Master PC: Ryan's New Life

Like the other few Master PC users I'm assuming are out there, my story began rather mysteriously.  I don't know who sent the program to me or why.  I'm just damn grateful they did.

A year ago, I was pushing 40, overweight, working in a dead end job.  I was seriously having a mid life crises, because I hadn't achieved any of my dreams of youth.  I was unmarried, and though a great guy (in my humble opinion), pretty much unloved in the romantic sense.  There were a few positives in my life.  I had a few great friends, a fantastic family and few bad habits.

I was surfing around the web checking my regular sites, both informational and fun.  A message box popped up in the middle of my screen.  This was weird in itself, because I  didn't have a chat program running at the time.  I didn't recognize the user name, it only said "check this out:"

I was irritated.  Here was a snert hacker bothering me with a fake site probably designed to sniff out credit card numbers on my system.  "WHO ARE YOU??" I typed quickly... "Just check it out.  I promise you won't regret it.  But try to use it responsibly."

Hmm.  Not something a snert would say.  "What is this?  Why should I trust you?"  I was beginning to get that queasy feeling in my stomach that this was no normal computer user.

"You did me a favor, now I'm returning it, albeit a hundred fold, well, make that a million fold.  Enjoy your new life!"  I tried to respond with "What did I do for you?" but "User not online" was my response when I hit enter.

Well, I was intrigued enough (thank god) to check the site out.

Don't bother trying the address I typed above now.  Even if it were the real URL I received, it disappeared shortly after I got there.

I got to the site and it was just a blank black screen.  Well this is interesting, I thought sarcastically.  A windows dialogue box popped up and said "downloading masterpc.exe."  I chose the save to disk option and just downloaded it to my desktop.  Okay, I was being a bit trusting.  But, I had virus software, and had just made a mirror image back up of my hard drive the day before, so the most I would lose would be an hour restoring it if this thing ate my files.

A few minutes after a fairly standard looking installation later, I had an icon on my screen of a little 'Aladdin's lamp."  When I hovered my mouse arrow over it, it animated and a little genie popped out, the words "rub me" appeared below the icon.  Clever, I thought.  What are you hiding?

I clicked on the lamp, and a screen popped up "Welcome to Master PC.  This program allows you to be a virtual god to those around you."


This disappeared followed closely by an interface screen, fairly standard looking.  I clicked on "File" and saw "New User" listed.  I clicked on it.  A dialog box popped up with "Name" with first last and middle initial boxes.  I typed in my name "Ryan Stevenson, T."  Another box popped up with two Ryan Stevenson, T. listed... one with my address by it.  I highlighted and clicked my name.

Instantly an image came up on the screen of myself, rotating, and wearing the same clothes I had on, a pair of Joe Boxers and a sweatshirt.  This was freaking me out at this point.  I literally was shaking.  How was this possible?  I started to examine the menu items a little more carefully.  There was a heading called "Profile."  Listed were simply "open" "modify" "load" and "create"  Well, let's see open.

Another box attached itself to my picture, listing all my vital stats. 38, 315, 6'2", Brown hair, Green eyes, shoe size 12, measurements of all my various body parts, none of which I was very proud. A "physical" tab appeared above that.  There was also a "preference" tab, which I clicked on... "Heterosexual, dominant, intelligence moderately high..." moderately? Hmph.

So.  I clicked back to the physical screen, and noticed a box labeled "commands."  All of the stats boxes looked like they could be modified as well.

Just for fun, I went to "weight" and typed in "225".  Instantly the image of myself shrunk, and though still flabby, looked better.  I found a box marked "% body fat" and entered a 1 (it wouldn't take a 0 for some reason.).  The body on the screen shrunk some more, and the weight changed as well... it went down to 210.  I was looking better, but a bit skinny in the arms and other places.  I was still wearing my underwear, so I stood up and shucked them, wishing my body could look even as good as what appeared on the computer screen.  The clothes on the screen version of me disappeared as well!  I could see my short cock hanging limp.  I found if I held the cursor over the picture it became a magnifying glass... and I could zoom in and out be left and right clicking on the picture.  It became more detailed as I zoomed in.  I could see all my imperfections, scars and moles.

I goofed around awhile, adding some muscles, increasing my cock size (of course) until I had what I thought looked like an Adonis on the screen.  I hadn't changed any facial features, other than making my facial hair denser... it tended to look scraggly when I attempted a beard.

An "apply" button had ungrayed when I started to modify my image.  I clicked on it.  A box came up saying "Are you sure you want to make these changes?"  I clicked on "yes" thinking it would save the image on the screen or something.

