Master PC – Richard’s Story

by Eric Moffat

The first sounds of the day : an alarm ringing, bed groaning, and an old man getting ready for another day of saying Yes Sir to an idiot boss. This was the life of Richard. Ever since the day Maureen left him for that jerk of a lawyer, Richard had been put through his paces quickly. He had needed to take a week off for coping with her loss, and now, back to work at TD Bank.

The shower was cold, again. Time to get another water heater, or a working one. Time to get a better job. Time to start living in the present, in the now. But no, wait, here comes Jennifer, asking him for money, again. She never seemed to think that he maybe had to work for this kind of money, but at least Jake was easily distracted by his computer. No way he could get Jake to move out of that damned basement. It was his room, and his life. He could waste it away if he saw fit. Oh, if only he still had that wonderful program. He could use it to get away from all this misery and strife. A better job, kids not begging for money every other day, no more cold showers in the morning. But, like all good things, it had come to an end when Maureen left him. She had really done him in. Left him to take care of the kids, and work, and cook, and clean, all by himself. Jenn wasn’t any help around the house, and Jake just shut himself up in the basement. He would talk to them later tonight after work.

By seven in the morning, he was on the road, stuck in morning traffic as usual. Playing his favorite Elvis CD, he started to feel like today was going to be different already. The traffic was picking up, and moving away from crowding his car. This was going to be a good day.

At least, that’s what he thought until he received the memo from his boss, Attenborough. He wasn’t late again, all his work was being completed on time, and he had everything under control at work again. Now what could that old bastard want?

Stepping into Attenborough’s office, at precisely eight o’clock sharp, he was once again reminded how this seemingly perfect job had turned sour in one day. Damn Maureen, and damn her boyfriend! She was the cause of all this trouble. Deleting that program had been her final blow to him. She saw how he used it, broke into it, and changed his life. Maybe that was how he couldn’t seem to get any work done the week she left. Or how anytime he needed to use a computer for anything, he feared that it might eat him. Stupid bitch.

Attenborough was seated at his mahogany desk, papers in neat files and stacks. Everything looked like it was nailed down, even his coffee cup and awards on the walls. He dreaded the showdown that was to come. He could hear it now, he was fired, told to go home and not come back until his life was in order. Not that it could be, not without that program. Oh, how he missed it dearly. He was not prepared for what came after his thoughts had prepared him for the worst.

“Richard, so good to see you alive again! So, I called you here to discuss your wages.”

“Wages, sir?”

“Yes, your payment. You see, being divorced overnight, and then having commitments at work takes its toll on any man. So, being the generous man I am, I am allowing you to take your choice of whether to by my aide, or to be my successor.”

“Wait – what?”

“Yes, you see, I like you Richard. More than any other of these mindless pricks in my bank. So, I’ve decided that even with your terrible loss, you persevered right through, and kept on top of your work. You are exactly the type of man this company needs to stay afloat. So, clean out your desk, and move into the office two doors down from me on the left. Welcome to your new position, Mr. Executive Vice-President!”

Attenborough shook Richard’s hand, who could scarcely believe what had just happened. Had Attenborough flipped his lid? Was this a prank? Why now, why here, why promote him after losing his wife? Why, why, why. Too many questions. But his new title sounded important.

“So, what are my duties, sir?”

“Ah, right to the point as always. I like that in you, Richard. You will be my second opinion, before any other staff member. You will give me alternatives on what to do, when to do it, and how to make it work. Plus, as an extra bonus, you’ll have a secretary to help with your new computer phobia.”

Great, his humiliation was now complete. He was half expecting Attenborough to yell “Just Kidding, you’re fired!” But nothing happened. Richard stood there, shocked, until he noted that he needed to get to work fast. Now that he had second in command power, he was going to make the most of it.

Two hours later, and a sexy secretary named Heidi hidden behind a massive pine wood desk introduced herself to Richard as his new secretary. She was a very attractive woman. Short, yet she looked as though she was 17. She had a rather large chest, he later found to be a 34C, for a 21 year-old girl right out of Accounting programs from University. What also made them appear larger than they would look like on a regular girl, was because she was a skinny girl, maybe just over a hundred pounds in weight. Sexy, but in a cute way.

As she left him with a bizarre grin on his face, he stumbled into his office, which looked like someone had just come into an empty room, gone to a Business Outlet store, and bought everything that looked like over $5,000. He had a labeled stapler, for heaven’s sakes! And his chair was one of those high-priced chairs, the ones that tilted on command, rocked, lowered, cup holder, and above all other things, came built in with stereo equipment and a back / ass massager. He was in heaven.

