensitivity and hit the send button, “Ah that’s so much better” she sighed to herself as she felt her body return to normal.

All she had done was change her body’s new sensitivity from the normal everyday kind to only respond to sexual touch. Sighing to herself Stephanie said, “Finally I can think straight again” she went into the kitchen and made her self a quick dinner.

Stephanie sat on the sofa watching a documentary on TV when this incredibly confident woman came on she was hardly wearing anything and yet she was still standing tall and proud, “I wish I could be that confident showing that much of my body” she thought to her self, “Wait a minute!” she exclaimed sitting up, “I can!” she added as she ran to Master PC.

Her profile still on the screen Stephanie found the option to adjust “mental state” as Master PC put it she reduced her inhibitions by half which in effect increased her confidence by the same amount excitedly she hit the send button, there was a little bit of confusion as Master PC readjusted her mind to the new settings but it soon passed.

Gone was the shy, sensible Stephanie now there was this confident Stephanie that would do almost anything, “I already feel so alive” Stephanie said then she got a thought, “Hmm, why not?” she said aloud as she headed for her wardrobe.

She pulled out this outfit that an old boyfriend had brought her but she’d never worn it, she considered it to be far to risqué, but now with this new confidence boost it was positively tame. It was a one piece black dress, which stopped about mid thigh, tied around the neck with a plunging neck line which would show off a lot of the wearers cleavage both at the front and at the sides and it didn’t cover any of the wears back, apart from their ass down.

Stephanie put the dress on, “Think I’ll wear this to work tomorrow” she said to her self as she posed in the mirror, the dress wasn’t really a dinner dress and it wasn’t slutty enough not to be worn all day, it was an extravagant all-day sort of outfit.

Stephanie continued to look at her self in the mirror, “Hmm I’m not quite fitting into this as well as I had hoped” Stephanie said to her self, without giving it a second thought she went back to Master PC and “fine tuned” her figure, she pressed the send button and enjoyed her subtle changes, she headed back to the mirror to inspect her modifications.

“Perfect” she said with a grin, her firmed up boobs and ass complimenting her outfit, along with the extra inch to her hips, just enough to emphasise her natural femininity, “Nobody will ever know” she thought to her self, she changed into some comfortable sweat pants and t-shirt and went back to watching TV, eventually going to bed.



Screaming Stephanie woke up, “That damn dream again” she said to her self, she got out of bed had a shower, got some breakfast and slipped into the dress, a quick bit of makeup, Stephanie gave a little chuckle, “It’s been awhile since I last wore makeup like this for work” she said to her self as she made a last minute adjustment to her hair and with that she headed off to work.

Stephanie sat in her chair with a smile, people were whispering to each other as she walked by and it didn’t faze her at all, she felt so powerful, so alive and in control, “Word in the corridor is that you’ve actually made an effort to look like a girl Original” Becky said as she made her way towards Stephanie’s cubical.

Stephanie got out of her seat and met Becky in the corridor who stopped on the spot, “Don’t tell me” Becky said with an evil smirk, “Don’t tell me that a guy has been stupid enough to fall for you?” she added, Stephanie just stared straight at her, “No… you’re trying to impress a guy? That’ so pathetic, you think a slutty outfit and some cheap makeup will make them notice you? You’re nothing Original, nothing!” Becky said forcing her way past Stephanie.

“You’re poison won’t work on me anymore Becky, I’ve seen through your attacks” Stephanie replied, standing tall, “You’re just jealous” she added, Becky suddenly turned to face Stephanie, “Me? Jealous? Of you? Don’t make me laugh” Becky replied, Stephanie walked up to Becky, standing face to face.

“Yeah jealous, because I have something you’ll never have, natural beauty” Stephanie stated, poking Becky’s enhanced chest, “You little bitch!” Becky retaliated before storming off, Stephanie still standing proud.

When Becky entered her cubical a big cheer went up from the crowd that gathered, “Well done Stephanie!” one woman said, “Yeah it’s about time someone stood up to her!” someone else added, “You were great!” came another compliment, “That took some guts!” came an additional complement, blushing slightly Stephanie replied, “Oh… well… it ah… it was nothing” and with that Stephanie dived into her cubical.

In her chair Stephanie caught her breath, then smiled, “Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes” she said quickly waving her arms and legs all over the place, “I did it, I finally did it!” she added regaining her composure and with a big grin on her face Stephanie knuckled down to work.

Stephanie entered the canteen and a big cheer erupted along with a few wolf whistles, smiling Stephanie gave a little bow and joined the end of the queue. When Stephanie got to the front of the queue she was disappointed not to see any salads on display, “Here, I put it to one side for you, I heard what you did this morning” the lady behind the counter said, “Oh, thanks” Stephanie said with a smile.

She paid for her lunch and was about to head back to her cubical to eat it, like she did most days, when, “Hey Stephanie, come sit with us” Stephanie turned round and saw a group of women, she didn’t really know them but they were making an effort to invite her to sit with them so she wasn’t going to turn them down.

Stephanie made her way back to her cubical and bumped into Belinda (Bel for short) she worked in the cubical opposite her, “Hey Bel have you seen Becky today?” Stephanie asked, “Nope, no one has, seems she has stayed in her cubical since this morning, what did you say to her?” replied Bel, “The truth” stated Stephanie with a smile, “Well catch you later” she added, heading off to her cubical.

Stephanie was working away when, “Excuse me” a man’s voice said, Stephanie turned around to see the security guard from yesterday standing in the doorway to her cubical, “Hi there, what can I do for you?” Stephanie asked inviting the man into her cubical.

The security guard stepped in and closed the door behind him, “I saw you yesterday” he stated leaning against the desk, “Yeah as I was leaving the building I remember” Stephanie replied with a smile, “No I mean I saw you” the guard said with a smile, confused Stephanie said, “Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying” “I saw you in the toilets and in here, masturbating” the guard stated his smile turning into a grin.

“What?! Where you spying on me like some sort of perv?” Stephanie asked in shock, “Not at all, I was merely checking all the cameras and I saw you in the toilets after that I kept a closer eye on you, just in case” replied the guard, in a cold voice, “You haven’t told anyone have you?” asked a worried Stephanie, “No, at least not yet” “What do you mean by that?” Stephanie questioned afraid of the answer.

“Tell you what” the guard said getting to his feet, “If you fuck me right here right now then I won’t tell anyone and the security videos with your little “shows” on will become “lost”” finished the guard with a big grin on his face, “And if I don’t?” asked a scared Stephanie, “Well if you don’t then I’m going to tell everyone in the building what you did and the videos will appear all over the net” replied the guard confidently.

“How do you want it?” asked a defeated Stephanie, “You on top” the guard answered as he removed his trousers, Stephanie removed her knickers and hiked up her skirt, “What are you doing?” the guard asked, “Just hiking my skirt up” replied Stephanie, “Oh no, I want you naked” demanded the guard, reluctantly Stephanie removed her dress, she was now completely naked, “That’s better now lets get on with it” ordered the guard.

The guard laid down on the floor, his dick quickly standing to attention, Stephanie’s breath caught as she saw the prick; it had to be about 9” long, “That’s the biggest penis I’ve ever seen” she thought to her self. “Come on I haven’t got all day” stated the guard, getting impatient.

Stephanie straddled the guard and forced her pussy down on his big hard cock, she’d forgotten about her adjusted sensitivity and had to bite down on her lip hard to stop any sound escaping, “Oh yeah you got a nice tight pussy” the guard hushed as he thrust his hips into the air forcing the rest of his meat into the tight pussy.

Stephanie was actually beginning to enjoy this encounter as she started to play with her boobs, mashing them together, playing with her nipples but then she started to have flashes of her strange dream, just the first part, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) they both orgasmed together.

Stephanie’s orgasm woke her from the flash backs and she quickly got off the guard and put her clothes back on, “Remember the deal” Stephanie said as she pulled her knickers on, “Don’t worry I’m a man of my word” the guard said as he did his flies up.

Stephanie opened the door and gave the guard a stern look, “I hope never to see you again” she said as the guard made his way out of the cubical, “Well if you keep those hormones of yours under control then I shouldn’t have any need to come visit you should I?”.

Stephanie watched him as he made his way down the corridor, when he turned the corner she closed her door and sat at her desk, she tried to get on with her work but she couldn’t focus on the task at hand, eventually she set off home early claiming she had a headache”.

She got home and headed for Master PC straight away, after loading her profile she typed, “You are not pregnant you will never get pregnant unless you want to” and hit the send button, she breathed a sigh of relief then had a shower. Once she was dry Stephanie put on the same outfit she wore to work, “No point in letting it go to waste” she said to her self, she applied her make-up and sorted her hair.

She was just about to open her front door when an idea struck her, “Why not” she thought to her self with a smile she removed her knickers, “Can’t leave the girls waiting” Stephanie added as she headed out.

“Hi girls” Stephanie shouted to her friends, Rachel and Diane, “Ready for a wild night?” she asked, “Wow look at you! Nice outfit!” exclaimed Rachel, “Yeah what’s got into you?” asked Diane, “I got one over a bitch at work and now I’m ready to celebrate!” replied Stephanie as they made their way to the club.

“I can’t believe it,” said Rachel in shock, “It’s almost as if she’s a completely different person,” added Diane, both staring at Stephanie as she did the most raunchy dance they had ever seen with some hunk of a guy. She was all over him it was almost seedy, Stephanie’s ass was constantly grinding into the guy’s groin, all the while the guy was groping her tits, her aureole were visible the man had rubbed them so much.

All this was shocking enough for Rachel and Diane but the thing that really took the biscuit was the fact they were tonguing each other, deeply. “Do you suppose he’s a new boyfriend?” asked Diane, still looking on in shock, “It’s possible I suppose” replied Rachel, “But wouldn’t we have heard about it before now” continued Rachel, “and besides, it sure doesn’t explain her slut like behaviour” added Rachel, “Yeah, guess you’re right” responded Diane.

The song ended and Stephanie walked over to her friends, man in hand, “Must be a new boyfriend, she’s bringing him over” whispered Rachel, “Hay guys” Stephanie started with a smile, “Do you mind if Doug and me set off?” Stephanie asked, still holding Doug's hand, “Um…err…yeah, sure, ok, if you want to Stephanie then that’s fine with us, right?” replied Rachel hesitantly, looking at Diane, “Um…yeah sure, two girls can have a good time” responded Diane, still shocked by Stephanie’s sudden change in personality, “Thanks girls. I knew you would understand,” said Stephanie with a smile, “Come on Doug” she added, leading the way.

Stephanie pulled into her drive, “Right, lets get to it” stated Stephanie, “You’re not bothered about foreplay?” asked Doug, surprised, “Ah foreplay smoreplay” replied Stephanie as she opened the front door. Before the keys had touched the wood surface of the table by the door the couple had their tongues down each other’s throats, as Stephanie quickly removed Doug's clothing, Doug closed the door with his foot as he too, undressed Stephanie.

As they made there way to the bedroom, the kissing got more intense, as did the breathing. Stephanie crawled onto the bed and spread her legs, Doug jumped on Stephanie and tonguing her, quickly slammed his cock into her waiting pussy, Stephanie wrapped her legs around Doug's waist, forcing his cock deeper into her cunt.

“You’re the biggest guy I’ve had in awhile” panted Stephanie, lying about Doug's hard 7” of meat, “You’re the hottest babe I’ve had in awhile” replied Doug in between his expert sucking of Stephanie’s nipples, “Less chat more shag” panted Stephanie, nearing orgasm.

“Make… me… scream” demanded Stephanie, seconds before she screamed in orgasmic bliss, Stephanie could feel Doug's hot spunk in her pussy; she opened her eyes only to see Doug rolling over onto his back, his cock slowly going soft.