Instantly I felt disoriented, and felt the weird sensation of things changing in my body... my muscles twitching, my cock lengthening, and hair growing.  I began to panic, when it stopped as suddenly as it started.  I looked down at myself and almost fainted.  My body was exactly the Adonis that was on the screen!  I felt stronger and lighter.  My vision was blurred though... until I realized I had switched my sight to 20/20.  I went to the bathroom to remove my contacts.

It was totally weird feeling my new huge cock swinging between my legs as I walked.  I began to get excited; my cock twitched and start to harden.  I got my contacts out and looked in the mirror at the new me... I still couldn't believe it!  My muscles rippled as I flexed my arm.  My cock was half hard, all 12" of it (9" when soft, I smiled, remembering the two boxes in MasterPC).  My abs rippled.  I looked like a heightened version of a movie star.  I hardly recognized myself.

My god!  I thought... How am I going to explain this??  People wouldn't even believe it was me, especially my friends and family who saw me within the last month.  My cock was distracting me from these thoughts momentarily, though... it had fully hardened and was standing up straight against my washboard stomach.  I felt a little light headed still, and realized a lot of blood that normally would be in my head had moved down a few feet to my foot long schlong.

My god.  Maybe I had been a bit hasty in my cock size choice.  What woman would want to attempt to shove that thing up her pussy?  It looked great with my rock solid wide body, though.  I gripped it with my hand, which barely reached around.  I jacked it experimentally and sent a shiver of pleasure through my body.  I couldn't resist... I pumped it up and down a few times slowly, getting the feel of it.  My rational was that I couldn't go out with it like that... I had to do something about it.  In reality, I just wanted to see how much I could pump out of that fire hose.

In a few minutes I could feel my climax building, as new fantasies of women lusting after my new bod took over.  I closed my eyes as my cock jerked massively, and the next thing I knew a wad of jizz hit me in the nose!  Another hit beneath my chin and another.  Ten or so spurts later; my body was covered from nose to stomach in sperm.  My deflated cock hung proudly from my waist, twitching a bit now and then as if to say, "so, what do you think?"  I looked at my self in the mirror, thinking, "I'd rather see a woman covered in this."

Part 2

I took a long hot shower, my hands exploring my new muscles, almost not believing what was happening.  The question of how to explain this buff new body to my friends and family took over again.  I certainly didn't want to go back to that old flabby body.
I toweled myself dry as I walked over to the computer, the Master PC interface sitting there with my new body rotating on the screen.  I sat down, looking reluctantly for an "undo" button.  I was about to undo all the changes, when I resolved, NO.  I'm NOT going back.  I'll figure SOMETHING out.  I decided to explore some of the other aspects of the program.  I opened up the "help" menu, something I guess I should have done right away.  After reading the first paragraph my jaw dropped to the floor.

I could control this kind of change in others as well??  No fucking way!  I read on.

I explored the entire help section before making any more attempt at doing ANYTHING.  This thing was too powerful to be used lightly.  Damned if I know how it worked, but this thing could change the world, literally.  And an unknown benefactor had dropped it into my lap, bless his (or her?) soul.

The next thing I did was install some password protection on my computer, and used Master PC to lock and password protect myself.  Who knows how many other copies of this program were lying around?

THEN, I started to have some fun.

I decided to use the program discreetly.  I wasn't going to do anything drastic, like make Pamela Anderson my love slave.  Though I was lonely, and I knew I could now solve THAT problem.

I typed in the SEND box instructions to make everyone within the reach of Master PC's range to treat my new physical changes as normal.  To be aware that the changes had happened, but not question how.  Like they just realized how much I had changed over the last 6 months.  I hoped it would work!

Next I decided to test out the capabilities of this sucker.  I looked at a guitar in the corner... a purchase I indulged in, but never really learned how to play.  I typed instructions saying "Make Ryan Stevenson a guitar virtuoso.  Able to play expertly, expressively and creatively in all styles of music."

I hit the enter button.  My hands twitched momentarily, but otherwise I didn't feel any different.  I grabbed the guitar and automatically started tuning it.  In a few moments I had it tuned perfectly, something that always seemed to elude me.  I then just thought of playing a Leo Kottke tune that I loved, and instantly my hands started moving up and down the neck, and my fingers started picking, strumming and working the guitar like it was my best friend and lover.  The music that flowed out of that instrument convinced me that this aspect of the program was real.  I lost myself in music for about an hour.

I then went a bit overboard, I think.  But more than once my thoroughness in adding abilities to myself saved my ass in the last year.  I made myself an expert in every area I could think of.  All types of sports, self defense, survival techniques, lovemaking abilities, cooking, finance, anything I could think of.  As a special fail-safe I added, "Ryan Stevenson will be an expert at anything he attempts to do."  A lot of this I wouldn't have any idea if it worked until the time came.

