MASTER PC: Self-Experimentation
By Ed Miller

When I had found "masterpc.exe" emailed to me, of course I had
downloaded it. What else would I have done? And if this had been a story
for a mind-control site, I'm sure I would have used it to control some
people's thoughts. I probably would have made them have sex with me,
too. Who knows?

But this isn't a mind-control story. It's a TG story. So of course, I
entered my own name ("Ed Miller," for those of you keeping score), and
re-made my body into a sexy, female one. Not quite as big-busted as some
of the bodies in my stories, but an occasional dose of realism doesn't
hurt. G-cups on a skinny, 5'1" frame are still pretty damn big. Stop
complaining! You're not the one that has to carry these things around.

After the transformation, and the inevitable masturbation to help
acclimatize me to my newly female form, I went out to find some
unsuspecting, large-cocked man to fuck me. Of course I did. What the
hell else would happen in one of these stories? And in any case, I
couldn't stay home. My girlfriend Rachel would have found me, and I
would have had to explain who I was, why I had changed myself into a
sexy girl, and what my hand was doing playing around with my completely
hairless pussy. I doubt it would have gone over well.

When I woke up and slipped out of bed with the nearly-faceless and
anonymous man I had been fucked by, it was almost nine, so I was sure
Rachel would be at work. I could feel my titties jiggling as I ran to
catch the bus, and I relished the stares I received from the passengers
who were already seated. I knew that in an hour or two I'd be a man
again, but I was sure that this was an experience I was going to want to

I had to walk the last couple blocks home, feeling my ass rock back and
forth with each step, and the g-string nestled between my cheeks. I made
sure Rachel's car was gone before I let myself inside, and then stripped
off my clothes as I walked through the house towards the computer. I
fondled my huge titties as I sat down at the desk and reached for the
power switch. That's when I saw the note.

It was taped to the screen of the monitor, and it read: "Ed- I've been
telling you those mp3's of yours are taking up too much space on my hard
drive, and now I come home and find something called 'master.exe' is
filling up so much that I've got less than three megs left. I deleted
it. If it was something you needed, then maybe you should think about
buying your own computer."

"Oh shit," I said. And reached for the note. My fingers stopped just
short of grabbing it, about an inch from the screen. Try as hard as I
could, I couldn't quite touch the note. It was like there was an
invisible wall separating my hand from the screen.

I heard a giggle from behind me, and turned to see who it was. A bit too
quickly, actually, since when I stopped turning my tits kept going.
Ouch. Of course, even though my heart had jumped into my throat at the
thought of being caught in a girl's body and my breasts were jiggling
almost painfully, I couldn't help but be aware of my tight nipples
brushing against the inside of my tank top. It made me horny. Maybe I
should have bought a bra.

When I turned, I saw Rachel there, standing behind me with a look of
triumph on her face. She didn't seem surprised at the least to find a
strange girl with gigantic tits sitting at the desk in front of our
("her," actually) computer. Why would she be? It stands to reason that,
as formulaic as this story has been so far, she'd know all about my
little fetish. Hell, she'd probably get into it.

"Oh, I know all about your little fetish," she smirked when she saw the
incredulous look on my face. "You don't cover your tracks as well as you
might think. But don't think I disapprove," she continued as she licked
her lips and started to slink across the room toward me. "As a matter of
fact, I'm kind of into it."

I sat there stunned as Rachel's hands moved over my soft, rounded body.
She pulled me toward her and I found my face buried between her rounded,
DD-cup breasts as she stoked my long, ass-length blonde hair. Her hands
slid down my sides to cup the immense curve of my tits.

"I've been reading the same stories you have," she breathed as I nuzzled
her breasts. I could feel through her shirt that she'd gone without a
bra today, but her tits weren't sagging at all. I guessed that she'd
made some improvements with the Master PC program. "And I know how often
guys get stuck as girls in them. I thought you'd see the humor in my
little joke," she continued, pointing to the note on the screen.

"But why can't I touch the screen?" I asked. My voice was muffled,
coming from between her tits, but she seemed to get the idea.

"You can't touch the computer because I don't want you changing back to
a man before I'm ready. One of the things that I can see from your
stories is that you like it when a woman calls the shots. That's not the
way it's been with us so far, but I can guarantee it will be from now

"But you ARE going to turn me back into myself?" I asked, relieved. I'd
wanted to try being a woman, but I didn't want to stay this way forever.