“Men” stated Stephanie, getting to her knees, “Hay Doug! I’m ready to go again,” added Stephanie, all she got back in response was Doug's snoring, “Damn it! I wanted a night of hot steamy sex! Not wham-bang-thank-you-ma’am!” huffed Stephanie as she got to her feet, she looked at Doug's softening dick, “If only I could make it last longer” she thought, “Wait a minute! I can!” exclaimed Stephanie.

She quickly went to Master PC and typed in “Doug”, a message appeared on screen, “First name and surname needed”. Stephanie walked out into the hallway, “Full name, full name, full name” she muttered to her self as she rummaged her way through Doug's clothes looking for some ID, “Aha!” Stephanie said, holding a driver’s licence up in the air.

Back in front of the PC Stephanie typed in Doug's name and he came up on screen, she quickly selected Doug's cock and carefully studied the options. She skipped over the flaccid size, it was the erect size that Stephanie was interested in, she increased it’s length from 7” to 10” and added 2” to it’s girth she also increased Doug's stamina ten-fold, “That should do nicely” Stephanie said to herself as she hit the send button. She closed Master PC down and went back into the bedroom.

Slowly Stephanie stroked her hand up and down Doug's thigh, until his cock started to harden, with a deep kiss she woke him up, “I’m ready for round two” Stephanie said in a husky voice as she slid her way down Doug’s body. Expertly she raised her hips over his huge cock and impaled herself on it, “Oh yeah, you got a tight pussy babe” Doug said, not realising that his cock was larger.

Stephanie loved every minute of it, any movement she made forced Doug's cock to rub against her g-spot eliciting feelings she had never felt before. Suddenly Doug's hands found their way to her tits, his masculine hands grabbed, squeezed and rubbed her tits in all directions, “Oh yes, gonna cum, keep going” panted a very horny Stephanie, her head tilted back, her hands helping Doug's, Stephanie shouted her pleasure as a huge orgasm ripped through her body.

“Get into the doggy position” ordered Doug, his raging hard on still in Stephanie’s cunt. Doug grabbed a hold of Stephanie’s hips and pumped away like there was no tomorrow, “Yes, make my tits swing like pendulums” panted Stephanie, loving the feeling of her tits swinging back and forth. Doug's strokes were getting more forceful, “Make me scream, make me scream!” demanded Stephanie, as Doug's cock rammed into her g-spot.

The ramming got harder and faster, soon Stephanie’s whole body was going back and forth, “Yes, yes, gonna cum, gonna… oh god yes!” panted Stephanie as another huge orgasm ripped through her body. Doug removed his rod from Stephanie’s cunt. She got to her feet and went over to the mirror.

Putting her hands on either side of the mirror and spreading her legs she looked over her shoulder, “Come on, I want to watch you fuck me” Stephanie said with a grin. Without a second thought Doug once again slammed his dick into Stephanie’s snatch and cupped her tits from behind, Stephanie looked at Doug's face the whole time, his expression getting her horny.

Every time Doug forced his cock into Stephanie’s pussy she would be lifted up to her tip toe’s, “Yes come on, lift me off the floor” demanded Stephanie, her forth orgasm nearing, “Ok, how about… this!” Doug asked putting all his force into his thrust, lifting Stephanie a good 3” off the ground, Stephanie shouted a resounding, “Yes!”, “Cumming, cumming, cumming” she panted the strongest orgasm of the night racing through her body.

Once again Doug removed his cock from Stephanie’s cunt. Her body weak Stephanie made her way to the bed, falling onto the bed, her ass hanging over the edge Stephanie panted, “Do what you want with me” without hesitation Doug slid his nob into Stephanie’s dripping cunt and fucked away.

The only way Doug knew that Stephanie was alive was by all the orgasms she was having, each orgasm was louder than the last until after nearly an hour of fucking Doug, finally shot his loud. Once his orgasm past he lifted Stephanie up and laid her down on the bed and he too lay down beside her, within minutes he was asleep.



Stephanie woke up, again the vivid dreams had returned, “Man those dreams are weird” she thought to herself as she looked beside her only to see an empty space, “Guess he’s gone” Stephanie said to herself as she got out of bed. Naked, Stephanie went to Master PC and loaded Doug's profile and put his cock back to normal, “Can’t let him have too much fun,” Stephanie said to herself with a giggle.

Stephanie looked at the clock on her desk, “Hmm time I did some shopping I think” she said to her self. Stephanie went back into her room and put on some jeans and an old shirt that she tied around her chest, showing her mid-drift, she quickly sorted her hair and headed for town.

Once at the mall Stephanie headed straight for “Jane’s Sexy Creations”. This store has clothes that are sexy yet suitable for wearing on the street, just what Stephanie was looking for. Stephanie walked in for the first time (she knew about this place through her friends) Stephanie looked over to her left and saw a woman with massive tits, to big for her to guess their size, signing what looked like video cases for a small crowd.

“Can I help you?” asked the store assistant; “Oh, um what’s going on over there?” asked Stephanie curiously, “Oh that’s Susan Rosenty. She’s doing some signing’s to promote her new movie” replied the assistant, “How much did they cost her?” asked Stephanie in a slightly jealous tone, “Sorry I don’t understand?” responded the assistant, “Those boobs of hers, they must have cost a packet” stated Stephanie, “Oh right, well she claims to be natural. Personally I believe her, it’s what’s going on downstairs that I’m more curious about” said the assistant, “What do you mean?” Stephanie asked quizzically.

“She’s a hermaphrodite, quite a large one at that, God only knows how she got so big” replied the assistant, getting hot under the collar, “Really?” asked a shocked Stephanie, “How long is she here till?” she added, “End of the week. Is there anything else I can help you with?” replied the assistant.

“You can point me to the clothes” requested Stephanie with a smile, the assistant pointed to the right of the store, Stephanie made her way there, stopping for any reason to look at Susan Rosenty.

Stephanie ended up buying some 6” heeled sandals, a white mini skirt with strings on either side (for tightening up) and a matching white tube top with just enough material to cover up her nipples, her cleavage in full view thanks to the strings at the front.

With her new clothes in hand Stephanie walked over to the video section, she quickly found Susan Rosenty’s new film, curiously titled “Very Mistaken Identity”, “It can’t hurt to watch” thought Stephanie, as she made her way to the back of the line.

“Hey, first woman I’ve signed something for in a long time” said a cheery Susan, “What’s your name?” she added, taking the video from Stephanie’s hand, “Stephanie” she replied nervously, “Is there anything you want to ask me Stephanie?” Susan asked while writing a message on the front of the video box, “Um, yeah” replied Stephanie, taking a seat, “How did you get like you are now? I mean I find it very hard to believe that you went through school with a dick” asked Stephanie leaning forward.

Susan looked up, then looked down at her boobs before looking into Stephanie’s eyes, “Ok I’ll tell you a little secrete” said Susan, putting her pen down, “What I’m about to tell you is absolutely true” she continued, “About eighteen months ago I went into this store called “Spells ‘R’ Us”. I bought this special strap on, that whenever someone put it on it became real.

One of the side effects was that my tits grew a cup size every time I put it on. Anyway I used this strap on with my best mate until I decided to place it just above my pussy, by which time my then boyfriend had come home and they both fucked me until I lost consciousness and when I woke up I couldn’t take the thing off!” Susan finished, leaning back in her chair, “and then what?” asked an enticed Stephanie, her nipples prominently showing, “The next thing I know I’m signing a video box for a curious woman named Stephanie” replied Susan with a smile.

“Is there anything else?” Susan asked, picking her pen up, “Do you think I have what it takes to make it in the porn business?” Stephanie asked in the spare of the moment. Susan took a good look at her, “Um, I don’t think so, don’t take that the wrong way but you don’t seem to offer anything new. Men like something a bit unique” Susan said, “Isn’t that right lads?” she asked to the small crowd of men, anxiously waiting in line, they all sheepishly nodded.

“Sorry Stephanie, if you find a Spells ‘R’ Us then you’ll have no problems, just make sure you have a lot of money when you go in” Susan said with a smile, handing the video back to Stephanie, “Oh no, that’s ok. It was just a spare of the moment thing, you know?” Stephanie replied, stepping out of the way for the next person. Stephanie quickly purchased the video and clothing and headed home.

Stephanie put her new clothes on her bed and looked at the clock, “twelve-thirty! It’s earlier than I thought!” Stephanie said as her eye caught the movie she bought, Stephanie looked at the back for the running time, “one hundred and twenty minutes, that’ll kill some time” Stephanie thought to her self, making her way to the living room. Stephanie put the video in the VCR and hit play, while the ads were rolling Stephanie made her self some lunch to eat during the film.

As the film progressed Stephanie got more and more horny. By the half way point Stephanie was constantly massaging her tits. When the film got to the penultimate sex scene Stephanie had unconsciously pulled her trousers down to her knees, lightly rubbing her pussy lips and when the final credits rolled on screen Stephanie just had to fuck her self, the film was crap but the sex was amazing.

Stephanie was hammering away at her pussy with three fingers while her spare hand mashed her tits. It only took a couple of minutes for Stephanie to bring herself to a massive orgasm, by far her strongest yet. Laying on her back, recovering, Stephanie thought, “I’ve just masturbated… and I liked it!” a big smile on her face.

Stephanie straightened her clothes out, “What was the name of that shop Susan talked about?” Stephanie said out loud, “Spells ‘R’ Us!” she exclaimed, the answer hitting her. Stephanie sat down in front of her PC and went online; she typed in “spells ‘r’ us” in the search bar and waited for the results.

Stephanie clicked on the first result and was surprised to see lots of stories on screen, “Wow this place has a cult following” Stephanie said, expecting a “Spells ‘R’ Us online store” (now there’s an idea). She looked at the title of the first story, “SRU: The Sex Genie” she said to her self, “What the hell, it’s only a story” she added, clicking the link.

A couple of hours had passed and Stephanie had read a few stories, she was naked and horny (reading those stories had made her need to satisfy her self more than once) she pondered, “Hmm, I wonder what it’s like to have really big tits?” without a second thought Stephanie loaded up Master PC and her profile.

Perfect spheres hung firmly from Stephanie’s chest, all the while increasing in size and mass, she pinched a nipple and was forced to the very brink of orgasm. Her melons had past anything she had previously had with no signs of slowing. As Stephanie looked down her ever increasing cleavage she reckoned that she was at least the same size, if not bigger, than Susan yet still her enormous bosom developed.

Hefting a huge jug up to her mouth Stephanie sucked on an engorged nipple, easily 2” long and close to 1” round, Stephanie just couldn’t believe how firm yet malleable her tits were. Stephanie gave a little grin when she felt her fleshy mountains touch her thighs and as her tits started to spill over the edge of the chair she stood up, freeing her boobs of any confinement.

Still her magnificent mounds of tit flesh grew reaching down to her navel then, just as soon as they started, they stopped growing, with a confident stride Stephanie made her way to the bedroom, tits bouncing freely.

Stephanie marvelled at her magnificent mountains of boob flesh, resting firmly on her chest, she lightly caressed one tit then started on the other. The lightest touch sent powerful shockwaves to her pussy, Stephanie couldn’t believe it, she was getting off from her tits alone. Slowly and sexually Stephanie moved her hands towards her huge nipples, they were the biggest (human) nipples she had ever seen, at least 3” long and a good 2” round, along with her areolas which were the size of CD’s.

Her hands just entered the darkened skin of her areolas, her breath caught as the sensitivity increased dramatically; teasing herself she continued to crawl towards her engorged nipples. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Stephanie reached her destination, she lightly touched a nipple and panted in orgasmic bliss, the slightest of touches sent her into the most intense orgasm she could imagine.