I gave myself added strength for my size, stamina, skin toughness, disease immunity, ability to control my sperm count (no more condoms for this guy) and numerous other invisible enhancements, especially sexual.  I could control, for example, when I got hard and could keep my cock erect for as long as I wished, all with maximizing the pleasure I was feeling.  And that was just the beginning.

With a macro command, I password protected all of the people within range of the Master PC program.  I also, with my new expert computer abilities, devised a simple e-mail macro virus that installed to the host PC a hidden command that password protected anyone within the host PC's range.  It then e-mailed itself to everyone in the address book and did the same thing on every computer it reached.  After completing it's task, it deleted itself.  It also searched out other Master PC programs and deleted them, sent out a command to other Master PC users who were stupid enough to leave themselves open to manipulation to delete their version of the program, and forget it ever existed.  It also installed a little surprise in the Master PC program of a password-protected user.  As soon as the User typed in the password to make a change on his or herself, they would revert to whatever they were before they used the Master PC program on themselves.  It would also compel them to change back anyone they manipulated with the program, then uninstall the program and compel the user to forget it existed.  I knew there were ways to get around this, but I tried to make the virus as stealthy as possible.  I also cracked into Microsoft's website and installed an "update" in their critical update list.  It "Solved a problem with Internet Explorer that left a user vulnerable to a malicious website."  Anyone installing critical updates would be unable to install or use Master PC, and it would do everything I mentioned above.  And I also made all my computers immune to my OWN or similar machinations.

It was getting late, though.  Almost midnight.  Hmm.  Bar closing in only an hour or two.

I decided to give the city (or at least one lucky woman in it) a taste of the new me.

Part 3

It was a hot summer night, so finding clothes to wear wasn't too much of a problem.  Most of my stuff was baggy on me, but I found an old pair of shorts that fit reasonably well, a little large, but helped my the new bulge I had seem a little less obvious. I threw on a shirt that was slightly large, but added to the baggy, casual look.  A pair of sandals and I was set.

I hopped in my car and after adjusting the seat to my new frame, sped off to a local hot spot I had never been to, but knew was popular with the hip beautiful crowd.  I arrived and strolled up the long line outside to the bouncer at the door.  He eyed me and said "End of the line, buddy."  I looked at him straight in the eye, and said, "I'm a friend of the owners, any chance of getting right in?"  To my surprise, after a confused look passed on his face, he let me right in!  I couldn't suppress a grin as the people right at the front of the line protested.  I guess the "Power of persuasion" enhancement Master PC gave me was working.

It was crowded and hot in the club.  The dance floor was packed, as was every available seat at the bar.  It was loud, too.  I pushed my way through the crowd, noticing the strange looks I was getting from people.  Especially women.  With a start, I realized they were looks of lust.  I wasn't used to seeing that on a woman's face.  My cock twitched involuntarily at the thought of all of these women to choose from.  I had to mentally push my excitement level down or I wouldn't be able to walk normally.

I jostled my way to the bar, every once in awhile feeling a hand brush my back or ass.  Some of it was intentional I'm sure.  Squeezing my way in between a couple of people, I waved at the bartender, and ordered a cola.  I was rapidly remembering why I detested places like this, when the guy on my right blew smoke that stunk of stale beer in my face and slurred "Not man enough for a real drink, huh?"


I turned to him and said "Well, I usually find that when I get a couple of drinks in me, I'm almost as big an asshole as you are."

His face turned beat red and I thought he was going to take a swing at me.  I quickly leaned into him saying menacingly, "Trust me man, you don't want to fuck with me.  Why don't you take a taxi home and sleep it off?"

Fear replaced the anger in his face, and literally trembling, he stood up and stumbled to the exit.

I slipped into the vacated seat, and a much sweeter voice came from my other side saying "Thanks.  I've been fighting off that loser all night."

I must have jumped because when I turned to the woman who said that too me, well, yelled that at me over the music, she laughed.  "Sorry... didn't mean to startle you.  You don't look like the type to come here."

"Yeah. It's my first time here.  Probably my last, given the welcome that guy gave me.  I should have just gone to the supermarket to meet a woman," I said, half seriously.

She had a beautiful dimpled smile when she laughed.  She was a bit chunky but fairly pretty, and young, about 22.  She had shorter blonde hair and a clear complexion.  "I'm Denise."  She said, offering her hand.

"Ryan.  Are you here with friends?  Boyfriend?"

Sheesh.  I thought I sounded like a dork.  But she seemed to grow more rapt with attention with every word.

"Well, I was, but you chased him out of here."

Oops.  "Um... sorry?"

"Thanks again!"  She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  And on my neck.  And on my ear.

"Whoa!  Hey Denise, slow down."

