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MASTER PC: Self-Experimentation
by Ed Miller


My girlfriend had gone to work, which left me home with more or less nothing to do. The problem with working construction is how to deal with the time off in the off-season. Luckily, I only had a week of down time ahead of me, but I had no idea how I was going to spend it. At least it gave me the free time that characters in these stories always seem to mysteriously have.

I shrugged and decided to check my email. At least that would kill a few minutes. I started up the computer (Rachel's computer, actually; I hadn't paid for it) and began to log on to the Internet.

I reflected that, after years of surfing for porn, the simple act of turning on the computer now gave me a hard-on. Ah, what the hell, I thought as I fired up the web browser. A little surfing will kill even more time.

This, of course, was something I couldn't do with my girlfriend home. Not because of the porn; she was actually pretty understanding about that, because of the stories.

Ever since I had first run across a story in which a guy was turned into a girl, I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop reading them. They made me so horny. I've got no idea why, since the thought had never occurred to me before, but when I came across that first story on a newsgroup, I was hooked. I'd even written a few.

Now, of course, this was just a fantasy. I wasn't going to run off and get a sex change or anything, and I was completely happy with my normal sex life, but on the other hand I couldn't stop reading these stories. I didn't go for the G-rated ones where it's really artful and psychological, though. I liked the ones where a guy gets turned into a girl and goes on a fuck-rampage.  No sex-change operations either, I liked it when the girl they turned into was perfect, with gigantic tits, and that could never happen in real life. It had to be some kind of fantasy world.

It didn't take me too long to find what I was looking for, in a story about a guy whose girlfriend, who happens to be a witch, magically turns him into a girl to get back at him for being a male chauvinist. She forces him out to a bar to get laid, and makes his tits grow in the bathroom (growing tits! My favorite part!) before he gets fucked by some stranger, and then by his girlfriend who turns into a man.

That did it. By the time I was a paragraph into the transformation, I had my clothes off and was sitting naked at the computer with my cock in my hand, jacking off like a maniac. It didn't take me too long to cum, splattering my stomach with cum. I wiped up with some Kleenex.

Having taken care of business, I went to check my email. My mailbox was filled with the usual assortment of junk mail, promising to make me rich while I worked at home, or add three inches to my cock in days. I highlighted it all and hit delete but, before the screen disappeared, I noticed the email way at the bottom of the list with the subject line that read "Master PC." Then it was gone.

Now, that was a story I had read a few years ago that, if I remembered correctly, had nothing to do with guys turning into girls, but at least included some growing breasts. I hit the "back" button on the browser, and saw it again. I clicked on the email, knowing that even though I had just erased it, it probably wouldn't disappear from the server for a few hours yet. I was right it popped open.

There was no body to the message, just an attachment called "Master.exe." I was intrigued. This was just like the story. I figured I'd download it, just for the hell of it. What else did I have to do?

I scanned it for viruses, and it came up negative, so I ran the program. It took an abominably long time to install, and then a small figure appeared on the screen and said, "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You
now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master." Out loud. Like it was talking to me.

Once again, this was just like the story. I didn't know whether to freak out or be excited.

The figure disappeared and the computer asked me for my name. I shrugged and typed "Edward Miller." Another prompt appeared, asking me for a subject's name. Since this is a TG story, not a MC story, I typed "Edward Miller."

I saw myself appear on the screen, completely naked like I was sitting in front of it, spinning around. It looked too realistic to be computer-generated. It looked real.

I could feel my cock stirring back to life. It was dawning on me what I could do with a program like this. I could try out my fantasy, I could turn myself into a girl (what else?) That'd be fun. I could do it, just for fun, and then turn myself back before Rachel got home.

I pulled up the "physical attributes" menu. I scanned down the list of height, weight, muscle mass, clothing sizes. I couldn't believe how many different ways it described my body. Everything had some kind of figure telling how it currently stood, but if I clicked on it I could re-enter it.

Let's take this slow, I thought. I clicked on "height." I scaled it back from six feel to five feet, one inch, and hit enter. I felt myself shrink down in my chair until I was only an inch over five feet tall.