The orgasm was so powerful that her whole body froze, still standing, as Stephanie recovered there was a hunger in her eyes and with determination she forcefully grasped her nipples. “OH GOD!” Stephanie screamed as her pussy gushed her juices down her legs like a broken dam. Stephanie would have screamed more profanities but such was the power of the orgasm that she was unable to even scream, yet alone form words.

When Stephanie recovered enough to process what had happened she collapsed onto her firm round ass and had a (comparably) minor orgasm as her humongous cleavage landed in her lap, an alarmingly large puddle of pussy juice formed on the carpet.

Amazingly Stephanie still wanted more and leaned forward onto all fours, resting her melons on the carpet making her cunt dribble with her juices again, starting slowly at first Stephanie started to rock her body back and forth, as if being fucked from behind, the orgasms came thick and fast and as she got used to the intensity of the orgasms, she increased her rhythm becoming almost frantic with the need to orgasm.

Stephanie was no longer able to tell when one orgasm ended and another started, they all just blended into one, mind bendingly powerful orgasm, “Who needs a cock with tits like these?” she thought to herself, her legs spread as her snatch poured her juices out onto the carpet like a tap.

She looked at her reflection, her huge bosom bulging out in all directions, the nipples forced against the carpet, hidden underneath all the boob flesh, “My god, I’m the personification of sex” Stephanie thought to herself as she started to hump the floor, forcing her body onto a new level of orgasmic bliss. Finally Stephanie ceased her humping run and collapsed, her head resting on her tits, her cunt lightly spasaming Stephanie slowly drifted off into a light sleep.

Stephanie awoke, slowly she got to her feet constantly having one orgasm after another as her tits brushed the carpet. Now standing upright, her boobs standing high and firm on her chest Stephanie looked in the mirror, she couldn’t believe how sexy she looked.

She turned to her side and was impressed by how far her melons reached beyond her body, lifting her arms up Stephanie turned her back to the mirror, “Wow, I need a wide load sign” Stephanie said to herself as she saw the distance her huge jugs stretched on either side of her, a good foot if not a little more.

Stephanie took a couple of steps closer to the mirror, leaning forward she let her hooters hang free, “Big boobs are defiantly sexy” she thought to herself as she gave her chest a little shake, all the while enjoying the sensation of her tits rubbing together, “But they are too big to be practical” Stephanie said as she made her way back to master PC.

Stephanie had to sit side-on to the desk in order to reach the keyboard; such was the magnitude of her boob flesh. She reduced the size of her tits on screen down to cantaloupe proportions but thought, “Going larger can’t hurt” as she increased her size to that of a seedless melon and hit send.

For some unexplainable reason it felt good as her melons reduced down to the specified size, as the growth stopped Stephanie cupped both jugs, although they still felt good, good enough to get her juices going, but it was nothing compared to earlier.

As Stephanie made her way to her bedroom she enjoyed the high bounce that “large” boobs have. Stephanie put on her new outfit, it was still far to early to be going out but she wanted to see what she looked like, “The boys won’t know what hit them” she thought to her self as she posed in front of the mirror, happy with her self Stephanie change back into her jeans and shirt she was wearing earlier, “Wow big boobs definitely pull this look off!” Stephanie said as she finished tying the shirt across her chest.

Stephanie suddenly remembered one of the stories she’d read earlier, “Hmm, I wonder what that’s like?” she thought to her self as she went to Master PC. It took some time but Stephanie got what she wanted, taking her clothes off again she hit the send button and quickly ran to her mirror.

Slowly yet surly something was forcing it’s way out of her pussy, “This is weird” Stephanie said as her transformation continued, larger and larger the object became, slowly absorbing her pussy into it’s form until her cunt was no more, the object kept on growing until it reached 10” long and a good 7” round then a small sack formed below the shaft and the transformation was complete.

“I have a cock!” Stephanie said excitedly, she wrapped her hand around the girth of her new organ and started to pump, as her prick got stiffer and stiffer Stephanie’s need to cum became greater and greater, the feelings were getting so intense that she had to sit down, “Oh wow” she hushed to her self when she realised that her penis would fit snugly into her cleavage.

Eagerly Stephanie slipped her meat stick into her bosom, squeezed the boob flesh around her dick and started to tit fuck her self; “This feels great!” she said out loud as her pace quickened, flashes of the dream appearing in her mind.

Stephanie continued to massage her cock with her tits, slowly building up the pressure. She tilted her head to one side looking at her self in the mirror, “Man I look amazing!” she panted to herself, closing her eyes and tilting her head back.

It didn’t take long for her to shoot her load onto her boobs and when the orgasm passed Stephanie fell onto her back, cock standing tall, she breathed heavily, just staring at the ceiling.

A few minutes passed before Stephanie got the strength to stand up again, “Wow no wonder men always fall asleep after sex” she said to her self, “It’s exhausting” she added, as she reached for the tissue box and started to wipe away the cum from her baby feeders.

Once all the cum was cleared up Stephanie got dressed again, she looked in the mirror as her tight jeans showed a huge bulge in her groin, “I can stay like this for a while I think” she thought to her self looking at the clock, she still had a few hours before she was going to go pulling. Stephanie headed back to her pc and read a few more stories about this “Spells ‘R’ Us” jacking off to most of the stories.

“About time I was getting ready I think” Stephanie thought to herself as she looked at the clock on her pc, she loaded up Master PC and after restoring her femininity she reduced her chest down to a more normal D cup and made some other changes. Once she was satisfied she hit the send button and headed for the bedroom.

“Perfect” she said, looking at her self in the mirror, her Latino body looking back at her, complete with her enlarged boobs, Stephanie thought her self clean and applied some make-up, along with a bit of perfume, she put her new outfit on and headed out for the night.

Stephanie went to the far side of town to make sure no one would recognise her. She headed for a club called “Razor” when she walked through the door Stephanie was struck by dizziness with a quick shake of her head she regained her composure and made her way to the bar and waited, “Well that little extra seems to be working” she thought to her self looking at the “selection” around her, Stephanie had included the ability to sense men’s dick sizes just by looking at them.

Stephanie got hundreds of offers for a “good night” by men with small dicks, she contemplated going with a man who had a 7” dick but turned him down, betting she could get something bigger.

Stephanie was getting annoyed, if she drank too much more she wouldn’t be able to drive home and that’s when she saw him, a hunk of a man with a 10” slab of meat in his trousers, she waited till he got a drink before she made her move.

“Hi I’m Stephanie,” she said pushing her boobs up against his arm, the man looked at Stephanie then sat up, pleasantly surprised, “I’m Steve” he replied with a smile. Stephanie sat down, showing Steve her entire cleavage, “Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked getting straight to business, “No but I bet I won’t be able to love anyone now I’ve set my eyes on you” replied Steve, lightly cupping a tit, Stephanie gave a light moan.

Lightly pushing his hand away she said, “I’ll get straight to the point” she looked down at her erect nipples, “I want to fuck you all night and I’m willing to bet that you want to do the same to me” Stephanie finished, moving close to Steve, “Your place or mine?” Steve asked after downing the last of his drink, Stephanie took his hand, “Oh definitely my place” she said with a smile.

Stephanie lead Steve to her car, Steve’s hands were constantly all over her body, “You’re a real T and A man aren’t you?” Stephanie asked as they got into the car, “Only if the tits and ass are right” responded Steve, getting in one last feel before Stephanie started up the car.

Steve and Stephanie quickly headed for the bedroom. Stephanie was naked in two string pulls; Steve stood in awe, taking in every curve of the fine female before him, Stephanie walked closer and bent down at Steve’s feet, she undid his fly’s, expertly slid his cock out of its confine and confidently slid it into her mouth. Stephanie was surprised how naturally it came to her; she concluded that requesting “cock sucking lips” adjusted her whole mouth for blow jobs.

What surprised her even more is that she could take the whole length of Steve’s hardening cock. With her expert tongue she licked up and down Steve’s shaft, while humming in a low tone. Steve gripped Stephanie’s head with his hands, setting the tempo, “Oh yeah that’s it babe” Steve said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Stephanie’s pussy was dripping, “This is so invigorating!” Stephanie thought to her self, one hand lightly rubbing a tit while the other cupped Steve’s balls, “I’m gonna cum” Steve panted, looking into Stephanie’s eyes, seconds later Steve blew his load into Stephanie’s mouth, she swallowed the sensual tasting spunk.

“You suck a good cock Stephanie” Steve said, breathing heavily, “You must have had a lot of practice” he added, “No, it just came naturally” replied Stephanie, standing up, she made her way to the mirror, placed her hands on the reflective surface at arms length, her ass sticking out.

She looked over her shoulder, “You got me started” she said, “Do you want to finish me off” Stephanie added with a wink, Steve got to his feet, “Who am I to turn a lady down?” he answered as he made his way over to the inviting pussy.

Steve griped Stephanie’s ass and slowly slid his shaft into the sopping cunt; Stephanie looked at her self in the mirror, her tits hanging freely, “That looks so sexy, I might have to make them bigger” she thought to her self as Steve slowly worked his magic.

Stephanie could feel her first orgasm steadily building within her, it was torment, “Come on Steve fuck me! You do know how to fuck don’t you?” Stephanie shouted the slow pace was driving her mad, Steve didn’t say a word, he went from slowly shagging to a ragging fuck in one smooth movement, each thrust slowly pushed Stephanie closer to the mirror, until eventually her luscious boobs were compressed between her and the mirror, Stephanie screamed her eagerness as her orgasm ripped through her body like a chainsaw.

Stephanie opened her eyes and saw the just fucked expression on her face, “There’s a sight” she thought to her self, her messed up hair draped across her face, sweat was glistening off her face and chest. “I don’t know about you but I’m still raving to go” Steve said, casually laid out on the bed, Stephanie turned round (she hadn’t realised that Steve was no longer lodge in her) and gasped, “Now there’s a sight to behold” she hushed, looking at Steve’s still rock hard nob.

Stephanie made her way to the bed and sexually slithered her way up Steve’s body, skilfully Stephanie placed the head of Steve’s cock at her cunt entrance and impaled herself on it, instantly Steve moved his hands to Stephanie’s full bosom, he squeezed, rubbed and pinched them.

“Suck them, please suck them!” Stephanie panted flashes of her strange dream appearing in her head, Steve instantly lunged at Stephanie’s melons, sucking one nipple then the next, only to go back to the first one, “Oh god that feels so good!” Stephanie panted as she ran her hands through her hair the orgasm nearing.
With the little power she had spare Stephanie pushed Steve onto his back and leaned over him, her tits at his face. Naturally, Steve continued sucking as Stephanie lifted her ass into the air and pumped away like a piston, removing all but the head of Steve’s huge dick only to slam the whole length back into her pussy.

Cursing, Stephanie screamed as the biggest orgasm of the night hit her like a train. She collapsed on top of Steve, hardly able to breathe Stephanie said, “Do what you want to me” before she drifted off to sleep, Steve who was also exhausted drifted off to sleep too, his cock still inserted into Stephanie’s tight pussy.



Stephanie woke up suddenly, for the seventh night in a row the vivid dreams plagued her sleep, “Man I’ve really got to get those dreams analysed,” she said to her self as she got out of bed, she put her silk gown on and headed for the kitchen.

“Morning Stephanie” Steve said, surprising her, “Hope you don’t mind but I made myself some breakfast” he added just before he bit into some toast, “Oh you startled me!” Stephanie replied, tying her gown up a bit more tightly, “Is there any coffee?” she asked, reaching for a mug, “There’s a fresh batch brewing as we speak” answered Steve, finishing off his toast.

“Can I buy you dinner tonight?” asked Steve hesitantly, “Oh, sorry but I’ve got the girls coming over tonight, you know, a girls night in” replied a shocked Stephanie, “How about another time?” she added, pouring herself a cup of coffee, “Yeah sure, here’s my number” Steve replied, handing Stephanie one of his business cards.