"Eventually, but not yet. Now stand up."

Without thinking, I stood up. It was like I didn't have any other
option. Rachel stepped back from me, and I stood there panting. The
feeling of her hands on my breasts had made me so horny that my pussy
was flowing again, and it had seeped through my tiny g-string. My hips
were slowly rotating and I was moaning in my female arousal. I could
feel my titties jiggling on my chest, and my hard little nips pointing
up into the air. I wanted to take off my clothes and finger my pussy
until I came, but I couldn't. I just stood there waiting.

"I've made a few changes using the program you downloaded. Thankfully, I
read those stories too, so I know what it's capable of. From now on,
you're going to be doing exactly what I say." She smiled excitedly.
"Even if what I tell you to do isn't something you'd normally be able
to. Here, let me demonstrate. Enlarge your tits to an H-cup."

As soon as she spoke, I felt my tits blowing up like balloons. Looking
down, I could see them inflating, jutting out farther in front of me. I
could see, down the low-scooped neck of my tank-top, my immense cleavage
deepening even more as my already-immense breasts got even bigger. My
shirt was tight; it was cutting into my titties. I started to pant
faster. It made me so horny to feel my tits grow.

"Do you like that? Answer honestly," Rachel demanded.

"Nnn... Yes!" I moaned.

"I knew that," she said, smirking with glee as she started to pull her
shirt over her head. She continued, and I watched her breasts bob,
hanging free, as she unzipped her jeans to push them over her hips.
"I've read all your stories. I probably know what turns you on as well
as you do. And I have to admit, when I came home and found that program
on the computer and I scanned the 'recent changes' menu to find out what
you'd done to yourself, I was pretty surprised to find that you'd
stopped at a G-cup. You can bet you aren't done now. Those H-cup titties
are just for starters. How do you feel about that?"

"I don't want them!" I moaned, embarrassed but still impossibly horny.
"I want you to turn me back now!"

"Oh, I guess I forgot to make sure you were honest. From now on, you
will always answer any question I ask truthfully. Now, how do you feel
about your big, H-cup titties?" She was completely naked now, and I
could see that she'd shaved her pussy. It was as hairless as mine. She
fingered it slowly as she forced me to answer.

"I love them!" I gasped.

"Do you want me to make them even bigger?" She was sliding two fingers
in and out of her cunt now, and I could hear the arousal in her voice.

"Yes! Please! Make my titties bigger!" I was getting louder now, and my
hips were grinding in place as I stood there. My pussy juice was running
down my legs. I needed sex.

"Hmm. Soon," she said. "Right now, I want you to take your clothes off."

Immediately, I flew out of my clothes. Quicker than I can tell it, I
stripped naked and we were standing there, face to face, completely
nude. I was staring almost straight at Rachel's breasts. Her 5'9" frame
towered over my 5'1" height. I could almost taste her hard nipples, but
I couldn't quite close the distance between us and wrap my lips around
them. Something was stopping me.

"Nice," she said slowly as she walked around me. I felt like some kind
of object on display, panting and whimpering with arousal as she
examined what I'd made myself into. I couldn't move my hand to my pussy
to satisfy myself, but Rachel was fingering her pussy constantly as she
perused each inch of my very female body. She slapped my tight little
ass, causing me to jump with surprise. She fondled my breasts, which
were so sensitive that I nearly, but not quite, managed to reach orgasm
from her touch.

"You did a good job. You look like a sex-starved little teenager, but
it's quite effective. I like the tits especially. Maybe they're big
enough as it is. What do you think?"

I wanted desperately to spare myself further humiliation, but my lips
moved without my volition, saying, "oh, no! Please, I NEED bigger
titties! Make my titties bigger, please!"

"Well, maybe just a little," she said, "for now. Sit down over there,"
she gestured toward the couch, "and make your breasts grow to an I-cup."

I settled down onto the couch, my legs spread wide to expose my hot
little pussy, as I felt my breasts growing on my chest again. They
inflated still larger, and I could feel the skin stretching tighter on
my giant melons. They felt like they were going to burst, but it felt so
good. They were huge, quivering mounds of flesh, looking ridiculous on
my otherwise trim body. I loved them, but I had a sneaking suspicion
that they were going to get even bigger. I was right, of course, since
this is an Ed Miller story, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Whoa, stop getting ahead of yourself," Rachel said as my hands started
to move toward my crotch. "I didn't say you could touch your pussy yet!
That's what I had in mind," she continued as her hands spread my lips. I
could feel my hard clit naked to the cold air as she leaned forward
between my legs, lowering her face into my crotch. Her tongue peeked out
and slid cautiously up my soaking, hairless slit to my clit. I could
feel the roughness of it against my smooth, wet skin. She slid it
briefly inside of me and I whimpered, then she moved it across my aching
clit. I yelped. She lapped up my juices, running her tongue over my
pussy, as I squirmed and moaned, grinding my hot ass down into the

"Please," I whispered, "please let me touch my titties!"