Starting up his new computer, he was shocked when it asked for a password. He didn’t know that he needed one. But company safety was an issue these days, so he paged Heidi. Her sweet voice came over his new phone, “Oh, yes sir!” which was followed by a giggle. He didn’t know how or why this girl was given the job, but he sure was glad when she came in, and bending right over his desk, proceeded to type in his password for him. He was glad, because he saw right down her pink blouse, showing to his utter delight and astonishment, she wasn’t wearing a bra! How did those things on her chest stay up so well? Ah, to be young, he mused. Maureen had been too old, too cranky, and too proper to go around the house without a bra on.

“There you are Mr. Richard! I’m glad to see that you can use a computer again! Or wait, was that just a joke you told to someone? I’m not great with my head. At least, not for thinking.” She smiled after that. Did she just wink at you? No, no. It was your imagination old, dirty man! Wait, computer affliction? That’s right, he couldn’t go near a computer! Then how was he sitting here totally unafraid? Maybe like it did for Maureen, the program wore off after a certain time or event.

Richard noticed that Heidi was still leaning over his desk, looking him in his face. His face, however, was still locked onto her chest. He could even start to see her nipples crinkle and harden under his gaze alone.

“Uh, what, sorry? Yes, Heidi! Ok, thank you dear.”

“You’re welcome Mr. Richard!”

“It’s Mr. Azaria, by please call me Richard.”

“Ok, bye Richard!”

She turned and sauntered away, Richard’s eyes never once moving from her temptingly swaying ass. She was flirting with him! Oh boy, was this day turning out to be a good one indeed.

After sitting at his computer for about 10 minutes, not really doing anything, he received an email notice. It was from his son, Jake. It was sent to him four weeks previous, about the time Maureen left. Odd timing, but sensible, because that was when he found he couldn’t go near a computer. It was an odd message, to be sure. Computer script, translated into English, and back again. It made no sense to him, but his computer made sense of it. A little screen in the bottom right of his screen said “Download Complete”. But, he didn’t download anything!

He clicked the balloon, and on the screen appeared the words – Master PC : Trial Version.

He had found it again! At long last, his wonderful program had been sent back to him via – his son?! Oh no! That meant that Jake had… no, it was from another Jake, probably. His fishing buddy, Jake Frederickson had told him about a program he had found like this on the web. Yes, it had to be that Jake. Definitely not his son.

Upon opening the program, the familiar words flashed up : Please enter your full name.

Richard Azaria

Thank you. Please wait.

And there he was, a little floating version of himself on the screen. Then a new message popped up, not one he had read before.

‘Please note, that as this is the trial version, the copy will delete itself from this computer in one hour. Please be advised to finish all work before then.’

Then the usual disclaimers, notes on how to use it, and a version update occurred. Within 20 minutes, he was changing back all the things that had occurred to him over the past few weeks. He became buff again, losing those extra pounds and inches, except for those he made to his cock. His income changed from the new $9000 a month to $17,500 a month. His vacation time and sick leave, both paid for of course, were increased substantially. And the usual, of course : No sickness to himself, ability to cum whenever HE wanted to, not when his body told him to, everything he said went, and the girls in the office would all increase bust sizes by two cups before the trial expired. He didn’t want girls with one E-cup boob and the other a C-cup. As an afterthought, he added that no one coming into the building would think that anything was amiss. His trial period was about to end, and he could think of nothing else to add. He decided to see what Heidi was doing.

She was sitting in her chair, hunched over, looking like she was typing something. Richard, seeing as he only had a few moments left, decided to be nice and mean at the same time. He raised her IQ fifty points, and left her feeling that she would never wear underwear again, unless he told her to. She would become perpetually horny around him, and ask him within six months to marry her. Then, once married, she would become his personal love slave and maid; cleaning, cooking all day and fucking at night. He set the timer for 1 minute, for the timer on the program said 2 minutes.

The program shut off, almost immediately after his last message had been delivered. A new message shot up, saying :

‘Thank you for trying out the new Master PC program. Please send $50 to 448 London Drive, Washington for the complete version.’

He smiled a bit, noting the address for which the ad displayed. He himself lived at 448 London Drive. Jake was going to need to be questioned quite a bit at home. But for now, he made the most of his day at work. He got up from his comfy chair, and went to find Heidi.

She was sitting at her desk, typing away at something or other. He walked up behind her and looked down her shirt with an evil grin. He new double E-cup breasts looked soft, and inviting. He reached down with his right hand, and looked towards the screen. She was writing an email to someone. When his hand touched her newly formed breast, she just inhaled long and slow, loving the feel of his rough hands on her nipple. Richard spoke up while she took shorter and shorter breaths,

“You do know that email at work is not permitted, do you not Heidi?”

“Yes, s-sir. I was, ooh, writing an email, oh, to my sister in Iowa. Don’t stop!”

“Oh, I’m not going to stop, you little hussy. But from now on, you ask me before you send outgoing mail that’s not being delivered to our employees, okay?”


“Good, I’m glad we had this little talk. Oh, and by the way, bitch, I want you to turn around and blow me.”