Stephanie lied, the “girls night in” wasn’t till tomorrow, (thank God for a two day bank holiday) she just wanted to have a little bit more, “free” experimentation with Master PC before she settled down with a body she could be happy with. For the next couple of hours Stephanie and Steve talked, they were hitting it off rather well for a one-night-stand.

“Well I’d better be going now, you know things to do” Steve said, getting to his feet, “Way of the world I suppose” Stephanie replied, opening the door, “Thanks for breakfast, I’ve had fun” Steve commented as he stepped out the door, “I’ll ring you” Stephanie responded, sexually hanging from the door.

“Right time to get that dream analyzed I think” Stephanie said closing the front door, she grabbed a pad and pen and started to write down the dream in minute detail.

Once that was down Stephanie went online and quickly found a place that would analyze dreams, she followed the onscreen instructions and waited for an answer. A few minutes passed and “a new email has arrived” message came up on screen; Stephanie opened her inbox and read the email from the site.

“Well that was a lot of help” Stephanie said sighing, the analysis giving a load of mumbo-jumbo that had no relevance to her at all, the only sensible thing she got from it was that she was on a journey.

“What shall I do now?” Stephanie thought to her self, she looked down at her chest, her jugs peeking past her robe, she watched them rise and fall with every breath, “That’s something to change” she thought as she loaded Master PC and brought up her profile she restored her appearance back to Caucasian, she looked at her red hair on screen and adjusted its length down to her mid back and sent the command.

Then suddenly she thought, “Becky” and typed her name into the subject’s name field, “Hope she’s within range” Stephanie said as she clicked on the “find subject” button, luckily enough she was and her profile came up straight away. Stephanie read up on Becky’s profile, her past, her likes and dislikes, she read it all writing down anything that could be used as payback.

“Ok let’s do this” Stephanie said confidently as she started to type, “when ever you are in Stephanie Elvden’s presence or hear her you will become extremely passive and submissive you will carry out anything Stephanie Elvden asks of you. For every insult you make to anyone, directly or indirectly, you will gain 1lb in weight, to loose the gained weight you must beg Stephanie Elvden for forgiveness. Every time you orgasm your breasts will grow one cup size, Stephanie Elvden is the only person who can reduce the size of your breasts. When Stephanie Elvden gives you your first request you will become bisexual and when you are talking to a man your IQ will drop to that of a dumb high school cheerleader” Stephanie double checked her command, “Revenge is sweet” she thought to her self, licking her lips, she hit the send button without a second thought.

“Oh boy that’s got me all horny” Stephanie said lightly touching an erect nipple, she untied her robe and slipped two fingers into her cunt while the other hand caressed her twin mountains of flesh, she quickly orgasmed and staying naked went to the phone.

“Hello operator” she said politely, “Can you put me through to Becky Wrongton please?” asked Stephanie, “One moment please” came the reply, there was a short silence and then the phone started to ring, “Hello?” Becky said groggily, “Hi Becky” replied Stephanie in a condescending tone, “He… hello… Stephanie” Becky said shyly, “How are you Becky?” Stephanie asked, “I’m like, totally ok like you know” Becky replied, Stephanie smiled, “Becky sweetie do you have a man by you?” she asked, “Like, sure I do how did you, like know?” Becky asked, “Just a hunch” replied Stephanie enjoying every second of this.

“Tell me Becky are you attracted to girls?” Stephanie asked, wondering if any of these questions counted as the “request”, “Like, sure I do, man Stephanie you like, sure do know a lot about me” replied Becky, “Does that excite you?” questioned Stephanie, “Like, kinda I guess” answered Becky, “There’s something I want you to do for me Becky” Stephanie said, “Like what is it?” asked Becky, “That guy you’re with I want you to fuck him for the next two hours and be nasty to him, insult him a lot, then come straight here, do you understand Becky?” commanded Stephanie, “Like, sure of course I like, totally understand” replied Becky almost excited, “Good bye bye then” Stephanie said before hanging up the phone.

Stephanie started to jump about the hall way with excitement, “This is great!” she exclaimed, “That bitch is compelled to do whatever I say!” she added, “I’d best clean this place up and get ready for tonight” she concluded.

Becky’s house, before the phone call
Becky was woken by the phone ringing, “What twat calls this early on Sunday?” Becky’s body suddenly gained 1lb in weight but she was still to groggy to notice, “Hello?” Becky said groggily, “Hi Becky” replied Stephanie in a condescending tone, Becky wanted to tell her to fuck off but something inside stopped her and instead of an insult Becky said shyly, “He… hello… Stephanie” it was like she was embarrassed to be talking to her, “How are you Becky?” Stephanie asked.

Becky sat up in bed and looked at the guy sleeping beside her, suddenly she felt different inside like she was dumbing down or something, not wanting to loose any more ground to Stephanie Becky quickly replied, “I’m like, totally ok like you know” Becky replied and as soon as she said that she put her hand over her mouth.

However Stephanie carried on like everything was normal, “Becky sweetie do you have a man by you?” Stephanie asked, “Like, sure I do how did you like, know?” Becky asked, “Like, what the hell is going on?” Becky thought to herself, while Stephanie said something but she didn’t hear.

“Tell me Becky are you attracted to girls?” Stephanie asked, Becky thought about it but as she did her opinion changed, “Like, sure I do, man Stephanie you like, sure do know a lot about me” she replied, “Does that excite you?” questioned Stephanie, “Like, kinda I guess” answered Becky who was getting very uncomfortable with all this yet somehow it wasn’t showing.

“There’s something I want you to do for me Becky” Stephanie said, “Like what is it?” asked Becky, “No I like, don’t want to do whatever she like, wants” she thought to her self, “That guy you’re with I want you to fuck him for the next two hours and be nasty to him, insult him a lot, then come straight here, do you understand Becky?” commanded Stephanie, “Like, sure of course I like, totally understand” Becky replied, she breathed a sigh of relief when Stephanie put her phone down.

“That bitch!” Becky thought to her self, just then she felt a twinge in her body she looked down at her self just in time to see her body swell a little, “Like what has that cow done to me?!” she said quietly, she felt her body swell again, “Oh man this is like, totally weird” Becky thought to her self.

She started to feel compelled to have sex, then she remembered what Stephanie had asked her to do, “Oh god I hope I can enjoy this” she said as she pulled the covers off the guy next to her.

Becky straddled the man and kissed him on the lips, he slowly awoke, “Like, are you ready for like, more you fucking stud?” Becky asked as she felt her body swell again, the guy didn’t seem to notice as he just reached up for her boobs and squeezed. Becky reached behind her and handled the stiffening nob as she moved to encase it with her pussy.

As soon as she had his length inside of her he started to buck, “Is that the best you got you twat?” Becky asked, again her body swelling slightly, the guy put more force into his bucking and it didn’t take long for Becky to orgasm, feeling the swelling centralised in her boobs she cupped them forcing the guy’s hands deeper into the expanding fleshy mounds, “This could like, get interesting” Becky thought to her self as she felt another orgasm approaching.

Stephanie’s house two hours later
Stephanie was in her robe watching TV waiting for Becky to turn up, “I wonder how big she is?” Stephanie thought to her self just as she saw a car pull up into her drive. Stephanie opened the front door and waited for Becky to come out from the car.

Finally after what seemed like an age Becky emerged from the car, “Looks like she’s a fast learner” Stephanie thought to her self as she looked at Becky who appeared to have gained about 100lb and her tits had swelled nicely too, covering most of her front, “Why don’t you come inside Becky” Stephanie said stepping to one side.

Becky was wearing a very big and baggy T-shirt along with some sweat pants, “How do you feel Becky?” asked Stephanie standing tall, “I feel horrible Stephanie, please make me beautiful again, please” replied Becky softly as she looked at the floor, “Hmm, tell me Becky, do you know what your bra size is now?” asked Stephanie, “Big” replied Becky, “I can see that, wait here I’ll be right back” replied Stephanie as she headed off to Master PC.

Stephanie came back a minute later and said, “Ok Becky, I’ll restore your weight if you kneel before me and beg” without hesitation Becky got to her knees and begged like her life depended on it, “Oh please Stephanie, I’ve learnt my lesion, I’ll never be mean again, please Stephanie restore my weight I beg of you please” “Ok, your bodily weight shall return to what it was this morning and your breasts shall become a…… JJ cup” replied Stephanie.

“Oh thank you Stephanie thank you” responded Becky as the weight just dropped off her and her chest shrank by a third to a JJ cup, “Can, can I ask why… why you gave me a JJ cup chest?” asked Becky sheepishly, “Um, no reason just wanted to see how big it was” replied Stephanie.

“Right then Becky” Stephanie stated, “Ye…yes Stephanie” replied Becky sheepishly, “Go make some dinner for us while I sort out some things for tonight” ordered Stephanie, “Yes Stephanie” responded Becky as she headed for the kitchen, “Oh and one more thing” Stephanie continued, “When we are in this house you will refer to me as… mistress, ok?” Stephanie said with a grin, this dominance thing was getting her horny, “Yes mistress” replied Becky.

Stephanie loaded up Becky’s file on Master PC and made a few changes, first she removed the weight gain command, that was not a pretty sight, then she typed, “any clothes you wear will automatically adjust themselves to fit you and Stephanie Elvden has complete control over the size of your breasts, what ever size Stephanie Elvden says your breasts will change accordingly, obeying Stephanie Elvden’s orders make you feel complete and horny” Stephanie checked her newest command.

“Hmm anything else?” she thought to her self, “Oh I’d best change that!” Stephanie said finding a loop hole, she removed Becky’s need to be passive and submissive in Stephanie’s presence and changed it so that she was always like that, unless she stated otherwise, Stephanie also added that Becky couldn’t tell anyone what was really happening to her, “That should do nicely” Stephanie said as she hit the send button.

“Becky” Stephanie said as she entered the kitchen, “Yes mistress?” asked Becky still cooking away, “Strip naked for me would you?” ordered Stephanie, “Yes mistress” replied Becky chirpily and with a smile, Becky quickly removed her t-shirt and pants and stood naked awaiting Stephanie’s next order, Stephanie inspected the women before her, she nodded her head in approval before saying, “Carry on” and left, “If I’m going to have a female slave I might as well be attracted to her” Stephanie said as she brought her file up on Master PC and quickly adjusted her sexuality from “straight” to “bisexual”.

“Oh yeah that’s better” Stephanie said as she felt better about seeing Becky naked, she then looked at her boobs, “That’s a good idea” she said as she enlarged her breasts to a large cantaloupe size.

“Mistress, dinner is ready” Becky said standing in the doorway to the study, “Oh Becky, you startled me” replied Stephanie as she got to her feet, then Stephanie realised the complications of Becky seeing the program on the screen.

“Becky you will never touch my pc or enter this room unless I say so do you understand?” she stated, “Yes mistress” replied Becky with a nod, “Also you will banish all thoughts of the program I was just using from your memory, you will never think of it, is that clear?” Stephanie asked, standing tall in front of Becky, “Yes mistress” replied Becky again, “Good now lets have dinner” responded Stephanie as they both headed for the table.

“Ok Becky, are you ready to go out and get some men?” Stephanie asked, “Oh yes mistress I’d love to fuck a man tonight” replied Becky with a big smile on her face, “Very well then, come with me” ordered Stephanie as she lead the way to her bedroom.

Stephanie opened her wardrobe and pulled out a single black outfit which tied around her neck, stayed tight to her body with a V shaped collar that went down to her navel, covering the outsides of her boobs, the material clung to her body down to her waist where it stopped on the right but continued on the left going all the way to her ankle making a triangle shaped skirt, covering just enough of her ass not to be put in jail for the night, “Ok Becky, pick any outfit you want” Stephanie said as she removed her robe and started to put her outfit on, “Thank you mistress” replied Becky as she started to look through the wardrobe.