"Go ahead," she said, her voice muffled by my wet little pussy.

My hands slid over the soft, rounded curve of my immense titties. I
tried to hold out, to tease myself to greater pleasure, but my fingers
strayed almost immediately to my nipples. The nerves were so
concentrated there, the sensitivity so great, that I couldn't spend more
than a few seconds before I found myself concentrating on those diamond-
hard little points of pleasure. I rubbed gently against them, gripped
them between my fingers, pulled and twisted on them. Everything I did to
them felt fantastic, and every touch of my fingers on my hard nipples
sent a bolt of head down to my pussy, where Rachel's head was still
bobbing as her tongue probed the depths of my cunt and licked roughly
against my clit. My hips were bucking so wildly that I was surprised she
could stay there, but her mouth was glued to my pussy. As I moaned and
bucked, I slid over the edge into orgasm.

It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Even the orgasms I'd had the
night before, with a stranger's cock in my pussy and then in my ass,
paled in comparison to this one. Maybe Rachel was right, and oral sex
was really the most intense orgasm possible. Maybe it's just a sex
writer's tendency to describe every moment of ecstasy as "the best
ever." Who knows? The point is, it felt wonderful.

When I came down from my orgasm, Rachel was ready. She pulled on my arm,
guiding me up from the couch. I needed her help to get up, with the
gigantic I-cup tits on my chest. They jiggled and shook as we changed
places, with Rachel sitting, with her legs spread, in the place I had
just vacated. I crouched in front of her, my big titties hanging down as
I leaned forward, moving my face toward her pussy.

As my tongue touched her soft, smooth pussy lips, I knew that she hadn't
shaved. Her skin was so smooth and hairless that she must have removed
her pubic hair the same way I had, using the Master PC program. I slid
my tongue into her and felt her body tense with the pleasure.

As I tongued Rachel's bald pussy, I ran my hands over my gigantic tits.
I couldn't believe, moments after I had experienced an earth-shattering
orgasm, how sensitive they were and how much pleasure they could give
me. I couldn't believe how horny I was; I was already ready for another
orgasm. I knew I'd be horny until Rachel turned me back into a guy.

I crouched there, feeling my huge, rounded breasts hanging from my
chest. I continued to stroke and pull my nipples with my left hand while
I reached down to my pussy with my right. My hairless little cunt was
dripping on the floor, and I couldn't stop myself from sliding three
fingers up into my hot, wet hole. My thumb rubbed at my clit as I
penetrated myself. I thought how, only a day before, I had been a man.
Now my cock was gone and I was a slutty, huge-breasted girl, crouching
on the floor and fingering my bald pussy while I licked my girlfriend's

My tongue slid over Rachel's pussy, spreading the lubrication over her
wet, smooth mound. She was panting faster now, and her legs were
scissoring on either side of my head. Her hips were thrusting, and her
hands had moved from her large (but much smaller than mine) tits to grab
my head and pull my face into her pussy. I alternated, first licking her
clit, then sliding my tongue into her hole, then teasing the lips again.
Every time the rough skin of my tongue slid against her clit, she mashed
my face harder against her crotch. My face was covered with her salty

I could feel her tensing up even more, rolling her hips harder and
squealing as she approached her orgasm. Her thighs locked together,
squeezing my head between them, and she let out a high-pitched shriek
that meant she was coming. I didn't stop licking, or even slow down. I
started to suck on her hard clit as if it was a dick, taking it into my
mouth and licking it as fast as I could. An image flickered through my
brain of myself, the night before, kneeling in front of a stranger,
wearing nothing but a g-string and hooker boots while I wantonly sucked
his cock. Far from bothering me, the image only made me hotter.

When her orgasm finally subsided (which took a while, the way I kept
sucking her clit), Rachel pulled me up towards her. I was used to being
bigger than her, but that wasn't the case any more, and I found myself
sitting in her lap. She cupped and played with my immense titties
absently as she started asking me questions.