She did, but didn't stop, whispering in my ear "Let's go for a walk."

Hmm.  Well, I DID chase her date out.  I felt somewhat obligated to at least get her home safely.  She didn't turn me on that much physically though.  I prefer much more athletic women.  The only women interested in me before were, to be blunt, fat and unattractive.  I didn't want to continue down THAT road.  Wait... with Master PC NOBODY I dated had to be fat and unattractive, no matter what they looked like when the date began (okay, so I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes.)

"I've got a better Idea"  I whispered in her ear "Why don't we go back to my place?  I've got something I'd like to show you."

She giggled, stood up and practically dragged me out of the club.

The drive home was interesting to say the least.  As soon as we were on the road she reached over and felt the substantial meat between my legs.  She gasped and said, "Is this for real? Or are you pulling a Spinal Tap with a cucumber?"  She didn't wait for an answer and tugged my zipper down.

I decided to go with it, and lifted my ass slightly to assist her in her quest.  She managed to get my cock free, no easy task given its size and rapidly growing stature.  "Omygod" she cooed as she worked her hand up and down, then added her other hand and started double fisting it.

She rubbed it over her face, moaning.  What was happening here?  I said nothing specifically to get this girl turned on.  Maybe it was the new "Pleasing voice" I gave myself through Master PC.  The machine must have thought it meant pleasing in every way.  I didn't have time to ponder it at this point.

She was sucking greedily on the head of my cock, which was the most she could get in her mouth.  I was going down the highway about 90, but not realizing it.  Swerving around... luckily there were no cops around!

I held off until I pulled into the parking garage of my building.  I finally let myself go at that point.

"God yeah suck it... " Denise moaned at the sound of my voice "Fuck... you like sucking my cock don't you?  Do you like being my little cock-sucking slut?  Hmm?"  Christ, I was babbling like an idiot, saying the first thing that popped into my head!

She moaned louder and louder as I continued "Suck it little slut... suck suck suck, my cocksucking bitch whore fucking slut."  At that she squealed and shuddered and her mouth clamped down on my cock head.  I lost it.  I started shooting into her mouth saying, "Swallow it all slut bitch."  I heard her start to gag, then she started gulping it down as my dick spurted violently into her mouth.  I came as much as I did earlier in the evening.  Maybe more, because I was turned on beyond  belief.

When she was done licking the remnants of sperm that had dribbled down my cock, she looked at me with wonder in her eyes "How did you know??"

I was caught by surprise.  "How did I know what?"

"That I liked to be called... names... like that."

I had started to feel guilty about the filth that had come out of my mouth during her sucking.  I didn't know where it came from.  All of the sudden I realized I must have "read" something about her without trying, and acted upon that.  Kind of like my automatically being able to play the guitar.

"Just thought you looked... submissive, and took a chance.  I didn't offend you, did I?"

"NO!  God, I came without a touch!  You're amazing!"  She wiped the last dribble of sperm from her chin, and licked it off.  "And you taste... Sweet. Good."  Score another one for the Master PC.

"Well, I'm thirsty" I replied "Lost a lot of hydration in my body there a minute ago."

She giggled and blushed.

We made it back up to my place, only after fending her off in the elevator.  I used my persuasion powers to "cool her down" a bit.  Enough so that I'd have time to try something.

I handed her a soda and got her situated on the couch.  "Wait here for just a minute.  I want to toss this shirt into the laundry.  Uh.. what's your last name, by the way?"


"What part of town do you live in?"  I yelled as I tossed my smoky smelling shirt into the hamper."

"Western Suburbs.  Near Python Lake."

"Nice. "  I got to my computer and tapped her name into Master PC.  Four Denise Richards came up on the screen, with their corresponding addresses.  Only one of them lived in that area.  Her spinning body appeared on the screen.  "Not bad."  I said aloud.

"What?" Came Denise's voice from the other room, "Ryan, what are you doing?  Don't you want to, you know, some more?"  Her voice was getting closer.  Shit.

I quickly typed in the command line "Subject will be in deep trance like state when she enters the room.  She will shed her clothing and stand beside the computer table."  I hit enter.

"Ryan..." her pouty voice was closer "I'm horn-" She stopped talking as she entered the room.  She started to shed her clothes as she walked to the computer table.  In a few moments, in all her chubby glory, she had done exactly as I had commanded.

She actually wasn't so much over weight as just "thick." As the kids like to say it.  She had good sized breasts, but her waist was about the same size as her hips. And I noticed a bit of cottage cheese action on the backs of her thighs and ass.