Eventually Becky picked out a small pink outfit that would cling to the body, there was enough material to cover her nipples and it went down long enough to cover the wearer’s ass. Stephanie was surprised to see the outfit, she’d only worn it once and that was to a fancy dress party, “I may wear that again sometime” she thought to herself, before she realised that Becky was looking at her for approval, “Good choice Becky, now hurry up and put it on” she said, gesturing with her hands the time.

As Becky tried to put the outfit on over her huge bosom Stephanie went over to the make-up table as she was about to apply her makeup she noticed that her skin was a bit greasy, “Oops forgot to have a shower today” she said to her self, she instantly thought, “Clean” and was amazed at how her skin suddenly became radiant, she continued applying her makeup, opting for a dark eye liner and blood red lip stick and nail polish she finished off the look with a pair of 4” heeled black strap shoes.

“Look mistress!” exclaimed Becky, “It’s a perfect fit, I didn’t think it would fit!” she added striking a little pose for her mistress, “Very good Becky, now get some make-up on and then we can go out pulling” Stephanie said, encouraging Becky’s friendly personality, “Oh and Becky” Stephanie added, “You have a DD cup ok?” she asked, Becky nodded her head and her chest shrank down to the requested size.

Becky and Stephanie ended up at a bar on the far side of town, the chances of anyone actually recognizing Stephanie was slim as she never ventured to this side of town before. Both girls entered the bar and Stephanie ordered a drink that required a straw, “Now remember Becky, you’re driving that means no alcoholic drinks or drugs understand?” Stephanie said, “Yes Stephanie” Becky replied as she ordered a soft drink.

Stephanie was inspecting the pickings around the bar, plenty of men were looking but they were all waiting for someone else to make the first attempt, ten minutes went by and still none of the men would make a move, on the other hand the barman started giving her free drinks.

Realising that the both of them must have appeared an imposing force Stephanie said, “Say Becky why don’t you go into the guys toilets and fuck every guy that enters, stay in their until closing and then come back to my place, just remember to be quiet until it’s just you and me in the house” “Sure thing Stephanie that sounds like fun!” replied Becky as she put her drink down and headed for the toilets.

Another ten minutes later and finally a man came and sat down beside her, she checked him out, she was most impressed by his 12” rod in his pants, the rest of him wasn’t to bad either, close to 6’, well toned bit of a rough cut, “Do you want to come back to my place for a night of mad, rampant, sex?” Stephanie asked as she took a sip of her drink, the man looked at her while she had a drink and simply said, “Sure”.

“Great there’s just one problem” Stephanie said, “My friend was driving and she’s already left” she added, playing coy, “That’s no problem, I got a ride” the guy said and with that they left the bar together and headed back to Stephanie's place.

Stephanie opened her front door and the pair of them walked in, “Can I just use your toilet before we get to it?” Rad (the male) asked, “Sure” replied Stephanie pointing to the bathroom, “It’s just in there, I’ll be in here waiting for you” she added with a sexy wink as she made her way to the bedroom.

She closed the door behind her and stripped, Stephanie perched on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed, slightly reclining, thrusting her endowments into the air. She caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror, “Damn I look sexy” she thought to her self. Then Rad entered the room, she looked over to him, her hair draped over her shoulder, “Are you ready now handsome?” she asked giving her chest a little shake, “Oh yes” replied Rad as he started to remove his clothing.

Now naked Rad sat down beside Stephanie and looking into her eyes he reached out and cupped a tit. In reply Stephanie gave a light moan and reached out for his dick, lightly grasping it she started to pump it up, “You know, I think it may like it more if you use your boobs” suggested Rad, lightly removing Stephanie’s hand from his tool.

Without a second thought she moved in front of Rad, crouching down she enveloped the growing boner within her melons and continued what she had started. “This feels really good”, she thought to her self in amongst the flashes of the dream, “I only wish I had a spare hand to pump into my pussy” she added.

“Come on now, bring me home!” ordered Rad, his nob quivering under the pressure of his impending orgasm, with a smile Stephanie quickened her pace and within seconds Rad was shooting his load all over her jugs.

Rad reached for the box of tissues that were beside the bed and Stephanie wiped up the spunk from her chest. Then she stood up and turning back to Rad she positioned her self above the foot long pole and then lowered herself over it, plugging her hole completely.

Rad instantly reached around and grasped Stephanie’s fertile bosom making her moan loudly in pleasure. With his cock firmly planted inside of Stephanie, he started to thrust his hard slong deeper into the woman’s love box.

Stephanie was speechless, never before had she felt so alive while having sex, Rad’s big hands were rubbing all over her boobs, constantly sending powerful shocks down to her plugged pussy, as a result it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. It was powerful but not as good as the other day; Stephanie removed the blockage from her cunt with an audible, “plop”.

She then got onto the bed and kneeling down she rested her head on the pillow, raising her ass into the air, “How about round 2?” she asked licking her lips, “I’m game” Rad replied as he positioned himself behind the fine ass before him. He cupped her snatch, lightly stroking her clit, again Stephanie moaned loudly, urging Rad to continue.

Rad moved a little closer, still stroking her clit, and slowly started to insert his dick into her butt hole, Stephanie didn’t notice at first, her pussy was giving her too much pleaser to notice the slow intake of cock meat. When his cock was about half way in Rad slammed the rest of it home, causing a light scream from Stephanie.

“This, this is different!” she panted having never had it up the rear before, “How’s it feel Stephanie?” asked Rad, still rubbing away at Stephanie's clit, “Oh god, please keep going!” was her only reply as she neared another orgasm.

Rad started to ram his foot long deep into Stephanie’s ass, quickly brining her off, Rad quickly removed his cock from the tight butt, Stephanie turned over and with hunger in her eyes said, “Bring that big dick of yours here”.

Not wanting to disappoint Rad crawled up her body placing his hard on in the valley of flesh, Stephanie brought her head forward and engulfed the end of Rad’s boner in her mouth, while she wrapped her boobs around the shaft, needing no more hints Rad started to pump.

Stephanie was breathing deeply until eventually Rad could no longer hold back and emptied his load into her mouth, “That’s it I’m spent, you’re too good” stated Rad as he moved to one side and collapsed onto the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Stephanie laid there for a few minutes, quite content bathing in the after glow of sex, “Yeah why not?” she though to herself with a sly grin getting to her feet and making her way to Master PC.

First of all she gave Rad a command to sleep through the night until 8am and then leave the house and that Stephanie would appear as she did the previous night, “Now for the fun part!” she thought as she loaded her profile. She gave her self the same huge breasts as Susan Rosenty, giving them a light rub she made her way back to her bed and played with her tits until she fell asleep.

Becky at the club, earlier that night
“Say Becky why don’t you go into the guys toilets and fuck every guy that enters, stay in their until closing and then come back to my place, just remember to be quiet until it’s just you and me in the house” suggested Stephanie, “Sure thing Stephanie that sounds like fun!” replied Becky as she put her drink down and headed for the toilets.

Becky entered the men’s toilets and perched on the sinks and waited for a guy she could fuck to appear. A few minutes later and a guy entered the toilets, “Oh, hi there cutie, are you lost?” the guy asked, with a giggle Becky replied, “No I’m not like, lost at all, I’ve just been waiting for a guy” Becky got to her feet and approached the man, “A guy huh?” he asked playing along, “Yeah, you’re a guy aren’t you?” Becky asked as she pushed her body into the mans.

“I’m anything you want me to be” the guy replied as he put his hands on Becky’s ass and squeezed lightly, Becky smiled and lowered herself down to the guys groin, looking up at him she undid his flies and pulled out his stiffening dick, “Like, no need for foreplay I see” Becky said with a smile as she stood up, sat on the sink surface again, her legs spread wide, “Why don’t you like, show me how to like, use that thing of yours” she said in a sexy tone.

Without a second thought the guy positioned himself in front of Becky’s pussy and with a small grin he forced his cock in, Becky instantly wrapped her legs around the mans waist. Becky was quickly approaching orgasm, she was whispering profanities to the man, making him go faster and harder until he shot his load which sent Becky over the edge, she felt her boobs grow a cup size and smiled, while she was recovering the guy sorted out his clothes and quietly left the toilets.

Once she recovered Becky sorted out her appearance and waited for the next guy to fuck. A few minutes later and two guys entered, they were talking to each other as they entered and then both stopped as they saw Becky sitting there, chest sticking out, legs crossed, the guys looked at each other and were about to turn and leave.

“Hey guys don’t go, I’ve like, always wanted to do two guys at once” Becky said giving the guys a sexy look, “We… we thought this was… was the guys toilets” one of them said embarrassed, “No you’re like, right this is the guys toilets, I just love to like, fuck guys when I go out and the toilets is like, the best place to do it” Becky replied, as she uncrossed her legs.

“So like, who wants to go first?” she asked with a smile, the one who spoke before quickly got his prick out and slammed it into Becky’s pussy, he lifted her off the surface and lowered the pair of them onto the floor, she quickly took control and rolled the guy onto his back, the other guy then came over and Becky wasted no time in pleasuring him as she took out his penis and started to blow him, she quickly came and the resulting growth spurred her on for another orgasm which didn’t take long.

On her third orgasm the guy she was sitting on finally came, which was the signal for Becky to allow the two guys to switch places. This time she was in the doggy position being fucked from behind as she sucked the first guys cock her watermelon sized jugs swinging back and forth just centimetres from the floor, she managed to get two orgasm out of the second guy before he blew his package into her, as the two guys sorted out their clothes Becky got to her feet and examined her enlarged chest.

“Mmm thanks guys these are like, great” she said as she pulled down her top letting her huge melons free, the two guys looked on in disbelief, “It’s like, totally ok guys” Becky said, “I’ve got like, expanding boobies” she added, the two guys still looked on in disbelief.

“Look just like, tell you mates that I’m in here waiting to be like, totally fucked, ok?” Becky said as she put her breasts away, the two guys slowly moved towards the door all the while looking at the mountains of cleavage before them, when they reached the door they both quickly ran out of the toilets, Becky sat back down on the sink surface and sorted out her make-up before the next group arrived.

A few minutes passed and Becky had freed her boobs again and was lightly playing with them when a group of guys entered, “Like, hi guys” Becky said with a smile, “How do you like, want me?” she asked, as she removed her clothing, one guy shouted out, “Doggy” and as soon as Becky was in the position she was surrounded by guys all with their dicks in her face or her rear.

She sucked one cock while she had pumped another with her hand while she was being fucked, she quickly orgasmed, then again, and again then it all became a blur as one orgasm mixed with another Becky didn’t know if she was coming or going, it seemed to last an eternity.

Unfortunately though the guys got tired and gradually left one by one until it was just her on the floor by her self, eventually a security guard entered, “Don’t know what you’re doing in here miss” he said as he helped Becky up to her feet, “But it’s time you were gone” he added as he handed Becky her clothes, “Has the club closed?” she asked, “Yes miss the club has closed for the night, go home and get some sleep” the guard said as he helped Becky put her clothes on.

Becky caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror, “Oh wow I’m like, so big” she said as she cupped her gigantic boobs, which covered her entire upper body, “Yes miss, you are fucking huge but now you have to go home” the guard said as he lightly pushed Becky through the toilet doors, “Ok, sheesh I’m like, totally outa here” Becky said as she made her way to the main entrance.

Becky opened the car door and just about managed to get in but she couldn’t see the steering wheel, or much else, “I’m going to have to get a taxi” she thought to her self as she forced herself out of the car and headed for the taxi rank just down the road.