"So," she started, "did you like that?"

"It was fantastic," I gasped. I didn't mind admitting that, but I knew
that I'd have told her the truth even if I had. She'd ordered me to
answer honestly.

"Do you like your big, I-cup tits?"

"I love them, but I'd like them to get even bigger," I responded. This
didn't bother me too much, either. Rachel already knew how much I liked
big tits. Although in the past, that referred to her DD-cups, not the
huge melons that she was currently fondling on my chest.

"We'll get to that. How did you enjoy what you did last night?" she

"I loved it," I replied immediately, though a blush started to creep
into my cheeks. How much did she know?

"What exactly DID you do last night? I'm sure you weren't out drinking
with your buddies like your note said." This was a question I didn't
want to answer, but I found the truth coming out of my mouth just the

"I went out and did some shopping. I bought some clothes," I gestured
over to where my clothes were lying in a heap on the floor, "to show off
my body, and then went to a bar and let a guy pick me up. Then we went
back to his place and I let him fuck me."

"That's it? You didn't do anything but regular, vanilla, dick-in-pussy
sex? From your stories, I'd have expected a bit more." As she said this,
her hands roved over the tight skin of my huge mammaries. It was
distracting to be fondled and played with like that while I was trying
to answer her questions.

"There was more," I admitted, my face burning. "When we got back to his
place, I sucked his dick. Then, after I begged him to fuck me, he put it
in my pussy. After he came inside me, he flipped me over and fucked me
in the ass. We kept going after that, going back and forth between my
pussy, mouth, and asshole."

"Sounds fun. Do you want to get fucked by a guy again?"


"Were you planning on turning back into a guy, yourself?" she asked.

"Yes, but I would have used the program to turn into a girl again, so
that I could sneak out and let somebody fuck me. But right now, I'd like
to be a guy again. Will you turn me back?"

"Well, I think that before I turn you back into a guy, I'd like to see
you get fucked. The thought of it makes my pussy hot. How would you like
that?" she asked, while absently tweaking a nipple. Her breast-play was
getting me so horny again.

"I'd love it," I breathed, sensually.

At this, Rachel got up abruptly, spilling me out of her lap and onto the
floor. My breasts ached for her to touch them again and I started to
finger myself where I lay sprawled in front of the couch, but Rachel
offhandedly told me to stop as she crossed the room to the desk and I
found that I couldn't touch myself.

What was she going to do? I expected her to use the Master PC program
somehow to summon or create a man to fuck me. And also for her to make
my breasts grow some more, since this is an Ed Miller story after all.
But instead of reaching for the keyboard, she picked up the phone and

"Hello, Charlie?" I heard her say when the person on the other end
answered. Oh, shit. Charlie was a friend of Rachel's from college, but
he hadn't been too welcome in the house since he made a pass at her when
he thought I was too drunk to notice.

"Yeah," she continued, "Ed's visiting his family today, and I didn't
want to call him, but I've got a problem with the plumbing over here.
Could you take a look at it? Thanks. Half an hour? Sounds great."

And that exchange led to me crouching, half an hour later, in the walk-
in closet in our bedroom. I was still totally naked, and nothing else
had changed except that my tits had been inflated again, to a J-cup.
Rachel had told me to stay there and not to make a sound until she
opened the doors, and then had shut me in. Through the gap in the
sliding door, I had a perfect view of our king-sized bed. Even someone
like me, a fictional character in a wank story, couldn't be dumb enough
to be unable to see where this was leading.

Rachel answered the door and brought Charlie up to the bedroom. He
didn't look too surprised to be there, but he didn't just jump her;
maybe he wanted to be completely sure she was hinting at what she seemed
to be suggesting. Or maybe it's just a chance for me to work in some
marginally witty dialogue.

"You said something about some plumbing," Charlie asked, leadingly.

"The only plumbing that needs attention is mine," Rachel replied. She
was dressed in a tiny little mini-skirt and a top that showed her
midriff. I don't know why she bothered; she'd been wearing the clothes
for less than ten minutes when she started to strip for Charlie. She had
maneuvered him around so that he was standing in front of the bed; her
back was to me. I could see her draw her top up over her head and throw
it to the side of the room. When she unzipped her skirt and slid it down
her legs to her stiletto heels, bending at the waist to display her
thong-split ass to me, I could see everything.