I typed into Master PC "Display what the subject wishes her body could look like."  Immediately, the attributes began to shift around, and a stunning body rotated on the screen.  Several inches taller, still curvaceous, but with slightly smaller breasts, I noted with amazement. Same beautiful face.  I liked it.   I hit "Apply"

It was amazing to watch.  Like a three-dimensional morphing effect in the movies.  Her breasts contracted slightly as her waist shrunk and her hips grew firmer and smaller.  Her ass was a perfect bubble butt, but not rock hard.  Her hair grew out and took on its natural color, the same as her pussy hair.  Which pretty much disappeared, leaving a smooth, perfect pussy with puffy lips and a slightly protruding clit.

Her skin was unmarred and beautiful.  She literally glowed with vitality and beauty.

My cock twitched again.  More from the power aspect than anything.  Being able to take an average looking woman and turn her into a living wet dream made me excited beyond belief.  I began to see a business opportunity presenting itself.

First things first.  Pop quiz.  A stunning submissive fuck slut is standing next to your computer, awaiting your commands.  What do you do?

Answer:  Pretty much anything you want to do.

The first thing I had her do was pretty obvious.  I had her clean my apartment.  It was a pit of despair, and I enjoyed watching a naked woman walking around picking up things, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen floor, etc.  I sent a command for her to enjoy it, and also to become more turned on the cleaner she got it.

By the time she was finished the apartment was spotless, and her juices were dripping down the insides of her thighs.  "Okay, good job, my little slave." I complimented her, and watch her have a mini-orgasm as she heard that.  "What would you like as your reward?"

She stood with her head down, but her eyes peeking at me lustfully.  "Your satisfaction is my reward, master."  Wow!  This woman was really into the D/S role.  I hadn't done any sexual preference modification beyond making her accept her new look as normal, and making her more physically more sensitive and responsive.

"Well slut, I am pleased, so far.  Now, crawl over to me."  I hadn't much experience in the lifestyle, but figured whatever I did, my "expert" command on myself would take over.

She immediately crawled over and kneeled before me with her hands clasped meekly behind her back.

"Take off my shorts and lick my balls."  She whimpered and complied.  I felt a long soft wet tounge lovingly caressing my testicles.  I let go and my cock started to swell.  I squatted slightly "You know what to do, slave."  She moaned and moved back to ream my asshole with her tongue.  Her ass was weaving as the heat continued to build in her cunt.

My cock was rock hard now, at it's full foot long glory.  Slave Denise was now licking my balls again, and I knew she wanted another taste of my rod.  I teased her a little, pulling back "Does my little whore want this in her mouth?"  I tapped her lips with it, and she grunted "yahsht"

"what was that, slut Denise?"  I slapped her cheek gently.

"Ooohhhhh... please master please let slut cunt Denise suck your beautiful tool."

My cock twitched, making her moan louder.

"Suck."  I commanded.

Instantly she was on my cock trying to stuff it as far as possible in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhh"  I groaned with pleasure.  She actually managed to take a few inches beyond the head, but that was about it.  She gave up trying to swallow it all, and started nipping below the head gently with her teeth.  That was almost too much for me.  My cock started jerking and I almost came.... I grabbed her hair and pulled her back, concentrating on not coming quite yet.

I dragged her by the hair to the couch and threw her on it... kneeling her on the cushins so her ass was weaving enticingly before my cock.  I didn't waste any time, forcing my cock into her cunt, forgetting how huge I now was.  She screamed as my cock spread her wide, both in pain and pleasure.  I got maybe 4 inches inside and stopped cold.  It would go no further.  I paused and rocked my hips gently around.  Denise made little mewing sounds and soon began rotating her hips with me, chanting "moremoremore."  She was as good as her word, working more and more of my cock into her pussy. Soon I was slamming 10 inches into her grunting body.   She was building up to something massive.  She seemed to be waiting, holding back, but not of her own choice.  "Letmecomeletmecomepleasemaster" she begged.

I could feel my own orgasm beginning to boil in my groin.  As my cock throbbed it's first spurts, I grunted out "Come slut" and she let out a ear piercing scream, shook and turned red, and stopped breathing for a minute.  I pounded through my come, and felt my jizz dripping down my balls.  I felt Denise sag as she passed out.  She fell down on the couch and my cock popped half hard from her pussy.

I carried her to my bed, and laid her down gently.  "Good slut" I whispered in her ear.  Even in her comatose state, she must have heard me, because she whimpered and shuddered with a little orgasm.

Part 4

I woke up the next morning full of energy, even though I'd only gotten a couple hours of sleep.  Denise was still passed out beside me.  I left her to sleep as I took a long hot shower.  I could have anyone, and as a consequence pretty much anything I wanted, using this program right.  It was time to set some new goals for myself.