“Where to?” asked the driver not paying attention to who the passenger was, Becky instinctively said, “Stevenson Road” “Ok then” the driver said finally looking in his rear view mirror, noticing the massive boobs he turned around and gasped, “Like, what’s wrong, don’t you know the way or something?” Becky asked, “Those are gonna cost extra” the driver said regaining his composure, “That’s like, no problem” replied Becky, the driver slowly turned around and started the engine.

On the way Becky started to play with her tits, eventually pulling her top down and caressing her boobs until she orgasmed. The driver drove rather slowly during all this, constantly looking in his rear view mirror. Eventually though they reached their destination and Becky put her clothing straight she reached for her purse, “Err that’s alright miss, no charge” stated the driver, “Like, thanks mister” Becky replied as she squeezed her way out of the taxi.

She walked down the road until she reached Stephanie’s house being as quiet as she could she opened the front door and headed for the spare bedroom she removed her clothes and slipped into the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.


Monday (Bank holiday)
Rad woke up and groggily wiped the sleep from his eyes, he got to his feet and started to get dressed, after he put his trousers on he looked at Stephanie sleeping in the bed, “Damn those are some huge tits” he thought to him self, “The guys will never believe this” he added as he reached for his top. Fully dressed Rad quietly left the house.

Becky suddenly awoke realising that she was alone in the house with Stephanie, she made her way into Stephanie’s bedroom. Stephanie was squirming in her bad, tossing from side to side, Becky noticed Stephanie’s increased bust line and licked her lips in anticipation.

She slowly pulled the covers back and crept her mouth closer to Stephanie’s waiting nipples, “Argh!” screamed Stephanie as she woke up, the dreams still plaguing her sleep, Becky jumped back in surprise.

“Are you ok mistress?” Becky asked concerned, Stephanie looked at Becky and smiled when she saw the huge twin peaks of her chest, “Yes Becky I’m fine now, thank you” replied Stephanie as she got out of bed.

“What are we doing today mistress?” asked Becky, “Well we are going to have some sex then we are going to get ready for tonight” replied Stephanie as she lightly caressed one of Becky’s boobs, “What’s happening tonight mistress?” Becky questioned excitedly, “I’m having some friends over, we’re going to have a girls night in” responded Stephanie.

Stephanie waited for her PC to boot up and loaded Master PC, she brought up Becky’s profile and inspected the information contained within, “Damn that’s a big chest!” she said as the profile stated Becky’s bra size to be a PP cup, Stephanie looked in the history section of Becky’s profile, which contained all previous measurements and transformations.

“That’s a lot of padding Becky” Stephanie thought after finding out that Becky was only a C cup, “I always thought she was a D cup” she added, Stephanie went back to the command box and typed, “Your “normal” bust size is now an E cup” Stephanie hit the send button and then loaded her own profile, she gave her self the ability to sense women’s bra sizes much like she could with men’s dicks. Stephanie made one more minor change and headed back to the bedroom.

“Mistress!” Becky exclaimed, “You’ve changed” she added focusing on Stephanie’s foot-long prick, “Yes I have Becky” replied Stephanie, “Now get on the bed” she ordered, Becky quickly laid down on the bed, her massive tits thrusting into the sky and her legs spread wide.

Stephanie wasted no time in straddling Becky’s form, her already hard cock resting nicely at the base of Becky’s bosom, Stephanie shuffled forward slowly forcing her cock into the fleshy clamps, once all the way in she slowly started to rock back and forth, all the while caressing her own huge boobs, Becky just laid their in bliss as the dick sent magnificent shock waves to her brain and pussy, it didn’t take long for Stephanie to blow her load into Becky cleavage.

“Round two Becky” Stephanie said as she moved onto her back, Becky quickly got on top of Stephanie and slowly inserted the monster boner into her pussy, “Why have you stopped?” asked Stephanie confused, “I can’t fit any more in mistress” replied Becky.

“Fine, get off” ordered Stephanie sighing, she made her way to master PC and loaded Becky’s profile again and typed, “Your pussy can take any sized object that is put into it but it will always be a tight fit” she hit send and quickly went back to the bedroom. “Shall we try that again?” asked Stephanie as she got onto the bed, Becky smiled and started to insert the nob back into her cunt, this time all of the cock went in.

“Oh mistress I feel so full!” exclaimed Becky, “Good” replied Stephanie with a smile, “Now fuck me!” demanded Stephanie forcefully grabbing Becky’s over grown melons, Becky quickly pumped up and down on Stephanie shlong, “Oh my God” panted Stephanie, “This feels great!” she added just before Becky started to mash her boobs together sending her over the edge.

Stephanie shot her load into Becky’s love box, “Cum bitch!” Stephanie exclaimed revelling in the orgasm, instantly Becky orgasmed and Stephanie gasped as she felt Becky’s tits expand in her hands.

Then Stephanie got an idea, “Becky” she said getting her attention, “Every time I orgasm you will orgasm twice understand?” asked Stephanie, “Yes mistress I understand” responded Becky, “Good now suck my cock” ordered Stephanie.

Becky dislodged the prick from her pussy and using her hooters as pillows she rested on the bed and lowered her moth over the dick, she got the head of the cock in her mouth but then took it out again, “Mistress I can’t fit it in” Becky said in a sorry tone, “I’ll be right back” replied Stephanie.

Stephanie brought up Becky’s profile and started to type, “Your ass, mouth and pussy can take any sized object without any problems and it will always be a tight and pleasurable fit, you also have no gag reflex and can not get pregnant” she hit send and joined Becky in the bedroom.

“Right then” Stephanie said as she got on the bed, “Suck my cock” she ordered as she laid down, Becky got her self into position and plunged her mouth over the prick and sucked away like there was no tomorrow, Stephanie played with her own nipples, pinching them, rolling them between her fingers, licking them, sucking them until eventually it all became too much for her and she orgasmed, her seed firing into Becky’s mouth.

Her eyes closed as she realised that Stephanie had orgasmed and with a pleasurable hum she smiled as she felt her cleavage expand even more, “Ok that’s enough” Stephanie said sitting up, Becky relinquished her suction on Stephanie’s cock and also sat up, her gargantuan chest overfilling her lap.

Just then Stephanie got an idea, “Stand up Becky” she said, Becky stood on the floor, her massive bosom taking up most of her front, “Grow to an UU cup Becky” Stephanie ordered, instantly Becky’s boobs started to expand she rubbed all over her growing melons as they grew to the specified size.

“Don’t orgasm until I start to fuck you Becky” Stephanie said as she looked on at the ever increasing bust line, eventually Becky’s tits stopped growing her insanely huge chest covered everything down to her ankles, Stephanie smiled, “Good” she said, “Now roll onto your front” she ordered, Becky complied, her ass was now at just the right height.

Stephanie moved around to the waiting cunt and slammed her cock straight in, “Your boobs will stay at this size until I stop fucking you got it?” commanded Stephanie, Becky just nodded in response, Stephanie continued to fuck Becky.

“What are you?” she asked breathing heavily, “A sex toy” replied Becky, nearing orgasm, “Who’s sex toy?” questioned Stephanie, “Yours” responded Becky, “And who am I?” queried Stephanie, “Mistress, you are mistress, I’m mistress’s sex toy” replied Becky as she orgasmed, “Yeah don’t you forget it you little bitch!” exclaimed Stephanie as she orgasmed blasting her load into the tight snatch. Stephanie looked up from the toy in front of her and saw her self in the mirror, “I’m a sex god” she said to her self, just before she removed her cock from Becky’s pussy.

“Ok Becky, go back to your normal size” Stephanie ordered as she headed for master PC. She sat in the chair and thought to her self, “What was that?” she asked to her self, “I’ve never been that nasty during sex” she added, “It must be all that pent up anger towards her getting out” Stephanie concluded, looking at the screen Stephanie started to make some changes.

Stephanie walked into the bedroom to find Becky inspecting her new tool, “Do you like it?” asked Stephanie as she made her way to the bed, “I… I don’t know mistress” replied Becky, “Well maybe if you tried it out” responded Stephanie, spreading her legs, “It might help you make up your mind” she added lying down on the bed.

Becky quickly moved into position and fucked Stephanie for everything she was worth. Stephanie was panting, breathing deeply as the foot-and-a-half cock of Becky’s was filling her to the brim, Stephanie kept on cursing, panting, “Oh yes” over and over again until she was eventually launched over the edge and orgasmed three times.

Then Stephanie felt Becky’s spunk blasting its way into her cunt, gradually filling her up to bursting point, she looked at Becky’s boobs as they swelled like a balloon to water melon dimensions, Stephanie sat up and started to suck on a nipple, some primal urge made her do it, maybe it was the bisexual command she gave her self, Stephanie didn’t know but she just had to suck the expanding tits in front of her.

Which only encouraged Becky to continue fucking Stephanie, eventually Stephanie forced Becky onto her back and Stephanie pumped Becky’s dick just like Becky had down earlier, except this time Stephanie was sucking on the engorged nipples of her little sex toy, Stephanie orgasmed another three times before she ran out of energy, she rolled off of Becky and just watched as her chest expanded another six cup sizes to a giant size.

Once Stephanie had recovered her strength she looked at the clock, “Oh boy I’d best start getting ready for when the girls get here” she said. Stephanie went to Master PC and restored Becky to her female self she then loaded her own profile and restored her body to what she used to look like, before any changes, “Don’t want to freak out the girls” she said to her self as she hit the send button and went back to the bedroom.

“Becky” she said waking her up, “Yes mistress?” replied Becky, “Go back to your normal size and start preparing things for tonight” ordered Stephanie, “Yes mistress” replied Becky as she headed off to the kitchen, Stephanie got some casual clothes on and started to tidy up the house.

“There all ready” Stephanie said as she put the last of the snacks on the coffee table. “Mistress there is a car pulling up in the drive way” stated Becky, “Ok thank you Becky” replied Stephanie, “Now I want you to wait in the spare room until I call you out, ok?” ordered Stephanie, “Ok mistress” replied Becky as she made her way to the spare room. Stephanie thought her self clean and opened the door.

“Hi girls, come on in!” exclaimed Stephanie, as she lead the way to the living room. Diane, Rachel and Stephanie spent the next few hours talking about “girly things”. “So Stephanie” Rachel started, “Have you finally woken up to the twenty-first centenary?” she asked, “What do you mean?” Stephanie asked confused, “You, last weekend with that guy” responded Diane, “Oh that, I think I just had too much to drink” replied Stephanie.

“Since when do you have too much to drink?” asked Diane, “Since… well… since…” Stephanie stuttered, “Oh ok then I’d had enough of you two always commenting on my way of life, so I thought I’d give it a go” answered Stephanie, in a friendly tone.

“And?” asked Rachel, Stephanie blushed, “I really enjoyed it” she answered looking at the floor, “What do you mean you really enjoyed it?” questioned Diane, “I mean I’ve been out every night this weekend and pulled” responded Stephanie with a shy smile, “Wow what’s brought on this change?” wondered Rachel. Stephanie went on to tell them about her little triumph over Becky at work, leaving out the details of Master PC.

Eventually things moved away from Stephanie’s change in perspective, “Do you think I need to go on a diet?” asked Diane as she stood up and lifted her top revealing her stomach, “No not at all you look fabulous” responded Rachel, “You loose any more weight and there won’t be anything left of you” she added.

Stephanie wasn’t really paying attention, instead she was looking at Diane’s curves and having lustful thoughts, “What do you think Stephanie?” asked Diane, coming back to reality Stephanie replied, “Like Rachel said you look incredible” “Yeah I guess” concluded Diane, sitting back down.

Stephanie watched Diane as she sat down and noticed an erect nipple just denting her clothing, with a friendly smile she got an idea, “Excuse me a second please” Stephanie said as she left the room.