I could see just as well when she knelt in front of Charlie, turning him
slightly so that I had an unobstructed side view, and unzipped his
pants. As she fished inside for his cock, I wanted to burst out of the
closet and hit something. I wasn't sure which one of them I wanted to
hurt, but I was insanely jealous. Of course, Rachel's command to stay
quiet and out of sight would let me do nothing of the sort, so I was
left with nothing to do but contemplate how horny the sight of my
girlfriend cheating on me was making me.

Rachel had slid Charlie's pants and boxers down to his knees now, and
his giant cock was jutting up from his crotch. For a moment, I just
stared at that monstrous, eleven-inch dick. Although I couldn't remember
ever considering it, I'm sure I wouldn't have guessed that he was
packing that much heat.

"Ooh, I'm going to enjoy this," Rachel murmured. "I've wanted to do this
for a while, but I think I just got a whole lot more interested."

"Mprhgh," Charlie grunted as she sucked the head of his cock into her
mouth. I wanted to scream with rage, but instead I found myself stroking
my massive tits. My nipples ached from their intense arousal. "So why
did you... ungh! ...finally get up the courage to call me today, anyway?
I thought you were... Hmm! ...being faithful to Ed."

"I just couldn't hold out any longer," Rachel said, her voice muffled by
Charlie's dick in her mouth. "I needed your cock."

With that, she went to work on his knob, sliding her tongue over it,
taking his shaft down her throat, sucking on the head. I tried to
swallow my rage as I slid my hand down to my hairless pussy, which was
so hot and horny that I was dripping on the closet floor. I started to
flick my finger gently against my clit, rubbing the hard little mass of
pleasure as I watched my girlfriend suck another guy's dick.

Charlie must not have gotten any in a while, or else it was just that
Rachel's lean, perfect body and her gravity-defying DD-cup tits were
making it hard for him to hold out. It didn't look like it was going to
take him long to shoot a load of cum down my girlfriend's throat. He was
moaning and grunting as her head bobbed up and down on his cock, sliding
her lips over the taut skin of his rod. She was fondling herself now,
just like I was, stroking her tits and fingering her hairless pussy
inside her g-string. I knew how good it felt to kneel in front of a guy
and play with your pussy while slurping his cock, and while I was still
jealous of Charlie for getting a blowjob from Rachel, I was starting to
be a bit jealous of her for getting to suck on his long, thick meat
pole. I fingered my sloppy pussy even faster, silently moving toward my
own orgasm.

When Charlie was about to come, Rachel pulled his huge organ out of her
mouth and started to jack him off, sliding her hand up and down the
length of it. It was so thick that she couldn't circle it with her
fingers. She leaned back her head, masturbating herself with one hand
and Charlie with the other as he started to grunt louder, and thick,
ropy strands of pearly white cum shot out onto her face. She lapped it
up, licking her lips, and moaned in pleasure as he shot his wad onto her
cheeks and forehead. She seemed to love being treated like a slut, being
used like a whore by some other guy.

I kept fingering myself and rubbing my gigantic titties while both of
them finished disrobing, Charlie stepping out of his pants and stripping
off his shirt while Rachel kicked off her heels and slid her g-string
down her legs. She clambered onto the bed and sat with her legs spread
impossibly wide, baring her smooth, hairless pussy for Charlie and me.
She looked toward the closet and winked at me as she begged him to fuck

"That's not enough, Charlie," she moaned erotically. "I need more. I
need you in my pussy! Fuck my pussy, Charlie!"

Charlie's hard-on had seemed to be in danger of wilting, but her sexual
display stiffened him back up. He climbed onto the bed and positioned
himself between her legs, sliding his thick, hard cock into her without
a moment's hesitation. Rachel let out a squeal of surprise as she felt
that monster fill her, but almost immediately started moaning in
pleasure as he started pumping her pussy.

"Oh, yes!" she gasped. "It's so big! I've never had one that big in me

"Yeah," Charlie muttered, "I bet your old man can't fuck you like this,
can he?"

"No," she moaned, getting louder now to be sure I could hear, "he can't!
You're so much bigger!"

From where I was, I could see everything. All I was looking at was
Charlie's ass and his huge cock as he ploughed into my girlfriend's cunt
again and again, and she begged for more. Every time she moaned how big
it was, it was like a dagger stabbing me with jealous rage. Of course,
every time I touched my pussy lips, it felt like a dagger of pleasure
running through me and making my tight nipples clench up even harder
with excitement. I fingered my pussy frantically, desperate for release.