Oh my god, it works, I thought as I clicked on another menu. "Weight" this time, since I was almost a foot shorter now but still weighed almost the same. A hundred and ten pounds sounded a lot better, and was more in keeping with the body I was working towards. I had to juggle back and forth between "weight" and "muscle mass" until I got there, with my gut gone and my arms and legs nice and thin.

"Hair" was the next menu. It opened up into a bunch of sub-menus like "scalp," "facial," "leg," and "arm." I skipped scalp, but went through the others, opening each sub-menu and clicking "none." One by one, I clicked "arm," "facial," "chest," "leg," "back," "ass," "armpit," and "pubic." A quick tap of the "enter" key, and I was completely smooth and hairless. I looked down at my rock-hard cock to see it jutting, completely smooth and bald, from my naked crotch.

I pulled up the menu for "face." This called up a sliding scale from "masculine" to "feminine," with separate sets of sub-menus on either side. I moved the pointer from where it was, almost all the way towards "masculine," and pushed it all the way to the right towards "feminine." Then I started in on the sub-menus, enlarging eyes, smoothing skin, sculpting the nose and lips, adding freckles. I checked myself in the mirror a few times to get it right, and then went back to fine-tune the changes.

At the end, I found myself standing in front of the full-length mirror, staring at myself. I had an unmistakably girlish face, looking cute as hell and about ten years younger than I actually was, on top of a quite androgynous body. I was skinny and completely hairless, though my shoulders and hips were too wide and too narrow, respectively, and my hands and feet were still kind of masculine. My dick was straining upwards even more, now.

I went back to the computer, ignoring my cock's demands for attention. Going back to the "Hair" menu, I chose "scalp" and then lengthened my hair until I hung down to my ass, and lightened it to blonde. "Hands" and "feet" were next, and I shrank these down and smoothed them out to a more feminine appearance. "Shoulders" pulled up a diagram, and when I clicked on a shoulder and dragged it inwards, the other moved with it. I hit "enter" and felt myself contract.

"Hips" pulled up another diagram, and I played with this one a lot longer. I kept running back and forth to the bathroom, looking in the mirror and saying "not wide enough," "too wide," "almost there..." Finally, they were perfect, somewhere between girlish and womanly, and about as far from manly as you can get.

I pulled up "ass," and took my time with this one too. I smoothed it out and made it more prominent, but not huge. I wanted it perfect, round and succulent, but not overly large. Tight. I got what I wanted.

I went over the rest of my body with a fine-toothed comb, making sure that blemishes were gone, resculpting my thighs and calves to make them sexier, and making little tweaks here and there to make myself a more attractive woman.

I was running out of changes to make. I clicked on "chest" and saw a few sub-menus. I shrank my ribcage a bit, and then scrolled down to "breasts." The sub-menu currently said "none," but there was a place to enter a cup size.

I wanted to play a bit with this. I entered "B," then hit "enter." Little breasts sprang up on my chest. My nipples were rock-hard, and I started stoking them. I could feel the tingle as they got even harder.

"C," then "enter." They grew in my hands. My cock felt like it was going to burst out of its skin.

"D," then "enter." They were nice and heavy, settling down onto my chest. Oh my god, I wanted to cum. I couldn't hold off much longer.

I knew I was going to come back to "breasts" of course, since it wouldn't be an Ed Miller story without huge tits, but there was another change I wanted to make first. Back at the "physical characteristics" menu I scrolled all the way down to "gender," and changed it to "female."

As I hit "enter" I directed my attention down to my cock. Almost instantaneously, but not quite, it shrank into my abdomen. I less than a second I went from having a huge, raging hard-on to a hot, horny pussy.

I slid one finger into my pussy and started to finger myself as I pulled the "pussy" menu up. It had just appeared, and I figured I should check it out before I got back to my breasts. It had lots of sub-menus for "clit" and "labia," but I liked the way it looked already, so I didn't change any of those. For "sensitivity," though, I was interested. It was a sub-menu with three choices, "clit," "labia," and "penetration." I changed them all to "max" and hit "enter."

Oh my god, that feels fantastic! I slid another finger up my pussy and started to finger myself even faster.

I went back to the "breasts" menu, and clicked on the "sensitivity" submenu that I had ignored before. "Max." I clicked on "nipples," made them bigger and darker, and clicked "sensitivity" up to "max" for those as well. A quick tap of "enter" and my breathing got even faster, as the air currents flowing past my nipples nearly made me cum.