“Glad to sir.”

As she turned and dropped to her knees, Richard had to pull his hand out of her shirt. He was slightly disappointed, until he felt her lips wrap around his cock. She had taken him out in a flash, almost like he wasn’t wearing pants. Her tongue started to massage the head, licking it right down the shaft and back up, sucking gently. She massaged his balls with her right hand, and used her left to stroke his shaft where she couldn’t reach with her throat. Richard decided that he had had enough after 10 minutes or so, and pulled away from her. She just kneeled there, a happy smile on her face. Had he more time, he would have fucked her, but right now he could go home if he wanted. And he did, knowing that getting pussy wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. Or staying at work until 5, just to get his work done. Attenborough would do that for him. Speaking of which, he went to Attenborough’s office, where the door was slightly ajar. He was sitting at his desk, his secretary, June, fully nude, riding his cock facing him. They were really going at it. Richard walked in and, standing behind June, reached around her and grabbed at her big flopping breasts. She moaned in appreciation, and he could hear his boss grunt as he came. A shudder went through her as well, visibly and physically. She could see her stiffen, her breasts not moving at all. He heard his boss say from behind her,

“Ah, Richard. Sorry about this. Hope you enjoyed yourself?”

“Yes, sir. Just needed to tell you that I’m going home and I need you to finish my paperwork.”

“Of course, of course. Have a good day, my lad.”

“Thank you, I will sir.”

Richard walked out of the office to see 2 guys and Heidi fooling around and one woman being fingered by the janitor. No work that day, to be sure. He even saw four women pleasing another woman. He was now seriously turned on, but waited to blow his wad in someone much more pleasing to his nerves.

Rushing home in noon-hour traffic, he realized that Jenn should be home. It was odd for most parents to work on the weekend, but he had had too to keep up with bills and paying for his daughter’s every whim. Now he was going to exact him revenge. He walked into the kitchen to see a note from Jake there. It read :

Dad, out right now fucking some girls from school. Jenn should be up from the basement soon. Be back later. Jake.

So, Jenn was fucking Jake, huh? Alright, that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about, he mused. He got himself a cup of coffee, and the newspaper, and sat himself down to wait for his daughter’s arrival. She appeared, within minutes, and she was completely nude. Her already big breasts had become huge, EE or bigger. She didn’t look too worried; she looked happy to see him. He regained his boner in a second, and when she sat on his lap, it pressed right into her right thigh near her cunt.

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi Princess! Having fun with Jake?”

“Oh yeah! We fucked for what seemed like hours and hours! It was so good!”

“I’m sure it did,” Richard chuckled. “Jenn, I have a little problem that I need your help with. I’m pretty sure that only you can do it. Will you try for your Daddy?”

“Sure Daddy, anything for you!”

“Well, you see, I have this raging hard on, what with you being naked and all. Will you please take care of it for me?”

“Oh, sure, I can do that! Just drink your coffee, and read your paper. Maybe, if you’re really nice to me, I’ll even let you suck my titties!”

“Well, okay.”

Jenn undid Richard’s pants, with flowing grace and agility. She opened them, to find a nice 8 inch cock spring to attention directly at her face. She licked it a bit, and then did something new with her nice big breasts. She put them over his cock, and squished them together, never letting his cock out of their confines. She massaged his dick, and licked it whenever she could. She let it out after a few minutes to sit on his lap, facing him. She offered her left tit to him, and he sucked it. He let it go with a little pop sound, and took a drink of his coffee. He put his mouth back on her nipple, and it felt warm. She moved herself onto his cock, and then started to grind him, moving her ass against his partially undid pants. She loved the feeling; her Daddy fucking her and sucking her tit.

Fucking Jenn was fun, but he wanted the sexual bliss now more than anything. So he revved up his motor somewhat, and rammed her quicker and quicker. Her right tit now battered his face, and threatened to knock his coffee mug to the ground. He let himself cum. It felt amazing, after four weeks of neglect from his now ex-wife, a blow job from a co-worker, and fucking his big breasted daughter. As he slid down from his sexual high, he heard the front door slam shut, and what sounded like two or three girls giggle.

Jake walked in, looking like a god. He was buffed up more than a body builder, and didn’t wear glasses anymore. His cock could be seen from his jeans, pressing the outline of it to the forefront of the pants. He had a little stubble from where he was starting to grow a beard, and he must’ve been 6 and a half feet tall.

“Oh, hey guys! How was work dad?”, his son asked him.

“Oh, not bad, not bad. Say, you didn’t by chance happen to send me an email, did you? About four weeks ago?”

“No, not that I can remember.”

“Oh, okay son. Have fun with your friends upstairs.”

Whether his son had done something to him or not wasn’t the case anymore. With Jenn breathing heavily on his lap, and their juices flowing together, he was happy with his new life. And what more could a father ask for?