The rhythmic squeaking of the bed sped up as Charlie began to find his
pace, and both of them raced toward their climax. He was bouncing up and
down on top of my girlfriend, savaging her pussy, and all she could do
was to beg him to fuck her harder and deeper. When she wrapped her legs
around him and pulled him into her, I knew that she was about to come;
her orgiastic screaming a moment later just confirmed the fact. I could
hear his grunting increase in volume and frequency and I knew that he
was following suit a moment later. I knew from first-hand knowledge what
both of them were feeling as he deposited his second load of cum deep
into my girlfriend's pussy, and my empathy with Rachel only increased as
my own orgasm overcame me, blotting out all sight and awareness in the
white light of ecstasy.

"Ed? You can come out now," I heard through the post-orgasmic fog that
had enveloped me.

Although I didn't want to, I was unable to stop myself. I opened the
doors, stepped out, and stood there near the foot of the bed. There was
no chance of covering the huge expanse of my breasts, but I put my hands
in front of my hairless pussy in some semblance of modesty.

"Ed? What?" Charlie sputtered, sitting up naked at the far end of the
bed. Rachel herself had climbed down off the bed, and was standing
beside it. "What are you talking about, Rachel?"

"This is Ed," Rachel said, as she gestured toward me. "He turned himself
into a girl."

"What? That's impossible," Charlie continued, but I saw how his gaze was
caressing my body. His immense cock, lying semi-erect in his lap, was
starting to perk up again as he examined my sexy body and my huge

"No it's not," Rachel explained. "Ed always wanted to be a girl. It
turned him on. And he found a computer program that let him change
reality any way he wanted. He could have done anything with it, but this
is what he chose. Isn't that true, Ed?"

"Yes." I found myself agreeing. "This is exactly what I wanted. I love
being a girl, and I love having sex as a girl."

"Here, I'll prove it," Rachel said when she saw that Charlie still
didn't believe. "I found his program and made some changes. Now, Ed has
to do whatever I tell him. Ed, turn back into yourself."

The room swam as I felt my body reforming into my old male self. I grew
nearly a foot in height, and felt my muscles reforming. My hair
shortened until it was my old male style, and I could feel my breasts
shrinking into my chest, and my cock re-extending from my crotch. I felt
a sense of loss that I wouldn't have expected.

I looked down to where my cock was jutting, fully erect, from my now-
male crotch. I was still so horny from watching Charlie fuck Rachel.
Glancing across the room at Charlie's cock, I was embarrassed to see how
much larger it was than mine. Seven inches isn't anything to be ashamed
of, but it didn't compare to his eleven-inch monster.

"Ok, I think that's enough," Rachel said. "Turn back into a girl now.
And I think maybe it's time to give you what you want and expand your
breasts again. Another cup size would give you a K-cup, wouldn't it?"

All at once, the room and everything in it seemed to enlarge as I shrank
down from 6', back to 5'1". I felt my hips becoming wider, my ass
growing outwards into a rounded, female butt, and my hair growing longer
and lighter, to tickle the tops of my ass cheeks. I felt my 7" hard-on
rapidly diminishing, turning inside-out as it changed into a soft,
hairless, sopping-wet pussy. I watched as my chest erupted outward, my
flat, hairy male chest losing muscle definition and hair as it extended
out into two round, soft, firm mounds. My titties kept going, only
slowing slightly as they approached the mammoth J-cup size they had been
before Rachel proved to Charlie that I was actually a man. They kept
going past that already-huge size and settled onto my chest, a gigantic
K-cup rack.

"Wow," Charlie muttered. He seemed much too shocked to have any
reaction, but I saw his gaze fixed on my breasts, and then dropped my
own focus to his crotch. He certainly was forming a reaction there. A
big one. But he still didn't look as if he was going to do anything
about it. As for me, I was dying to have something in my pussy again,
but I was almost as dumbstruck as Charlie. I couldn't do anything with a
guy who actually knew that I was a guy, could I?

"Suck him off," Rachel said to me, and suddenly I could. I climbed up
onto the bed, feeling my huge, basketball-sized breasts hanging from my
chest as I crawled over to Charlie. His gigantic cock was standing,
fully-erect now, out from his crotch, and his eyes were glued to my
enormous tits. I leaned forward to take his enormous rod between my
lips, took a deep breath, and started to blow him.