I clicked on a few other menus, making my tits rounder and perkier, before going back to the cup size entry. I typed in "DD," then hit "enter."

NICE! They swelled up on my chest like water-balloons. I loved it. It felt great to have such big titties jiggling on my chest as I slid three fingers in and out of my pussy.

"F," then "enter." I couldn't believe I actually wanted them bigger, but I couldn't stop myself. I was so horny! I fingered myself harder and faster as the huge globes jumped around on my chest.

"G," then "enter." I was almost there. As they swelled up on my chest, huge orbs of heavy flesh, I slid all four fingers into my pussy and started to pull on my nipples. Finally, I came, feeling the cunt juice flow from my hot pussy. I passed out from the release of finally cumming.

I didn't wake up thinking "wow, what an amazing dream" or anything. I thought about it, actually, but rejected it for being too much of a cliché. I just woke up hoping that I'd have time to masturbate again before Rachel got home from work.

Looking at the clock, I saw that it was 4:30. Shit. It usually took her until quarter after five or so to get home, which would give me time enough to finger myself to another orgasm (as sensitive as my pussy was, it was more than enough) but not enough time to change myself back to normal. Making myself a girl had taken more than a half-hour. Dammit!

But then it hit me. I didn't have to change back right then. All I had to do was get out of the house and come back tomorrow when Rachel was at work again.

And if I did that, I could have some fun. I mean, don't people in these stories always go out and get laid? I started to think about it. I started to find images flashing through my mind, images of me kneeling on the floor, sucking some guy's dick; Images of a huge penis in my pussy, fucking me. My pussy was instantly wet again, and my nipples were rock hard.

I got dressed as quickly as I could with my huge breasts getting in the way, as I wanted to make sure I was gone before I got caught. I threw on a pair of Rachel's shorts that I figured she wouldn't miss, as it was still a bit chilly for shorts. No underwear, so they rubbed up against my hairless pussy and made my little clit hard as hell. I didn't think I could fit my G-cup titties into one of her shirts so I wore one of mine, a v-neck t-shirt that showed them off to good advantage. I borrowed an old
pair of my girlfriend's shoes and made sure I had some cash in my pocket. I left a quick note on the fridge explaining that I'd gone to hang out with some friends, and that I probably would be crashing at one of their houses after we left the bar, then I was out the door, my big titties jiggling as I walked.

It was a bit early to go looking for a guy at a bar, so I went to the mall. That's another common stop in these stories, anyway. Before I even got into the mall people were staring at me openly. My huge tits drew most of the attention, but I'm sure some of it was directed at the rest of me.

When I was inside, it was even more pronounced. It didn't help that it was still a little chilly outside, and the t-shirt I was wearing was very thin and white. It also didn't help that I wasn't wearing a bra and my huge titties were jiggling around inside of it. But it's not like I minded the attention, so I just enjoyed it, putting a bounce in my step to make sure I jiggled as much a possible.

I took my time at the mall, since I had time to kill. I found myself a nice sleeveless black t-shirt that was stretchy enough to fit over my huge tits. I liked the reaction my hard nipples got in the white t-shirt, where they were clearly visible, but I thought I'd probably get picked up for indecent exposure if I wore it for much longer. I also picked up a nice short skirt, the kind that's so short you need to shave before you wear it, and I'm not talking about your legs. Or you would if you hadn't designed your pussy to be completely hairless. Also a black g-string, which barely covered my wet pussy mound and felt great between my ass cheeks, and a pair of black calf-high boots. Hooker boots.

At nine, the mall closed, and I got to the bar around nine-thirty. I can't think of a name for the bar so don't bother me about it; it was one of those bars where guys in stories who have been magically or technologically transformed into impossibly beautiful women go to find other guys with improbably huge cocks to fuck them. So I knew I had come to the right place.

And of course, it didn't take long for a guy to try to pick me up, because if it had I would have to spend a few paragraphs on description instead of getting to the sex.

"Hi, my name is James," he said.


"You know," he said, looking down at my midsection, "there's only one way that skirt could look any better."

"How's that?" I asked.

"Balled up in the corner of my bedroom."

Which led, of course, almost immediately to my going back with him to his apartment. I couldn't wait to get his cock inside me. I spent the whole ride to his place staring at the implausibly large bulge in his pants. I was envisioning myself kneeling on his floor, sucking his cock, and panting at the thought of being fucked by it. Actually, I wasn't envisioning the panting I was actually doing it.

We ran for the bedroom as soon as we got to the apartment. I stripped off my shirt, as he unbuttoned his and dropped it to the floor. As my huge breasts were revealed and settled back down onto my chest, quivering with my rapid breathing, James stopped in shock.

"Oh my god," he said. "Those things are huge."

I ignored his incredulous stare as I pushed my skirt down my legs, feeling my g-string pull tight against my ass and my big titties hang down from my chest, and then knelt in front of him in my thong and boots as I unzipped his pants.

As I freed his improbably large cock from its confinement, I could feel my pussy getting even wetter. I stroked his penis with my hand and felt it harden against my palm. I leaned forward and spread my lips, just touching the tip of the cock with them. It was hot. I licked the tip, swirling my tongue around the head of the cock, and then slowly slid my lips down all ten inches of its length.

James started to moan and grunt as I sucked his dick, feeling the hot iron-like rod of his penis slide in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I sucked hard, feeling my cheeks suck in and enveloping his big dick in my hot mouth. I was loving it. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying kneeling on the floor and giving a blowjob.

My hand slid inside my g-string. It was soaked with the lubrication from my hot, hairless cunt. I slid three fingers up into my pussy and started to fuck myself with them, bucking my hips as I fingered myself and sucked a hot dick. My hips were rolling back and forth slowly and sensuously, and my breath was coming faster as I got hornier and hornier, thinking of how I looked. Thinking of how I was a horny little girl with a big dick in her mouth, just waiting to be fucked.

"I want you in me," I moaned around the dick between my lips. "I can't wait any more. I want to be fucked. I want to feel your hot hard dick sliding up into my pussy. I want you to fuck me. I need to feel you in me, fucking me, shooting your cum up into my pussy."

"Um... Ok," he said.

I stood up and hooked my thumbs under the strings of my thong. Slowly, I slid it down my sexy thighs, revealing the hairless mound of my pussy. As it settled onto my boots, I kicked the g-string aside and sat down on the bed. I lay back, feeling the weight of my huge titties settling on my chest, and spread my legs. I could feel my pussy lips spreading, and I could feel the cool air against the hot wet flesh of my cunt.

James climbed onto the bed between my legs, his ten-inch cock straining up into the air. He rubbed it around the entrance to my cunt, getting the head wet with my pussy juice. He could tell that I didn't need anything else in the way of foreplay, so he didn't bother. He just slid his thick cock up into me.

I moaned out loud in pleasure when I felt that huge shaft slipping up into my pussy. I couldn't believe how good it felt to finally be penetrated. It felt hot, and it felt big, like it was stretching my little pussy with each stroke. I felt so wet and slippery between my legs, with all my hot pussy juice running out of my pussy and over my bald mound, dripping down along the curve of my ass cheeks to my asshole.

Both my hands crept up along my belly to the huge curves of my breasts. I started to fondle and caress my immense tits, sliding my hands over the huge expanse of breast-flesh and feeling my impossibly hard little nipples as James' cock pistoned in and out of my pussy. I took hold of each of my nipples and started to twist them gently back and forth, becoming more forceful as James fucked me harder and harder.

He kept fucking my cunt, ramming his long pole into my soft wet pussy again and again as I cried out and begged for more. I couldn't get enough of that wonderful cock reaming my pussy and impaling me on its thick hot length. Each stroke started all the way at the entrance to my pussy and slid into me, seeming to go on and on until it hit bottom and filled me completely, stretching my new pussy to the maximum and giving me the maximum amount of pleasure at the same time.

Needless to say, I came. I felt the pleasure welling up in my pussy, as my clit rubbed against his pubic bone at the end of every stroke, just when his cock was buried completely within me. Each time his dick filled my pussy I could feel myself getting a little closer, teetering on the edge of fulfillment. Finally, I was pushed over the edge and felt the ecstasy explode through my body, emanating out from my pussy to my extremities.