First I sent Denise home.  I had a great time, I liked her, but it was a one night thing.  I didn't want the responsibility of a full time slave, even though she begged me to keep her there.  I found a "Revert" command on MasterPC to put her back the way she was, and sent her home thinking she had a pleasant night with me, but that was that.

The previous night had also scared me, in retrospect.  I so easily took advantage of  Denise, being downright cruel to her.  Sure she LIKED it that way, but I felt slightly queasy about the whole thing, like I was the one who was playing the role that wasn't me.  I wanted to make sure I didn't abuse this power that was dropped into my life.

Goal #1:  Only do good things
Goal #2:  Make money and lots of it
Goal #3:  Keep it descreet

Keeping those guidelines in mind, I devised a master plan.

I decided to open up a Spa.  A very exclusive Spa.  Getting funding for it was no problem... one trip to the bank with my laptop, and I was pocketing a check for 1.5 million dollars to start it up.

Everything was first rate.  I bought a non-descript warehouse building in the downtown area, and renovated it with deluxe massage rooms, whirlpools, saunas, and of course a juice bar/coffee shop.  Guaranteed results.  Look and Feel 20 years younger, etc.  It wasn't hard to market.  A few well placed flyers in the best neighborhoods got our first clients.

Of course we couldn't make the results TOO good.  What happened was as each person came in, I personally interviewed them and entered their name into the Master PC program.  I used the same trick to load what results the clients wished for, then simply toned it down to a realistic level.  It was amazing what some people wanted.  Women who wanted 56GGG breasts.  Men who wanted 16 inch penises.  Everyone wanted to remain eternally youthful, of course. But I wouldn't promise immortality, though apparently Master PC was capable.  I had million and billionaires lined up for at least a year.

But, in my little spa, you got what you paid for.  At the lowest level, 15,000 dollars, I would basically tone and tighten a bit, and take off 5 or so years off their appearance.  I didn't even have to meet these people.  I simply turned one of the therapy rooms into the "basic transformation room."  Anyone who walked into it would atomatically lose any excess fat and have increased muscle mass and tone.  The woman's wrinkles would disappear, and their breasts would be lifted and fuller.  This all happened over a period of time, of course.  Instantaneous change would be questioned big time.

There was no upper end, but I decided for $20 million dollars, I'd do the "Full fantasy package."  That is, give the client everything they asked for, within reason.  I didn't reveal HOW I did this at all. So most people assumed that only physical changes were possible.  Fine with me.

Most changes I promised within 2 years, just to keep the clients coming back to the spa week after week.  This way I could get to know the upper crust of society.  It would give me an edge over any problems I would encounter, or over enemies I might have.  And I assumed that would be anyone else malicious with the Master PC program.

I also could subtlely control my clients, trying to make society a bit better.  I would make them give their employees better wages and working conditions, for example.  I made unethical people ethical. I made manipulative cooperative.

It was really fun.  And HUGELY profitable.  Within a few weeks, I paid back the bank loan, and had more money than I knew what to do with.  And most of it was tax free, since I made my clients pay 10% by check or credit card, and the rest in cash, negotiable bonds or gold.

My clients of course, passed on the information to their wealthy friends.  Virtually 100% of my business was word of mouth.   They didn't say anything to someone who couldn't afford it, I used Master PC to make sure that happened.  Also, they didn't say anything to someone who could cause me trouble, such as tax people, law enforcement agencies, ect.

Of course that wasn't all I did.  I saw perhaps 4 clients a day, 4 days a week.  The appointments took about an hour a piece.  The rest of the time I spent making the world better.  A bit at a time.

I used Master PC to enable me to see a person's "aura."  By looking at a person I could tell, by my standards, who was good and who was bad.  I always wanted to see a person's inner beauty, and now I was capable.

Master PC also enabled me to infuse myself with a command I could pass along by touch.  Basically it contained a core health Master PC command, reducing a person's "ideal weight" to a healthy point, increasing their immunity to disease, and erasing any sickness that was in the body.  This was done over about a 6 month period, so hopefully nobody would associate me with a "miracle cure." With males, it increased their virility,  and made them less violent towards women, if they were prone to that kind of thing.  With woman, it didn't necessarly increase breast size, but filled them out where necessary, making them proportionally beautiful.  If they were naturally athletic, they became more slim with smaller, fuller breasts.  Naturally volumptuous women were given larger breasts and their curves were accentuated.  It also took away any hang ups, or psychological blocks they had preventing them from enjoying most types of sex to which they were inclined.

And of course, I had sex.  LOTS of sex.  At first I fucked only the most beautiful women who came my way.  But then my command started having an effect on ALL of the women I shook hands with.  They all became the best that they could be.  The most obese women lost vitually all the excess fat on their bodies.  Thinner women filled out nicely.  I was in pussy heaven.

Some females were more special than others, though.