I could taste the wonderful, salty flavor of his cum, mixed with the
familiar taste of Rachel's pussy. I slid my lips up and down his pole,
taking it into my mouth and sucking on his rock hard cock. Each time I
bobbed my head, sliding my cute face down the length of his pole, I
could feel my fat titties swinging from my chest.

As I crouched there on my hands and knees, blowing the guy who had just
finished fucking my girlfriend, Rachel clambered onto the bed behind me.
I could feel the mattress shifting as she crawled up behind my wide-open
pussy and started licking my cunt. My juices were running down my legs,
I was so horny, and I didn't do anything but moan as she started to run
her tongue over my soft, hairless folds, sliding it into my tight pussy
and stroking my clit. My hips started to rotate again as I got into
having my pussy tongued while I sucked on a huge, stiff dick.

"Oh, you're so wet!" Rachel exclaimed from behind me. I went on bobbing
my head up and down, sucking cock, and made no answer. "It must have
turned you on to see him fuck me. You must have loved seeing me with
another guys cock in my tight little pussy. Did it turn you on that he
was so much bigger than you?"

"Yes," I moaned around the cock in my mouth. Rachel had asked, and I was
powerless not to answer. "I loved it. It made me feel even smaller and
more feminine."

"Were you jealous?" came the question as Rachel continued to lick my

"Yes I was," I answered, and managed to hold it to that. I didn't want
to tell her any more.

"Tell me more," she said. "A real man would probably be jealous that
Charlie had a larger cock, or that he was fucking me. But I don't think
you're much of a real man any more. What were you jealous of?"

"At first," I began, taking the cock out of my mouth and stroking it
with my hand to speak more clearly, "I was jealous of him for fucking my
girlfriend. But by the end, I was jealous of you, because you got to be
fucked by that huge cock, and all I could do was sit in the closet and
watch while I groped my titties and masturbated my little pussy." That
said, I took Charlie's dick back into my mouth and started sucking
furiously, to make up for lost time.

By this time, Charlie was getting pretty near his orgasm. His hips were
bucking, making it hard for me to keep my lips wrapped around his cock,
and his breathing was coming fast and hard. My own breathing was heating
up, as the feeling of my huge, swaying breasts and Rachel's tongue in my
pussy drove me closer and closer to climax. Finally, Charlie tensed and
grabbed my head, driving his cock into my face and almost uncomfortably
far back into my throat. I could hear him grunt as his salty cum shot
into my mouth, filling me up with his creamy white jism. That turned me
on so much that my own orgasm hit, and I started squealing in girlish
glee as the hot, burning pleasure spread from my clit and my nipples,
enveloping my whole body in orgasmic bliss.

I knew, however, that I wasn't even close to being finished. Rachel's
command to suck Charlie off had opened the floodgates; neither of us
wanted to stop at that. His hard cock had hardly even wilted before I
climbed up into his lap and started grinding into him, sliding my well-
lubricated pussy against his giant dick. Any softening that might have
started to occur was quickly reversed, and I could feel his hard meat
sliding against my wet, hairless pussy.

Without hesitation, I grabbed his hard rod and pointed it at the
entrance to my tight cunt. I slid down the pole, impaling myself on the
length of it, until I felt my thighs settle against his. His eleven-inch
length was completely inside my tight, hairless pussy. I could feel it
there, filling me uncomfortably full as it pressed up into my abdomen.
Then I started to bounce up and down.

I can only imagine what it looked like from Charlie's point of view.
Having some experience as a man, I imagine that seeing a hot little slut
sliding down your cock and then bouncing up and down on it, her K-cup
titties jumping around in front of your eyes as your dick is milked by
her tight, bald twat, would be a deeply enriching experience. Charlie
certainly seemed to think so. His hands reached forward to grab at my
jiggling tits, and he pulled me toward him, smothering himself between
my gigantic melons. His head was dwarfed by the fleshy pillows that I
had hanging from my chest.

All the while, I kept bouncing up and down on his dick. I could feel it
inside me, stretching my pussy-lips wide each time I slid down it. I was
so wet that there was no resistance, but I knew that I wasn't stretched
out enough to take such a large cock into my cunt. If Rachel didn't turn
me back into a man, my pussy was going to ache tomorrow.

Speaking of Rachel, I had forgotten about her until she crept up behind
me again. Without warning, she slid two fingers down my ass crack and
popped them unceremoniously into my ass. I yelped in surprise, but not
displeasure; the feel of her fingers inside my butt only made me bear
down harder, wanting more of the sensation of having both my holes

"Do you like that?" she asked. "Do you like it in the ass?"