James, of course, came soon after. I could feel him getting closer, fucking me harder and faster. His hand wrapped around my rounded ass and he started to slide a finger up between my ass cheeks, rubbing against the entrance to my ass. His finger slipped inside, and my orgasm regained its strength as I felt his digit sliding in and out of my ass while his cock impaled my pussy. My breath caught in my throat and my eyes went wide at the sudden ecstasy, and that, along with the way my pussy clamped down on his dick, pushed him over the edge. I felt his cock explode into my pussy, shooting load after load of cum up into me, filling my cunt with his cum. I loved it. It felt wonderful, hotter and wetter than I had felt before. I couldn't get enough.

Neither could James. Without resting for more than a minute, he withdrew his still-rigid cock from my pussy and started to turn me over onto my stomach. In this, he had my hearty cooperation. I felt my enormous breasts crushed beneath my chest as I laid there face down with my legs spread and my sexy butt in the air, waiting for what I knew would come next.

I didn't have to wait long. I felt the tip of James' huge cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass, and I felt it catch against my asshole. He held it there, and then started to lean gently into me, forcing his hard dick up my ass. It slid slowly past the entrance, and then more easily once he'd eased me open. My ass and his cock were both lubricated with my pussy juice and his cum, so his penis slid painlessly into me until it had disappeared completely up my ass.

Feeling him back there, filling my back door completely, I started to moan again at the intense pleasure of being so full and yet having my pussy completely empty, my clit and mound rubbing against the sheets. When he started to stroke his big cock in and out of my ass I moaned louder. I loved it. I loved the feeling of being fucked in my ass, with my huge titties crushed underneath me, and begging for more. I rolled my hips again, slowly pressing my ass back into him, meeting his strokes
and forcing his cock deeper into me.

"Oh my god, it's so big," I moaned. "Your cock is so big in my ass. No, don't stop! It feels so good. Keep stroking it in and out of me, keep fucking me. Keep fucking my ass! I love it when you fuck me in the ass."

James didn't stop, not that I think he had much intention of it. He kept on fucking me in the ass as I slid my hand down to my hairless pussy and started to finger my clit. I slid my fingertip over my slippery mound, sliding it across my clit and trying to mimic the rhythm with which my ass was being fucked. Each time that huge cock slid up into my back door, I'd slide my finger across my clit again, feeling it slide against that little ball of pleasure and then against my pussy lips, which weren't quite
as sensitive but felt pretty good just the same. Then on the next stroke of James' ten-incher into my ass, I'd do it again.

It didn't take long for me to cum under the twin stimuli of my finger on my clit and James' assfuck. I arched my back, pressing my butt against his crotch and forcing his dick all the way up into my ass. I shrieked with pleasure as I clamped my ass cheeks together on his cock and my thighs together on my hand, orgasming so hard I could barely believe it. I was only vaguely aware of James' hot breath on the back of my neck as he was also pushed over the edge, or the jerking of his dick as it shot another load up cum up into my ass. I was lost to the sensation.

The sex continued through half the night, until both of us were too exhausted to continue. The next morning I woke before James and tiptoed around the room, gathering up my clothes. I was quiet enough not to wake him, and I retreated to the front room of the apartment to dress hurriedly before I slipped out the door.

It was almost nine, so I was sure Rachel would be at work. I could feel my titties jiggling as I ran to catch the bus, and I relished the stares I received from the passengers who were already seated. I knew that in an hour or two I'd be a man again, but I was sure that this was an experience I was going to want to

I had to walk the last couple blocks home, feeling my ass rock back and forth with each step, and the g-string nestled between my cheeks. I made sure Rachel's car was gone before I let myself inside, and then stripped off my clothes as I walked through the house towards the computer. I fondled my huge titties as I sat down at the desk and reached for the power switch. That's when I saw the note.

It was taped to the screen of the monitor, and it read: "Ed- I've been telling you those mp3's of yours are taking up too much space on my hard drive, and now I come home and find something called 'master.exe' is filling up so much that I've got less than three megs left. I deleted it. If it was something you needed, then maybe you should think about buying your own computer."

"Oh shit," I said.

That's my story. And that's why, if you get something called "master.exe" in an email, I need you to send it to QUICK!