Stephanie launched Master PC and brought up both Rachel’s and Diane’s profiles, “Time for a little fun” she thought to her self as she typed in the command box, “you are completely obedient to Stephanie Elvden, you will answer any question she asks truthfully, doing what Stephanie Elvden asks gets you very excited, you live to please Stephanie Elvden, all this is completely normal and no cause for alarm” after double checking herself Stephanie hit the send button and rejoined her friends.

“Ok” Stephanie said as she sat down on the sofa, “Assuming that there is no prejudice in the world and that you can have anything done, what would you like to change or add about your self?” Stephanie asked with a smile, Rachel and Diane looked at each other and blushed.

“Come on you can share it with us, we’re not going to tell anyone” stated Stephanie, “Well I’ve always wanted to be a hermaphrodite” responded Diane, “Really what kind of hermaphrodite?” asked Stephanie surprised, “A fantasy one, with a fully working prick and pussy” responded Diane, “How big of a hermaphrodite?” asked Rachel quizzically, “Just big” Diane simply replied.

“And what about you Rachel? What would you change?” Stephanie asked, getting horny, “I just want really big fake looking boobs” replied Rachel, “Well you can get them now, so why haven’t you?” asked Diane, “I’m scarred they would weigh too much and I can’t afford it” replied Rachel, looking down at her small chest, “How big would you want to be?” asked Stephanie almost giddy with excitement.

“I want boobs bigger than Jordan’s” responded Rachel, “I see” replied Stephanie scheming, “Wait here I’ll be back in a minute” Stephanie added as she left the living room again.

Back in front of Master PC Stephanie loaded up Rachel's profile first, and increased her bust size to double that of Jordan’s, next came Diane’s profile and Stephanie change Diane into a huge hermaphrodite with a penis well over two foot long and close to a foot round.

Stephanie made both girls bi and included that their cunt, ass and mouth’s can take any sized object but will always be a tight fit, along with a delay for the transformations. Excited Stephanie hit the send button and rejoined the girls.

“Right sorry about that girls” stated Stephanie as she sat down, “That’s no problem” replied Diane just before she took a sip of her drink, Stephanie looked over to Rachel and carefully looked at her chest, “Rachel” Stephanie started, getting her attention, “Are your breasts growing?” she asked.

Rachel looked down at her chest and gasped, “What’s happening to me?” she asked shocked before she cupped her expanding boobs, “Am I finally getting my wish?” she questioned as she removed her top to reveal to fleshy globes overfilling her bra.

“We’d better get that bra off, before it gets too tight” Stephanie stated as Diane looked on in amazement, “Yeah you’re right” replied Rachel as she reached round her back, “Let me do it” offered Stephanie, as she unclipped the bra and removed it, dropping it to the floor.

Rachel gasped again as her melons bounced free, “Look at me!” she exclaimed, “I’m bigger than Jordan!” she added, pressing her boobs together, “How does it feel?” asked Stephanie into her ear, “They feel great and they’re still growing!” Rachel replied with a huge smile.

Stephanie looked over Rachel’s shoulder and smiled at the high and firm tits slowly expanding, “They feel so light” stated Rachel as the growth came to a stop. “Why don’t you stand up and show us your new assets Rachel?” Stephanie suggested as she tried to snap Diane out of her hypnotic like daze, “I’m… I’m huge!” exclaimed Rachel as she stood up, she gave the two girls a few poses, “They feel so firm and yet soft” Rachel said before feeling her tits up again.

“They look fabulous don’t they Diane?” stated Stephanie, lightly nudging Diane, “Ye… yeah, if you like that kind of thing” replied Diane, “Well we could say the same thing about what you want Diane” replied Rachel as she sat down, “Yes, lets see what people say when you’re a woman with a dick” added Stephanie as she looked down at Diane’s groin area.

“Say, what’s that?” asked Stephanie as she pointed out the small but growing bulge in Diane’s pants, both girls looked to where Stephanie was pointing and in unison said, “Oh my god” Diane stood up quickly and pulled down her trousers and knickers to reveal a small penis about 1” above her cunt, slowly growing.

“This is amazing!” Diane cried out jumping up and down, making her cock flop about the place. When it had grown out to about 10” Diane grabbed her shlong, confirming that it was real, “I hope I get huge!” Diane said quietly as she lightly hugged the ever growing slab of meat.

Stephanie looked over to Rachel and saw her nipples standing to attention, “You seem to be aroused by this Rachel?” she asked sticking out her fingers by her own chest imitating nipples, “Well… it’s a… it’s a huge dick, how can I not get turned on by a huge dick?” replied Rachel, “I… I think it’s stopped growing” stated Diane seeing the head of the monster cock stop just past her eyes.

“Say why don’t you try that new tool of yours out on Rachel?” Stephanie suggested, “That thing will never fit in me!” replied Rachel, “Fine then how about you give her a tit fuck then, try out those new fun bags of yours” responded Stephanie with a smile, “Yeah I’m up for that” answered Rachel as she made her way over to Diane.

Both ladies laid down on the floor and after Diane let go of her cock Rachel wrapped it up in her fleshy mountains, Stephanie stepped up behind the girls and started to caress their pussies, both women moaned in response, Stephanie kept up her stroking until both girls had their own rhythm.

Soon Diane orgasmed unloading her spunk onto the carpet past her head, her job done Rachel rolled off to the side of Diane and they both sat their, “Hey Stephanie” asked Rachel, “What about you? What would you change?” she added, “Yeah, you never answered your own question” concluded Diane.

“Well I guess I would…” Stephanie started, both girls looked on in eagerness, “Have what you too have and maybe get a tail as well” Stephanie finally replied feigning embarrassment, an awkward silence followed, “Well tonight seems to be the night for wishes” replied Diane breaking the silence.

“Can you excuse me a sec?” Stephanie said making a break for the door, “Wait, where are you going?” asked Rachel, “In all the excitement I think I got a little to excited, my panties are all wet from my juices” replied Stephanie as she headed out the door.

Stephanie entered the study and removing all her clothes she brought up her profile, she gave her self the same massive two foot long dick as Diane, a tail, and she also restored her body to like it was this morning, she also gave her self the same command about the size of her orifice’s being able to take any sized object, she put on a delay and hit the send button.

Next she made both Diane and Rachel love each other in a sexual way as well as making them love her in the same way, Stephanie also added that both girls would do what Stephanie said without question, she then hit the send button and rejoined the girls.

“Why are you naked Stephanie?” asked Diane surprised yet turned on, “Well I figured that seeing as we are getting so intimate with each other that sooner or later I’d have to take my clothes off, so I thought I’d save everyone the trouble” replied Stephanie as she entered the living room.

As soon as she passed the threshold to the living room she gasped, Diane and Rachel looked on in suspense. Stephanie touched her self all over as she felt her body morph back into the sexy body she had this morning, her waist thinning down to 20” and her hips widening to a sexy, child-bearing 35”, next her ass firmed up into the perfect hart shape.

Then her hair lengthened curling down to her mid back and changed to a flame red colour, her face went through some minor changes, developing more prominent cheek-bones, fuller lips, longer eye lashes, sexy eye brows and a change in her eye colour from hazel to a brilliant green.

Next Stephanie cupped her small breasts as they began to grow, fuller and rounder they became as they gradually overflowed her hands, the girls looked on as Stephanie was consumed with the moment, Stephanie smiled as she felt her boobs force her hands away from her body, her nipples poking into her palms as they became more rigid with every passing moment.

“Stephanie!” cried Rachel, “You look about as big as I am!” she added cupping her tits to emphasise her point, “Are you sure about that?” asked Stephanie as she pulled her hands away from her huge chest, letting her true size be known to the group, “I think I’m larger than you” Stephanie added with a smile.

Just then she turned around and looked over her back to see her new tail growing, complete with fur, it continued to grow until it reached the floor, “And now for the final thing” Stephanie hushed to her self as she turned around again and cupped her groin, hiding her growing prick for as long as possible, Diane and Rachel looked on, transfixed, as the dick slowly appeared from behind Stephanie’s hand, a few moments later and her transformation was complete.

“So big tits and a hermaphrodite huh?” asked Diane as Stephanie took a seat, “Well maybe I wasn’t completely honest with you” replied Stephanie, as she put her cock between her huge melons. “Why don’t you two have a quick fuck?” Stephanie suggested with a smile as she lightly caressed her jugs.

“That sounds like a good idea” responded Rachel as she shuffled over to Diane, “Yeah I can’t wait to try out my new member” replied Diane. Rachel crawled up Diane’s body, kissing her along the way, Rachel crawled past Diane’s head until the cock was at the entrance to Rachel’s pussy and slowly she started to make her way back down the two foot long shaft of meat, until eventually the whole thing was inside her.

“Wow, I had no idea I had that much space in me” stated Rachel as she sat up, straddling Diane’s small body, “Enough about how much space you got” replied Diane, getting impatient, “How about we start fucking like Stephanie said?” she added, and with that Rachel started to bob up and down on Diane’s monster boner.

Stephanie gave a sly smile when she heard what Diane said. As Rachel continued her assault on Diane’s small body Stephanie started to tit fuck her self as well as give her self a blow job, she was doing such a good job on her self that she almost missed Diane lunging at Rachel’s nipples and sucking like a woman possessed.

A few minutes later and all three girls orgasmed in unison, Stephanie got up, “Stand up you two” she ordered, as she approached her friends, both girls got to their feet, standing tall and proud, Stephanie stood in front of Diane and looked down at her, “How did it feel?” she asked, “Great! I want to do it again!” replied Diane ecstatically; Stephanie got a strange but oh so nice feeling from ordering Diane about.

“Maybe it’s because I’m taller?” she thought to her self before she moved on to Rachel, “And what about you? How did it feel?” she asked, not getting the same feeling as with Diane, “Amazing, simply amazing” responded Rachel with a slightly dazed look, Stephanie took a step back and looked at her friends, both pussies were dripping, then Stephanie remembered Susan Rosenty and that porn film.

With a smile she laid down on the carpet, “Come and pleasure your master” ordered Stephanie with a smile; both girls did as they were told. Diane was first slamming her cock into Stephanie’s pussy, followed closely by Rachel who wasted no time in straddling Stephanie, letting the new cock of Stephanie’s plug her hole.

“Oh… my… god” thought Stephanie as she was sent to a new plane of pleasure, she absentmindedly rubbed her hands all over her fleshy mountains, totally blissed-out from the sensations, then it happened, she orgasmed all she could do was make primal grunts as Diane and Rachel pumped her with all their might.

Once she had recovered from the orgasm, Stephanie ordered the ladies to get off her, Stephanie sat up as she caught her breath, “Wow I wonder if sex can get any better?” she asked her self as Diane and Rachel looked on, realising that they were looking at her Stephanie asked.

“Hey girls, what do you think of me?” “I think you are the most wonderful person in the world, I don’t think I could bear being without you” replied Rachel, “That’s amazing!” stated Diane, “I feel the exact same way!” she added, I’m glad to hear it” responded Stephanie.

“Now tell me, how do you feel about each other?” questioned Stephanie, placing her penis back between her boobs, “I feel the same way about Rachel as I do towards you, my master” answered Diane, taking Rachel’s hand, Rachel looked into Diane’s eyes and simply said, “Me too”.

“I’ve got it!” Stephanie said suddenly clicking her fingers, “Wait here, I’ll be right back” stated Stephanie as she bolted for Master PC. First she made her self taller by 10” going from her current 5’8” to 6’ 6”, next she gave her self an extra nob, both dick’s at the same height as before but now on either side her pussy lips.

Finally she slightly increased her stamina and hit the send button. Next she loaded Diane’s profile, “she’ll thank me later” Stephanie thought to her self as she increased her bust line to the same size as Rachel’s, after hitting the send button Stephanie headed back to the girls.