"Yes!" I shouted as I bounced up and down faster and faster in Charlie's
lap, my titties jiggling on his shoulders while he wore them like

At once, Rachel was gone. I felt the mattress shift as she got down off
the bed, but I couldn't drag my attention away from the fucking I was
receiving from Charlie. Both of us were grunting now, having been
deprived of the power of speech by the primal needs of our bodies. I
couldn't do anything except grind my pussy down into his crotch,
anointing him with the pussy juice that was flowing freely out of me as
I took his cock into my cunt again and again. The repetition and the
pleasure was mind-numbing. We were barely there as human beings; all we
were was desire.

The door to the bathroom connecting the bedroom and the office where the
computer was opened, and Rachel stepped through it. I glanced at her
without much interest, then looked again when I noticed that something
was wrong. It was still Rachel; she had the same pretty face, the same
long, tall frame, and the same firm, DD-cup breasts. But as I slid my
gaze down her naked body I saw, jutting from her crotch, a naked,
hairless, twelve-inch erection.

"Do you like it?" she asked coquettishly. "I made it just for you."

I couldn't do any more than to grunt affirmatively as she climbed onto
the bed behind me again. As I continued to impale myself repeatedly and
desperately on Charlie's rock-hard cock, Rachel positioned her brand-new
pole at the entrance to my asshole and pushed slowly inside. Even with
my hips rolling as I was fucked in my pussy by Charlie's massive meat,
her aim never faltered and the head of her smooth, long shaft never
slipped out of me. On the contrary, she slipped farther and farther into
me, stretching my ass as she drove her cock up into my butt from behind.

"OH MY GOD!" I shouted, finding my voice again unexpectedly. "I CAN'T

Although I'm morally certain that neither Charlie nor Rachel were
experiencing the ecstasy I was at that moment, I feel certain that
neither was considering requesting a refund. Both of them were grunting
in pleasure at the perverted acts that the three of us were performing
on each other, and neither seemed to give a flying fuck that the gender
of two of the participants was, currently, rather arguable.

Neither of them, however, could feel the stretching, almost-painful
pleasure of being full, front and back, of huge, thrusting cock. If my
pussy was inadequate to accommodate Charlie's overlarge endowment, my
even-tighter ass was even less suited to being fucked by the even bigger
cock that Rachel had given herself. I was in no mood to complain,
however. I just wriggled between them as they thrust into me, using me
as a convenient solution to their lusts, fucking my pussy and ass for
their own pleasure. Both of them drove into me again and again, and I
could feel my huge titties bouncing on my chest as I was double-fucked
into orgasmic unconsciousness. Nothing could be better than this.

"Grow out to an O-cup," Rachel said, proving me wrong. I felt even
better as the sensation of having a hard, pistoning cock in both my
holes was supplemented by the incredible ecstasy of feeling my already
ridiculously huge titties swell up even larger on my chest. An O-cup was
an obscenely huge breast size, and I enjoyed every second of the
pleasure as my titties swelled toward it, filling up like water
balloons, swelling larger, growing outward. As they reached their
absurdly huge goal, I came.

The keening, screeching shout of my orgasm seemed to surprise Rachel and
Charlie into their climaxes, because the last thing I felt before my
consciousness retreated was the cum shooting from both their dicks into
my pussy and my asshole. I could feel it there, adding to the hot
wetness that I felt spreading through my body as I orgasmed. I shook and
shuddered, losing control of my body from the agonizing pleasure of that
climax. I could feel my gigantic titties, so large that I doubted I
could walk far unassisted, shuddering and shaking like giant sacks of
pudding on my chest. My nipples, several feet from my face, were so hard
that it felt like they'd bore through Charlie's chest. I collapsed in a
sweaty, cum-soaked heap onto Charlie. Rachel collapsed onto me as her
orgasm subsided, and I laid there with both of them, their cocks
becoming soft but still inside me where they had deposited their pearly
white cum.

I wondered, while lying there, if Rachel would ever turn me back. Would
she want her boyfriend back, or would she keep on torturing me with my
newly feminine body, growing my breasts ever-larger as she pimped me out
to friends and acquaintances. Keeping me as a sex-slave for her and her
lovers until I forgot what it was like to be a man and looked forward
only to the next orgasm, becoming a slave to my pussy and its traitorous

I hoped so.