Every few days I make it a habit to go to a local sandwich shop for lunch.  Even though I could afford to eat pretty much whatever I wanted, and hire any chef to prepare it for me, I loved getting out to meet people.  And this little shop had two girls working there for the summer, sixteen, seventeen years old.  Their auras were bright and youthful, unmarred by life's disappointments and tragedies.

The first time I walked in the place,  I nearly collided with a curvy young exotic brunette and almost caused her to fall down with a tray filled with food.  I caught the tray, balancing it on one hand, and steadied her bare arm with the other.  She blushed, and apologized for not watching where she was going.  "My fault" I replied, and gave her a big smile.  She blushed again, and took her tray to her destination.  I had a delicious sandwich (have to remember to do something nice for the cook there), and at the checkout, the other girl working there, a cute redhead, smiled at me invitingly as she handed me my change.  "Hope to see you again soon!"  She said as our hands brushed.  Two woman unintentionally "fixed" in the space of an hour.  I thought nothing more of it.  I was getting used to come hither looks from women.

A few weeks went by and I got to know the girls better.  The brunette waitress was June, and best friends with the redhead,  May.  They attended a local high school, were in the band together, and generally did everything together.  The commands took hold, and gradually made June more volumptuous, and May more lithe and athletic.  May's freckles were disappearing too.  They tended to talk to me a bit when I was there, wondering where I worked, if I had a girlfriend ("only a few" I replied, which made them giggle) and what kind of music I listened to, the usual kid stuff.  They were really excited when I said I owned a spa, hoping to get a few free massages as tips I guess.  They even asked if I would hire them.  "Maybe when you're 18," I replied, which gave them crestfallen looks.  "But that's MONTHS away," was their reply.  Ah, the impatience of youth.

I really grew fond of these girls, especially physically.  But I kept repeating "forbidden fruit, forbidden fruit" to myself.  I had vowed not to screw anyone under 18.  I just didn't need the hassle should their parents find out.  I could make anyone look that age anyway should I desire.

Late one Friday night, I was the only customer in the place, having a cup of coffee, and catching up on some work on my laptop.  Money management takes ungodly amounts of time, I discovered.  By this time I had accumulated over a quarter of a Billion dollars of holdings, mostly outside the United States in untraceable accounts.  As far as the IRS was concerned I was worth maybe 1/10th that.

May and June were whispering and giggling at the counter, undoubtedly planning a conquest of an unsuspecting high school boy.  June came over to refill my coffee, leaning over so her cleavage was in my direct line of site. Down the front of her dress I spotted a bit of black lace and satin, holding in a remarkable amount of flesh.  Just then, a crack of thunder sounded and a flash of lightening appeared in the sky.  "That was close.." I started to say, but the lights went out.  June screamed and dropped the coffee container, fortunately one of those plastic pitchers that didn't break.  She fell against me and I put my arm around her, assuring her it'd be alright.

She giggled and clutched me tighter.  Just then May came up with a couple of candles stuck in empty ketchup bottles.  She set them on the table.  "looks like the whole block is out at least, " she said uneasily.  "It'll come back on in a little bit," I reassured them both.  It was pouring rain outside.

"Why don't you go lock the door?" I asked May.  "Isn't it about closing time anyway?  You too can keep me company until this rain slacks off and I can get back to the spa without getting soaked.  Maybe I won't be so scared with you guys to protect me."

They both flashed me grins, and while May was locking up, June hugged me closer "I won't let anything happen to my best customer," she said, rubbing her hand on my leg.

(Forbidden fruit jailbait forbiddenfruitjailbait) "uh... June honey.." I said as her hands fluttered over my rapidly expanding crotch. "Yes" she whispered as she licked my ear.

Just then May's voice sternly interrupted "Well well, what do we have here?  I looked over June's shoulder and saw her standing in the candle light, her arms over her chest.  Her BARE chest.  And legs.  Uh oh.  "I thought you were going to WAIT for me so we could do this together."

"Oh honey"  June whined, "I just couldn't... you know, it was the perfect opportunity and stuff."

"You owe me an apology," May pouted.

"I'm sorry" June professed as she left my side and sidled up to May.  Her hands traced May's sides, moving up to her mouth.  May sucked on her fingers, one by one.  "You know you're my main squeeze.  But we agreed we need some cock, and I was going to share and stuff.  Really!"

My head was reeling as I saw them embrace and share a lusty kiss.  Sproing!  My cock was straining down my pant leg driving all thoughts from my mind but the flesh that was being bared before me.  May had June down to her black satin panty and bra.  My GOD.  If ever there was proof of a higher being, there it was.