“Oh master” hushed Diane, cupping her enlarged boobs as she clocked Stephanie’s two slabs of meat, “You are one kinky girl” added Rachel, Stephanie approached her friends relishing in the superiority she had over them, looking down at them as if they were inferior to her, “I could get used to this” she thought to her self.

“Come pleasure me some more” Stephanie ordered as she laid down on the floor, both cocks standing to attention, like before Diane was setting up to slam her cock into Stephanie, “No Diane” Stephanie said firmly, “I want you both to use my cocks” she added, running a hand over on of her melons, both girls moved to either side of Stephanie and after a little fidgeting both were full of Stephanie’s love poles.

Stephanie looked on as Diane’s own dick lodged its self within her own cleavage, seconds later Diane and Rachel started to hump the shafts of meat. Stephanie was overwhelmed with pleasure but she wanted, no she needed more and with a little effort she was able to manoeuvre her tail into her cunt and used it like a prick.

As you’d expect it didn’t take long for Stephanie to erupt shooting her load into her friends love boxes but due to her newly increased stamina she kept on going, with new vigour she started to play with her jugs, rubbing them, pinching them, licking them, mashing them into her chest, you name it she did it.

A few minutes later and she blew her second load into the girls, pleased for the time being she ordered the girls off of her, only when Stephanie sat up did she realise that both girls had had many orgasm, thanks to the blissed-out looks and copious amounts of spunk on their upper bodies. Enraptured in the moment Stephanie headed for Master PC yet again.

After loading her own profile she started to make some more changes, first she gave her self an extra pussy, placing both under her cocks, and she gave her self an extra breast as well, placing it between her current set, she put a time delay on the transformation and hit send.

Next came Diane’s profile, Stephanie made her almost identical to herself, three boobs, two cocks and two pussies, but she kept her at the same height, the same delay on her transformation, hit the send button and moved onto Rachel, a quick simple change, Stephanie added am extra pussy and gave her some sexy curves, again with the delay and Stephanie headed back to her horny friends.

Stephanie entered the living room to see Rachel sucking one of Diane’s nipples, Stephanie sat down in a chair and softly said the trigger phrase, “Ready for some really kinky sex?” instantly Stephanie looked down at her self as she saw her third boob develop, it started off as a small lump that then developed into a nipple blossoming out into a large fleshy breast perfectly matching her other two.

After lightly pinching a nipple to confirm it’s realness she moved a hand down to her groin searching for her second pussy, which she found quickly. With a smile Stephanie looked at her friends, both blissfully unaware of their changes, “Ahem” Stephanie said, grabbing the girls’ attention, they looked over at Stephanie and gasped, “Why don’t you take a look at your selves” suggested Stephanie, getting to her feet.

Both girls looked down at them selves and gasped, “Now things will get interesting” stated Stephanie assuming the same position as before, Diane moved around to Stephanie’s twin cunts and slipped her cocks in, meanwhile Rachel carefully positioned Stephanie’s twin pricks and slid her self over them, Stephanie then slid her tail into one of Diane's cunts, with orgasms coming four at a time Stephanie was quickly satisfied.

As all three girls recovered from the unimaginable pleasure Stephanie thought to her self, “One more change then I’m turning things back to normal” she slowly got to her feet and headed for master PC. She brought up her profile and made a few more changes; she hit the send button and then went to the spare room.

“Becky” stated Stephanie as she opened the spare room door, “Yes mistress?” replied Becky happy to see her, “Come with me” ordered Stephanie, “Sure thing mistress” responded Becky. Once both girls were in the hall way Becky gasped, “Oh mistress, you look so different!” she exclaimed, “Yeah pretty neat huh?” replied Stephanie, “Very neat mistress” answered Becky.

“Ok now listen to me Becky” ordered Stephanie getting serious, “My two friends are still here and they’ve gone through some changes too” stated Stephanie, “Now, how much do you love me?” asked Stephanie, “I, I don’t know if I love you mistress but whenever you tell me to do something I feel complete” responded Becky.

“That’s ok Becky” replied Stephanie, “But from now on, you do love me, you love me unconditionally and with every ounce of your being, understand?” stated Stephanie, “Yes mistress” replied Becky, “Good, just three other things, one you will call me master from now on, two you love my friends as much as you love me and three go back to your normal size ok?” demanded Stephanie, “Yes master” responded Becky, with a smile Stephanie lead Becky into the living room to meet her friends.

“Oh my god master!” exclaimed Rachel, “You truly are one kinky bitch!” added Diane, taking in Stephanie’s new form, her four arms, three breasts, two pussies, tail and four cocks, yes four cocks, two above and two below her cunts. “Yes I am” replied Stephanie with a delightful smile, “but before we got to the sex I’d like to introduce you to Becky” she added, stepping to one side revealing Becky to her friends.

“Now girls, you love Becky as much as you love each other ok?” commanded Stephanie both girls nodded their compliance, “Good, now Becky this is Rachel and Diane” responded Stephanie, “Hi girls” Becky said, “Ok now on with the sex!” stated Stephanie as she assumed the position.

Diane slipped her cocks into Stephanie cunts, while Stephanie slipped her lower two cocks into Diane’s pussies (Stephanie gave her self complete control over her lower cocks, giving her self the power to fuck her self if she wanted to), Rachel assumed the same position as before, accommodating Stephanie’s higher pricks.

“What about me master?” asked Becky, unable to find something to fuck, “Here” replied Stephanie as she slipped her tail out from under her body, Becky quickly slipped it into her love box, with her four hands Stephanie used to of them to caress her huge melons while her other set of hands swapped from caressing her body to massaging Rachel’s or Becky’s fleshy balloons. Wild sex ensued everybody having countless orgasms, however due to her multiple sex organs Stephanie only lasted an hour before blacking out.


Tuesday (Bank holiday)

Stephanie awoke the following morning, wiping the sleep from her eyes she got to her feet and looked at the ladies surrounding her, Rachel was on her back, legs spread wide, Diane was sleeping on her front using her boobs as pillows, her two dicks snuggled away with in her twin cleavage, finally Becky was laying in a chair her fleshy mountains overflowing the chair.

“Best return Rachel and Diane to normal” Stephanie said to her self, “I’m not done with Becky yet” she added, “I’d better make myself appear more normal as well” she concluded making her way to the PC.

“What the!” gasped Stephanie as she stood in the door way to her study, the screen was shattered and their appeared to be burn marks on the wall behind the actual PC its self, “Oh no I hope the thing isn’t broken” she said, fear creeping in.

Realising that a new screen was needed Stephanie woke up Becky, “What is it master?” asked a groggy Becky, “I need you to get dressed and go to a computer store and buy a new PC monitor now!” Stephanie commanded, “OK master” replied Becky getting to her feet, “Oh and your tits are normal size” added Stephanie.

Within a few minutes Becky was dressed in some casual clothes and was out the door, “What kind of monitor do you want master?” asked Becky before she got into her car, “A cheap one” responded Stephanie, “Now get going!” she added closing the door. Stephanie went back into the living room and noticed that the clock on her VCR was flashing midnight, “There must have been a power cut” she concluded as she turned on her TV.

The news came on and she watched it, apparently there was a fierce thunder storm last night and a number of houses had been struck, “But that could mean…” Stephanie said getting to her feet and heading to the back garden, she looked at her roof and saw the damage, “Oh no, I hope my PC still works” Stephanie said getting emotional; she went back inside and waited for Becky to return.

About an hour passed before Becky returned Stephanie quickly took the monitor out of the box and plugged it into the PC, she hit the power button and nothing happened, Stephanie broke down, falling to her knees, “No, no, no, no” she mumbled to her self as the tears rolled down her face.

“What’s the matter master?” asked Rachel hearing the crying, “My PC isn’t working!” Stephanie replied, “Well let’s take it to a repair shop then master” Rachel suggested, giving Stephanie a light hug, “What! I can’t go out looking like this!” responded Stephanie sternly, before looking at Rachel.

“Wait a minute!” she said getting to her feet, “You still look normal” stated Stephanie, “You can take it to a repair shop!” Stephanie said, “If you want me to master” replied Rachel, “Yes indeed, do it now!” commanded Stephanie.

Dressed in some supposedly baggy clothing Rachel headed out to find a repair shop, all Stephanie could do was wait at home. She went into her bedroom and looked at her self in the mirror, “I knew it” she said, looking at her reflection, “I knew this would happen” she added wiping away a tear.

“That dream was a warning of things to come, I just didn’t realise it in time and now I’m going to be stuck like this, like a freak!” she continued, “It wouldn’t be so bad but I’ve dragged my two best friends into my fate as well” Stephanie stated falling to her knees again, “Oh god why did I have to receive that damn program?!” she asked out loud, Stephanie stayed their kneeling on the floor looking at her self waiting for Rachel to return, hopefully with good news.

A couple of hours passed before Rachel finally returned, Stephanie quickly got to her feet and met Rachel in the hall way, Rachel lightly put the PC on the floor, “I’m sorry master, it would appear as though the lighting strike from last night fried everything inside the PC” stated Rachel with a sorry look on her face.



After Stephanie had recovered from the shock of being stuck looking the way she was she decided to use what had happened to her advantage. She put Becky into the porn business; her expandable boobs were quite an attraction to the right audience, so that was a healthy avenue of income.

She also sent Diane out into the porn business but it would appear as though she was a little too “different” for most people’s likes and although she did get highly paid jobs from time to time they were few and far between. Ss for Rachel, well she was Stephanie’s eyes and ears of the city, seeing as she appeared completely normal when clothed Stephanie made her do all the shopping and other necessities.


Epilogue 2

“Good one Dave!” exclaimed John, after Dave had thrown the Frisbee into the “witches” house, “No biggy, I’ll go and get it” replied Dave, “Are you crazy?!” asked John, “Do you not know who lives their?” he questioned, “I assume it’s a person” replied Dave flippantly, “It’s some moody old woman, if you go into her garden you’ll never come out” stated John, “What, really?” asked an unsure Dave.

“I swear man, many have entered but none have returned” replied John, “Well ok then, I owe you a new Frisbee” concluded Dave and with that both boys went off to do something else.

Stephanie lived alone in the house now, after she sent Diane and Becky off to live in “Porn Valley” it was just her and Rachel, unfortunately life had been unkind to them all, Diane was the first to go suffering a heroin overdose, then Becky had a hart attack, seems her boobs got to huge during filming of a new movie.

Then just a few years ago (five to be exact) Rachel, Stephanie’s best friend, was killed by some punk robbing the grocery store. Ever since Stephanie has lived alone, getting all her food and other necessities delivered, a simple system was set up, deliveries were sent around the back where the money was waiting pinned under a stone in a plastic bag.


Epilogue 3

“Miss Elvden!” shouted the police officer, “Miss Elvden it’s the police, are you in there?” he asked, he got no reply, “Right bust it down” he ordered, another police officer stepped up to the door with a battering ram and forced the door open, “Wow what is that smell?” one officer asked as they entered the house, “If you don’t know, don’t ask” replied the other.

They started to search the house, “The smell is coming from in here” stated an officer as he slowly opened the door, “What the hell is that?” asked the first officer, “It, it looks human” replied the other officer, “Humans don’t have four arms you melon!” stated the officer, “What was she? Some kind of mutation?” “I don’t know but we’re going to need to get in the forensics team for this one.

Stephanie’s body was put through a rigorous autopsy watched by hundreds of doctor’s around the world, every strand of DNA picked apart trying to find an answer as to how such a mutation happened and why it wasn’t discovered until now. No answers were found but it appeared as though she died of old age. Eventually her remains were berried with a small tomb stone, “Stephanie Elvden, died August 15th 2020, a mystery in life and in death”.

The End – Thanks for reading

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