May was clutching at Junes fleshy ass cheeks and her hand came down with a slap, making them jiggle like jello.  June returned the favor, and there was nary a flutter of flesh from May's tight ball bearing butt.  Jeez.  Talk about two ends of the spectrum!

May caught me staring as she looked over June's shoulder.  "So, Mr. Spa Man.  Do you want a couple of pieces of cherry pie to go with that coffee?"  She was panting hard now; June was teasing her pussy lips with exploring fingers.

I stood up, not easily, I had to will my cock soft first.  "Well, there's a tip for you in my pants if you want to come and get it."  Okay, so we were saying the obvious, but at that point the blood wasn't rushing to our brains.

May and June dashed for my cock.  As soon as my pants were down I let it get hard, and it almost hit June in the chin on the way up.  They were awestruck at its size; and a little apprehensive.  I assured them it wouldn't hurt a bit.  I knew this for a fact, because the command I passed along by touch included making a woman's pussy deep enough to accommodate my cock without feeling too much discomfort.

They fought playfully over who was sucking, who was touching, who was doing anything with my cock  It was intoxicating watching my fantasy teens so enthralled with my anatomy.  I had June crawl under the diner table and start licking my ass from behind, while I picked up May and flipped her over so her and her red headed cunt was in my face, and her head hung down by my cock.  She didn't need an invitation... as soon as I started licking and probing her cunt with my tongue, she nursed my cock lovingly with her mouth, moaning how she liked the taste. Another MasterPC embellishment... sweet like honey.  Her enhanced taste reminded me of summer strawberries.

I didn't take long for her extra-sensitive pussy to reach nirvana, and soon she was squealing around my cock.

In the meantime June was fingering herself while switching in between my asshole and my balls, and occasionally nipping at the underside of my rod.  She was moaning and babbling, begging to be fucked, saying her fingers weren't enough, "please stick it into me pleasepleaseplease."  Who was I to deny her desperation??

I set May on top of the table on her back with her feet towards the window.  Then June knelt with her ass right above May's head, and her head right above that strawberry pussy.  She dove right in.  I couldn't resist a little tast of June, just to see what awaited me.  Her MasterPC enhanced taste was of fine rich chocolate.  Mmmm... chocolate covered strawberries.  But after a few licks June was moaning "nonono cockcockcock." (I discovered that night that teens get kind of babbly when they're in heat.)

So, I stood up and simply shoved as much as I could in her.  Her head snapped back and she let out a ear piercing super-sonic scream.  "Ohgodyesyesyesmore" was her mantra, and she was shoving her cunt back trying like mad to stuff me all in, even though it was designed for an extremely tight fit.  She was stretched enough so that her clit popped out of her hood, and May attacked it.

"Pleasefucklickharderfastermygodshitfuckbastardyou'retoogood"  My pride was swelling, as were my balls.  I lost control of my lust and started pounding as hard as I could.  I could see her pussy juices frothing as I stroked the entire 12" in and out.

It was about this time that the power came back on.

So here we were, a threesome on display on a diner window downtown.  The girls had their eyes shut, and though I had mine open, I couldn't really see out the window too well, so for all I know, there was a crowd of people watching.  Anyone who WAS watching would see a wide open pussy with a beautiful face hovering over it, screwed up in exctacy from a guy fucking her as fast as he could.  Her bountiful tits were swinging, and every once in a while, she'd grab a nipple and twist as hard as she could.  It would make an Amsterdam resident blush.

But I was way too far gone to care who might be peeping.  I was sooooo close to coming.  I rammed with all my might and let loose a torrent of jizz up Junes pussy.  She came as well, tightening every muscle in her body and just shuddering for about a minute, unable to breath.  She nearly passed out.  I quickly withdrew from her, and searched out a light switch.  We were back to candlelight, and I don't think anyone had seen us.  Even so I paused quickly to send out a city wide macro from MasterPC saying "Anything you see in this particular diner will appear as normal to you, and you will forget it as soon as you see it."

The girls had calmed down a bit by that point and were nursing each other's pussy gently.  I gently told them, we should go.  May was upset she hadn't got any cock yet, though.  So they made me promise to take them back to the spa and spend the rest of the weekend there.  Turns out that these vixens were giggling about ME earlier, and were planning on seducing me.  They each told their parents they were going on a "college search" together for the weekend.  Okay by me!  But I made them stop at a couple of local colleges to at least pick up brochures so they technically wouldn't be lying to their parents.

The rest of the weekend was spent in my king sized bed in my apartment above the spa.  Oh, and some of it in the whirlpool.  And the sauna too.  And we played around with the massage oils too in the relaxation rooms.  Well, we ended up fucking in just about every room in the place, to be honest.  I was glad the spa wasn't open weekends.

To be continued...

I hope you've enjoyed my story so far.  Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments.